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Year End Review  - 1926


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December 28, 1925 Walter S Sellars and Miss Bessie Ash, Harbor Grace.

James Pollett, Jr., and Miss Bertha Thorne, New Harbor, Trinity Bay.

December 30, 1925 Louis L Reid, Trinity Bay, and Miss Rebecca Marsh, Bonavista, at Whitney Pier.
December 31, 1925 Rev. Gilbert Howse, Newtown, and Miss Bessie Howse.

January 2, 1926 Gilbert J Beck, St. Lawrence, and Miss Selina M Larabe, Lordís Cove.
January 4, 1926 Edward Quigley and Miss Sarah Fowlow, Bell Island.
January 5, 1926 Charles Edward Caldwell, B.S.C., Rochester New York, and Miss Elizabeth Victoria Bolt, St. Johnís, at Rochester.

Thomas Skanes and Miss Ethel Roberts, Bell Island.

Wm. Kennedy and Miss Annie Lahey, Lance Cove, Bell Island.

January 8, 1926 George Francis LeMoine, Grand Falls, and Miss Dorcas Dewey, Alexander Bay.
January 9, 1926 Peter F. Healey, Fox Harbor, and Miss Mary Reddy, Red Island, Placentia Bay.

John Hynes and Miss Anna Lake, Prowseton.

James Lake, Paradise Sound, and Miss Laura Hynes, Princeton.

January 12, 1926 Joseph Michael Green and Miss Marie Eugene Williams, at Carbonear.

Norman Chipman and Miss Ida Torravile, Spaniardís Bay.

January 14, 1926 J.W. Allen and Miss Alice M. Gillies.
January 17, 1926 John R Cleary and Miss Monica Power, Argentia.
January 18, 1926 James Furey, Carbonear, and Miss Alice Foley, St. Johnís.
January 21, 1926 J.J. White, Burin, and Miss Lillian Grant, Lawn.
January 22, 1926 Charles Warren Bowring Jr., and Miss Mary Lorna Boyd, Staten Island, at New York. Mr. Bowring is the fifth in direct descent from Benjamin Bowring, the Founder of the Bowring interests in Newfoundland.
January 23, 1926 John H Reid, Aberdeen, Scotland, and Miss Pauline E Osmond, Moretonís Harbor, at Wellsley Mass.
January 30, 1926 Ira G Moore and Miss Dorcas Thistle, at Chelsea, Mass., both formerly of Broad Cove, Bay de Verde.
January 31, 1926 Silver Jubilee of Mr and Mrs T.J. Walsh.

February 2, 1926 James Fleming, St. Maryís, and Miss Lizzie McCrowe, Little Harbor.

W.J. Hogan and Miss Elizabeth Johnson, Northern Bay.

February 6, 1926 Oscar R Jensen, formerly of Harbor Breton, and Miss Carmil Lawlor, Brookville, N.B., at St. John, N.B.
February 9, 1926 Allen H Thistle, Broad Cove, B.D.V., and Miss Viola K Butt, Western Bay.

Ex Corporal Alfred S Murray, President of Bell Island Branch G.W.V.A., and Miss Laura Wilcox.

February 11, 1926 W.C. Peckham and Miss Alice M Coughlan.

P.W.C. Miller and Miss Blanche A Barbury, at Bell Island.

February 14, 1926 Leo Bartlett and Miss Jane Ford, Halifax.
February 15, 1926 George Hawes and Miss Helen Reid, at London.
February 16, 1926 John Crane and Miss Laura Guest.
February 20, 1926 Wesley Ray Whitney and Miss Olive ďKittyĒ Croucher, Placentia, at Hartford, Conn.
February 24, 1926 G. Fred Saunders, Carbonear, and Miss Sadie Cummings, St. Johnís, at Sommerville, Mass.

Capt. Charles Webber and Miss Masie Pike, Harbor Grace.

March 2, 1926 F. Walter Coy and Miss Eleanor M. Parkins, at Boston.
March 17, 1926 James Conran, and Miss Sadie Mansfield, Bell Island.

