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Year End Review  - 1928


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



January 1, 1928 New Year’s Day.

Unusual floods in England.

Annual prize giving, Cathedral Parish Sunday School.

January 2, 1928 The “Y” at home.

Funeral of late Judge Warren.

New Year celebration at T.A. Hall.

B.I.S. New Year’s Dance.

Masonic Club dance.

January 3, 1928 New Stamp issue on sale.

Floods continue in England. — Thames rises 3 feet in 24 hours.

St. John’s Lodge, S.U.F. installation. P. Summers, W.M.

January 4, 1928 Divers penetrate hull of U.S. submarine S–4, sunk after collision with Destroyer Poulding, and recover three bodies.

Nonia children party at Newfoundland Hotel.

January 5, 1928 First payments made under New British age pensions.

Charles Lindbergh receives gold medal of International Aeronautics Association, for greatest air achievement during 1927.

M.C.L.I. opens debating season.

Rev. F. Friggins [sic], delivers New Year message to Rotarians.

January 6, 1928 British Government appoints Commission, to cope with unemployment problems.

Boston Fishermen, petition Legislature to revise tax rate on fishing vessels.

Colonial Lodge I.O.O.F. installation.

British Isles swept by gale, which causes severe damage, and much property damage.

January 7, 1928 Overflow Thames banks causes fourteen deaths. River at greatest heigh since 1235 A.D.
January 8, 1928 Star of the Sea Society annual parade.

Crossley and Leonard, Evangelists, begin series of service at Gower Street United Church.

Annual meeting Presentation Convent Association.

Guards Hockeyists leave for Grand Falls and Corner Brook.

January 9, 1928 Annual meeting Feildian Ladies Association.

Supreme Court opens.

Star of the Sea Society annual reunion.

Guards hockeyists defeat Corner Brook, 6 to 5.

January 10, 1928 Laborites win Northampton from Conservatives, in by election.

Dudley Lodge S.O.E. installation.

Corner Brook wins from Guards, in second hockey contest, 6 to 4.

January 11, 1928 Air Mail service to P.E. Island established.

Thomas Hardy, noted British Author, dies, 86.

Annual Triduum Holy Name Society opened.

Musical recital at R.C. Cathedral.

January 12, 1928 Ruth Snyder and Henry Judd Greig, electrocuted at Sing Sing, for murder of former’s husband.

Rotarian, Will Morris, addresses local Club, on Rotary Education.

Portugal Cove lit by electricity.

Guards win final game at Corner Brook, 6–3.

January 13, 1928 Annual meeting, Commercial Travelers Association.
January 16, 1928 Body of Thomas Hardy, buried at Westminister Abby. His heart, interred in grave of his first wife, at Stinsford.

Imperial Wireless and Cable Conference opens at London.

Term of Earl of Athlone, as Governor General of South Africa, extended for two years.

Thomas McCartney, British subject, and George Hansen, German student, charged with espionage, in connection with British Air Force.

British Society annual meeting.

January 17, 1928 Nova Scotia Government appoints Commission, to investigate Dominion Coal Co. mines.

$1,000 reward offered through Daily News, for any information regarding plane, “Dawn.”

Baron Byeg created Viscount.

January 18, 1928 McCartney and Hansen found guilty of espionage, and sentenced to ten years imprisonment.

C.E.L. annual meeting.

Annual Banquet, Commercials Travelers, at Nfld. Hotel.

January 19, 1928 Indian Commission, under Sir John Simori, leaves London for India.

Explosion and fire in Timber Yards, New Hebrides, causes 10 deaths and $1,000,000 damage.

January 20, 1928 C.E. Assistants Association annual meeting.
January 21, 1928 Major General George W Goethals, builder Panama Canal, dead.
January 22, 1928 Anglican Church at Barr’d Islands, destroyed by fire.
January 23, 1928 Child Welfare Association annual meeting.

Girl Guides rally at Pitts Memorial Hall.

19th Annual meeting Board of Trade, Capt. A. Kean President.

Hockey season opens – Guards defeat St. Bon’s, 8–3.

January 24, 1928 British Isles again swept by severe gale.

Miners of Glace Bay and Sydney, appeal for help, because of unemployment.

Terra Nova defeats Felidans, 6–3 in hockey.

January 25, 1928 Burns Nicht celebrated at Newfoundland Hotel.

Nova Scotia Coast swept by terrific storm, which caused great property damage.

January 26, 1928 Canadian Parliament opens.

First Labor Government in Norway, constituted under Premiership of Christopher Hornsrud.

Mr A.M. Warren, U.S. Consul, addresses Rotary, on Man Eaters.

Heavy Snow fall blocks trains in Quebec.

January 27, 1928 Boy Scouts annual meeting.

Guards defeat Terra Nova, 8–3 in hockey.

January 29, 1928 Earl Haig dies in London, 66.
January 30, 1928 Horsemen’s Association annual meeting.

St. Bon’s defeat Felidians, 8–0.

Imperial Airways opens an airport at Croyden.

February 1, 1928 James McNeill sworn in as Governor General of Irish Free State.

G.W.V.A. memorial service for Earl Haig, at C of E Cathedral.

February 2, 1928 Roy Wolvin resigns Presidency of Besco. Holdings purchased by Holt Gundy & Co. C.B. McNaught, new President.

Rotarian John Currie, addresses local club on, Newspapers.

February 3, 1928 Six City blocks of Fall River, Mass., destroyed by fire, 2000 homeless, property loss $12,000,000.

Eighth annual meeting G.W.V.A.

Guards defeat Felidians 7–3 in hockey game.

Newfoundland Board of Fire Underwriters annual meeting.

February 4, 1928 Canadian farmers visiting England, received at Buckingham Palace.

Haig’s war diary deposited in British Museum, not to be opened till 1940.

