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Year End Review  - 1926


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January 1, 1926 C M.G. conferred on Capt. Victor Gordon, M.C., High Commissioner of Newfoundland.

T A & B Celebration.

Crown Prince of Roumania renounces succession to throne, and all royal prerogatives.

January 2, 1926 Schooner Mytle Piercey, of Grand Bank, reported abandoned at sea. Crew rescued by S.S. Beemsteryk on December, 18th., off Valencia.

S.S. Beothic II, formerly the Lake Como, arrived from Glasgow, 11 days to Job Bros. and Co., Ltd.

Lieut W.A. Grace, feted by Tobacco Factory on his departure for West Indies. Presentation and address tendered.

January 3, 1926 Funeral of Ernest W Taylor. Special train conveyed some 170 mourners to Carbonear, where interment was made.

C.E. Hunt addresses Holy Cross Literary Society, on “The Newness of the Old.”

Gower Street and Wesley United Church Choirs, exchange duties at evening services.

Coal miners loot stores in Glace Bay.

Trade and Information Officer for British Dependencies in Eastern Africa, opened in London, under direction of Col W.H. Franklin, D.S.O.

January 4, 1926 Europe ravaged by floods. Situation in Britain, serious.

Two storied house on Mundy Pond Road, belonging to Mr S.O. Steel, destroyed by fire.

C.L.M.L.A. re opens in Synod Building.

Prince of Wales rink opened for the season.

Death of Dowager Queen Marasherns of Italy 75.

January 5, 1926 Capt. W. Winsor, Minister of Marine and Fisheries, interviews Premier Taschereau at Quebec, on Straits fishery matters.
January 6, 1926 Newfoundland schooner Harriet, Capt Butler, reported lost off the North Coast of Portugal.

G.W.V.A. bid adieu to Lt. Grace.

January 7, 1926 Canadian Parliament assembles, and Speaker Lemieux is re elected.

Rev Canon Jeeves addresses Rotary, on “Sincerity.

First meeting of newly elected Municipal Council for St. John’s.

Installation Leeming lodge L.O.A.

January 8, 1926 Capt Courage, and crew of five, of the schooner Myrtle Piercey, reach Boston.
January 9, 1926 Sir Andrew Rae Cuncan’s Coal Commission finding filed.
January 10, 1926 Star of the Sea annual parade.
January 12, 1926 Installation Lodge Dudley, S.O.E.B.S.

New Municipal Council gazetted.

January 13, 1926 Caisson for new dock, built by Vickers Ltd., arrives by S.S. Newfoundland.

South Africa refuses assent to Locarno Pact, and also declines to take part in the Imperial Conference.

Anglo-Iran treaty signed at Bagdad.

January 14, 1926 Mackenzie King Government sustained at Ottawa, by a Majority of 3.

Miss Crawford addresses Rotary, on the “Charity Organization Bureau.”

Llewellyn Club re opens.

Fire at La Scie destroys two Union Trading Co. stores, and stores belonging to J.M. Jackman, with their contents.

January 15, 1926 Miss Pressley Smith addresses Old Colony Club, on “Arts and Craft in the Scottish Highlands.”
January 17, 1926 St. Joseph’s Ladies Auxiliary formed.
January 18, 1926 Compton Players open at Casino, with Grumpy.
January 19, 1926 W.M.E. Banquet at George St. United Church.

C.B.E. conferred on Major Outerbridge, D.S.O., in Wembley Honors list.

Installation Empire Lodge, S.O.E. No 270.

S.S. Schemectady, 4 days outward bound from New York to Copenhagen, puts in for repairs to boilers.

First meeting of St. John’s Lodge No.5 S.U.F. in new quarters Wadden Building, followed by banquet.

January 20, 1926 Dinner to Bank of Commerce bowling victors, at Stirling Restaurant. Manager Paddon of the Bank of Montreal, presiding.

Anti war Pact signed by Sweden and Denmark.

January 21, 1926 Funeral of Liuet. Col. Carty, Stipendiary Magistrate of St. George’s, in St. John’s.

Installation Newfoundland British Society.

Principal Paton, addresses M.C.L.I. on Education.

Finance Minister, Sir John Crosbie, returns from England.

Major Shannon Lee addresses Rotary, on “Structural Engineering.” 

