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Year End Review  - 1922

Fatalities of the Year

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October 19, 1921 Kate MacDonald, 15, and John MacDonald, 19, drowned at Grand Bruit.

November 23, 1921 W.J.L. Moore, drowned at Melbourne, Australia.

January 5, 1922 David Hodder, married, killed at Sydney.
January 6, 1922 Anglo Operator, William Kitchen of Harbor Grace, dies on train at Kelligrews, when coming to Hospital for appendicitis operation.

James A. Dominey, Greenspond, drowned when crossing from Ship’s Island, 43.

January 12, 1922 Young man named Trayers, 18, accidently killed at Harbor Delight.

John Molloy, Placentia, instantly killed aboard schooner Georglana, at Gloucester, Mass., 30. A War Veteran.

January 17, 1922 Adele Burke, 20, and Richard Burke, 18, children of the late Isaac Burke, Light Keeper at St. Jacques, left St. Jacques in a dory, and presumably drowned.
January 18, 1922 Mary Fowler, Salmonier Road, smothered in severe snow storm.

Man named Poole, of Cupids, lost in snow storm.

January 19, 1922 George Forsey, Cook of wrecked schooner Ellen Lake, dies from effects of exposure.

John Dean, Victoria, searching for his missing son, who returned during his absence, lost in snow storm.

January 22, 1922 Fred Thorne, Holyrood, drowned from Gloucester fishing schooner, Teaser. Single.
January 24, 1922 Thomas Compton and Frank Sweeney of Englee, perish in a blizzard, when traveling from Canada Harbor to Whooping Harbor.

February 3, 1922 * Schooner, Inspiration, reports loss of man name Dawe, on outward voyage to Libson.
February 11, 1922 Patrick Nolan, St. Bride’s, died through accidental gun explosion, caused by upsetting of a wood slide. A similar accident at Lamaline, 13 years previously, and necessitated the amputation of one of his arms.
February 13, 1922 Jermiah Clarke, Cook, and Matthew O’Brien, 57, lost from schooner Caldwell Colt, of Pensacola, near Tortugas Light.
February 17, 1922 Samson Foss, 68, perished in blizzard at Rose Blanche.
February 18, 1922 William Rice, Cape Broyle, accidently killed at sea through a falling block, aboard schooner J.W. Miller, 26.

March 6, 1922 Joseph Colbert, 26, killed in a winch accident, on S.S. Bethlehem, at St. John, N.B.

Daughter of Henry Mitchell, Baie Verte, dies from result of injuries by burning, 18.

March 7, 1922 Accidental death of Master Robert William Commerford of Heart’s Content, at St. Bon’s. 13 ˝ .
March 12, 1922 William Murphy, died under tragic circumstances, 48.
March 15, 1922 John James Mayo, Marystown, drowned by falling through the ice.
March 18, 1922 Mrs. Lizzie Burne, Parker’s Cove, lost in snowstorm when returning from Rushoon.
March 26, 1922 John Brien found dead in a barn, off Oxen Pond Road.

April 11, 1922 Arthur Power, Newbridger, Salmonier, accidentally killed while hoisting spar in a schooner.
April 12, 1922 Michael Tobin, Western Bay, lost when seal hunting off shore. Leaves wife and three children.
April 15, 1922 Arthur Ludlow, 62, died at Grand Falls under tragic circumstances.

Clayton Sparkes, 17, drowned at Bay Roberts.

April 17, 1922 Winston Bishop, Westeyville, falls through ice at Locker’s Bay and is drowned. Single.
April 19, 1922 William Wells, Grand John, Fortune Bay, dies through exposure and hunger.
April 26, 1922 Noah George, Foster’s Point, accidentally killed at Pope’s Harbor Sawmills.
April 28, 1922 William Fewer, 65, Mailman, drowned at South East Arm, Placentia, recovered on August 9th.

May 2, 1922 George Colburne, Great Braha, 18, accidentally shot himself and died two hours later.

