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Year End Review  - 1910

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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.


January 01, 1910 C.L.B. Concert

Reception Government House.

January 03, 1910 Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. John Jeans.

Installation at Atlantic Lodge, I.O.O.F.

Week of Prayer commenced.

January 04, 1910 Blizzard on West Coast.

George Hall dies at Channel, age 46.

January 05, 1910 Masonic installation at Carbonear.

Grand Concert Methodist College Hall.

M.C.L.I. session opened.

Festival of Empire, Governor opens first meeting.

January 06, 1910 Masonic Installation at Harbor Grace.
January 07, 1910 Rideout killed at Grand Falls.
January 08, 1910 W.J. Hagen dies, aged 42.

Schooner Montrose wrecked at Peter’s River.

January 09, 1910 Clement Alcock dies aged 50.

Star of the Sea Parade.

Cardinal Satolli dead, aged 71.

January 10, 1910 British Parliament dissolved. General election.
January 11, 1910 Annual meeting St. Andrew’s Congregation.

Sinnot – Summer wedding at Placentia.

January 12, 1910 Pharmacutical Society formed.

Canada Naval Defence Bill introduced.

Death of Mrs. James Jardine.

Bricklayer’s Union Annual Meeting.

January 13, 1910 John McCarthy dies, aged 72.

S.S. Hinudo enters port with broken shaft.

Boston Y.M.C.A. building burnt.

W.J. Higgins admitted to the Bar.

Hon. M.P. Cashin leaves for West Indies to attend Royal Commission. Death of Lewis H. Miller, aged 58.

January 14, 1910 Annual meeting Victoria Chapter L.O.A. S.S. Labrador bought by James Baird, Ltd.
January 15, 1910 Bishop McNeil appointed Archbishop of Vancouver.

Curling Rink opened by Governor.

Newfoundland Society of Toronto, elects officers.

January 17, 1910 Christian Brothers night school re-opened.

First returns from British Election received.

Annual meeting of British Society

First annual meeting Board of Trade.

William Rice crushed to death by a pile driver.

January 18, 1910 George Joyce died, aged 44.
January 19, 1910 Log Cabin Spruce Brook burned down.

Hockey season opens.

Prize giving Canon Wood Hall.

Mr. King’s recital.

St. Bon’s L.A. Dance.

William Soper died, aged 81.

January 20, 1910 Strong — Haddon Wedding.
January 21, 1910 A Comet seen at night.
January 23, 1910 United temperance meeting in British Hall, presided over by Bishop Jones.
January 24, 1910 Mr. Mawer’s Concert at St. Andrew’s.

Annual meeting Tasker Educational Fund.

January 25, 1910 Death of Rev. Dr. Alex Howley at Salmonier.

Big floods in France.

Messrs. Job Winter and Robinson, appointed to Legislative Council.

January 26, 1910 Legislature opened.

Annual meeting City Club.

January 27, 1910 London Evening News issued on Nfld. Paper.

Local papers issued on Nfld made paper, for the first time.

January 31, 1910 British Election Returns completed, Progressive majority, 124.

February 01, 1910 Ladies’ Reading room opened.
February 02, 1910 Sir George A. Drummond, President of Bank of Montreal, died.

C.C.C. at home.

February 03, 1910 Annual meeting of Historical Society.

Branch Railway Resolution introduced by Premier.

February 06, 1910 The P.S.A. Established.
February 07, 1910 Mr. Richardson succeeds Mr. McLeod as Manager of Bank of Nova Scotia.

Zero weather in New York.

February 08, 1910 Otto-Marx wrestling contest.

Peter Goss dies, aged 70.

Vey — Ross Wedding.

February 09, 1910 Ash Wednesday.
February 12, 1910 Death of Mrs. Annie Pippy, aged 87.
February 13, 1910 Death of J.J. O’Rielly.
February 15, 1910 Imperial Parliament opened.

