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Year End Review  - 1929


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
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January 3, 1929 French steamer Malakoff, sinks off Cape Bartium, Spain. 38 dead.

150 dead and several hundred houses destroyed, as result of storms on Japanese Coast.

January 8, 1929 Nineteen men drowned, when boat capsized, on River Indus.

Three killed, fifteen seriously injured, in train collision at Tewksburry, England.

January 22, 1929 Several killed, 1000 buildings destroyed, 5,000 homeless, as result of fire at Constantinople.
January 24, 1929 Budapest dispatch, states that 40 passengers died from cold and hunger, when a train was buried in snow drift for over two days.
January 26, 1929 100 Chinese, and 3 Japanese, killed in a coal mine explosion, at Ental Mukden, Manchuria.

February 8, 1929 Hope abandoned for trawler Seiber, from New London, Conn. Crew include Michael Henderson, John McGrath, and Will Whalen of Newfoundland.

March 1, 1929 Tidal wave, along Island of Nippon, Japan, destroyed entire village.
March 17, 1929 Schooner Russell Lake, belong to firm of Lake and Lake, Fortune, lost with five of crew. Captain Frank Stoodley, Mate Ronald Martin, Cook William Sparrow, George Witherow, and an unknown Portugese.
March 18, 1929 Eighteen killed, in head on collision of C.N.R. trains at Drocourt, Ontario.

May 2, 1929 Twenty school children killed, and many injured, in tornado that demolished schoolhouse at Rye Cove, Clinchport, Virginia.
May 6, 1929 2000 reported after three days continuous earthquake in Northern Persia.[sic]
May 15, 1929 98 persons are dead following explosion at Cleveland Clinic Hospital.

June 10, 1929 Eight lives lost in Colliery explosion at Blaenavon, South Wales.

Thirty dead, following landslide, which precipitated Japanese fishing village into the sea.

July 26, 1929 Explosion of British cruiser Devonshire, causes death of 19 men.
July 29, 1929 20,000 men and boys, massacred by raiders, in the mountain town of Fangar, China.

August 29, 1929 69 lives lost, when passenger steamer San Juan, collided with oil tanker, off Pacific Coast.

September 7, 1929 Finnish steamer Jury, sinks in storm. 100 lives lost.

November 12, 1929 Fierce gale off East Anglican Coast, causes havoc among herring feet, eleven lives lost, and nets to the value of £55,000.
November 18, 1929 Severe earthquake shock, felt all over Newfoundland, followed later by tidal wave, which took lives of 27 persons, and did incalculable damage along the Eastern water front of the Burin Peninsula. Eight cables were broken. Epicenter about 350 miles South of St. Johnís.

December 17, 1929 59 Miners killed in mine explosion at McAlister, Okla.
December 21, 1929 250 Chinese drown, when passenger steamer sinks in storm.
December 26, 1929 Norwegian steamer Vigo, lost with 24 of crew.

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