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"The Daily News"   - Year End Review - Marriages - 1924

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Transcribed by John Baird and Sue O'Neill  While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

December 1923
26 Adolphus TUCKER, Burnt Pint, Bay de Verde and Miss Mary E GOSSE, Cambridge, Mass.
29 Fred NORTH, Montreal, and Miss May Lillan TAYLOR, Green's Harbour, Trinity Bay
31 E. H. HISCOCK, St. John's and Miss Emily BISHOP , Wesleyville
2 Walter HISCOCK and Miss Edith CLARKE, Victoria, Carbonear.
6 John HEPDITCH, Clattice Harbour, and Miss Laura PARSONS, St. John's
7 John GALE and Miss Violet COLLINS, S. E. Arm Placentia
9 Randolph E ROBERTS and Miss Alma Perl BAKER, Epworth
11 Capt. J Robin STICK, M. C. and Miss Pauline BAIRD
12 Nelson MITCHELL, Epworth and Miss Deborah ROWE , Whale Cove, Burin.
14 Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Frank NOSEWORTHY, Clarke's Beach
15 J CARROLL and Miss Nellie JOY, Conche
17 Capt. Cyril SQUIRES and Miss Ursula JANE, Grand Bank
23 Frank A HICKEY and Miss Gertrude L CHOWN
24 William POMEROY and Miss May SMITH, Brigus.
29 Golden Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Michael HARRINGTON, Carbonear.
30 Augustus A CHIPMAN and Miss Jessie VOKEY, Spaniard's Bay
31 John J ROCHE, St. John's, and Miss Carmel DAWLEY, Heart's Ease.
2 Frank BOND and Miss Edythe E. BANFIELD , Bay L'Argant, Fortune Bay
4 Lt. Col. W. T. McCOWEN I. M. S. and Miss Georgia Reid at Calcutta, India.
5 Frank PITTMAN, General passenger Agent Nfld. Railway, and Miss Carrie G JOYCE.
7 Joseph DAVIS and Miss Bertha HORWOOD, Carbonear.
8 Stephen LEGGE and Miss Annie M GRANDY, Garnish
13 William ASPELL and Miss Gertrude DOOLEY
Ethelbert BEST , St. John's and Miss May WHITE, South Side, Carbonear.
15 Reuben COLE, Crocker's cove and Mrs. Ambrose PENNEY, South Side, Carbonear
17 James SMART and Miss Ann POWER, Outer Cove.
18 K. B. HALL and Miss E Esme DAVIS, Newtown, B. B.
20 George DOERBECKER, and Miss Ruth DENIEFF at Brooklyn, New York.
28 Sydney Rupert THOMAS and Miss Annie Maude Elizabeth GARLAND.
2 William JACKSON, Jr., and Miss Helen ADAMS , Bell Island.
4 Alexander GARLAND, Jr., Lower Island Cove, and Miss Florence CULL, Caplin Cove.
15 David NEAL and Miss Amy MAUNDER
20 William FORD, Black Island, Labrador, and Miss Selam VOISEY, Voisey Island.
22 John E PETERSON and Miss Jennie SPARKES, at Hyde Park, Mass.
24 Allan C PARSONS and Miss Vera Gladys WHEELER, Curling
26 A Graham STEWART and Miss Jhryl* STAVERT, Montreal (names as printed)
12 Manual N MARTIN and Miss Madeline M BARTLETT at Somerville, Mass
21 Isaac BUGLAR, Harbour Breton, and Miss Blanche BANFIELD, Bay L'Argent
23 Capt. Egbert RANDELL and Miss Hattie BRIDGE Wills at Halifax.
28 Leonard Gillispie REID and Miss Kathleen Maude PARSONS at Montreal
3 Leonard PAYNE and Miss Georgian LONG
7 Jack MOULTON Burin and Miss Flora PIKE, St. John's at Halifax.
John LUCEY, Montreal and Miss Violet CUMMINGS, Bell Island, at Montreal
14 J. J. COLLINS, Placentia and Miss Jean SCOTT, Galashiels, Scottland at Windsor, Ont.
4 Rev. Dorman FREAKE and Miss Julia MARTIN, both of Lewisporte at Toronto
James G CRANFORD and Miss Bertha M DREW at Brooklyn, N. Y.