Archbishop Howley lectures on “Old St. John’s.”

February 16, 1910 Death of W.P. Walsh, formerly M.H.A. for St. John’s, aged 80.
February 17, 1910 104th Anniversary of B.I.S.

Grand Lodge L.O.A., opens at Broad Cove, B.D.V.

February 20, 1910 Caleb Young dies, aged 95.

Michael Parrel dies, aged 87.

February 21, 1910 Dr. Lloyd lectures on the House of Lords.

Winter Evangelistic Service.

Bontros Pasha, Premier of Egypt, assassinated.

February 22, 1910 Rev. Mr. Thackerary lectures to I.O.O.F.

Rev. Canon Smith lectures on Trinity.

February 23, 1910 John Waugh, well known guide, dies, aged 74.
February 25, 1910 The Dali Lama of Thibet deposed by China.
February 26, 1910 Capt. Moss died.

Alexander B King died, aged 37.

February 27, 1910 Death of Mrs. Smith, wife of the Rev. Canon Smith.
February 28, 1910 Municipal resolutions introduced into the Assembly.

March 01, 1910 Rev. Brother Thackerary preaches Tasker Educational Sermon.
March 02, 1910 Daily Mail issued on Newfoundland paper.
March 03, 1910 83rd annual meeting Mechanics Society.
March 04, 1910 Coopers meet Board of Trade.

The Bell Island Contract passed 2nd reading.

March 07, 1910 Mr. M.W. Furlong, K.C., lectures on Sir William Vaughan.

Crescents win hockey championship.

March 08, 1910 Budget Speech by Minister Cashin.

Mr. Shortis lectures in T.A. Hall.

March 09, 1910 Sealers mass meeting in British Hall.
March 10, 1910 Rev. Father O’Callagan lectures on Ireland.

M.I.A. At Home.

Mr. Blackall lectures on Newfoundland.

March 11, 1910 Sealing steamers leave.

Legislators at Grand Falls.

March 14, 1910 Mayor Gibbs lectures on City Life.
March 15, 1910 Mr. H.W. LeMessurier lectures on Placentia Bay.

55th annual meeting C of E Orphanage.

March 16, 1910 Mechanics’ Banquet .

Annual meeting Masonic Benevolent.

March 17, 1910 St. Patrick’s Day.

Tasker Lodge installation. Bro. R.G. Ash, W.M.

Tasker celebration.

Irish Night.

Twilight Rehersal

B.I.S. Parade.

March 18, 1910 Highlanders Sports

Licensing Bill passed Legislature.

March 20, 1910 First sealing news arrives.
March 21, 1910 Mr. John Maunder dies, age 22.

Mr. Shortis lectures in Star of The Sea Hall.

March 22, 1910 Legislature closed.

Presentation to Mr. Moultor, M.H.A., from Members of Legislature.

March 23, 1910 Exford wins boat race.
March 26, 1910 Viking arrived with 24,000 seals.
March 28, 1910 Southern Cross and Harlaw reached port.

C.L.B. Armoury opened.

Death of John Hillyard at Black Head.

Mr. H.W. LeMessurier lectures at Placentia.

March 30, 1910 Littledale exhibition.

Highlanders Ball.

S.S. Iceland lost.

March 31, 1910 T.A. Dinner.

April 01, 1910 Algerine arrives

Capt. Kean in the Florizel, brings in largest trip on record, 49,000.

Education meeting at Grand Falls.

April 02, 1910 New opening hours under the Temperance Act, enforced.
April 03, 1910 Newfoundland arrives with 24,000.
April 04, 1910 Mr. I.C. Morris lectures on “Newfoundland.”

Annual meeting C.E.T.S.

Forest Preservation meeting.

April 06, 1910 Annual meeting Rifle Club.

Annual meeting M.C.L.I.

Eagle and Belaventure arrive.

