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Year End Review  - 1927


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



January 07, 1927 Samuel Earle drowned at Point Leamington.
January 10, 1927 Peter and Raymond Hunt, aged 1 and 21 years, while returning to Cow Head with dog team, fell through ice and are drowned at Burnt Point, Simmons Bay.
January 11, 1927 Harold W Diamond, 24, reported lost at sea.
January 20, 1927 Thomas Coates, Gander Bay Trapper, found dead in woods.
January 21, 1927 Abraham Rogers, 26, formerly of Newfoundland, killed at Brooklyn, N.Y.
January 22, 1927 Arthur and Harold Blackmore, aged 55 and 27 respectively, of Pilleyís Island, drowned by falling through ice.
January 24, 1927 Walter Parrott, 24, of Heartís Content, drowned at Western Pond.

February 02, 1927 Fred Sergent, 26, married, Bishopís Falls, drowned by falling through ice.

March 04, 1927 William Stewart of Brigus, and Captain Wm. McLeod, also of Newfoundland, drowned when schooner Montclair goes ashore on Orleans Bar.
March 08, 1927 Charles Hamlyn, 16, succumbs from wounds, from accidental discharge of revolver.
March 10, 1927 William J Miles, 18, English Harbor, drowned at sea in storm.
March 15, 1927 Patrick Callahan, native of Newfoundland, drowned in Alaskan waters.
March 25, 1927 John Grouchy, 13, killed by falling over Signal Hill.

April 04, 1927 Charles Pelley, 17, of Port Union, fatally shoots himself whilst hunting.
April 22, 1927 William Currie of Rose Blanche, drowned at Burgeo.

May 16, 1927 John Parsons, 11, of Hampton, drowned.
May 14, 1927 Archibald T. Nichol, 50, formerly of St. Johnís, killed in General Electric Company Plant at Evertt, Mass.
May 19, 1927 Martin Brodest, 8, of Tilting, accidently burnt to death.
May 26, 1927 James Pynn, native of New Chelsea, T.B., killed at Sydney Steel Plant.
May 30, 1927 James Lake, 26, formerly of Newfoundland, killed in coal mine, New Glasgow.

Melvin Boyd, 13, killed, Alfred Boyd, 16, of Tizzardís Harbor, seriously injured, by explosion of gasoline tank, caused by lighted match.

May 31, 1927 Edward Dwyer, 18, of Bell Island, fatally injured by ore car.

June 06, 1927 Patrick Finn, 39, formerly of Spaniardís Bay, killed at Paris, Ont.
June 07, 1927 Lawrence Kehoe, 29, of St. Johnís, Wireless Ooperator on Canadian Custom Cruiser Grib, drowned at Lunenburg, N.S.
June 11, 1927 William J Thistle, 45, formerly of Broad Cove, B.D.V., killed by falling from scaffold at New York.
June 14, 1927 Alan Regular, 15 months, drowned by falling into tub of water at Humber Canal.
June 21, 1927 Elizabeth Coley, 18, found drowned in pond, at Burgeo.
June 28, 1927 Charles Paul, of St. Bernardís, F.B., Bank fishermen, drowned at Calvert, Ferryland District.
June 29, 1927 Samuel Parsons, John Parsons, William Penney, John March, Hubert Hynes, Patrick Hynes, all of Port au Port, drowned when boat upsets, while crossing from Aquathuna.

July 01, 1927 Reg. Young and Henry Lindstrom, drowned at Round Pond, while trouting.

Harold Harris, 22, Port Blandford, killed at Gambo, by falling between cars of moving train.

July 07, 1927 Martin Quann of Sagona, F.B., and Randloph Thomas Strowbridge, of Red Cove, F.B., reported drowned on Banks, from schooner Mary Ann Bell Wolfe.
July 10, 1927 Adolphus Tucker, of Happy Adventure, drowned while swimming in Sandy River, near Howley.
July 16, 1927 Fred Byrne, formerly of St. Johnís, drowned at New York.

August 01, 1927 Fred Brazil, 11, drowned at Battle Harbor.
August 03, 1927 Moses Coish, 35, drowned at Greenís Harbor.
August 08, 1927 Patrick Ryan, 53, unmarried, jumps from window of his bedroom, Barron St., and succumbs to injuries.
August 14, 1927 Tobias Tremblett, 17, Bonavista, drowned while swimming.
August 25, 1927 Albert Cluett, lost overboard from schooner Noxal, and drowned.

George Hayden, blown off N.P. & P Co.ís boom at Humbermouth, and drowned.

August 29, 1927 Bosun Jaul W Holman, of S.S. Athelstone, dies from drinking wood alcohol.
August 30, 1927 Sidney Warford, 33, killed at Bell Island.
August 31, 1927 Simon Anderson, another of S.S. Athelstoneís crew, dies from drinking wood alcohol.

September 25, 1927 John Murphy, 22, of St. Johnís, killed by train in New York.

October 16, 1927 Eileen Tilley, aged 4, killed by motor car on Longís Hill.
October 18, 1927 John Bartlett, of Bareneed, drowned from S.S Susan.
October 25, 1927 Malcolm Peckford, Change Islands, accidentally shot whilst hunting.

November 13, 1927 Richard F Baker, 54, formerly of Newfoundland, killed by car, at Sydney Mines
November 16, 1927 Stephen P Wells, 27, formerly of Three Arms, N.D.B., killed at Ottawa.

December 01, 1927 Abram Morris, Great Jervois, drowned from schooner Carranea, between St. Pierre and Sydney.
December 09, 1927 Harry Rossiter, of Ramea, drowns at Cul de Sac.

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