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Year End Review  - 1919


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November 25, 1918 P.J. Power and Miss Hazel P. Lewis.

December 19, 1918 Ignatius Brennan, Little Pardise, and Miss Marie Walsh, Bona, P.B.
December 26, 1918 Frederick Leouard and Miss Elsie Fyme, St. Kyranís.
December 27, 1918 Private Alber Hann and Miss Agnes M McLaughtin, at Ayr Scotland.
December 29, 1918 P.W. Maloney and Miss Clara OíNeil, at Holyrood.

January 2, 1919 John Mercer, Bishopís Cove, and Miss Susie Gosse, Spaniardís Bay.

William J Stevens, and Miss Emmie Boone, Barneed.

January 5, 1919 James M Tobin and Miss Lucy Foley, Placentia Bay.

Richard Thorne and Miss Clara Frances Tapper, Torbay.

January 7, 1919 Sam Burke, Horwood, and Miss Annie Bartran Butler.
January 8, 1919 William T Legge, Robinsonís, N.S. Head, and Miss Belle Ryan, Pouch Cove.
January 11, 1919 James Slade and Miss Susanna Travers, Harbor Grace.
January 15, 1919 James J Collins and Miss Agnes Mary Wayte.

Jethro Crowley and Miss Edith Whealan, Western Bay.

January 18, 1919 Lieut.- Colonel Knox - Nevin, and Miss Lois Reid.

John J Dunphy, Placentia, and Mrs. Angela Tramblett.

Capt. P Dober, and Miss Annie Grant Corbin, Burin.

January 19, 1919 F.E. Preston, and Miss Christine Myron, Bell Island.
January 23, 1919 Pte. Harold King, Campbellton, and Miss Bessie Penney, Carbonear.

James McKenna, and Miss Theresa Thistle, Fogo.

January 24, 1919 Arch Smith, Bell Island and Miss Johanna Gushue, Avondale.

Lieut. Clarence E Baggs, U.S.A., and Miss Ethel G Penney, at Brooklyn, N.Y.

February 6, 1919 William Ronald Cheshire, and Miss Agnes Paterson Hayward.
February 12, 1919 Stanley Burt, Greenís Harbor, and Miss Julia Lee, Grand Bank.
February 20, 1919 Samuel Wilton and Mrs Leah Payne, Bonne Bay.
February 25, 1919 Corporal Peter Mansfield and Miss Maude Rogers.

John Green and Miss Madge Curran.

Norman McCaskill, Montreal, and Miss Sophie Jones, Trinity.

February 27, 1919 Robert Noel and Miss Emma Smith, Bonne Bay.

March 1, 1919 Hayward Parsons and Miss Lena Yetman, Harbor Grace.

Solomon Gosse and Miss J. Kennedy, Maherís.

March 4, 1919 Edward George Saunders and Miss May Martin, Harbor Grace.

Ex-Pte William Martin and Miss Agnes Leslie, Harbor Grace.

March 6, 1919 Herbert Leslie Bartlett and Miss Bessie Flowers, Thorbourn.
March 7, 1919 George E Courage and Miss May Grace Hunt, Harbor Grace.
March 17, 1919 Kenneth French, Brigus, and Miss Irene Ryall, St. Johnís.
March 18, 1919 Robert Stanley Maunder and Miss Edith May Elliott.
March 19, 1919 J.J.R. McNeily and Miss Eleanor Duder White.
March 22, 1919 Arthur F Pennell and Miss Alberta French, Carmanville.
March 26, 1919 Dr. R.A. Brehm, P.H.O., and Miss Alice Carey.

April 5, 1919 Capt. W.D. Edwards and Miss Winfred Thomson McKay, at Glasgow.
April 9, 1919 James Young and Miss Amy Maud Erley.
April 10, 1919 Norman Osmond, R.N.R., and Miss Marion Taylor, Carbonear.
April 21, 1919 Charles J Gamberg and Miss Nellie F Murphy.
April 22, 1919 Ernest Sooley and Miss Fanny Andrews, at Heartís Content.

