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Year End Review  - 1929


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January 1, 1929 Alex Lahey and Miss Nellie Whalen, Bell Island.

Thomas Jackman and Miss Mollie OíBrien, Bell Island.

January 2, 1929 Ronald Howard, Danielís Cove, and Marcella Duggan, Grateís Cove, at Carbonear.
January 4, 1929 George Nelson Piercey of Newfoundland, and Miss Georgina Piercey of Sydney Mines, at Sydney Mines.
January 5, 1929 Russell Bradford Harding of Stamford, Vermont, and Miss Lilian Jessie Kelly, formerly of Lance Cove, Upper Gullies, at Newtown, Mass.
January 9, 1929 William J Peddle, Georgetown, Brigus, and Miss Annie J Delaney, Cupids.
January 23, 1929 Fred V Parsons and Miss Helena Squires, both of Harbor Grace.
January 24, 1929 William Duff and Miss Eva Peach, Carbonear.
January 28, 1929 A.M. Cleary and Miss Mary Warren.

February 1, 1929 Augustus Bursey and Miss Evelyn M Hopkins, both of Old Perlican.
February 7, 1929 George Wilfred Benmore and Miss Phyllis Auckinlech.
February 11, 1929 Thomas M Fitzpatrick and Miss Nellie F Dawson, both of Bay Roberts.
February 12, 1929 Thomas Noseworthy and Miss Lillian Kennedy.

Edgar Rennie Bowring and Miss Douglas Bruce.

Herbert Leslie Pigot of London, England, and Miss Maria Dolores Hutton, of St. Johnís, at Halifax.

February 16, 1929 Kenneth Douglas Hall of Elizabeth N.J., and Miss Hilda Maria Hancock, of St. Johnís.
February 27, 1929 Dr. Ralph T Stick and Miss Eugenie Parsons.

March 11, 1929 A Newham Johnston, and Miss Edna Marie Matthewís, at Springfield, Mass.

April 1, 1929 Hugh Garland and Miss Mary Gibbs, at New York.
April 4, 1929 William Melvin LaManche, and Miss Mary OíBrien, Cape Broyle.
April 8, 1929 Moses Sheppard, Harbor Grace, and Miss Lily James, Upper Island Cove, at Harbor Grace.
April 11, 1929 Thomas French, Harbor Grace, and Miss Fanny Parsons, Bryantís Cove, at Carbonear.
April 13, 1929 James Reynolds, Jr., of Riverhead, Harbor Grace, and Miss Mary Hicks, Avondale, at Harbor Grace.
April 14, 1929 James Tracey and Miss Alice Murphy, both of Old Petty Harbor Road.
April 17, 1929 Robert Douglas Gosse, and Miss Muriel Margaret Vavasour.
April 18, 1929 John Hutton Clouston, to Miss Raphael Maud Blandford Duder.
April 20, 1929 Bernard Dawson Parsons, and Miss Marjorie Grace Graham.

Jabez Robbins, and Mrs Elsie Gillingham Reid, both of Lower Island Cove, at Carbonear.

April 23, 1929 Roger Tredwell, United State Consul at Hong Kong, and Miss Matta Louise Orr.
April 24, 1929 Ethelbert Maloney, Bay Bulls, and Miss Julia Murphy, St. Johnís.

Alfred Harold Pierpoint, and Miss Lilian Blanche Spooner.

April 27, 1929 John Evans Manuel, and Miss Mary Keegan.

William C Harvey, and Mrs Rosetta M Thompson.

April 29, 1929 Herbert Reay Bridger and Miss Frances Patrica OíNeill.

June 5, 1929 Charles E Conway and Miss Mary Cook.

John Eddy, formerly of Clarkeís Beach, and Miss Elizabeth Ash, formerly of Carbonear, at Saganaw, Mass.[sic]

June 9, 1929 William T Garland, of Boston, and Miss Mary C Caldwell, formerly of St. Johnís, at Arlington, Mass.
June 14, 1929 John B DíAsrand and Miss Cynthia Marshall.
June 16, 1929 Hon. Philip J Lewis, and Miss Ella R Roche, Corner Brook.
June 18, 1929 Stephen I Hall, and Miss Mabel Florfence Cox, Bell Island.
June 19, 1929 Max Dunford and Miss Nellie Dixon, at Fortune.
June 20, 1929 George C Neal, and Miss Ethel Hancock.

John Murphy, Jersey City, and Miss Mollie Keough, Carbonear, at Jersey City.

June 21, 1929 Andrew Roy Martin, and Mrs Mary A Cram, Flat Island.
June 22, 1929 G.M. Greene, and Miss Mary Meade, both of Placentia.
June 27, 1929 James Organ, and Miss Elizabeth Dobbin.
June 30, 1929 William Holden, and Miss Catherine Brennan.

July 2, 1929 Edgar C Duff, formerly of Carbonear, and Miss Mirian F Ayre of Charlottetown, P.E.I., at Charlottetown.
July 4, 1929 Joseph Rideout and Miss Winnie Brown, of Bell Island, at Harbor Grace.
July 10, 1929 Frank McNamara and Miss Isabel Kennedy.

James Henry Brophy and Miss Isabel Nolan, both of Mount Pearl.

Onslow Marmaduke Brown and Miss Susie Winnford Wood, Grand Bank.

July 17, 1929 James Lang and Miss Jean Gosse.
July 22, 1929 Thomas L Mullins and Miss Fanny Mullins, both of Rencontre, at North Sydney.
July 27, 1929 John Parnell and Miss ? Lelliott Pinkham Ellis, both formerly of St. Johnís, at Vancouver.
July 31, 1929 Stephen Cramm and Miss Miriam Taylor, at Greenís Harbor.

