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Year End Review  - 1919


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



December 5, 1918 Michael Cantwell, from injuries received two days previously, at Cabot Tower, in a powder explosion.
December 20, 1918 The body of an unknown woman washed ashore at Cappahayden, thought to be a Florizel victim.

January 1, 1919 Tragic death of Samuel Taylor of Wm., South Side, Carbonear.
January 7, 1919 William Murray, Murray’s Pond, by shooting.
January 22, 1919 Little child, named Oke, severely burned.

February 16, 1919 Gladys Parsons aged 14, accidentally shot her 8 year old brother, and died the following day.
February 27, 1919 Three children drowned through the ice off Bunette Island.

March 5, 1919 Frederick Hillier, Griquet, lost in storm, probably walked over the edge of the ice.
March 6, 1919 Tragic death of Emmanuel Murphy, Curling, 47.
March 26, 1919 John Jewer 12, and Hubert Gosse 10, Spaniard’s Bay, drowned in Northern Cove Pond.

April 16, 1919 Peter Burrage, New Perlican, drowned.
April 23, 1919 Mrs. Smith and child, burned to death, in fire at residence, Heart’s Content.

Darius Sheppard, Pools Island, died at Greenspond, from injuries received in a sawmill.

May 3, 1919 Isaac Cram, Trinmy Cove, Placentia Bay, accidentally killed at Bell Island, 24.
May 10, 1919 George Bishop killed at Bell Island, through falling off a boiler.
May 18, 1919 Double tragedy on New Gower Street. Chinese Laundry, with the Proprietor, Kung Wah and his wife, burned to death.

June 19, 1919 Willie Dunphy, 8, died from injuries in an automobile accident at Holyrood.

July 2, 1919 Mrs. James Blandford drowned at Twillingate.
July 11, 1919 Joseph Young, Bank Head, drowned in Tickle River, married.
July 12, 1919 Roland Barrett, 15, son of Editor Barrett of The Western Star, drowned at Curling.
July 16, 1919 James Pynn, Bristol’s Hope, killed at Bell Island, 23.

Henry Corkum of Lunenburg, drowned, ex-Banker Mowlen, at Carbonear.

July 18, 1919 William Thomas, Carbonear, overcome by fumes when smoking caplin. 32, married.
July 25, 1919 Albert Walsh, died at Bell Island from injuries there, the previous day.
July 26, 1919 Theodore Martin, 13, drowned at Elliston.
July 27, 1919 John Butt Harvey, Freshwater, drowned at Pack’s Harbor, Labrador.
July 30, 1919 Man named Kavanagh or Power, drowned at Flat Rock.

August 4, 1919 Tragic death of Edwin Dunn, Cupids. 52.
August 5, 1919 Tragic death of a man named Blackmore at Pilley’s Island.

Kenneth Seymore Mitchell, drowned at Canso, N.S., aged 7.

August 11, 1919 John Moyst, 14, killed by a motor car.
August 13, 1919 Ex-Sergeant Charles Peters, drowned at Quidi Vidi Pond on Regatta Day.
August 25, 1919 Thomas Northcott, Lewisporte, 21, and Graham LeDrew, 17, drowned at Grand Falls.

September 6, 1919 John Nolan, Salmonier, drowned off Colinet Island.
September 12, 1919 Richard Lahey, Lance Cove, Bell Island, killed, aged 16.
September 16, 1919 Miss Dorothy Barter died from injuries received in motor car accident.
September 18, 1919 Willie Pridham, 4, Petty Harbor, drowned.
September 30, 1919 James Bond and Albert Bennett, Petites, drowned through upsetting of dory.

October 13, 1919 Samuel Martin, Wabana, killed near the Pier Subway, at Sydney.

November 1, 1919 Henry Milley, Nipper’s Harbor, killed by falling over a wharf.
November 30, 1919 Helen Lawlor, 7, dies from injuries from fire on previous day.

December 5, 1919 Cornelius O’Keefe, Tor’s Cove, drowned.
December 13, 1919 T. Broderick, H.M.C., died from injuries received when run over by a horse.
December 16, 1919 Thomas Matthews, La Scie, dies on the road between that place and Tilt Cove.
December 20, 1919 Enos Gatehouse, died from exposure, being caught in his punt in a snow storm.
December 26, 1919 John Mills, 40, married, Twillingate, perishes in storm whilst in the woods.
December 29, 1919 Rose, 7 year old daughter of Mr. C. McCarter, Architect, drowned in a well.

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