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Misc. News Tidbits & Year End Review - 1914 - 1915

Reprinted courtesy of Robinson-Blackmore Printing and Publishing" Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.

The records were transcribed by CHRIS SHELLEY.  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

January 1, 1914 SHOOTING ACCIDENT George RIDEOUT and his son-in-law, W. OLIVER, badly injured in shooting accident.
January 1, 1914 FIRE House of W. BENNETT, Buchanan St., destroyed by fire.
January 10, 1914 RESIGNATION Rt. Hon. Sir Robert BOND resigns leadership of Liberal-Union Party, and his seat in the Legislature.
January 12, 1914 FIRE Fire at the store of John HARRIS.
January 16, 1914 SHIPWRECK Brigantine "Mayflower", Capt. HALFYARD, abandoned at sea.
January 18, 1914 FIRE Cochrane Street Methodist Church destroyed by fire. Loss $65,000.
January 18, 1914 SHIPWRECK Schooner "Annie Banks" abandoned at sea.
January 19, 1914 SHIPWRECK Schooner "Banshee" abandoned at sea.
January 22, 1914 SHIPWRECK Schooner "Tobeatic" abandoned 190 miles off the Western Islands.
January 26, 1914 ANNUAL MEETING Annual meeting of the Board of Trade. Mr. J. S. MUNN elected President.

February 1, 1914 FIRE Fire at Badger. Store of J. C. TOBIN destroyed.
February 5, 1914 SCHOONER MISSING "Blanche Curry" passed Cape Race. Not since heard of.
February 6, 1914 FIRE Fire at Bell Island. GOLDSTEINS premises destroyed.
February 6, 1914 SHIPWRECK Capt. HALFYARD and crew of wrecked "Mayflower" arrive by "Almeriana".
February 10, 1914 FIRE Fire at POPE's Furniture Factory. Loss about $9,000.
February 12, 1914 REELECTED R. A. SQUIRES re-elected Grand Master, L.O.A.
February 20, 1914 SHIPWRECK Schooner "Ellinor" of Pushthrough lost at Patrick's Cove.
February 25, 1914 FIRE Presbyterian Manse, Curling, destroyed by fire.

March 2, 1914 SKATING PATTERSON wins 3 mile skating rink, SQUIRES second.
March 5, 1914 DAILY MAIL SUED Minister of Finance, CASHIN, sues Daily Mail for libel, damages $50,000.
March 16, 1914 SWORN IN Hon. R. A. SQUIRES sworn in Minister of Justice. Hon. S. D. BLANDFORD sworn in Minister of Agriculture.
March 16, 1914 MAN FOUND A man found, after wandering a week on South Side hills. Aphasia.
March 17, 1914 SHIPWRECK "City of Sydney" wrecked on Shag Rock, Halifax Harbour.
March 18, 1914 DEATH William MARSHALL buried.
March 21, 1914 FIRE Salvation Army schoolhouse at Botwood destroyed by fire.
March 24, 1914 SHIPWRECK "S.S. City of Sydney" breaks up.
March 28, 1914 FIRE Fire at Nail factory. Damages $10,000.
March 31, 1914 SHIPWRECK The worst storm for many years commences. S.S. Newfoundland's crew meet terrible disaster.
March 31, 1914 SHIPWRECK S. S. Southern Cross lost near Trepassey Bay with all hands.

April 2. 1914 SHIPWRECK Survivors of the Newfoundland's crew reach the ship; 77 dead.
April 3. 1914 SHIPWRECK S. S. Kyle, with Minister PICCOTT, sails in search for Southern Cross.
April 4. 1914 SHIPWRECK S.S. Bellaventure, Capt. RANDELL, arrives with her sombre cargo of the Newfoundland's dead, and survivors.
April 4. 1914 SEALING Sealer Boethic, Capt. W. C. WINSOR arive with 28,308. Sealer Bellaventure's catch, 13,690.
April 5. 1914 SEALING Sealer Erik, Capt. D. MARTIN, arrives with 19,077. Sealer Terra Nova, Capt. W. BARTLETT, arrives with 24,536.
April 7. 1914 SEALING Sealer Bonaventure, Capt. PARSONS, arrives with 10,759. Sealer Adventure, Capt. Jacob KEAN, arrives with 12,176. Sealer Newfoundland, Capt. Wesley KEAN, arrives with 538. Sealer Florizel, Capt. Joseph KEAN, arrives with 17,643.
April 8. 1914 SEALING Sealer Stephano, Capt. Abram KEAN, arrives with 22,210.
April 9. 1914 SEALING Sealer Nascopie, Capt. G. BARBOUR, arrives with 18,151.
April 12. 1914 SEALING Sealer Bloodhound, Capt. J. WINSOR, arrives with 8,323. Sealer Seal, Capt. MURLEY, arrives with 5,987. S.S. Kyle returns after prolonged but fruitless search for Southern Cross.
April 14. 1914 SEALING Sealer Ranger, Capt. Kenneth KNEE, arrives with 1,585.
April 14. 1914 HONORABLE FOR LIFE D. M. the King confers title of Honorable for life on Donald MORISON, K.C.
April 19. 1914 SEALING Sealer Sagona, Capt. S. R. WINSOR, arrives with 11,045. Sealer Fogota, Capt. S. BARBOUR, arrives with 2,936.
April 20. 1914 SEALING Sealer Viking, Capt. W. BARTLETT, arrives with 10,587. Sealer Eagle, Capt. E. BISHOP, arrives with 8, 260.
April 29. 1914 SEALING Sealer Neptune, Capt. WILCOX, arrives with 10,354. Sealer Kite, Capt. BURGESS, arrives with1,850.

May 3, 1914 SEALING Sealer Diana, Capt. B. BARBOUR, brings key of the seal fishery, 5,700seals.
May 12, 1914 DEGREE Superintendent BURKE receives M. A. degree from St. Francis Xavier College, Antigonish.
May 24, 1914 LIGHTENING STRIKES Station House, Placentia Junction, destroyed by lightning. Telegraph office at Long Harbour Beach, Fortune bay, wrecked by lightning.
May 29, 1914 SHIPWRECKS Capt. Robert BARTLETT reaches St. Michaels, North Alaska, reports Karluk crushed in the ice in January. S.S. Fogota ashore at Musgrave Harbour. S.S. Fiona picks up wrecked crew of the Stella Maris, abandoned off Ramea the previous day.

June 1, 1914 APPOINTMENT Charles H. TRANFIELD appointed Superintendent of the Western Union Cable System at Heart's Content, vice Mr. BELLAMY, retired.
June 1, 1914 TALKING PICTURES EDISON Talking Pictures at the Casino.
June 3, 1914 PROMOTIONS Governor DAVIDSON created a K.C.M.G. Auditor General BERTEAU created an I.S.O.
June 4, 1914 FIRE Dwelling and store of Capt. S. R. WINSOR, Wesleyville, destroyed by fire. Incendiary arrested. Loss $6,000.
June 5, 1914 DEGREE Superintendent BURKE receives L.L.D. degree from Ottawa University.
June 6, 1914 FIRE WAREHAM's premises, Guner's Cove, St. John's, destroyed by fire.
June 7, 1914 FIRE Big fire at MARTIN's Hardware. Loss $50,000.
June 22, 1914 KNIGHTED Sir Thomas RODDICK knighted.

July 9, 1914 SHOOTING ACCIDENT Hugh PALMER of Trinity, blows off his right arm when firing salute in Duke's honor at Blanc Sablon.
July 10, 1914 SHIPWRECK S.S. Invermore runs on rocks at Brig Harbour Point, Labrador. Total loss.
July 16, 1914 SHIPWRECK Stella Maris becomes a permanent submarine. Sinks in harbour.
July 18, 1914 FIRE Roman Catholic Church at Kelligrews destroyed by fire.
July 19, 1914 FIRE The POWER residence, Torbay Rd. destroyed by fire.
July 23, 1914 BARTLETT SAILS FOR NOME Capt. Bob BARTLETT sails for Nome in the Bear to rescue Karluk's crew.
July 28, 1914 SILVER JUBILEE Silver Jubilee of Rev. Father McGRATH, Bell Island.