William F DOODY and Miss Mary HOGAN, Carbonear.
10 Wilfred Eric HARVEY and Miss Vera St. John FURNEAUX
12 Victoria HANCOCK Grand Falls and Miss Mary NOBLE, Nipper's Harbour
John CHISLETT, Cavendish, and Miss Lillian G MERCER, Bay Roberts
14 Rev. W. T. EDDY of Sound Island P.B. and Miss Mary Freeman HUDSON, of Lower Island Cove, at Toronto.
16 Thomas Graham MOREY of Ferryland and Miss Esther Maude BADCOCK, of Brigus South at Medford, Mass.
Hubert F RYAN and Miss Edna NELSON in London England.
18 Max COLTON and Miss Hetty ROBERTS
23 Thomas Shannon CLIFT and Miss Kathleen FRASER
24 John CONNORS, Bell Island, and Mrs. Joseph PENNY
26 Eric B RANKIN and Miss Leila TAYLOR
2 A. J. HANAN, Boston and Miss Mary KENNEDY at Brookline, Mass.
3 Capt. W MERCER, S. A. Bay Roberts and Capt. Lily MOULTON, City
Arthur HAMMOND and Miss Winnie THISTEL
5 Edward I O'RIELLY and Miss Isobelle GOSSE at Brooklyn New York
14 A. H. MOORE, St. John's and Miss Elsie M MURPHY, Harbour Grace at Topsail
15 W. H. BARTLETT and Miss Louise HEARLD
16 Edward STRICKLAND , Spruce Brook, and Miss Jessie SNOW
17 Herbert RIDGELEY, Little Bay and Miss Nettie YARN, Mose Ambrose.
23 Kenneth LEAWOOD, Britannia Cove, and Miss Jean TAYLOR, St. John's
27 Albert GREGORY, Port Royal, and Miss Nellie PATTERSON, Placentia.
29 Luke McDONALD and Miss Mary ALLEN at Glace Bay
2 Harold Philliskirk STOREY and Miss Isabella QUINN, Owen's Sound, at Niagara Falls.
3 Thomas WOODFORD, Woodford's Station, and Miss Lillan KENNEDY, Avondale , at Holyrood
5 Albert MARTIN and Miss Margaret EDENS
6 Ernest COLLINS, Placentia, and Miss Lillian LANNEN, South East Arm
7 William J DUNN and Miss Violet M STEVENS
9 Francis Eric BURON, London and Miss Annie BARTLETT, Brigus.
11 Chesley BOWDEN and Miss Elsie SAUNDERS
12 John BISHOP and Miss Amy MILLER
14 Stephen BROWN, Montreal and Miss Gladys D'ETTA Thompson, Brigus.
15 Rev. Uriah LAITE, Channel and Miss Sarah G BATSON, English Harbour
16 James L COLE and Miss Annie BARTLETT, Bell Island.
Golden Wedding of Rev. Canon and Mrs. NETTEN, Topsail
17 James MISKELL and Miss Isobel RYAN
18 Hon. Richard CRAMM and Miss Ollie Lynette MOORE.
Guy B HUTCHINGS and Miss Viola Beatrice CAVANAGH at Peterboro, Ont.
20 Egerton* M MacNAB and Miss Carrie CRAWFORD. (Names as in paper)
Allan SNOW and Miss Emma DALTON, Quidi Vidi.
Prof. Robert G CRAMM, Alberta University and Miss Lizzie Simpson PENNEY, Carbonear
23 Rex. E NICOL and Miss Kathleen Ignatius POWER, at Brooklyn N. Y.
2 Thomas R CLOUSTON and Miss Florence GILLINGHAM
3 William J ALSH and Miss Mary EVERARD
6 Sydney F FISHER, Liberty, N. Y. and Miss Mabel ANGEL, St. John's
8 James BINDON and Miss Theresa H WHALEN
13 Frank MARCH and Miss Lilian TURNER, Old Perlican at Cliftondale, Mass.
14 Alfred J MOAKLER and Miss Margaret WHELAN at Brooklyn, N. Y.
John PENNY and Mrs. KENNEDY, Bell Island
17 Dr. H. C. S. ELLIOT, Halifax and Miss Lilian Isobel TULK, St. John's, at Portugal Cove.
James L BATON, London, and Miss Annie M FRANHAN, Heart's Content.
