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Year End Review  - 1921


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



December 31, 1920 Fishery Regulations, so far as Labrador Fishery in all Markets, and Shore fishery in Italian Market, lifted.

Evening Hearld ceases publication.

January 1, 1921 James Terrell, K.C., and Capt. James Adams, of Cable Ship Lord Kelvin, killed in auto crash at Halifax.

Dr. Theobald Von Bethman Holwegg, former German Chancellor, died.

C.L.B. annual concert.

Steamer Santa Isabelle, lost on Spanish Coast, 214 drowned.

January 3, 1921 I.O.O.F. Installation.
January 5, 1921 Lord Mayor O’Callaghan, of Cork, and Peter J McSwiney, arrive at Newport News on S.S. West Canon, as stowaways.

Unemployed in United States number 2,325,000.

Lord Reading accepts vice Royalty in India.

January 6, 1921 M.C.L.I. debating season re opens.

Installation Leeming Lodge L.O.A.

St. Mary’s Guild Sociable.

January 7, 1921 Earthquake in Albania, 600 dead, 15 towns destroyed, and 30,000 homeless.

Lord Milner resigns Secretaryship of the Colonies.

C.C.C. Band Dance.

St. Andrew’s Society Annual Children's Treat.

Installation Colonial Lodge, I.O.O.F.

Installation Davidson Lodge, L.O.B.A.

January 9, 1921 Fire at Connors Drug Store.
January 10, 1921 U.S.A. withdraws from European Council of Ambassadors.
January 12, 1921 French Government of Georges Leagues, defeated on want of confidence vote, 463 to 125.

Memorial Tablet, gift of Sir Michael Cashin, unveiled at St. Bonaventure’s College by Governor Harris.

Cabaret at C.C.C. Hall, in aid of C. of E. Orphanage.

January 14, 1921 Ottawa stricken with Smallpox.
January 16, 1921 Aristide Brland forms new French Ministry.

Star of the Sea Association Jubilee Parade.

January 18, 1921 Dam burst in Mexico, 100 drowned.

Installation Empire Lodge, S.O.E.

January 20, 1921 Brigus Jubilee Club, Silver Anniversary Parade and Ball.

T.A. Juvenile Treat.

January 24, 1921 Thanksgiving Day.

Guard band concert.

Old Homestead performance by B.I.S. Players, at the Casino.

January 25, 1921 Burns Nitch Celebration.

N.B.S. Installation of Officers.

January 26, 1921 Presentation of Imperial Service Medals, at Governor's House.
January 27, 1921 Test of Treaty between Roger Casement, traitor, and Germany, made on December 28, 1914, made public.
January 28, 1921 Libel action taken by Lind and Ceuto against Hon. W.F. Coaker. Damages claimed $100,000.
January 29, 1921 Allies reach agreement on Reparations and Disarmaments.

Avalon Council K of C by Roberts instituted.

Gower Street Quarterly Official Board, adopt resolution supporting Rev. E.W. Frober's attitude with reference to hostility in high quarters towards Prohibition, enforcement.

January 31, 1921 Cunarder Albanian, arrives at New York on her maiden voyage.

Fire at Mount Alison University. Damage to Longley Hall, $35,000.

Dance at Masonic Temple.

Sleeping sickness reported in London.

Venezeulist members refuse oath of allegiance to King Constantine.

February 1, 1921 Conception Bay frozen over.
February 2, 1921 “Prince of Pilsen” at the Casino.

G.W.V.A. dance in the C.C.C. Hall.

C.M.B.C. annual Entertainment.

February 3, 1921 Chancellor of the Exchequer, Austia Chamberlain, notifies withdrawal of Excess Profits Tax.
February 4, 1921 Ulster Unionists elect Sir James Craig as leader.
February 5, 1921 Greek Cabinet resigns.

Funeral of hon. W.B. Grieve, C.B.E., and Mr. John E. Steer.

February 7, 1921 Heaviest storm of the season, N.E. blizzard, drifts from 10 to 15 feet high.

Dominion Government badly defeated at Peterboro, Ont. Montreal Gazette advises appeal to the Country.

Induction of Rev. R.J. Power, M.A., as Pastor of St. Andrew’s Church.

British Foreign Office summons American Press representatives to Whitehall, urging an appeal to both Countries for moderation, in view of strained relations.

February 8, 1921 Germany accepts invitation to attend London Reparations Committee.

Storms continue unabated.

General election in South Africa, involving secession as an issue. Smuts, Loyalist, obtains a majority over all parties of 22.

February 10, 1921 Annual re union of Marine Engineers’ Association.
February 13, 1921 Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill, appointed Secretary of State for the Colonies, and Sir Worthington Evans, as War Secretary.
February 14, 1921 Canadian Dominion Parliament.
February 15, 1921 Re opening of Imperial Parliament.
February 16, 1921 Flume at Petty Harbor, damaged by avalanche. Light and Power put out of business, Newspapers closed down.

King of Sweden calls on Mr. Banting to form a Ministry.

February 17, 1921 Grand Bank Board of Trade, speaking for West Coast, notifies Government of its refusal to recognize Fishery Regulations.
February 18, 1921 Soviet troops occupy Tiflis, Georgia.
February 19, 1921 R.C. Palace, St. John’s, destroyed by fire.

Fish Exporters demand cancellation of Fishery Regulations.

