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Year End Review  - 1920


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December 8, 1919 John J. OíReilly and Miss Mary Verran of Placentia, at Halifax.
December 11, 1919 Adolphus Mulley, Blackhead, and Miss May B. Gosse, Spaniardís Bay.
December 18, 1919 Martin Alvin Rose, Spaniards Bay, and Miss Milly Maude Pelley, Hantís Harbor.

H.V.C. Richards, Glenwood, and Miss Helen M. Wilson, Ayr, Scotland, at Ayr.

December 25, 1919 Ex-Private J. Francis, and Miss Elsie M Green, Hantís Harbor.
December 31, 1919 Eben Boone Richards, Cupids, and Miss Francis Horwood, Carbonear.

January 6, 1920 James Gosse and Miss Mary Lacey, Torbay.
January 7, 1920 Ex-Private H. Tilley and Miss Gertrude Bailey.
January 11, 1920 Gordon Penney, Ramea, and Miss Minnie Rose, Jersey Harbor.
January 12, 1920 Augustus Rockwood, Heartís Content, and Miss Lucy Legge, Heartís Delight.
January 14, 1920 T.P Halley and Miss Irene Cantwell.

Edward Neville, South River, and Miss Connolly, Cupids.

January 16, 1920 Edward Basha and Miss Ethel Mary English, Bell Island.
January 21, 1920 Edward P Moores, R.N.R., and Miss Hazel Davis, Freshwater, B.D.V.
January 24, 1920 William Walker, Brigus, and Mill Hannah Adams, Harbor Grace.

Ex-Lieut. J.J. Gifford, R.A.F., and Miss Agnes E Morris, at New Westminister, B.C.

January 27, 1920 Herbert Taylor and Miss Marion Gladys Knight.
January 28, 1920 John Parsons, Clattice, and Miss Mary E. Mahar, Argentia.

February 2, 1920 Patrick Kearney and Miss Mary Callahan, Riverhead, Harbor Grace.

David Bolger and Miss Bessie Manning, Torbay.

February 6, 1920 Allan J Smith and Miss Esabella Brace.
February 9, 1920 Ex-Private Charles Augustus Dunn and Miss Lillian Deay.
February 11, 1920 Capt. J.H. Campbell, M.C., and Miss Flora Clift.

J.P Liscombe and Miss Clara Gardner.

Walter Leseman and Miss Ada Busary.

February 12, 1920 Joseph Hugh Morely and Miss Katherine Fitzpatrick, Bell Island.

Capt. Allen G. Cockrill, Norwich, and Miss Elizabeth M. Peach, Carbonear, at St. John, N.B.

February 14, 1920 Thomas Marry, Salmonier, and Miss Annie Duggan, St. Josephís. 
February 16, 1920 Allan J.Smith and Miss Isabella Brace.
February 17, 1920 William Albert Walsh and Miss Cecila Sheppard, Harbor Grace

Herbert M. Winter, and Miss Edith M. Hayward.

March 1, 1920 Robert C Sheppard and Miss Sadie Kean.
March 2, 1920 Bernard Norris, Three Arms, and Miss Alica Fitzpatrick.

Harry Goldstone, St Johnís, and Miss Hilda Marcus, Glace Bay, N.S.

March 10, 1920 Ex-Private T. Noseworthy and Miss Annie Snooke.
March 17, 1920 William Kennedy, St. Johnís, and Miss Mary A. Walker, Brigus.

April 5, 1920 John T. Carroll and Miss Alice Kelly.
April 6, 1920 Ernest J. Reed and Miss Elizabeth Benton, Harbor Buffett.
April 8, 1920 Francis Piercey and Miss Leah Harriet Tucker, both of Winterton, T.B., at Halifax.
April 12, 1920 George C. Conway and Miss Josephine M. Carroll.
April 14, 1920 James Hippesley, New York, and Miss Rose Munn, Harbor Grace, at Montreal.

Herbert E Wyatt, Heartís Content, and Miss Louise Stafford.

April 22, 1920 Patrick F. Ryan, Catalina, and Miss Lillian Laura Kennedy, Western Bay, at Brigus.
April 26, 1920 Carl Anderson, Halifax, and Miss Violet Squire, St. Philips, at Halifax.
April 27, 1920 John C Boyd, Shanghai, China, and Miss Edna Collingwood.

Philip Escott and Miss Helen May Ewing.

April 28, 1920 L.E. Emerson and Miss Ruby Edith Ayre.

Allan Roy Clouston and Miss Maude Neal, at Montreal.

William Parsons, Halifax, and Miss Lilian Samms, Codroy.

Capt. John Guy and Miss Susie Rose, at Halifax.