Star Billiard Tournament Dinner

April 07, 1910 Death of Bishop Cameron of Anigonish, aged 83.
April 08, 1910 Mrs. Elizabeth LeMessurier dies, aged 88.
April 11, 1910 Rev. Canon White lectures on “Sparks from an old Anvil.”

Haley’s Comet sighted at Washington.

St. John Ambulance Association, local branch established.

Mr. W.H. Goodland lectures on “Old St. John’s.” 

April 12, 1910 C.L.B. Sports.
April 13, 1910 Methodist Guards’ Sports.

M.C.L.I. annual dinner.

April 14, 1910 Asquith’s Veto Resolution carried in House of Commons by 103 majority.
April 15, 1910 T.A. & B. Society presents Sir Edward Morris with a gold watch.
April 17, 1910 Premier Morris leaves for England.
April 18, 1910 Patrick Strapp of Harbor Main dies, aged 91.

Annual meeting Bible Society.

April 19, 1910 Halley’s comet reaches perihelion.

Bonaventure arrives with 18,000.

April 22, 1910 Mark Twain died, aged 70 (?)

Shannon Chapter Installation.

Annual meeting Importers Association.

April 23, 1910 Rev. Bro Conway returns to Ireland.

Premier Morris meets Ambassador Bryce in New York.

April 25, 1910 Mark Hombourg recital.

Beothic with 30,000, arrives with S.S. Eric in tow.

Annual meeting Newfoundland Football League.

April 27, 1910 S.S. Kite arrives.
April 28, 1910 Charles LeDrew, the Kelligrew’s Hermit, found dead.

Sydney coal strike ended.

Bert Bond drowned at Vancouver.

April 29, 1910 S.S. Neptune reaches port with damaged shaft.

Lloyd George budget receives Royal assent.

May 01, 1910 S.S. Adventure arrives.
May 03, 1910 Peary and Bartlett banqueted by the Royal Geographical Society.

Feildian club dinner.

May 06, 1910 Death of King Edward. Accession of King George.
May 09, 1910 George V proclaimed at Colonial Building.
May 10, 1910 Mayor Gibbs retires.
May 11, 1910 Hon. D. Morison leaves for the Hague.
May 13, 1910 S.S. Louise wrecked near Indian Island.
May 17, 1910 King Edward's body conveyed to Westminister Hall.

New Licensing Board gazetted.

May 20, 1910 Funeral of King Edward VII.

Day of mourning in memory of King.

May 22, 1910 Death of Alexander Rankin.
May 24, 1910 Empire Day.

Earl of Stanford, born in Newfoundland, died.

Archbishop Howley left for Rome.

May 25, 1910 S.S. Susu arrives.

C.A.M. Pinsent died, aged 44.

May 28, 1910 Death of Louis Inkpen, aged 38.
May 30, 1910 Captain Pelly died at Hant’s Harbor, aged 80.

Captain William Bishop died at Wesleyville.

May 31, 1910 Roosevelt’s notorious Guild Hall Speech.

Fisheries arbitration opens at the Hague.

June 01, 1910 Lemberg wins the Derby.

Scott Antarctic Expedition sails from London in Terra Nova.

June 03, 1910 Annual Meeting, Tennis Club.
June 04, 1910 John Lindberg dead, aged 68.
June 06, 1910 Bonnell St. Hill rescues Michael Regan from Drowning.
June 07, 1910 Death of Goldwin Smith at Toronto.
June 09, 1910 Anniversary of the fire of 1846.

Catholic Church of Newfoundland attached to Canada.

June 13, 1910 Montreal Hearld office destroyed by fire.
June 15, 1910 Diocesan Synod opens.
June 17, 1910 Mayor Ellis elected by acclamation.
June 19, 1910 Patrick Costello died at Avondale, aged 72.
June 20, 1910 Methodist conference opens at Carbonear.

Marriage of Miss May Aylward and Mr. Joseph Downey, M.H.A.