American unofficial representative of U.S.A. on the Allied Reparations Commission, formerly withdraws.

February 20, 1921 Repairs on Petty Harbor flume completed.
February 21, 1921 Daily News published for first time since flume accident, except for an “All-New Sheet” on Saturday.

Heavy storm in New York, Boston, and New England States generally.

February 22, 1921 United States demands equal privileges, but refuses to accept equal responsibilities, in mandated territories.

Carnival at Prince’s Rink.

U.S. provides for standing army of 175,000.

February 23, 1921 Curlers Charity Day, net proceeds, $3,017.91.

Famous Shrine at Loreto, destroyed by fire.

February 24, 1921 Russo-Polish Armistice extended.

Revolt at Petrograd.

February 25, 1921 Panama declares war on Costa Rica.
February 26, 1921 Children's Carnival at Prince’s Rink.
February 28, 1921 Costa Rican Army surrenders in Colon.

Bank of Commerce transfer's business to their new building on Water Street, South.

March 1, 1921 Reparation Conference meets in London. Germans make impossible demands.

Ex-King Ferdinand of Bulgaria, dies in France.

S.S. Roald Jarl, brings 6 railway engines from Philadelphia for Government Railway Commission.

March 2, 1921 Nomination Day, Harbor Main Election.

Champ Clark, Democratic House Leader, U.S.A., dead.

Horse Races at Quidi Vidi.

Concert at Masonic Hall.

March 3, 1921 Lloyd George replies in two hour speech to German delegation in London. Germans given four days to decide.

G.W.V.A. Meets. Announces promise of 10% bonus for disability pensioners. Protest against delay in erection of National Memorial.

Announced that Samuel Harris Ltd., has defied Coaker Regulations, and placed disposal of four cargoes in the hands of the firm’s Agents in Oporto.

Exporters Association proposed by Wholesalers and Retailers.

March 4, 1921 President Harding inaugurated at Washington.
March 5, 1921 U.S. Submarine Chaser fires on Western Union Cable Ship, Robert C Cleary, and arrests crew.
March 7, 1921 German proposal refused by London Conference. Allied troops to occupy German towns.

Schooner Eileen Lake, driven in by ice, creates sensation, having started from Catalina direct to Oporto, without authority of the Advisory Board, but on orders from the Marine and Fishery Department, of which Hon. Mr. Coaker is Minister.

March 8, 1921 French and Belgium troops occupy Duisburg.

Premier Edurdo Dato of Spain, assassinated in Madrid.

British, French and Belgium troops, enter Dusseldorf.

Governor Harris entertains sealing Captains.

Regulations re Portugal Market, raised by Government, in absence of Prime Minister, and against protest of Minister of Fisheries.

March 9, 1921 Petograd reported in the hands of Revolutionaries.

White Ruthenians proclaim independence of Russia.

Lady Harris appoint Lady of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, in England.

March 10, 1921 St. Bon’s College Prize distribution.

“The Upstart” comedy, staged.

March 11, 1921 Trotsky offers 10,000,000 roubles for head of Gen. Koslivsky, who replies with an offer of ten roubles for Trotsky’s head — a study in values.

Allies occupy Oberhausen.

Demonstration in Egypt against Winston Churchill as Colonial Secretary.

March 12, 1921 Polling Day at Harbor Main. Dr. Jones and Capt. Lewis elected. Government defeated.
March 13, 1921 Loggers from Victoria Lake numbering 150, hold up express at Lewisporte, and compel it to proceed forthwith South, instead of picking up main line passengers.
March 15, 1921 Talaat Pasha assassinated in Berlin.

Restrictions on Portuguese markets removed.

British Government purchases Direct Cable Company, for 570,000 Pounds.

Terra Nova wins Hockey tie Cup against Felidans.

March 17, 1921 Andrew Bonar Law, resigns from Cabinet and House Leadership, on grounds of ill Health.

Dr. Alfred Zayara Alfonso, President of Cuba.

“Daughters of Erin” at B.I.S. Hall.

C.C.C. Dance.

St. Joseph’s Concert.

Installation Tasker A.F & A.M.

Cowan Mission Concert.

March 18, 1921 Occupation of Germany extended to within 2 ½ miles of Essen.

General Pershing denounces efforts of foreign propagandists, to weaken friendship between U.S.A. and her former allies.

Russo-Polish treaty signed.

March 20, 1921 Silesia votes for German connection by large majority.
March 21, 1921 Austen Chamberlain elected Leader of the Unionist Party.

Patriotic Association meets and adjourns same day.

Methodist Guards form Old Comrades Association.

March 22, 1921 Chamberlain resigns as Chancellor of the Exchequer.
March 23, 1921 Communist outbreak in Hamburg.
March 24, 1921 Cardinal Gibbons died at Baltimore, 87.

Nolan convicted of manslaughter.

March 26, 1921 Destructive fire at Tokio; 1,000 homes destroyed.

Lt-Col Nagle leaves for Gallipoli.

March 28, 1921 St. John’s first “holdup”. William Miles of Herring Neck robbed of $200 and valuables, at revolver’s point.

C.L.C. Band Easter Concert, in College Hall.

C.C.C. Annual “At home”.

“The Irresistible Marmaduke” at the Casino.

March 29, 1921 John Burroughs, eminent Naturalist, died on a New York Central train.