August 2, 1914 NAVAL RESERVES CALLED OUT Royal Naval Reserves called out.
August 12, 1914 VOLUNTEERS Volunteer movement initiated in C.L.B. Armoury, Governor presides.
August 22, 1914 1ST NEWFOUNDLAND REGIMENT Enrolment of 1st Newfoundland Regiment commences.
August 29, 1914 SHIPWRECK S.S. Floriston strikes an iceberg and is beached near Port Saunders.

September 5, 1914 NAVAL RESERVISTS H.M.S. Niobe sails from St. John's with 100 Naval Reservists; 7 others join at Halifax.
September 21, 1914 OFFICERS COMMISSIONED Officers 1st Newfoundland Regiment commissioned.
September 23, 1914 JUBILEE SCHOLARSHIP Harold KNIGHT wins Jubilee Scholarship.
September 23, 1914 FIRE SAUNDERS and HOWELL's factory at Norris Arm burned.
September 26, 1914 SHIPWRECK S.S. Cacouna a total loss off Ferryland Head.

October 1, 1914 COLORS PRESENTED Colours presented to Newfoundland Regiment by Lieut.-Col. Sir W. E. DAVIDSON.
October 3, 1914 IST NEWFOUNDLAND REGIMENT SAILS 1st Newfoundland Regiment embarks on S.S. Florizel for England.
October 3, 1914 APPOINTMENT Rev. Dr. CHOWN becomes General Superintendent of the Methodist Church of Canada and Newfoundland. Rev. Dr. CARMAN Superintendent Emeritus.
October 4, 1914 FLORIZEL SAILS S.S. Florizel with 525 volunteers, sails at 11 p.m. to join the Canadian Contingent transports and convoys for England.
October 16, 1914 100TH BIRTHDAY Mrs. Susan MATTHEWS of Burgeo, reaches her 100th year.
October 16, 1914 BELCHER'S ISLAND Apt. Harold BARTLETT of Schr. Laddie, returns from Far North. Explored Belchers Island.
October 16, 1914 FIRE Premises of E. MANUEL, Lewistporte, destroyed by fire.
October 27, 1914 LANDSLIDE Landslide at Mount Moriah, Bay of Islands.

November 6, 1914 NAVAL RESERVISTS S.S. Franconia leaves with 305 Naval Reservists.
November 18, 1914 NAVAL RESERVISTS S.S. Carthaginian sails with 149 Naval Reservists.
November 22, 1914 RECTOR OF PORTUGAL COVE Rev. A. E. E. LEGGE iducted by Rev. Canon SMITH as Rector of Portugal Cove.
November 25, 1914 NEWFOUNDLAND REGIMENT Major R. deH. BURTON gazetted temporary Lieutenant-Colonel of Newfoundland Regiment.
November 30, 1914 2ND CONTINGENT Recruiting for Newfoundland 2nd Contingent commences.

December 3, 1914 RETIREMENT Magistrate LILLY of Trinity retires after half a century spent in the public service.
December 14, 1914 FIRE Fire on Sagona, Chief Steward Patrick CODY, burned to death.
December 17, 1914 WAR NEWS German prisoners transferred to Harbour Grace. Mongolian sails with 153 Naval Reservists under command of Sub-Leiutenant Stanley DUDER.

January 1, 1914 NECROLOGY Samuel E. ADEY, Hant's Harbour. Mrs. Jonathan WEBBER, Harbour Grace, at Buffalo, 80. Miss Ann FOGARTY, Harbour Grace, 78.
January 6, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Alice (Edward) SHEEHAN, Brigus, 70.
January 7, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Catherine WOODFORD, Holyrood, 87. Robert RYDER, Bonavista, 88.
January 10, 1914 NECROLOGY Baxter PERRY, Newtown.
January 16, 1914 NECROLOGY Thomas GROUCHY, Pouch Cove, 27.
January 17, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Charles COX; S.E. Arm, New Bay. Mrs. Robert J. BARRETT, Woody Island, P.B., 41.
January 19, 1914 NECROLOGY Rev. Canon BISHOP at Harbor Breton, 70. Rev. Sister de PATTYIE, at Presentation Convent, Harbour Grace, 71.
January 22, 1914 NECROLOGY Leonard LITTLE, Bonavista.
January 25, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. William BRIDLE, Carbonear, 82.
January 27, 1914 NECROLOGY Rev. Sister Frances, presentation Convent, Harbour Grace, 82.

February 3, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Theresa HICKS, Bonavista, 79.
February 4, 1914 NECROLOGY George BROWN, Harbour Grace, 76. Mrs. Emma ROWE, Heart's Content, 49.
February 5, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. A. CHANCEY, Cape Broyle, 86. Mrs. H. M. HERBERT, Millertown. John NORMAN, Newtown, B. B.
February 8, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. HARLICK, Harbour Grace, 80.
February 9, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Catherine MARKS, Carbonear. Mrs. Frazer PENNEY, South Side, Carbonear, 30. Isaac COLLINS, Flat Island, Placentia Bay, 88.
February 10, 1914 NECROLOGY James O'NEILL, Witless Bay. Miss Susie SNOW, Harbour Grace, 22.
February 12, 1914 NECROLOGY Ex-Constable GREEN, Bell Island.
February 14, 1914 NECROLOGY Duncan PARSONS, Little Bay Islands, 58.
February 17, 1914 NECROLOGY Geo. F. BEST, Merasheen, 41. Mrs. Geo. T. GORDON, Harbour Grace, 40.
February 20, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. James BURDEN, Carbonear. Michael FENNELL, Bonavista, 71.
February 21, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Emily HOWELL, Carbonear, at Chelsea, Mass.
February 23, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. John PARSONS, Newtown. Jacob OAKLEY, Badgers Quay, B.B.
February 24, 1914 NECROLOGY Thomas McMURDO, Harbor Main, 68.
February 28, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Alice SKAIN, Colliers, over 80. Miss Mary COLE, Harbour Grace.

March 2, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Henry GOSSE, Harbour Grace, 79. Mrs. Catherine SHEA, Pouch Cove.
March 6, 1914 NECROLOGY Richard HORWOOD, Carbonear, 80. William MILLER, Harbour Grace, 77.
March 8, 1914 NECROLOGY John LYLE, Carbonear.
March 9, 1914 NECROLOGY Charles McCARTHY, South Side, Carbonear.
March 12, 1914 NECROLOGY Thomas ABBOTT, Lighthouse keeper, Squarrey Head, 72.
March 13, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. John LYNCH, Harbour Grace, 67.
March 17, 1914 NECROLOGY Michael J. COLLINS, Placentia, 55.
March 19, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Albert GEORGE, Dildo, 68.
March 24, 1914 NECROLOGY Capt. Geo. MANUEL, formerly of Catalina, died in New York, 81.
March 30, 1914 NECROLOGY Josiah MAHANEY, Carbonear, 84.

April 2, 1914 NECROLOGY Nathan ROACH, Glovertown, 30.
April 6, 1914 NECROLOGY Parmenas BROWN, Laurencetown.
April 16, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Lousia DINN, Carbonear, at Sydney. John SHEPPARD, Light keeper, Harbour Grace Island, 44.
April 17, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. COLLINS, Placentia, 85. John KNEE, Safe Harbour, 70. W. H. HIBBS, Torbay, 78.
April 22, 1914 NECROLOGY Harold E. THOMPSON, Harbour Grace, at London, Ontario, 21.
April 23, 1914 NECROLOGY John MARKS, Carbonear. Frank KELLY, Badger's Quay, 19.
April 25, 1914 NECROLOGY James MIFFLIN of Wm., Bonavista.
April 26, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Susan ANDERSON, Burgeo, 84.

