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Year End Review  - 1921


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December 3, 1920 S.S. Euphrates from Bell Island to St. Johnís, missing.

January 1, 1921 Crew of S.S. Euphrates taken off the ship by S.S. Galileo, off Cape Race.
January 11, 1921 S.S. Delta towed to port by S.S. Storgerg, badly damaged.

Schooner Mintie, abandoned in mid ocean, crew rescued.

January 16, 1921 Crew of S.S. Euphrates reaches St. Johnís.
January 18, 1921 Crew of ill fated Ludwig reaches St. Johnís.
January 19, 1921 Crew of abandoned schooner Couto Beach, reaches Gibraltar.

February 2, 1921 S.S. ??san stranded at St. Pierre.
February 9, 1921 Schooner Sparkling Glance, Capt. Keeping, abandoned in mid ocean. Crew taken off by S.S. Liberty Land, bound for Bermuda.
February 12, 1921 Schooner Elizabeth Fearn, Capt. Vatcher, driven ashore at Quidi Vidi. Crew saved.
February 16, 1921 Fire on S.S. Home in Dock. Damage $5,000.
February 18, 1921 Wrecked schooner, Elizabeth Fearn, sinks at enterance to Narrows, while being towed in.

Schooner, (unreadable) of Burgeo, sighted bottom up, 7 miles from Ramea. Five lives lost.

February 22, 1921 Schooner Asquith, St. Johnís to Sydney, arrives at Barbados, 40 days from this port.

March ?, 1921 Schooner Tipperary, abandoned in ice near Drook, Trepassey.
March ?, 1921 Capt. Keeping and crew of schooner Sparkling Glance, return by S.S. Kyle.
March 10, 1921 Sealing fleet of 9 steamers with less than 1800 men, leaves for the ice fields.

Schooner Barbara Barr abandoned near Coliber. (?)

March 12, 1921 Schooner Roberta Ray, of Grand Bank, abandoned and set on fire at sea. Crew taken off by S.S. Triumph.
March 13, 1921 Tug boat Staniutan, F.H. Elis & Co., lost at Miquelon.
March 19, 1921 Crew of schooner Barbara Barr, landed at St. Josephís.
March 22, 1921 Crew of Roberta Ray, arrives at Boston on S.S. Triumph.

April 1, 1921 Wreckage of the schooner General Horne, of Grand Bank, sighted by S.S. Housatorio.
April 4, 1921 First arrival from Seal Fishery, S.S. Diana, Capt. J. Parsons, with 7252 seals.
April 8, 1921 S.S. Eagle, Capt E. Bishop, arrives with 7270 seals.
April 11, 1921 Schooner Tommie G., of Gaultois, reported abandoned at sea, and crew rescued by S.S. Waldyk.

S.S. Sagona, Capt Job Kean, arrives with 7792 seals. S.S. Seal, Capt. Jacob Kean, arries with 14,679 seals.

April 12, 1921 Four masted Auxiliary schooner Huntley, from Turkís Island to St. Johnís, strikes and sinks at Petty Harbor Motion. Salt cargo dissolving, refloats next day, and is brought to Petty Harbor by S.S. Ingraham.
April 14, 1921 S.S. Thetis, Capt. W. Winsor, arrived with full load, 18,169 seals. High liner for the season.

Wrecked schooner Huntley, towed to St. Johnís.

Schooner Ronald B Moulton, of Burgeo, reported abandoned at sea, and crew landed in Germany.

April 15, 1921 S.S. Viking, Capt Bartlett, arrived at Channel with 17,688 seals.

S.S. Neptune, Capt George Barbour, arrives with 10,424 seals.

April 18, 1921 S.S. Terra Nova, Capt A. Kean, arrives with 10,754 seals.
April 22, 1921 S.S. Berger Clara, Weston Kean, brings the key of the Seal Fishery, and 7395 pelts.