Ladies’s Auxiliary C.L.B., formed.

Dedication of New Methodist Church at Heart’s Delight by Rev. Dr. Fenwick, assisted by Rev. Dr. Saint.

March 30, 1921 Local Legislature opens.

Ex-Emperor Karl fails in peaceful attempt to regain throne.

Cambridge wins University Boat Race.

Elks Ball.

Severe North East Storm.

March 31, 1921 “Newfoundland War Memorial Unlimited” proposed by Lieut Col Robert G Rendell, C.B.E.

Sir Robert Horne appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Coal Miners strike begins at midnight. State of emergency proclaimed under 1920 Act.

April 4, 1921 St. Patrick’s Institute formed.

First meeting of M.G.R., Old Comrades Association.

April 5, 1921 Law Society Dinner.

Cathedral Women’s Association sale and sociable

Ladies Branch St. Patrick’s institution formed.

April 6, 1921 First night session in Assembly.

C.L.B. Old Comrades “At Home”.

April 7, 1921 Windsor Bread competition at Carbonear.

A.B. Morine, K.C., addresses Llewellyn Club on “The Outlook of Newfoundland.”

April 10, 1921 Body of Veteran Anthony McGrath, of the American Army, brought home for interment at St Patrick’s, lies in state at G.W.V.A. Rooms.

Sir John Crosbie, Lt. Col. Sullivan, and Hon. W.F. Coaker, return from England.

April 11, 1921 United States 67th Congress assembles.
April 12, 1921 President Harding, in opening address, declares against the League of Nations.

Cochrane Street Brotherhood formed.

Elks’ Banquet.

April 13, 1921 Near riot in House of Assembly results in forced adjournment..

Annual Meeting, Bell Island G.W.V.A.

April 14, 1921 Sir Arthur Vicars, Ulster King of Arms, shot dead in Ireland.

M.C.L.I. annual dinner.

April 15, 1921 Railway men and transport workers in Britain, call off threatened strike.
April 16, 1921 Mass meeting of Unemployed at L.S.P.U. Hall. Cancellation of Fishery Regulations, abolition of food Control Board, and removal of the War Measures Act, demanded.
April 17, 1921 Lord’s Day Alliance, urges passing of Lord’s Day Act for Newfoundland.
April 19, 1921 Second meeting of Unemployed in Casino.

Installation Shannon Chapter, A.F. &. A.M.

Orange Grand Bank Chapter and Grand Lodge, assemble at Old Perlican.

Premises of George Powell & Son at Victoria, destroyed by fire.

April 20, 1921 Parade of Unemployed. Delegation appears before the Bar of the House. All demands acceded to.
April 21, 1921 Germany's request for U.S. mediation in Reparation, refused by President Harding.

S.U.F. Grand Lodge sessions in St. John’s closed.

April 23, 1921 Announced Italians Corsorzino to continue. Italian Government forbids fish importations.

St. George’s Society parade.

St. John’s Octette at the College Hall.

April 25, 1921 Disorders in House Assembly. The Speaker leaves the chair.

I.O.O.F 102nd Anniversary Celebration.

April 26, 1921 Funeral of Rev. Canon Smith, at Portugal Cove.

Concert and Sociable at Congregational Church, in aid of Industrial School for Homeless girls.

Felidian Hockey Team Dinner.

April 27, 1921 Address in Reply, passes Assembly after four weeks debate.

The Governor at Bay de Verde.

Concert at Presbyterian Hall.

April 28, 1921 Prime Minister Squires in the Legislature, denounces the Management of the Royal Bank of Canada as “a bunch of shylocks.”

Kirk Men’s Association formed.

Girls Friendly Social Festival.

April 29, 1921 Lord Edmund Talbot, Viscount FitzAlan, succeeds Viscount French as Viceroy of Ireland.
April 30, 1921 Printers strike for 44 hours week as 48 hour rates commences.

Knox Peace Resolution passes United States Senate.

May 1, 1921 L.S.P.U. strike.

Viscount FitzAlan sworn is as Irish Viceroy.

Printers strike in United States and Canada.

May 3, 1921 German Indemnity placed by Supreme Council at 6,750,000,000.
May 4, 1921 Poles run amok in Upper Silesia. British compelled to fire in self-defence.

B.I.S. Annual Billiard Dinner.

Methodist Guards Concert at College Hall.

“Wishing Cap” Operetta at Casino.

Centenary of death of Napoleon the Great.

May 5, 1921 City Clergymen protest against entertainment and card moneys being devoted to the purchase of Beaumont Hamel.

Ultimatum in Germany delivered by allied Supreme Council.

Craig and De Valera meet in Dublin.

Closing session of Llewellyn Club. Farewell of Rev. Dr. Jones, the club founder.

May 7, 1921 Situation in Silesia serious.

Crown Prince Hirohito of Japan, arrives in England.

May 9, 1921 Strike at Grand Falls.

Sweden abolishes capital punishment.

May 10, 1921 Dr. Wirth forms German Cabinet, and the Reichatah yields to the Allies terms, accepting their ultimatum by a vote of 331 to 175.

Motion by Sir Michael Cashin, for a select Committee to investigate fish scandal, rejected by strict party vote 17 to 13.

May 11, 1921 German accapence of Allied terms without reservation or conditions, announced in Commons, by Premier Lloyd George.

Brotherhood Federation organized.