February 5, 1928 Forty second anniversary of Salvation Army in Newfoundland, celebrated.
February 6, 1928 Arbitration Treaty between France and United States, signed.

St. Bon’s defeat Terra Nova, 8 to 1.

February 7, 1928 “Flapper” vote bill introduced in British Commons.

Earl Haig laid to rest at Dryburgh Abby.

Playground Association fetes. Nearly 1000 children at Prince’s Rink.

February 8, 1928 Winding up proceedings of Dominion Steel Cooperation, staged by National Trust Co.

Annual reunion of Employees, Nfld Light & Power Co.

February 9, 1928 Sharp slump in Rubber market, following announcement of inquiry into restrictions in export.
February 10, 1928 Liberals win Lancaster by election.

Preliminary annual meeting B.I.S.

Fifty one miners trapped in Hollinger Coal Mine at Timmins, by fire.

February 11, 1928 Worst wind storm ever experienced in England, five dead, great property damage

Wholesale murders taking place in China, due to Communistic violence.

February 13, 1928 Col. Charles Lindbergh completed 1200 mile flight from Havana to St. Louis, completing Central American goodwill.
February 14, 1928 William Edward Hickman, slayer Los Angeles girl, Marion Parker, sentenced to hang.

Nova Scotia Legislature opens.

February 15, 1928 Earl of Oxford and Asquith dies, 75.

Bairds Athletic Association annual dance at Nfld. Hotel.

Cathedral Men’s Bible Class annual tea and entertainment, at Canon Wood Hall.

Benefit Day Prince of Wales Rink.

February 16, 1928 Annual Reunion and Concert G.W.V.A., at Gaiety Hall.

Feildians Ladies Association Concert, Canon Wood Hall.

Concert in aid of Nfld. Industrial Home at Hotel.

1,750,000 metal workers, on strike in Germany.

British House of Commons passes Bill, providing for fixed Easter.

February 19, 1928 Serious food shortage reported in Russia.

Malcolm Campbell, British motor race track driver, breaks world’s speed record, by attaining an average of 206.97 m.p.h. at Daytona Beach, Florida.

Annual meeting St. Bon’s Association.

February 20, 1928 British Industries Fair opens at London and Birmingham.

City team defeats Halifax, 6–5.

February 21, 1928 Gower Street Ladies Church Aid concert and Sociable.

Crescents defeat City 7–1.

German metal workers accept wage award of Minister of Labour. Strike off.

February 22, 1928 Bert Hillier, in a 30 h.p circus machine, completes trip from Croyden, England, to Port Darwin, Australia, in 15 days, beating previous record by 28 days.

Charles Anthony Williams. found not guilty of murder of Richard Nurse, of Pool’s Cove, F.B.

February 23, 1928 23rd anniversary of Rotary International.

Feildian Club hosts of Crescents at Newfoundland Hotel.

Crescents win from city in fourth game 11–4.

February 25, 1928 William O’Brien, veteran Irish National Leader, dies in London, 75.
February 27, 1928 Annual meeting, Grace Hospital Association.
February 28, 1928 Charles Daly, suffers broken collar bone in city hockey league game.

Earl Jellicoe becomes President of British Legion.

Mr. Francis Juvanon, new Governor St. Pierre.

Girl Guide association annual meeting.

Marine Engineers annual reunion.

February 29, 1928 Annual meeting Wesley Church.

March 1, 1928 S.S. Terra Nova leaves for Gulf Icefields.
March 2, 1928 Prince of Wales initiates campaign for building houses for ex Service Men.
March 3, 1928 Toc H takes over operation Sudbury Hospital.
March 4, 1928 Playground Association holds children’s parade, about 5,000 participate.

Besco seeks remission of taxes from Sydney.

March 6, 1928 Annual meeting Tasker Educational Fund.

Royal Stores championship in mercantile hockey.

March 7, 1928 Egypt rejects Anglo Egyptian Treaty. Britain warns Egypt against any Legislation endangering British interest.

Playground Association Carnival at Prince’s Rink.

St, John’s Amateur Athletic Association formed.

Images flash from London to television service, on board S.S. Berengaria, in mid ocean.

March 8, 1928 First heavy snow storm for season.

M.C.E.A. Jeffrey address Rotary on Playground Association.

Sealing steamers sail for ice fields.

March 9, 1928 Annual meeting T.A. Ladies’ Auxiliary.

Lady Bailley hops off from Croydon, on solo flight to Capetown.

6th Annual meeting Jog’s Southside Progressive Sick Benefit Club.

March 11, 1928 King George becomes Patron in Chief of British Empire Service League.
March 12, 1928 Bert Hindler, awarded Air Force Cross, in recognition of his record flight to Australia.

Annual meeting Masonic Club.

Lieut Kinhead, crashes to death in water, from height 400 feet at Cashot, whilst attempting speed record.

March 13, 1928 Killing commences at seal fishery.

King and Queen of Afghanistan arrive in London.

Capt Walter Hinchcliffe and Hon. Elsie Mackey, hop off from Carnwell on trans Atlantic flight, and perish.

Public School at Muddy Bay, near Cartwright, Labrador, destroyed by fire.

March 14, 1928 Afghan Royalties feted at Gufidhall.

S.A. Life Saving and guard rally at Citadel.

First annual meeting Railway Employees Welfare Association. W.F. Joyce, President.

March 15, 1928 M.C.L.I. Old Colony Club debate, won by former Rev. Dr. Clark, Judge.
March 17, 1928 B.I.S. celebrate pastoral festival

Installation Tasker Lodge A.F. & A. M.

Royal Stores Ltd., annual reunion.

March 24, 1928 Mrs Sarah Marcoux, 49, dies in Montreal, from bites said to have been received from one Albert Shutes, former Newfoundlander.
March 26, 1928 German Junker plane with Baron Von Huenfeld, owner, on board, arrives in Dublin, completing first leg of flight to New York.

Girl Guides Association made presentation to Lady Allardyce.

