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Year End Review  - 1918


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January 1, 1918 J. Ernest Flight and Miss Elsie Noseworthy, Pouch Cove.
January 6, 1918 Patrick Hanlon, Portugal Cove, and Miss Mary Fitzgerald.
January 7, 1918 Frank Healey, Avondale, and Miss Jennie Slaney, St. Lawrence.
January 8, 1918 W.R. Warren, K.C., and Miss Emily Jackson Mare.
January 9, 1918 Thomas Sceviour, Gasters, Harbor Main, and Miss Mollie Costello, Avondale.
January 12, 1918 George Baker, Elliston, and Miss Sarah Piercey, Winterton. 
January 15, 1918 John OíReilly and Miss Nellie M. Healey, Fox Harbor, Placentia Bay.
January 16, 1918 Harry Hutchings and Miss Frances May Gosse, Spaniardís Bay.
January 17, 1918 E.W.A. Newhook and Miss Bertha Lillian Baldock.
January 20, 1918 J. Jones, St. Philipís and Miss P Hunt, Newtown.
January 22, 1918 James Goff and Miss Madge Keough, Carbonear.
January 24, 1918 Mark Butt and Miss Patience Pottle, Freshwater, Bay de Verde.
January 26, 1918 William J Bendall, Clarkes Beach, and Miss Marion G. Ivany, Botwood.
January 29, 1918 Dr. H.A. Smith and Miss Katherine Burnham.
January 30, 1918 George A. Noel and Miss Emma Gertrude Parsons, Freshwater, Bay de Verde.

George Hobbs, Brigus Junction, and Miss Susanna Ford, Fogo.

John Mercer and Miss Helen Greeley, Tilton.

February 4, 1918 Thomas C Collins, Lamaline, and Miss Lillian Kelly, Freshwater, Placentia.
February 5, 1918 William J. Bamister, Fredericton, and Miss Gertrude Woolfrey, Horwood.
February 6, 1918 Robert Arthur Hunt and Miss Edith Moores, Freshwater.

Raymond V Judd, Dalkey, Ireland, and Miss Mary G. Torpey Shea, Westmount, St. Johnís, at Dalkey.

February 10, 1918 Robert Cole and Miss Agnes Brophy.

Michael P Stapleton, Harbor Grace, and Miss Margaret Connolly, Bristolís Hope.

February 11, 1918 Capt. George Stewart, Bell Island, and Miss Bertha McKay, Harbor Grace.
February 19, 1918 Sergt. J.J. Oakley and Miss Christina Smith, Ayr, Scotland, at Earlcourt.

March 27, 1918 Major Weston March, M.C., Criox de Guerre, and Miss Helen Brownlee Butler at Dundee; Capt Bertram Butler, D.S.O., M.C., officiating as Best Man.
March 30, 1918 John A Barrett, Coleyís Point, and Miss Julia Batstone, English Harbor.

April 9, 1918 Robert Angel and Miss Bride Neville.
April 14, 1918 Edward Bolger, Kilkenny, Ireland, and Miss Lean Guy, Catalina, at Malden, Mass.
April 16, 1918 Winfred Cleary and Miss Dorothy Lash.
April 18, 1918 Hedley Knight and Miss Annie Rideout, Moretonís Harbor.
April 22, 1918 H. Brown and Miss Alberta Miller.

William Green, Old Perlican, and Miss Mary Whyte, Victoria.

John E. Edwards, Lawn, and Miss Lucy Grant Corbin.

April 24, 1918 Michael J. OíDonnell, Vermont, and Miss Nellie Callahan, St. Johnís.

Lieut-Surgeon Paul Carroll Bennett, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Miss Jacqueline Terese Scott of Fogo.

April 25, 1918 T.V. Hartnett and Miss Marjorie Douglas Berteau.
April 29, 1918 David Lundrigan, Roxbury, Mass., and Miss Bride Tobin.
April 30, 1918 J Riggs, Charlottetown, P.E.I., and Miss Jean Strang.

Ambrose Buckingham, St. Johnís, and Miss Georgina Scott, Twillingate. 

May 11, 1918 Lieut. Stanley Cecil James and Miss Gertrude Cave.
May 12, 1918 Arthur Thomey, Bristolís Hope, and Miss Mary A. Walsh, Harbor Grace.
May 16, 1918 Ex-Pte William Parsons and Miss Bessie Gillingham.
May 20, 1918 Pte. J. Maddick and Miss Mabel Meade.
May 22, 1918 S.E. Pinsent and Miss Violet Ralph.
May 24, 1918 Edgar Norman Belbin, and Miss Ada Marie Sheppard at Harbor Grace.
May 27, 1918 J. A. Garland and Miss Lucy White.

