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Year End Review  - 1923


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
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December 25, 1922 Residence of J Murcell, of Strong and Murcall, Little Bay Islands, destroyed by fire. Narrow escape of inmates.
December 30, 1922 Trepassey train caught in snowslide. Engine and Tender swept over embankment.

Daily News “End of the Year” Edition.

Stormy meeting of Fish Exporters, over breach of Spanish Agreement, adjourned after a session of 3½ hours.

December 31, 1922 Fire at residence of C.F. Garland, Mayor Avenue. 

January 1, 1923 Revolt in Mosul.

1600 British subjects and Maltese leave Constantinople.

Hon. M.G. Winter created Knight, Bachelor.

Fire at premises of W.B Fraser.

Supt. O’Neill receives address and presentation from the Police in Barracks.

“The Admiral's Daughter” staged by Dr. Howlett at the Casino.

M.G.C.A. concert in the Methodist College Hall.

Reception at Government House.

January 2, 1923 Final Conference of Premiers at Paris.
January 3, 1923 Capt Kristian Resmussen and Mate Erik Knordson, of the Danish schooner Centaurus, charged with murder of Seaman Kristian Jacob Lorentizen, on Dec. 19th. 1922, released by the Department of Justice, which pronounced the case as Mutiny, and Homicide in Self Defence, and one for the Danish Courts.
January 5, 1923 Premiers Conference amicably dissolved, Britain disagreeing with France, Belgium, and Italy, on Reparations Policy.

Bible Society Collectors entertainment at the Presbyterian Hall. A forward movement initiated.

St. Bonaventure’s Association celebrates tenth successive annual victory in the Championship Football Matches of the College Team.

January 6, 1923 Branch Railways officially closed down for the winter.

Children's Carnival at Prince’s Rink - the first for the season.

The 80th anniversary of the birth of Sir Joseph Harvey & Co., Ltd. Banquet at King George’s Institute.

January 7, 1923 Sir Joseph Outerbridge passes his 80th milestone, presents $1,000 to the Permanent Marine Disasters’ Fund.

Annual Parade, Star of the Sea Society.

January 8, 1923 Week of prayer opens.

Kilbride annual Sale of Work and Christmas Fete.

House of Thomas English, Signal Hill Road, destroyed by fire, in small hours of the morning. Narrow escape of inmates.

Installation, Atlantic Lodge I.O.O.F.

Star of the Sea “At Home”.

January 9, 1923 British Naval concentration in Turkish waters, completed.

Installation Dudley Lodge S.O.E.

January 10, 1923 President Harding orders withdrawal of the American Army of Occupation, from the Rhine region.

Germany recalls her Ambassadors from France and Belgium.

January 11, 1923 French Flag hoisted at Essen.
January 12, 1923 Rev. G.O. Lightbourn lectures at Llewellyn Club, on, “With the Air Force in the East.”
January 13, 1923 Death of former Premier, Ribot of France.

Death of Frederick Harrison, Historian and Philosopher, 92.

January 14, 1923 Germany notifies Reparations Commission, that she will suspend payment of reparations.

Demonstration in Germany.

Engagement of H.R.H. the Duke of York, to daughter of the Earl of Strathmore, announced.

January 15, 1923 First full phone talk between London and New York.

Girl Guides meeting in College Hall. Address by Lady Allardyce, Bishop White, and others.

Bell Island Mine closed down on Ruhr pretext.

January 16, 1923 French occupy Dortmund.
January 17, 1923 French commence working German Forest, as penalty for default on timber deliveries.

Installation Empire Lodge S.O.E.

Hockey season opens.

B.I.S. Athletic Club dines in the Club Room.

January 20, 1923 Bishop Renouf leaves for Rome.
January 21, 1923 Centenary of the Colonial and Continental Church Society. Sermon in the Church by Rev. Canon Bolt.

General strike of minors in Burin District.

January 22, 1923 United Fishermen open campaign, with meeting at Harbor Grace.

N.B.S. Installation.

January 23, 1923 Lausanne Conference breaks up in confusion over the Mosul question.

Premier encampment I.O.O.F celebration.

January 24, 1923 Premier Murray of Nova Scotia, resigns after nearly 27 years consecutive service as Prime Minister. Hon. E.H. Armstrong succeeds him.

Bell Islanders win the Cowan Curling Trophy and are entertained by the St. John’s Curling Club.

January 25, 1923 Burns Nicht, Panagyric by H.E. Sir William Allardyce.

Hon. W.E. Foster, Premier of New Brunswick, resigns. Is succeeded by Hon. Peter J Veniot, Minister of Public works.

Death of Henry M Whitney of Boston, at his Brookline residence, 84.

Last troops of U.S. Army of Occupation, sail from Antwerp on the S.S. Mihiel.

January 27, 1923 French occupy Coblenz.
January 29, 1923 Premises of T Walsh and W.J. Sharpe, Water Street West, gutted by fire. Loss about $10,000.

Bishop Mowell arrives by S.S. Kyle. Mission at St. Thomas’s commences.

January 30, 1923 Annual Dinner, Commercial Travelers Association.

T.A. Juveniles Annual Treat.

Bishop Mowell addresses Rotary Club on “Modern China”.

January 31, 1923 Presentation to Principal Wadland by former pupils.

Dominion Sports prizes presented by Mrs W.J. Higgins.

Hon. A.W. Mews withdraws from Editorship of the Advocate.

Britain accepts U.S. Debt Funding proposal.

French seize Customs Offices in Ruhr Valley.

February 1, 1923 Financial salvation assured to Austria, by International loan of 650,000,000 golden crowns, guaranteed by the Powers, through the League of Nations.

Premier Hughes of Australia resigns.

Wesley Y.M.L.C. sale.

Woman’s Franchise League meeting in C.C.C. Hall

Past Vice President Chesley Kearley, R.N.R., tendered luncheon and Presentation by his comrades of G.W.V.A., on his resignation.

Luncheon to Bishop Mowll of China, in Canon Wood Hall.

February 2, 1923 Bishop Mowll’s Mission at St. Thomas’s, concluded.

Miss Kathleen Fraser’s Children’s Entertainment, in aid of Child Welfare at Grenfell Hall.

Girl guides Association formed at Government House. Lady Allardyce, Island Commissioner, and Lady Horwood, Deputy.

February 3, 1923 Bishop Mowll leaves on S.S. Sachem for China, via Halifax.

Lausanne Conference definitely collapses.

Turks refuse capitulations and economic clauses, and repudiate all contracts entered into by the Ottoman Empire.

Tidal waves in Hawaii result in several deaths.

