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Year End Review  - 1922


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



December 29, 1921 Electricians’s Masquerade Ball at Grand Falls.

Gloucester Fishermen on strike.

December 30, 1921 Heavy glitter storm. City in darkness and power cut off.

Express off the tracks at Rapid Pond, 11 miles East of Humbermouth, struck by an avalanche.

December 31, 1921 Storm continues to interfere with light and power. Daily News not published till 3 p.m.

Sir Robert Bond, in Daily News End-of-Year Edition, urges Newfoundland to commence ‘Stock-Taking”.

January 1, 1922 Nikolaf Lenine re-elected head of the Russian Soviet Government.
January 2, 1922  “Quaker Girl” opens successful run at the Casino.

Week of Prayer commences.

January 3, 1922 Dail Eireann re assembles.

Planoforte Recital, Convent of Mercy.

January 4, 1922 De Valera issues counter proposal to Irish Treaty.

A.E. Hickman elected President of the Board of Trade.

January 5, 1922 Disarmament Conference prohibits use of submarines as commerce destroyers,

Installation Leeming Lodge, L.O.A.

M.C.L.I. 55th annual session opens.

New Municipal Council holds first meeting.

Installation Davidson Lodge, L.O.B.A.

Sir Ernest Shackleton died suddenly, aboard his exploration ship, the “Quest”.

January 6, 1922 De Valera resigns presidency of the “Irish Republic”.

Residence and store of A.J. Stacey, The Beach, Duckworth Street East, destroyed by fire.

January 7, 1922 Dall Eireann ratifies Treaty, by 64 to 57.
January 8, 1922 Star of the Sea Parade.
January 9, 1922 L.S.P.U. Hall, formerly Temperance Hall, totally destroyed by fire.

De Valera defeated for the Presidency of Sail Eireann by 60 to 58.

“Blundering Billy” at St. Joseph’s Hall.

Installation Atlantic Lodge I.O.O.F.

Installation Rose of Sharon R.B.P., L.O.A.

First Carnival for season at Princes rink.

Election of Benchers of Law society.

Star moving picture, Palace, opened.

January 10, 1922 Arthur Griffith elected President of Dail Eireann. New Cabinet appointed.

Prime Minister Squires at Washington.

Cabman, Judge’s House on Pennywell Road, destroyed by fire.

January 11, 1922 Prime Minister at Ottawa.

Airplane D.H. 9, from Deer Lake to Botwood, breaks down at Badger.

Royal Humane Society Testimonial to Messrs Lawrence Hickey and John Daley, presented at Government House.

January 12, 1922 Premier Briand of France, resigns. Former President Poincare called to form a Ministry.

Last night of the “Quaker Girl”

January 13, 1922 Reparations Committee grants temporary Moratorium to Germany.
January 14, 1922 Provisional Free State Cabinet, formed by Michael Collins.

Cotton-Bennett flight from Botwood to St. John’s, accomplished in 2 hours 10 mins.

January 15, 1922 Poincare Ministry formed.
January 16, 1922 Allied Council of Ambassadors orders Bulgaria to disarm within a month.

Dublin Castle turned over to Provisional Government which assumes full control.

Billiard Tournament, City vs Masonic Club, opens at the Masonic Temple.

January 17, 1922 Meeting of Bell Island for the year.

Trains held up.

Treat for 250 poor children by Daughters of the Empire.

January 19, 1922 Annual treat Juvenile T. A. and B Society.
January 21, 1922 First half of Billiard Tournament, terminates with Masonic Club leading City Club by 999 points.
January 22, 1922 Death of His Holiness, Pope Benedict XV.

Viscount Bryce, O.M. dies at Sidmouth, 84.

City reporters make Aeroplane flight with Major Cotton.

January 23, 1922 Michael Collins and Sir James Craig meet.

British Society Installation.

Rioting at New Aberdeen.

Thanksgiving Day

Unveiling and dedication of St. Thomas’s War memorial, the Lord Bishop preaching.

January 24, 1922 Sinn Fein’s boycott of Ulster called off.

Masonic Club Dance and Supper.

January 25, 1922 Prolonged blizzard ties up trains and traffic generally.

Burn’s Nicht Celebration.

League Hockey Fixtures, opening game.

January 26, 1922 Funeral of Pope Benedict XV. Interned in the Basilica of St Peter’s.

Arthur Meighenm, former Premier of Canada, returned from Grenville, Ont.

January 28, 1922 Roof of a Washington Theatre collapses under weight of snow, 107 killed and 133 injured.
January 31, 1922 Dr. William Rathenau succeeds Dr. Joseph Wirth, as German Foreign Minister.

Annual dinner Kilbride Amuse.

February 1, 1922 Bell Island Mines re open by agreement. Export tax waived on all ore for relief purposes.

Harbor closed to shipping through ice.

Field Marshal Yamagate of Japan dies.

Cotton and Bennett carry Newspaper mail to Bell Island, drop it, and returned to Quidi Vidi hanger in 20 minutes. Bell Island, ice bound.

Methodist Guards Comrades Association Banquet, in College Hall.

February 2, 1922 C.E. Society Concert in Presbyterian Hall.

Commercial Travelers Annual Reunion.

“Hick’ry Farm” at Holy Cross Schools.

February 3, 1922 Split between Premier Craig and Michael Collins, over Ulster Boundary question.

War Memorial executive meets.

Lt. Col. Nangle undertakes intensive campaign.

Death of General Christian De Wet.

February 4, 1922 Second half of City-Masonic tournament closes. Masonic Club victorious by 1640 points.
February 5, 1922 Fire on Water Street. Cabot Building destroyed and four other buildings badly damaged. Loss about $100,000.
February 6, 1922 Cardinal Achille Ratti, Archbishop of Milan, elected Pope. Succeeds Pope Pius XI.

Sir Robert Bond in Daily News, appeals to the Government to pause, before striking a fatal blow at the independence and autonomy of the Country, by approving the Humber Valley guarantee.

Miss Theresa Power’s Piano and Violin Recital, in the Methodist College Hall.

Work of the Disarmament Conference concluded, — “One of the greatest achievements ever registered in the history of the world” says David Lloyd George.

February 7, 1922 Last season of Imperial Parliament opens.

Plant and premises of the Botwood Meat and Produce Company, destroyed by fire, loss $14,000.

Carnival at Parade Rink. 

February 8, 1922 Imperial Service Medal conferred on former Health Inspector O’Brien, at Government House.
February 9, 1922 Kidnaping operations, by revolutionaries in Ulster, create serious situation.

St. John’s Octette at the College Hall.

February 10, 1922 Major Cotton and mechanic, take Manager Blackstead to Angle Brook as passenger. Round trip occupies 3 1/4 hours, 1 3/4 going, ½ waiting, and 1 returning. Time from Carbonear to city, 10 minutes.
February 11, 1922 Residence of Mr. Ambrose Hearn, Bay Bulls, destroyed by fire.

Presentation of Silver Tea-service and Salver, lined with Gold, to H.W.W. Le Messurier, C.M.G., on attaining the Golden Jubilee of his marriage.

February 14, 1922 Championship Sports at Prince’s Rink.

“Billetted” at the Casino.

St. Valentine’s Dance at Masonic Club.

February 15, 1922 Curlers Memorial day.

Social and concert at George Street Church.