Jonathan Hawkins, and Miss Jean Baler, Grand Bank.

April 5, 1926 Moses Cummings, and Miss Hibbs, Bell Island.
April 7, 1926 Capt. Stead, S.A., and Capt. Blackmore, S.A., Bell Island.
April 14, 1926 Edward Walsh, and Miss Nettle Power, Bell Island.

Roger Tobin, Heartís Content, and Miss Marie Monica Devine.

Eugene Kelly and Miss Sarah Quigley, Bell Island.

April 17, 1926 Edward J Greene, Placentia, and Miss Jean Hennebury, St. Johnís, at Brooklyn, N.Y.
April 18, 1926 John White, Carbonear, and Miss Elizabeth Barrett, East Wabana.
April 28, 1926 Edgar Ewing and Miss Syliva Moore.
April 29, 1926 Kenneth Head, Bell Island, and Miss Emma Whelan, Bauline.

May 1, 1926 Elsie M Trapper, and Carlton Sheppard Blanchard, Jr., of Newton Highlands, at St Paulís Episcopal Church.
May 3, 1926 Peter Power, Dunville, and Miss Janet Hann, Port Royal, Placentia Bay.
May 7, 1926 Berkeley Williams and Miss Theresa Flynn, St. Finbarís, Placentia Bay.
May 14, 1926 Capt. W.A. McStowell, R.E., of Bwich, Wales, and Miss Amy Bowring, New York, in St. Georgeís Church.
May 16, 1926 Jeremiah Ford and Miss Bertha Bartlett, Bell Island.
May 20, 1926 Charles Penney, Otterbury, and Miss Rachell Sellars, Western Bay.
May 27, 1926 Samuel White and Miss Keran Hunt, Fair Island, B.B., at St. Johnís.

Peter Hawco, Chapelís Cove, and Miss Margaret Pendergast, Avondale, at St. Johnís.

June 1, 1926 John M Barbour and Miss Sadie Soper.

Robert J Coleman and Miss Annie Worsley.

June 2, 1926 Ronald J Janarahan, New York, and Miss Penney, Ramea, at St. Johnís.

Felix J Parsons, and Miss Eileen Mary Cooke, Curling.

June 3, 1926 Thomas C Browne and Miss Hel Marguerita OíDwyer, Corner Brook.

Lancelot A. Ewing and Miss Nellie Olsen.

Daniel Tucker and Miss Stella Cull, St. Philips.

June 9, 1926 Patrick McDonald and Miss Lilian Thompson.
June 12, 1926 James B Burry and Miss Blanche Currie, Glovertown, at St. Johnís.
June 13, 1926 William J Tilley, Wabana, and Miss Elsie Barrett, Spaniardís Bay.
June 14, 1926 Stanley Cobb and Miss Harriet Butler, Bell Island.
June 15, 1926 D Warren and Miss Maggie Dwyer, Bell Island.

Alfred T Lawton and Miss Alma Scott, at Toronto.

June 16, 1926 James Hutchings and Miss Susie L Pike.
June 17, 1926 Hames Johnstone and Miss Nellie Sinyard, at Montreal.
June 22, 1926 Gerald Stein and Miss Dorothy Foote, at New York.
June 23, 1926 Rev. Joseph Goodland and Miss Elsie Wylde Stirling, at Whitbourn.

Silas Moore and Miss Dorothy Duff, Carbonear.

June 24, 1926 Dr. M.F. Hogan and Miss Lilian G Guy, at Catalina.
June 27, 1926 Reginald Arthur Winter and Miss Mary Waldron Moore, at Toronto.
June 28, 1926 Dr. F.A. Janes and Miss Doris Jeanetie Withers.
June 30, 1926 Rev. Ronald Vatcher, B.A., and Miss Rhyna Curtis, B. A.

John Maddigan and Miss A. OíDriscoll.

Stanley Thomas and Miss Elizabeth Parsons.

