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"The Daily News" - Year End Review - Marriages of the Year 1931

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Transcribed by John Baird and Sue O'Neill While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

2 William JOHNSON, Long Beach and Miss Bride HOGAN, Northern Bay
6 Michael STOYLES, formerly of Lance Cove, Bell Island and Miss Florence CAHOON, of Sault Ste. Marie, at Sault Ste. Marie.
11 Patrick A BUTLER and Miss Eleanor M. SALT.
15 Robert RENDELL, Bonavista, and Mrs. MASON. Catalina.
J. WISEMAN, and Miss Jane ABBOTT, Bonavista.
19 Gerald S. DOYLE, of this city and Miss Majorie Grace MERSHON, of Brooklyn N. Y. at Garden City.
21 Gilbert Hubert JOYCE, and Miss Anna Allison SOPER.
Harold POTTLE of this city and Miss Annis COOPER, formerly of Grates Cove.
26 Norman SWEETLAND and Miss P. ABBOTT, Bonavista.
4 William M. DIXON and Miss Beulah Elizabeth ELFORD, both of Fortune.
5 Arthur PENNEY and Miss Gertrude PENNEY , Seldom.
10 Philip O’LEARY and Miss Mary ROSE.
11 Augustine M. DUFFY and Miss Ethel M. OLIPHANT.
12 Dennis NEVILLE and Miss Madeline BRINTSON, Bell Island.
14 Ronald KAVANAGH and Miss Anna Elizabeth BENNETT, Wabana, Bell Island.
John C. GREGORY of Queen’s cove, T. B., and Miss Emmie MERCER, Coley’s point,
at Brooklyn, N .Y.
16 Patrick BUTLER and Miss Amelia SIMON, Bell Island.
James BECKFORD and Miss Susanna REES, Lance Cove, Bell Island.
James CONSTABLE and Miss Elsie ABBOTT Grand Falls.
17 Malcolm WHITE of Newfoundland Constabulary and Miss Margaret BROWNE of St. Vincent’s.
Edward WHITE, of St. Mary’s and Miss Teresa MERRIGAN, Conception Harbor, at Bell Island.
John WHALEN, and Miss Marion BENNETT, at New York
24 Mr. L. L. ALTMANN, New York and Miss Gerturde THORNE, Bonavista, at New York.
28 Darius KEEL and Miss Elizabeth GIBBS, Bonavista.
Ernest WHIFFEN and Miss Martha PHILLIPS, Bonavista.
3 Gerald PENNEY , formerly of Corner Brook and Miss Myrtis M. COLLINS, also formerly of that place, at Glens Falls, N. Y.
11 George Walter MEAD and Miss Rachel HAMPTON, both of this city, at Topsail.
17 Clarence KENT and Miss Bride STOYLES, Bell Island.
Heber Nelson TUCKER, Burnt Point and Miss Mary CRUMMEY, Western Bay.
25 Herbert L. HANSCOM of Belmount Mass. and Miss Geraldine GOODLAND, at Sumerville, Mass.
1 Bertram JONES and Miss Clara SCOTT, Bridgeport.
5 William T. McGRATH , formerly of Carbonear and Miss Jennie A. MacDONALD, formerly of Goose Cove, at East Boston.
13 Llewellyn A MILLER and Miss Sadie BENNETT, at Fortune.
14 Alphonus HAWCO and Miss Mary MURRAY, Bell Island.
15 Leo COLBERT, Red Head Cove and Miss Catherine WALSH, Bay de Verde.
William Thomas PITMAN, High Beach, Lamaline and Miss Mary Florence AVERY.
18 Robert J. KELLY , formerly of this city and Miss Esther E. MYRICK , formerly of Cape Race, at Boston, Mass.
23 Dr. Edward Cecil GUYER, of Seattle and Miss Dorthy Speare CHAFE, of Brigus , at Brigus.
24 Gladstone Nelson ROSE and Miss Madeline Florence WHITTLE, both of this city, at Portugal Cove.
28 Ralph BRIEN and Miss Mary WALSH, Wabana, Bell Island.
George E. FITZGERALD of Grand Falls and Miss Victioia Adelaide LOVE, of Vancouver at Vancouver.
