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Year End Review  - 1928


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December 15, 1927 Inez Guy of Musgrave Harbor, and Jessie Abbott of Dotting Cove.
December 21, 1927 Fred Mouland and Helen Hicks, at Musgrave Harbor.
December 22, 1927 Albert Hiscock of Catalina, and Naomi Ash of Carbonear.
December 27, 1927 William Dicks and Cordella Dicks, at Harbor Buffett.
December 28, 1927 Heber Tilley of Kelligrews, and Maud Piercey, at Heartís Content.

Harold B Blundon and Ella Goodyear, at Carmanville.

December 30, 1927 Alexander Hart and Agnes Hicks, at Carmanville.

January 2, 1928 William Nosewworthy and Ella Warford of Port de Grave, at Wabana, Bell Island.

Dr. Walter James B. Brown and Muriel Harvey Upper, at Niagara Falls.

January 4, 1928 Fred Stone of Grand Falls, and Rena Harvey, at Botwood.
January 10, 1928 F.W. Diamond and Amelia Nina Clarke, at Flat Island.

Frank Hollett of Harbor Buffett, and Jessie Mayo, of Marystown.

January 11, 1928 William Humphries and Ethel Lane, at Catalina.
January 12, 1928 Clifford Carey and Maggie Dower, at Conche.

Patrick Emberly and Bella Aylward, of Fishot Island, at Conche.

January 14, 1928 Samuel Pike Churchill, of Carbonear, and Ethel May Garland, of Harbor Grace, at Waterton, Mass.
January 16, 1928 Gerald A Mathieson and Jean Mott, both of St. Johnís, at Halifax.
January 17, 1928 Frank Gordon Stuckless and Belle Smith, at Twillingate.
January 28, 1928 Erwin J Young, of New York, and Eva French, of Carbonear.

February 2, 1928 George Richard West, Bay LíArgent, and Jemina Peddle, New Harbor, Hermitage Bay.
February 6, 1928 James Power and Violet Newell, at Wabana, B.I.
February 7, 1928 Walter Brattan Wilknson, and Nellya McCallum, at London.
February 11, 1928 Archbibald Drover and Mrs Mary Vokey, at Wabana, B.I.
February 13, 1928 Thomas Power and Mary Griffiths, at Long Harbor, P.B.

Edward Bruce and Bride Newman, at Long Harbor, P.B.

February 15, 1928 James Porter and Elizabeth Lily Bussey, at Foxtrap
February 17, 1928 Athelston Lockyer Collis, Harbor Grace, and Mrs Mary Roberts, of St. Johnís.

Walter Barnes and Violet Peddle, at Wabana, B.I.

February 19, 1928 James E Macklemara of Catalina, and Katherine M Mullaly of Bonavista, at New Jersey.
February 20, 1928 William J Crotty, and Madeline Flynn.
February 29, 1928 Wilfred J Symonds and Florence A Roberts, at Brooklyn, N.Y.

March 8, 1928 Fred Bartlett and Hettie Eveleigh, at Wabana, B.I.
March 19, 1928 Jake Ralph and Maud Martin.

Lesllie C Hunt, Pittsburgh, Pa., and Jennie Guy, at Carbonear.

April 7, 1928 William Charles Adams of Wabana, and Mary Trembluft, of Salmonier.
April 9, 1928 Evelyn Brinton of St. Johnís, and William Hopley of Liverpool, England.
April 26, 1928 John Hastie of Glasgow, Scotland, and Dorothy White of St. Johnís.

John Charles Nugent and Kathleen OíLeary.

April 29, 1928 Richard Walsh of Wabana, Bell Island, and Clara Roberts of Spaniardís Bay.

May 11, 1928 Henry Somerton and Mary Hibbs, at Topsail.

Willis Clarke and Julia Harney, at Bell Island.

May 15, 1928 George Tucker and Mary Lambert.
May 17, 1928 Arthur Galpin and Bertha Piereway, at Halifax.
May 24, 1928 Joshua Steele, Northern Bay, and Berta Lewis, of St. Johnís.

Herbert J Pike, and Ethel Sutton, at Carbonear.

May 26, 1928 James Spencer and Mary Cave, at Bay Roberts.

June 2, 1928 Reginald Ley of Wabana, Bell Island, and Susie Carpenter of Port Blandford, B.B.
June 3, 1928 Rev. Robert M Withers, of St. Johnís, and Maysie Emala Manley of Toronto.
June 9, 1928 Robert C Moores and Irene Gulliford, at Everette, Mass.
June 12, 1928 Arthur W Stevenson and Grace McIntosh Watson.

Brendon L Hennessey and Mabel Marie Sinnott, at Halifax.

Edward L Oke and Jessie Sheppard, at Harbor Grace.

June 14, 1928 Leonard P Pike and Adelaide Brocklehurst, of Carbonear.

Edward Mullins and Beatrice Cole, at Elizabeth, N.Y.

June 15, 1928 Edward Geoffrey Wrightwick and Ruth Mary Emerson, at Brodoak, Sewley, Wiltshire.
June 17, 1928 Francis Nolan and Dorah F Young, at St. Josephís.
June 20, 1928 Robert Maxwell Stares and Daisy Pearl Cox.

Frank Mitchell of Portugal Cove, and Belinda Somerton, of Bell Island.

