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Year End Review  - 1928


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



December 21, 1927 Patrick Riley, formerly of Carbonear, C.B., drowned at Fairhaven, when car plunges over bridge.

January 4, 1928 Claude Newman, 15, drowned at Botwood, whilst skating on harbor.
January 7, 1928 George Morgan, 5, Whitbourne, dies from burns.

Joseph Garland, 63, North Battery, drowned.

January 14, 1928 Oliver and Henry Thornhill, age 21, and 23 years respectively, drowned at Little Bay East., F.B., whilst attending traps.

February 28, 1928 Samuel Cobb, Wabana, killed whilst drilling. Drill strikes blind blast.

March 5, 1928 Mrs. Wesley Pardy, frozen to death on ice near Seal Cove, during storm, whilst attempting to reach home at Wild Cove, nearby.
March 29, 1928 Clara Waterman, 22, dies at General Hospital as result of burns.

April 6, 1928 Abram Basha, 53, killed by street car at railway station crossing.

May 3, 1928 Walter Oldford, 29, of Greenspond, drowned at Long bridge.
May 10, 1928 Westbury Stokes, 18, accidentally shot off Cape Freels whilst bird shooting.
May 15, 1928 Stephen Anderson, 15, drowned at Boswarlos, Port au Port.

Bruce Travers, of Loon Bay, drowned in Barachoix Brook, Bay of Islands.

May 28, 1928 Philip George Cook, 58, killed by bolting horse, at Central Fire Hall.

Capt John B Farrell, killed in explosion on fishing vessel Mary, at Gloucester, Mass.

Lloyd Clarke of New Melbourne, drowned by falling over schooner, Olgag, at Old Perlican.

June 4, 1928 William Hollett, 19, drowned when dory swamped at La Have, N.S.

Jimmie Finn, 19 months, Curling, drowned in well.

June 11, 1928 Mrs Rosanna Mercer, Bay Roberts, drowned.

Archibald Moulton, 40, Edward Moulton, 19, James Moulton, 16, of Burin Bay Arm, drowned when boat capsized at Burin Harbor.

June 22, 1928 Walter Vaters, 20, of Bristolís Hope, killed at Buchanís.
June 24, 1928 James Fox, 16, killed by motor car on Harvey Road.
June 30, 1928 William G Smith, and John Patterson, drowned at Gull Pond, Seal Cove, whilst fishing.

July 7, 1928 Paul Kelly, died following falling 170 feet from Dugganís Mount, North Arm, Holyrood.

Charles Hayce, and James Cox, drowned at sea from schooner Arnelt, at Fortune.

July 13, 1928 Robert Dawe, killed in motor collision with train at Joyís Point Crossing, Holyrood.
July 16, 1928 Joseph Gould, drowned from boat at Port Saunderís.

John Rose, 44, dies from injuries received in Glace Bay Colliery.

July 17, 1928 John Cox, 25, of Diamond Cove, drowned from schooner Reginald Moulton.

Joseph Manning, 23, of Harbor Grace, drowned at Buchanís whilst swimming.

July 23, 1928 George Clouter, Catalina, killed by gravel fall, whilst working on road.

August 4, 1928 Martin Hickey, 50, formerly of Harbor Grace, killed in motor accident at Pendleton, B.C.
August 8, 1928 Charles Adams, 7, killed by motor car on Pennywell Road.
August 13, 1928 Silas Matthew Whalen, 40, formerly of Cupids, killed at Lansing, Lich.
August 14, 1928 Milton Martin, 12 Ĺ, drowned in Harbor. Body recovered in November.
August 23, 1928 Ralph Eddy, drowned from Bishopís Falls trestle.
August 30, 1928 Walter Evans, 24, of Fortune Bay, drowned from schooner Charles and Eric, at Fortune.

September 1, 1928 Leonard Joseph Sulley, 6, killed by motor car on Military Road.
September 21, 1928 George Chafe, 9, Trinity, falls over stage head and is drowned.
September 26, 1928 Andrew Chafe, 27, formerly of St. Johnís, killed in New York.

October 14, 1928 John Young, Cape St George, accidentally killed while bird hunting.

November 10, 1928 Sylvester Picco, 13, of Fair Islands, B.B., drowned from Steerís wharf.
November 24, 1928 Jasper Lake, of schooner John Millett, of Fortune, drowned at sea.

December 12, 1928 Henry B Lyon, 82, accidently drowned in harbor.
December 20, 1928 Mr. Alfred Chadwick, 79, found dead in Harbor Grace.
December 23, 1928 Bodies of Edward Noseworthy, and his sister-in-law Mrs. Hannah Noseworthy, found in field on Freshwater Road. Death due to exposure and malnutrition.
December 25, 1928 Norman Troope, 24, drowned as result of explosion in motor boat, at Irelandís Eye, T.B.
December 27, 1928 Edward J Whitty, dies from injuries received from falling off boiler at Railway Station.

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