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Year End Review  - 1916


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



January 1, 1916 Benjamin Rogers aged 21, drowned near the long bridge,
January 16, 1916 George Davis of Harbor Grace killed.
January 23, 1916 Maurice Costello's house at Kitchuses, destroyed by fire, and his four year old son burned to death.

February 1, 1916 Aaron Beazley and Cleb Beazley of the schooner Ada Bishop, both of Burin, drowned while overhauling their trawls.
February 8, 1916 Jacob Connolly of Bristol’s Hope, killed at Sydney, aged 27.
February 11, 1916 James Ryan, Mussell Pond, Salmonier, St. Mary’s, dies suddenly when coming out of the woods. He fell on the ice and fractured his skull.

March 16, 1916 James Ricketts killed in McCaffery’s Tannery.
March 31, 1916 Walter Rogers, native of St. John’s, drowned at Montreal, aged 52.

April 5, 1916 Remains of William Cross of Badger’s Quay brought there. He fell through the ice in Main Rock Tickle when on his way home from St. John’s.
April 12, 1916 Colston Golding of Gambo drowned near Aspen Brook, Exploits River, age 25.
April 24, 1916 Tragic death of Patrick Dunphy, Marquise, 75.
April 30, 1916 Fire at Fanning, Barter's Hill, Patrick O’Neil lost his life through suffocation, aged 80.

May 19, 1916 "George Rex Sr. of Port Rexton, killed on the Railway track there.

John Northover of New Perlican, killed on the Heart’s Content Branch Railway."

May 20, 1916 Thomas Vatcher, 56, drowned at Wespoint La Poile.

June 8, 1916 Nine year old child named White, of Mouse Island, drowned near Channel.
June 11, 1916 Francis Edwards, 26, Cclerk at Royal Stores Ltd., drowned in Gull Pond, off the Thorburn Road.
June 14, 1916 Cook of the schooner Attila, drowned in Barbados.
June 17, 1916 Levi and John Marsh drowned in Bonavista.
June 18, 1916 William Snow, Lewisporte, 15, drowned in Northern Arm.
June 19, 1916 Stanley White dies at General Hospital result of a fall, age 29.
June 29, 1916 John Herrage of Stone Cove, Fortune Bay, dies suddenly on schooner.
June 30, 1916 Schooner Attila arrives, and reported seaman Gerald Kavanagh lost, as well as the Cook.

July 1, 1916 A child named Patrick Myrick of Portugal Cove, near Trepassey, drowned.
July 20, 1916 Philip Enwood of Burnt Islands, Mate of the schooner Milo, drowned at North Sydney, aged 32.
July 30, 1916 Triple drowning tragedy at St. Jacques: Mr. Clinton, H.M.C., Mr. Ryan, Operator, and Mr. Isaac Burke, Lightkeeper at St. Jacques Island.

August 12, 1916 Stanley Babstock, Fireman on S.S. Florizel, drowned in St. John’s harbor.
August 15, 1916 John Escott, fatally injured in accident at Goodridge’s premises.
August 20, 1916 Simon Nolan of Salmonier, drowned at Gloucester, Mass, aged 56.
August 22, 1916 "Edward Scanion, Anglo-American Telegraphs, killed in a motor accident.

Elaszer Forsey, Eastern Tickle Fogo, drowned at Shoal Tickle, aged 58.

Stewart Luffman, Bell Island, Thomas Wall, Bell Island, John Ross, Portugal Cove, and Thomas Gill, Conception Harbor, killed when blasting at Bell Island."

August 26, 1916 Philip Mullett, Petite Forte, drowned off Cape St. Mary’s.
August 28, 1916 William Wetherall 17, Fortune Bay, burned to death on S.S. Minia at Halifax.
August 29, 1916 Gladstone Coates, a young lad, drowned at Upper Gullies.

September 1, 1916 Remains of James Bolger, Telegraph Operator from West St. Modiste, missing since June 10th., found.
September 7, 1916 Peter Knee of Pool’s Island, died at Grand Falls, through injuries received at saw mill, aged 45.
September 9, 1916 Motor fatally, 6½ year old lad, James Byrne, killed.
September 13, 1916 William Ingram Lass, Port aux Basques, drowned near Baldwin Shoals, aged 70.
September 24, 1916 "Schooner Bonnie Lass of Trepassey, lost with all hands, seven in number.

Schooner Harry V Morris of Trinity, with six aboard, lost.

Samuel Snow, Little Ward’s Harbor, killed whilst rabbit shooting, aged 21."

September 25, 1916 James Dillon, Freshwater Road, drowned near Nagle’s Hill.
September 28, 1916 Charles Stroud, of Rose Blanche, killed by an automobile in North Sydney.

October 15, 1916 Gerald Moore, 13, and Frank Murphy, 14, drowned near Fort Amherst.
October 18, 1916 Capt Henry Morris of the S.S. Jennie Foots, drowned in Conception Bay.

November 1, 1916 Alexander Bryden, Sun Life Assurance Co., drowned in Bay Bulls Harbor, aged 50.
November 8, 1916 Tragic death of John Dyke, 52, Bonavista.
November 9, 1916 Son of Mr. Pelley, Grand Falls, killed by a flat car.
November 12, 1916 Schooner Itaska returns to port after 5 days, to announce that the Captain, a native of Lunenburg, N.S., had been washed overboard and drowned.
November 15, 1916 Seaman John Cummins, R.N. drowned in the harbor, aged 32.
November 18, 1916 Brakeman Harvey Cranford, killed by a train at Whitbourne
November 23, 1916 James Cahill, St. Mary’s, found dead through exposure.
November 27, 1916 Sylvester Kane of the schooner Clutha, drowned on the night of leaving St. John’s, for Pernambuco.
November 30, 1916 Leo Hoven, Fogo, 12, drowned through thin ice.

December 4, 1916 John A Mosher, Humbermouth, drowned in a pond three miles from there.
December 8, 1916 Schooner Edith Pardy, arriving at Grand Bank from Oporto, reports Charles Walsh, Grand Bank, lost overboard.
December 16, 1916 Body of Fred Stone of Old Bonaventure, found in the woods near Trinity Pond, Trinity.
December 17, 1916 Richard Price, Petty Harbor, dies from injuries caused by a fall, 36.
December 26, 1916 Martin Brown at Iroquois Falls, Accidentally ??? 26.
December 27, 1916 Hubert Scope, St. John’s, and J Aspell, Cape Broyle, drowned from schooner Artizan.
December 28, 1916 Schooner Hesperis, Capt. Skinner, of St. Jacques, lost with all hands off the West Coast of Langley Miquelon.
December 29, 1916 Suicide of Martin Baird in Freshwater Bay.

Peter Slaney, St. Lawrence, drowned while birdshooting.

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