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Year End Review  - 1929


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



January 8, 1929 Thomas Fitzgerald, 62, of Little Paradise, P.B., drowned by falling over wharf.
January 9, 1929 William Hart, aged 7 years, of Island Harbor, Fogo, accidently shot dead by 13 year old lad named Simon Heath.
January 14, 1929 Wallace Meade, Fox Roost, near Port Aux Basques, accidently shoots himself while bird hunting.
January 30, 1929 Rhoderick Bourne, Pinchard’s Island, drowned while bird hunting.

John Spearling, Fogo, accidentally shot and killed while bird hunting at Hare Island.

February 5, 1929 Llewellyn Bugden, of Petley, Smith Sound, accidentally killed when tree fell on him, while logging near Shoal Harbor.
February 6, 1929 Man named Butt, falls from considerable height at Paper Mill, Corner Brook, dies few hours later.
February 17, 1929 During the past five days, fifty persons have died from cold in Belgium.

March 2, 1929 George Linehan, drowned while bird shooting at John’s Pond, St. Mary’s Bay.

John Anthony, 19, St. John’s, washed overboard and drowned, from schooner Jean Wakely.

March 11, 1929 Charles Denis, of Curling, fatally injured, when struck by express in Crow gulch, dies, aged 50, married.

John Osbourne, Frenchman’s Cove, F.B., loses life in blizzard.

March 19, 1929 William Dewland and his son Job, of Pushthrough, drowned, when sea swamped boat in which they were setting trawls.
March 22, 1929 William Harvey, Rose Blanche, missing from schooner Mahasea, sunk off Nova Scotia by French trawler.
March 27, 1929 Body of William Myler, 49, found in harbor.
March 28, 1929 George Yarn, Port aux Basques, dies in sealing steamer Vedas.

April 4, 1929 Kenneth, 2 year old son of Louis Davis, Port aux Basques, drowned by falling over wharf.
April 8, 1929 Arthur Keough, Petries, dies after being run over by express, which severed two legs.
April 13, 1929 Body of William Anderson, found in unoccupied lumber camp, 5 miles from Deer Lake.
April 16, 1929 Leslie Reid, unmarried, of Little Catalina, killed by accidental discharged of his gun.
April 21, 1929 Isaac House, washed overboard and drowned, from schooner Ronald M Douglas.
April 28, 1929 Charles Hunter Brown, 8 ˝, killed by sloven on LeMarchant Road.

Little girl name Rose, drowned at Corner Brook, aged 4.

May 6, 1929 Stanley Best, 14, drowned at Spencer’s Cove.
May 16, 1929 Willis Vokey, aged 33, drowned at British Harbor.
May 25, 1929 Baxter Thistle, 21, of Harbor Grace, accidentally killed, following blast, set off in pulpwood jamb.

June 5, 1929 John Bullen and Harry Blagdon, washed over board and drowned, from schooner Dixie, at Bay de L’eau.
June 9, 1929 Nell Mahar, 45, killed by falling from coal gangway, on premises of W.H. Hynes.
June 10, 1929 Herbert Dalley, 26, William Dalley, 20, drowned off Twillingate, when motor boat swamped.
June 11, 1929 Martin Collins falls from motor truck, and fatally injured.

Ralph Tutt, Scott Street, loses his life, by drowning at Long Pond.

June 13, 1929 James Leo Fitzpatrick, 23, run over by electric shovel at Bell Island, and killed.

John Peddle, native of Victoria, Newfoundland, killed at Glace Bay.

June 14, 1929 Lionel and Andrew Clarke, formerly of Carbonear, killed at Dayton, Ohio.
June 15, 1929 Body of Samuel Butt of Rocky Harbor, picked up at Ferrole Point, St. John Bay.

Edward Kane of Salmonier, knocked overboard from schooner Florizel, at Point Lance, and drowned.

June 20, 1929 Pilot C.S. Caldwell, well known locally, killed with two others when plane strikes wire, over St. Lawrence river.
June 22, 1929 Randell Garland, 27, of Lower Island Cove, drowned when boat in which he was fishing, was cut down by motor skiff.
June 25, 1929 Patrick J Shea, fatally injured when small buggy in which he was riding, was hit by steam coach, at Waterford Bridge.
June 27, 1929 William Hedges, Carbonear, drowned at Francis Harbor, Labrador.

Annie Cooper, 4 years, accidentally killed by motor car.

July 21, 1929 John Warren, killed instantly by explosion of dynamite, while excavating on Pennywell Road.
July 28, 1929 Max Strickland, of schooner Myrtle Parsons, of Harmitage, drowned by upsetting dory at Isle au Bos.