June 5, 1918 Samuel Francis Bartlett, Bareneed, and Miss Florence Marion Warford, Port de Grave.
June 12, 1918 F. Ronald Clarke and Miss Marguerite W. Parsons.

Harold Tavernor and Miss Belle Young, at Dantforth, Maine, U.S.A.

June 15, 1918 Rev. Dr. Jones, Rector of St. Thomasís, and Miss Ethel May Angel, at Liberty N.Y.
June 19, 1918 J.J. Carroll and Miss Bessie Maloney, Holyrood.
June 20, 1918 Staff Sergeant George R. Seviour, and Miss Nellie F. Murphy.
June 26, 1918 Alexander Campbell and Miss Viola Louise Joliffe.

Raymond C Hefferman and Miss Ida Florence Noseworthy.

Frank Houlihan and Miss Monica Lahey.

Dr. John A Burke and Miss Theresa Cozzolino, at Sydney.

Augustus Mercer and Miss Lucy Snow.

June 29, 1918 John R. Mullins and Miss Elizabeth Boyle.

Robert Dougan Verdum, P.Q., and Miss Louise Edgar.

June 30, 1918 Capt. Albert N. Pardy, Grand Bank, and Miss Rebecca Andrews, at Topsail.

July 1, 1918 Capt. Reuban Benson and Miss Ethel May Vasey.

Edgar J OíHara and Miss Christina Flynn, Marystown, at St. John N.B.

July 4, 1918 Willis Penney, Bay Bulls, and Miss Ada E. Ash.
July 7, 1918 Sidney Edgar and Miss Sarah Sim, Grand Falls.
July 9, 1918 William Angus Reid and Miss Gladys Harvey Job.
July 10, 1918 J.T. Rose, St. Johnís, and Miss Maggie Whalen, Placentia.
July 11, 1918 C. Brown and Miss Mifflin, Bonavista.
July 17, 1918 Harry J. James, Clarenville, and Miss Eloise Rogers, Catalina.
July 23, 1918 A Douglas Cox and Miss Eleanor Chafe.

Pte. Orestes Short, Hantís Harbor, and Miss Violet Holmes, Shearstown, at Truro, N.S.

July 24, 1918 Rev. Oliver Jackson and Miss Rosalie Noseworthy, at Clarkeís Beach.

Walter S Moore, and Miss Effie Morton English.

Albert Ball and Mrs Julia Shaw.

July 25, 1918 Thomas Walsh and Miss Gertrude Byrne.

Rev. T.E. Loder, C.F., Grand Falls, and Miss Annie Walbridge, at Buckingham Gate, London at Norbiton, Surrey.

July 27, 1918 Capt. Amund Amonsen and Miss Mary Hanrahan, Harbor Grace.

August 3, 1918 R. Maxwell Duff, Harbor Grace, and Miss Edna Jean Robertson at Toronto.
August 6, 1918 Brian Dunfield and Miss Sybil Johnson, at New York.
August 15, 1918 John R. Chafe and Miss Bride Bailey.

William Mills and Miss Violet Mercer, Throughfare, Trinity Bay.

August 16, 1918 R. Farwell, Eastport, and Miss E.M. Payne, Fogo.
August 20, 1918 Lieut. Hector NcNeil and Miss Julia Strong.

Corporal Jack Olphant and Miss Julia French.

Munden Wilcox, Bell Island, and Miss Jessie Abbott, Charlottetown, B.B.

August 25, 1918 William Hearn and Miss Jean Mckay.

Michael J Hogan, Northern Bay, and Miss Bride Dunn, Broad Cove, Bay de Verde.

August 27, 1918 J.F. Miller and Miss May Harris.
August 31, 1918 Frederick W Pincock and Miss Millicent Woods, at Toronto.

Hazen A Russell and Miss O. Johnston, at Catalina.

September 4, 1918 Ainley Young and Miss Nellie Hopkins, Heartís Content.
September 5, 1918 T. Power and Nettie Murphy, Trepassey.

R.W. Sullian and Miss Agnes Ryan.

Charles W Bates, Quebec, and Miss Florence Wilcox, formerly of Placentia.

September 10, 1918 John D Molloy, Petersí River, and Miss Josephine Delaney.