February 4, 1923 First zero weather for the season; 25 below at Bishop’s Falls.
February 5, 1923 Election in Quebec. Premier Taschereau’s Liberal Party returned by 62 to 22. Opposition leaves Sauve swept Montreal. Liberal majority reduced from 67 to 40.

James Baird Ltd., gives use of the S.S. Fiona to the Sea Scouts, to replace H.M.S. Briton.

Methodist Guards win Hockey Championship for the season.

February 6, 1923 Destructive fire at Rawlins Cross. Three buildings gutterd. Loss $25,000.
February 7, 1923 Heroic rescue of her 8 year old son, by Mrs Lambert at Grates Cove, who jumped into an angry sea, over a 20 foot cliff, in below zero weather.

Son and heir, born to Princess Mary and Viscount Lasclies, the first grandchild of the Royal House of Winsor.

“Facing the Music”, produced by Mr. Karl Trapnell, at the Casino.

Social concert at Gower Street Church, for Church charities.

C.M.B.C. annual entertainment.

St Andrew’s Brotherhood Tea and Concert.

Sociable at Congregational Lecture Room.

February 8, 1923 Irish Free State Government, grants 10 day amnesty to rebels.

Mine explosion in Dawson, New Mexico, over 100 killed.

Westland Limouisine, Pilot Basedon, and Mechanic Anscombe, crashed on White Hills on arrival from Botwood. Major Cotton and Mechanic Stannard, make successful landing, after 1½ hours from Botwood.

Vice Principal Hogge, lectures to M.C.L.I. on, “The Making of the Earth”.

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Concert.

February 9, 1923 Mining disaster in Cumberland, B.C. 33 killed.
February 10, 1923 Funeral for the late Hon. J.A. Clift, K.C., G.B.E.

German Minister banned from Ruhr District.

February 11, 1923 Fire at Harvey’s Tub Factory.

Children Carnival at Prince’s Rink.

Annual meeting of British and Foreign Bible Society, presided over by His Excellency, the Governor. Speakers, Rev. Canon Bolt and Rev. Hammond Johnson.

February 12, 1923 Dr. Thomas O’Higgins, father of Kevin O’Higgins, Irish Free State Minister for Home Affairs, assassinated.

Columbus Ladies Association Dance.

February 13, 1923 Steel workers strike in Sydney.

St. Bonaventure’s College Rink, opened by His Excellency, the Governor.

Llewellyn Club, Shrove Tuesday Tea meeting and entertainment.

February 16, 1923 Legislature dissolved. Dissolution not announced till following day.

Sovernignty of Memel accorded to Lithuania, by Allied Council of Ambassadors.

February 17, 1923 Manipulation of Public Service Act, exposed by the Daily News.

Sydney strike ended by large majority vote of strikers.

United Fishermen’s campaign proves effective, and 25 per cent Super Surtax is removed.

Residence of William Lockyer, Trinity, destroyed by fire.

February 19, 1923 New England Coast ice-bound.

British transfer six square miles of occupied Ruhr territory to France Control.

Albert Edward, Branch N.B. S. Installation.

February 20, 1923 Sir Michael Cashin resigns leadership of Opposition. Mr J.R. Bennett succeeds him.

Death of Sir Thomas Roddick at Montreal, 77.

February 21, 1923 King Khama of Beachuanaland, died at Serowe over 100 years ago.
February 22, 1923 Former Premier Delcasse of France, dies at Nice.
February 23, 1923 Passive and active resistance, increaasing in Ruhr area.
February 24, 1923 W.F. Coaker announces resignation from the Executive, and his purpose to establish a “Balance of Power Party”, a proposal abandoned by him within a few weeks.
February 26, 1923 Leader of Opposition announced an encouragement of fisheries policy.
February 27, 1923 First foreign mail for 4 weeks, arrives by Sable I.

United fishermen endorse opposition policy.

February 28, 1923 British Funding Bill signed by President Harding.

Horsemen’s annual Meet at Quidi Vidi.

March 2, 1923 Heavy North East Blizzard.

Sealing Captains, guests at Government House.

Methodist Guard's Hockey Team wins Tie Cup, and closes season without a defeat.

March 3, 1923 S.S. Viking, Capt. Will Bartlett, accompanied by his son, Captain Bob Bartlett, of Arctic fame, leave for the Seal Fshery.

Hall addressed by Opposition Leader.

French occupy Mannheim and part of Darmstadt.

March 4, 1923 Sealers Service at Grenfell Hall, addressed by H.E. Sir William Allardyce and Rev. Hammond Johnson.
March 5, 1923 “Pirate’s Daughter”, opens successful week at Casino, under direction of Mrs. Baxter.
March 6, 1923 Bonar Law Government meets three successive defeats of Ministers, seeking re election, on appointment to office.
March 7, 1923 French occupy Mulheim, headquarters of the Hugo Stinnes interests.

“Judge Shannahan’s Poetic Justice”, at Columbus Hall.

March 8, 1923 Opposition campaign opens in St. John’s West. Cashin, Linegar, and Hunt, accept nomination.

Miss Joyner’s Recital before Llewellyn Club.

March 9, 1923 Turkish reply to Lausanne Treaty, handed to Allied Commissioners.
March 10, 1923 Temperance Inspector William Thobault, 38, of Sydney Mines, fatally shot. Citizen charged, and expel Charles Ballard, alleged chief of the local rum ring.
March 13, 1923 French occupy Theyssen.

‘An Evening with Barrie”, at Cochrane Street Service.

Col Arthur F Crosby addressed Rotary Club, on the work of the Grenfell Association.

March 14, 1923 M.G. Comrades Association, Hockey Championship Dinner, at Grenfell Hall.
March 15, 1923 Joint debate between M.C.L.I. and Women Suffage League. Rt. Hon. Sir William Lloyd presides. Women prove the winners.
March 16, 1923 Entertainment at St Patrick’s School.
March 17, 1923 St Patrick’s Day.

B.I.S. Parade and celebration.

Cowan Mission Entertainment.

“Great Diamond Mystery”, at St. Joseph’s Hall.

Variety sale, tea, and concert, at Cochrane Street.

“The Heather Glen”, at Aula Maxima.

I.O.L. sociable.

Installation Tasker Lodge, A.F. & A.M.

T.A. Society’s, Ladies Association Dance, old time irish reunion, at Holy Cross.

Ceildh at B.I.S. Hall.

March 20, 1923 Basco strike threatened at Sydney Steel Plant.

Socialism challenges Capitalism in the House of Commons.