Francis McGilley and Miss Lucy Maher.

April 23, 1919 Patrick J Dunne, Broad Cove, and Miss Gertrude Casey, Harbor Grace.

Willis L Spurrell and Miss Florence May Pearcey.

A.S. Wadden and Miss Josephine Power.

Oscar Hiscock, R.N.R., and Miss Edith Moyse, Topsail.

April 28, 1919 W. A. French, Brigus, and Miss Maymie E. Gamberg.

May 5, 1919 Capt. Finn, Maine, and Miss Louise Courage, Harbor Grace.
May 6, 1919 Alfred Cole, Elliston, and Miss Helen Tremblett, Bonavista.

Philip Gillingham and Miss Rachel Morris, at Waverley, Mass.

May 11, 1919 John Gillam and Mrs. Lydia Symonds, Bonne Bay.
May 12, 1919 John Soper, Carbonear, and Miss Isabelle Pynn, Harbor Grace.
May 14, 1919 Joseph Avery, Grateís Cove, and Miss Bertha Sellars, Western Bay.

Ernest Maunder and Miss Lucille Louise Ladley.

Ex-Pte Alex Pearce, Clarenville, and Miss Maud Short, Hantís Harbor.

May 22, 1919 Walter Cooke and Miss Bertha Byrant.
May 28, 1919 Rev (Capt) Garland Granter Burton and Miss Alice Mary Dowden, of Greenspond, at Halifax.
May 31, 1919 Robert A Tasker and Miss Edith Pearcey.

June ? 1919 Alexander Stevenson and Miss Mildred Ward.

Ex-Sergt Herbert McClelland and Miss Blanche Somerton, Trinity, at Montreal.

June 4, 1919 Ex-Sergt. Rowland T Williams, and Miss Florence M Cook.

James Raymond Hopkins and Miss Lizzie Rorke Bemister, Carbonear.

George Finlay, Trepassey and Miss Bella Petrie.

H.D. Reid , President Reid Nfld Co., and Miss Marcelle Robert at Montreal.

Samson Bixby, Indian Islands, and Miss Jennie Hawco, Chapel Cove.

June 9, 1919 Alexander Lacey, formerly of Botwood, and Miss Thyrza Weir, formerly of Little Bay Islands, at Toronto.
June 10, 1919 John D Campbell and Miss Mary Halley.
June 12, 1919 Sergt. Martin S Radsham, and Miss Violet Clarke, at Halifax.
June 14, 1919 William Wellesly Weaver and Miss Ada Mary Hopewell, at London.
June 18, 1919 Capt. Stanley Duder and Miss Emma Louisa Penney, Carbonear.

Sergt Patrick OíNeil and Miss Teresa OíNeil, at Brooklyn, N.Y.

Peter Bishop and Miss Maude Baggs, Broad Cove, B.D.V.

June 22, 1919 Alan Doyle and Miss Ester Kiely.
June 24, 1919 Leo McGrath and Miss B Vinnicombe.

John McCarthy J.P., Clerk of the District Court, and Miss Gertrude Kent.

June 25, 1919 Ex-Pte Hayse and Miss Mary Miller, Port Royal.

Frank Moores, Freshwater, and Miss Lillian G. Burton, Glovertown.

Herbert Warwick Darby and Miss Irene Parsons.

R.Q.M. Sergt. W.J. Eaton and Miss Daisy Janet Bell.

Hector Reid, Heartís Delight, and Miss Violet Legge, Garnish.

June 26, 1919 Percival (?) and Miss Beatrice K Kendrick at Topsail.

July 6, 1919 E.J. Goobie, New Britain, Conn., and Miss Kathleen Goobie.

Capt. J Kemp and Miss Helen Rodgers.

July 8, 1919 Capt. John E.J. Fox and Miss Helen Fraser.
July 9, 1919 W.J. Darcy and Miss Genevieve M Martin.

Rev. Eli Reid Anthony, B.A., Glovertown, and Miss Nellie Lorenzen, Garnish.

July 14, 1919 Ex-Pte Jack Aspel and Miss Ethel Moore.