Schooner Young Harp, arrives at Port Union, with 5,000 Whitecoats.

March 27, 1928 200 workers with Canadian General Motors go on strike because of wage reduction.

St. Bon’s League Champions, feted by College.

March 28, 1928 Congregatiional Ladies’ Aid Society and concert.

Wesley Boy Scouts concert.

March 29, 1928 Viscount Cave, Late Lord Chancellor, dies, 72.

Star of the Sea defeat K of C in billiard tournament, by 229 points.

U.S Senator F. B. Willis, dies at Delaware, Ohio, whilst about to make opening Presidential Candidate speech.

Major Brenhardi, Italian Aviator, sets new record speed of 318 ½ m.p.h.

Important changes in Army and Navy death penalty bill issue.

Annual meeting Guards association.

George Haldeman and Eddie Stinson set new flying endurance record, by remaining in air 53 hours, 36 minutes, 41 seconds.

March 31, 1928 Smyrna destroyed by earthquake, 35 dead, many injured and entire population homeless.

Cambridge defeats Oxford in boat race, by ten lengths.

April 1, 1928 S.S. Sagon arrives from ice field, hailing for 16,975 seals.
April 2, 1928 Smyrna suffers from another earth shock. 1970 buildings now destroyed.
April 3, 1928 S.S. Eagle arrives from seal fishery with 24,438 seals.

Wembley Exhibition deficit announced as £1,756,000.

April 4, 1928 Britain notifies Egypt that new treaty having been rejected, declaration of 1922 will be maintained.

Manual Training Exhibition at United College.

“Mose H” wins championship on Quidi Vidi Lake.

April 6, 1928 Good Friday.

Gower Street United Church Choir Recital.

S.S. Thetis arrives with 13,220 seals.

Sacred recital at Wesley.

April 7, 1928 S.S. Silvia arrives with 16,177 seals.
April 9, 1928 Worst famine in history reported in China. Dead litter roads.

Annual meeting Grenfell Association, at Government House.

Father and Son Banquet at Y.M.C.A.

April 10, 1928 Girls Industrial Home Association sale of work.

St. Margaret’s Guild hold sale and concert.

Edward R Thompson, Editor London Standard, dies.

Annual meeting at St. Michael’s Parish.

April 11, 1928 Store of Frank Murphy, Water Street, gutted by fire.

Presentation to Lady Allardyce by Nonia.

Cochrane Street Men's Bible Class.

Father and Son Banquet.

Springdale Street School Association hold sale of work.

April 12, 1928 German Junkers plane Bremen, hops off from Baldonmel, Ireland, on Trans Atlantic flight.

Bowrings hold semi annual fete in Gaiety Hall.

M.C.L.I. annual meeting. J.M. Barbour elected President.

Farewell dinner to Sir William and Lady Allardyce at Newfoundland Hotel.

April 13, 1928 S.S. Florencia lands 5,853 seals at Port Union.

Junkers plane Bremen, lands at Greely Island, in Straits of Bell Isle.

April 14, 1928 Sir William and Lady Allardyce, leave for England by S.S. Nova Scotia.

U.S. Treaty for outlawry of war, presented to British Government.

April 15, 1928 Relief plane leaves Montreal for Greely Island.

Rev. Canon Howitt inducted at St. Thomas’.

Viscount Trematon, Nephew of Queen Mary, dies following motor accident.

April 16, 1928 Henry Birks, well known Canadian Jeweller, dies at Montreal, 83.

White Clothing Co., employees soiree.

April 17, 1928 S.S. Nascople arrives from seal fishery with 21,156 seals.
April 18, 1928 Ayre & Sons Ltd., entertain employees at Nfld Hotel.

Annual entertainment St. Michael’s Faith Class.

April 19, 1928 A.E. Charlton, Manager L.P.P. Co.’s Plant at Corner Brook, addresses Rotary on, “Paper and Newfoundland.”

St. Bon’s hockey champions dinner at Hotel.

April 20, 1928 James Organ appointed Manager, local branch Johnston and Ward.
April 21, 1928 S.S. Ungava arrives with 27,531 seals.
April 23, 1928 British S.U.F. and S.O.E. Societies, parade to divine service at St. Andrew’s Church.

George Street Church concert.

Parody Warbiers at Casino.

St. George’s Day celebrations T.A. Hall.

April 24, 1928 Winston Churchill, Chancellor of Exchequer, presents his budget to House of Commons.

Canadian Supreme Court judgment, declares women not eligible for appointment to Senate.

Sale of work by St. Michael’s Guild.

April 25, 1928 Chinese bandits sack city of Kingmen, slaughtering at least 5,000 people.

Frank Loakhart, famous auto speed driver, killed at Datyona Beach, Fla., while endeavoring to establish new record

Sir William Clark appointed, First British High Commissioner to Canada.

Attempt to fly “Bremen” from Greely Island to New York, abandoned, as machine unable to rise from ice.

Third annual meeting League of women Voters.

Annual communication Masonic Grand Lodge, E.C.

April 26, 1928 Crew of Bremen, leave Greely Island in relief plane.

Earthquake continues to spread destruction in Balkant.

Semi-Annual dinner Sergeant’s Mess at Hotel.

S.S. Beothic arrives with 28,924 seals, Capt George Barbour makes his last trip.

April 27, 1928 Floyd Bennett, Polar Aviator, who contracted pneumonia while flying to relief Bremen, and died at Montreal, buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

S.S. Terra Nova arrives with 25,818 seals.

April 28, 1928 S.S. Ranger arrives with 14,164 seals

Young Harp arrives at Port Union from second trip to ice fields, with 2300 seals.

April 29, 1928 Oddfellows anniversary service at St. Mary’s Church.
April 30, 1928 Conservatives send ultimatum to Egypt re Assemblies Bill.

May 1, 1928 Replying to British ultimatum, Egypt postpones Assemblies Bill.