March 21, 1923 Women's Guild concert at George Street Methodist Church.
March 22, 1923 Demonstration of new triple combination pumper, chemical, and nose car, at R.C. Cathedral and Court House.
March 23, 1923 Residence of Rt. Hon. Sir W.F. Lloyd, on Portugal Cove Road, completely destroyed by fire, inmates barely escaping. Losses include Sir William's valuable library.
March 24, 1923 Oxford University wins 75th annual boat Race.

Plague raging in India. 8,000 deaths in one week.

March 26, 1923 Sara Bernhart, “The Divine Sara”, dies in Paris, 78.

Opening of St. John’s East campaign.

March 28, 1923 Manuel Training and Radio Broadcasting Exhibition and Concert at Methodist College Hall.
March 29, 1923 Terrific Blizzard and intense frost, follows a bright morning.

“The Holy City” at St. Andrew’s Choir, under leadership of Mr. Moncrieff Mawer.

April 1, 1923 Bulgarian Court sentences members of the Badaslayoff Cabinet to life imprisonment, because responsible for joining Germany in the War.
April 2, 1923 “Mrs Temples Telegram” at the Majestic.

“Cantata Voyage of Life” at S.A. Citadel.

G.W.V.A. dance. His Excellency and Lady Allardyce, present.

April 3, 1923 Royal Stores Athletic Club Concert

Curlers’ Bonspiel Dinner.

April 4, 1923 Death of the Earl of Carnarvon at Cairo, through blood poisoning, caused by insect bite, when engaged at exploration in the tomb of Tutankhamen.

Lady Northcliffe marries Sir Robert Arnudel Hudson.

Welsh Coal Strike, 4600 out in Rhomdda Valley.

Prohibition enforced in Constantinople.

S.S. Sagona, Capt. Joe Knee, arrives with 11,882 seals.

April 8, 1923 S.S. Eagle, Capt. Edward Bishop, arrived from ice fields with three blades of her propellor gone, and 10,761 seals.
April 9, 1923 Count Calvi de Bergolo and Princess Yolande of Italy, married.
April 10, 1923 Opposition meeting in Star of the Sea Hall, presided over by F.W. Ayre, Esq., and addressed by W.S. Monroe Esq., and others.
April 12, 1923 Fifty Second Annual Session of Provincial Grand Lodge L.O.A. at Grand Falls. F. Gordon Bradley L.L.B., elected Grand Master.
April 16, 1923 Chancellor Stanley Baldwin announces a surplus of £101,000,000..
April 17, 1923 S.S. Seal, Captain Jacob Kean, arrives at Harbor Grace with 12,233 seals.
April 18, 1923 S.S. Thetis, Capt. W Winsor, high liner for 1923, arrives with 16,269 seals.

Congregational Church Sociable.

St. John’s Girl Guides Concert at Methodist College Hall.

April 19, 1923 S.S, Terra Nova, Capt, Abraham Kean, arrives with 14,241 seals.

Wesley Theological College, Montreal, confers D.D. Degree on Rev. T.B. Darby, M.A.

April 20, 1923 Ex Servicemen’s Reunion, H.E. Governor Allardyde, present.

Body of the late Rev. Hayward Martin arrives by S.S. Sable I. Funeral the next day. Interment at Britannia.

April 23, 1923 Nomination day. 74 Candidates; 36 Government, 36 Opposition, and 2 Independents.

Lausanne conference re opens.

St. George’s Day Parade.

S.S. Ranger, Captain W.B. Kean, arrives, with 13,202 seals.

April 24, 1923 President Harding foreshadows participation of U.S.A. in World Court, but repudiates League of Nations.

Earthquake in Kamschatka, many lives lost.

Inter-Billiard Club Tournament, Masonic vs B.I.S.

Canadian Patrol Boat, Malahina, fires on U.S. fishing schooner Silvan, off Vancouver Island, for alleged poaching.

Sale of Work at St. Michael’s, opened by Rev Canon Jeeves.

April 25, 1923 Miss Fearless & Co., at the Congregational Church.

“Flowerland” at St. Joseph’s Hall.

April 26, 1923 H.R.H., The Duke of York and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons, married by the Archbishop of Canterbury at Westminster Abbey.

Installation Shannon Chapter R.A.M., N.S.

April 27, 1923 De Valera makes conditional peace overtures.
April 29, 1923 S.S. Viking, Captain William Bartlett, arrives from the Gulf with 6,500 seals.

Michael Lennon, native of Ireland, dies on S.S. Sachem, when nearing port, and is buried at St John’s the following day.

April 30, 1923 Fifty steamers held by ice blockade between the Cape Breton Coast and Newfoundland.

Floods in New Brunswick, the worst since 1887.

May 1, 1923 Communist Demonstration at Glace Bay.

Germany makes reparations offer of thirty billion gold marks, payable, two thirds before July 1, 1927, one sixth before July 1, 1929, and the balance before July 1, 1931.

May 3, 1923 Polling Day. Squires Government returned by reduced majorities.
May 4, 1923 Floods in New Brunswick and Maine.
May 5, 1923 Death of Sir Robertson Nicoll of the British Weekly.
May 6, 1923 Daylight Saving commences.
May 7, 1923 King George and Queen Mary in Rome.
May 8, 1923 British ultimatum to Russia.
May 9, 1923 Free State Government regrets De Valaera’s proposal, and shuts the door on further discussions.

King George and Queen Mary have audience with Pope Pius.

May 10, 1923 M Vorovsky, head of non-recognized Soviet delegation at Lausanne, assassinated by Maurice Conradi, a Swiss, who alleged vengeance as his motive. Two of Vorovsky’s comrades wounded.
May 11, 1923 Lt-Col Nagle, C.F., lectures on Mussolini at the Majestic.
May 13, 1923 Serious fire at Dicks & Co. Bookbindery and Printing Establishment, and Trade Printers and Publishers, Ltd., Duckworth Street.
May 14, 1923 Death of Dr. J.A. Macdonald, Editor, Toronto Globe. 61.
May 15, 1923 Seventy fifth birthday anniversary of T.P. O’Connor, M.P. Father to the House of Commons.

Police raid U.M.W. headquarters at Glace Bay and Whitney Pier. Red flag seized.

May 16, 1923 Masonic Ball.

Death of George J Gould. 58.

Ladies’ Auxiliary, N.B.S., formed.

May 18, 1923 H.A. Richardson, General Manager of the Bank of Nova Scotia, died at Toronto, 61.
May 20, 1923 Andrew Bonar Law resigns the Premiership.
May 21, 1923 Guards - C.E.I. Billiard Tournament closes; B.I.S. winners by 119 points.
May 22, 1923 Stanley Baldwin succeeds Bonar Law, as Prime Minister.
May 23, 1923 C.C.C. Annual “At Home”.