May 12, 1921 D.C.L. Conferred on Rev. Canon Bolt at King’s college, Windsor, N.S.

Motion of address to the Government, re Scandals, introduced by Sir Michael Cashin, Sir John Crosbie exposes the $32,676 Exchanged Cheques” scandal.

May 13, 1921 Unemployed march on Colonial Building, and demand work.

Estimates tabled.

May 14, 1921 George Fowlow. and George Budden, presented with Silver Watches by Governor, on behalf of Netherlands Government, in recognition of their heroic effort in rescuing the surviving members of the crew of the S S Adries Driel, in December, 1919.

Two days magmatic storm does much damage to telegram lines and cables.

May 15, 1921 Rev. Dr. Jones preaches farewell sermon at St. Thomas’
May 16, 1921 Sinn Fein outrages general in English cities.
May 17, 1921 “Officer 666 at Casino.
May 18, 1921 Entente Cordiale threatened over the Silenish trouble.

Scotch Concert at the Methodist College Hall.

Officers’ Mess C.L.B. annual Dinner.

May 19, 1921 Ambassador Harvey, in address at Pilgrim’s Club in London, makes memorable statement as to America's reasons for entering the war, and her rejection of the League of Nations.

Chief Justice Edward Douglas White, U.S. Supreme Court, dead.

May 20, 1921 Fiftieth day of British coal strike.
May 21, 1921 J.P. Morgan & Co., announce a French loss of $100,000,000 at 8 per cent.
May 22, 1921 S.O.E. Annual Parade. Memorial Tablet unveiled by Prime Minister.
May 23, 1921 Severe Electrical storm. Main switch at Petty Harbor blown out.

Body of Pte. Chipman, U.S. War Veteran, arrives by Rosalind. Military funeral to Station, for interment at Spaniard’s Bay.

Trial of Hun War criminals opens at Leipzig.

May 24, 1921 Election day in Ulster.

Empire Day, Holiday, Snow Storm.

Dublin Customs House seized by Sinn Finers.

K of C State Convention opens.

May 25, 1921 Squires budget introduced. Over $2,000,000 additional taxation.

War Memorial Meeting, convened by Deputy Major Morris at Government request, results in attendance of 40.

Demonstration of protest against reduction of relief work wages.

Delegates heard at the bar of the (?)

May 26, 1921 First Hun sentenced at Leipzig Court for war brutality, received 10 months imprisonment.

Demonstration of protest against reduction of relief work wages.

Delegate heard at the bar of (?) Hedge ???

May 27, 1921 Nfld Amature Athletic Association formed.
May 28, 1921 United States Emergency Traffic Bill becomes operative.
May 30, 1921 Capt. Mueller sentenced at Leipzig to 6 months imprisonment, for brutality to British prisoners.

Report of Prohibition Committee tabled.

Supplemental Supply introduced, totaling $1,151,041.88 exclusive of the $500,000 fish transactions.

May 31, 1921 Annual Branch W.S.M Convention at Carbonear.

June 1, 1921 Race riots in Oklahoma. Many killed and wounded.
June 3, 1921 Lord Byng of Vimy appointed Viceroy of Canada.

Ricahrd A Squires, Knighted; H.W. LeMesserier C.M.G. and D.M. Baird, enrolled as Hon Associates of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem

June 4, 1921 Canadian Parliament prorogued.

Disastrous flood Colorado.

June 5, 1921 Rt. Hon. Will Crooks, Labor Leader, died, 69.
June 6, 1921 First game of League Baseball series.
June 7, 1921 Ulster Parliament opened.

Canadian Presbyterian Assembly approves Church Union, 416 to 111.

Chinese Government first to accept League of Nations Disarmament reconditions.

June 9, 1921 Britain occupies Rosenberg and Poles evacuate town.

War Memorial meeting in Board of Trade Rooms, in response to call of P.E. Outerbridge.

Saskatchewan election returns Liberals by 43 to 17.

June 12, 1921 Memorial Tablets unveiled at the Kirk, by Governor Harris. Address by Capt. (Rev. Dr.) H.A. Kent.
June 13, 1921 Premier Squires introduces the Sales-Sur-Super-Tax resolutions.
June 15, 1921 F. Archibald, M.H.A. for Harbor Grace, withdraws support from the Squire’s Government, and takes an independent seat.

St. Bon’s Annual Sports

June 17, 1921 At demand of Sir Michael Cashin that the Government place a definite Railway policy before the House, adjournment is taken for 5 days, to formulate a scheme.

Coal Miners ballot results in strike continuance.

June 19, 1921 Sir Roger Twysden arrives by S.S. Sachem.
June 20, 1921 Conference of Premiers opens at No. 10 Downing Street.

President Harding’s Association of Nations proposal outlined.

Miss Marjorie Hutching’s Recital at College Hall.

June 21, 1921 F. Archibald, M.H.A., strongly endorsed by his constituents in Harbor Grace.
June 22, 1921 Ulster Parliament opened by King George, Queen Mary also present. King’s appeal for peace.

Methodist Conference assembles, Rev. Dr. Fenwick re elected President, the first case of a second consecutive term in the Conference records.

Baseball season opens.

June 24, 1921 Avalon Lodge, A.F. & A.M. installation.
June 25, 1921 Premier Lloyd George invites Sir James Craig and De Valera to a conference in London, if U.S. demands release of American prisoners in Russia.
June 27, 1921 A.E. Reid & Company’s plant at Bishop’s Falls, partially destroyed by fire.