January 22, 1926 South Africa Parliament opened by the Earl of Athlone.
January 23, 1926 Death of His Eminence, Cardinal Mericer of Belgium, 71.

Residence of Arthur Mootrey, Mundy Pond Road, totally destroyed by fire, following several weeks of ideal weather.

Belfry of Carbonear Methodist Church, crashed, tearing a hole in Church roof, as one result of storm.

January 25, 1926 Hon. Joseph J Long, M.E.C., elected President of the Board of Trade.

C.Y.L.M.A. election of officers.

January 26, 1926 Major Court Treatt, wife, and four companions, complete the Cape to Cairo journey, by automobile.

Civil Service Bowling League Dinner at Smithville.

The Charles P Daly Gold Medal, presented to Captain Robert A Bartlett, by the American Geographical Society.

Studio of J.C. Parsons, at Corner Brook, destroyed by fire.

The Argentine Troopship Chaco, from Liverpool to Quincy, Mass., arrives for fuel oil and supplies.

S.S. Laristan, lost with 24 hands, 45.12 N, 43.11 W.

January 27, 1926 First whole holiday for winter season.

Death of Marquis Kate, Premier of Japan.

Italy adjusts war debt to Britain, debt was £592,000,000. The sum of £250,000,000 in payment, covering 62 years, accepted.

Principal Paton lectures in Grenfell Hall, on ”Education and the Working Man.”

Installation Conception Lodge, Carbonear, No. 145 I.O.O.F.

Wesley Star Mission Birthday Party.

Installation Fortune Lodge, A.F. &. A.M. Fortune.

January 28, 1926 H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, fractures collar bone while hunting.
January 29, 1926 Cardinal Mereier interred at Rheims.

Premier Mussolini declares war on Mafia.

Admiral Sir Henry Trowbridge, died at Biarritz.

S.S. Northland, of Quebec-Newfoundland line, launched at Newcastle-on-Tyne.

January 30, 1926 U.M.W of Nova Scotia, accept terms of Duncan Report, as basis of agreement with Besco.

British occupation of the Cologne Bridgehead, in force since December 1916, terminates.

January 31, 1926 S.S. Rosalind, Capt. James, returns to port, having exhausted oil fuel supply in incessant struggle with waves, winds, and tempests. Was within 180 miles of Halifax.

Bay de Verde and Trepassey railway lines, closed down.

C.P.R. Liner, Empress of France, struck by gigantic wave, incurs damage in the vicinity of $80,000.

February 1, 1926 Thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of the Daily News as a Morning Paper.

Jubilee of the Rev. Mother Ita M Glynn, Mercy Convent, Military Road.

Schooner General Wood, of Grand Bank, reaches Bay Bulls, 48 days from Lisbon, with foresail, mainmast, and jumbo, lost.

G.W.V.A. Curling Day.

Raymond Gushue and E.J. Phelan admitted as Barristers of the Supreme Court.

February 2, 1926 Imperial Parliament re assembles. Sir Alfred Mound crosses from Liberal to the Conservative benches.

Annual re union and ball of Royal Store employees.

Mount Cashel Old Boys’ Association “At Home.”

February 3, 1926 R Holland Taylor Lodge, S.U.F., Constituted at Brigus.

Attempted revolution in Portugal suppressed.

Italian Government refuses to recognize war debt to France.

St. Michael’s Faith Class sociable.

Schooner Retraction, of Bonavista, Captain John Sinclar, abandoned in mid ocean, when homeward bound from Cadiz. Crew rescued by British tanker El Oso, bound for the Dutch West Indies.

Sociable and Broadcast Concert at Wesley Lecture Hall.

Sociable at Cochrane Street Church Hall.

Feildian Ladies Association Sociable in Canon Wood Hall.

Golden Jubilee of the Children of St. Mary’s, founded by Rev. Dean Ryan, celebrated.

February 4, 1926 F.W. Hayward wins G.W.V.A. Curling Cup and Medal.

Two Stores and Offices at Dr. Mooney’s Plant, Harbor Deep, destroyed by fire. Contractor Dove badly burned and his ribs fractured.

Wireless from Battle Harbor reports several fishing rooms swept clean by recent storm, and wreckage general.

Installation R Hollands Taylor Lodge, S.U.F., Brigus, No. 83.