W.J. Ewing, Alberta, and Miss Minnie Dart.

Arthur Squarey, Channel, and Miss Maud Lindsay.

July 16, 1919 E.W. Hall, Brigus, and Miss Alice Edith Lewis.

Ex-Pte. James A Taylor and Miss Mary D McKendrick.

William Murray and Miss Ellen Morrissey.

July 23, 1919 Walter F Butt and Miss Florence Agnes Moore.
July 24, 1919 Lieut-Commander Kennedy, R.N., and Miss Francis A Gosling.

Ernest Ford and Miss Lily Snow.

July 29, 1919 Ex-Pte G. Chapter and Miss Mary Voisey.
July 30, 1919 Frederick Tipple, Burin, and Miss Myra Pelley, Hantís Harbor.
July 31, 1919 John Bartlett, St. Johnís, and Miss Edith Rees, Lance Cove, Bell Island.

August 1, 1919 Albert Morris and Miss Annie Mugford.
August 4, 1919 Ex-Sergt. J.P. Moakler, and Miss Alice M Pursell.

Ex-Corporal Patrick M Greene, Point Verde, and Miss Jennie Smitts, Argentia.

Rev. David Coombs and Miss Ethel Irish, Fogo.

August 6, 1919 Lieut. James Robert Steele and Miss Amy Gertrude Stevenson.
August 7, 1919 J.F. Roche and Miss Gertrude Power.
August 14, 1919 Ronald J Knot and Miss Maude Cochrane.
August 15, 1919 Douglas French and Miss Mary Bowring.
August 20, 1919 Leo F. MacFarlane and Miss Lillie Snow.
August 23, 1919 Rev. N Cole, Trinity, and Miss Gertrude Pike, Carbonear.

Major R.H. Tait, M.C., and Miss Margaret Gertrude Gibb.

August 24, 1919 Michael Grace and Miss Foran, Grand Falls.
August 25, 1919 Paul Maddox, Bay Bulls, and Miss Sidney Jean G. Verg.

Charles Rodway and Miss Annie Burry.

August 28, 1919 Senator Natham Goff, U.S.A., and Miss Katherine M Penney, Carbonear.

September 3, 1919 Thomas Hughes and Miss Rosalie Delgado.

George Batiste, Port aux Basques, and Miss Jennie Hillier, Fortune.

Harry J. Carter, Gambo, and Miss Hattie R. Ivany.

September 8, 1919 Capt. T Connors, S.S. Porta, and Miss Margaret White.
September 9, 1919 Rev. Dr. Saint, Heartís Content, and Miss Ethel B Penney, Carbonear.
September 11, 1919 Capt. Frederick Field, Langstaffe, and Miss Annie Frew, at Christ Church, England.

J. J. Baker, Pittsburg, Pa., and Miss Mary Mahoney, Burin, at Atlantic City.

September 12, 1919 Joseph Halfyard, Nelson, B.C., and Miss Marjory Golder.
September 16, 1919 W.M. Ford, Harbor Grace, and Mark Etta Dawe, Bay Roberts.

Mark Gosse Jr., Spaniardís Bay, and Miss Gladys Jones, Upper Island Cove.

September 17, 1919 George Winsor Foote, Carbonear, and Miss Lilian Margaret Ward, Harbor Grace.

Ernest Kirchener, Harbor Grace, and Miss Fannie Farrar, Wabana, at Foxtrap.

James J Keough, Caplin Bay, and Miss Margaret Devereaux, Ferryland.

September 18, 1919 Gilbert James, R.N.R., and Miss Anabelle Drover, Upper Island Cove.
September 20, 1919 John Thomas, Lumsden, and Miss Marjorie Isabel Ellis.

Eric B Stentaford, Heartís Content, and Miss Evelyn Louise Adams, St. Johnís.

Thomas E Tipple and Miss Ruby A Thompson at Whitbourne.

September 21, 1919 Thomas Butler, Bristolís Hope, and Miss Elizabeth Noseworthy, Bryantís Cove.
September 24, 1919 Elijah Reid, Dildo, and Miss Rosalie Hamlin, Twillingate.