Edward MALONEY and Miss Margaret WHALEN, Riverhead, Harbor Grace.
30 Alex F LACEY and Miss Bride O’LEARY.
7 Cecil REES, Belle Island and Miss Irene PARSONS, of Brien’s Cove, at Lance Cove.
11 Clarence BECKFORD and Miss Alice REES, Bell Island.
12 Daniel SCANLAN,and Miss Margaret PETERS, both of Melrose, T. B. at Catalina.
Edward KEARLEY and Miss Lillian RIDEOUT, Bell Island.
16 Howard CHARDE and Miss Jessie MAIDMENT, Bonavista.
17 George BARTLETT and Miss Alice Grace MOSELEY of Burin.
19 Thomas L .C. JAMES of this city and Miss Della M FITZPATRICK of Bay Roberts.
20 John MARCH and Miss Mary HOGAN, both of Northern Bay.
Nathaniel MUGFORD and Miss Gertrude M. EFFORD, Port de Grave.
23 Joseph FIFIELD and Miss Olive FISHER, Bonavista.
26 S. Fletcher VINCENT and Miss Nellie R. HOUSELL of Pound Cove B.B. at Newtown.
2 William Ferdinand CHANNING and Miss Elizabeth Catherine SHORTALL.
3 Francis KENNY and Miss Phoebe REID.
Herbert R. BROOKES and Miss Leslie Jean ROSS, at Cleveland, Ohio.
Robert J COADY, Harbor Breton and Miss Gertrude SHANNAHAN, Ferryland.
4 Edward J MOLLOY and Miss Angela SWEENEY , Bell Island.
8 George CROSBIE and Miss Audrey WARREN.
9 Edward J MOLLOY and Miss Pauline VAUGHAN
Edward KENT and Miss Rita BOWDRING Bell Island.
10 Wilfred WHITEMARSH and Miss Bertha MOYST.
17 Francis William JARVIS and Miss Alice Mary WILLIAMS.
James Aloysius COLLINS, manager Royal Bank of Canada, Trinity, and Miss Kathleen Clara SHEEHAN, of Trinity
21 Dr. Donal J O’REGAN of Foxrock, County Dublin, Ireland, and Miss MAHER, of this city
22 Arthur C. FRANCIS of Broad Cove, B. D. V., and Miss Verlie E. VIGUS of Burin, at Vancouver, B. C.
25 Rev. William Bartlett PERRY, B. A., of Grand Bank, and Miss Barbara Jean ABBOTT, of Musgrave Harbor, at Musgrave Harbor.
27 Alvin A FERBER, of Prince Wood Manor, Lakewood New Jersey, and Miss Pauline CLARKE, formerly of this city, at Brooklyn, New York.
29 Philip CHAFE and Miss Mary SEAWARD.
30 Henry Darroch MacGILLIVRAY, of Halifax, and Miss Doris ALDERDICE.
2 Henry Gay JUDSON, Charlottetown, P. E. I and Miss Ethel Henrietta BAIRD, of this city.
Charles FIELD, St. John’s, and Miss Mage NOSEWORTHY, Harbor Grace, at Harbor Grace.
3 Henry Robb ALLAN of Meaford, Ontario, and Miss Catherine A. MILLEY, of this city.
6 Max J LAWLOR, and Miss Claire Mary ARMSTRONG.
Vincent M. EVANS, and Miss Florie Allison FREEMAN.
A Francis HARTIGAN of Millertown and Miss Marguerite M. DUFF, of Hr Grace at Buchans.
7 Jack HAYWARD, formerly of Happy Adventure, B. B. and Miss Rachel Violet BROWN, formerly of this city, at Elizabeth, N. J.
David Gurnett MORGAN, F. R. C. O. , A. R. C. M., of London. England and Miss Edith Margaret WITHERS, of this city.