February 6, 1926 Mussolini issues warning to Germany against anti Italian campaign in the Reich, which he regards as a war gesture.

Captain Sinclair, and crew of the abandoned schooner Retraction, reach New York.

February 7, 1926 At special meeting of B.I.S., committee is appointed to arrange for Christian Brothers Jubilee Celebration.
February 8, 1926 “The Belle of Richmond” staged by Holy Cross Troupe.
February 9, 1926 Nova Scotian Legislature assembles.

Mr. W. Angus Reid wins Points Curling game, with the local record score of 40 points.

Mr. Olaf Olsen, recognized as Vice Consul in Newfoundland for Latvia.

Father and Son banquet in Gower Street United Church Lecture Hall.

Schooner General Byng, of Grand Bank, towed in port by the tug Hugh D., with fore topmast lost and other damages. Captain Williams, whose leg has been broken, conveyed to Hospital.

February 10, 1926 Spanish aviators reach Buenos Aires from Palos, Spain, 6,232 miles. Several stops were made en route.

Germany makes formal application for admission to the League of Nations.

Masonic - B.I.S. dinner at Masonic Club.

C.M.B.C. Tea and Concert in the Synod Hall.

St. Valentine Tea and Sociable at Gower Street United Church.

February 11, 1926 C.L.B. Officers “At Home” at Bishop Spencer College.

Llewellyn Club Tea and Sociable.

Springdale Street School Sale of Work.

February 12, 1926 Social at Congregational Church.

Crew of the schooner Novelty, Captain George Winsor, M. Barr, bound from Harbor Breton to Pernambuco, reported taken off by motor ship Zinemac, from Vancouver to Britain.

February 13, 1926 Captain L Fox, and crew of the schooner Spencer Lake, lost on December 5th, when journeying from Oporto to Fortune, arrive by S.S. Sachem.
February 15, 1926 Premier MacKenzie King, elected for Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Premier Briand breaks with Socialists.

S.S. Bryntawe puts in port, to land her Captain, F.R. Jones, suffering from pleurisy, proceeding thereafter too New York, under command of Chief Officer Logan.

Schooner Eastwood, of Yarmouth, reports being bombarded off Long Island, by U.S. Revenue Vessel Seneca.

Captain Robert Bartlett arrives by S S. Saliva.

Columbus Ladies Association Valentine Festival.

Bowring’s S and A association Social at Grenfell Hall.

T.A. Ladies valentine Party.

February 16, 1926 Engineers’ Re union at Sterling Restaurant.

Raymond Gushue, B.A., LLB., lectures on “World Powers since the War.”

February 17, 1926 Anthractic coal contract signed covering a period of five years.

Terra Novas win Cavendish Boyle trophy Amateur Hockey Championship for 1926.

February 18, 1926 General Sir George Francis Milne, succeeds the Earl of Cavan as Chief of the Imperial General Staff.

St. Bon’s win championship in Inter College hockey.

Franco-Turkish Neutrality Convention and agreement signed at Angora.

February 19, 1926 Fishermen’s Advocate found guilty of defamatory libel of Sir John Crosbie, and fined $500.00.
February 20, 1926 Death of Archbishop Roy, of Quebec, 67.

Sydney Miners reject Besco agreement.

February 21, 1926 Severe storm, all trains stalled.
February 22, 1926 S.S. Beothic arrives from Sydney, after detention in the ice for nearly four weeks, from which she was released by the S.S. Caribou.
February 23, 1926 New South Wales Legislative Council refuse to consent to its own abolition.

First Royal Leeve for the year, held at Buckingham Palace.

Royal Family remove to Sandringham, which was willed to King George, by the Late Queen Mother, Alexandra.

February 24, 1926 Horse races at Quidi Vidi. Peter Joy’s Molivera, wins the free for all trotting race.

Pansy Mission Band Sale of Work and concert at Wesley Church.

Women’s Association Cochrane Street Church Concert.

February 25, 1926 S.S. Kentucky, 130 miles E.N.E. of St. John’s in field ice, damaged, and jettisoning cargo. Bound from Dunkirk to New York, with general cargo. S.S. Terra Nova goes to her rescue.

Benefit Day for employees at the Prince’s Rink.

February 26, 1926 Besco consents to “Check off”, and agreement reached.
February 27, 1926 Children’s Carnival at Prince’s rink.