June 21, 1910 Sudden death of W.R. Payne, aged 61.
June 22, 1910 Downs wins 20 mile walking match.

Rev. T.R. Darby, B.A., elected President of Methodist Conference.

June 23, 1910 Bishop — Stentaford wedding.
June 24, 1910 Avalon Lodge Installation. Bro. G.P. Hutching, W.M.

Death of the Rev. Solomon Matthews at Pouch Cove.

June 27, 1910 Municipal election day.
June 29, 1910 Municipal poll declared.
June 30, 1910 St. Bon’s College Sports.

Atkinson — Snowden wedding at Brigus.

Rev. Dr. Sutherland dies at Toronto, aged 77.

July 01, 1910 Natural History Society formed.

Johnson — Jeffries fight at Reno.

July 05, 1910 Labour Day.
July 06, 1910 Alderdice — Rendell Wedding.

Pope — Cornick Wedding.

July 07, 1910 T.A. Society presents address to Mayor Ellis.
July 08, 1910 Anniversary of the Fire of 1802.
July 11, 1910 Morris — Robley Wedding, Truro.
July 12, 1910 Campbellon, N.B., destroyed by fire.

Orangemen celebrate

Pan-American Conference assembles in Buenos Ayres.

July 14, 1910 New Municipal Council holds its first meeting.

St. Bon’s “Old Boys” Day.

Benjamin Tulk and son drowned at Triton Harbor.

July 18, 1910 Highland Brigade visit Heart’s Content.

Sir Edward Shea sworn in as Deputy Governor.

C.C.C. Band commence annual trip over Avalon Peninsula.

July 19, 1910 Pharmaceutical Society established.

Premier notifies successful floating a loan at 96 net.

July 20, 1910 Littledale Garden Party.

St. Andrew’s Garden Party.

Two men killed at Grand Falls whilst engaged in construction work.

Godden — Knight Wedding.

July 21, 1910 Dr. Allan died at Harbor Grace.
July 23, 1910 Baird — Ash Wedding at Trinity.

The Governor at Fogo.

July 25, 1910 Governor at Twillingate.

Charles Devine drowned at Kenny’s Pond.

July 26, 1910 Annual meeting St. Vincent de Paul Society.
July 27, 1910 William Joyce drowned in Long Pond.

The “Guard” launched on Quidi Vidi.

Mount Cashel Garden Party.

Coronation Declaration amended, passed second reading 410 to 84.

July 28, 1910 Rev. Dr. Campbell, Naturalist, arrives.

Star win Association Football Championship.

Lord Brassey arrives.

August 03, 1910 Regatta Day.
August 04, 1910 Willie Lloyd and Herbert Martin drowned in Quidi Vidi.

Oil Factory explosion at Bay de Verde.

August 07, 1910 Edward Smith, J.P., at Congregational Church.

Archbishop Howley returns from Rome.

August 08, 1910 Governor and Lord Brassey at Blanc Sablon.
August 09, 1910 Attempted assassination of Mayor Gaynor of New York.
August 10, 1910 W.H. Peters vs. Webster to slander, damages claimed $25,000.
August 11, 1910 Herald Regatta dinner.

Hon. E.R. Bowring returns from England.

August 12, 1910 Captain George Hiscock died aged 79.
August 14, 1910 Death of Earl Spencer, aged 75.
August 15, 1910 Death of Mark Osmond, J.P., of Moreton’s Harbor, aged 80.

Worlds Fair Brussels partially destroyed by fire.

August 16, 1910 Guy Tercentenary at Harbor Grace.

Florence Nightngale “The Lady of the Lamp” died.

August 17, 1910 General conference Methodist Church, meets at Vancouver.

Cupids Celebration Guy’s Tercentenary

Charles — Whiteway Wedding.

All wins the Marathon.

Fatal gasoline explosion at Sandy Point.

August 18, 1910 Emperor of Austria 30th birthday.