Wesley Literary Association annual meeting.

May 2, 1928 Winston Churchill stricken with influenza, during budget debate.

Legislature opens.

S.U.F. annual banquet.

S.S. Eagle arrives from second trip to ice fields, hailing for 2,867 seals.

S.S. Viking arrives with 9,448 seals.

346 Japanese soldiers killed in scrap with Chinese Nationalists, following capture of Tsinan by latter.

Rev. A.H. Howitt addresses Rotary, on “Books and Reading”.

Parishioners reception to Rev. A.H. Howitt and Mrs. Howitt.

C.L.B. indoor sports.

May 4, 1928 Tense situation follows fight between Japanese and Chinese Nationalists at Tsinan, in which 300 Chinese killed.

Annual meeting St. Thomas’s Parish.

S.S. Neptune arrives with 30,804 seals.

May 5, 1928 United States and Germany sign concitary (?) and arbitration treaty.
May 7, 1928 British House of Commons passes 3rd reading of Bill, giving vote to women at 21.
May 8, 1928 Prince Carol of Roumania, informed that his presence in England is unwelcome, and he is asked to depart.

Newfoundland Branch W.M.S. annual meeting, opens at Wesley.

Heavy fighting at Shantung between Japanese and Chinese.

May 10, 1928 Nfld Light and Power Association’s dinner at Hotel.

B.E.S. Dunfield addresses Rotary, on “Capitalizing History.”

May 11, 1928 A.J. Walsh of Holyrood, wins Dalhouse gold medal.
May 13, 1928 Agreement reached between Japanese and Chinese, and hostilities cease at Tsinan.
May 14, 1928 8,000 troops sent to Tientsin by foreign nations.
May 15, 1928 Degree of LLD., conferred on S.P Whiteway, by Mount Allison University.

House of Lords unanimously approve Untied States proposal for outlaw of war.

May 16, 1928 Prince Carol of Roumania, leaves England.

U.S relief plane arrives at St. George’s, en route to Greely Island.

Sr. Edward Gosse, Liberal House of Lords, dies, 78.

L.S.P.U. celebrates silver jubilee.

Congregation Church Aid Sale of Work.

Spencer College pupils concert and exhibition.

May 17, 1928 Rev. Ronald Vatcher accepts invitation to Congregational Church.

L.S.P.U. annual meeting.

Sid Kirk, physical instructor, addresses Rotary, on “Y.M.C.A.” viewpoint on physical education.

Bell Island miners and workmen appoint committee to interview Besco, regarding wage increase.

May 19, 1928 120 miners entombed in Mather Mine, Pennsylvania.

Six liners collide in New York harbor during dense fog.

Garrett Byrne Bookstore, damaged by fire.

May 20, 1928 Junkers plane Breman, crashes on take off at Greenly Island.

Leak of poison gas at Hamburg, Germany, causes panic. Eleven dead and 200 in Hospital.

May 21, 1928 Sir George Frampton, famous Sculptor and Designer of Peter Pan, dies in London.

Holland American liner Vundan, sinks at pier in New York, as results of damage received in collision previous day.

May 22, 1928 75 miners entombed, following explosion in Colliery of Black Mountain Coal Co., Virgina.

House of Lords adopt “Flapper” vote Bill.

Sir Henry Thornton, President C.N.R., accepts invitation to serve as member, League of Nations Railway Committee.

W.D. Swope, B.Sc., addresses Board of Trade, on “Agricultural Development in Nfld.

Dirigible Italia, reaches North Pole, and Commander Nobile drops 6 foot cross, with message from Pope Pius.

May 24, 1928 Austrian mob tears down flag from Italian Consulate at Vienna.
May 25, 1928 9th Annual Convention, K of C State Council.

2nd annual meeting Y.W. and Y.M.C.A.

May 27, 1928 S.O.S. calls from Dirigible Italia. Fears expressed for airship safety.
May 28, 1928 Rescue efforts organized for Italia, as yet unreported.
May 29, 1928 Anti Italian riots by students in Vienna, quelled by Police.
May 31, 1928 New South African flag unfurled for the first time, alongside Union Jack, over Parliament Buildings at Cape Town.

Gordon Blyth, Manager, Glossop Harris Co., before Rotary, on “Tone and Color.”

June 1, 1928 Four all metal machines of Royal Air Force, which left Plymouth on October 17th., on Empire cruise, arrived at West Australia, completing 14,000 mile trip.
June 2, 1928 House of Assembly passes Budget in early hours of the morning.
June 3, 1928 Italian aviators, Major Farrarin and Capt Delprete, made new endurance flight record, remaining in the air 58 hours, 37 minutes.
June 4, 1928 S.O.S calls heard from Dirigible Italia.

Monoplane “Southern Cross”, flying from California to Australia, arrives safely at Figi Islands from Hawaii, completing longest over sea flight yet attempted — a distance of 3188 miles.

June 5, 1928 Bell Island miners accept raise of 3 cents an hour and bonus.
June 6, 1928 St. Bon’ Sports.

“Felead” wins Darby Stakes.

United College Sports.

Ten buildings destroyed by fire at Cupids.

June 7, 1928 Sir Patrick McGrath addresses Rotary, on “Electing an American President.”

Monoplane “Columbia” leaves Curtis Field, N.Y., with Miss Mabel Boll on supposed trans-Atlantic flight, but compelled to return because of fog.

June 8, 1928 Monoplane “Southern Cross” reaches Brisbane, Australia.

Supply ship “Little di Milaano” in touch by wireless with “Italia”.

June 9, 1928 “Italia” crew reported on ice near Spitzbergen.
June 10, 1928 Centenary Anniversary, Christian Doctrine Society, celebrated at St. Patrick’s Church.
June 11, 1928 Canadian Parliament prorogues.
June 12, 1928 Monoplane “Columbia”, on trans Atlantic flight, reaches Harbor Grace – Miss Mabel Boll is passenger.