Mount Cashel Garden Party.

Broad Cove Regatta.

Severe thunder and lighting storm. House on Battery Road struck. Considerable damage done.

C of E School Picnic.

Wesley Bible Class Outing at Donovan’s.

Installation Carbonear Lodge A.F. & A.M.

June 28, 1921 Bell Island Agreement passes the Assembly.

Doors of British Embassy closed at Washington against Lord Northcliff.

June 29, 1921 Sir Edgar Bowring’s gift of Waterford Hall, as a Training and Employment School for the Blind, announced.

The Northcliffe interview scandal. King George repudiates statements as fabrication. Nothcliffe disclaims interview.

June 30, 1921 Wickham Steed, traveling companion of Lord Northcliffe, and Editor of the London Times, admits responsibility for the alleged Nortrhcliffe interview.

The Imperial Service Medal presented by the Governor to John Trapnell, J.P., Harbor Grace.

Passport Regulations raised for Newfoundland by U.S. Government.

August 1, 1921 Plymouth Rock re dedicated on this, the 301st anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers.
August 2, 1921 Enrico Caruso, the Master Singer, died at Naples
August 3, 1921 Regatta Day postponed owing to high winds.

Annual Regatta Dance.

August 4, 1921 Regatta held. Cold day but successful, and enthusiastic gathering.

Dail Eireann summoned.

August 5, 1921 Capt Campbell, M.C.S Concert in College Hall.
August 6, 1921 Salvation Army Congress opens.

Disastrous forest fires in Maritime Provinces.

Newfoundland share of the illusory reparation payments, two fifths of one per cent.

Grand Falls strike ends.

August 7, 1921 War Memorial unveiled at Arnold’s Cove, T.B.

C of E Flower Sunday.

Manuel’s Garden Party.

Major Gallahe, S.A., lectured at St. Andrew’s Church.

August 8, 1921 Supreme Counsil meets in Paris.

Annual Reunion of the Sergeants’ Mess, at Donovan’s.

August 9, 1921 First of a series of “Iron Splittes” demonstration at Job’s premises, South Side.
August 10, 1921 Baron Byng reaches Quebec.
August 11, 1921 Lord Byrn of Vimy, sworn in at Quebec as Governor General.

King of the Hedja’s, threatens a Holy War.

Legislature adjourns by agreement with the opposition, until December 12th., and subject to express conditions.

August 13, 1921 Charles P Miller, Editor of the New York Times, visits St. John’s.

Cooperage of Williams Dawe & Sons, Bay Roberts, destroyed by fire.

August 14, 1921 Rev. Ives Stocker and wife, of China, visits the Island, and addresses C of E congregation.

Correspondence between De Valera and Lloyd George, concerning peace proposals, made public.

August 15, 1921 British Government control of Railway ends.
August 16, 1921 Death of King Peter of Yugoahiva, formerly Serbia, aged 77.

Dail Eireann assembles.............

Bell Island Regatta.

Glovertown destroyed by fire.

August 17, 1921 De Valera refuses British proposals.

B.I.S. Annual Outing.

Methodist Guards Sports.

N.B.S. Garden Party.

St. Michael’s Garden Party.

August 18, 1921 C.H.E. list published. Jubilee Scholarship won by Miss Olive Mews.

History of the Woman’s Franchise Bill, told by representatives of the movement.

Joseph Goldstein acquitted of arson charge, by Magistrate Avery of Burin.

August 19, 1921 City Commission grants Parade Grounds to Amateur Athletic Association.

British Commons adjourns till October 18th.

August 20, 1921 Commissioner Mullaly resigns.

Fire at J Burnstein’s.

Twillingate Sun changes hands. Editor Temple leaves for Toronto.

August 21, 1921 Prime Minister leaves for Washington.
August 22, 1921 Rev. Ernest C Earp, B.A.C.F., elected Rector of St. Thomas Parish.
August 23, 1921 Prince Emir Festal crowned King of the Irak Region.

Population of Great Britain increased by nearly 2,000,000, despite heavy war losses.

August 24, 1921 Dirigible ZR-2, formerly R-38, collapses over Hull, Yorkshire. 44 out of 49 killed.

Death of Sir Sam Hughes, 69.

Championship Sports.

Capt. Campbell’s “Child Welfare” Recial.

August 25, 1921 Peace Treaty between United States and Germany, signed.
August 26, 1921 Mathias Erzberger, former Vice President of Germany, assassinated.
August 27, 1921 Diamond Jubilee of Rev. Dr. Cowperthwaite.

Final settlement of L.S.P.U. threatened strike.

Railway General Manager Morgan, arrives.

First cricket match for the year.

August 28, 1921 Holyrood and Torbay Garden party.

Foundation stone of St Kyran’s Parish Church, laid by Rev. Father Fyme.

August 29, 1921 Hon Lionel H Clarke, Lieut-Governor of Ontario, dead.

City Football at Grand Falls.

Peace Treaty between Hungary and the United States, signed at Budapest.

Newfoundland Postal Association formed.

August 30, 1921 Regatta Committee 1921, holds final meeting.
August 31, 1921 Nova Scotia celebrates Tercentenary of Charter at Annapolis Royal.

Military, quells Belfast rioting.