June 21, 1928 Dana Sweeney, and Agnes Patterson Duff, at Lunenburg, N.S.
June 26, 1928 Victor W Vincent and Kathleen Mabel Squires.
June 27, 1928 Robert Swain and Helen Gosse, of New Bedford, Mass.
June 28, 1928 Willis Rideout of Springdale, N.D.B., and Pearl Squires of Grand Bank.

James W Hampe and Nellie Froude at New York.

June 29, 1928 C.E.A. Jeffery of St. Johnís, and Mrs Mary Honer Archer-Hind, of London.

July 14, 1928 B.S. Diamond, and Agnes D Linegar., N.Y. 
July 24, 1928 Rev. Isaac Malcolm Lidstone, and Olive May Downton.
July 25, 1928 Arthur Gill of Fogo, and Lena Winsor of Carbonear.
July 28, 1928 Ralph Thistle of Kingís Point, Green Bay, and Julia Whelan of Cupids.

Leo Burton and Mary Miller, at Long Island.

August 1, 1928 Hellier House and Beatrice M Moulton, at Bonavista.
August 3, 1928 Rev. Sidney George Garland, of Lower Island Cove, and Eva Lamb Candlish, of Ahuntsic, Montreal.
August 7, 1928 Terrance H Winslow of Montreal, Que, and Mary Syme, of St. Josephís.
August 10, 1928 Bertram A.C. Simmonds, of St. Johnís, and Gertrude Raymond, of Boston, Mass.
August 14, 1928 Jack Angel and Margaret Nolan.
August 15, 1928 James J Baly, and Eileen Mary Fitpatrick, at Mount Cashel.

Leonard Keough of Carbonear, and Bride George, of Winterton.

August 18, 1928 Gregory Picco, and Jennie Wiseman.
August 25, 1928 Edward J Purcell, and M Gertrude Kennedy, at East Boston, Mass.
August 30, 1928 Adrian Rees of Bell Island, and Mary E Hampton, of Bareneed.
August 31, 1928 Cecil Cunwoody, and Gertrude Annie Moore, at Brooklyn, N.Y.

September 1, 1928 William Watson and Mabel Lawrence.
September 3, 1928 John Finn and Mary Clare Brennan, at Cambridge, Mass.
September 5, 1928 Alfred Fulton of Guysborough, N.S., and Ethel Moore, of Newfoundland.

James Milley and Beartice Maud Raines, at Grand Falls.

September 7, 1928 Loyal Linton Reid and Gertrude Isabel Boig Hutchings.
September 17, 1928 Patrick OíReilly and Mary King, at Mount Cashel.
September 18, 1928 Michael Hannon of Harbor Main, and Gertrude Doody, of Bonavista.

John Dumbar Wilson of Corner Brook, and Eileen Hall Macartney, of Montreal.

September 27, 1928 George Burry and Muriel Louise French.
September 29, 1928 George C Jerrett of Brigus, and Alison Emma Mews of St. Johnís.
September 30, 1928 Andrew Walsh and Rita Morrissey.

October 8, 1928 John K Rogers of Fair Islands, and Gladys Wright of Greenspond.
October 17, 1928 John Butler and Mamie Lawlor, Portugal Cove.
October 21, 1928 John Power and Miss Foley, Harbor Grace.

William J Cantwell, and Mary M Murphy, Hoylestown.

October 24, 1928 George Hopkins of Old Perlican, and Mary King, of Broad Cove, B.D.V.
October 27, 1928 William M OíSullivan of Halifax, and Mary Ugenia Redmond, of St. Johnís.

November 3, 1928 George E Bailey, Hampton, N.H., U.S.A., and Veta M Farnham, at Heartís Content.

John OíToole, of St. Johnís, and Nora Campbell of Branch.

November 5, 1928 Fred King, Victoria Cove, Gander Bay, and Emily Marshall Torraville, Gander Bay.

Ronald MacMillian, and Mabel Margaret Hansford, at Vancouver.

November 6, 1928 Richard Fagan and Mary Parrell.

Lloyd Maxwell Sparkes, and Doris Grace Thorburn.

November 7, 1928 Guy Shears and Jessie Jocelyn.

George James Coffin, and Hilda Mary Hann, at Halifax.

November 8, 1928 William Titford and Vera Florence Miller.
November 10, 1928 William Craig and Mary Fitzpatrick, at Bell Island.
November 11, 1928 Frank Rowe and Marion George, Heart's Content.

Joseph Kavanagh and Elizabeth Donahue, at Maynard, Mass.

November 16, 1928 William Titford and Sadie Smith.
November 20, 1928 Samuel Milley and Ida Sparkes.
November 21, 1928 Michael J Maddigan, and Mabel Marie Porter.
November 23, 1928 Gordon Squires and Hannah Tucker, St. Phillips.
November 25, 1928 Leo Parrell and Frances Mealey.
November 26, 1928 Neil Bandfield and Ettia May Lawrence, at Bay LíArgent.
November 28, 1928 Leonard Quinlan and Bridget Dwyer, at Bell Island.
November 29, 1928 E.J. Ryan and Anastatia Northcott, at Bell Island.

December 3, 1928 Sam Hing, Harbor Grace, and Blanche Laite.
December 4, 1928 Nimshi Crewe, and Hida May Tilley, at Elliston, T.B.
December 27, 1928 Benjamin Squires and Florence Stead.

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