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Year End Review  - 1921


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January 6, 1921 Alfred Sidney Pearce, Bishop’s Falls, and Miss Rita Flynn, Harbor Grace.

Felix Hogan and Miss Monica Hogan, Northern Bay.

January 12, 1921 Ernest F Gear and Miss Irene Moore.
January 15, 1921 Norman Butt, Spaniard’s Bay, and Miss Mary Kelly, Bareneed.
January 19, 1921 Capt. Tuff and Miss Anna Cook.
January 20, 1921 D Williams, Bay Bulls, and Miss Anna Maria Keough, St. John’s.
January 29, 1921 Peter Tucker, St. Philip’s, and Miss Pearl Smith, St. John’s.
January 30, 1921 Michael O’Brien, Placentia, and Miss Mary McGrath, Argentia.

February 1, 1921 James Ryan, Spaniard’s Bay, and Miss Mona Brennan, Bay Roberts.
February 2, 1921 John T Aylward, and Miss Madge Crowdell.
February 6, 1921 Patrick M Wadden, and Miss Bessie Furlong.
February 8, 1921 Charles A Leverman, and Miss Chrissie M Keough.
February 12, 1921 Robert Byrne, New York, and Miss Annie McGrath, Colliers.

March 5, 1921 John J Pottles and Miss Mary J Thorne.
March 10, 1921 Leonard Butt, Freshwater, B.D.V., and Miss Clarissa T Windsor, Carbonear.
March 19, 1921 James J Hickey and Miss Blanche Long Attell, at Harlow, Florida.
March 23, 1921 Kemmuir Blair and Miss Anna May at Houlton, Maine, U.S.A.

Dr. Ernest J Gordon, and Miss Daisy Margaret Goodyear, at Ottawa.

March 27, 1921 Frederick Colbourne and Miss Teresa R White.
March 29, 1921 Ex Sergeant Horatio Grouchy, Pouch Cove, and Miss Mamie Reader, Bonavista.
March 31, 1921 Charles Levitz and Miss Katie Sweesky.

David G Keough and Miss Cecila J Brown, at Brooklyn, Mass.

April 6, 1921 Leo James Daly, Dearborn, Michigan, and Miss Esther Victoria Lannon, S.E, Arm, Placentia.
April 7, 1921 William J Shaw and Miss Constance Stanley Breeze, at Whithrop, Mass.
April 13, 1921 Capt. Harold Bartlett, Brigus, and Miss Mabel Blanche Maunder.
April 14, 1921 J.C. Brown and Miss Nora Butler.
April 21, 1921 Freeman Sheppard and Miss Annie Noel, South Side, Harbor Grace.
April 30, 1921 John C Picco, Bell Island, and Miss Minnie Tucker, Thorburn Road.

May 11, 1921 L Hicks and Miss A. Pendergrast, Avondale.
May 24, 1921 Llewellyn Bartlett, Trinity, and Miss Nellie Piercey.

Harry Foote and Miss Masie Rumson, Carbonear.

May 25, 1921 Capt Douglas Burden, Carbonear, and Miss Bertha Spooner, Brigus.
May 26, 1921 W.D. Simpson and Miss Doris Wheaton, at Halifax.

June 1, 1921 Ex Sergeant Arch Pearce, Clarenville, and Miss Nina Tuck, Hant’s Harbor.
June 2, 1921 Clifford Lea Godfrey, and Miss Marjorie Pitts Ayre, at Truro, N.S.
June 4, 1921 Capt Reginald Grant Paterson, MC., and Miss Margaret Eleanor Clouston.
June 6, 1921 Jonathan Brett and Miss Helen Edith Hunt.
June 7, 1921 Martin Seaward and Miss Laura Mahoney, North River.

Russel McNeil and Miss Annie Walsh, Placentia, at New Aberdeen.

June 8, 1921 Cecil R. Puddester and Miss Ethel Whiteway.

Dr. C.P. Fenwick, M.C., and Miss Jacqueline McCullough, at Toronto.

C.E. Hunt, Barrister, and Miss Signe Augustine Lindal, Grand Falls, at Whitebourne.