August 1, 1929 Philip Janes, Broad Cove, B.D.V., and Miss Pearl Halfyard, Oche Pit Cove, B.D.V., at Halifax.
August 6, 1929 Walter Leslie Thistle, and Miss May MacDonald Hutchings.
August 7, 1929 Geoffrey Milling of Frankwood, Lancashire, and Miss Dorothy Baird.
August 8, 1929 Dr. Patrick OíKelly, Avondale, and Miss Kathleen Josephine Hyde, Cork, Ireland.
August 10, 1929 Cecil J Godden, and Miss Ada Mary Thistle.
August 12, 1929 Fred Shortall and Miss L Peyton.
August 14, 1929 Frank Walsh and Miss Bride Murphy.

Rev. Robert Miller, of Lynn, Mass., and Miss Ellen C.B. Hemmeon.

August 15, 1929 John McMillan Carleton, Picto, N.S., and Miss Ella Maud Crosbie.
August 17, 1929 Thomas J Morris, and Miss Elizabeth Counsel Pippy.
August 21, 1929 Joe Arnold and Miss Elsie Jane Diamond, both of Glovertown.
August 24, 1929 Henley Munn and Miss Gertrude McNeill.

Frank S Rendell, formerly of Heartís Content, and Miss Evelyn Bond, of Sydney, N.S., at Brooklyn N.Y.

August 26, 1929 William J Collins, of New York, and Miss Helen Moore, formerly of St. Johnís, at New York.
August 27, 1929 Bertram Taylor, to Miss Nellie Ferguson.

Gillespie Carew, and Miss Kathleen Barrett, Grand Falls.

August 29, 1929 Campbell Pollett Ward, and Miss Lillian May Dwyer.

September 3, 1929 James L Burke, and Miss Rose E Fitzpatrick, both of Bay Roberts.

Henry Mifflin, Port Union, and Miss Hilary Barrett of Curling, at Curling.

September 5, 1929 Arthur Lengley of Gateshead, England, and Miss Edith Hollett of Pouch Cove, at Montreal.
September 7, 1929 James MacDonald Oldford, formerly of Musgrave Town, and Miss Hazel White, formerly of Bonne Bay, at Watertown, Mass.

James A Noble, and Miss Helen G Miller, formerly of St. Johnís, at Dorchester, Mass.

September 9, 1929 Lloyd Courage, and Miss Gertie Frances Carter, Catalina.
September 10, 1929 Robert Frank Oakley and Miss Lucy Pearl Stron.

Capt. W.J. Long, and Miss Ada Augusta Wills.

Cyril Frederick Horwood, and Miss Emma Winifred Martin.

September 12, 1929 Llewellyn Noseworthy, Wesleyville, and Miss Gladys Hewitt. St. Johnís.

Jabez Moran, and Miss Florence Curtis, both of Blackhead, B.D.V.

September 13, 1929 James Lawrence Hannaford, and Miss Ruth Frances Shapleigh, Grand Falls
September 16, 1929 P Gouchey and Miss Evelyn Baird, at Angel Brook.
September 25, 1929 John Leo Coleman and Miss Kathleen Mary Power.
September 28, 1929 William Mitchell and Miss Isabel Campbell.
September 30, 1929 Thomas Tremblett, and Miss Josephine Whalen, Bell Island.

David Boland and Miss Vera Tramblett, Bell Island.

October 2, 1929 Stephen Garland of St. Johnís, and Miss Madge Harris of Bonavista, at St. Johnís.

Frank Fitzgerald and Miss Rose Murphy, Bell Island.

October 16, 1929 Benaston Breakly of Breakeyville, Quebec, and Miss Marguerite Furlong of St. Johnís, at Montreal.

Abraham Budgen and Miss Louise Granter, at Grand Falls.

Bryan W Potts, Millertown, and Miss Ada Leslie, St. Johnís, at Truro, N.S.

October 22, 1929 Frederick Dowden Press, of St Johnís, and Miss Jessie Dick, Clarenville.

November 2, 1929 Chester E Smith, and Miss Alice Lillian George, Bay Roberts.
November 6, 1929 John Bursey and Miss Gertrude Bursey, Old Perlican.
November 8, 1929 William G Barrett, and Miss Etha Peckford, of St. Johnís, at Topsail.
November 15, 1929 Moses Chipman, Spaniardís Bay, and Mrs M Harris, of Dark Cove, Gambo, at Middle Brook.
November 19, 1929 John Cantwell and Miss Madeline Bryne, Bell Island.
November 23, 1929 Edward Lawlor, and Miss Kitti Coleman.
November 24, 1929 Andrew MacDonald, and Miss Mary Sinnott, Kilbride.

Nicholas Byrne and Miss Mary Galway, Bell Island.

November 25, 1929 Morley Parsons and Miss Margaret Marcella Yetman.
November 26, 1929 Richard Finn and Miss Mary Ryan, both of Spaniardís Bay.

Gordon G Hibbs and Miss Kathryn Saunders, at Carbonear.

November 28, 1929 John Costello, and Miss Molly Lahey, Bell Island.

Albert Atkins and Miss Mary Mercer, Bell Island.

November 30, 1929 Alex Hall and Miss Alice H Butler.

December 11, 1929 Aaron Bailey of Port Union, and Miss Ella Hester Coaker.
November 25, 1929 Arthur Harvey Monroe and Miss Helen Rogerson at Montreal.

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