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Year End Review  - 1920


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January 2, 1920 Schooner Madonna, grounds in Petite's Point, Sydney Harbor.
January 5, 1920 Reported, schooner Stella II, Capt. Keeping, lost off Algiers.

Norwegian S.S. Albert, stops off the Narrows, to transfer crew of the abandoned Lunenburg schooner, Francis Gardner.

January 6, 1920 Schooner Lucille, New York to Halifax, sailing Nov. 30th, given up for lost. Nell Gale of Bay St. George, one of the missing.
January 20, 1920 Schooner Lowell F Parks, ashore at Trepassey.

Capt. J Peddle and crew of schooner J Miller, lost near Patras, returns.

February 4, 1920 Schooner Monchy, reported abandoned in mid ocean. Crew rescued by S.S. Persian Prince.
February 11, 1920 Schooner Gwendolyn, Warren, Capt John Kenrick, lost at sea. Crew picked up by S.S. Pikepool and landed at Hampton Roads, Va.
February 21, 1920 Crew of schooner, Association of Lunenburg, from Gibraltar to St. John’s, landed at Harve by S.S. La Tourraine. Schooner sank on Feb. 18th

Abandoned Metamora’s crew reach St. John’s.

February 22, 1920 Schooner Prospero returns after 50 days trip, the longest on record. Ice bound for some weeks.
February 25, 1920 Schooner May, Capt. Dicks, English Harbor, wrecked on Dog Island, St. Pierre, when returning from Cadiz.
February 27, 1920 Abandoned Metamora picked up in mid ocean.

Schooner Violet Buffett, Cadiz to Marystown, ashore on Mortier Point.

March 6, 1920 S.S. Cape Breton, driven ashore on Scatarie Island, and split amidships.
March 10, 1920 Sealing fleet numbering 7, leaves for ice fields.
March 11, 1920 S.S. Viking and Diana, leave for ice fields.
March 14, 1920 Three mast auxiliary schooner Sperdello, Capt. S.C. Duder, arrives after a winter of adventure and danger amid the ice and rocks of Notre Dame Bay.
March 17, 1920 S.S. Tewkesbury, Capt. Prideaux, wrecked at Gull Island, 7 miles from Cape Pine. Crew and passengers numbering 43, escape in life boats, and reach St. Peter’s River.
March 20, 1920 Schooner Gladys M. Street, St. John’s to Gibraltar, abandoned at sea and burned. Crew rescued by S.S. Major Wheeler, bound from Coronna to Colom.
March 22, 1920 Shipwrecked crew of S.S. Tewkesbury reachs town.
March 31, 1920 S.S. Edmond Donald arrives.

April 4, 1920 First arrival from the ice, S.S. Seal, Capt. Rendell, with propellor blades gone, coal short, and 26 seals.
April 6, 1920 S.S. Sable I., Capt Murley, arrived with 22 seals.
April 8, 1920 S.S. Neptune, Capt. G Barbour, arrives with 7,289 seals.

S.S. Eagle, Capt. E. Bishop, arrives with 6,361 seals.

S.S. Thetis, Capt. W.G. Winsor, arrives with 8,719 seals.

April 10, 1920 S.S. Diana, Capt. J. Parsons, arrives with 3,084 seals.
April 12, 1920 S.S. Ranger, Capt. Winsor, arrives with four Master Watches, and one Sealer, the crew having forced a landing at Catalina, and left the ship. Total seals 1,222.
April 14, 1920 Schooner Meditation, Capt. Bradury, abandoned at sea. Crew landed at Fayal.

Schooner Golden Roy, arrives at Channel with a full load, 1250 seals.

April 15, 1920 Terra Nova’s crew reported on strike. 140 men refuse to permit 63 members of crew to work.
April 16, 1920 S.S. Terra Nova, Capt A. Kean, arrives with 3,660 seals.
April 17, 1920 Summons issued against Terra Nova’s crew for refusing duty onboard.
April 18, 1920 S.S. Viking arrives with 3,386 seals.

May 8, 1920 Schooner Samuel Courtney, Capt Courtney, destroyed by fire at Gibraltar.
May 31, 1920 Capt and Crew of schooner Samuel Courtney, return by S.S. Rosslind.

July 9, 1920 Banker Harold Conrad, and schooner Lady St. John, in collision off Cape Race.
July 10, 1920 Schooner Gordon E. Moulton, arrives from Oporto, and reports the death of Seaman Gore of Burgeo, 60.
July 31, 1920 Abandoned schooner M.J. Parks, ashore near Ferryland, towed to port by the tug John Green.

August 21, 1920 S.S. Watchful, Capt. Knee, on shore at Deer Island, B.B.
August 30, 1920 French schooner Lissette, sinks 20 miles South of Cape Pine, crew brought to Trepassey. One man drowned.

September 4, 1920 S.S. Tafna arrives in port with a Seaman, charged with attempted murder of the Chief Steward.
September 6, 1920 Four masted schooner W. H. Borden, 44 days out from England to New York, towed in by S.S. Sierra Punentis, disabled.
September 8, 1920 S.S. Portia rescues sinking steamer Bassan, and tows her into Riverhead, St. Mary’s Bay.
September 22, 1920 Banking schooner Sommervilles, Capt. Kemp, lost at Bonne Esperance.
September 29, 1920 Schooner Portia, Belbin, reported lost near Raleigh, St. Barbe.

October 9, 1920 S.S. Nyanza arrives with S.S. Delco in tow.

S.S. Satartia arrived with S.S. Lake Furras in tow.

October 11, 1920 S.S. Bassan, Capt. Oliver, towed in by S.S. Portia.
October 14, 1920 S.S. Sagalind and S.S. Wassenaar reach port for repairs.
October 22, 1920 Schooner Belle lost at Cape St. Mary’s.
October 23, 1920 Schooner Mary Bell lost at Thoroughfare.

November 9, 1920 Crew of abandoned schooner Nordica, arrives by Rosalind.
November 10, 1920 James Brace and Richard Coady of St. John’s West, rescued by schooner Ruth Vivian, after drifting through the Narrows, and being in an open boat for 60 hours.

Schooner Harbor Grace, ashore on Stone Island, total loss.

November 12, 1920 Schooners “Ada Mildred”, “Chips”, and “J.A. McLean”, lost at Engless.
November 13, 1920 Capt Hayse and Seaman Linthorne, drowned from schooner “Blue Blossom”, at Dancing Cove, Bonavista Bay, when trying to land in a storm.

Schooner Moravia of Twillingate, total wreck at Daniel's Cove.

Schooner Edith Pardy lost at Lamaline.

December 4, 1920 S.S. Turrett Court, arrives in port in a disabled condition.
December 10, 1920 Danish schooner Harriet, ashore at Fogo Tickle, total loss.
December 11, 1920 Crew of schooner Emma Belleveau, abandoned on Nov. 24, reach the Azores.
December 20, 1920 Schooner Helen Rendell, a total wreck at Broad Cove, B.B.
December 22, 1920 Schooner Dove, Sutton Master, from Trepassey to St. John’s, abandoned off Narrows. Crew lands safely. Schooner drives into Blackhead Bay and is mashed up.
December 24, 1920 S.S. Horna arrives in disabled condition.

Schooner Nordica, abandoned on Oct. 18, arrives at Grand Bank. Only damage done before abandoned, bolts in steering gear broken. Plenty of solid provisions, and 150 gallons of water found on board.

December 29, 1920 Information received of the abandonment of the “Elsie Corkum” at sea, in Lat. 42.29, and Long. 13.38. No date given.

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