H.E. the Governor, and Prime Minister Squires, address 3500 children in Government Grounds, on the Empire and Empire Day.

May 24, 1923 Empire Day.

President Millerand refuses resignation of Premier Poincare.

K of C State Convention opens at Bay Roberts.

C.L.B. excursion to Carbonear.

Girl Guides Entertainment at the Majestic, under direction of Mrs. C. McHarvey.

Junior Football leagues elect Officers.

May 26, 1923 Greeks and Turks reach peace settlement at Lausanne.
May 28, 1923 Irish Republican Leaders issue orders to followers to cease fighting.

Premier Baldwin’s first appearance as Leader of the Government in the House of Commons.

Supt. A.A. Parsons of the Penitentiary, on behalf of the Imperial Government, presents silver medal to Warden Lambert Genge, for gallantry and meritorious conduct during the war, sinking one submarine, and driving off another.

May 29, 1923 W.M.S. Convention opens at Wesley Church.
May 30, 1923 Returns from St Barbe received, 27 days after polling. Recounts in Burgeo District commenced before Judge Johnson.
May 31, 1923 Mr. R.C. Morgan, General Manager of the Railway for the Nth[sic] and last time, resigns.

June 1, 1923 W.F. Coaker Knighted.

Burgeo recount, decreased Government majority by 4 votes.

June 2, 1923 H.M.S. Visteria arrives.

Reception at Government House, in celebration of the King’s birthday.

June 4, 1923 Baby Week formally opened by Lady Allerdyce, in the Star of the Sea Hall.

Junior Football League adopts Constitution.

June 6, 1923 A Winter, M.H.A., unanimously elected Speaker.

W.J. Higgins, M.H.A., elected Opposition Leader in the House of Assembly.

Cadets defeat H.M.S. Wisteria at football.

Installation Clift Lodge A.F. &. A. M., Wabana.

June 7, 1923 Legislature opened by H.E. Sir W.L. Allardyce.

Mrs Baxter and Company, produce “Her Husband’s Wife”, at the Majestic.

June 9, 1923 Bloodless revolution in Bulgaria. M. Zankoff becomes Prime Minister. Stamboulisky overthrown.

Death of Princess Christian.

June 11, 1923 Presbyterian General Assembly votes for Church Union by 46 to 134. Minority declares intention to fight, and in any case, to continue the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Sir William and Lady Allardyce leave by H.M.S. Wisteria for Northern Districts. They visit Harbor Grace. 

June 12, 1923 Lieut-Col Bernard wires to Board of Trade, that Free entry of codfish into Italy has been granted from date.

Luncheon on S.S. Advance, of the International Navigation Company, to meet Managing Director Brown.

Viceregal party at Carbonear.

Anglo Russian crisis ends.

Humber contracts introduced in Assembly, by Prime Minister Squires.

German marks fall to 1000 for one cent. Thereafter, rush downwards headlong, until vanishing point is reached.

Strike at Sydney.

June 14, 1923 Body of Miss Lindsay brought from Cartwright, Labrador, by Mr. George Sellars, J.P., of Battle Harbor. After Post Mortem, the body is conveyed to Montreal for interment.

Marriage of Lady Mary Cambridge and the Marquis of Worcester.

June 15, 1923 Sydney strike called off.

Ex-Premier Stamboulisky, the Present Premier of Bulgaria, assassinated.

June 16, 1923 Terrific hurricane sweeps Saskatchewan.

New Brunswick forest fire losses exceed $5,000,000.

June 18, 1923 Mount Etna in violent eruption.

Railway Settlement Bill introduced.

June 20, 1923 Dr. Fraser appeals to practitioners, to cry halt to the practice, of dealing in scripts for personal gain.
June 22, 1923 Anglo American Arbitration Treaty extended for five years.

S.S. Leviathan makes new record, increasing average of S.S. Mauretania by almost a knot, from 27.05 to 28.04.

June 24, 1923 U.S. Customs Authorities break the seals, and seize liquor on a British ship.

Farewell of Colonel and Mrs Martin, S.A.

June 25, 1923 General Election in Ontario gives sweeping victory to the Conservatives, who won 77 out of 111 seats. Group Government ends.
June 26, 1923 Installation Avalon Lodge A.F. & A.M.

British Labor rejects proposed affiliation with Communists, by 2,880,000 to 366,000.

June 27, 1923 Rev. Sidney Bennett of Grand Falls, elected President, at the opening session of the Methodist Conference.
June 28, 1923 Steel workers at Sydney, on strike. 2,700 leave work.
June 30, 1923 Rioting at Whitney Pier.

At midnight, the Reid-Nfld Railway passes under Government control. Mr. Herbert J Russell, Acting-Manager.

July 1, 1923 Commemoration Day.

Memorial Tablet at Wesley Church, unveiled by H.E. the Governor.

Memorial Day celebrated at Stag Harbor, Labrador.

July 2, 1923 C.L.B.C. Sports. Harvey Skirving reduced the mile record by 36 seconds.
July 3, 1923 Coal Miners join Steel Workers in strike, 10,000 out.

Methodist Conference closes.

Estimates introduced.

U.S. Consul Benedict, presents American Silk Flag to Rotarians, from the Rotarians Club of Detroit, U.S.A.

July 5, 1923 Miss Eleanor Mews Recital in the Methodist College Hall.

Dedication of painting by Miss Gwendolyn Mews.

Installation Colonial Lodge I.O.O.F.

July 9, 1923 Lord Ampthill, Pro-Grand Master of British Freemasonry, arrives.

Gower Street Boy Scouts at Manuels.

July 10, 1923 Installation of D.G.M. Bennett, by Lord Ampthill. Banquet in Masonic Temple.

Old Collegian Tennis Courts opened by C.P. Ayre, Esq.

July 11, 1923 Kam Leo’s Laundry, corner of Gower and Cochrane Street, destroyed by fire. Two adjacent houses badly damaged.

Luncheon to Lord Ampthill by Prime Minister Squires.

G.W.V.A. Sports.

July 12, 1923 Commissioner Sowton arrives for S.A. Congress.

L.O.A. Parade.

July 13, 1923 French occupy Eleberfeldt.

Governor gives assent to Humber and Railway Settlement Bills.

Pancho Villa assassinated by his Secretary.

July 15, 1923 Hector celebration at Pictou commences.

S.A. Congress opens. Welcome Commissioner Sowton and Lieut Col Martin.