Maharujah murder case abdicates. 

February 28, 1926 Northwest gale of hurricane dimensions does much damage. Part of General Hospital roof blown off, chimneys, flag poles, aerials, toppled. Schooners adrift.

March 1, 1926 Harvey’s win Commercial Bowling Championship for third successive year.
March 2, 1926 S.S. Viking, Captain William Bartlett, sails for the Gulf seal fishery.

Hon. Samuel Bell re appointed to the Legislative Council.

Engineer Commander Richard A Howley appointed Stipendiary Magistrate at St. George’s.

Newfoundland Automobile Dealers Association formed.

March 3, 1926 The Third session of the 26th Legislature opened by His excellency, Sir William L Allardyce, K.C., M.G., Governor.

Schooner Hillcrest, Captain Rideout, owned by F.P.U. Trading Company, ashore at Red Island Head.

Knights of Columbus Sports at Corner Brook.

March 4, 1926 Captain and crew of schooner General Smuts, reported rescued in mid Atlantic by Holland-American liner, Volendam. The Smuts left Spain for St. John’s on December 17th. She belonged to Samuel Piercey Winsor, Grand Bank.

Captain George Winsor and crew of seven, of the schooner Novelty, abandoned in mid ocean on February 11th, arrived by S.S. Newfoundland.

March 5, 1926 S.S. Beothic, Thetis, Sagona, Neptune, and Seal, sail for the ice fields.
March 6, 1926 S.S. Terra Nova, Captain Abram Kean, returns from the disabled Kentucky, with badly damaged stern.

The 150 ton schooner Amy Stelby, Captain Sam Jones, owned by the F.P.U. Trading Company, wrecked near Cape St. Mary’s. Crew reached North Harbor, St. Mary’s Bay.

Premier Briand resigns, after defeat of his Ministry in the Legislature.

March 7, 1926 First radio telephone conversation across the Atlantic Ocean. Voice, “clearer than the average local telephone.”
March 8, 1926 League of Nations Council meets in extraordinary session, to consider admission of Germany.

Crew of General Smuts, landed at Plymouth by the Dutch liner Volendam.

Feildians win Inter League Hockey Tie Cup.

March 10, 1926 Aeroplane reports patch of white coats, which is speedily cut up, and 26,500 stowed aboard.

Premier Briand forms his ninth Misistry.

March 11, 1926 Miners of District 26, U.M.W. of Cape Breton, accept the wage agreement with Besco by the small majority of 201 in a poll of 4,801.

DeValera resigns the Presidency of Sinn Fein.

March 12, 1926 Locarno pact torn by dissension.
March 13, 1926 S.S. Kentucky, Captain Roberts, arrives in tow of the S.S. Silvia, and S.S. Sable Island.

Aviator Allan Cobham arrives in London, from 16,000 mile round trip to Cape Town, and is received by King George.

Retreat for women at R.C. Cathedral, closes.

Captain Sinclair and crew of Templeman’s schooner, Retration, arrived by S.S. Rosalind.

March 14, 1926 Captain and Officers of S.S. Kentucky, and rescuing vessels, received at Government House, and congratulated by His Excellency.
March 16, 1926 G.P.O. wins City League Hockey cup.
March 17, 1926 S.S. Hillcroft, Captain Milne, under her own steam, with gaping hole in starboard, plates bent and life-boats damaged, entered port from Barry, Wales, to Providence, Rhode Island. She was anthractic laden.

League of Council Assembly adjourns till September. A special commission, appointed to study the question of Council re construction.

B.I.S. 120th anniversary Annual Parade. Wreath placed on War Memorial. Panegyric at St. Patrick’s Church, delivered by Rev. Father Miller.

Society calls on Governor and Archbishop.

Cochrane Street Mission Sale of Work.

K of C Concert.

St. Patrick’s Hall Concert.

Aibe’s Irish Rose at the Aula Maxima.

St. Thomas’s Missionary Society Concert.

Feis at Holy Cross

installation Tasker Lodge, A..F. &. A.M.

St. Andrew’s Masquerade.

T.A. Ladies Auxiliary celebration.

Presentation Convent Association Concert.

March 18, 1926 Death of Colonel John C Coolidge, father of the United States President.

Tourist Publicity films exhibited at Nickle Theatre.