Memorial flight by Major Cotton, Capt. Bennett, and Padre Nangle.

Head constable P.J. O’Neil succeeds Supt. Grimes, retired as Superintendent of Police.

February 16, 1922 City Club dinner to Masonic Club Billiard victory. Inter club Smoker follows.
February 17, 1922 Irish Free State Establishment Act passed its second reading, by 302 to 60.

Ministerial protest against Sunday concerts, dances, and lotteries, for War Memorial.

Bonavista railway branch closed.

February 19, 1922 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Richards, claiming to be engaged on an 8 year “hike” to cover 108,000 miles, arrive on S.S Kyle.

War Memorial Sacred concert at Casino.

Fire on Freshwater Road. Two houses destroyed.

Archbishop Roche launches Palace Rebuilding plan.

February 20, 1922 Revolution in Portugal.

Padre Nanagle lectures to service men on the “Eastern trail of the Caribou” (Gallipoli.)

February 21, 1922 Ard Fheis — National Sinn Fein convention meets at Dublin.

U.S. Army airship Roma, 410 feet long, falls in flames at the Hampton Roads, 34 killed.

February 22, 1922  22 Memorial tablet unveiled at Harvey & Co.’s premises, by Padres, Nangle and Clayton.

Ard Fheis adjourns for three months.

Prize day at St. Bon’s.

“Richlieu” at the Casino.

February 23, 1922 Sir Eric Gedds resigns from the House of Commons.

Highlanders Dance.

St. Bon’s wins the inter college hockey Championship of 1922.

Mails conveyed to Conception Bay by aeroplane. Major Cotton takes passengers to and from Bay Roberts and Harbor Grace. Mail landed at Clark’s Beach. Round trip occupies 90 minutes.

February 25, 1922 Prince of Wales meets enthusiastic reception at Lahore, despite “harta” declared by Ghandists.
February 26, 1922 Major Cotton leaves Quidi vidi at 10.30 a.m. arriving at Botwood at 1 p.m.

Fire at Smyth building.

February 27, 1922 George Nicholas arrested at Tuscaloosa, Florida, charged with the murder of Peter Mooney of Roma, 48 years previously.

Parade Rink Carnival.

February 28, 1922 Marriage of Viscount Lascelles and Princess Mary, in Westminister Abbey.

W.G. Gosling in letter to the Daily News calls for a revision to the 1915-1916 tariff.

British Protectorate over Egypt terminates.

Verdict in Road de Luxe case rendered.

Musicale at St. Joseph’s Hall.

Shove Tuesday Tea and concert at Llewellyn Club.

Fancy Dress Carnival at Princes Rink.

March 2, 1922 Committee of Privileges of House of Lords, admits Lady Rhondda’s claim to site, as a Peeress in her own right. Claim subsequently disallowed.

Championship House Sprts.

March 3, 1922 Inter-denominational Day of Prayer for Missions.

King George bestows Order of The Garter on A.J. Balfour, in recognition of the Disarmament conference.

Major Cotton delivers air mail at St. Anthony, and newspapers at Battle Harbor. Time from Botwood to St. Anthony, 2 ½ hours, St Anthony to Battle Harbor, 1 3/4 hours.

Montreal City Hall destroyed by fire. Loss about $8,000,000.

March 5, 1922 R.C. Palace Rebuilding Fund collection, exceeds $18,000.
March 8, 1922 Informal opening of Canadian Parliament. Meighen leads opposition.

Irish Free State Bill passes third Reading in the Commons by 295 to 62.

S.S. Viking, Capt Bartlett, first of the small fleet to sail, leaves at 7 a.m. S.S. Ranger, Capt. W.B. Kean, sails North at 4 p.m.

Former Head Constable Dawe, presented with Imperial Service Medal at Government House.

March 9, 1922 Secretary for India, E.S. Montagu, resigns at request, due to publication by him of an important despatch, without consultation with his colleagues.

Initial meeting for re organization of Highlanders Brigade.

Governor General Bying formally opens the first session of the recently elected Canadian Parliament.

Rev. R.E. Fairbarin lectures on Esperanto, before M.C.L.I.

March 11, 1922 Miners strike in South Africa assumes revolutionary form. Bombs dropped by airmen in rebel centres.

Engineering lockout in Britain becomes effective.

March 12, 1922 The troops of General Smuts capture 1,500 revolutionaries at Sophia town, and Brixton Ridge.

Major Cotton and Mechanic, fly to Cartwright, Labrador. Returns in 7 hours to St. John’s, including an hour’s stop each, at St. Anthony and Botwood.

March 13, 1922 Farewell dinner to Capt. Hayes, of S.S. Sachem, at Woods' West End Restaurant.

Installation of Albert Edward Branch N.B.S.

March 14, 1922 Newfoundland Legislature opened.
March 15, 1922 U.S. Challenger, schooner Puritan, launched at Essex, Mass., subsequently lost on Sable Island.

Eamonn de Valers launches Republican Association at Dublin.

Brigus vs City hockey at Princes Rink.

March 17, 1922 St. Patrick’s Day. B.I.S. annual parade.

Installation Tasker Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Cowan Mission Entertainment.

“My Irish Rose” at B.I.S. Hall.

General Felix Diaz assassinated in Mexico.

March 18, 1922 Ghandi, Indian Non Co Operationist Leader, sentenced to 6 years imprisonment without hard labor.
March 19, 1922 Oakley’s store and premises at Port Blandford, destroyed by fire.
March 20, 1922 Airplane Westland, Butler and Bennett, reported missing between Exploits and Botwood.
March 21, 1922 Missing airplane located at Charles Brook where landing was safe, due to oil pressure failing.

Fire at Grand Falls. Four houses destroyed.

March 22, 1922 Allies grant Germany conditional Moratorium.

C.C.C. Armory War Memorial unveiled by Lance Corporal Longworth, youngest N.C.O. in Corps.

March 23, 1922 Mrs. Kate E Trounson, Secretary of the International Woman’s Suffrage Alliance, addresses crowded gathering in the Methodist College Hall. Mrs. Gosling presiding.
March 24, 1922 U.S. Senate ratifies the Four Powers.
March 26, 1922 Major Cotton makes final ice survey, and returns to city, after covering 300 miles in 3 hours.

Annual meeting of the Bible Society, addressed by Rev. E.C. Earp, and Rev. C.H. Johnson.

March 27, 1922 Irish Free State Bill passes final reading in the House of Lords.

P.G. Black Chapter, L.O.A., opens in Victoria Hall.

March 28, 1922 Schooner F.P.U. reaches Port Union with full load, 1,500 seals.

Provincial Grand Lodge, L.O.A. opens in Victoria Hall.

S.S. Sagona arrives at Bay de Verde with crew of wrecked Diana, a demand of $25 apiece for service rendered Diana, refused, the ship ordered to Harbor Grace to discharge.

March 29, 1922 S.S. Watchful arrives at 1 a.m., with crew of ill fated Diana.

S.S. Sagona arrived at Harbor Grace with 8008 seals.

March 30, 1922 Masonic Club Silver Jubilee “Windsor Patent” Competition in Bay Roberts.
March 31, 1922 Irish Free State function on assent to Act, given by King George.

L.O.A. Provincial Grand Lodge sessions close. A.W. Piccott elected Grand Master.

April 1, 1922 Ex Emperor Karl of Austria, dies in exile at Funchal, Madeira Islands.