Mrs Martin, sister of Commander Grieve Hawker’s partner in the trans-Atlantic Air flight, with her two children, visits St. John’s.

September 1, 1921 Sinn Fein accepts invitation to London Conference.

Sir John Crosbie seriously ill, leaves for Montreal.

September 2, 1921 Manager Holmes of the Seaman’s Institute, arrived.
September 3, 1921 Manager Jones of the Seamen’s Institute, leaves with his family for Australia.
September 4, 1921 Rev. Edwin Nicholls succeeds Rev. Canon Feild as Rector of St. Michael’s.
September 6, 1921 Parker and Monroe’s Annual Outing.
September 7, 1921 Annapolis Royal, N.S., partly destroyed by fire.

Vardy’s premises, Hickman’s Harbor, destroyed by fire.

September 8, 1921 Tropical storm of great violence in West Indies and Central America.
September 9, 1921 Express held up at Badger by returning laborers, for five hours.

Unveiling and dedication of Monument to Trinity heroes.

September 10, 1921 “Fatty” Arbuckle charged with murder.
September 11, 1921 Death of Admiral Mount Batten, Marquis of Milford Haven, 67.
September 12, 1921 Sir Richard Squires at Washington, meets Senate Finance Committee, and interviews Secretary Hughes.

Methodist Ecumenical Conference in London, declares international disarmament a necessity.

Explosion at Imperial Oil Plant rocks Halifax.

Newfoundland Railway Company resigns after a fortnight’s experience.

September 13, 1921 Methodist Ecumenical conference, by practically unanimous vote, commends work of the League of Nations.
September 14, 1921 International Court of Justice constituted, by appointment, through League of Nations, of eleven Judges.

De Valera’s reply to Lloyd George is a virtual demand for secession. Proposed meeting at Inverness called off.

September 17, 1921 Premier Lloyd George issues ultimatum as to secession.

Sir Ernest Shackleton's two year Antarctic expedition by the “Quest”, leaves.

September 20, 1921 Normal School opened.
September 21, 1921 Premier Meighen’s Cabinet reorganized. Nine new members.

Chemical Works at Oppau, Germany, blown up - 1000 killed and 3000 wounded.

Consecration of Heart’s Content Lodge, A.F. &. A.M., and installation of W.M. and Officers.

September 22, 1921 B.I.S. win football Championship against Star, by 2 goals to nil.
September 24, 1921 Wanderers sports at Halifax.

Bell wins 5 mile race. Phelan, Butler, and Skirving, meet success. Newfoundland A.A.A. takes 2nd place on points.

September 27, 1921 Premier Meighen opens election campaign at Portage la Prairie.

Fortune Memorial unveiled by Dr. MacDonald S.M.

W.M.S. District Convention opens at Grand Bank.

September 29, 1921 Silver Wedding of Rev. A and Mrs Shorter, Harbor Buffett.
September 30, 1921 De Valera accepts for Sinn Fein, Prime Minister’s invitation to London Conference.

Burgenland, West Hungary, declares its independence.

“The Enchanted Garden” by Mrs. Cleary’s pupils, at the Casino.

October 3, 1921 Death of ex-King William of Wurtemburg.

W.J. Herder, Proprietor of the Evening Telegram, offers cup and prizes for local Marathon.

Cecil J F Parsons, chosen as 1921 Rhodes Scholar. (Since signed for current year)

N.A.A.A. demonstration at Donovan’s on return of athletes from Halifax.

October 4, 1921 Canadian Parliament dissolved.

Premier Melghen issues Manifesto.

Fifteen locals out of 20, withdraw from International Longshoremen’s Union.

Woman suicides from S.S. Portia in Fortune Bay.

Blue Puttee Re-union at Donovan’s.

October 5, 1921 Old Feilidan’s re union at Donovan’s.
October 6, 1921 Motor Association Annual Dinner.

Golden Jubilee of Capt. and Mrs Thomas Rumsey.

October 10, 1921 J. A. Young succeeds G.G. Glennie as Manager of the Bank of Nova Scotia, St. John’s.
October 11, 1921 Irish Settlement Conference opens in London.

Speaking at Canterbury, Field Marshal Earl Haig, declares cavalry an essential arm of the service and cites the action around Amiens in March 1918, as proof.

Hon. J.P. Hand, Bermuda, presents Scholarship at St. Patrick’s Hall.

October 12, 1921 Death of Senator Knox.

Bishop Spencer College “At Home”.

K of C Memorial School presented to Archbishop Roche.

October 13, 1921 Gloucester schooner, Elsie Marty Welch, wins U.S.A. Fishermen’s Elimination races.
October 14, 1921 Rev. Ernest C Earp, B.A., Rector of St. Thomas, arrives.
October 15, 1921 Lunenburg schooner Bluenose, Angus Walters, wins Canadian Elimination races.

J Bell of St. John’s, takes second place in Halifax Herald Marathon. Time, 58 minutes, 55 ½ seconds.

October 16, 1921 Bishop of Newfoundland inducts Rev. E.C. Earp.

Gower Street Jubilee Service. Rev. Car Garland, Preacher.

Rev. Bro. J.E. Ryan appointed President of St. Bonaventure’s College.

October 17, 1921 Rev. Carl Garland lectures in College Hall.

Gladys Klark Company opens at Casino.