July 3, 1926 Thomas C Browne and Miss Helen Channing, at Waterbury, Conn.
July 4, 1926 J Leslie Kennedy, Shelbourne, N.S., and Miss Mary Eagan, at Pentocket, New York.

Moses Newman and Miss Josephine Lane, Bell Island.

July 5, 1926 William OíBrien and Miss Annie Kavanagh, Bell Island.
July 6, 1926 Dr. Martin F Cashin and Miss Grace Bender, at Montreal.
July 7, 1926 Clarence C Davis and Miss Dorothy Pike, at Toronto.
July 10, 1926 Alfred F Finelay and Miss Dorothy K Adams.
July 14, 1926 Clayton W Puddester, and Miss Susie Pelley.

P.W. Crummey, J.P., and Miss Florence Belle Kennedy, Western Bay.

Allen Pelley and Miss Julia Bemister Joyce, at Medford, Mass.

July 18, 1926 James OíNeil Conroy, and Miss Betty McGrath.
July 19, 1926 Andrew Antle and Miss Mary Dobbin, at Halifax.
July 21, 1926 Rev. Louis Germaine Hudson, M.A., S.T.R., Berlin, Mass., and Miss Carrie Sewell Fogg, New Gloucester, Maine.
July 22, 1926 Candilo de Araijo Albes Moreira, and Miss Alison Rennie.
July 27, 1926 Wm. H Thorburn, of Gillingham, Kent, and Miss Marie K Parsons, of Mt. Pearl, at Gillingham.
July 28, 1926 Rev. Edmund Brookes Gabriel, and Miss Mildred Rowsell, at Bonavista.
July 29, 1926 Garland Greening and Miss Myra Greening, both of Musgravetown, at Shoal Harbor.

August 1, 1926 Bernard Normore and Miss Fannie Dobbin, Bell Island.
August 5, 1926 Lawrence L Perry, Columbus, Tenn., and Miss Muriel Chambers of St. Johnís, at Columbia.
August 7, 1926 Ingham Smith, Petley, and Miss Sybil Diamond, Glovertown.
August 9, 1926 Walter Skeans and Miss Mary Roberts.
August 10, 1926 Louis Kennedy and Miss Mary Dwyer, Bell Island.
August 12, 1926 W Caul and Miss Mary Shelley.
August 13, 1926 Prof. Edward Wilber Nichols, of Dalhousie, to Miss Roberta Bond, at Halifax.

Patrick P Whittey to Miss Frances Coady.

August 16, 1926 Murdock McMillian of Kettle Rapids, and Miss Mary Vickers of St. Johnís, at The Pas, Manitoba.
August 17, 1926 David Wyse and Miss Elizabeth Hartigan, at Placentia.
August 21, 1926 A.A. Parsons and Miss Lillian R. Ellis, at Petty Harbor.
August 25, 1926 Eric Ohman, Montreal, and Miss Effie L Stewart, St. Johnís.

Daniel Stoyles and Miss Angela Turbett, Lance Cove, Bell Island.

August 31, 1926 William Martin and Miss Lucy Mary Duffy, at North Cambridge, Mass.

Philip B Rendell and Miss Jessie Vera Hayward.

Reuben Parsons and Miss Lizzie Davis.

September 1, 1926 Sidney John Woods, of St. Johnís, and Miss Winnifred Margaret Braine, of Annapolis Royal, N.S., at Annapolis Royal.
September 2, 1926 Peter Densmore and Miss Katherine Murphy, at Kilbride.
September 10, 1926 Malcolm Horlick of St Johnís, and Mary A Morgan of Port de Grave, at Brooklyn, N.Y.

Albert B Perlin and Miss Vera Crosbie, at Nashville, N.C.

September 15, 1926 Lawrence Tobin and Miss Margaret Jackman, at Bell Island.
September 17, 1926 James R Macham and Miss Alice Mary Galway.
September 25, 1926 Edward Coleman and Miss Margaret Byrne, at Corner Brook.
September 26, 1926 John Lewis and Miss Rose Timmons, at Holyrood.