June 9, 1921 Charles Parsons and Miss Lillian Mary Ransom, at Topsail.
June 14, 1921 M.A. Johns, Curling, and Miss Isabel Steele, Grand Falls.
June 15, 1921 Edward Kennedy and Miss Marion O’Brian.
June 16, 1921 John Poole Baird and Miss Margaret Anderson Carter.
June 18, 1921 John Brown, Brownsdale, T.B., and Miss Maude Lake, Fortune.
June 20, 1921 Thomas Kent and Miss Polly Malone.
June 21, 1921 James E Ryan and Miss Phyllis Gertrude Wakeley, at Barnstaple, Devonshire.
June 23, 1921 Walter P Pyle, Toronto, and Miss Jennie Ash.
June 25, 1921 Hubert Edward Johnson and Miss Margaret Eleanor Steer, at West Hartford, Connecticut.
June 27, 1921 Capt. Walter J Barnes and Miss Gladys L.W. Peters.
June 28, 1921 Hubert R. Parsons and Miss Margaret R. Paul.
June 29, 1921 Frank Murphy and Miss Bride Dobbin.

Rev. Henry Gordon, M.A., Cartwright, Labrador, and Miss Clara Aspell English, at Cartwright.

June 30, 1921 D.A. McRae and Miss Mary C. Jackman.

Walter B Lawrence and Miss Carris Cowan Crocker.

Weston Kimball Keeping and Miss Valetta Kean, Brookfield, B.B., at Toronto.

July 5, 1921 James V. Ryan and Miss Edith Mary McGrath.
July 12, 1921 Capt. C. Sydney Frost, M.C., and Miss Gertrude R. Harris, Yarmouth, N.S.

Fred Bursey, Catalina, and Miss Lizzie Edgecombe.

Dr. J.B. O’Reilly and Miss Dallas Victoria Baird.

Nicholas P. Hunt and Miss Clarice Andrew Piccott.

July 14, 1921 Archbibald Roy Kendall and Miss Alice White.
July 19, 1921 W.S. Bowden and Miss Ethel Anna Jessie Barnes.
July 21, 1921 Mr. Hilliard and Miss Laura Taylor, Carbonear.
July 23, 1921 Thomas Newell, Pittsburg, and Mrs Emma Miller, Topsail, on S.S. Rosalind.

Francis R. Roberts and Miss Mary Jane Guy, at Chelsea, Mass.

July 25, 1921 Nicholas J. McDonald and Miss Elizabeth Savage.

August 2, 1921 Raymond Chesley Wells, Bay Roberts, and Miss Jeanette Edgar Coultas, St. John’s.
August 4, 1921 Thomas A. Horan and Miss Nellie Grant.
August 8, 1921 Richard Hiscock, Grand Falls, and Miss Vida J. LeDrew.
August 9, 1921 Capt. Hugh C. Nightingale, M.C., Kenya, to Miss Mona Murray Franklin, at Nairobi, British East Africa.
August 10, 1921 Reginald W Bennett and Miss Martha Monteith Keple.
August 11, 1921 Gilbert Noftle and Miss Ethel Brown, Bonavista.
August 13, 1921 Capt. Wilson R. Riggs, Grand Bank, and Miss Sophia Daisy Dewey, Glovertown, B.B.
August 15, 1921 George Leo A. Shea and Miss Elizabeth M. Darcy.
August 16, 1921 Ambrose Hiscock and Miss Lizzie Spicer, Winterton.
August 17, 1921 T.J. Cleary, Bishop’s Falls, and Miss Annie Power, Harbor Grace.
August 18, 1921 Leonard Taylor, Carbonear, and Miss Nellie Barter, St. John’s.
August 21, 1921 Charles Kelly and Miss Agnes Spurrell.
August 23, 1921 Harold Pike and Miss Ethel Noftall.
August 24, 1921 Dr. Cecil D. Kean and Miss Lilia Moulton.
August 29, 1921 John Johnson and Miss Bea Meaney.

Peter Pettipas, Whitebourn, and Miss Etta Gosling, Bonavista.