July 16, 1923 H.M.S. Constance, Capt J.D. Campbell, arrives.

S.A. Congress Meeting in the Methodist College Hall, presided over by H.E. the Governor.

Poincare’s reply to statement of British Ruhr Policy, creates bad impression.

July 17, 1923 British Empire Service League Biennial Conference in London. Capt. G.J. Whitty, M.C., O.B.E., Newfoundland representative.
July 19, 1923 Body of little Archibald Peddle, missing since June 10th., found floating in the harbor.

Sir Joseph Outerbridge presents new Shield to C.L.B.

Motor boat blown up in Golden Bay. Five occupants badly burned.

July 21, 1923 Cape Breton Miners strike, suddenly ends.
July 22, 1923 Lausanne Treaty signed.

Flagship Calcutta, Rear Admiral Seymour, arrives from Pictou, from the Hector celebration.

July 23, 1923 Resignation of Hons. W.R. Warren, S.J. Foote, A. Barnes, and W.W. Halfyard, compels resignation of Prime Minister Squires, which is tendered one hour later. Mr Warren called on His Excellency to form a Ministry.
July 24, 1923 Installation Northcliffe Lodge, Grand Falls A.F. &. A.M.

Installation Premier Encampment I.O.O.F.

July 26, 1923 P.E.I. elections result in overthrow of the Government and return of Conservatives, with 26 seats out of 30.
July 28, 1923 Hon. W.R. Warren, announces through Daily News, his determination that a full and complete investigation into the recent events and scandals, which led to the resignation of Sir R.A. Squires, would be undertaken.
July 30, 1923 Rotary Club presents City with play ground outfit.

Bomb outrage at Sydney does damage to Steel Plant.

August 1, 1923 Besco Steel strike called off at Sydney.

Regatta Day.

August 2, 1923 Death of President Harding at San Francisco, from cerebral apoplexy, 58.

Regatta, postponed due to bad weather, completed.

August 3, 1923 Vice President Calvin Coolidge sworn in as President of the United States of America.
August 6, 1923 Summer School at Brigus opened.

Harry Sullivan of Lowell, Mass, swims the English Channel, 60 miles in 6 hours, 50 minutes, winning the $1,000 prize.

Gomez elected President of Portugal.

T.A. juvenile outing at Donovan’s.

August 7, 1923 International Supreme Council.

Knight of Columbus opens session at Montreal.

M. Beauregard gazetted as French Consul.

August 8, 1923 Funeral train with mortal remains of President Harding, reaches Washington.

Funeral of the Rev. Dr. Whelan at North River.

Sports Day at C.L.B. Camp, Topsail.

August 10, 1923 President Harding laid to rest in his home town, Marion Ohio. Memorial service at St. Thomas’s Church for President Harding. Rev. Canon Bolt, M.A., D.C.I., the Preacher.

Installation of Lodge McKay, Bay Roberts, I.O.O.F.

St. Joseph’s postponed Regatta.

August 13, 1923 Chancellor Cuno with German Cabinet, resigns.

British note in the occupation of Ruhr, is declared illegal, arouses great anger in France.

August 15, 1923 Eamonn de Valera arrested at Ennis.

Broad Cove Regetta.

Highland Games. G. Burnell wins the 10 mile walking Race.

Cape Breton strike area evacuated by the Military Forces.

Harbor Grace Regatta.

August 17, 1923 Anglo Japanese Agreement automatically expires on ratification today, by all parties of the Washington Naval Disarmament Treaties.

S.S. Yankton, Capt. Braithwaite, arrives on her trip to St. John’s.

Installation Harbor Grace Lodge, A.F. & A.M.

August 18, 1923 Footballers leave for Grand Falls.
August 19, 1923 Corpus Christi Church dedicated by Archbishop Roche.
August 20, 1923 German marks drop to 12 cents a million.

Thames Dock strike ends.

August 22, 1923 Terrific rain storm followed by hurricane.

Chief Justice Meredith dies in Toronto, 83.

August 23, 1923 Wireless Operator Hunter Snelgrove, injured through gunning accident on S.S. Watchful.

Russian Government protests British claim to, and occupation of, Wrangel Island.

Premier Baron Kato of Japan, dies.

Turkey ratifies the Treaty of Lausanne.

August 24, 1923 Final meeting of Regatta Committee for 1923.

Spectacular fire at stable and garage of Mr. Gordon Winter, King’s Bridge Road.

Grand Falls Football Week closes. City winners 2 out of 3.

August 25, 1923 Rioting in India.
August 27, 1923 Irish Free State elections.

Viscount Yasuya Uchita succeds late Premier Kato of Japan

Veteran’s Farewell Luncheon to Captain J H Snow.

Premises of J Joy & Sons, Port au Port, destroyed by fire. Loss about $19,000.

August 28, 1923 Gloucester Tercentenary.

First radio concert heard in Northern Labrador, picked up by Moravian Station at Hopedale.

August 29, 1923 Five members of Italian Mission, engaged in delimiting Albanian Greek frontier, massacred. Italy demands apology, indemnity and and salute from Greece.

Boy Scouts Field Sports.

Wellman’s Mill, Springdale, destroyed by fire.

August 30, 1923 Princess Anastasia of Greece, dies.

H.J. Russell appointed General Manager of Newfoundland Government Railway.

Installation Carbonear Lodge, A. F. & A.M.

August 31, 1923 Corfu bombarded by Italians.

September 1, 1923 Appalling destruction in Japan due to earthquake, fire, and floods. Tokio and Yokohama in flames. Central Japan in ruins.

Operations at Bell Island curtailed.

Schooner Henry Ford, Capt. Clayton Morrissey, won the Lipton Cup at the Gloucester Tercentenary.

U.S. and Mexico resume Diplomatic Relationship.

September 3, 1923 Fourth General Assembly of the League of Nations.

Church of the Assumption, St. Kyran’s, dedicated by His Grace, Archbishop Roche.

September 4, 1923 Rotary Children’s Day.
September 5, 1923 A.A.A. Sports, Ron O’Tool wins the Herder Evening Telegram 10 mile Road Race, and breaks the record.
September 6, 1923 Cadets win the Championship after an unbroken record of successes for 1923.
September 7, 1923 George C Power, Grand Falls, of St. Bon’s College, wins the Jubilee Scholarship.

S.S. Hekla, first direct boat to the Mediterranean markets for the season, sails for Alicante and Naples, followed within 24 hours by the second steamer of the fleet.

Grand Master W.A. McKay, makes official visit to Colonial Lodge I.O.O.F.