May 3, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. William KENNEDY, Conception Harbor, 67.
May 5, 1914 NECROLOGY Charles DODMAN, Grand Bank, 72.
May 10, 1914 NECROLOGY Miss Belle MOULTON, Pouch Cove.
May 11, 1914 NECROLOGY Miss Stella MIFFLIN, Greenspond, 21.
May 20, 1914 NECROLOGY John WHALEN, North Arm, Holyrood.
May 24, 1914 NECROLOGY William HUSSEY, Clarke's Beach, 63.
May 27, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Jane RENDELL, Heart's Content, 83.
May 28, 1914 NECROLOGY Capt. Josiah H. PENNEY, Carbonear.

June 2, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Norah DOYLE, Petty Harbour, 64.
June 8, 1914 NECROLOGY Vincent KENNEDY, Harbour Grace, 15.
June 10, 1914 NECROLOGY James M. A. HOLDEN, Cape Broyle, 14.
June 11, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Sarah BOYD, Carbonear, 82.
June 14, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Michael KEHOE, Harbour Grace, 80.
June 15, 1914 NECROLOGY John MURRAY, Harbour Main, 62.
June 17, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. George DAWE, Port de Grave.
June 18, 1914 NECROLOGY Francis J. PARSONS, Glovertown, 67.
June 21, 1914 NECROLOGY James REDDY, Harbour Grace, 90.
June 22, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Frederick STEVENSON, Harbour Grace, 76. Capt. William MARTIN, New Perlican.
June 25, 1914 NECROLOGY Rev. Father CLARKE, formerly of Torbay, at Clontarf, Ireland, 69.

July 6, 1914 NECROLOGY Elizabeth HICKS, Bonavista, 70.
July 7, 1914 NECROLOGY William SMITH, Harbour Grace, 38.
July 9, 1914 NECROLOGY Rupert C. MATTHEWS, Burgeo.
July 12, 1914 NECROLOGY William FREEMAN, Twillingate, 68.
July 18, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mary MEANEY, Avondale, 81.
July 20, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. William TEMPLEMAN, Bonavista, 81.
July 22, 1914 NECROLOGY George ALLEN, Brooklyn, B.B., 69.
July 24, 1914 NECROLOGY Joseph MIFFLIN, Bonavista, 80.
July 26, 1914 NECROLOGY John A. MIFFLIN, Bonavista, 35.
July 30, 1914 NECROLOGY Job TARRANT, Harbour Grace, 75.

August 1, 1914 NECROLOGY Miss Ann A. ABBOTT, St. George's.
August 2, 1914 NECROLOGY John O'BRIEN, Colliers, 23. Miss Bertha DEVEREAUX, Bell Island, 22.
August 3, 1914 NECROLOGY Noah YETMAN, South Side, Harbour Grace, 27.
August 4, 1914 NECROLOGY Joseph CHAFE, Petty Harbour.
August 5, 1914 NECROLOGY Michael Francis DUNN, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 15.
August 7, 1914 NECROLOGY Miss Rachel VERGE, Harbour Grace, 18.
August 11, 1914 NECROLOGY Alexander KERR, Carbonear, 82.
August 12, 1914 NECROLOGY James TAYLOR, Middle Bight.
August 18, 1914 NECROLOGY Mary Victoria FOWLOW, Trinity East, 14.
August 22, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Bernard WALSH, Otterbury, 55.
August 23, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Emily Jane HOPKINS, Heart's Content, 68.
August 28, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Johanna DOBBIN, Harbour Grace, 78.
August 30, 1914 NECROLOGY Francis PENNEY, Carbonear.

September 3, 1914 NECROLOGY Maurice HARRIGAN, Carbonear.
September 5, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Nicholas PEDDLE, Harbour Grace, 52.
September 8, 1914 NECROLOGY James KEEFE, Harbour Grace, 34.
September 9, 1914 NECROLOGY William GILL, formerly of Harbour Grace, at Sydney, 60.
September 10, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Ann SHOGRUE, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 60.
September 11, 1914 NECROLOGY Miss Annie Kathleen WALSH, Bona, P.B.
September 13, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mahala BROWN, Harbour Grace, 76.
September 15, 1914 NECROLOGY John LAHEY, Harbour Grace, 52.
September 16, 1914 NECROLOGY Charles WELLS, Harbour Grace, 86. Mrs. Mark STEVENSON, Harbour Grace, 52.
September 18, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. David CURRIE, Britannia Cove, 80.
September 19, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. John MALONE, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 80.
September 20, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. James CALLAHAN, Harbour Grace, 52. James DUNPHY, Harbour Grace, 90.
September 24, 1914 NECROLOGY Daniel DUGGAN, Harbour Grace, 67. Mrs. Ella SPURDLE, South Side, Harbour Grace, 71.
September 26, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Elizabeth QUINN, Harbour Grace, 81.
September 30, 1914 NECROLOGY Rev. W. M. MUIR, Old Perlican.

October 3, 1914 NECROLOGY Isaac HILLIER, Point aux Gauls, 57.
October 7, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Charles CAMPBELL of Harbour Grace, at Sydney.
October 8, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Benjamin PARSONS, Harbour Grace, 63.
October 11, 1914 NECROLOGY John SNOOK, Victoria.
October 13, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Edward TAYLOR, Bristol's Hope, 31.
October 16, 1914 NECROLOGY Eugene ADAMS, Bear's Cove, Harbour Grace, 41.
October 20, 1914 NECROLOGY Capt. Nathan MERCER, Bay Roberts.
October 25, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. John FITZGERALD, Trepassey.
October 27, 1914 NECROLOGY Cornelius McCARTHY, Harbour Grace, 83.

November 5, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Sarah Long, Carbonear.
November 7, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. James REDMOND, Carbonear.
November 8, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Jane ASPELL, Harbour Grace, 80.
November 12, 1914 NECROLOGY Thomas CAHILL, Carbonear.
November 14, 1914 NECROLOGY Alexander HAMPTON, Bonavista, suddenly on train at Clarenville, 60.
November 18, 1914 NECROLOGY John SHEPPARD, Harbour Grace, 76. Mrs. Robert FRENCH, Harbour Grace, 67.
November 23, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Alec. SUMMERS, Clarenville, 46.
November 28, 1914 NECROLOGY Leonard FIFIELD, Bonavista, 18. Mrs. Andrew WHELAN, Jersey Side, Placentia.
November 29, 1914 NECROLOGY Corbett TILLEY, Clarenville, 15.
November 30, 1914 NECROLOGY Frederick BROWN, Harbour Grace, 84.

December 4, 1914 NECROLOGY John VAIL, St. Mary's.
December 10, 1914 NECROLOGY William Owen WILLIAMS, Harbour Grace, 62.
December 12, 1914 NECROLOGY John CULLEN, Carbonear, 27.
December 13, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Ann ARNOLD, Troytown, Bonavista Bay, 97.
December 19, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. William NOSEWORTHY, South Side, Harbour Grace, 75.
December 20, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Margaret TAYLOR, Harbour Grace, 62.
December 26, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. Fredrica A. LEAMON, Brigus.