Children Day at Cupids.

August 19, 1910 Sir Edward Morris at Bristol

Alexander Street Church destroyed by fire.

Schooner Tera Nova wrecked near St. Pierre.

August 21, 1910 Orion largest battleship launched at Portsmouth.
August 22, 1910 Banquet to Sir Knight Thomas Gilday, Grand Master R.B.P.

T.A. &. B. Society presents Archbishop with fur coat.

Bonavista branch line survey completed.

August 24, 1910 City vs. Shamrock. Capt. Fitz. Herbert scores 104.

Clouston — Thomson wedding.

Worrall — Pittman wedding.

Lawrence Hannaford, Druggist, died at Grand Falls.

Rev. Dr. Carman and Rev. Dr. Chown elected Superintendent Methodist Church.

August 25, 1910 Rev. Mr. Stacy, Bristol representative at Guy Tercentenary, returned to England.

James J Collins drowned.

Corea annexed by Japan.

August 26, 1910 Commander Irness of Calypso, returns to England.
August 28, 1910 Montenegro becomes a Kingdom.

Archbishop Howely leaves for Montreal.

Emperor William’s “Divine Right” Speech.

August 29, 1910 Premier and Lady Morris return from England.

Cricket revival meeting held at Bowring office.

Cotton squeeze on Wall Street.

Premier address citizens at his residence.

August 30, 1910 Lord Brassey at Grand Falls.
August 31, 1910 Portugal Cove Garden Party.

September 01, 1910 Dr. Robertson, C.M.D., arrives.

Pippy — Samways wedding.

C.H.E. Exam results reach St. John’s.

September 02, 1910 Leonard Boone killed at Sydney.
September 03, 1910 Log Cabin destroyed.

Conference on Agriculture addressed by Dr. Robertson and Dr. McPhall.

September 04, 1910 Herbert Booth mission opens.

Eucharistic Conference at Montreal.

September 05, 1910 Earl Gray arrives at Bay of Islands.

Gypsum Emperor arrives from Mobil.

Mrs. Goodison, widow of Rev. James Goodison, died at Carbonear.

September 06, 1910 Farewell dinner to Mr. R. Tait, Rhodes Scholar.
September 07, 1910 Alexander Christian died, aged 57.

Earl Gray at Grand Falls.

The Hague Decision announced.

September 09, 1910 Collapse of part of Shea's wharf.
September 10, 1910 George Moore of Northern Bay dead, aged 60.
September 12, 1910 McFarlane benefit concert.

Dr. Robertson lectures on Agriculture.

Death of Rev. Fr. Battcock at Holyrood.

Mrs. Wilcox Spracklin of Harbor Grace, dies at North Sydney.

September 13, 1910 Methodist Guards presentation.

Thomas Penney killed, aged 17.

September 14, 1910 Brown — Crocker wedding.
September 15, 1910 Dixon — Warren wedding.

L.C.A.S. Annual meeting.

N.S. Steel Directors visit Wabana.

Nippard killed in the Dog Bay Mills.

First General election in United South Africa.

September 16, 1910 Stephen Shute acquitted of murder charges in Montreal.

Presentation to Mr. F.J. King.

September 17, 1910 Fete Day at Grand Falls.
September 18, 1910 Francis Dillon of the South Side, burned to death.
September 19, 1910 Meeting C.E.T.S. presided over by Bishop Jones; important resolution adopted.

Young man named Kelly, killed on track near Bishop's Falls.

September 20, 1910 Mrs. Capt. Barnes dies at Pilley’s Island, aged 85.

Truckmen’s annual dinner.

Rev. J.S. Sutherland, M.A., accepts call to St. Andrew’s Church.

September 21, 1910 Halifax Herald voting results announced.

Robert J Moore died, aged 67.

September 22, 1910 Angel — Bartlett wedding at Brigus.

Mr. Allen’s concert.

