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Year End Review  - 1923


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December 13, 1922 Body of Miss Lindsay, discovered half a mile from the Schoolhouse, near Cartwright, Labrador.

January 1, 1923 Max Garland, 13, son of Thomas Garland, formerly Hair Dresser in St. Johnís, accidentally killed, when playing with a revolver at Culver City, California.
January 3, 1923 David Burge, Fridayís Bay, left home and believed drowned.
January 12, 1923 George Kelloway, 27, killed by fall of coal in Victoria Mine, Glace Bay.
January 14, 1923 Thomas Ford, H.M.C., Channel, overcome by blizzard, between Channel and Port aux Basques, dies a few minutes after rescue.
January 20, 1923 George Wells, of Little Bay, struck by an automobile at Renton, Washington State, U.S.A., the previous day, died, aged 41.

February 6, 1923 Second Officer Robert Carter, of Port aux Basques, washed overboard from S.S. Kyle, 32.

Bernard Dollamont, Fireman on S.S. Watuka, drowned in Halifax Harbor.

February 19, 1923 Patrick Mulcahey, Bay Bulls, accidentally killed at Bermuda.

March 1, 1923 Thomas Martin, 21, buried under a coal pile which caved in, at the Atlantic Sugar Refineries. Died after being dug out and rushed to Hospital.
March 8, 1923 Herbert Blondin, 30, and Miles OíBrien, 26, Bay Bulls, swept overboard from schooner Elizabeth Howard, and lost. Both unmarried.
March 14, 1923 Capt William Sutton, drowned at Seal Cove, British Columbia.

John Prasugan, 80, left his home in Flat Bay Brook, for Sandy Point, St. George's, and perished in the snow. Body found a few days later.

March 15, 1923 Two young girls, daughters of Ralph Costard, Cape George, received severe injuries from lighting a fire with gasoline, and died two days later.
March 17, 1923 Charles Vatcher, Lower Battery, 21, drowned at Skerries Cove, outside the Narrows, when bird shooting. Married, one child. Body recovered the following Monday.

Young man named Emberley of Paradise, P.B., accidentally shot by his own gun, which exploded when being played with, by his dog, in the boat in which he was bird shooting.

March 19, 1923 John T Tobin, Trepassey, perished in severe blizzard.
March 21, 1923 Joseph Hayes, Renews, found dead in Fermeuse Station, where he had sought refuge from the blizzard of previous day.

Frozen body of Peter Raymond, of the Goulds, another victim of the blizzard, found six miles from his home.

April 12, 1923 Isaac Samson, 63, and Augustus Samson, 50, of Winterton, drowned off Grates Cove Point.
April 27, 1923 In early morning fire on Spencer Street, John Donovan, aged 85, burned to death, others of family narrowly escape.

May 1, 1923 George Penney, Heartís Content, killed there, when discharging coal from S.S. Cranley.
May 7, 1923 Thomas Strowbridge, aged and almost blind, drowned from schooner Dixie, at Harbor Breton.

Thomas Kennedy, 74, of Green Point, near Gaultois, struck by a stone thrown by a young man, and died five days later.

May 10, 1923 George Mallatt of Yarmouth, N.S., Sailor on the S.S. Wascana, at Bell Island, struck by a car loaded with ore, and instantly killed.
May 17, 1923 George Lewis, Holyrood, dies in Hospital at Sydney, after amputation of both legs, due to a fall in the Steel Works.

James Curran, accidentally killed at New Aberdeen Colliery, 22.

May 22, 1923 Selby Gosse, 17, Bell Island, died from injuries received through being struck by a loaded car, on the Nova Scotia Pier.
May 23, 1923 Vincent Slaney, St. Lawrence, reported lost from schooner Ellen and Mary, of Grand Bank.
May 26, 1923 Leo Cluny, Ex-Pte. in Forestry Battalion, reported killed in Quebec, by a falling derrick.
May 28, 1923 James Boone, dies as result of a carriage accident on the previous day, at Flat Rock, St. Johnís, East.

June 7, 1923 Herbert Hammond, Portugal Cove, falls between cars of ore on Bell Island, and is badly crushed.

George Drover, Hodge's Cove, drowned at Harbor Steady, Millertown, when driving logs.

June 10, 1923 Little lad named Peddle, age 6, strayed from his home, found long after. Probably fell of railway trestle.
June 14, 1923 Alice Gulley, Bonne Bay, 15, when insane, suicides.
June 20, 1923 John St. John, Harbor Grace, 47, John L Wellon, Ladle Cove, and Adam Kean, Musgrave Harbor, 59, drowned at Grand Falls, through upsetting of boat.
June 21, 1923 Leo Cluney, killed at Quebec.