Anglican Synod opens 28th session.

June 13, 1928 International shipping Conference at London, approves recommendation to substitute words Right and Left for port and starboard, in marine phraseology.

New Prayer Book Bill introduced in British House of Commons.

Legislature prorogue.

United Church Conference opening service.

Arbor Day United Church Orphanage.

Bishop Spencer Sports Day.

June 14, 1928 Terrible massacres and looting, follow surrender of Tientsin to Southern Army. Streets strewn with dead.

Prayer Book rejected by House of Commons, 266 to 220.

Herbert Hoover receives Presidential nomination of Republican Party.

Rev. G.B. Pickering elected President United Church Conference.

June 15, 1928 British House of Commons passed Bill to make Easter fixed date — Sunday following second Sunday in April.

Senator Charles Curtis chosen as Republican nominee for Vice-President.

June 17, 1928 “Freindship” plane, bearing Miss Maelia Earheart as passenger, hops off from Trepassey on trans Atlantic flight.
June 18, 1928 “Friendship” plane arrives at Burry Point, South Wales.

League Football season opens. Guards 2 B.I.S. nil.

June 19, 1928 Speaker Whitley, British House of Commons, resigns.

“Italia” crew report seeing rescue planes, but latter unable to find missing men.

June 20, 1928 Italia crew located by Italian airman, Major Maddaline, who drops supplies.

Capt. Fitzroy elected Speaker British House Commons.

United Church Conference concludes.

Belvedere Garden Party.

June 21, 1928 His Excellency, most Rev. Andrew Cassalo, D.D., Apostolic Delegate, arrives on official visit.
June 24, 1928 Commander Nobile of “Italia”, rescued by airmen.

Medical Association convention opens.

June 27, 1928 St. Patrick’s School Sports.
June 28, 1928 23 dead, following train collision at Darlington, England.

Governor Al Smith receives Democratic nomination for President.

22nd District Convention of Rotary opens in Newfoundland Hotel.

June 29, 1928 Reciprocal Newfoundland Canadian Agreement gazetted at Ottawa.
June 30, 1928 Dr. N.S. Frazer elected President, Medical Association.

July 1, 1928 Memorial Day.

Caribou Monument at Bowring Park, unveiled by Mayor Cook.

July 2, 1928 H.M.S. Dauntless, wrecked on Tribune Shoal, Halifax Harbor.

Christian Doctrine Society of St. Patrick’s Centenary celebration at Donovan’s.

July 3, 1928 Renfaren and Del Pret, Italian aviators, leave Rome on 4635 mile flight to Pernambuco.

Jean Loussier of Springdale, Mass, goes over Horseshoe Falls, Nigara, in rubber ball, and survives.

Baseball season opens, Cubs 20; Holy Cross 8.

July 4, 1928 Dr. C.W.D. Mackenzie, Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, accepts position of Consulting Urologist to Corner Brook Hospital.
July 5, 1928 Capt Alfred Loenwenstein, Belgian Financier, falls from plane in North Sea. Believed suicide.

Plane bearing Charles Dawe, from Boston to Bay Roberts to attend father’s funeral, forced down at Moncton in thunder storm.

Capt. Renfaren and Major Delpret, Italian Aviators, make world's longest non stop flight, from Monticello Field, Italy, to Natal, 8,600 miles.

July 6, 1928 Chilean Army transport Argamos, crashes on rocks near Lebu, with loss of 300 lives.
July 8, 1928 His Excellency the Administrator, unveils monument at Bonavista, erected in memory of solders and sailors who died in the war.

Salvation Army Congress opens.

July 11, 1928 H.M.S. Dauntless refloated at Halifax Harbor.

S.S. Nerissa collides with French barque La Frilesse, off St. Pierre. Latter ship abandoned and fired.

Railway Employees Outing at Donovan’s.

St. Patrick’s Garden Party.

G.W.V.A. sports.

July 12, 1928 Five more of Italian crew rescued. Body of Dr. Malmgren, who died 20 days before, also recovered.

F. Fraser Bond addresses Rotary, on “Present Day Trends in Journalism.”

July 13, 1928 Emilo Carranza, Mexican goodwill flying ace, killed when his machine crashed in New Jersey, whilst on non stop flight from New York to Mexico.
July 14, 1928 Sir Wilfred Grenfell received by King at Buckingham, Palace.
July 15, 1928 Sir James Charles, Commander of Cunard Line since 1921, dies on conclusion of his final trip on the Aquitania, at Southampton.

Russian ice breaker Krassin, rescues Russian pilot Chuktinovsky and crew of four, who were lost while searching for Italia’s crew.

July 16, 1928 New constitution providing for manhood suffrage, proposed for Ceylon.
July 17, 1928 General Alvaro Obregon, President of Mexico, assassinated.

Europe suffering from terrific heat wave.

Owners French Barquentine, La Frilesse, claim damages from Nerissa, for loss of ship.

July 19, 1928 British accepts U.S. proposals for renunciation of war.

Rt Rev. Cyprian Pinkham, 40 years Bishop of Calgary, dead. Was born in Newfoundland in 1844.

Body of Capt Loewenstein, Belgian Financier, found in English Channel at Boulogne.

Stan Cullen addresses Rotary, on “The A.A.A. of St. John’s.”

July 20, 1928 Herring landed from Nerissa at New York, from St. John’s, discovered to contain whisky.
July 21, 1928 Summer School picnic at Bowring Park.
July 22, 1928 J.H. Mears and B D Collier, complete circuit of Globe from New York to New York, in record time of 26 days, 15 hours, 21 minutes, 8 seconds.
July 23, 1928 T.A. Juvenile fete at Donovan’s.
July 24, 1928 Bowling Alleys at Radio Building, damaged by fire.

Government decides to divert railway line to Buchan’s.