January 3, 1914 FATALITIES Samuel PEYTON drowned near Botwood, 35.
January 6, 1914 FATALITIES Fire at Edward DEAN's home Botwood, results in death of his little boy, and of a little girl, Ella KNEE.
January 9, 1914 FATALITIES Charles PERNAM, Fortune Bay, dies on Deer barrens from exhaustion. William John HERRIDGE and Henry PAUL who left Conne, deer hunting on Dec. 30th, missing.
January 16, 1914 FATALITIES John MULCAHEY fatally burned at Dry Dock.
January 17, 1914 FATALITIES Robert POWER, aged 10, drowned at Ferryland.
January 22, 1914 FATALITIES Charles BRONSON and J. M. WHEALAN, drowned from schooners Pontiac and Elsie, Gloucester, Mass. Capt. MARSHALL, of Attila, reports from Pernambuco, drowning of Seaman BURSEY.
January 21, 1914 [Date as printed. G. White] John J. MacKENZIE, Underground Manager of the N.S. Company at Bell Island, accidentally killed.

February 7, 1914 FATALITIES William HANDCOCK and Joseph BAMBRAY of Belleoram drowned from schooner Acme, off Rose Blanche.
February 12, 1914 FATALITIES John PHILLIPS, Bonavista, died in a storm from exposure.
February 24, 1914 FATALITIES Michael YOUNG, St. John's, accidentally killed at Halifax, 30.
February 25, 1914 FATALITIES Edward NOEL, Carbonear, accidentally killed at Boston.

March 3, 1914 FATALITIES Patrick O'NEIL, drowned while copying in the harbour, aged 13.
March 10, 1914 FATALITIES Lorenzo BARTLETT of Sacred Island, St. Barbe, perished on ice from exhaustion.
March 19, 1914 FATALITIES George Brown of Red Brook, St. George's, found dead, shot in the breast.
March 20, 1914 FATALITIES Schooner Gordon Hollett arrived at La Poile, reporting drowning of John FOOTE on fishing grounds.
March 21, 1914 FATALITIES Ambrose CLARKE, Harbour Grace, killed by a falling roof of mine at Bell Island. Henry PRIDHAM died on S.S. Bonaventure, result of accident at ice. 39.
March 31, 1914 SS SOUTHERN CROSS CREW (Part 1) "S.S. Southern Cross lost off Freels Rock, Cape Pine, with all hands, as follows: Capt. CLARKE, Brigus, married. Thomas CONNELL, St. John's, married. George PARSONS, St. John's, married. Henry J. CHAFE, Petty Harbour, married. William HAMMOND, St. John's, married. William WALSH, St. John's married. Michael SCAMMEL, St. John's, married. John WHALEN, St. John's. Gregory BRENNAN, St. John's. Patrick STAPLETON, St. John's, married. David PARSONS, St. John's, married. James KELLY, Brigus, married. Noah SPARKES, Bull's Cove, Brigus, married. Thomas SPARKES, Bull's Cove, Brigus, married. Angus WINSOR, George Town, Brigus. Joseph YOUDON, Bull's Cove, Brigus, married. John CLARKE, Brigus, married. Birkett WATTS, Brigus, married. Herbert BUTLER, Cupids. Kenneth TAYLOR, Cupids, married. William NORMAN, Cupids, married. Thomas BUTLER, Turk's Cove, Brigus. William WALSH, Northern Bay. Abner HARRIS, Adey Town, T.B. , married. Leonard SKIFFINGTON, Newman's Cove, married. Benoni ROBBINS, Lower Island Cove. George BUTLER, Foxtrap. William C. BUTLER, Foxtrap, married. Ambrose TAYLOR, Foxtrap. Alfred BUSSEY, Foxtrap. Thomas BUSSEY, Foxtrap, married. Noah BUSSEY, Foxtrap, married. Gordon BUSSEY, Foxtrap, married. Joseph BUTLER, Foxtrap, married. "
March 31, 1914 SS SOUTHERN CROSS CREW (Part 2) Henry LEARY, Kelligrews. William J. BUTLER, Kelligrews. Samuel RIDEOUT, Kelligrews. John J. STANLEY, Long Pond, married. William STANLEY, Long Pond, married. James MURLEY, Kelligrews. Joseph BURSEY, Kelligrews, married. Samuel BUTLER, Kelligrews, married. Uriah BUTTON, Kelligrews, married. John BISHOP, Kelligrews, married. William BUTLER, Kelligrews. Elias MASON, Catalina. Chesley NORMAN, Catalina. Walter PIERCE, Catalina, married. James W. HOLLETT, Arnold's Cove, Widower. James SQUIRES, Broad Cove. John FIELD, St. John's. Charles QUETAL, St. John's, married. John EVANS, Torbay. Walter CARROLL, Outer Cove. Walter O'ROURKE, Outer Cove. Ambrose REILLY, The Goulds. Joseph CORBETT, Otterbury, St. John's. Elijah MOORE, Clarke's Beach, married. Edward KENNY, Fermeuse. Walter CLARKE, St. John's. Fred. SQUIRES, St. John's. Robert James PORTER, St. John's. William KEARNEY, Seal Cove. Samuel KENNEDY, Seal Cove. Alexander MORGAN, Seal Cove. Joseph MORGAN, Seal Cove, married. James NOSEWORTHY, Bryant's Cove. Lemuel JAMES, Bryant's Cove, married. Isaac JAMES, Bryant's Cove, married. William Henry JANES, Bryant's Cove, married. Elias JANES, Bryant's Cove, married. Ernest NOSEWORTHY, Bryant's Cove, married. William WEBBER, St. John's, married. Alfred COOMBS, Upper Island Cove, married. John Charles CRANE, Upper Island Cove. John COOMBS, Upper Island Cove, married.
March 31, 1914 SS SOUTHERN CROSS CREW (Part 3) "John Charles MERCER, Upper Island Cove. John MERCER of Elijah, Upper Island Cove, married. John T. HISCOCK, Carbonear. Alfred PIKE, Carbonear, married. Oscar FORWARD, Carbonear, married. James FITZPATRICK, Carbonear. James WALSH, Conception Harbour. John MANSFIELD, Conception Harbour. Daniel Joseph COSTELLOE, Conception Harbour. John CONWAY, Colliers, married. Patrick BURKE, Colliers. John COLE, Colliers. Edward COLE, Colliers. Michael CONWAY, Colliers. John WALSH, Colliers. George HALL, Colliers. Norman PENNEY, Carbonear, married. Benjamin REID, New Melbourne, married. John LANDRY, New Chelsea, married. Arthur BENSON, Harbour Grace. Thomas MANNING, Torbay. William GOSSE, St. John's. John EBBS, St. John's, married. Patrick DYER, Logy Bay. Lawrence YEO, St. John's. John MANSFIELD, St. John's, married. Thomas HICKEY, St. John's, married. Thomas BRIFFETT, Bryant's Cove. James BLUNDON, Caplin Cove. Frederick FOLLETT, Western Bay. Alexander SQUIRES, Topsail. William Edmond SQUIRES, Chamberlains, married. Henry Ford SMITH, Manuels. George HISCOCK, Chamberlains. William J. HOWELL, Carbonear, married. George H. MURRAY, Carbonear, married. Henry CLARKE, Carbonear, married. Robert GILLETT, Carbonear, married. Amos PENNEY, Carbonear, married. John BUTT, Carbonear. Robert PENNEY, Carbonear, married. James LYNCH, Harbour Grace, married. Frank POWER, Low Point, Bay de Verde. "
March 31, 1914 SS SOUTHERN CROSS CREW (Part 4) Edward GIBBONS, St. Vincent. William WHITE, St. Mary's. James WALSH, St. Vincent, married. Cornelius FLEMING, St. Vincent. Thomas GIBBONS, St. Vincent. Sebastian GIBBONS, St. Vincent. Lawrence GIBBONS, St. Vincent. Alexander FIELD, Torbay. Laurence O'DRISCOLL, Tor's Cove. William H. COOMBS, Harbour Grace. Lorenzo PARSONS, Harbour Grace, South Side. Norman NOEL, Harbour Grace, South Side. John GRIFFIN, Riverhead, Harbour Grace. Theodore TAYLOR, Harbour Grace, married. Ronald KNIGHT, Bear's Cove, Harbour Grace. Herbert PYNN, Harbour Grace. Arthur MARTIN, Harbour Grace. James BRAY, Harbour Grace. George PERRY, Harbour Grace. John BRADBURY, Harbour Grace. Michael MORRISSEY, Harbour Grace. John RUSSELL, Riverhead, Harbour Grace. Wilfred PARSONS, Harbour Grace. George VOKEY, Spaniard's Bay, married. Isaac VOKEY, Spaniard's Bay. William CLARKE, Tilton, married. Arthur CLARKE, Tilton. Edward CRANE, Tilton. Thomas BARRETT, Tilton. George CHIPMAN, Spaniard's Bay. William VOKEY, Spaniard's Bay. Nathaniel CHIPMAN, Spaniard's Bay. Robert GOSSE, Spaniard's Bay, widower. Edward BARRETT, Tilton. Albert CLARKE, Paradise. Walter LYNCH, Paradise. John William CLARKE, Paradise, married. Ambrose SHARPE, Paradise. William John SHARPE, Paradise, married. Isaac CLARKE, Tilton. Joseph H. YETMAN, Tilton. George SMITH, Spaniard's Bay. James QUILTY, St. John's. James ROBERTSON, St. John's, married. Alexander LINDSAY, St. John's. James MARTIN, St. John's. Arthur MOULAND, Doting Cove. Edward POWER, St. John's. James FOLEY, Gray Islands. John BOLAND, St. John's. Victor DAY, Channel.