September 8, 1923 Anthracite Operators and Miners reach agreement.
September 9, 1923 Seven of a Squadron of U.S. Destroyers, wrecked in dense fog, on the rocks of San Miguel Island — 25 lives lost.
September 10, 1923 Irish Free State unanimously elected to membership in the League of Nations.

H.M.S. Calcutta arrives en route to England.

September 11, 1923 Premier Warren addresses Rotary Club, on Labrador Boundary Question.

Japan earthquake casualties officially estimated as 1,256,749 dead, injured, and missing, and 315,824 houses destroyed.

September 12, 1923 Prince of Wales arrives, traveling as Baron Renfrew, arrives in Quebec en route to his Alberta Ranch.

Annual outing of Columbus Ladies Association at Smithville.

Banquet in honour of Grand Master McKay, I.O.O.F., at West End Restaurant.

Guards Sports Concert at St. George’s Field.

September 13, 1923 Earle Spicer Concert for the P.D.F.

Revolutionary Outbreak in Barcelona.

September 14, 1923 King Alfonso accepts Military Directorate, and approves appointment of General Primo Rivero, leader of a bloodless revolution, as Prime Minister.

Board of Trade discusses British Empire Exhibition, and appoints a committee to co operate with the Government.

September 15, 1923 Japan again suffers. 5,000 perish at Tottort, Northwest of Kobe, through floods, following typhoon.

General Miguel Prime Rivera, Marquis de Estalla, takes oath as Prime Minister of Spain.

September 17, 1923 Capt. Gerald Whitty, M.C., O.B.E., delegate to the British Empire Service League, addresses War Veterans in Grenfell Hall.
September 18, 1923 Japan Relief Fund launched by His Excellency the Governor, though a letter, addressed to the people of Newfoundland.

Professor Huntsman, and Mr Gardiner, address Board of Trade, on their fishery researches in the Straits of Bell Isle.

Fire in Fredericton, Notre Dame Bay, results in loss of three dwelling houses, shop and contents.

September 19, 1923 S.A. Maternity Home opened by Lady Allardyce.

D.H. McDougall resigns the Vice Presidency of British Empire Steel Co.(Besco).

President Cosgave re elected by the Irish Free State Dail.

September 20, 1923 Earthquake in Persia. Nine villages destroyed. Many deaths.
September 21, 1923 Islands of Tenedos, and Imbros, formally returned to Greece to Turkey, in accordance with terms of the Lausanne Treaty. Evacuation of Corfu by Italy Commenced.

Reredos in memory of the late Rt. Rev. Llewellyn Jones, D.D., Bishop of Newfoundland, in the C. of E. Cathedral, dedicated by Bishop White.

September 23, 1923 Death of John Viscount Morley, O.M., aged 85.
September 24, 1923 Insurrection in Bulgaria.
September 25, 1923 Premiers of German Federated States, unanimously approved abandonment of Passive Resistance, in Ruhr and Rhineland.
September 26, 1923 Flour Mill project discussed by Board of Trade.
September 27, 1923 Premier Baldwin states that good relations between France and Britain are restored.

At adjourned meeting, Board of Trade approved general principles of the Flour Mill proposal.

Chancellor Stresemann notifies Entente of decision to abandon Passive Resistance.

Arch Wiseman meets serious gunning accident, necessitating amputation of left arm.

Rotarian dinner at Donovan’s, in honour of District Governor, Harvey L Spangler.

September 29, 1923 Another slope closed down on Bell Island – 300 men thrown out of employment.

Hon. Esmond Harmsworth , M.P., and party, reach the city from Grand Falls, and join outgoing Rosalind, for England via New York.

David Lloyd George leaves London for Canada. 

October 1, 1923 Imperial Conference opens at 10 Downing Street.

Severe rainstorms, almost cloudbursts, do much damage in Maritime Provinces and locally.

October 2, 1923 Bavarian Premier, Dr. Von Knilling, resigns. Dr. Von Kahr, Military Dictator, becomes General Commissioner of the State.

John W Bedngough, Canadian Artist, died when at work on a cartoon.

Mrs Hector McNeil addresses Rotary Club.

October 4, 1923 Ten directors of the Home Bank arrested.

Stresemann Cabinet resigns.

Imperial Economic Council Sessions opened.

October 5, 1923 Marshal Tsao Kun elected President of China.

David Lloyd George arrives at New York, by R.M.S. Mauretania.

October 6, 1923 Turkish troops re enter Constantinople after nearly four years banishment.

Chancellor Stresemann forms his second Cabinet.

Lloyd George at Montreal.

October 7, 1923 Daylight Saving time ends, and Greenwich time resumed.
October 8, 1923 Free Protection Week opens

T.A. & B. War Memorial unveiled by Hon. W.J. Ellis, M.L.C.

“All of a Sudden Peggy”, staged by Mrs Baxter at the Casino, with Miss Kathleen Fraser as the star.

October 9, 1923 American Federation of Labour decides not to form a political party.
October 10, 1923 David Lloyd George at Toronto.

Girl Guides Headquarters opened by Lady Allardyce.

Father Matthew celebration.

October 12, 1923 Samuel Gompers re elected President of the American Federation of Labour, at Portland, Oregon.

Columbus Day Celebration by Terra Nova Council, K of C.

October 13, 1923 Lord Renfrew, Prince of Wales, sails for England from Quebec, on the Empress of France.
October 14, 1923 Rev. Dr. Hanson opens week’s Mission in St Andrew’s Church.
October 16, 1923 St. Patrick’s Vegetable Sale.
October 17, 1923 Lloyd George in Chicago.

Spencer Club Annual Sale.

Methodist College Annual Sports.

October 18, 1923 Dr, George T Trueman, installed as fifth President of Mount Allison University.

Installation of Hon. Tasker Cook, as Director Grand Master, A. F. & A.M., S.C.

Lloyd George pays tribute to the memory of Abraham Lincoln, at his tomb in Springfield, Illinois.

October 20, 1923 Prince of Wales reaches Southampton, after six weeks incognito visit to Canada.

British Derby winner Papyrus, defeated by American Zev, at Belmont Park, New York, by six lengths.

October 21, 1923 Rhineland Republic which proved abortive, proclaimed at Aix La Chapelle.

Funeral of Dr. Scully at Harbor Grace.

October 22, 1923 Anthony Hawco, committed for trial for the murder of Michael Fewer, of Chapel’s Cove.
October 23, 1923 Premier Smuts of South Africa, handles the European situation without gloves, attacking France for her policy; warning Britain and the United States that over leniency is encouraging militarism; and criticizing the branch by U. S., of the joint guarantee with Britain, of security for peace.