September 23, 1910 George Chavez flies over the Alps and dies four days later, as results of injuries.

Premier Morris offered $50,000 for Agriculture Scholarship; conditions announced.

September 24, 1910 St. Bon’s wins Johnson Sheild.

Hazel Moore aged 10, burnt to death.

Adam King and son drowned at Bonavista.

September 27, 1910 Church Ship Bazaar opened by Bishop Jones.

Lieut. Governor Frazer of Nova Scotia died, aged 67.

Fort William, formerly the Railway Station, torn down.

Lieut. Col. Sir J.G. Rogers, D.S.O., arrives.

September 28, 1910 Morrisey — Kiely wedding.
September 29, 1910 Sir John Vezey Strong elected Lord Mayor.

Littledale prize giving.

Wood — Shambler wedding.

September 30, 1910 Miss Carmichael wins Jubilee Scholarship.

Cotton lock-out in Lancashire, 130, 000 operatives involved.

October 01, 1910 Benjamin Knott and Eli Dennis of Dally’s Cove, died from exposure.

New York auto race for Vanderbilt Cup, a ghastly exhibition.

The Fishermen’s Home purchased for a Town Hall.

Los Angeles Times Office dynamited.

October 02, 1910 Portugal Cove Sunday.

Capt. Taylor and crew leave for New York to join the Regulus.

Sir Thomas Esmond, M.P., arrives in town.

October 03, 1910 Prince Chun opens first Chinese Senate.

Tinsmith’s Strike.

Jessie Maclaughlin in College Hall.

Truckmen’s annual meeting.

October 04, 1910 Revolution in Portugal; King Manuel flees. Republic established.

Capt. Robert Bartlett arrives on a visit.

“At Home” at Government House.

Hon. D. Morsion returns from the Hague.

Schooner Kronen wrecked at Bonavista.

October 05, 1910 Magistrate O’Donnell dies at Bell Island, aged 58.

Revolution in Portugal, King Manuel dethroned.

Daughters of Empire, Newfoundland Chapter organized; Lady Horwood President.

Mr. A.B. Dallas dies at Pernambuco.

Watson — White wedding at Botwood.

October 06, 1910 Annual meeting St. John’s Ambulance Association.
October 07, 1910 South Side reservoir completed.

Cornwell Cadets dance at Government House.

October 08, 1910 Schooners Ella Frances and Sea Nymph, wrecked at Fortune.
October 10, 1910 Father Matthew celebration.
October 11, 1910 Football League presents Secretary Higgins with gold watch.

Big Railway strike in France.

Right Rev. Bishop Jones attains 70th year.

Schooner H.M. Gardner wrecked at Change Islands.

Safe dynamited at Grand Falls.

Lizzie M lost at Hawke’s Harbor, Labrador.

October 12, 1910 Tait — Anderson wedding at Edinburgh.

Great railway strike in France.

October 13, 1910 Day of Atonement.
October 14, 1910 Mrs. R.H. Pinsent returns after 5 years in Japan.
October 15, 1910 Walter Wellman attempts to cross Atlantic by Air Ship.

Arrival of Sir Clifton and Lady Robinson.

October 16, 1910 Stanley Ketchel, the Pugilist, murdered.
October 17, 1910 Death of Mrs. Julia Ward Howe, aged 91, at Middletown, Rhode Island.
October 18, 1910 Capt. Bob Bartlett banqueted by Tasker Lodge.

Cooper — Bright wedding.

Death of Mrs. Edward H Davey. 

October 19, 1910 Open session Licensing Board.

Mr. King concert.

Rev. J.S. Sutherland, M.A., inducted at St. Andrew’s.

Agricultural Exhibition at Harbor Grace.

October 20, 1910 Smith — Edgar wedding at Brigus.
October 21, 1910 Crippen sentenced to death.
October 22, 1910 Death of Mr. William Harris, aged 82.
October 23, 1910 Death of Prince Francis of Teck.