Fire at Burnstein’s and Cohen’s premises.

April 3, 1922 British Commons passes vote of confidence in Premier Lloyd George by 372 to 94.

Whiteway Lodge A. F. and A.M. installation.

Schooner F.P.U., Capt. Douglas White, turns out 1,564 seals.

S.S. Ranger, Capt. W. Kean, arrives with 4,296 seals.

Star of the Sea Ladies Association formed.

April 4, 1922 Members of the Board of Trade, at large gathering assembled, pass resolution calling for retrenchment and reduced taxation. C.R. Duder presides. Speakers W.G. Gosling, C.P. Ayre, W.S. Moores, J.B. Baird, and W.A. Munn. Resolution adopted unanimously.
April 5, 1922 Premier Squires introduces his second Budget.

Carbonear endorses Board of Trade resolution, at public meeting held in the Court House.

S.S. Thetis, Capt. William Winsor, arrives with 15,825 seals.

April 7, 1922 S.S. Ranger, Capt Weston Kean, sails on second trip.

London and Paris air expresses in collision, 6 killed.

Grand Bank, Curling, Burin and Harbor Grace, endorse Board of Trade Resolutions.

April 8, 1922 General Von Falkenhayn, former Minister of War, dies in Berlin.
April 9, 1922 S.S. Sea arrives with 4,978 seals.

Induction of Rev. E.J.R. Nichols as Rector of St. Michael’s.

British troops re appear in Dublin.

April 10, 1922 Conference at Genoa opened. Representatives of 39 nations present.
April 11, 1922 S.S. Viking, Capt. William Bartlett, arrives with 19,373 seals.

S.S. Thetis, Capt. W. Winsor, sails on second trip.

Trophy night at Curling Rink.

April 12, 1922 Sir Arthur Balfour, created Earl of Balfour.

Navigation of St. Lawrence re opens.

Prince of Wales at Yakohama, Japan.

April 13, 1922 Hostilities between Greek and Kemalists (Turkish Nationalists) resumed in Asia Minor.

Sir Ross Smith and Lieut Bennett, killed by a fall at Croyson Aerdrome, from their round the world, Vickers Vimy machine, when on trial spin.

S.S. Seal, Capt. Jacob Kean, sails on second trip.

Port of Montreal officially opened for the season.

April 14, 1922 S.S. Eagle, Capt. Ed Bishop, arrives with 16,182 seals.
April 16, 1922 Brest Litovsk Treaty nullified, and New Russo-German Treaty signed at Rappalo, during season of Genoa conference, and without its knowledge.
April 17, 1922 Padre Nangle makes final appeal for War Memorial.

C.L.B. Concert in Methodist College Hall.

C.C.C. at home.

“Dame Durden” at St. Patrick’s.

“Haze; Kirke” opens four nights run at Casino.

Eli Dawe and Dr. Mosdell, sworn in as members of the Legislative Council.

Adjourned meeting of Board of Trade re resolutions.

April 18, 1922 Allies declare Russo-German Treaty of Reppalo, null and void, and exclude Germany from the Genoa conference.

Postal Association Annual Dinner.

April 19, 1922 Legislative Council of Queensland abolished,

Cantata “Jedith” at Gower Street Church.

Promenade concert at Cochrane Street.

Old Feildians dine hockey team at Green Lantern.

April 20, 1922 Annual session S.U.F. Grand Lodge at Harbor Grace.

S.S. Neptune, Capt. George Barbour, arrives with 22,157 seals.

S.S. Terra Nova, Capt. A. Kean, arrives with 23,157 seals.

Major Cotton final flight to Labrador for winter season.

April 21, 1922 Stinendiary Magistrate fined $100 for violation of the Prohibition Act. He is still Magistrate.
April 22, 1922 One day strike in Free States, by Labour against Millarism.
April 23, 1922 Lord Leopold Mountbatten, youngest son of Princess Beatrice, died, 33.
April 24, 1922 Easter Sunday.

Octette War Memorial Concert at College Hall.

“A Tangled Skein” at Llewellyn Club.

Joint Society St. George’s Day Parade. Rev. E.W. Frobes Preacher.

April 26, 1922 Celebration of 103rd anniversary of I.O.O.F. Hall.

Annual re union of Ayre & Sons Ltd, in C.C.C. Hall.

“Pros and Con” and Grand Concert, in K of C Memorial Hall.

April 27, 1922 Cross Country line released after 5 days tie up.
April 28, 1922 Preliminary census returns tabled, showing population 256,151, an increase of 15,532.

Monster meeting at Casino, calls on Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Bond to address citizens on present situation.

President Paul Deschanel of France, dies.

April 29, 1922 Richard Croker, former Boss of Tammany Hall, dies in Ireland.
April 30, 1922 Rev. Canon Smart, displays the Passion Play picture, at the Nickle Theatre.

May 1, 1922 “Cotton Patch” located in St. Joseph’s Hall.

“Chimes of Normandy” at the Casino.

May 2, 1922 Ball at C.C.C. Hall closes Masonic entertainment series for season.
May 3, 1922 Battle of Kilkenny. Free Staters recapture Ormonde Castle from rebels, 18 killed.

Sale and Concert in Congregational Lecture Hall.

Engineers Lockout in Britain. 600,000 effected.

May 7, 1922 Daylight Saving Time commences.

Funeral at General Protestant cemetery of the three murdered Chinamen, Rev. W.B. Budgen officiating.

May 8, 1922 King George and Queen Mary enthusiastically received by Royalty and populace of Belgium.

War Memorial Committee meets. Padre Nangle announces attainment of the $50,000 objective. King Beach site selected.

May 9, 1922 Prince of Wales leaves Japan for the Philippines.

“As you Like It” by Bishop Spencer pupils, at the Casino.

May 10, 1922 C.C.C. indoor sports.
May 11, 1922 S.S. Ranger, Capt Wes. Kean, arrives from 2nd trip with 3,981 old seals.

U.S. consents to British mandate for Palestine.

May 12, 1922 Court of international Justice thrown open to the World at Genoa conference.

S.S. Thetis, Capt. W.C. Winsor, arrives from second trip with 5,435 seals.

May 13, 1922 Sealing voyage closes with tally of Thetis’s second trip, bringing the total catch for the season to 126,031 seals.
May 15, 1922 Resolution taking over Railway, introduced by Prime Minister Squires.

Reid publishes notice to all Railway employees, saying that they cannot meet wages for April due today.

May 16, 1922 Railway service suspended.

British Government defeated on minor issue by 151 to 148.

French warship Cassiople, arrives.

May 17, 1922 Prime Minister Squires withdraws Railway resolution, Negotiations resumed.

Manhattan Musical Comedy Company arrives.

May 18, 1922 Sir Robert Bond's reply to Citizens’ Address, published. Reply was promptly sent on May 2nd.

Income Tax prosecution commenced.

Powers at Genoa adopt nonaggression Pact as regards Russia.

May 19, 1922 Attorney General Pollock states that women are eligible, equally with men, for judgeships.
May 20, 1922 P.O. Liner Egypt, sinks off Isle of Ushant, after collision with French S.S. Seine; 100 persons perish.

Dail factions reach agreement on June elections.

May 21, 1922 Gower Street Church War Memorial, unveiled by H.E. The Governor. Address by Dr. Robinson.