August 8, 1921 Lady of Gaspe lost near Halifax Harbor.
August 20, 1921 Schooner Alice C. Carew, total loss at Chance Cove.
August 21, 1921 H.M.S. Wisteria arrives.

September 5, 1921 All hope of schooner, Douglas Adams, which left Lisbon for Twillingate on March 12th, abandoned.
September 13, 1921 French Cruiser Antares arrives.
September 17, 1921 Schooner Lucetta, wrecked at Herring Neck.
September 24, 1921 S.S. Oskaloesa reaches port, in tow of S.S. Monroe.
September 27, 1921 Schooner Agnes P Duff, arrives from Barbados, where she was driven off by terriffic tropical storm, without clearance papers, driving for 6 days before furious gale.

Crew of M.J. Parke, abandoned at sea, picked up by the French vessel Yvonna. 

September 29, 1921 S.S. Royal Norwegian, runs ashore at Cape Ballard. Total loss. Crew saved.
September 30, 1921 H.M.S. Raleigh, Admiral Sir William Pakenham's flagship, arrives.

October 1, 1921 S.S. Koran Joegnaes, strikes at Point Ferolle, total wreck. Crew landed at Bonne Esperance.
October 3, 1921 Crew of schooner M.J Parks, landed by French steamer Yvonne at St. Pierre.
October 6, 1921 Schooner Effie M Prior of Belleoram, runs ashore at Flowerís Cove.
October 8, 1921 Schooner Marjorie Mahaffey, Capt. Thomas Janes, from Barbados, lost at Mistaken Point.

Schooner Protector wrecked at Lorries, near Lamaline.

October 13, 1921 American steamer Dixiano, arrives in damaged condition.
October 15, 1921 Schooner Araminta runs ashore at Harbor Grace.
October 17, 1921 Norwegian steamer Aslang Hasland, Liverpool to New York, puts in with loss of two propellor blades.

Norwegian steamer Otta, in tow of S.S. Canadian Trooper, arrives.

October 25, 1921 Danish schooner Bastian, strikes rock near Joe Battís Arm.
October 27, 1921 Crew of schooner Imprimus, Capt. Pelley, landed at St. John N.B., by S.S. Chaleur.
October 28, 1921 S.S. Nordica reported ashore on the coast of Corsica.
October 29, 1921 Schooner Linda Pardy of Harbor Breton, total loss at Motra Gut.

Schooners Ena, Annie, Gladys, Agnes Jane, Lillian, lost at Plate Cove, Bonavista Bay. Schooner Nellie M Prince at Kingís Cove; schooner Cactus at Flat Islands B.B.; Schooner Mable B at Deer Island, and Mary Joan, at Keels; Earl Grey at Normanís Cove; Standard Cull, at Kingís Point; Geo Falcom, H.W. Wentzell, and Ettie Bess, also lost to the Northward.

Schooner Fog Free Zone wrecked at Port Hawkesbury, near Canso.

Schooner Clarence B., dismantled with 51 persons on board, Capt G Gushue and seaman Michael Connors washed overboard. Vessels bound from Labrador.

Two Western Boats lost at North Harbor, P.B.; M.G.B lost at Little Bay Islands; Ariceen, M.P. Cashin, Viole Currie, at Twillingate; schooners Florence, and Seabright, wrecked at Fair Islands, B.B. Schooners Portia , Alice Gordon, and A.L. Frampton, driven ashore at Catalina.

November 7, 1921 Schooner Vendetta, bound from Labrador, dismasted with 64 persons on board.

Wreckage from schooner Helen C. Morse, picked up at little Bay Islands. Vessel was lost in storm with all hands. Carried 6 of crew, all told.

Schooner Clintonia, from Placentia to Oporto, abandoned 280 miles S.S.W. of Cape Race. Captain and crew rescued by Jean W.A. Kelup, and landed here; Capt. was badly burnt about hands and face.

Danish schooner Bastian, total wreck at Joe Batt's Arm.