October 18, 1921 Train wreck at Bowring Park, engine and four freight cars overturn. No injuries.

Ex King Ludwig of Bavaria, dead, 76.

October 19, 1921 Lloyd George states, unemployment situation in Great Britain, the worst since Napoleonic War.

Ayre Athletic Grounds formally presented to the Methodist College. Full sports program.

Revolution in Portugal. Three Ministers assassinated.

De Valera sends message to Pope Benedic, reflecting on King George.

Spence Club Vegetable Sale.

October 20, 1921 League of Nations Festival at S.A. Citadel.

Girls Industrial Home Meeting in Grenfell Hall.

October 21, 1921 Ex King Charles of Hungary arrives in Burgenland. Regent Horthy leads the Army against him..

Capt. Edward English Jr., presented by the Government with Silver Cup, in recognition of his service, when S.S. Ethie was stranded in 1919.

October 23, 1921 M Demitroff, Bulgarian Minister of War, assassinated.

Gower Street Silver Jubilee Week closes.

October 24, 1921 Ex Emperor Carl and ex Empress Zita, captured near Komorn, West Hungary, and imprisoned.

Canadian Bluenose wins International Fishermen’s Race against U.S. Elsie.

Demonstration in honour of Athletic Bell.

October 25, 1921 Wilfred Wood, Art Exhibition at Empire Hall.

20th Annual Convention St. John’s District W.M.S., opens at Cochrane Street Church.

October 26, 1921 Chancellor Wirth forms new Cabinet.
October 27, 1921 “Big Five” call off Railways “Walk Out” order.
October 28, 1921 First big storm of season — a “hum-dinger”. Wires out of commission. Big washout on railway.
October 29, 1921 New York acclaims Marshall Foch on his arrival from France.

Italy’s Unknown Soldier, laid to rest in the Cathedral of Aquileia.

Soviet Russia makes conditional offer, to assume Imperial Russia’s debts.

Annual Tasker celebration.

October 30, 1921 Outer Cove new Church, dedicated by Archbishop Roche.

Methodist Churches protest against failure to enforce Prohibition Act.

October 31, 1921 Unionists vote to censure on Lloyd George Irish Policy, defeated 439 to 43.

Anglican Churches at Hermitage and Little Bay East, also R.C. Church at Miller’s Passage, wrecked in North East gale.

November 1, 1921 Mr. Morgan assumes Chairmanship of Railway Management Board.
November 3, 1921 Train service resumed, damages by great storm being temporarily repaired.

Dollar Wheat once more.

November 4, 1921 Premier Takashi Haru of Japan assassinated.
November 6, 1921 Knights of Columbus Installation at Grand Falls.
November 7, 1921 Hungarian National Assembly dethrones King Charles, and ousts the Hapsburg Dynasty.

Uchida becomes Premier of Japan.

King Alexander assumes throne of Jugo Slavia.

Funeral of U.S. Veteran J.T. Kennedy of Harbor Grace, from S.S. Rosalind to Station.

Ricketts V.C. Memorial School at Seal Cove, White Bay, opened, and Tablet unveiled by Dr. W.W. Blackall, M.B.E.

November 8, 1921 Ulster Cabinet summoned to London, to confer with Sir James Craig.

Fondney Emergency Traiff extended, 'till replaced by permanent one.

Franco - Turkish (Nationalist) Treaty ratified.

Mayor Hylan re elected in New York by large plurality.

U.S. Austrain Treaty becomes effective.

Gower Street Boy Scouts Anniversary Banquet.

November 9, 1921 Meeting of Grenfell Association at Government House

B.I.S. Football dinner.

Cochrane Street Church Sale of Work.

November 10, 1921 Imperial Parliament prorogued.

C.E.I. Memorial unveiled by Rev. Canon Bolt, D.C.L.

St. Bon’s wins inter-college Football Championship.

November 11, 1921 Armistice and “Poppy” Day.

G.W.V.A. Dance in C.C.C. Hall.

Official Ceremony at Sergeant’s Memorial.

Government under pressure, again promises to fulfil the promises made in the Prime Minister's Manifesto to the War Veterans.

Presentation from Grand Falls Veterans, to Manager Scott, in Parish Hall.

November 12, 1921 International Disarmament Conference opens at Washington.

Secretary Hughes represents his Naval proposals, which include a 10 year Naval holiday and a 5-5-3 ratio.

November 13, 1921 Memorial Tablet to O.L.B.J Co. Cadets, unveiled at St. Boniface Church, Bell Island, by Rev. J. Stead.

C.L.B. Brigade Week commences. Mammoth parade to St. Mary’s.

Memorial Tablet in Carbonear Methodist Church, unveiled by Rev. Dr. Fenwick, President of the Methodist Conference.

November 15, 1921 Bell Island Poultry Exhibition.

R.C. Presbytery at Marystown, destroyed by fire.

November 16, 1921 Columbus L.A. Sale of Work.
November 17, 1921 Unionists at Liverpool, in caucus, vote confidence in Lloyd George’s Irish Policy.
November 18, 1921 Construction of 4 Super-Hood battleships, suspended.
November 19, 1921 Negotiations towards Egyptian independence, collapse.

Young Man, Townshend, of St. John N.B., reported missing since Thursday.

November 20, 1921 Belvedere, Ladies Association formed.
November 21, 1921 Premier Briand demands security for France, as essential preliminary to disarmament.
November 22, 1921 Betrothal of Princess Mary to Viscount Lascelles, officially announced.

