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Year End Review  - 1919


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
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March 12, 1919 Sealing fleet 9 steamers sail.
March 30, 1919 Sable I, Capt. Fraqulain, first arrival with 3,477 seals.

April 2, 1919 S.S. Diana, Capt. Parsons, arrived with 2,879 seals.
April 5, 1919 S.S. Thetis, Capt. W. Winsor, arrived with 12,900 seals.

One of the Eagle’s crew, Stone of Bay Bulls, reported to have died of influenza at the ice.

April 6, 1919 S.S. Fogota, Capt Dalton, arrived at Harbor Grace with 6,109 seals.
April 7, 1919 S.S. Seal, arrives at Harbor Grace with 10,623 seals.
April 11, 1919 S.S. Eagle, Capt. Bishop, arrives with 15,729 seals.

S.S. Ranger, Capt Winsor, arrives with 3,729 seals

April 13, 1919 S.S. Neptune, Capt. Barbour, arrives with 13,223 seals.
April 15, 1919 S.S. Terra Nova, Capt A. Kean, arrives with 12,566 seals.
April 18, 1919 S.S. Viking, Capt. Bartlett, arrives from Gulf with 88 seals.

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