November 8, 1921 Danish schooner Fulton, ashore at Fogo, was later refloated.
November 10, 1921 Schooner Player, wrecked near Musgrave Harbor.
November 12, 1921 Schooner Nevis, Capt. Jackson Baker, founders off Majorca.
November 14, 1921 Schooner Pierce Wells, from New York to this port, given up as lost with all hands.

Schooner Dove, a total wreck at Fogo Island, with coal cargo.

November 19, 1921 S.S. Fern, total wreck at St. Shottís.
November 21, 1921 Capt. Tibbo and crew of schooner Nordica, arrive in Quebec on th R.M.S. Minnedosa.
November 22, 1921 Captain and crew of A.E. Hickman & Co., schooner Vogue, lost at sea, from Quirpon to Gilraltar; landed at Boston. Capt. Dalton and crew of shipwreck S. S. Fern reach St. Johnís.
November 24, 1921 Boat El Dorado, 24 tons, total loss at St. Shottís.
November 26, 1921 S.S. Moile arrives from Labrador, on last trip for the season.
November 28, 1921 S.S. Glengarnock arrives for repairs.
November 30, 1921 Auxiliary schooner June, Capt. Marshall, reported wrecked at Port Mahone, Minorea Islands.

December 1, 1921 Schooner Medina, B.R. Nolan, lost at St. Maryís Bay.
December 2, 1921 Schooner Amy B Silver, Harbor Buffett, abandoned in mid ocean, and crew taken off by a German steamer, and landed at Bremen.

Schooner Olive Evans, lost when bound to Halifax from West Coast.

December 5, 1921 Baine Johnstone & Co. schooner, Ruby W., Capt Charles Forward, from Pernambuco to a St. Johnís, abandoned at sea, 400 miles off St. Johnís. Crew rescued by Danish steamer Gurdeun Maersk, bound to Geneva. Captain breaks arm.

Schooner Gordon, W P. Johnson, St. Johnís to Seldom Come By, runs ashore at Low Point, Bay de Verde.

Schooner Galatea, E. Sturge, Goose Cove to St. Johnís, lost at Grateís Cove.

Schooner W.S. Monroe, lost when entering Little Bay Islands.

Schooners A Hardy, and Dianthus, total wreck at Bay de Verde.

Schooner Drummer Tax, lost at Bonavista.

Motor Coaster Theresa Stone, driven ashore at Bauline.

S.S. Glengarmock strikes Chain Rock.

Collision in harbor between a schooner and S.S. Harmony, in a 75 mile gale.

S.S. Ingraham, ashore at Penguin Island, when towing schooner Jean and Mary, Capt. Cluett, of Grand Bank, all schooners crew numbering 6, lost.

Schooner Pansy, Wm. Frost, ashore at Lower Island Cove.

Schooner Pussport, Bragg, with 9 crew and passengers, lost at Caplin Cove, B.D.V.

Schooner Natoma, Frank Tibbo, ashore at Connaigre Head.

December 6, 1921 Schooner B Hooke, lost Danzig Point.
December 7, 1921 Schooner Nina Boutillier, Steers Bros., Sund and crew, landed at Darkaar, West Coast of Africa.
December 9, 1921 Three masted schooner Oliven, belonging to W.A. Munn, reported abandoned in mid ocean. Crew landed in England.
December 14, 1921 Schooner Nina Lee, reported abandoned in Mediterranean.
December 16, 1921 Shipwrecked crew of schooner Stanley Joseph, sunk on Nov 26th, landed at St. John N.B., by S.S. Melita.

Norwegian lines Stavangerfjord, arrives for bunker coal from Christiania, via Burgen to New York.

December 19, 1921 Schooner Effie M., Albert Mercer, ashore at Mobile.

Schooner Donald J Cook, reported burned at sea.

December 27, 1921 S.S. Minnedosa, arrives at St John, N. B., with Capt Piccott, and crew of schooner Kinsman, and Capt. Whiffen, and crew of schooner Amy B Silver.

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