Ordination service at the Cathedral.

Steamer Regulus lost off Petty Harbor.

Schooner Golden Arrow lost in Placentia Bay.

October 24, 1910 Agricultural Exhibition at Carbonear.
October 25, 1910 Ethel LeNeve acquitted.

Premier at Rose Blanche.

October 26, 1910 Seamen’s Home meeting at Government House.
October 27, 1910 Express Companies Strike in New York.
October 28, 1910 Marie Narelle concert.

$2,000,000 fire in victoria, B.C.

Death of the Rev. William Kendall, aged 62.

Death of Mrs. J.W.N. Johnstone.

October 30, 1910 Jacob H. Chafe died, aged 47.
October 31, 1910 Joint Agricultural and Manufacturer’s Exhibition opened “Halifax Herald” Marathon.

November 01, 1910 Willie Bagg drowned in Sandy Lake, Curling.

Laymen’s Movement’s launched at College Hall.

November 02, 1910 Dr. Grenfell lectures in College Hall.
November 03, 1910 Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thomas.
November 04, 1910 Bourassa, Liberal Insurgent, defeats Laurier Government in by election.
November 05, 1910 Exhibition closes.

Arthur Pike killed at Sydney.

November 06, 1910 Mgr. Stangi appointed Apostolic Delegate to Canada.

Charles Ellis died, aged 80.

Sir Clifton Robinson dies at New York.

November 07, 1910 Schooner Corn wrecked at Sydney.
November 08, 1910 Carpenters’ Union annual meeting.

Francis Keefe drowned at Bay de Verde.

New wing at Littledale, blessed.

Democratic victories in U.S. elections. Roosevelt whipped “to a frazzle.”

November 09, 1910 Dalton — Buckley Wedding.

Lord Mayor’s Day.

November 10, 1910 Failure of Veto Conference announced.
November 11, 1910 Prize giving at St. Bon’s.

B.F.C. Cadets entertained by Hon. E.R. Bowring at Smithville.

November 13, 1910 Death of James Moore, aged 81.
November 14, 1910 Marriage of Prince Victor Napoleon and Princess Clementine of Belgium.
November 15, 1910 Imperial Parliament re-opened.
November 16, 1910 Wesley Church sale opens.
November 17, 1910 John Flynn, H.M.C., dies at Harbor Grace.
November 19, 1910 The Governor at Millertown..

Sudden death of Philip Field, aged 32.

Thomas Emberley killed at Petit Fort, through gun busting.

November 21, 1910 Death of Count Leo Tolstol.

Daughters of Empire meets City Council.

“Regulus-Golden Arrow” relief concert.

Sudden death of Joseph Mackey, J.P. Carbonear.

Elsie B. wrecked at Tack’s Beach.

November 22, 1910 Bank of Montreal in their new building.
November 23, 1910 Welsh Coal strike.

Shooting at Bay Roberts, Dr. Pritchard shot by Operator Dunlop.

Governor’s sleeping car burnt at Kitty’s Brook.

Dr. Crippen hanged.

Newfoundland Night at Brooklyn New York.

November 24, 1910 Brazilian warship mutiny.

Tobin — Moore Wedding.

November 25, 1910 E.H.K. Belcher, charter member of St. John’s Lodge, A.F. & A.M. died at Brooklyn N.Y., aged 85.

Noel — Lilly Wedding at Trinity.

November 27, 1910 Christian Brothers’ collection.

Lord’s Day Alliance meeting.

November 28, 1910 Imperial Parliament dissolved.

Presentation to D.G.S. Edgar by Masonic Grand Lodge.

C.E.T.S. Concert.

Suit against Sugar Trust, commenced in New York.

November 29, 1910 Firemen’s Union elect officers.
November 30, 1910 82nd Anniversary of Hon. James Baird's birthday.

Ex-Premier Balfour promises referendum on Tariff reform.