April 1, 1914 S.S. NEWFOUNDLAND (Part 1) "S.S. Newfoundland tragedy, 78 died and many permanently injured. The deaths occurred between March 31st and April 2nd. The names of the deceased are: John A. RYAN, The Goulds. Stephen DONOVAN, The Goulds. Joseph WILLIAMS, Ferryland. Nicholas MOREY, St. John's. Michael JOY, Harbour Main. George Lee WHITING, Harbour Grace, married. Henry Thomas JORDAN, Pouch Cove, married. Charles OLSEN, Signal Hill, City. John BRAZIL, Prospect St., City, married. Allan WARREN, Hant's Harbour. Fred PEARCEY, Winterton. Ernest John TAYLOR, Long Pond. Fred. CARROLL, Bonavista. Simeon CUFF, Bonavista. Thomas HICKS, Bonavista. William FLEMING, Bonavista. Reuben CREW, Elliston, married. Albert J. CREW, Elliston. Alexander GARLAND, Elliston. Noah TUCKER, Elliston, married. Benjamin CHAULK, Elliston. Charles COLE, Elliston. "
April 1, 1914 S.S. NEWFOUNDLAND (Part 2) Samuel MARTIN, Elliston, married. W. OLDFORD, Elliston. Charles WARREN, New Perlican. Hezekiah SEAWARD, New Perlican, married. Robert MATTHEWS, New Perlican, married. Peter SEAWARD, New Perlican, married. John MERCER, Bay Roberts, married. John BUTLER, Pouch Cove. Valentine BUTLER, Pouch Cove. Thomas JORDAN, Pouch Cove, married. Bernard JORDAN, Pouch Cove. Ambrose MULLOWNEY, Bay Bulls. Abel TIPPETT, Little Catalina. W. J. TIPPETT, Little Catalina. George CARPENTER, Little Catalina. Theophilis CHAULK, Jr., Little Catalina. Edward TIPPETT, Little Catalina. Norman TIPPETT, Little Catalina. Benjamin MARCH, Deer Harbour, T. B. John KEEL, Bonavista, married. Died in hospital April 18th. Charles FOLEY, St. Bride's. Patrick CORBETT, Clarke's Beach. J. BRADBURY, Shearstown.
April 1, 1914 S.S. NEWFOUNDLAND (Part 3) C. DAVIS, St. John's, married. William PEAR, Thorburn Road. James RYAN, Fermeuse. Joseph HISCOCK, Carbonear. Job EASTON, Greenspond. Robert MAIDMENT, Shambler's Cove, married. Albert MAIDMENT, Shambler's Cove, married. Percy KEAN, Valleyfield, married. Philip HOLLOWAY, Newport, B.B., married. Fred. COLLINS, Newport, married. Daniel DOWNEY, St. John's. David LOCKE, St. John's, married. James PORTER, Manuels, married. Arthur KELLOWAY, Perry's Cove. M. MURRAY, Carbonear. Patrick GOSSE, Torbay. Robert BROWN, Fair Islands, B.B. Joseph PICKETT, Fair Islands, B.B. Henry DOWDING, Templeman, B.B. Alphaeus DOWDING, Newtown. Eli KING, Pound Cove, B.B. Raymond BASTOW, St. John's. David ABBOTT, Doting Cove. Daniel CUFF, Doting Cove. Peter LAMB, Red Island. Adolphus HOWELL, Newtown. Mark HOWELL, Newtown. Edgar HOWELL, Newtown. Fred. HATCHER, Cat Harbour. Ezra MELINDY, Cat Harbour, married. James HOWELL, Templeman. William LAWTON, Horse Cove. William CUFF, Doting Cove.
April 13, 1914 FATALITIES Arthur GARLAND of Saddle Island, drowned off Gaultois.
April 21, 1914 FATALITIES Jonathan ELLIOTT, lost in blizzard at Change Islands.
April 23, 1914 FATALITIES Thomas CHEATOR smothered in blizzard at Fogo.
April 24, 1914 FATALITIES Gideon TUCKER of Lawrencetown, killed by falling from the schooner Maud at Goodridge's wharf. Aged 18.
April 27, 1914 FATALITIES Alexander KEAN killed on Morey and Co.'s premises, South Side, 43.
April 29, 1914 FATALITIES James POWER, aged 5, killed by a cart on George St.

May 2, 1914 FATALITIES Garland SWEETLAND, 11, drowned in Bonavista Harbor Pond. William Crew of Danson Cove, Fortune Bay, drowned by upsetting of boat.
May 4, 1914 FATALITIES Walter PARSONS of Freshwater, Bell Island, killed while bird shooting.
May 26, 1914 FATALITIES Benjamin ROSE, Hermitage Cove, 56, drowned from his fishing boat.
May 28, 1914 FATALITIES John NEWMAN, Rushoon, washed off schooner Palanda.

June 3, 1914 FATALITIES Thomas LITTLEJOHN gets astray from train at Terra Nova Junction. Not since heard of.
June 5, 1914 FATALITIES Archibald BUNGAY of Seal Cove, Fortune Bay, drowned through upsetting of dory.
June 10, 1914 FATALITIES A little girl named WARD, aged 5, accidentally shot at Gambo, by a boy of 14.
June 11, 1914 FATALITIES G. CROWELL and William BATH drowned in the Gander River through upsetting of canoe. Both were youths. Bodies recovered on the following Tuesday.
June 18, 1914 FATALITIES Raymond JANES, 5, fatally injured by tram car.
June 24, 1914 FATALITIES Valentine SNOW, 3 ½, fatally burned.
June 26, 1914 FATALITIES Patrick CONNORS, 16, killed by motor express accident.
June 30, 1914 FATALITIES Linda PARDY arrived at Brigus and reports Robert HATCHER, 32, married of Grand Bank, washed off the jib-boom.