14 George Robert MILLER, of Chicago, and Miss Pauline INKPEN, formerly of this city, at Toronto.
15 William FEAVER , of Grand Falls, and Miss Jean COOK of Corner Brook, at Corner Brook
16 E. J. COLBOURNE and Miss Annie ANSTEY, Twillingate.
Edmund J QUINLAN and Miss Margaret U. O’NEIL.
Captain John BATTEN, S. A. of Bay Roberts, and Capt Kittie BARTER, S. A. , of this city.
29 Rev. Erwin Hugh KING, B. A. of Channel, and Miss Emily BRYANT, of St. John’s, at St. George’s.
Gregory J JOY, (Holyrood) and Miss Nellie O’FLYNN, Harbor Grace, at Holyrood.
30 James WALSH and Miss Genevieve WHITY.
1 J. W. DEWLING, of the firm of S. Milley Ltd., and Miss R. G. ROBERTS, at Chelsea, Mass.
6 William Edward FRENCH, of Bareneed and Miss Irene May WILLIAMS, Pouch Cove, at Pouch Cove.
12 Leander George McNeil FREW and Miss Kathleen TAYLOR.
15 William TIZZARD and Miss Melinda WITHERS both of Creston, PB. at St. John’s.
20 Edward Jesse JONES of Millertown and Miss Christina May FRY of Sumerville, B. B. at Millertown.
24 Michael A McGRATH and Miss Kathleen M MOAKLER.
Rev. W. E. BROWN, Burin, and Miss Pearl BRADLEY, of this city.
25 David Grant BURNELL and Miss Ethel GROUCHY.
28 Joseph ROBERTS and Mrs. D. ROBERTS, both of Wild Cove.
30 Dr. James M. McGRATH and Miss Anita Marie KEARNEY.
31 Rev. George TRUEMAN, Rector of Grace Church, formerly of St. John, N. B. and Miss Florence Emile PENNEY, formerly of Carbonear, at St. John, N. B.
William JONES, of Millertown, and Miss Mary LEWIS, Birchy Bay, at Millertown.
1 Gower SOPER and Miss Madeline Janet SPARKES.
Walter GROUCHY and Miss Ida MILLEY
Ernest DROVER , St. John’s and Miss Winnie NOEL, Harbor Grace, at Hr. Grace.
3 John H. ANGEL and Miss Loretta Cecilia NUGENT.
Frank HART, of Horwood, and Miss Dorothy NICHOL of Seldom, at Fogo.
7 Edgar FOLLETT of Placentia Bay and Miss Esther O’BRIEN of this city.
William BISHOP and Miss Mary CAMPBELL, both of Corner Brook at Corner Brook.
8 William James SHORT and Miss Mary Beatrice SANDERS, Grand Falls.
9 Robert FEEHAN and Miss Mary J SLATTERY.
William BISHOP and Miss Mary CAMPBELL, Corner Brook.
11 Alex. COLLINS of Corner Brook and Miss Mona DUNN, of Harbor Grace, at Corner Brook.
12 Frank GODDEN of St. John’s and Miss Emma CHEATLE, of Springville, N. S.
14 Francis M. KAVANAGH and Miss May DALY.
17 Frederick BICKFORD, Lance Cove, and Miss Clara CLARKE, Wabana.
Hubert STEED and Marjorie JOHNSON, Little Catalina.
23 Neil MURPHY and Miss Margaret Louise DUDER.
Henry Francis FANNING, and Miss Alice CURTIS.
26 Harvey GEORGE of Queen’s Cove, T. B. and Miss Gertie IVANY, of English Harbor, at Brooklyn , N. Y.
30 Rev. L. C. ROBINSON, B. A. S. T. B. of Green City, Missouri, and Miss Flora Dorothy Ina MacLEAN, of Western Bay, at Brooklyn.
1 Roger BUTLER, formerly of Bayly’s Cove, and Miss Ella HARRIS, formerly of Canaille at Boston.
4 Thomas KENNEDY and Miss Marie COSTELLO, Bell Island.
8 Frank REES, Lance Cove, Bell Island, and Miss Beatrice BURTON, Bonavista at Topsail
Captain V. N. CLARKE of Brigus, and Miss Edith Alice WILLIAMS of St. John’s , at Montreal.