Jermiah Callahan, of Humber Brook, drowned while conveying some tourists up the river.

July 4, 1923 Alfred Martin, Hickmanís Harbor, fell over the wharf, and is drowned, 57.
July 9, 1923 Alfred Skinner, Belleoram, 38, drowned, 80 miles off shore, through fall from deck of schooner Dorothy I., whose brother Ralph Skinner, was Master.
July 11, 1923 Little Mollie Humphries, 4Ĺ, killed by motorcycle on Cornwall Avenue.
July 16, 1923 John S Harrow, Shipís Harbor, P.B., drowned when swimming in St. John Harbor, New Brunswick.
July 26, 1923 Augustus McNeil, drowned off St. Shotts.
July 31, 1923 Gerald Griffiths, 12, accidentally killed by motor car on the South Side Road.

August 4, 1923 Leonard Hart, killed at Fogo in a saw mill accident.
August 9, 1923 Thomas Whalen, Bryants Cove, instantly killed at Bell Island, 28.
August 13, 1923 William and Maxwell Inkpen of Burin, drowned.
August 16, 1923 Raymond Lever, Heartís Content, 16, falls over public wharf and is drowned.

Thomas Fitzgerald, Mobile, killed at Boston. Remains interred in his native place on August 25th.

August 22, 1923 James Lomond, Channel, one of the crew of the S.S. Stella Maris, Capt. Renouf, washed overboard in heavy weather and drowned.
August 23, 1923 Herbert Dawe, killed by fall from the 8th floor of the Robert Simpson Building, Toronto.
August 28, 1923 S. Mollow, 82, Fishery Warden, and his 7 year old granddaughter, drowned in the Serpentine River, St. Georgeís.
August 29, 1923 Herbert Pike, drowned while bathing at Topsail.

Young man, son of Edward Rowe of Norris Arm, drowned from motor boat opposite Mill Point, Botwood, when on the way to Fogo.

September 2, 1923 Fracas at Chapelís Cove, Harbor Main, when man name Fewer was assaulted by another named Hawco. Fewer, as result of injuries received, died in Hospital on September 13th. Hawco charged with wilful murder.
September 3, 1923 Miss Hilda Horney, 23, killed by runway car on Bell Island.
September 6, 1923 Thomas McCarthy, injured in boiler explosion at the Royal Hotel, St. John, N.B., on August 26th, died there of his injuries.
September 9, 1923 Agusta Joe Berte of the Portugese Crusier, Carvalhoe Aranjo, died after double amputation, at the hospital, due to severe injuries received in storm at sea.
September 13, 1923 William Kenway, Flat Island, P.B., knocked overboard by the main boom of a fishing vessel, and is drowned.
September 20, 1923 Henry Peddle 28, crushed to death at Besco Steel Plant, Sydney.
September 25, 1923 James Brown, Grand Bank, 16, accidently and fatally shoots himself at Lamaline.
September 27, 1923 John Hoskins, died in Hospital from injuries, caused by a fall from a ladder, when making alteration on the tower of the Methodist College, the previous Tuesday.

October 1, 1923 Vincent Molloy, Marystown, lost with schooner General Parr.

Daniel Strout of Rose Blanche, blown overboard and drowned.

Arthur Childs, English Harbor, Fortune Bay, washed overboard from schooner Effie May, when homeward bound from Labrador.

October 2, 1923 Freight train overturned near Northern Bight, due to embankment washed away by storm. Engine Driver, Charles Cahill, 45, killed.
October 9, 1923 Gladys Inkpen, 8, ShipísCove, Burin, burned to death, her clothing catching from the flame of a kerosene oil stove.

Five year old daughter of James Chapman, Little Bay Islands, burned to death.

November 21, 1923 Michael Bulger, Flat Rock, accidentally killed when discharging Locomotive for the Humber, at the St. Johnís Dry Dock.
November 29, 1923 Roland John Carter of Greenspond, drowned at Montreal.

December 7, 1923 Arthur Hampton, Portland, B.B., killed through bursting of a block and tackle, when engaged in hauling a house.
December 8, 1923 Body of Florence White, Conception Harbor, a Domestic, found dead in Waterford River.
December 20, 1923 Lewis Mitchell, Kellyís Cove, Burin, drowned through falling overboard when mooring his boat.

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