July 25, 1928 Archbishop of Canterbury tenders resignation, to take effect November 21st.
July 26, 1928 Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

Gene Tunney retains boxing championship, by defeating Heeney.

Mount Cashel Garden Party.

C.L.B. Camp Sports.

July 27, 1928 Archbishop of York, nominated to succeed Archbishop of Canterbury.
July 30, 1928 Shopping Week opens.

City defeats Corner Brook, 22–5 in baseball game.

Big storage dam at Buchan’s breaks, doing considerable damage.

July 31, 1928 Newfoundland Amateur Athletic Union launched.

Grant Burnell wins 20 mile walking race, time: 3 hours, 13 minutes, 54 2/3 seconds.

August 1, 1928 Capt F.T. Courtenay, hops off from Azores for Newfoundland, but machine fell in flames in mid ocean, and he is rescued by liner Minnewaks.

St. Bonaventure’s Club wins Daily News Cup in inter Club Track meet.

August 2, 1928 Regatta postponed, owing to rain.

Party of English School boys leave London, for tour of Canada and Newfoundland.

August 3, 1928 Regatta Day.
August 4, 1928 Commander Beatty dismissed from H.M.S. Dauntless, for negligence, by Court Martial.
August 6, 1928 Italian submarine F–14, sinks in Adriatic. Crew of 31 perish.
August 7, 1928 Capt. McPherson also dismissed from Dauntless, by Court Martial.

Prince of Wales visits battlefields in France, with 11,000 pilgrims.

August 8, 1928 John C Howlett, winner of McGill Medical Faculty scholarship.

St. Joseph’s Regatta.

August 9, 1928 British Railway men accept wage cut.

Ex President Dave Baird, addresses Rotary.

Dirham’s Hostel at Collinet, destroyed by fire.

August 10, 1928 Mrs Ellies Semways, native of Bay Roberts, found dead, suspended from ceiling rope.
August 13, 1928 Dr. Werig, Chinese Nationalist Foreign Minister, apologizes to Britain for Nankin incident of March 24.

4500 British Harvesters sail for Canada.

August 14, 1928 Monroe Government resigns.

Hail destroys several thousand acres of wheat in Alberta.

August 16, 1928 Rev. Dr. Hemmeon addresses Rotary, on “Conservation of Wild Life.”

New Government under Premiership of Hon. F.C. Alderdice, sworn in.

Hon. W.J. Higgins appointed to Supreme Court Bench.

August 19, 1928 Garden Party at Holyrood.

Hon. W J. Higgins resigns Presidency of B.I.S. and is succeeded by Mr. J.C. Pippy.

August 20, 1928 Holy Cross wins football championship.
August 21, 1928 Westminster Glee Singers at Pitts Memorial Hall.

William H Coasts, head of Great Cotton Firm, dies, 62.

August 23, 1928 Banquet to visiting S.O.E.B.S. Grand Lodge Officers at Hotel.

Cable ship Dominia, leaves Bay Roberts to lay new Western Union fastest cable.

August 24, 1928 Supreme Grand Lodge officers S.O.E.B.S. place wreath on War Memorial.

Guards win baseball championship.

August 27, 1928 Premier Alderdice launches United Newfoundland Party.

Fifteen powers sign Kellogg Anti-war Treaty in Paris.

August 29, 1928 Playground Association Sports outing.

Bairds employees hold annual Outing.

White Clothing employees hold annual outing.

August 31, 1928 White Star announces building of new ship of 60,000 tons, largest in the world.

Guards celebrate winning baseball championship by dinner at Topsail.

Cable ship Dominia, arrives at Azores, completing laying of cable from Bay Roberts.

September 2, 1928 Mr. John Williams, Parade St., celebrates 100th birthday.
September 5, 1928 His Excellency the Administrator, Sir William Horwood, unveils War Memorial at Bay Roberts.

Dr. Robert Gunn of Toronto, new Moderator at United Church.

September 6, 1928 S.S. Neptune, badly damaged by fire at Dock.

Rev. Bro. O’Hehir addresses Rotary, on “Youth”.

September 7, 1928 Buchans begins production of lead-zinc concentrates.
September 9, 1928 His Grace Archbishop Roche, unveils War Memorial at Ferryland.
September 10, 1928 300 British Harvesters return to England, unfit for work.

Esquimaux (Eskimos) pillage stranded Canadian steamer, “Queen County at Egg Island.

September 13, 1928 James J Mackey addresses Rotary, on “Blueberry Industry”.
September 14, 1928 Tornado sweeps Nebraska and South Dakota. Eleven dead from falling school building.

West India swept by terrific gale — much damage.

September 17, 1928 New United College Building opened.
September 19, 1928 Leeward Island devastated by storm. Many deaths and much property damage.

Sergeant Mess hold annual meeting.

September 20, 1928 Rev. J.H. Bodgener of Oxford, addresses Rotary, on “John Galsworthy.”
September 21, 1928 1385 deaths reported from West Palm Beach, as result of Hurricane.

Miss Honor Welby, solo air pilot, killed in England.

Porcupine Co. reports galena and copper discovery, North of Red Indian Lake.

September 23, 1928 His Grace Archbishop Roche, dedicates statue at Corpus Christi Church, Kilbride.

English school boys arrive at Port aux Basques, spend two days visiting Corner Brook Mill.

September 24, 1928 Red Indian Lake and Notre Dame Bay District, declared by Geologist A. K. Snelgrove, the central mineral belt of Newfoundland.
September 25, 1928 Archbishop of Canterbury presides for last time, over meeting of Bishops.

Political campaign opens, with Hon. W.R. Howley and Mr. W.J. Brown, as Government Candidates for West End.

September 26, 1928 Visiting English Schoolboys arrive in city, and visit Government House.

Hankow, China, swept by disastrous fire — 3000 homes destroyed.