St Clare’s Hospital opened by Archbishop Roche.

May 22, 1922 Manhattan Musical Comedy Company opens at Casino.
May 23, 1922 Railway resumes operation.

T.A. billiard dinner.

May 24, 1922 30,000 mile, round the world air flight commences, leaving Croydon aerodrome at 3.05 p.m.

Athletic Carnival and Festival at Canon Wood Hall.

May 25, 1922 Preliminary enquiry in Chinese murder case, before Judge Morris.

Lynn, Mass. shoe factories reopen, after 11 months strike. Operators accept 15 per cent cut.

May 28, 1922 Tasker Educational sermon at the Cathedral. Preacher, Rev. Bro. C.A. Moutlon L.Th.

Memorial Window in St. Andrew’s Church, unveiled by His Excellency the Governor.

May 29, 1922 Eucharistic Congress at Rome, closes.

Bryden Cottage, Freshwater Road, destroyed by fire.

May 31, 1922 Annual Convention of State Council K of C opens at Grand Falls.

Derby won by Captain Cullte at Epsom Downs.

June 1, 1922 Fierce fighting in Belfast and on a mile frontage on the Ulster Border.

Li Huen Hung succeeds Hsu Shi Chang, resigned as President of Chinese Republic.

June 2, 1922 Parish Church of St. Kyran’s destroyed by fire.

War Memorial to members of St. John’s Lodge, S.U.F., unveiled by P.W.G.M. Phillips. Address by the Bishop of Newfoundland.

Business section of Bonne Bay, destroyed by fire, losses about $150,000.

Forest Fires at Bay of Islands, Bishop’s Falls, and elsewhere.

Oddfellows Dinner at Green Lantern. P.G.M. Craig, the guest of honour.

June 3, 1922 British troops active on Free State border, due to firing by irregulars on Ulster.

Amundsen Scientific expedition sails from Seattle, on the first leg of a five year voyage through the Arctic ice pack.

Flags of the Royal Newfoundland Fencibles installed at the Museum, by H.E. Sir C.A. Harris. Formerly these flags were in the Parish Church of St. Brelade’s, Jersey.

Presentation to Miss Morgan, on her retirement from the General Hospital, after 51 years of faithful and appreciated service.

June 4, 1922 S.O.E. annual Church parade.
June 5, 1922 Kitchener Edwards escape from Penitentiary. Not recaptured until 21st. May, when arrested at Whitebourne, by Brakeman Foley.
June 6, 1922 Nomination Day in Irish Free State
June 7, 1922 Star Annual Billiard Dinner.
June 9, 1922 Prince of Wales at Cairo, meets enthusiastic reception.

W.M.S. sessions close.

Moseburg Diamond rush, 60 miles from, Kimberley; 1500 claims pegged in one day.

June 10, 1922 Fire at the Sanitary Stables Garage, and motor trucks destroyed.
June 11, 1922 Terrific rain, hail, and wind storm, in New York and vicinity. At least 60 fatalities.

Admiral Kato becomes Prime Minister of Japan, non-Party Chief Policy, the carrying out of the Washington Conference agreement, “In spirt and in Letter.”

June 12, 1922 Port au Port mines reopen.

Opening game of the League Football series.

June 14, 1922 Baseball season opens.

St. Bon’s Annual Sports.

June 15, 1922 Nova Scotia Steel Company's appeal against Profits Tax, dismissed by the Privy Council.

Draft of Irish Free State Constitution is published.

Hague Conference opens.

June 17, 1922 War Memorial Committee of Management, consisting of 5 members, appointed.
June 18, 1922 Rev. Dr. Lloyd, Dean of Nova Scotia, at Cathedral and St. Thomas’.
June 20, 1922 Legislature adjourns 'till October 31st, a pledge which in accordance with last year precedent, was violated.

Rev. Llwyd addresses Rotary Club.

Installation Avalon Lodge, A.F. and A.M.

June 21, 1922 Prince of Wales returns to London after eight months tour in Orient.

Biennial Diocesan of Hon. President A.K Lumsden, as member of St Andrew’s Society. Address and presentation.

June 22, 1922 Field Marshall Sir Henry Wilson, assassinated at the entrance to his home in London.
June 23, 1922 R.C. Morgan assumes Railway Managership.
June 24, 1922 Memorial Service at Cathedral, for founder, benefactors, and Alumni of Queen’s College.

Dr. Walter Rathenau, German Foreign Minister, assassinated.

William Rockafeller dies.

Quadruple Treaty approved by Japan.

June 25, 1922 Death of Sir George Robert Parkin.
June 30, 1922 The Four Courts fall casualties, at least 30 killed and 50 wounded. Rory O’Connor insurgent leader, surrenders unconditionally.

Memorial Table unveiled in the British Society Club Rooms, by Rev Capt Clayton, C.F.

July 1, 1922 Rev. W.J. Morris elected President of the Methodist Conference, at Grand Bank sessions.

Direct Cable Company taken over by the Imperial Cable Company.

July 2, 1922 Red Cross Liner S.S. Silvia, arrives from Glasgow on her maiden voyage.

Lord Morris and Hon. Michael Morris arrive. Sir Edgar Bowring arrives.

July 3, 1922 Attempted assassination of Maximilian Harden, in Berlin.
July 4, 1922 New Humber Valley deal out lined.

Lord Morris addresses the Rotary Club.

July 6, 1922 John P Dunne, Supreme Agent, Knights of Columbus, visits local Council.
July 7, 1922 H.M.S. Valerian arrives from Halifax, via Straits of Bell Isle.
July 8, 1922 Cricket season opens, Feildians defeat Shamrocks by 24 runs.

Padre Nagle and former President Mitchell, dined by Officers Mess G.W.V.A., at Donovan’s.

Members of Methodist Conference return from Grand Bank by S.S. Glencoe.

July 9, 1922 L.O.A. parade to St. Thomas’, Sermon by Rev. E.C. Earp, B.A. .

Rennie’s Mill Tannery destroyed by fire.

July 11, 1922 Jack Bell, local athlete, leaves by S.S Digby, to represent Newfoundland at the Irish Olympics.

Installation Carbonear Lodge A.F. & A.M.

July 12, 1922 Death of Admiral John Moresby, aged 92.

Germans ask for three years Moratorium.

Padre Nangle leaves by S.S. Digby.

St. Patrick’s Garden Party.

Methodist College and Orphanage Garden Party.

G.W.V.A. Sports.

British Society Garden Party.

Russians withdraw from Hague Conference.

Michael Collins appointed Commander in Chief of Free State Army.

July 14, 1922 St. Bonaventure’s Annual reunion.
July 15, 1922 Gower Street Boys Camp closes.

Premier Squires sails from New York for England, by S.S. Olympic.

July 16, 1922 United Mine Workers of America, unanimously reject President Harding's offer of arbitration.

Irish Olympics postponed for a year.

Rev. E.W. Forbes', M.A., farewell sermon at Gower Street.

Funeral of Mrs. J.J. Frazer of Glace Bay, at her native town, Holyrood.

House and barn of Cabman Dooley, on Logy Bay Road, destroyed by fire.

Rev. Gunn, President of the Congregational Union of Canada, and Rev. J.B. Thompson, at the Congregational Church.

Dr. Martin of Korea at the Kirk.

Religious Profession and reception at St. Bride’s; 4 postulants received.