Ku Klux Klan Governor Walton, suspended by the Oklahoma Legislature.

Mount Cashel Silver Anniversary celebration commence.

Gower Street M.S. annual Tea and Sale.

Work on War Memorial started. His Excellency the Governor firing the first blast.

Child Welfare Concert in College Hall.

October 24, 1923 Germany makes formal application for hearing before the Reparations Commission.

St. Bon’s retains College football championship.

Presbyterian Bazaar opened by Lady Allardyce.

October 25, 1923 Mr. H.C. Thomson, addresses Board of Trade, on the Great Lakes – Newfoundland — Atlantic Company project.

Harbor Main By-election. Poll declared the following day. Hawco (Govt.) 817; St. John (Ind) 438.

Earl of Athlone appointed, Governor General of South Africa.

October 26, 1923 Frank D Kellogg appointed successor of Colonial Harvey, as U.S. Ambassador at London.

Home Bank Directors committed for trial.

October 27, 1923 Berlin issues ultimatum to Bavaria and Saxony.
October 28, 1923 Installation Conception Council K of C, Bell Island.
October 29, 1923 Parliament of Saxony dismissed by Berlin Government.

Schooner Blusnose, Capt. Walters, wins First International Fishermen’s Trophy race by 80 seconds.

October 30, 1923 Death of ex Premier Andrew Bonar Law, 65.

First bowling game for the season.

St. Joseph’s vegetable sale.

National Assembly at Angora, votes the establishment of Turkish Republic, and unanimously elects Mustapha Kemal Pasha, first President.

St. John (N.B.) Dry Dock opened by Baron Byng of Vimy, Viceroy of Canada.

October 31, 1923 Mount Cashel, Promenade Concert at Prince’s Rink.

November 1, 1923 Schooner Bluenose wins second race by 2 mins and 45 sec., but is disqualified for passing buoy on the wrong side, and race awarded to American schooner, Columbia.

Officers Mess formed, Major March M.C. de C., President.

Mr. H.B. Curtis, Superintendent of the Railway Express Service, resigns, and leaves for Cleveland U.S.A.

Lt. Col., Paterson, M.D., O.B.E., O.E., Highlanders Brigade, retires and passes over the Command to Lt. Col W.H. Herder.

November 2, 1923 Separatist movement collapses, Aix la Chapelle evacuated by the Revolutionaries.

C.C.C. Carnival at the Prince’s Rink.

November 3, 1923 Crown Prince Gustave Adolph of Sweden, and Lady Louise Mountbatten, married in London.

Tasker Celebration at the Masonic Temple.

Governor Allardyce at Outer Cove, presents Silver Cup to victorious Fishermen’s Race Crew at the Regatta.

November 4, 1923 Mae Edwards Company leaves for Grand Falls.
November 5, 1923 Jugo-Slavia presents 48 hours ultimatum to Bulgaria.

Funeral for Andrew Bonar Law in Westminster Abbey.

November 6, 1923 Sir Joseph Outerbridge presents C.L.B. Brigade with fourth Outerbridge Sheild for competition.

Installation Terra Nova Council, K of C.

November 7, 1923 Clinic Department at the Methodist College, intiated at annual meeting of Old Collegians.

Gerald White, B.A., elected 1924 Rhodes Scholar.

“A Dream of Flowers”, at St. Mary’s Hall, South Side.

Girl Guides Rally, 600 present, in C.L.B. Amoury.

Bulgaria apologizes to Jugo-Slavia, and salutes her flag.

November 8, 1923 Imperial Conference Closed.
November 9, 1923 David Lloyd George reaches South Hampton, after memorable tour of Canada and the States.

Bavarian Coup d’Etat. Offensive movement towards Berlin commenced. Ludendorffs second Putsch falls. With Von Hitler, the Austrian Fascist, he is captured, imprisoned, and released. A comedy amid tragedy.

November 10, 1923 Ex Crown Prince Wilhelm, Alias Little Willie, leaves Wieringen at dawn, for his Silesian Castle at Oels.

Poppy Day, results nearly double those of last year.

Remembrance Day.

November 11, 1923 Armistice Day.

Bennett Hall, Grand Falls, so named in honour of Rev. Sidney Bennett, President of the Methodist Conference, to whose initiative and enterprise the erection is due, opened.

November 12, 1923 Edinburgh University confers L.l.D. degree on Prime Minister Mackenize King of Canada, and Warren of Newfoundland.

Novelty Musical Company at St. Joseph’s Hall.

November 13, 1923 Dissolution of British Parliament, and General Election announced.

Little Willie reaches Oels.

Armistice Dance in C.C. Hall.

District Convention W.M.S. opens at Gower Street Church.

Presentation Convent L.A. sale of work.

November 14, 1923 Germany suspends payment of reparations, alleging breach by France and Belgium, of the Treaty of Versailles, also announces cessation of dole for the Ruhr and Rhineland, after November 25th.
November 15, 1923 Baron Krpp Von Bohlen and co-directors, undergoing long sentences of imprisonment, released by French.

Closing Social function of the Imperial Conference — Dinner in the House of Lords, by the United Kingdom Branch of the Empire Parliamentary Association.

M.G.C.A. Trophy night.

C.L.B. annual “At Home”.

November 16, 1923 King George dissolved British Parliament.

S.U.F. Grand Lodge, celebrates Golden Jubilee at Heart’s Content.

Flume controversy reported finalized, and agreement entered into, between Italy and Jugo Slavia.

November 18, 1923 Rev. E.C. Earp. B.A., Rector of St. Thomas’s, appointed Canon of the Cathedral. Vice Rev. Canon Hewitt.

Rev. E. Crossly Hunter with Mr. Guilford, Soloist, at Cochrane Street.

November 19, 1923 Breach between Britian and France narrowly averted. Agreement reached re German problems. Temporally effected by Council of Ambassadors.

Liberal Manifesto issued signed by both Asqulth and Lloyd George.

Governor Walton of Oklahoma, removed from office, as result of impeachment proceedings.

Rev. E.C. Hunter lectures on “The wonder Story of Ford.” in the College Hall. H.E. Sir Allerdyce presiding.

Sergeant's Mess reformed at a reunion in the West End Restaurant. Neil Partick, President.

November 20, 1923 First Masonic Dance for the season.
November 21, 1923 W.H.M.S. Concert at the Synod Hall.

Wesley Sale of Work.

Congregational Church L.A.S. sale.

St. Patrick Old Convent School Concert.

Columbus L.A. sale of work.

November 22, 1923 Poultry Exhibition at Bell Island, opened by the Governor.

Discovery of traces of the Ancient city of David, announced .