Hong Louen, Hong Kim Hi, and So Ho Kai, thee Chinese Laundrymen, killed by Wo Fen Game, aged 31, and Hong Wing, wounded with intent to kill. Wi Fen attempted suicide, arrested. Shooting occurred in two Laundries and suicide attempt in the street.

May 4, 1922 Lambert Burke, Tilting, fell over from his punt, when gunning, and is drowned.
May 17, 1922 Richard Budden of Robert’s Arm, found dead at Soper’s Arm, by a search party. He left his home on May 12th.
May 24, 1922 Albert Miles, Jersey Harbor Point, drowned from his dory when fishing from schooner Ornate.
May 27, 1922 Joseph Mason, of Avondale, drowned from motor boat, when crossing from Bell Island.

June 2, 1922 Doris, 8, and Ida Chafe, 6, drowned in Cook’s Pool, Petty Harbor.
June 7, 1922 Mrs. Philip Burton and three year old child, of Mouse Island near Channel, die from injuries incurred through lighting fire with kerosene oil.

Anthony Hayes, Baine Harbor, found dead at foot of Parker’s Cove Cliff, 80.

June 11, 1922 Michael Duff, Topsail Hill, 10, dies from results of motor car accident on the previous day.
June 26, 1922 Thomas Poole of Mosquito, near Pushthough, drowned.

July 1, 1922 Peter Dwyer, Bell island, drowns at Pittsburgh, Pa., 22.
July 2, 1922 Six year old boy of Patrick Sullivan, Caplin Bay, falls over a cliff of 150 feet, and dies later of injuries incured.

Richard Osmond, schooner Gordon Hollet, of Burin, drowned from his dory at Aquaforte.

July 10, 1922 Son of Frank Strickland of Hermitage, 12, drowned by upsetting dory at Shoal Bay.

Stan Bowe, 17, of the Goulds, drowned at Shoal Bay.

July 13, 1922 Willis Butler, Greenspond, drowned while bathing, 18.
July 18, 1922 Capt. Eli Hiscock of Winterton Schooner, Viator, accidentally killed by a blow from the main boom, when engaged in salvage work near Cape Ballard.

James Churchill, Portugal Cove, 60, drowned at Bell Island.

July 22, 1922 Charles Robert Duder, 60, and Chesley Crocker, 35, drowned when fishing in canvas boat on Ocean Pond, Bauline.
July 27, 1922 George Curtis, Portland, B.B., drowned at Quirpon.
July 29, 1922 Thomas Baker, Boxey, drowned from his dory.

August 2, 1922 Three sons of Mark Sheppard of Sheppard’s Cove, Catalina, lose their lives by drowning, their boat capsizing near the Brandies.
August 4, 1922 Miss Marguerite Lindsay of Montreal, voluntary Teacher at the Labrador Public School, Cartwright, missing and presumed drowned, 22.
August 6, 1922 Charles and Clifford Kareen, two young lads, drowned at Point Lance, near Cape St. Mary’s, when swimming.
August 8, 1922 Jack Hannaford, Line Repairer, fell on a live wire and died later from severe injuries received.
August 19, 1922 Principal Anderson of the Presbyterian College, and Wireless Electrician F.L. Southgate, drowned off Manuels, owing to capsizing of cat-boat.
August 22, 1922 Schooner Arcana, of Grand Bank, reports from St. Joseph’s, Salmonier, loss from dory, when overloaded, of Charles William Cluett of Garnish. His mate was rescued when clinging to bottom of dory.

September 4, 1922 Tragic death of Engineer R.W. Powell of Toronto, at Millertown, Bay d’Espoir.
September 8, 1922 Son of R.B. Stroud. Glovertown, drowned in Terra Nova River, 15.
September 12, 1922 James Holmes, Shearstown, electrocuted when line repairing, 22.
September 17, 1922 Frederick Porter, 4 ˝, drowned by falling over the Public Wharf, South Side.
September 19, 1922 Eddie and Daniel, sons of John A Payne, Cow Head, St. Barbe’s, burned to death in their camp at Eastern Arm, St. Paul’s Bay.
September 22, 1922 Edward Fleming, 41, Smith’s Harbor, N.D.B., killed at Sydney Mines.
September 24, 1922 James Clowe, Ferryland, dies from injuries received the previous day, from the fly-wheel of his motor boat, when on S.S. Cabot, bound for the General Hospital, 24.
September 27, 1922 Mrs. Sarah Thistle, South Side, Carbonear, found drowned.
September 29, 1922 John Lake, of Fortune, Rigger, killed by fall from aerial mast at Cape Race.