May 1, 1920 Bernard Bartlett, Maryvale, and Miss Annie Fowler, Wabana.
May 5, 1920 Thomas Burke and Miss Lillian Fitzpatrick.
May 7, 1920 John Martin and Miss Ella Burton, Harbor Grace.
May 19, 1920 William L. Foote, Burin, and Miss Elizabeth Cake, Lamaline, at Sydney.
May 22, 1920 John Matthew Skinner and Miss Ethel Effort, at Port de Grave.

June 3, 1920 George Williams and Miss Mina E. Noseworthy, Pouch Cove.
June 6, 1920 William P. Less and Miss Katherine Ring, at New York.

Andrew Coady and Miss Emma White.

June 8, 1920 Neil Maclellan and Miss Olive Elizabeth Whitten.
June 9, 1920 John S. Goodyear and Miss Florria Guy, Carbonear.
June 12, 1920 James A. Grant, Boston, and Miss Mary M. Bailey, St. Johnís, at Boston.
June 15, 1920 William J. Carew and Miss Florence Channing.
June 17, 1920 Ex-Private Robert Henderson, Harbor Grace, and Miss Jeannie Collins.
June 19, 1920 Lieut Bull, Toronto University, and Miss Jennie Inkpen, formerly of Burin, at Havwick, Ont.
June 21, 1920 Roy R. Hanne, to Miss Marie Gwendolyn (?) at Montreal.
June 24, 1920 John Stuart, B.Sc., and Miss Flora Marion Curtis.
June 27, 1920 Henry Kelly, Petty Harbor, and Miss Annie Walsh, The Goulds.
June 28, 1920 John Roland, Torís Cove, and Miss Kitty Shannahan.
June 30, 1920 Max E Parsons and Miss Mabel Christine Christian.

Thomas E. Porter of Montreal, and Miss Irene Jackie Hudson.

John J. Ivany, English Harbor, and Miss Mary Winsor.

July 3, 1920 Edward Parrott and Miss Florence Piercey, Winterton.

Joseph Bishop and Miss Beatrice B. Gosse, Spaniardís Bay.

July 5, 1920 Thomas B. Doyle, Doyleís, and Miss Annia OíReilly, Placentia, at Searston.
July 6, 1920 Dr. Thomas P. Smith and Miss Mary M. Blatch.
July 7, 1920 James J. Baird, Pittsburg, and Miss Hattie M. Wadden.

Charles Bishop, Petty Harbor, and Miss Clara Ewing.

Rev. W.R. Butler and Miss Gertrude E. English.

July 9, 1920 W.S. King (Veteran) and Miss Lillian Tucker.
July 14, 1920 George W. Rees and Miss Urile Christian.

John J. Kelley and Miss Gertrude Kent.

Thomas Guy and Miss Louise Anderson, at St. John. N.B.

July 19, 1920 P.L. Carr, Blackville, N.B., and Miss Nellie Harris, Grand Bank.
July 24, 1920 A. Armour Love and Miss Margaret Coen.
July 27, 1920 Harold Johns and Miss Doris Dowden.
July 30, 1920 Wm. D. McCarter and Miss Gertrude Annie Long.
July 31, 1920 William Pilgrim, Carbonear, and Miss Martha Smith, Dildo.

August 5, 1920 James Francis Connors, North Adams, Mass., and Miss Laura May Duchesne, at New York.
August 7, 1920 Errol Munn and Miss Dorothy Berteau.
August 11, 1920 John Finn and Miss Nellie Cleary, Spaniardís Bay.
August 16, 1920 Edward Lahey and Miss Marie Clare.
August 17, 1920 Capt. B. Rice, R.A.F. and Miss Marion Saunders, at Jerusalem.
August 18, 1920 John Rorke Jr., and Miss Nellie Tucker, Carbonear.

Alec Duncan Pushie and Miss Helena Gertrude Le Messuries.

August 21, 1920 Capt. Denis F Keegan and Miss Annie Gosling.

S.K. Smith and Miss Mollie Way, Harbor Breton.

August 23, 1920 Joseph Power and Miss Marie Dunphy.

Ex-Private Frank Scott Knight and Miss Evelyn Barbour Kean.

Capt. Donald McKenzie, C.E.F., and Miss Annie Warren, at Foxtrap.

August 25, 1920 Jack Davis and Miss Cora Isabelle Adey.
August 30, 1920 A.R. (Tony) Evans and Miss Emmie Brushett, at Halifax.

Patrick J. Hickey and Miss Maggie Doyle, Harbor Grace.

August 31, 1920 Capt. Yril Boyd Carter and Miss Sydney Anne Jones, at Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

Rev. E.W. Forbes, M.A., B.DS., and Miss Margaret Alexandring West, at Glasgow.

Capt Joe Numms, M.C., and Miss May Robertson.

October 2, 1920 Augustus J Stafford and Miss Mabel Gibbons.

A.B. Lehr, D.D.S., and Mrs M. Wing.