September 27, 1928 English Schoolboys guest of Rotarians. Rev. E.H. Wooley conducting the tour, delivers address.

Members of Commission on Indian Reform, leave for India.

September 28, 1928 Anglo French Naval compromise scheme, rejected by United States.

Hon. W.S. Moore becomes Member of Alderdice Government.

“Y” welcomes new Physical Director, Mr. Fred Hicken.

September 29, 1928 Grant Burnell wins Halifax Herald 25 mile walking marathon, in 3 hours, 56 minutes and 2/5 seconds, defeating Sawlor, Maritime favorite, by over a mile, and beating previous record by 38 seconds.
September 30, 1928 China Navigation Co. ship Arking, attacked by Pirates. Chief Officer and Chief Engineer killed.

October 1, 1928 Polling Day in Nova Scotia.

Rhodes Government sustained with reduced majority.

Opposition opens campaign with rally in Star Hall.

Employees Light & Power Co., present address to General Manager J.W. Morris, on his return home.

October 2, 1928 English schoolboys leave for home by Laurentic.
October 3, 1928 Lord Strathclyde dies.

Genne Tunney, retired Heavy Weight Champion, marries Mary Lauder, in Rome.

Spencer Club sale.

October 4, 1928 Blue Puttee reunion.
October 6, 1928 Capt Victor Gordon, High Commissioner for Newfoundland, dies in London. 44.

L.S.P.U. Excursion Committee banquet at Donovan’s. 

October 9, 1928 Hon. F.C. Alderedice issues manifesto.

200,000 massacred by fanatic Moslems, in Kansu Province, China.

United Newfoundland Party opens campaign, with rally ay Majestic Theatre.

October 11, 1928 Graf Zeppelin leaves Frederickshawe, Germany, for United States.
October 12, 1928 Shopping week opens.
October 13, 1928 Newfoundland Track team wins Halifax Herald Marathon, O’Toole and Stone taking first and second paces respectively.

Former Empress Maria of Russia, dies at Copenhagen.

October 14, 1928 Graf Zeppelin lands at Lakehurst, N.J., after Trans Atlantic trip of 111 hours, 46 minutes.

United College defeats Felidians in opening game of inter College football series.

October 16, 1928 His Excellency Sir John Middleton, newly appointed Governor, and Lady Middelton, arrive.

T.P.U. annual meeting.

October 17, 1928 Lieut Com. MacDonald, left Harbor Grace to fly Atlantic — not since heard from.

Funeral of late Victor Gordon. Funeral service in St Andrew’s Church.

October 18, 1928 Rev. J G Joyce, addresses Rotary, on “Recent Developments in Radio.”

Winners of Halifax Marathon tendered public reception.

October 19, 1928 Nomination Day. Unusual number of Independents nominated.
October 20, 1928 Merger of International, and Mond Nickle Companies, gives Britain control of world’s nickle supplies.
October 25, 1928 Hon. C.J. Fox addresses Rotary, on Empire Parliament Conference.

Largest dam in world opened at Vatgar, India. Took fifteen years to build, and cost $6,000,000.

October 29, 1928 Polling Day — Alderdice Government defeated, Opposition winning 28 seats.

Graf Zeppelin starts homeward journey from Lakehurst to Germany.

October 30, 1928 Appalling famine conditions reported in China.

Sir John Bennett leaves to take up duties of High Commissioner in London.

October 31, 1928 Graf Zeppelin reaches Frederickshaven, covering 4,003 miles in 69 hours.

November 1, 1928 Sir William Lloyd speaks to Rotarians on “English Cathedrals.”
November 5, 1928 Farquhar steamer Skipper, ashore at Cape au Diable.

Lieut. D’Arey Greig, English Aviator, tries for world speed record. Attains speed of 320.66 miles per hour, breaks record of 318.62 established by Major des Bernardi.

Polling Day in United States. Republican victory, Herbert Hoover elected President.

November 7, 1928 Wesley Ladies Aid Sale.

Gower Street Ladies Aid Sale.

Vocal and Organ recital by Miss Marguerite Mitchell, and Mr Wardell, at St. Andrew’s Church.

November 8, 1928 Llewellyn Club annual meeting.

Stores of John B. Guy, and Arthur Guy, Musgrave Harbor, destroyed by fire.

Lt-Col. Paterson, addresses Rotary, on work of G.W.V.A.

November 9, 1928 International Paper Co. option on St. George’s Coal Field, announced.

Emperor of Japan enthroned.

G.W.V.A. Poppy Day – $2,226,28 collected in city.

November 11, 1928 Armistice Day celebration

Annual meeting, Belvedere Ladies Association.

Silver Jubilee of Rev. A.B.S. Stirling, Rector of St. Mary’s.

November 12, 1928 G.W.V.A. Dance.
November 13, 1928 S.S. Vestris, capsizes and sinks off American Coast, 111 passengers and crew drowned. Captain goes down with his ship.

Women’s Association of St. Mary’s Parish, present gift to Rev. A.B.S. Stirling, on attainment of his silver jubilee as Priest.

November 14, 1928 Newfoundland Poultry Exhibition, opened by His Excellency the Governor.

Congregational Ladies’ Aid Sale.

George Street Church Missionary Society meeting.

November 15, 1928 Lifeboat belonging to Rye England, lost, and crew of 16 drowned, while attempting to rescue crew of distressed steamer.

Child Welfare annual sale.

Poultry Association dinner.

November 16, 1928 Storm sweeps Southern England and Wales, causing 20 deaths and much property damage.

Sir Austen Chamberlin leaves Canada for England, much improved by healthy trip.

Lady Middelstone presents Poultry Exhibition prizes.

Store of Joy & Co., Port au Port, destroyed by fire.

November 17, 1928 Polling Day in Australia. Bruce Government sustained.

Kevin Marshall announced as Rhodes Scholar.

Alderdice Government resigns. New government under Premiership of Sir Richard Squires, sworn in.