Requiem Mass at Mount Carmel.

July 18, 1922 Manitoba elections, results in return of Farmers' Party.

Installation Northcliffe Lodge, A.M. & A.F., last official act of late Charles R Duder.

July 19, 1922 Death of Charles B Miller, Editor of the New York Times.

C of E Orphanage Garden Party,

Kilbride Garden Party.

S.A. Annual Field Day.

George Street Wesley Congregational and S.A. picnics.

July 20, 1922 Hague Conference closes, with United States adherence to a resolution not to assist any citizen in acquiring confiscated property in Russia.

Complaints of French interference on Banks, with Newfoundland trawlers.

Moving Picture producer Ernest Sherman, arrives by S.S. Rosalind.

July 21, 1922 Limerick and Waterford, captured by Free Staters.

Palestine and Syria mandates, confirmed by consent of the League of Nations.

German Government accepts plans for Allied control of German Finances.

S.S Harmony arrives, 19 days from Dartmouth.

July 22, 1922 Grand Falls Cenotaph unveiled by Governor Harris.

Mount Cashill Brass Band makes its formal debut.

Rev. W.B. Bugden, B.A., preaches farewell sermon at Wesley Church.

Branch of G.W.V.A. formed at Grand Falls.

July 24, 1922 Baby Health Week. First conference held. Large attendance of mothers with babies.
July 26, 1922 Bodies of C.R. Duder and Chesley Crocker, recovered at 10 a.m. from Ocean Pond.

Mount Cashill Garden Party.

Funeral of Ocean Pond victims.

July 27, 1922 Citizen Dinner to Lord Morris at Donovan’s. Sir Edgar Bowring presides.

Cecil Parsons elected Rhodes Scholar for 1923.

July 28, 1922 S.S. Cabot, Capt Jacob Kean, with Sir Michael Cashin and party, return from month’s cruise around the Island and Labrador Coast.
July 30, 1922 Free State troops capture Tipperary, 44 prisoners.
July 31, 1922 Masonic service at the Temple in memory of the late R.W.M. Charles R Duder. Tribute by Rev. C.A. Moulton, T.Th, D.G., Chaplain.

August 1, 1922 Horatio Bottomley expelled from the House of Commons.

Tipperary captured by Free State troops.

Golden Jubilee of Priesthood of Rt. Rev. Mgr. Thomas Joseph Grace of Annapolis Royal, appointed Domestic Prelate by Pope Pius XI.

August 2, 1922 Regatta Day.

Death of Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor of the telephone, at Beddeck, 74.

August 3, 1922 Bell Island Steamship Company purchases S.S. Pawnee.

Irish Nationalists capture Tralee and other towns in Kerry.

August 5, 1922 Railway horror at Sulphur Springs, Missouri, 38 killed and 137 injured.

School of whales at Keels, 28 landed.

August 6, 1922 Conference of World Alliance for International Friendship at Copenhagen

Manuels Garden Party.

Tor’s Cove Garden Party.

August 7, 1922 Conference of European Finance Ministers in London.
August 8, 1922 Lt. Col George Carty, honoured by veterans, on his appointment to the St. George’s Magistracy. Purse of gold presented.

Rotary outing for sick and cripple children.

Annual Requiem Mass at Belvedere.

August 9, 1922 Topsail War Memorial unveiled by H.E. the Governor.

Archbishop Roche at St. Lawrence and Lamaline.

Fire at the Green Lantern does considerable damage.

St. Joseph’s Garden Party.

Royal Swimming Club outing.

Mayflower Club at Kelligrews.

August 10, 1922 F.C. Bowring, Chairman of C T. Bowring & Co., Ltd. of Liverpool, and Mr Cyril Bowring, Manager of the New York Branch, arrive by S.S. Silvia.

Assassins of Field Marshal Wilson, hanged.

August 11, 1922 Nationalists capture Cork insurgents, seize Dublin Post Office, but are speedly ejected.
August 12, 1922 Arthur Griffith, President of Dail Eireann, dies almost suddenly.

Governor Sir C.A. Harris, leaves Newfoundland by the S.S. Rosalind.

Salvation Army Congress opens.

Bell Island garden party.

New York Newfoundlanders dine Lord Morris, at the Shelburne Hotel, Brighton Beach.

August 13, 1922 France expels objectionable Germans from Alsace, and seizes German Bank accounts in Alsace and Lorraine.

Reparation pending ratification, averts Sydney Strike.

Argentia garden party.

Outer Cove garden party.

August 14, 1922 Appointment of Sir William Allardyce as Governor of Newfoundland, announced.

Death of Lord Northcliffe, 57.

Nova Scotia soft coal miners strike.

Summer school opens at Brigus.

August 15, 1922 American soft coal strike settled by agreement.

Killarney occupied by Nationals.

August 16, 1922 President Arthur Griffith interred at Glasnevin cemetery.

Installation Lodge MacKay, Bay Roberts, A.F. &. A.M.

Oddfellows outing at Smithville.

City vs Grand Falls Football week, opens at Grand Falls.

Motor Field Day.

Pouch Cove garden party.

Portugal Cove garden party.

August 17, 1922 Lord Northcliffe interred at St. Marylebone cemetery. Noon service at Westminister Abbey.

Forest fires between Norris Arm and Grand Falls.

August 18, 1922 Dublin Castle passes completely into hands of Free State, last of the Royal Irish Constabulary being withdrawn.

Grand Falls football week closes. City winning 2 out of 3.

August 19, 1922 Fordney Tariff Bill passes U.S. Senate 47 to 25.

Nova Scotia Pump Safety and Maintenance Men resume work, conditionally.

August 20, 1922 Profession and Reception at the Oratory of the Immaculate Conception, Presentation Convent.

Benevolent Irish Society pass vote of sympathy with widow of President Arthur Griffith.

August 21, 1922 Baseball games Grand Falls vs St. John’s, commence.
August 22, 1922 Michael Collins assassinated.
August 24, 1922 Richard Mulcahey succeeds Michael Collins as Commander in Chief of Free State Forces.
August 25, 1922 German marks quoted at 10,000 to the pound.
August 26, 1922 French Dreadnought, France, a total loss. Cost $8,000,000; replacing cost $40,000,000.

Terms of referendum in Nova Scotia coal strike agreed to.

August 27, 1922 Newfoundland Memorial Tablet in Amiens Cathedral, unveiled by Prime Minister Squires.

Round the World air flight abandoned.

August 28, 1922 Funeral of Michael Collins.
August 29, 1922 U.S.A. Bituminous Strike, on since April 1st., terminated by agreement.

Only 6 out of 322 aboard Chilean ship Italy, saved when she sank off Coquimbo.

Eric Jerret wins local Lawn Tennis Chamionship.

August 30, 1922 Highland Games.

Star of the Sea outing.

August 31, 1922 Crushing defeat of Greeks by Kemalists. Anatolia evacuated.

Strike at Hawkes Bay.

Nova Scotia Miners vote 3 to 1 in favour of settlement. Strike ends.

September 1, 1922 Archbishop Roche at Bell Island.

Cecil J. Reynolds, Methodist College, wins the Jubilee Scholarship.

September 2, 1922 Placentia garden party.

Ferryland garden party.

September 4, 1922 Third assembly of the League of Nations opens at Geneva.
September 5, 1922 Imperial Service Medals conferred on William Grimes, former Superintendent of Constabulary, and Ford Winsor, former Chief of the Fire Department.