Matthew Whalen, killed by fall of stone in Jubilee Quarry, North Sydney.

Charles Somerton, Veteran of both Naval Reserve and Regiment, Portugal Cove, fatally injured in motor collision with horse and long cart, on the Cove Road. 30.

October 5, 1922 Disastrous collision in Cornwall Avenue, between motor car and long cart. Three injured, one fatally, horse killed.
October 7, 1922 William White, Flat Bay, St. George’s, killed through derailing of his hand cart by a log, on the line near St. George’s. War Veteran, 22.
October 9, 1922 Mrs. Jesse Snowden, widow of the Rev. Samuel Snowden, struck by motor truck in Toronto, and instantly killed, 66.
October 11, 1922 Thomas Sullivan, Brent’s Cove, killed in La Scie by a saw mill accident, 42.
October 15, 1922 George Neville, injured in motor accident on the 5th, dies in Hospital, 24.
October 22, 1922 Selby Yates, 15, drowned at Cottle’s Cove.
October 25, 1922 Mrs Pierre Smith, Argentia, dies within two hours after accidental injuries received.

November 2, 1922 Mate Grandy of Marystown, lost from schooner, General Ironsides, 115 miles East of Cape St. Francis.
November 4, 1922 William Penney of Merasheen, lost off schooner Flossie, near Point Laline; leaving widow and 2 children.

William Brown dies at Hospital, from injuries received through fall from scaffolding at Kilbride Church on October 21st.

November 9, 1922 Young man named Edmonds, reporting missing from Bay d' East, Fortune Bay.
November 25, 1922 Robert Lambert, Twillingate, 18, drowns through capsizing of his boat.

December 8, 1922 John Hatch, Stone’s Cove, Fortune Bay, drowned in a pond. Married with large family.

James Hibbs, killed by runaway coal box at Glace Bay, 25.

William Patrick Hughes, North River, a Foreman with Ford Motor Company at the river Rouge Plant near Detroit, instantly killed by blow from heavy crane, age 40.

December 9, 1922 Timothy Duhart found dead in the woods at Humbermouth.
December 10, 1922 George Marr of Newfoundland, disappears from his home at Aberdeen, C.B. Body found at foot of clift ten days later. 38.
December 12, 1922 P Christian and J Dubois, left West Side of Port au Port in a dory. Not since heard of.
December 19, 1922 Christian Sorensen, a Danish sailor on the schooner Centaurus, shot and killed, when steamer entering Harbor Buffett.
December 23, 1922 Seaman Ole M. Anderson, dies in Wabana Hospital, from injuries received from a fall, when berthing at the pier two day previously.
December 25, 1922 Maxwell Furlong of Millertown, 15, drowned in Red Indian Lake, when crossing the ice with dogs and slide.

NameDescription of error or additionMy Name
Daw/Dawe (Ref: Micro film Daily News Jan. to Mar. 1922)
Daily News, Feb 04, 1922
Lost Overboard
A message was received Friday by Messers. F.H. Ellis & Co., advertising that a man named Job Daw had been lost overboard from the schooner "Inspiration," on the voyage from this port to Lisbon. The unfortunate man was of resident of St. John's, and was well known in the city. He leaves a wife and six children, the youngest being 4 and the oldest a boy, aged 17. The Inspiration left her on January 14th, and arrived in Lisbon on the 28th. The sad duty of conveying the news to the unfortunate man's family devolved upon Rev. Mr. Nicholis of St. Michaels Church. The News extends sincere sympathy to the sorrowing family.
Gloria (Dawe) Bruce

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