March 19, 1926 Eight hour day convention signed in London by Britain, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy.
March 20, 1926 Captain Harris Oke, M.C., lectures before Old Colony Club, on “A few Stories about Nigeria.”
March 21, 1926 Death of Queen Dowager of Denmark, 74.

Confirmation at St. Mary’s by the Lord Bishop of Newfoundland.

Veronica’s Veil at the Nickle under direction of Mrs Baxter.

March 22, 1926 St. Bon’s wins the cup in first hockey game of the season.
March 24, 1926 Schooner Cecil Jr., abandoned at sea, and set on fire. Crew of six rescued by the S.S. Wanduvan. The Cecil was returning from Seville, salt laden.

River Steamer, destroyed by fire at Manau, Brazil, 101 lives lost.

Chess club formed; R.H.K. Cochius first President.

Sociable and “The Blundering Mrs. Brown” at the Congregational Hall.

March 25, 1926 Madrigal Singers at the Presbyterian Hall. Selections from Handels Messiah, and Elijah.
March 27, 1926 Cambridge wins University boat race by 5 lengths.
March 28, 1926 S.S. Seal, Captain Stanley Barbour, arrives at Harbor Grace with 19,458 seals.

Confirmation services at C of E Cathedral and St. Michael’s. Bishop White confirms 125 candidates.

Wrecked crew of General Smuts arrives by S.S. Sachem.

Schooner Max Horton, of Grand Bank, abandoned at sea. Crew saved by S.S. Dakarian, bound for Liverpool.

March 29, 1926 Opening of St. Lawrence navigation by S.S. Gaspesia.

Choral Service at St. Andrew’s.

March 30, 1926 Tasker educational sermon at the Kirk by Rev. R.J. Power, M.A., on “Brotherhood”.
March 31, 1926 S.S. Nerissa, launched at Liverpool and christened by Mrs Hope, Maroress of Liverpool, and sister of Sir Edgar Bowring.

Evangelists Woods and Nichol, concluded series of special services in Gower Street Church.

Danish steamer, Gertrude, Capt. Rasmussen, 65 days out from St. John’s to Oporto, given up as lost.

April 1, 1926 Installation Whiteway Lodge, A.F. &. A.M.

S.S. Eagle arrives with 26,274.

Commercial Bowling League presentation of cups and prizes.

April 2, 1926 S.S. Hillcroft leaves for Providence, Rhode Island, after temporary repairs.

Choral Good Friday Service, Gower Street United Church.

S.S. Senef, Capt. George Brags, arrives at Port Union with 5,114 seals.

April 3, 1926 United States declines to join World Court Conference.

Three marooned fishermen from The Battery, hoisted 600 feet up Sugar Loaf cliff — Walter Braggs, George Lowe and Chesley Ritch, were rescued after hours exposure, by Skipper Moses Strong, and others.

S.S. Beothic, Capt. George Barbour, arrives with 18,124 seals.

Flying Officer, Ralph Barrett, of the 6th Army Squadron, reported badly injured in Iraq, on March 3rd.

April 5, 1926 The “Originals” open at the Nickle, with “Thumbs Up”.

Wesley L.A. Concert and sociable.

April 6, 1926 Feildian Ladies’ Sale and Sociable.

S.S. Sagona, Capt. Jacob Kean, arrives with, 29,237 seals.

The “Baby Avro” aeroplane, landed from the S.S. Beothic, after season work.

April 7, 1926 Attempted assassination of Premier Mussolini by demented English woman, sister of Baron Ashbourne.

S.S. Hillcroft aground off Chatham light, near Boston.

Annual Banquet Cochrane Street Y.M.B.C.

Christian and Mayer concert at Synod Hall.

April 8, 1926 Spectacular oil blaze in San Luiz, California. Tanks holding seven and a half million barrels of oil, in flames. The flaming flood swept away many farmhouses, and engulfed the valley.

Louis Malvey, French Minister of the Interior, resigns.

S.S. Seal, Capt. Stanley Barbour, leaves on second trip.

First Annual Banquet of Bay of Islands Board of Trade.

April 9, 1926 S.S. Seal sinks at 1.08 p.m., 10 miles from Baccalieu, the results of an explosion in the magazine. Crew saved from the ice by S.S. Eagle. War Veteran James Frewin, others, die after.


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