Sergeants’ Mess annual dinner at Donovan’s.

Death of “Dagonet” (George R Simm) 75. 

September 6, 1922 Evening Telegram Road Race Trophy won by Hack Bell, O’Toole coming second.

Annual Championship Sports.

Harbor Breton Regatta.

Hawkes Bay strikers hold-up S.S. Home.

September 7, 1922 A.F.L. announces intention to impeach U.S. Attorney General Daugherty, and Federal Judge Wilkinson, of Chicago.

Annual Motor Association Dinner cancelled; a result of notorious “Medicine” circular.

September 8, 1922 Greeks in hopeless rout, evacuate Smyrna.

Bungalow of P Bulger destroyed by fire.

September 9, 1922 Anthracite strikers in the United States, resume work.

German Liner Hammonia, lost off Vigo, eighty perishes.

Death of Commissioner Lawley, S.A.

September 10, 1922 Cartwright Gordon at St. Thomas’.

Fire on Pennywell Road destroys part premises of Joseph Judge.

September 11, 1922 Parliament of Southern Ireland votes confidence in Free State Government, by 544 to 15.
September 13, 1922 Unveiling of “The Fighting Newfoundlander” at Bowring Park, by the Administrator, Chief Justice Sir William Horwood. Statue presented by Sir Edgar Bowring, and accepted by Mayor Cook, on behalf of the city.
September 14, 1922 Smyran in flames.
September 15, 1922 Smyrna completely wrecked by fire. Thousands perish.
September 16, 1922 Premier Lloyd George invites Overseas Dominions to representation in Army of Defence in Near East. New Zealand immediately offers contingent. Australia offers contingent.

Hungary elected to membership in League of Nations by unanimous vote.

September 19, 1922 President Harding vetoes Soldiers Bonus Bill, which involved an expenditure of $4,000,000,000, on the grounds that Congress had not provided the necessary revenue.

After discussion extending over 20 months and 13 days, U.S. Tariff passes its final stages.

September 20, 1922 B.I.S. win 1922 championship after four trials, the first three resulting in draws. The Society retain the cup permanently, having won it for three consecutive years.
September 21, 1922 President Harding signs Tariff Bill.
September 23, 1922 Rev. A. Clayton, C.F., leaves by S.S. Sachem.
September 24, 1922 Archbishop Roche, at Salmonier and St. Mary’s.
September 25, 1922 Body of Sir Wilfred Laurier, Canada’s great Liberal Chieftain, laid finally to rest in Notre Dame cemetery, where a permanent memorial will be erected.
September 26, 1922 Fire occurring adjacent to Majestic Theatre, the audience vacate in perfect order, and within two minutes; a tribute both to the efficiency of the management, and the good sense of the audience.

Iceland steam trawlers harbor for coal and supplies. 

September 27, 1922 King Constantine of Greece (Tino) abdicates for the second time. Crown Prince George sworn in, as his successor.

Sales and concert at Canon Wood Hall. Addresses by Rev. Henry and Mrs Gordon of Cartwright.

September 28, 1922 Sultan Mahmund VI expresses desire to abdicate.
September 30, 1922 Patrick Cosgrave, uncle of the President of Dail Eireann, killed in a Dublin Hotel by rebels.

Wreck of S.S. Morien, Capt. Burchell, which was lost with all hands in November 1912, after leaving Louisburg on November 16th for Placentia, located by three Barachoix fishermen, at “The Nests”, a shoal off St. Bride’s.

Girl’s Industrial Home Flower Day.

October 1, 1922 Turks agree to armistice conference at Mudania. Military activity is suspended.

Cove Sunday. Altar in memory of late Archbishop Howley, blessed by Archbishop Roche.

October 2, 1922 W.M.S. Convention at Garnish.
October 3, 1922 Preliminary Conference at Mudania. Adjourned to permit Greek representation.

Free State Government issues Amnesty Proclamation, effective to October 15th.

S.S. Bayeskimo brings information of the arrest by North West Mounted Police of three Esquimaux (Eskimo) charged with the murder of Robert S James of Glovertown, Fur Trader, in April 1920, near Pond Inlet, Baffin Land.

The Escudo falls to 3 ½ cents.

Capt. J. E. Bernier, Arctic Navigator, reaches Quebec.

October 4, 1922 Annual reunion of Blue Puttees at Donovan’s.
October 5, 1922 Body of late Sergt. James L. Buck, of the American Expeditionary Forces, arrives by S.S. Silvia, for interment at Conception Harbor.

Rotarians entertain Present, and Past Present District Governors, at Smithville.

Motor Sports Prize presented at West End Restaurant.

First Earle Spicer concert, on behalf of the Permanent Marine disaster Fund and City Orphanages.

Hailybury, Ontario, almost destroyed by forest fires.

Thomas A Power of Los Angeles, 80, pays brief visit to his native St. John’s, after 60 years absence.

Bungalow of George R Parsons, on the Cove Road, destroyed by fire.

October 7, 1922 Fishermen of Bonavista Bay, hold meeting at Wesleyville, demanding $5.99 for Labrador Fish.

Loss by forest fires in Northern Ontario, covers between 30 and 40 lives, and between 7 and 8 millions property value.

October 8, 1922 Bay Bulls War Memorial, unveiled by J.R. Bennett, Esq., and dedicated by Rev. Canon Bolt.

St. Patrick’s new Memorial School, blessed by Archbishop Roche.

Harvest Festival at Congregational Church.

October 9, 1922 German mark falls to 4 cents for 100.

Second Earle Spicer concert for P.M.D.E and Orphanages.

October 10, 1922 Mudania Convention signed.

Irish Hierarchy issues Pastoral, condemning guerilla warfare in Free State.

Father Matthew Celebration.

October 11, 1922 Cathedral Parish Bazar opened by H.E. and Administrator, Sir William Horwood.
October 12, 1922 Rev. Dr. Chown, unanimously re elected General Superintendent of the Methodist Church of Canada and Newfoundland, at General Conference session in Toronto.

Silver Jubilee of his Grace, Archbishop Roche, celebrated. Addresses and presentations from citizens and Knights of Columbus. Mural Memorial tablet to Knights who laid down their lives in the Great War, unveiled by the Archbishop.

Knights of Columbus “At Home”.

Sock Concert at Wesley Church.

Northern Delegates arrive to demand guarantee of $5.00 price.

October 14, 1922 Fishermen’s delegates meet fish exporter’s at Board of Trade.

David Lloyd George delivers important address on Foreign Policy at Manchester – aggressive as well as defensive.

October 15, 1922 Admiral Sims of the United States, placed on retired list, have reached the age limited of 64 years.

Golden Jubilee of Rev. Father John Bennett, CSSR., Redemptorist Provincial of the English Provinces.

October 16, 1922 Fishermen’s delegates interview Executive.

New Church at Topsail, dedicated by Archbishop Roche.

October 17, 1922 Executive and Exporters meet.

Annual re union of Knowling’s employees at Smithville.

October 18, 1922 Delegates interview Government, to request reduced taxation and reduced expenditure. They meet refusal.

Winston Churchill undergoes operation for appendicitis.

Spencer City Club opened.

Jubilee Cantata at St. Michael’s Convent.

Provincial Grand Master A.W. Picott, lectures in the Orange Hall.