Raymond DEVEREAUX, Florence, C. B. and Miss LUFFMAN, Harbour Grace.
18 George B RUMSEY and Miss Madeline F WALSH
Albert Aubrey HINES and Miss Blanche COLLINS at Sydney.
20 Hugh Raymond PARSONS of Bay Roberts and Miss Mary Victoria HARMAN at Montreal
23 Richard H BUNT and Miss Olive Claire PARSONS.
24 Eugene HARVEY and Miss Mary Louise LANGMEAD.
25 Colin TAVENER, formerly of Trinity and Miss Irene CRANE, St. John's ,Montreal
1 H. J. C. GOVER, East Wabana, and Miss Phoebe BISHOP, Bay Roberts
2 Rev. Wesley John MOORE and Miss Dorothy TENTON at Hamilton, Ont.
6 Major P. F. WOLBERFORCE-BELL M. C. and Miss Muriel HOLLAND at Christ Church, Mayfair, London.
9 George LEWIS Toronto, and Miss Florence MAUNDER.
11 W. G. GREELEY and Miss S. A. MITCHELL, Portugal Cove . First wedding in new Methodist Church.
16 Richard ALLEN and Miss Beatrice LITTLEJOHN.
Andrew GOOBIE and Miss Estelle BARNES at Sydney
22 Charles McD'WILLIAM and Miss Jean Alexandra CHRISTIAN
23 Patrick HAMMOND and Miss Elizabeth REESA, Lance cove, Bell Island
RT. Rev. Bishop MOWELL and Miss Dorothy MARTIN of Fuhkien, China at Mienchuh, West China.
25 Dr. F. J CALDWELL, Boston and Miss Florence Winslow GORHAM of Beachmont, Mass. at her Uncle's residence St. John's
29 Peter CANNING and Miss Mary RYAN, St. Patrick's, P.B
Michael DOBBIN and Miss Mary Margaret DWYER, Bell Island.
George YETMAN, Bryant's Cove, and Miss Belinda HAMMOND, Bell Island.
2 John McFarlane SHEPARD and Miss Olive Blanche HAYWARD, Grand Falls.
4 James J GRIFFEN and Mrs. TRYON, formerly Miss Susie MARTIN of New Perlican at Middletown, Conn., Mass
5 Peter M PHILLIPS and Miss Mary Maud MULLINS at Montreal
William Ernest SIMMS, St. John's, and Miss Ruby Luella PENTZ Shelbourne, N. S.
James McKinley HUNT and Miss Susan CHIPMAN, Bell Island.
10 J Cabot FITZGERALD, Corner Brook and Miss Caroline Margaret PITTMAN, Lamaline.
20 James PITTS and Miss Florence REES, Lance Cove, Bell Island
Capt. John KELLY, Coley's Point and Miss Ethel Emma REES, Lance Cove, Bell Island
24 Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Michael HYBES, Young Street.
25 James J FINN, formerly of Carbonear and Miss Alice T MOORIS, St. John's at Curling
26 Patrick N CONNERS, formerly of Placentia and Miss Teresa E DUMPHY, St. John's at Boston
27 Joseph RYAN and Miss Helen Constance HISCOCK
Patrick LAHEY and Miss Annie CLEMENTS, Lance Cove, Bell Island.
S. J IVANY and Miss Annie GARLAND, at Harbour Grace.
John PROWSE, War Veteran and Miss Nellie REARDIGAN
29 Ambrose LEWIS and Miss Agnes WHALEN, Bell Island.
2 Lewis EDDY and Miss Maud PEACH, Arnold's Cove, P.B.
9 Golden wedding of Captain and Mrs. Williams BARTLETT, Brigus.
16 Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton WEEKS. Present address Vancouver.
William BLUNDEN, Bay de Verde and Miss FOLLETT, Western Bay
17 Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Rod MacLEAN . Present address, New Glasgow.
18 Edward PECKHAM and Miss Sarah COVEYDUCK, Wabana.
23 Albert G. MILES, Bonavista and Miss Gladys SAUNDERS, Carbonear.

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