October 4, 1920 James Richard Dinn and Miss Josephine Colford, Carbonear.
October 5, 1920 Patrick Grace and Miss Noel Desiree Bidel.
October 12, 1920 N.J. Wadden and Miss Bride Fitzgerald.

F. Douglas Slaney of St. Lawence, and Miss Isable Furneaux Willis, St. Johnís.

October 13, 1920 C.D. Lenauze and Miss Elsie Isabella Scott, Grand Falls.

Philip W. White and Miss Elsie Sarah Osmond, at New Hamshire.

October 14, 1920 Harry G Grant and Miss Lucy Butler.

Paul Ambrose Winter and Miss Alltica Hayward, at South Orange, New Jersey.

October 17, 1920 Philip Wylan and Miss Mae Frelick.

John Mahon and Miss Annie Gardner.

October 18, 1920 John Garland and Miss Hazel Winiford Williams, at Weston, Ont.
October 20, 1920 Thomas Coombs and Miss Mary Finn, at Spaniardís Bay.
October 23, 1920 Hubert Wilfred Davis and Miss Minnie Roberts.
October 25, 1920 A.C. Warren of Nova Scotia, and Miss Beatrice Brazil, of Hr. Grace, at St. Johnís.

November 3, 1920 H.B. Hatch and Miss Cerissa Parsons, at Curling.

Horace C. Evoy and Miss Margaret Helen Morris, at Montreal.

November 5, 1920 Edward F Donahue and Miss Katherine A. Hickey, at Somerville, Mass.
November 8, 1920 Capt. Osmond of Carbonear, and Miss Sarah J. Kennell, of Western Bay.
November 10, 1920 Archibald Follett of Western Bay, and Miss Annie Squires of Topsail, at Topsail.

D.V. Bird and Miss Mary Lewis, at Grand Falls.

November 17, 1920 William R Antle and Miss Elsie M. Thistle.

George Ellis and Miss Annie Poole.

John T.W. Cornish and Miss Lily Tucker, at Carbonear.

Jas Ewing Ellis, of St. Johnís, and Miss Mary A Hutchinson, of Scotland, at New York.

November 18, 1920 Harold S. Tipple and Miss Nina J. Pepper.
November 20, 1920 Dr. Raymond Tilton and Miss Elizabeth Daymond, at Newark, N.J.
November 21, 1920 Joseph Samson and Miss Annie Dunphy, at Argentia.
November 22, 1920 Maurice Whiffen and Mrs. Margaret Kelly, Fox Hr., P.B.
November 24, 1920 R. Costigan and Miss Lillian Kennedy.

Leo Wall and Miss Madge Stanley, at Kilbride.

William Hall and Miss Nora Neville, at North River.

November 25, 1920 M.J. Fewer and Miss Nellie OíRourke.

H.G. Jones and Miss Stella C. Miller, at New York.

November 27, 1920 Patrick Nolan and Miss Mollie Kelly, at For Hr., P.B.
November 30, 1920 Harry Carnell and Miss Eva Cornick.

December 2, 1920 Geo. T. McGuire and Miss Ethel OíFlaherty.

Allan Penney of Carbonear, and Miss Typhena Elia Burt, St. Anthony.

December 4, 1920 D.W. Kielly and Miss Jean McFarlane.
December 7, 1920 Jas. L Corcoran and Miss Anna J. McGrath, at Pawtucket, R.I., U.S.A.
December 8, 1920 Israel Pelley of Port Blandford, and Miss Clarice Annie Harris.

Wesley Gosse of Spaniardís Bay, and Miss Eliza Parsons Gibbons.

December 12, 1920 Joseph Snow and Miss Flossie Beaton at Norris Arm.
December 15, 1920 Mortimer Pike of Carbonear, and Miss Annia Elsie Moores, of Freshwater.

E.H. Hopkins of Heartís Content, and Miss Sadie Moore, of Carbonear.

December 16, 1920 Hubert Barter of Bay de Verde, and Miss Susie Barrett, of Old Perlican.
December 20, 1920 F.T. Peach of Bay Roberts, and Miss Gertrude Christian, of St. Johnís.
December 21, 1920 Doctor George Baggs, Millertown, and Miss Barbara Hopkins, Heartís Content.
December 26, 1920 P.J. Colbert and Miss Mary Cullen, Torbay.

R. Brown, Tackís Beach, P.B., and Miss Annie Parsons, Clattice Harbor.

December 27, 1920 George F Ayres, Point Crew, and Miss Hilda M Hillier, Beach, Lamaline.
December 28, 1920 Harold Leverman, Halifax, and Miss Beatrice M. Walkinsm, St. Johnís, at Annapolis Royal, N.S.
December 30, 1920 Baxter Murcell of Little Bay Islands, and Miss Lillian Ross Knight, of St. Johnís.

Stephen Hunt, Harbor Grace, and Miss Ida Normore, Bell Island.

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