Lodge Conception, I.O.O F., opened, and Officers installed at Carbonear.

October 19, 1922 Conservative caucus at Carlton Club, withdraws from Coalition.

Lloyd George and Cabinet resign. Bonar Law called.

Fermeuse Church dedicated by Archbishop Roche.

October 21, 1922 Lloyd George demonstration at Leeds.

A.B. Morine, K.C., appointed legal adviser of the Northern Fishermen.

October 22, 1922 Admiral Horsey died, aged 95.

Death of Dr. Lyman Abbott.

Fire at Heart’s Desire destroys two dwelling houses and four other buildings.

Archbishop at Trepassey.

October 23, 1922 Bonar Law becomes Prime Minister, Lloyd George retires. Bonar Law elected Leader of the Conservative (Unionist) Party.

Legislature which had adjourned by agreement to October 31st, prorogued by proclamation of the Administrator, Sir William Horwood.

Boy’s Life Survey Campaign, undertaken by Rotarians, commenced.

Star Ladies Sale of Work.

October 24, 1922 Bonar Law Ministry announced.

Death of George Cadbury, Founder of Bournville, aged 83.

Mount Cashel 24th Anniversary.

October 25, 1922 Dail Eireann finally adopts Free State Constitution.

Prince Andrew of Greece, arrested at Corfu by Greek Government.

October 26, 1922 Schooner Bluenose wins International Fishermen’s Race for the second year, thus retaining the cup.

Prime Minister Facta of Italy, and his Cabinet, resign, due to hostility of Facisti.

Commander Bolt of H.M.S. Releigh, dismissed from ship, and reprimanded.

British Parliament dissolved.

Conservative manifesto issued by Mr. Bonar Law.

Orphrnaid Club opens season’s program.

St. Patrick’s Vegetable Sale.

October 28, 1922 De Valera forms a new Irish Republican Government.

Tasker Celebration.

October 30, 1922 Fire Preventation Week commences.

Presentation Convent Sale of Works opens.

October 31, 1922 Death of Rev. Father Bernard Vaughan, S.J., aged 75.

November 1, 1922 British Municipal Elections result in a sweeping defeat to Labour Party.

Fire Department Parade in connection with fire prevention campaign.

Gower Street Boy’s banquet.

Cochrane Street Centennial Church sale of work.

November 2, 1922 Fire at Badger destroys 200 ton of hay, belonging to A.N.D. Company.

Methodist Guards Trophy night.

November 3, 1922 Turkish Nationalists proclaim their Government the Keystone of the Caliphate.

Memorial to late Principal Thomas Anderson, unveiled in Presbyterian College.

November 4, 1922 Turkish Nationals seize Constantinople, tear up Mudania convention, defy the Allies, and demand evacuation. Allies refuse.

Nomination Day in United Kingdom.

German mark quoted in London at 103 for a penny, or 24,800 to the Pound Sterling.

November 5, 1922 Wilhelm Von Hohenzollern, ex Kaiser, marries Princess Hermine of Russia.

Vice Admiral Sir Michael Culme Seymour, succeeds Admiral Sir William Pakenham, as C.I.C. of North America Squadron.

Death of Rev. Dr. Briggs at Toronto, 86.

November 6, 1922 Rhodesia declares against union with South Africa by 8774 to 5989.

Methodist College inter-grade Sports.

November 7, 1922 United States elections. Great Democratic gains. Republican's majority reduced in the House from 165 to 15 and the Senate majority cut in half.

Allies present 24 hours ultimatum to Kemal Pasha, insisting on maintenance on the terms of the Mudania Convention.

German mark fall to 129 a penny or 31,000 to the Pound Sterling.

Gower Street Mission Circle Sale and Tea.

November 9, 1922 Highlanders’ dance in C.C.C. Hall.
November 10, 1922 Hon. T.A. Crerar, leader of Progressive Party in Canada, resigns.

C.L.B. band concert.

November 11, 1922 REMEMBRANCE DAY — Poppy Day; over $1,450 raised in St. John’s.

Terrible earthquake throughout Chile, accompanied by tidal wave, lasted nearly four hours, over 1,000 lives lost; great destruction of shipping and properties

Ex Service Men’s Reunion.

November 12, 1922 Railway Station at Millertown Junction, destroyed by fire.

Fire at Brigus Junction. Premises of Section Foreman Sullivan, destroyed.

November 13, 1922 Mass meeting of fishermen in Majestic Theatre. Sweeping resolution adopted.

Old Collegian Membership Campaign launched.

November 14, 1922 Wirth Cabinet resigns at Berlin.

Major Belcher and British Empire exhibition representatives in the city.

Opera “Eminie” at the Casino.

Fishermen demand resignation of W.F. Coaker from Ministry of Marine and Fisheries.

November 15, 1922 Election in the United Kingdom results in Conservative majority over all parties of 77. Conservatives 346; Labour 142; Liberals 110; others 17.

Mass meeting at C.L.B. Armoury passed resolution, demanding reduced taxation, retrenchment and opening of the Legislature.

Columbus Ladies’ Association formed.

Empire Exhibition promoters address Board of Trade.

November 16, 1922 Old Collegians reunion.

St. Andrew’s Sale of Work.

C.L.B. Cadets, Girls Guides and Boy Scouts Exhibition. 17 Sultan Mahmoud VI of Turkey, escapes from Constantinople, on British warship for Malta.

On demand of fishermen, Government considers its refusal, and promises to remove the Export Tax.

Cuno Cabinet formed in Germany.

November 18, 1922 Abdul Medjid Effendi elected and proclaimed Caliph, by the Turkish Nationalists, Vice Sultan Mahmoud deposed.

Marquis of Crewe succeeds Lord Harding as British Ambassador to France.

November 19, 1922 Memorial Service at Carbonear for late Judge Penney.
November 20, 1922 Near East Conference opens at Lausanne.

British Parliament assembles. Speaker Whiteley re elected.

Sultan Mahmoud VI arrives at Malta, under British protection.

Trial of Wo Fen Game on triple murder charges, commences before full Bench.

Annual Dominion Sports.

November 21, 1922 Ramsey MacDonald, Socalist and Pacifist, elected Leader of the Labour Party, with J.R. Clynes as Deputy Leader, and Arthur Henderson, Chief Party Whip.

H.M.S. Wisteria leaves, coincident with settlement of the price of Labrador fish at $4.50.

C.C.C. Officers Dance.

Violent wind and sleet storms in Cape Breton results in $500,000 fire at Sydney, and general damage elsewhere.

November 22, 1922 Congregational Church annual Sale, Tea and Concert.

George Street Church Mission Sale.

November 23, 1922 Baron Sonnini, former Italian War Premier, and Foreign Secretary, dies in Rome.

Spanish Agreement finalized; excess Duties to be refunded, retrospective to November 6th.

A.B. Morine, K.C., address Llewellyn Club on, “We go a marking”, a plea for co operation.

November 24, 1922 Erskine Children executed in Dublin.

Free State Constitution Bill introduced into the House of Commons.

November 27, 1922 Free State Constitution Bill passes second reading unanimously.
November 28, 1922 Six former Cabinet Ministers, including 3 ex Premiers, executed at Athens.

British sever relations with Greece, and British Minister leaves Athens.

C.C.C. Band Masquerade Dance in Princes Rink.