August 4, 1929 John King, fatally injured at Dawe’s Mill, Western Arm, when clothes caught in machinery.

Ernest Howeltt, of Beaumont, N.D.B., fatally injured, by falling over cliff at East Groais Islands.

August 6, 1929 James Glynn, formerly of St. John’s, accidently killed at Boston.
August 7, 1929 Mrs Elizabeth Pynn, Quirpon, fatally burned.
August 9, 1929 Larry French, formerly of St. John’s, drowned at Seattle.
August 11, 1929 Thomas Cochrane, formerly of Newfoundland, drowned at Canso, N.S.
August 13, 1929 Dorothy Snow, aged 6, of Griquet, drowned.
August 15, 1929 Clifford Thompson, formerly of St. John’s, killed by auto at Port Hope, Ontario.

Richard Griffin, 21, killed at Liverpool, N.S.

August 16, 1929 James Bragg, of Cape La Hune, drowned by upsetting dory.
August 19, 1929 Ambrose Collins, falls from tender of engine at Argentia, and fatally injured.

September 2, 1929 Frederick Joyce fatally injured when struck by motor.

Mrs John Pearcey, killed at Ammons Cove, near Davis Inlet, by accidental explosion of gun.

September 4, 1929 William Abbott, 54, killed by falling off L.S.P.U. excursion train from Ferryland.
September 6, 1929 Body of William Watts, 11 years, found floating in harbor.
September 8, 1929 Samuel Moulton, formerly of Pouch Cove, killed at Bellington, Mass, in motor accident.
September 9, 1929 Robert Kennedy, formerly of Newfoundland, killed by falling from high building, Boston.
September 11, 1929 Samuel King, Perry’s Cove, killed by lighting.
September 14, 1929 Two brothers named Hewlett, belonging to La Scie, drowned at Gull Island, Cape John.
September 16, 1929 James Butler, Gear Street, instantly killed, through his head coming in contact with telephone pole, while riding in truck.
September 17, 1929 William Walsh, 22, of Salmonier, instantly killed when wheels of truck passed over his body.

Arthur Irwin Warren, 2 years old, drowned at Glovertown, by falling into well.

September 23, 1929 Arthur Hunt Shute, Nova Scotia Novelist, killed when plane crashed in lake Manitoba.

October 8, 1929 John J Penney, falls over Bowring’s wharf and drowns.
October 12, 1929 William and Clara Parsons, aged 3 and 5 years respectively, children of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Parsons, Carson Avenue, burned to death when their home was destroyed by fire.
October 17, 1929 John Edwards, Engineer auxiliary schooner Lolanthe, killed on Labrador.
October 27, 1929 George Young, aged 18, accidently killed at Humbermouth, when helping to discharge coal from steamer.

November 9, 1929 Stewart Thornton, drowned from schooner Nicotina, off Fortune Head.
November 11, 1929 Andrew Hynes, English Harbor East, 21, drowned.

Isaac Carter and Edgar LeValliant, drowned when motor boat swamps near Port aux Basques.

November 14, 1929 Joseph Locke, 55, Tizzard's Harbor, dies suddenly at logging camp, Great Rattling Brook, Bishop’s Falls.

Henry G Barnes, English Harbor, washed off rocks whilst bird shooting, and drowns.

November 16, 1929 Four men washed overboard from ore steamer, while on her way to Sydney.
November 21, 1929 Peter Noel, 5, Alexander Street, fatally injured when hit by motor car.

Body of George Dawe, missing for some days, found on the Witless Bay Line.

December 1, 1929 Pilots Noseworthy, Vallis, and Walsh, lost in storm, rendering assistance outside Narrow’s, to steamers.
December 2, 1929 Oliver Osmond, South Brook, electrocuted while working on electric line, Deer Lake to Corner Brook.
December 6, 1929 Five men, Absalom Tucker, Ronald Tucker, George Roberts, Solomon Croucher, Allan Hillier, who left Lance Pidgeon, near Cape Bauld, in motor boat, missing and believed drowned.
December 13, 1929 James Rendell, Flower Hill, found dead on board Dr. Rendell’s yacht.
December 15, 1929 Veronica Hynes of Griquet, and Nellie Murphy of Conche, drowned by falling through the ice in Quirpon Harbor.
December 16, 1929 Thomas McEachern of Jefferies, drowned while crossing over ice on Crabbes River.
December 18, 1929 Squadron Leader A Jones Williams, and Flight Lieut Jenkins, killed in crash of their plane at Tunis, in attempting non spot flight from England to Cape Town.

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