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Year End Review  - 1921


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



January 1, 1921 Richard Miller, killed at New Aberdeen.
January 4, 1921 William Trebble, 31, killed at Detroit.
January 8, 1921 H. McNeil, killed at South Branch.
January 15, 1921 William A Holland, native of St. John’s, killed at Montreal by insane officer of C.E.F.

February 1, 1921 Little girl named Pardy, aged 4 years, accidently killed at St. Joseph’s, P.B., by blow from an axe, when wood chopping.
February 4, 1921 Robert Gordon Crowley, Western Bay, accidently killed at Electrical Power House in Boston, 28.

J. Gordon Crawford, Wireless Operator, who was drowned when boarding his ship the S.S. Mona, at Liverpool, buried in that city.

February 5, 1921 William Collier, Fox Roost, near Channel, drowned from his fishing boat.
February 15, 1921 Norman Hodder, Creston, drowned when bird shooting.
February 16, 1921 Thomas Delahunty, Battery Road, smothered in snow. Body found two day later, 100 yards from his home.
February 18, 1921 Man named Squires of Bell Island, driven off the land when bird hunting.
February 25, 1921 Lad named Tucker, aged 10, killed by a passing slide striking him, when playing.
February 27, 1921 Patrick Hartwell burned to death, when his home at Bauline was destroyed.

March 16, 1921 Three year old child of William Butt, Freshwater, badly burned, died a few hours later.
March 31, 1921 Five year old daughter of Isaac Chapman, Harbor Breton, fatally burned.

April 7, 1921 George W Walters, his sons, Norman 24, and George, 22, of Fox Roost, near Channel, drowned through swamping of dory.
April 11, 1921 James Marks, Bay de Vieu, perished whilst walking to Burgeo.
April 14, 1921 Edward Fleming, Spiller’s Cove, B.B., falls through ice, and is drowned.

Mrs. Robert Mullins, Boyd’s Cove, drowned.

April 21, 1921 James Jolahue, 40, and son Thomas, 11, drowned through upsetting of their boat, between Stock Cove and King’s Cove, B.B.

Henry Monks, Monkstown, P.B., 65, found dying.

May 1, 1921 Samule Milley, 14, Western Bay, inistialy killed, through contact with a live wire.
May 30, 1921 Val Daley and Edward Murray, dory mates from Schooner Alpha C., missing.

June 4, 1921 Samuel Brenton, Loon Bay, and Sidney Hooper, Campbellton, drown in Terra Nova River, through upsetting of boat.
June 13, 1921 Arthur Knight 26, accidently killed in the Chippewa Power Canal Works, Niagara Falls.
June 16, 1921 Harry J. Green, Point Verde, accidentally killed at Kennecott, Alasaka.
June 26, 1921 Ex Lieut. Thomas Bernard McGrath, accidentally killed at sea.
June 27, 1921 Seven year old child, Max Kennedy, killed by motor accident, near Haggerty Street.

July 2, 1921 John Begin, of Lunenburg, seaman, suicides from S.S. Rosalind, when returning home.
July 6, 1921 Mrs. Jane Haynes, 73, knocked down by a bicycle, and died the following day.
July 13, 1921 Thomas Healey, Flat Rock, 20, run down in boat, by schooner Sally Freedom, and killed or drowned.
July 21, 1921 Malcolm Lush, killed at sea, on board S.S. Canadian Seigneur, 25.
July 26, 1921 William Bransfield, killed by truck on Sydney Reserve Road, 60.
July 30, 1921 Lewis Boone, Seldom Come By, drowned at Millertown Junction.

August 2, 1921 Luke Thornhill, married, and George Patten, single, drowned through upsetting of dory, near Grand Bank.

G Franklin, Seaman, London, lost from schooner Davis Morris, 2 days off the Coast.

August 7, 1921 Lance Corporal Stephen Somerton, Bell Island, drowned in the Upper Humber River.
August 10, 1921 Schooner Governor Foss, arrives at Canso, and reports drowning of Fred Cluett, Beleoram. 
August 11, 1921 Sydney Roberts, Bonne Bay, drowned.
August 14, 1921 Two daughters of Edgar King, Valleyfield, B.B., drowned, the older while attempting to rescue the younger, 17 and 10.
August 18, 1921 Ronald Hinditch 12, drowned at Clattice Harbor.
August 27, 1921 Three year old girl, Penney, decapitated on the Railway near Bristol’s Hope, by train.

September 4, 1921 Bride Collins, 11, daughter of Peter Collins, Placentia, drowned.
September 8, 1921 Ian Hamilton Martin, 6, accidentally killed at Bell Island.
September 10, 1921 Joseph Gallant, 16, Woods Island, drowned.
September 22, 1921 James Young, Tidewaiter, St. Jacques, paralyzed in his dory, was drowned.
September 23, 1921 Warren Lockyer, 21, and John Howlett, 19, Woody Island, drowned from dory overturning.

October 3, 1921 Peter Michman of Grey River, Burgeo, found dead up the river.
October 5, 1921 John Bagg and William Warren, of Dog Cove, near Ramea, left in open boat, and not since heard from.
October 6, 1921 Miss Margaret Skinner, killed by live wire on the Torbay Road.
October 8, 1921 Peter Clancey, 18, accidentally shot and killed, in the woods near Michael’s Harbor, Twillingate.
October 12, 1921 John Valentine run down by motor car, at foot of Beck’s Cove, and died within three hours.
October 13, 1921 John W. Snow, Carbonear, killed at Florence Colliery, Cape, Breton, 38.
October 26, 1921 Emanuel Thornhill, Fortune, suicides on schooner, Saladin, 56.
October 28, 1921 David Stroud of Bay Le Monie, perishes at sea in a storm.
October 29, 1921 Philip and John MacDonald, of LaPoile, drowned through boat capsizing.
October 30, 1921 William White, Grand Bank, washed overboard from schooner James and Stanley, 100 miles off St. Pierre.

Capt. George Gushue and Michael Connors, Brigus, washed overboard from C.A. Jerrett’s schooner, Clearance B., on way from Indian Harbor, Labrador.

October 31, 1921 John Churchill killed through contact with a live wire.

November 8, 1921 Body of Johanna Driscoll, Plate Cove, B.B., missing for 4 years, discovered.
November 15, 1921 Philip Dobois, Port au Port, missing, believed drowned.

John Harnum of Green’s Harbor, leaves home, and is found dead two days later, at Whiteway, T.B.

November 17, 1921 James B. O’Donnell, 80, found dead in Pleasant Street fire. Death occurred from natural causes, probably four days previously.
November 22, 1921 Seaman Joe Dolemaint, washed overboard.
November 24, 1921 Tragedy at Bishop’s Falls. Three children named Wiseman, from 2 months to 3 years, burned to death.
November 28, 1921 Richard Farwell, Salvage Bay, 32, drowned when crossing a pond covered with thin ice.
November 30, 1921 Man named Power, of Tor’s Cove, found dead in a field.

December 6, 1921 American Seaman, Samon, of a Gloucester Schooner, killed by fall of derrick, at Cox’s Cove, Curling, 50.
December 8, 1921 Mrs. Sarah Ann McDonald, native of Newfoundland, murdered at North Sydney. Husband arrested.
December 10, 1921 Matthew Lake, St. Leonard’s, accidentally shot himself, dying a few minutes later.
December 15, 1921 Herbert Bailey, lost at sea, in the schooner Viceola, probably in November gale.

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