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Year End Review  - 1919


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



AKER NERO–5041, Heart’s Content, accidentally shot, died at Rouen, France, February 3, 1919.

BALL, MATHIAS–2814, Exploits, died at General Hospital, St. John’s, of typhoid fever, March 31, 1919.

BARTER, ALEXANDRIA– 4001, killed in action in France, September 29, 1918.

BUCKLEY, JAMES–4274, Botwood, killed in action in France, Oct. 25, 1918.

COSH, LEO–8427, Water Street, died at Military Hospital of Pneumonia, Jan.21, 1919.

DYER, WILLIAM–4605, Chelsea, Mass. Died in Hospital in Rouen, March 19, 1919.

DICKS, ALMER – 3593, Harbor Buffett, killed in action in France, October 25, 1918.

FOWLOW, JOHN – R.N.R., Trinity. Drowned when H.M.S. Erin was lost by mines, on February 7, 1919.

GARDENER, FRED J.L.–2475. British Harbor. Died of La Grippe at Parchim, Germany, December 28, 1918. Prisoner of War since April 14, 1917.

HOBBS, CHARLIE–4282, Redcliff, Bonavista Bay. Killed in action in France, October 20, 1918.

HALFYARD, WALLACE, – Bonne Bay. Killed in action in France, Oct 3, 1918.

HURLEY, ROBERT J – 2982 Murphy’s Square. Died at General Hospital, London, May 9, 1919.

HANNON, RICHARD JOSEPH–3037, Marystown. Killed in action in France, October 5, 1918.

JAMES, CHARLES–3983, N.W. Arm, Valleyfield. Killed in action in France, October 25, 1918.

LEGGE, MARCUS – Lance Corporal 2691, Heart’s Content. Died at Winchester of appendicitis, March 24, 1919.

MADDOX, JOHN–5101, King’s Cove. Died at Newton Abbott, Devon, of tubercular peritonitis, May 13, 1919.

MOSHER, GEORGE–4168, Fortune. Killed in action in France, Oct. 25, 1918.

O’ROURKE, JOHN–1975, Corporal, Bay Roberts. Killed in action in France near Cambrai, April 14, 1917.

POWER, NICHOLAS J., –4008, Argentia. Killed in action in France, Sept 25, 1918.

PRICE, FREDK. J – R.N.R. - 1408X. Accidentally drowned when mine sweeping from H.M.S. Cainsborough, August 19, 1919.

RYAN, CHESLEY–5690, Round Harbor, Notre Dame Bay. Died at General Hospital, St. John’s, of Meningitis and Tuberculosis, January 9, 1919.

RICKS, SIMON–4070, Sopp’s Arm, St. Barbe. Killed in action in France, Sept. 29, 1918.

SEAWARD, FREDERICK—4982, Cupids. Died of influenza at Rouen, Feb 5, 1919.

SENIOR, RALPH–5880, Convent Square. Killed in action in France, Oct. 25, 1918.

SHORT, JOSHUA–1199, Corporal, New Bonaventure. Died of wounds at Wandsworth, June 25, 1919.

TRASK, HEBER, M.M.–3156, Elliston. Killed in action in France, Oct. 25, 1918.

WEBB, LEONARD–2675, Victoria Cove, Gander Bay. Killed in action in France, Oct. 20, 1918.

WYATT, ARTHUR H.–8130, Flower Hill. Drowned in the river Tay, April 1919.

N.B. – To make the record complete, should be added to names of the heroic lads, missing since July 1st 1916. These names have been twice published, and now that all hope of their return has disappeared, to republish would be only to renew heartaches and dim the vision of those whose sorrow has been tempered by the healing influences of time. Added to the roll should be the names of some of our returned soldiers who have passed away in one or other of the city Hospitals during the year. Some day we hope that a complete record may be obtained, inasmuch as those who died of wounds or illness, contracted as a direct result of service, merit equal place and prominence in the Immortal Honor Roll.

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