9 Sedrick G. ANDREWS , Point Leamington, and Miss Ethel J EDDY, North Harbor, P. B. at St. John’s.
12 Captain Frederick WHALEN of Placentia, and Miss Teresa TOBIN, of Dunville, at Placentia.
13 G. H. BRUSHETT and Miss Phoebe EDMUNDS of Birchy Cove, at Bonavista.
14 James Sinclare McLEAN, of Halifax, and Miss Betty Louise PARSONS, formerly of Harbor Grace at Halifax.
Caleb RYAN Birchy Cove, and Miss Annie HOLWORTH formerly of Cheshire, England at Newman’s Cove.
17 Job MATHESON, of Sydney, and Miss Julia KEARNEY of Newfoundland, at Sydney.
21 Gordon PERCHARD and Miss Annie E. TUCKER.
William ELWORTHY, Harbor Grace and Miss Ruth ANDREWS of Winteron, at Carbonear.
24 William LITTLE and Mrs. Deborah DAVIS, both of Canaill, at Bonavista.
Arthur COLE, Conception Harbor, and Miss Teresa FOWLER, formerly of Brigus, at Bell Island.
30 Ralph MANUEL, Loon Bay, and Miss Dorothy HICKS, Carmanville, Bonavista.
31 William CHARD and Mrs James WHITE, Bonavista.
3 Samuel J HAYNES, of Kelligrews, and Mrs. Jane BECK, of Sound Island, P. B. at Kelligrews.
Theophilus BIXBY and Miss Ethel COISH, both of Stag Harbor, at Fogo.
7 E. B. SAINSBURY of Wesleyville, and Miss Ethel DAWE, of Seldom, at Safe Hr.
9 Thomas DOHENEY of this city, and Miss Annie Marie STOKES, of Logy Bay.
11 Berkley GARLAND, Carbonear and Miss Gladys LUNDRIGAN, Upper Island Cove, at Carbonear.
John HUNT and Miss Isabella Aleaxander LAWRENCE, Bonavista.
17 Ronald J FORAN and Miss Pauline POWER, both of Argentia, at St. John’s.
James HAYLEY of Bonavista and Miss Elsie POUND Southside, St. John’s , at Bonavista.
Arthur PENNEY and Miss Sadie Pauline PIKE of Carbonear.
Rupert QUINN and Miss Florence SHEPPARD, both of Hr. Grace.
18 John RODWAY and Miss Blanche SLADE, Kingwell P. B.
21 Harry J PHALEN and Miss Katherine BARTLETT.
24 Harold QUINLAN, East Wabana and Miss Mary LEARY., Collier’s, at Wabana.
25 Simon DAILEY and Miss Isabella DUGGAN both of Melrose at Catalina.
Robert BUTLER and Miss Jean BLACKFORD, at Lance Cove, Bell Island.
John CHRISTOPHER of this city and Miss Ita Marie LAURIE of St. Thomas.
28 John M BROWN and Miss Gertrude KINSELLA both of the this city at Brigus.
2 Mr. W. TRASK, Grand Falls and Miss Fannie NORTH of Bay Roberts, at St. John’s.
Edward Moses PIKE and Miss Christina Pearl CAMPBELL, of Sydney, at Log Cabin Hotel, Spruce Brook.
Fred HICKS, of Birchy Cove and Miss Florrie Jean KEATS, of Newman’s Cove.
3 Constable Leo MAHONEY and Miss Margaret COLEMAN.
Michael DUGGAN and Miss Mary O’NEILL.
Isaac John KEATS, and Miss Annie J COOLE, Newman’s Cove.
9 John HANSFORD, Deep Bight, T. B. and Miss Hazel ADAMS, Great Burin, at Great Burin.
10 Gordon BARTLETT, of this city and Miss Marjorie May BRAY of Hr. Grace.
22 James MacDONALD and Miss Pauline KEAN, both of Conception, at this city.

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