Harold Myres McConney of Barbados, to Miss Madeline OíFlynn, of Harbor Grace, at Grand Falls.

September 27, 1926 Robert Gillespie Reid and Miss Joan Ayre Knowling.

Colin McDougal Mews and Miss Myrtle Snow, of Lachute.

Chester Bursell Coultas and Miss Helen Augusta Sterling, of Farnham at Farnham.

September 28, 1926 Victor Steel and Miss Sybil Earle.

Fred Eugene Dodd, of New York, and Miss Audrey Knight, of St. Johnís.

Eric A Mercer and Miss Alice M Day, at Old Perlican.

September 29, 1926 James Kennedy and Miss Madeline Clancy.

October 2, 1926 William Purdy Reade, of Lexington, Mass., and Miss Gertrude Hutchings, of Spaniardís Bay, at Lexington.

Charles H Morris and Miss Edith McCollah, at Liverpool, England.

October 11, 1926 Dawe White and Miss Fannie Baker, at Botwood.
October 12, 1926 Robert Graham Freeman and Miss Olive Redstone.
October 16, 1926 Joe Nunns and Miss Leanor May Barnes.
October 18, 1926 Robert Drover and Miss Louise Pole, at Bee Island.
October 21, 1926 Stanley Lewis and Miss Marie Chinsella.
October 23, 1926 William Lane and Miss Margaret Fitzgerald, at Bell Island.

E. Vernon Richards of London, England, and Miss Vlet Crocker of St. Johnís, at Brooklyn, N.Y.

William Martin and Miss Laure Ebsary, at Bell Island.

October 28, 1926 Gordon Elton and Miss Dorothy Lester.

John Picco and Miss Catherine Ryan.

November 1, 1926 William Flynn and Miss Susie Green, at Harbor Island, P.B.

John W Graham and Miss Marjorie Winnifred Fisher, at Corner Brook.

November 3, 1926 Thomas Croke and Miss Margaret Horlick.

Dr. G. B. Cross and Miss Currie Oldford, at Musgravetown.

November 6, 1926 Ephrain Cooper and Miss Margaret Horlic.

Charles Reynolds and Miss Sadie Brinston, at West Summerville.

Hubert Henderson of Boston, and Miss Constance Clarke.

November 11, 1926 Wm. J Willis of Winsor Ont., and Miss Carrie M Dawe, of Coleyís Point, Bay Roberts.

William Whiffen, of Bar Haven, and Miss Laura Gaulton, Isle Valen, at Bar Haven, P.B.

November 16, 1926 Earl Nelson and Miss Una Foote, of Burin, at Sydney.
November 17, 1926 Joseph Ingram Quinton, of Princeton, B.B., and Miss Alice Payne, of St. Johnís.

Captain Leonard Stick and Miss Hilda Nellie Norman, at Coleyís Point.

Clifford Thompson and Miss Annie G Giles.

Arthur A Hill and Miss Flora Bowden, at Saituate.

November 18, 1926 Leonard Fulford and Miss Marie Kelly, at Bar Haven, P.B.

Albert Truman of Hamilton, Ont., and Miss Hazel Looke, of East Machias, Maine.

Samuel Rowsell of Toronto, and Miss Mildred Wilcox, of Heartís Content, at Toronto.

November 24, 1926 Michael J Ryan and Miss Annie Josephine MacFarlane.

Fran Colley, of North Sydney, and Miss Dora Guy, of Burgeo, at North Sydney.

Eugene Marshall of Flatrock, and Miss Hazel Butt, at Carbonear.

November 29, 1926 Valentine Gosse and Miss Flora Singleton, at Spaniardís Bay.

December 8, 1926 Allan Hodder and Miss Stella B Snelgrove, both of Grateís Cove.
December 16, 1926 John Dwyer and Miss Mary Ryan, of Quirpon.

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