August 30, 1921 Cyril James Fox, M.H.A., and Miss Mary Cashin.
August 31, 1921 Edwin J Godden and Miss Gertrude Dawe, at Topsail.

Thomas P McCarthy, Grand Falls, and Miss Anna McGrath, Carbonear.

September 2, 1921 C.C. Robertson and Miss Edith Archard, at Halifax.
September 3, 1921 William M.C. Wilcock and Miss Alice Mary Cooke.
September 6, 1921 William J. Chafe and Miss Madeline Mary Curtis.

Thomas Monroe Mott and Miss Annie H Gosse, at Halifax.

September 8, 1921 William Bemister, New Perlican, and Miss Myrtle Whelan, Cupids.
September 10, 1921 Capt. Harold Freeman M.C., and Miss Jessie Job.

John A Barron and Miss Anita Mercedes Delgado.

September 13, 1921 Allan G. Carter and Miss Eda Pittman, Topsail.
September 14, 1921 Patrick J. Hayse and Miss Catherine Mary Walsh.

Rev. J.G. Joyce, B.A., and Miss Susie M Carlton, at Souris, P.E.I.

Harold Howell and Miss C Taylor, Carbonear, at Revere, Mass.

September 15, 1921 John D. O’Driscoll and Miss Madeline O’Dea.
September 21, 1921 Walter Drover and Miss Lilian Snow, Clarke’s Beach.
September 22, 1921 Kenneth Afterwood, Safe Harbor, and Miss Maggie Prettyman.

October 7, 1921 Capt. Kevin Keogan, M.C., and Miss Evelyn Humiston, at Willoughby, Ohio.
October 8, 1921 Hubert J. Bastow and Miss Amy Stafford.
October 11, 1921 E.J. Goff, Carbonear, and Miss Lizzie Dunn.
October 20, 1921 Michael Savage and Miss Margaret Ellen Walsh.

James J. Everard, and Miss Alice Murphy.

October 26, 1921 Capt. C.B. Dicke and Miss Alice Murphy.
October 27, 1921 Luke Walsh and Miss Madeline Lawlor.
October 28, 1921 R.G. Inglis and Miss Doris Taylor, at Montreal.

November 3, 1921 Thomas R. Murphy, Benton, and Miss Kate McLean.
November 10, 1921 Charles Newbury and Miss Violet M. Maunder.

William Robert Boone and Miss Susie Evelyn Porter, Kelligrews.

November 14, 1921 Malcolm J. Yetman and Miss Florence Linda Rowe.

John Roberts and Miss Lillie Garland, Gaultois.

November 15, 1921 Harold Oxley and Miss Mary Eugene Barron.

Thomas Mahar, Flat Rock, and Miss Carman R. Moore.

November 16, 1921 Patrick Kearney and Miss Catherine Duff.
November 17, 1921 Gerald O’Brien and Miss Gertrude Cahill, Carbonear.
November 21, 1921 Patrick Harrington and Miss Margaret Fitzpatrick, Carbonear.
November 26, 1921 John J Strang and Miss Marjorie Allison Angel.
November 30, 1921 Kenneth Stamp and Miss Annie Moakler.

December 2, 1921 Llewellyn Saunders, Norfolk Va., and Miss Gertrude McDonald, Salvage.
December 5, 1921 Jessie Butt and Miss Minnie Butt, Western Bay.
December 6, 1921 Ernest Frederick Peters and Miss Katherine Althen Kendall.
December 8, 1921 John St. John, Pontypridd, Wales, and Miss Emeline Florence Joliffe.
December 10, 1921 William James Church and Miss Ruth Margaret Orr.
December 14, 1921 Arthur Chesley Holmes and Miss Fan. B. Rogerson.
December 15, 1921 Alfred Mars and Miss Jessie Russell.

Charles H. Palmer, Sherbrooke, P.Q., and Miss Helen Anderson.

December 19, 1921 John Bartlett and Miss Gladys G. Whiteway.
December 20, 1921 Hayward Clarke and Miss Eliza Humphries.
December 21, 1921 John Winsor and Mrs G.W. Soper, Carbonear.
December 28, 1921 Lawrence Mullaly, Northern Bay, and Miss Mary Kenny, Conche.

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