Doctor Cook of North Pole notoriety, sentenced to 14 3/4 years imprisonment, and $12,000 fine, for oil stock frauds.

L.O.B.A. sale of work at Victoria Hall.

November 23, 1923 Stresemann Government defeated and resigns.

Remaining imprisoned Krupp Directors are released.

November 25, 1923 Funeral of Hon. George Knowling.

Mr. Nathan Andrews appointed District Deputy, S.O.E. 

November 26, 1923 Heavy snow storm in New England and Canada. Summer weather in Newfoundland.
November 27, 1923 Viscountess Morley dies, 9 weeks after her husband.

St. Michael’s sale of work opened by the Bishop of Newfoundland.

November 28, 1923 Bishop Colohan of Cork, refuses Christian burial to hunger-striking suicides.

Eleventh Annual Poultry Show opened by H.E. The Governor.

Dinner in honour of Sir Michael Cashin, tendered by St. John’s West Committee.

L.C.A.S. sale opened at College Hall, by Arthur Mews, C.M.G.

St. Mary’s sale of work.

November 29, 1923 Dr. Wilhelm Marx succeeds Stresemann as German Chancellor.

85th Anniversary of St. Andrew’s Society, celebrated.

75th anniversary of St. John’s Lodge A.F. &. A.M. celebrated at the Masonic Temple.

Premier Warren has audience with King George.

November 30, 1923 Eighty-fifth Anniversary of the birth of the Rev. Dr. Humphrey Pickard Cowpertheaite.

Poultry Exhibition closes.

December 1, 1923 Queen Mother Alexandra’s 79th birthday anniversary.

Newfoundland Medical Society formed. Dr Keegan first President.

December 2, 1923 Freemasons attend service of Thanksgiving at the Cathedral, in connection with 75th anniversary of founding of St. John’s Lodge, No. 579, Preacher, the Lodge Chaplain, Rev. Bro. A.T. Tulk, B.A.

Christian Brothers annual collection exceeds $8,000.

Rev. E.C. Earp, B.A., installed by the Bishop of Newfoundland, as Canon of the Cathedral, in the Stall of St. Patrick.

George Street Methodist Church Jubilee Week commences. Rev. Dr. Bond, the Preacher for the day.

December 3, 1923 Bergamo Valley, Italy, inundated through collapse of the Great Dyke at Gleno Lake. 600 drowned.
December 4, 1923 Deadlock in House of Representatives at Washington, staged by Republican insurgents, over the re election of Speaker Gillett.

T.A. Ladies Auxiliary Sale of Work.

Installation Lodge St. Andrew A. F. & A.M., No 1139 R.S.

December 5, 1923 Election of W.A.E. Black, Conservative Candidate in Bye Election for Halifax County, makes first breach in Nova Scotia’s solid sixteen. Majority 1932.

Death of Sir William Mackenzie, Canadian Railway magnate.

Deadlock broken after 48 hours, and Speaker Gillette is elected.

St. Thomas’s Sale of Work opened by Lady Winter.

December 6, 1923 General Election in Britain resulting as follows: - Conservatives 354; Labour 186; Liberal 153; others 12 . Total 615. Final election in West Derbyshire, delayed through death of a nominated Candidate.

Sir William Allardyce addresses Llewellyn Club on Fiji.

December 7, 1923 N.A.A.A. Outdoor Sports.
December 10, 1923 Lord Shaughnessy, of C.P.R. fame, dead, aged 70.

Rev. Dr. Hemmeon lectures at The College Hall, on the Church and Industrial Disputes.

Death of Sir Frederick Traves at Lausanne, 71.

Irish Free State Loan successfully floated.

December 11, 1923 Washington Government favours participation of U.S. experts in Reparation enquiry, but refuse official representation.

Messrs C.P. Ayre and Eric A Bowring, gazetted members of the Permanent Marine Disaster Committee.

December 12, 1923 C.W.A. Sale of Work, opened in Synod Hall, by His Lordship Bishop White.
December 13, 1923 St Andrew’s Ladies Auxiliary Sale of Work at St. Andrew’s Club Rooms.
December 14, 1923 Blizzard and intense frost in Southern States. Twelve lives lost in New Mexico.

Rockefeller Foundation presents a million dollar endowment to Toronto University, mainly in recognition of Dr. Banting’s work, and Insulin.

Child Welfare Sale opened by Lady Allardyce — $1500 raised in 2½ hours.

December 17, 1923 Methodist College Association Annual Sociable..

Supt. Thomas Gray, Supt. E.J. Kent, Foreman George Bugden, and Edward Snow, badly burned in No. 6 Mine, Bell Island, when collecting samples for the B.E. Exhibition.

December 18, 1923 Tangier Agreement signed at Paris.

Ottawa suspends Meat Export Regulations, to enable dumping of Nova Scotian meats, that “Cannot be marketed to advantage elsewhere”, in Newfoundland and St. Pierre.

Bishop Feild College Speech Day and Prize giving.

December 19, 1923 King George II and Queen Elizabeth of Greece, embark for Rumania — the Tenth King to disappear since the war.

Laidslaw Cragske becomes President of Poland.

Raisull, again reported dead.

Rev. Dr. J.H. Jowett dies in Surrey.

Bishop Spencer College Speech Day and Prize giving.

December 20, 1923 Prince George, youngest son of the King, attains his 21st birthday.

Premier and Mrs Warren return from the Imperial Conference.

Election in Kent County, New Brunswick, marks another defeat for King administration.

December 22, 1923 Several Irish Free State prisoners released.
December 23, 1923 Six novitiates from Newfoundland, received at West Park, New York.
December 24, 1923 Irish Free State release of prisoners, total 3481 in three weeks.

R.G. Reid, Vice President Reid Nfld. Co., entertains former employees in the Reid-Nfld. Railway, now in the Government Railway Service.

Midnight Mass at the Cathedral.

Carol Service at the Kirk.

December 25, 1923 Greece recalls Venizelos.
December 26, 1923 Commission issued to Hollie Walker, K.C., on December 22nd., published.
December 27, 1923 First snow fall for the winter.

Rotary Third Annual Christmas dinner to City boys.

Christmas Tree at the C. of E. Orphanage.

Annual Christmas Tree for poor children at the Kirk.

Attempted assassination of Prince Regent Hiro Hito of Japan.

Christmas Tree at St. Joseph’s.

December 28, 1923 Poor Asylum Mission Tea and entertainment.

Methodist Orphanage Christmas Tree at the College Hall.

December 29, 1923 Esperantist’s first lesson in Esperanto, published in Daily News.

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