Sergeant Frederick Smallwood and Miss Mabel Rowe.

Allan O Nurse and Miss Emmie Butler, Topsail.

John McGrath, formerly of Conche, and Miss May Flynn, Long Island, Nfld., at Toronto.

September 11, 1918 R.J. Smith, Cupids, and Miss Ada Noseworthy, Clarkeís Beach.

Michael McDonald, St. Johnís, and Miss Maggie Quirk, Fortune Harbor.

September 12, 1918 Rev. F. Gordon Weir, and Miss Rosa W. Burry, at Toronto.
September 15, 1918 Harvey Bray, and Mrs Mamie Mawnn, at Bay Roberts.

Ex-Pte. William Cleary and Miss Catherine Codner, at Boston, Mass.

September 16, 1918 Joseph Lacey and Miss May Guy, Catalina.
September 17, 1918 Lemuel Anthony and Miss Marjorie Layman.
September 20, 1918 Pte. Ernest Wheeler and Miss Norah French.
September 23, 1918 Michael Hagerty, Moncton, N.B., and Miss Madge Maddigan.
September 24, 1918 Const. John R. Squibb, Harbor Breton, and Miss Lily Dorothea Anthony, Channel.

H.M.K. Whiteway and Miss Ellen Netten, Topsail.

September 26, 1918 Lance Corporal Norman Pardy and Miss Violet A. Ivany.
September 30, 1918 Charles Grace and Miss Mary Whitty.

Rev. Wilfred Taylor, Bolton, P.Q., and Miss Gwendoline Dawe, Port de Grave.

October 1, 1918 Private Charles C. Oke and Miss Ethel Mabel Thomas.
October 2, 1918 Harry Adi and Miss Charlotte Gallant at Wesleyville.
October 9, 1918 Sergeant Frank Warren and Miss Minnie K Oakley.
October 10, 1918 Payson J. Kinsella and Miss Marie Gearin.

Capt. Frank Stoodley and Miss Bertha Fox Wood, Grand Bank.

John Holman, New York, and Miss Meta Bradshaw, Placentia.

October 13, 1918 Private Maurice Carberry and Miss Lizzie Burrows.
October 17, 1918 Charles Reelis and Miss Julia Clinton.
October 23, 1918 Peter M. Duff and Miss Violet Dickinson, at Montreal.
October 24, 1918 Leonard Inkpen, Burin Bay, and Miss Bella Spracklin, Cupids.
October 28, 1918 Herbert Greaves, Montreal, and Miss Jeannie A. Critch.
October 29, 1918 William Puddicombe, and Miss May Carson, Harbor Grace.

Edward Shaw and Mrs. Mabel Sheppard, Harbor Grace.

November 4, 1918 Anthony Thompson and Miss Josie Donovan.
November 5, 1918 W.J. Brett and Miss Christina Newell

John G. Wilcox, Heartís Content, and Miss Mabel Bemister, New Perlican.

November 6, 1918 John Mathieson and Miss Jessie C Smith, at Petty Harbor.

George Learning and Miss Sadie Hiscock, Winterton.

Hilary C Casey and Miss Georgina Lester.

November 7, 1918 Michael Tobin and Miss Alice Curtin.

Joseph Hillier, Lamaline, and Miss Lillian Lockyer, Isle Valen.

November 8, 1918 Jerome Ryan and Miss Elizabeth Curtis, St. Joseph Salomier.
November 9, 1918 John Pollock, St. Johnís, and Miss Elsa M.S. Courage, Catalina.
November 12, 1918 Edwin J Pack, Bay Bulls, and Miss Bertha Boone, Bareneed.
November 18, 1918 Henry Peddigrew and Miss Elizabeth Higgins.
November 21, 1918 Joseph Jaynes, Gratesí Cove, and Miss Minnie Noftall, Broad Cove, Day de Verde.
November 27, 1918 George A. Broderick and Miss Lily Reid, Freshwater, near Carbonear.
November 28, 1918 Thomas M Clare and Miss Gertrude M Doyle.

Daniel Hicks and Miss Myra Saint, Bonavista.

November 30, 1918 A Burton, Bay de LíEau, and Mrs Murphy, St. Johnís.

December 6, 1918 William Elliott and Miss Leah Wheeler, Summerford, N.D.B.
December 11, 1918 Charles Butt, St. Anneís, and Miss Laura Rogers, St. Kyranís.
December 23, 1918 Archdale S Lewis and Miss Elsie F. Brinklow.

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