July 3, 1914 FATALITIES Thomas FITZGERALD, 29, found dead under a bridge at Bell Island.
July 4, 1914 FATALITIES Ethel Lavina DOWNING, 2, died from accidental poisoning.
July 7, 1914 FATALITIES John PEDDLE, accidentally killed at Brittania Cove Mine, British Colombia.
July 10, 1914 FATALITIES Alphonsus DEVINE of King's Cove, killed in a train accident in the States, 27.
July 18, 1914 FATALITIES Peter HALL, drowned near the Narrows whilst fishing, 30.
July 28, 1914 FATALITIES Deborah BEANS, Current Island, drowned.
July 29, 1914 FATALITIES Seven year old son of Captain Charles KEAN, drowned at Brookfield, B.B.

August 4, 1914 FATALITIES James McGRATH, 33, drowned at Brooklyn, New York.
August 20, 1914 FATALITIES Elizabeth FAULKNER, Bonavista, died through fall over cliff.

September 10, 1914 FATALITIES Norman SHEPPARD, 5, dies from exposure at Carmanville.
September 18, 1914 FATALITIES James LOVEY of Western Bay, drowned.
September 19, 1914 FATALITIES Frank ENNIS, Merasheen, drowned. Jeremiah COLBOURNE, Geo. WILLS and Frank WILLS drowned at Goose Cove, St. Barbe.

October 1, 1914 FATALITIES Capt. Michael CONNORS of the Gaspe, drowned off the Narrows. Two aged women and a boy of Stone's Cove, Fortune Bay, found dead. Lost while berry-picking.
October 4, 1914 FATALITIES Thomas WALL dies at General Hospital, the result of injuries received on the Fortune Bay Branch railroad, the previous day.
October 15, 1914 FATALITIES William PINE and James MILLER of Davidson, Placentia bay, drowned off Cape St. Mary's.
October 18, 1914 FATALITIES Mrs. E. LANDY missing. Not since heard of. Oct. 23
October 23, 1914 FATALITIES Walter BUTLER, Bonavista, drowned off Cape Bonavista.

November 3, 1914 FATALITIES Infant son of Robert JOYCE died from scalding accident, 2 ½ years.
November 5, 1914 FATALITIES Walter POTTLES, Conductor, killed in shooting accident at Gaff Topsails.
November 6, 1914 FATALITIES Joseph and Elias CASSEL, brothers, and Joseph RICHMOND, all of Herring Neck, drowned through boat swamping.
November 14, 1914 FATALITIES Daughter of George SIMMS, Baie Verte, 7, died from fire accident. Seaman HANLON of schooner St. Anthony, drowned with four others, off Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia.
November 18, 1914 FATALITIES Richard LAWLOR died in Dominion No. 2 Pit at Sydney, 54.
November 24, 1914 FATALITIES Eric BRADLEY, Lewisporte, drowned an Indian Arm Pond, 19.
November 25, 1914 FATALITIES A youth named BAILEY, 17, died from injuries received through attempting to board a train in motion at George's Brook, Bonavista.

December 23, 1914 FATALITIES Herbert MORRIS, 35, drowned in North Sydney Harbour.

January 1, 1914 MARRIAGE Mr. GALWAY and Miss McCARTHY at Harbour Grace.
January 1, 1914 MARRIAGE Mr. McCARTHY and Miss LYNCH at Harbour Gace.
January 1, 1914 MARRIAGE A. W. MILLER and Miss Mabel PARSONS at Flat Islands, P.B.
January 3, 1914 MARRIAGE J. MEEHAN and Miss Mary BLACK.
January 6, 1914 MARRIAGE Murray ANDERSON and Miss Genevieve LYON at Lakewood, New Jersey.
January 7, 1914 MARRIAGE Arthur Priestman CAMERON and Miss Ethel HANN.
January 7, 1914 MARRIAGE Terence O'TOLLE and Miss May E. CAREW at Pouch Cove.
January 10, 1914 MARRIAGE J. KEEFE and Miss Sarah HARE at Harbour Grace.
January 12, 1914 MARRIAGE Noah SHEPPARD and Miss Hilda PRESTON at Badger's Quay.
January 15, 1914 MARRIAGE George A. MOULTON, Jr., and Miss Beatrice TEMPLEMAN at Bonavista.
January 15, 1914 MARRIAGE William HAYES and Miss Mary Ann MOSDELL of Brigus.
January 16, 1914 MARRIAGE Victor A. MOORES and Miss Barbara CHURCHILL at New Bay.
January 18, 1914 MARRIAGE Frank BATEMAN and Miss Clara FITZGERALD at Harbour Grace.
January 21, 1914 MARRIAGE Richard COLFORD and Miss Kate HENNESSEY at Northern Bay.
January 22, 1914 MARRIAGE James SWEETLAND and Miss Jessie LITTLE at Bonavista.
January 24, 1914 MARRIAGE Thomas MEANY and Miss Winifred COSTELLOE at Avondale.
January 24, 1914 MARRIAGE John POWER of Logy Bay and Miss Maggie MURPHY of Colliers.
January 27, 1914 MARRIAGE James GREENE and Miss Maggie KEATS at Newtown. B.B.
January 28, 1914 MARRIAGE Chesley S. PUDDESTER and Miss Ethel J. GARLAND.

February 4, 1914 MARRIAGE Frank PERRY and Miss Ellie BUTLER at Brigus.
February 4, 1914 MARRIAGE Gilbert HARLEY and Miss Clara RUSSELL at Bonavista.
February 5, 1914 MARRIAGE Silas SWEETLAND and Miss Blanche GROVES at Bonavista.
February 12, 1914 MARRIAGE Capt. Ambrose BENNETT and Miss Carrie R. HOLLETT of Burin.
February 17, 1914 MARRIAGE Mr. DUNN of Cupids and Miss HICKEY of Harbour Grace.
February 21, 1914 MARRIAGE Hayward McCARTHY of Philadelphia and Miss Lizzie MUGFORD of Clarke's beach, at Chelsea, Mass.
February 23, 1914 MARRIAGE Harold TEMPLEMAN and Miss Lynda MIFFLIN of Bonavista.
February 26, 1914 MARRIAGE James H. LEAMON of Brigus and Miss Frederica A. ENGLISH.
February 27, 1914 MARRIAGE F. J. NEWBURY and Miss Olive Jean SCOTT at Halifax.

March 18, 1914 MARRIAGE William ASHBOURNE, J.P., of Twillingate, and Miss Janie HILL at Toronto.

April 15, 1914 MARRIAGE Fred. G. REID and Miss M. H. SPOONER.
April 16, 1914 MARRIAGE Dr. F. W. BURDEN and Miss Janet M. L. BROWN.
April 21, 1914 MARRIAGE James FOX and Miss Rosemary CUNNINGHAM, at Montreal.
April 22, 1914 MARRIAGE P. J. HALLEY and Miss Bride DOODY at Carbonear.
April 22, 1914 MARRIAGE Harold G. MADDOCK and Miss May Lilian SOPER at Carbonear.
April 22, 1914 MARRIAGE John P. MAHER and Miss Sadie B. GARLAND.
April 23, 1914 MARRIAGE E. R. PIPPY and Miss Lilian Emma REID.
April 30, 1914 MARRIAGE Augustus C. SELLARS and Miss Elsie M. CHARLES at Topsail.

May 4, 1914 MARRIAGE Charles NEIL of Birmingham and Miss May EBSARY.
May 18, 1914 MARRIAGE William J. POWER and Miss Lizzie CURRAN of Holyrood, at Bell Island.
May 23, 1914 MARRIAGE George E. STOREY and Miss Katherine WHITE.
May 29, 1914 MARRIAGE Walter BRAY and Miss Mary Jane MERCER of Upper Island Cove, at Harbour Grace.
May 31, 1914 MARRIAGE James O'BRIEN and Miss Lilian RYAN of Sommerville, Mass.