November 18, 1928 Holy Cross Literary Association session opens.

Mount Cashel Old Boys annual meeting.

November 20, 1928 Fifteen members of Rye lifeboat crew buried in one grave.

King George taken seriously ill with pleurisy.

November 21, 1928 Rev. Dr. Lang, Archbishop of York, elected Archbishop of Canterbury.

Field College Association sale.

C.L.B. Athletic dinner at Donovan’s.

November 22, 1928 Queen Mary preforms official function for first time without King George, inaugurating restored Hall of London’s Inn.

Winston Churchill announces British Government has no immediate intention of returning to penny postage.

Anxiety regarding King’s illness prevails.

His Excellency the Governor, guest of honor at Rotary Club.

November 23, 1928 Another Hurricane sweeps England. Air service suspended.

Annual meeting B.I.S. Ladies’ Auxiliary.

Sir John Bennett relived of position as High Commissioner.

November 24, 1928 Tasker Celebration for Children.

Bible Society annual meeting. His excellency presides.

November 26, 1928 100 dead following four day’s storm in Europe.

Memorial University College celebrates Schubert Centenary.

Annual Sale of Work and Christmas Tree of Academy of Our Lady of Mercy.

November 27, 1928 Polling Day in New Zealand. No party has majority.

St. Joseph’s Christmas Tree and Sale.

St, Margaret’s Guild Concert and Sociable.

November 28, 1928 Prince of Wales arrives at Dares-Salaam, en route home. African tour cut short because of King’s illness.

Ladies’ College Aid Sale.

St. Michael’s Annual Sale.

November 29, 1928 C.L.B. Indoor Sports.

Old Lighthouse at Port aux Basques, destroyed by fire.

November 30, 1928 Newfoundland Fire Patrol annual meeting at Agriculture and Mine Office.

December 1, 1928 South America town of Tilea, badly damaged by earthquake. 57 dead.

C Mck. Chambers resigns as Member for Burgeo.

December 2, 1928 Duke of Gloucester also abandons African trip, because of King Illness.

Grave anxiety regarding King’s condition, because of weakened heart action.

Prince of Wales joins H.M.S. Enterprise for Home.

Christian Brothers collection amounts to $9046.43, showing increase over previous year.

T.A. Juvenile association annual meeting.

December 3, 1928 Curling Association annual meeting.
December 4, 1928 Dudley Lodge S.O.E. annual meeting.

Santa Clause day for pupils Bishop Spencer College.

Annual meeting St. John’s Lodge S.U.F.

December 5, 1928 Prince Wales rink offered for sale.

C of E Orphanage concert.

St. Mary’s Women’s Association annual sale.

Cathedral Women’s Association annual sale.

Grace Hospital Association sale.

Annual dinner of Bar Association.

December 6, 1928 Coates Government of New Zealand, defeated in want of confidence vote. Sir Joseph Ward called on to form Ministry.

Feildian Ladies’ Association annual meeting.

C.L B. Old Comrades annual meeting.

December 7, 1928 Duke of Gloucester sails from Cape Town, on liner Balmoral Castel.

St. John’s Lodge, A.F. and A.M. annual meeting.

December 9, 1928 Annual meeting T.A. & B Society.

House and store of Robert Mercer, Bishop’s Falls, destroyed by fire.

December 10, 1928 Montreal General Hospital badly damaged by fire.

Annual meeting Newfoundland Light and Power Co., employees.

December 12, 1928 King George undergoes operation, for removal of fluid from lung.

Exhibition of work at Bond St. School.

Sergeants’ Mess gathering at Gaiety Hall.

Presentation concert sale of work.

December 13, 1928 J.O.N. Conroy appointed Solicitor to Municipal Council.

Annual prize giving Springdale Street School.

Store of Samson, Abbott, Musgrave Harbor, destroyed by fire.

Dr. Crawfrod, Medical Missionary, addresses Rotary, on “The Situation in China Today.”

December 14, 1928 Hon. Dr. Barnes, returned unopposed, for District Burgeo, in by election.
December 15, 1928 Quarrel between Bolivia and Paraguay, over boundary question, assumes grave aspect.
December 17, 1928 Influenza epidemic declared to be sweeping Canadian cities.

Announced there will be no New Year’s honors list, because of King’s Illness.

Bolivia and Paraguay accept Pan-American Congress offer of mediation.

St. Bon’s prize day at Casino Theatre.

Field College Speech Day in new building.

December 19, 1928 University College third annual dinner at Hotel.

Bishop Spencer College Speech Day at new Field Hall.

Anglo Chinese Tariff Treaty signed. Regarded as recognition of Nationalist Government by Great Britain.

December 20, 1928 London streets torn up by explosion of gas mains.

United College Speech Day.

December 21, 1928 Prince George’s birthday cake auctioned on Berengaria, on which h??eis [smudge on copy] passengers, sells for $500; proceeds for Minister relief Fund.

Mr. H.J. Duder appointed Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Mines.

Mr. Alex Rooney appointed Registrar of Vital Statistics.

December 24, 1928 Glossop Harris Co. opens at Casino.

Kabul in darkness Rebel leader cuts light supply.

Final shipment of ore from Bell Island for the year — Total shipped 1,547,895 tons.

December 25, 1928 Christmas Day.
December 27, 1928 Over 500 children entertained by Rotarians, St. Andrew’s Young People’s Association, and Business Men.

Annual treat for inmates of Poor Asylum.

December 28, 1928 Halifax report says Red Cross liners Nerissa, and Silvia, sold to Furness Line.

Fifteen villages in Belgium under water, because of broken dykes.

French Senate passes bill raising Deputies salaries.

Board of Fire Underwriters announce reduction of 10 per cent in insurance rates on dwellings.

Annual Christmas Tree at Insane Asylum.

Christmas tree at Sudbury Hospital.

Annual meeting Hockey League.

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