Nomination Day in Canada.

Dominion Sports at Prince’s Rink.

Golden wedding of Mr and Mrs Jebez Legrow, Broad Cove, B.D.V.

November 23, 1921 Government and Sinn Fein Conference, resumed.

Congregational Church Sale of Work.

Wesley Tea and Sale.

Dunfield Club Jumble Sale.

St. John’s Rotary Club organized.

November 24, 1921 Lord Curzon warns France of the folly of isolated action.
November 25, 1921 Wireless message sent direct from Carnarvon to Australia.

Crown Prince Hirohito appointed Regent of Japan.

After three days irregularity due to ice accumulation, Electric Plant resumes full duty.

November 27, 1921 Christian Brothers collection exceeds $8,000.

Long distance telephone opened. News publishes first items, reported by new service from Harbor Grace and Brigus.

November 28, 1921 Beacon Dubbs” at the Casino.
November 29, 1921 Four days’ storm in New England States; 40 towns near Boston have electric light and power cut off.
November 30, 1921 Poultry exhibition

L.C.A.S. sale opened.

Installation Lodge St. Andrew’s A.F. &. A.M. 

December 1, 1921 Miss Daisy Stirling, V A.D., presented with the Royal Red Cross at Government House.
December 2, 1921 F.P.U. Convention opens at Port Union.
December 4, 1921 Corner stone of the Convent School of St. Patrick’s, laid by Archbishop Roche.

War Memorial Service at Cochrane Street Centennial Church. Rev. Dr. Bond, Preacher. H.E. the Governor, unveils table. Rev. Capt Clayton takes part.

December 5, 1921 Severe rain and wind storm. Electric lights suffer.

Rev. Dr. Bond lectures on his Pilgrimage through France and Flanders, in the College Hall. The latter half delivered in total darkness, owing to lights cut off by storm.

Municipal Election Nomination Day, two candidates for Mayor and 25 for Councillors.

December 6, 1921 Irish agreement reached in the small hours of the morning. Canadian election results in. sweeping defeat of Meighen Government. Progressive in second place.
December 7, 1921 Masonic Dance at the Temple.
December 8, 1921 Sinn Fein Cabinet splits over agreement; De Valera leading the Extremists.
December 9, 1921 Death of Sir Arthur Parsons.
December 10, 1921 President Reid, Director Powell, Conroy, Minister of Justice, and Mrs. Warren, return from prolonged visit to England.

Washington Conference announces the four (afterwards Five) Great Power agreement on Pacific questions.

Major Cotton and Capt. Sidney Bennett air flight Botwood to Halifax, commenced at 10.40 a.m. Machine descends at Deer Lake, 2 hours later. 70 miles distance from starting point. Engine trouble. Major Cotton injured.

December 11, 1921 Memorial Service at Harbor Grace Presbyterian Church. Tablet unveiled by Mr. Dugald Munn.

War Memorial dedicated at the Church of St. Mary’s the Virgin, unveiled by H.E. The Governor.

December 12, 1921 Constitutional Government defied. Legislature resumes sessions and is preremptorily prorogued within an hour.

Death of the Earl of Halsbury.

December 13, 1921 St. Andrew’s Y.L.G. sale of Work.

Presentation Convent Sale of Work.

December 14, 1921 Irish Treaty introduced into the House of commons by Dail Eireann.

Municipal Election. Out of 9000 registered, less than 8600 vote. Hontasker Cook elected Mayor, 2052 against 1476 for ex Mayor Eireann.

Sale of Work by disabled Sailors and Solders in the Presbyterian Hall.

Robert Haab elected President of the Swiss Republic.

British Parliament ratifies Irish Treaty by 401 to 47, in the Lords.

December 19, 1921 Another Revolution in Portugal.

British Parliament prorogued.

December 20, 1921 Bishop Field College speech day.
December 21, 1921 Methodist College Prize Giving.

Bishop Spence College Prize giving.

Hockey League Annual Meeting.

December 22, 1921 After a week of waiting, Municipal Count ends and poll is declared. Messrs Martin, Outerbridge, Vinicombe, Collier, Ryan, and Dowden, elected. Mr. Brophy comes seventh, with two votes behind.

Presbyterian College Prize giving.

December 23, 1921 Eugene Debs, Socialist Presidential Candidate, released by President Harding, and sentence commuted.
December 24, 1921 Midnight Mass at R.C. Cathedral.

Carol service at the Kirk.

Premises of Elisa Basha and Edwin Newton, Bell Island, destroyed by fire.

December 25, 1921 Prince of Wales in Calcutta.
December 26, 1921 Prince’s Rink opens for the season.

Concert at S.A. Citadel.

December 27, 1921 Installation St. John’s Lodge A.F. & A.M.
December 28, 1921 Hostility of France compels Washington Conference to drop Submarine Limitation proposal.

Poor Asylum Mission Annual Treat.

“Smoker” at Masonic Temple.

December 29, 1921 McKenzie King Government sworn in at Ottawa.

Royal Bank of Canada removes to new building, adjoining Bank of Montreal.

Councillor Outerbridge entertains Campaign Committee.

Y.P.S. of St. Andrew’s Christmas Treat to 250 needy children of the city.

Retiring Municipal Council holds final meeting.

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