June 2, 1914 MARRIAGE W. J. HOWELL and Miss Eleanor FORSEY at Topsail.
June 2, 1914 MARRIAGE Thomas WHITE and Miss May GOODYEAR at Millertown.
June 3, 1914 MARRIAGE Andrew GRANFIELD and Miss Agnes FOWLOW, Brigus, at Harbour Grace.
June 6, 1914 MARRIAGE Walter O'GORMAN and Miss Annie COOK at Avondale.
June 9, 1914 MARRIAGE Rev. A. CLAYTON and Miss Frances Ella WARREN at St. Thomas's.
June 9, 1914 MARRIAGE W. SYMONDS and Miss Lillie R. MARSHALL.
June 10, 1914 MARRIAGE J. R. MORGAN and Miss Bertha GODDEN.
June 10, 1914 MARRIAGE John DUFF and Miss Nellie LAMB.
June 17, 1914 MARRIAGE William Pike TAYLOR and Miss Elsie COUCH.
June 24, 1914 MARRIAGE Victor CARLSON and Miss Evelyn Elsie PYE.
June 24, 1914 MARRIAGE C. M. DEMPSEY and Miss Minnie ENNIS.

July 1, 1914 MARRIAGE Albert E. CHOWN and Miss Mariel E. SAMWAYS.
July 8, 1914 MARRIAGE James Hayward MELVIN and Miss Julia May NORMAN.
July 8, 1914 MARRIAGE W. C. MORAN, Blackhead, B. D. V., and Miss L. MARCH, Exploits, at Carbonear.
July 9, 1914 MARRIAGE Sir Cavendish BOYLE and Miss Louisa SASSOON at Brighton, England.
July 15, 1914 MARRIAGE Harry DUNN and Miss Lillian POWER.
July 15, 1914 MARRIAGE John E. FORSEY of Lewisporte, and Miss Belle JANES, Clarenville.
July 17, 1914 MARRIAGE Rev. Roy D. FULLERTON, M. A., and Miss Effie S. HENDERSON.
July 17, 1914 MARRIAGE Reginald Wallace NETTEN and Miss Ina Frederica CORNICK at Pouch Cove.
July 19, 1914 MARRIAGE Ludwig BURMEISTER and Miss Kitty GALLISHAW.
July 22, 1914 MARRIAGE Alfred CAHILL and Miss Annie FITZGERALD, at Bell Island.
July 27, 1914 MARRIAGE J. H. WILSON and Miss Evelyn FOGWILL at Port Arthur, Ontario.
July 27, 1914 MARRIAGE Wm. POWER , Tor's Cove and Miss Christina CONRON of Bell Island, at Sydney.
July 29, 1914 MARRIAGE Frank MILLER and Miss Lilian DUFFETT.
July 29, 1914 MARRIAGE O. SELLARS and Miss Ada BOWDEN.
July 30, 1914 MARRIAGE Rev. A. S. ADAMS and Miss S. A. WELDON, at Halifax.

August 6, 1914 MARRIAGE Stuart A. LONG and Miss Josephine M. SMYTH.
August 6, 1914 MARRIAGE Joseph McNAMARA and Miss Margaret O'NEIL.
August 9, 1914 MARRIAGE Nicholas AYLWARD, Kilbride, and Miss Winnifred CAREW of Mobile at Tor's Cove.
August 13, 1914 MARRIAGE Robert P. KING and Miss Gertie STANLEY at Foster's Point.
August 19, 1914 MARRIAGE Gilbert SHEPHERDSON and Miss Martha Jessica THORNE at Brooklyn, New York.
August 20, 1914 MARRIAGE Benjamin TULK and Miss Ethel PARSONS at Newtown.
August 24, 1914 MARRIAGE T. J. ROLLS and Miss Lizzie GRIFFITHS.
August 30, 1914 MARRIAGE John CULL and Miss Minnie ROBERTS, at Joe Batts Arm.

September 5, 1914 MARRIAGE Adam Reid PROUDFOOT and Miss Marion SHEPPARD, at Harbour Grace.
September 8, 1914 MARRIAGE John Francis GILLIS and Miss Margaret Louise GOFF at Harbour Grace.
September 9, 1914 MARRIAGE James BAIRD Jr., and Miss Helen Marguerite BROWN.
September 10, 1914 MARRIAGE William QUINN and Miss Winnie Snook at Harbour Grace.
September 15, 1914 MARRIAGE John O'NEIL and Miss Minnie SHEA at Harbour Grace.
September 16, 1914 MARRIAGE Hal HUTCHINGS and Miss Julia May CROWDY.
September 16, 1914 MARRIAGE Harold C. HARVEY and Miss Sally Nielson RICE, at New Brunswick, New Jersey.
September 16, 1914 MARRIAGE Frederick KIELLY and Miss Martha Jane GROUCHY at Topsail.
September 18, 1914 MARRIAGE Dr. C. A. FORBES of Bonavista and Miss Irene MATTHEWS, at Montreal.
September 20, 1914 MARRIAGE William A. LACEY and Miss Winnie BONNELL, at Gloucester, Mass.
September 22, 1914 MARRIAGE Frederick MARTIN and Miss Hannah Norah SHEEHAN, at Harbour Grace.
September 24, 1914 MARRIAGE Edward MAIDMENT and Miss JESSIE ASH.
September 27, 1914 MARRIAGE Engineer Lieutenant Commander Richard A. HOWLEY, R. N., and Miss Norah Eileen DELAMERE at Weymouth, England.
September 29, 1914 MARRIAGE Joseph PARTIDGE and Miss Martha EVANS.
September 30, 1914 MARRIAGE Robert MADDOCK and Miss Diademia PIKE at Carbonear.

October 1, 1914 MARRIAGE J. J. MURPHY and Miss Gertrude WADDEEN.
October 5, 1914 MARRIAGE Amos WHELAN and Miss Elsie May LeGROW, Bauline.
October 7, 1914 MARRIAGE Dr. S. B. Boyd CAMPBELL, and Miss Isabella AYRE.
October 14, 1914 MARRIAGE Duncan HOWELL and Miss Clara TAYLOR, Carbonear.
October 15, 1914 MARRIAGE Francis Caleb POWELL and Mrs. Susie Strathie HALL, at Dawson City.
October 18, 1914 MARRIAGE Theodore SWEDIN and Miss Lizzie MILLER.
October 22, 1914 MARRIAGE Laurence A. KILEY and Miss Minnie RYAN at Sommerville, Mass.
October 28, 1914 MARRIAGE William OAKLEY, Trinity, and Miss Jessie LAYMAN, Fogo, at St. John's.

November 5, 1914 MARRIAGE William BUTLER, Foxtrap, and Miss Lizzie SQUIRES of Chamberlains.
November 7, 1914 MARRIAGE Elijah COOMBS and Miss Edith MARTIN, Harbour Grace.
November 12, 1914 MARRIAGE James A. GUSH and Miss Mary CROCKER. D. J. BARRON and Miss Nellie VINNICOMBE.
November 14, 1914 MARRIAGE Capt. W. TUCKER and Miss May TAYLOR at Harbour Grace.
November 17, 1914 MARRIAGE Henry R. RENDELL, Heart's Content, and Miss Clara Edith PAYNE.
November 17, 1914 MARRIAGE John BAILEY and Miss Dorothy LYNCH at Western Bay.
November 17, 1914 MARRIAGE John BRENNAN, Little Paradise, and Miss Anne LEONARD, St. Leonard's, at St. Kyran's.
November 18, 1914 MARRIAGE Philip MILIS of Thoroughfare, T. B., and Miss Hattie Loder of Ireland's Eye.
November 21, 1914 MARRIAGE M. MURPHY and Miss Mary CALLAHAN of Carbonear.
November 23, 1914 MARRIAGE Thomas OATES, Fermeuse, and Miss Maud SMART, Bell Island.
November 25, 1914 MARRIAGE Arthur H. WALKER and Miss Mary J. WINSOR, of Wesleyville.
November 25, 1914 MARRIAGE James McGRATH and Miss Mary Ellen POWER at Argentia.
November 25, 1914 MARRIAGE Garfield HARRIS and Miss Maggie Dicks FOOTE, Grand Bank.
November 26, 1914 MARRIAGE Nils HANSEN, Norway, and Miss Lucy MURPHY.
November 26, 1914 MARRIAGE Arch. Bishop. Western Bay, to Miss Annie Anthony, Clarke's Beach.
November 28, 1914 MARRIAGE Michael BRODERICK and Mrs. Sadie HOGAN of Grate's Cove.