Snazelle recital.

Archbishop Howley lectures on the Passion Play.

December 01, 1910 President Diaz of Mexico inaugurated for the 8th term.

Bishop Jones leaves for Bermuda.

Annual meeting Leeming Lodge, L.O.A. 

December 02, 1910 Annual meeting of St. John’s Lodge, A.F. & A.M.
December 03, 1910 Mary Baker Eddy, Founder of Christian Science Movement, died in Boston, aged 91.
December 06, 1910 Annual meeting Historical Society.
December 07, 1910 Christmas Edition Free Press, issues 8,000 copies.

L.C.A.S. sale of work opened by Mr. Arch Macpherson.

Work on Bonavista Branch Railway closed down.

December 08, 1910 Rev. Dr. Kitchen lectures on Joan of Arc.
December 09, 1910 P.C. O”Driscoll gets $100,000 contract for rails, etc., Trepassey Branch Railway.

Daily News Weights and Measures exposed.

December 10, 1910 Death of Rev. Dean Born, aged 66.
December 11, 1910 Rev. Dr. Murray of Presbyterian Witness, dies at Halifax.

Annual meeting Rose of Sharon, R.B.P., L.O.A. 

December 13, 1910 Stabbing affray on S.S. Benedick, Diaz, Spanish Fireman, arrested.

S.S. Numidian arrives, replacing Siberian.

Annual meeting Dudley Lodge, S.O.E.

Dunlop trial; Jury disagreed.

Patrick Grace died, aged 93.

December 14, 1910 H.M.S. Brilliant sails from Jamaica for Honduras.

Presbyterian sale of work.

Mr. J.J. Fenelon lectures on Francis Thomas.

Duder’s premises bought by Nfld. Produce Co.

December 15, 1910 Import decision by General Appraisal Board of New York, concerning herring fishery, announced.
December 16, 1910 Big storm on West Coast. Two brothers, White, drowned at Trout River, St. Barbe.

Western Union and Anglo American Cable Companies combine.

December 19, 1910 William Bussey, Fox Trap, killed on railway track near Mount Pearl.

Death of Mrs. John Barron.

December 20, 1910 Prize giving Methodist College.

Death of Rev. Jessse Heyfield of Heart’s Content, aged 55.

Bishop Spencer prize giving.

St. Joseph’s sale of work.

Death of John W. Collier, aged 66.

Death of Miss Celia Peters, aged 86.

Election figures completed. Asquith’s majority 126.

Disastrous explosion at Little Houlton Colliery, Bolton, England, over 360 killed.

Speech Day at Bishop Feild College.

Prize giving Presbyterian College.

December 22, 1910 Captain French and Lieut. Brandon sentenced at Liepsic, to 4 years imprisonment, for espionage.

Outerbridge — Shea Wedding.

December 23, 1910 Fire at Knowling’s West End premises.

Welsh coal strike ends.

December 24, 1910 Old Age Pension scheme announced.

Mrs. Thistle disappearance apparently suicide.

Spanish barque Guada Horce, arrives badly damaged.

December 25, 1910 Christmas Day.
December 26, 1910 Two men injured at Portugal Cove through busting of a gun.
December 27, 1910 Installation of W.M., J.S. Currie and officers of St. John’s Lodge, No. 579, A.F. &. A.M., R.E.
December 28, 1910 Gypsum Emperor sails for New York after long detention.

C of E. Orphanage Christmas Tree.

December 29, 1910 Poor Asylum Tea.

Revolution in Honduras.

Hockey Association annual meeting.

City Doctors’ decide to increasing of scale of fees.

Portrait of Late Campbell Macpherson presented by Royal Stores employees to Mr. Harold Macpherson.

December 31, 1910 Old year passed with the lowest record of cold of 1910. Thermometer registered zero on Water Street.

R.M.S. Carthaginian left Liverpool Saturday for here.

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