Masonic entertainment season opens with Grand Dance.

November 29, 1922 Mass Meeting in Star Theatre, addressed by Sir Michael Cashin, Sir John Crosbie, J.R. Bennett, and other members of the Opposition.

L.C.A.S. Sale opened by Mrs. (Hon) S. Bell.

Annual Poultry Show opened by Sir W. Horwood, Administrator. Judge Landry awards prizes.

November 30, 1922 Free State Constitution Bill, passes 2nd reading in the Lord’s, without division.

Laval Dental and Veterinary College, Montreal, destroyed by fire. Loss $500,000.

Installation St. Andrew’s Lodge A.F. & A.M.

St. Andrew’s Nicht Celebration in the Grenfell Hall.

December 1, 1922 His Excellency Sir William Allaradyce, K.C.M.G., Lady Allardyce, Miss Allardyce, and Staff, arrive by S.S. Sachem. Official landing at 10 a.m.

Shantung agreement between China and Japan, signed.

Fire at Terrebonrne, P.Q., destroyed 175 houses and leaves 1,200 homeless. Loss $500,000.

Disastrous fire at Newburn North Carolina; 2,500 homeless. Property loss a million dollars

Sir Richard Squires at New York.

S.S. Majestic breaks record hitherto held by S.S. Mauretania, her time, 5 days, 6 hours, 13 minutes, from Cherbourg to New York.

Fire at Carbonear, Conductor P. Lee’s residence destroyed.

Newfoundland Poultry Show closes.

Principal Judd, M.A. , of the Presbyterian, College arrives.

December 2, 1922 Prince Andrew of Greece, degraded and sentenced to perpetual banishment, charged with failure to obey orders in the Greek campaign at Sangaris River.

Prince of Wales has second fall from his horse, whilst hunting.

Seventeen year old reposed Emperor of China, married amid the pomp of Imperial Days.

December 3, 1922 Christian Brother collection $7,985.14.

Sisters of Mercy Convent opened at St. Joseph’s Parish, by Archbishop Roche.

December 5, 1922 Maternity Hospital meeting in the Presbyterian Hall,

Ordination at Freshwater B.D.V., of Rev. L.W. Blundon.

Irish Legislation passed House of Lords, and King George gives Royal sanction for setting up of the Irish Free State, as a Dominion of the Empire.

Timothy Healy, K.C., appointed Governor General of the Irish Free State.

Laurie Jackson of Halifax, wins 10 mile marathon at the Prince’s Rink, against Jack Bell, time 56' 22

“My Irish Rose” by West End Dramatic Company..

T.A. Ladies Sale of work at T.A. Armony.

December 6, 1922 Irish Free State inaugurate, Governor General Healy, sworn in by the Chief Justice, who then administered the Oath to Speaker Hayns, after which the members were sworn. With no dissent, proceedings passed quickly.

President Cosgrove pays tribute to the Free State by Britain. Cabinet of six announced..

Levee at Government House, held by His Excellency, Sir William L Allardyce.

Wesley Ladies’ Sale.

Junior S.P.C.A. formed by Mrs Gosling.

House of Miss Colbert, Job’s Cove, destroyed by fire, two inmates badly burned.

December 7, 1922 Ulster Parliament unanimously “Contract out” of the Irish Free State, and refuse representation on the Boundary Commission.

Deputy Sean Hales assassinated, and Speaker O’Maille seriously wounded.

Sir William and Lady Allardyce’s first “At Home” at Government House.

Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company reunion at Grand Falls.

Indoor Championship Sports at the Princes Rink.

December 8, 1922 Astoria, oldest city of Oregon State, in ruins, two dead, damages about $15,000,000.

Rory O’Connor, Liam Mellowes, and two other rebels, executed in Dublin.

December 9, 1922 Duke of Abercorn appointed Governor of Northern Ireland.

Kenmare retaken by Free State troops.

December 10, 1922 Shantung returns to China.

Jubilee of Bonavista I.O.G.T.

Bible Society meeting in the College Hall. Addresses by His Excellency, the Bishop of Newfoundland, and Rev. R.J. Power, M. A., of St. Andrew’s.

Memorial Service at George Street for late John W Taylor.

December 11, 1922 London Reparations Conference of Premiers breaks down.

A.B. Morine, K.C., addresses Board of Trade, on “Co-operation Marketing.”

Rev. E.C. Earp , B. A., Rector of St. Thomas, addresses George Street Methodist Church Men’s League on, “The Relation of the Church to Industrial Questions.”

December 12, 1922 Chile calls a Pan-American conference for March 20, 1923.

“Silver Falcon” air plane arrives from Botwood via Placentia Bay, in two hours flight. Machine injured when landing at Quidi Vidi.

Grand Masonic Dance, presentation to Mr. Ern Fox.

December 13, 1922 Annual dinner, C.L.B. Officers Mess at the Grenfell Institute.

Star of the Sea Musical.

December 14, 1922 Sir Richard Squires returns, after an absence of nearly six months.

Annual Kirk Christmas Fair opened by Lady Allardyce.

December 15, 1922 British Parliament prorogued.
December 16, 1922 Wo Fen Game executed for the murder of three of his fellow Countrymen.
December 18, 1922 “Silver Sandals” at the K of C Memorial School.
December 19, 1922 Presentation of Decorations to women at Government House, by Sir William Allardyce.

Bishop Spencer and Bishop Feild Colleges joint Speech Day.

Closing exercise at St. Bride’s, Littledale, Operetta “The Royal Jester”.

December 20, 1922 James Dwyer, Secretary of the Dail Peace Committee, assassinated in Dublin.

Speech Day at the Methodist College.

Closing exercises at the Presentation Convent.

Stanislaus Mojecieesowski elected President of Poland by 293 out of 519.

December 21, 1922 Cathedral of Notre Dame, Quebec, destroyed by fire.

Fire at Mundy Pond. Three houses destroyed.

Graduation Day at the Academy of Our Lady of Mercy.

December 22, 1922 Six Newfoundland students, pupils of the order, enrolled as Christian Brothers in New York.
December 23, 1922 Captain Kristian Rasmussan of the Danish schooner Centaurus, charged with murder, before Judge Morris, and Mate Erik Knudsen, with aiding and abetting. Committed for trial in the Supreme Court.
December 24, 1922 Rev . Canon and Mrs Hewitt, leave for England by S.S. Sachem, after 47 years work in the Newfoundland Diocese.

Bell Island telephone system in full working order.

Midnight Mass at the Cathedral.

Carol Service at the Kirk.

December 25, 1922 CHRISTMAS DAY.

Skating season opens at Prince’s Rink.

December 26, 1922 Rotary Club’s (second) Boy’s Christmas Dinner at Grenfell Hall. Address by the Governor, Rotarian Hunt presiding.
December 27, 1922 Foreign Secretary Curzon at Lausanne, informs Turkey that the British will not abandon Mostl.

British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stanley Baldwin, and Financiers leave for Washington.

Installation St. John’s Lodge A. F. &. A.M.

Poor Asylum Mission Annual Treat to Inmates.

December 28, 1922 War clouds grow darker. International Tribunals resented by Turkey. Plain words spoken by Allies and U.S.A. at Lausnne Conference.

Kirk Christmas Treat to City Children.

Santa Clause at the Church of England, and Methodist Orphanages.

British Mediterranean Fleet ordered back to the Near East.

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