S.Q. Sergt. R.T. Crummey, and Miss Winnifred Mabel March, Old Perlican.

October 11, 1919 Harry Whitten and Miss Jennie Christopher.
October 14, 1919 James Shields and Miss Flozzie Peet.
October 15, 1919 James Edgar Hynes and Miss Mary Newhook, Old Shop.
October 16, 1919 William H Liddy and Miss Mary Morey, Pouch Cove.

Thomas J Ryall and Miss Dora Keating.

October 21, 1919 A. E. Whitten, St. Johnís and Miss Elfreda Reid, Heartís Delight.
October 22, 1919 Lieut, George T Mouser, of Porto Rico, and Miss Bessie Winnifred Hallfyard, at Waterown, Mass.
October 24, 1919 Ex-Pte Elijah Reid, Dildo, and Miss Rosalie Hamlin, Twillingate.
October 27, 1919 Fred L Bradshaw and Miss Mildred C Duder, at Montreal.
October 29, 1919 Lieut Commander A.E. Woodhouse, R.N., and Miss Jean Emerson.

Charles P Penney and Miss Violet Thomson.

October 30, 1919 Robert James Watts and Miss Edna Collins, at Halifax.
October 31, 1919 George F Penney, Ottenburry, and Miss Melina Harnum, Heartís Delight.

November 4, 1919 Ex-Pte Vincent Dobbin, Upper Island Cove, and Mary Dunn, Scotland, at Harbor Grace.
November 5, 1919 Reuben French, Carbonear, and Miss Norah Brown.

Otto Stanley and Miss Emma Snow, Harbor Grace.

November 11, 1919 Ex-Pte Rupert Morris, and Miss Mabel LeShane.
November 12, 1919 William Walters and Mrs. Matilda Hunt, at Harbor Grace.

Capt. Ernest William Hubbell, and Mrs. Madge H McDouagh (nee Bolger) at Ottawa.

November 13, 1919 Albert Loughlin and Miss Effie Parsons, Flat Island, Placentia Bay.
November 18, 1919 John Ryan and Miss Lucy Walsh, at Petty Harbor.

Leo Cleary and Miss Bessie Coady.

November 19, 1919 Rev. Heber Gosse and Miss Lizzie M Earle, Fogo.

Daniel McKinnon and Miss Mary Chapter, at Sydney.

November 23, 1919 Bernard Manning and Miss Elizabeth Roache, at Outer Cove.
November 24, 1919 William A Myler and Miss May Crimp.
November 26, 1919 James McCarthy, Carbonear, and Miss Ellen Burton, St. Johnís.

George Griffiths, Portugal Cove, and Miss Mary Ann Savage.

Capt. Jack Turner, M.C., and Miss Blanche Cassandra Ireland, Grand Falls.

November 27, 1919 Stephen Carnell, Ochre Pit Cove, and Miss L.G. Sellars, Western Bay.

Constable Michael Woodford and Mrs Mary Lee, Riverhead, St. Maryís.

December 3, 1919 Lieut. Hender Trevenor Parse, R.N., and Miss Annie Boyd Baird.

George T Gordon and Miss Carrie Parsons, Harbor Grace.

James Howell, Freshwater, and Miss Ceclia George, Heartís Content.

December 8, 1919 Casimer Doody, Mosquito, and Miss Sarah Byrne, Flatrock.
December 9, 1919 William J Joyce, Freshwater, and Miss Geogina Ash, Crockerís Cove.
December 10, 1919 James Power and Miss Annie Pike, Carbonear.
December 17, 1919 Neil Shannon LeMessurier, and Miss Hilda Maud Strons.

L.A. Hoskins, Kelligrews, and Miss Jennie Searl, Bell Island.

December 19, 1919 Donald Moore, St. Johnís, and Miss Beatrice Tetford, Harbor Grace.
December 22, 1919 Jack Ploughman, Port Rexton, and Miss Addio Hedge, Carbonear.

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