December 1, 1914 MARRIAGE William CRANFORD, and Miss Elsie May WILLIAMS, at Harbour Grace.
December 2, 1914 MARRIAGE John LYNCH and Miss Elizabeth DAVIS, South Side, Harbour Grace.
December 2, 1914 MARRIAGE George THOMAS and Miss Lilla Rose MINTY.
December 3, 1914 MARRIAGE Albert NEWMAN and Miss Jane JONES, Harbour Grace.
December 8, 1914 MARRIAGE Moses HUTCHINGS, Spaniard's Bay, and Miss Bertha CLARKE, at Harbour Grace.
December 8, 1914 MARRIAGE Moses GOSSE, Spaniard's Bay, and Miss Jessie CLARKE at Harbour Grace.
December 8, 1914 MARRIAGE Ezekiel NOSEWORTHY and Miss Jane YETMAN, Harbour Grace.
December 9, 1914 MARRIAGE Williamn LONG, Clarenville, and Miss May TUCK, Shoal Harbour.
December 9, 1914 MARRIAGE Silas PENNEY, Victoria, and Miss Flossie BEST, Wesleyville.
December 10, 1914 MARRIAGE Issac AVERY, Grate's Cove, and Miss Josephine Sophie LANNON of Leading Tickles.
December 10, 1914 MARRIAGE Charles MILLEY of Burnt Point, and Miss Maud STEELE of Northern Bay.
Dec ?, 1914 MARRIAGE James DAVIS and Miss Belle FURLONG at Montreal.
December 16, 1914 MARRIAGE Harold ROWE, Heart's Content, and Miss Kate WELLS, Bristol's Hope.
December 28, 1914 MARRIAGE Dr. Arthur H. CARNELL, Newtown, B. B., and Miss Margaret HARVEY at St. John's.

August 16, 1914 Newfoundland Regiment (Part 1) THE DEFENDERS OF HOME AND EMPIRE The following is the list of those who have enrolled in the Newfoundland Regiment up to last night. Leonard Tretheway STICK. Geo. Beboley TUFF. Hubert HERDER. James Henry CARTER. Wm. Maxwell CHURCHILL. Herbert CORNICK. Jno. WILLIAMS. Arthur Joseph PENNEY. Herbert TAYLOR. Finlay RICHARDS. Fredk. Allan LeGROW. Rowland WILLIAMS. Thos. Jos. TRUSKETT. Jno. CADWELL. Jas. ADAMS. Martin O’NEIL. Jas. BEWHEY. Fred. Ernest SNOW. Daniel Alex. DesROCHES. Clayton R. ROSE. Harrison MOORES. Wm. HURLEY. Ed. BUTT. Bernard FORSEY. Chas. FIELD. Joseph ERLEY. Robt. C. GRIEVE. Claude BURDELL. Geo. LANGMEAD, Jr. Stewart B. FERGUSON. John Wesley MARCH. Wm. DUNPHY. Henry Mott ROWE. Heber WHEELER.
August 16, 1914 Newfoundland Regiment (Part 2) Geo. COLFORD. David LEWIS. George Albert RAINA. Clifton EARLE. Wm. TREBBLE. Jas. COUGHLAN. Alex. Jas. HENNEBURY. Ewan Stanley HENNEBURY. Stewart DEWLING. Rd. TILLEY. John Ed. ELLIOTT. Jas. Roy TUFF. Fred. Alex. LUSH. Ernest Fredk. McLEOD. Arthur Robert CANHAM. Wm. E. WEST. Henry Anderson WINTER. Chas. STEVENSON. Llewellyn STONE. Walter John SMITH. Jno. WALSH. Wm. Edric LeGROW. Ernest KELLY. Geo. Hayward TAYLOR. W. G. Henderson BURNS. Ernest WOOD. Fred. JANES. Arthur Llewellyn REID. W. Vallance WARREN. Chas. Sinclair STRONG. Hector McNEILL. Hy. Norton MADDOCK. Wm. Jas. HALL. Jno. Sydney STEVENSON. Harold P. JOHNS. Herbert Richard VOISEY. John Field McBAY. Wilfred BRADLEY. Samuel EBSARY. Christopher Bertram DICKS. Wm. Hoyes GRANT. Ralph B. HERDER. Roy Bennett LESEMAN. Ernest PIKE. Eric Shannon MARTIN.
August 16, 1914 Newfoundland Regiment (Part 3) Jas. Jos. O’LEARY. Jno. SHEEHAN. Stanley Thos. MARKS. Robt. Jos. GOOD. Jas. HALL. Albert Stanley NEWMAN. Dugald WHITE. Robt. B. MARTIN. Jno. Jos. RYAN. Alfred Seymour MURRAY. Herbert HARDING. Arthur Seaburn HAYWARD. Ed. F. EDGECOMBE. Patk. Jos. O’KEEFE. Chas. NEWBURY. Wm. Wallace RICHARDS. Gordon DAWE. Sylvester MADDEN. Jas. Jos. COOPER. Hy. Skinner STONE. Jno. LUKINS. Jas. LAMBERT. Walter Jno. LEWIS. Frank Gordon BEST. George DULLANTY. Francis Arthur WALSH. Jas. Jos. ROLAN. Robt. MURRAY. Geo. LUKINS. Andrew YETMAN. Ed. JOY. Wilfred John ROSE. Chas. Reginald TUFF. Jno. DUNPHY. Jno. Jos. MACKEY. Michael Francis KELLY. Jas. C. MEADUS. Hubert Fredk. BURRIDGE. Noah John STONE. Herbert Jas. DEWLING. Wm. Jas. NICHOLS. Geo. CORNICK. Jno. Jos. BRODNICK. Jas. Robins STICK, Jr. Ml. MADIGAN. Wm. Jno. LONG. Jas. M. IRVINE. Wm. PIGGOTT. Jno. Herbert HOCKLEY. Neil McLELLAN. Neil PATRICK. Eric R. A. CHAFE.
August 16, 1914 Newfoundland Regiment (Part 4) Wm. T. RYALL. G. Rendell BURT. R. M. ANDREWS. W. L. THISTLE. F. ROBERTS. Walter H. JANES. Alex. BISHOP. Chas. Sydney FROST. Sydney B. SKIFFINGTON. Nath. CRANE. Hy. S. FORD. Chas. C. OKE. Jas. E. THOMSON. Jno. SPOONER. Philip LeMESSURIER. F. Jos. JACKMAN. Albert K. SNOW. Geo. Boyd CROCKER. Jas. BARRON. Ingram ROSE. Jas. SNOW. Thos. HAMMOND. Jno. Jos. FRENCH. Victor W. MILES. Llewellyn CRANE. Leo. R. HOGAN. Rd. P. WALSH. Jno. CAUL. Jno. Jos. VINNICOMBE. Gilbert T. GORDON. F. MURPHY. Chas. J. RENOUF. G. BROWNRIGG. Jno. BUCKLEY. G. A. JACKMAN. G. E. WALSH. G. Bernard HATFIELD. Jno. Jos. MYRICK. D. O’Connel O’SHEA. Wm. Jos. RYAN. Jno. SULLIVAN. Wm. Thos. GELLATELY. Wm. P. DOHENEY. F. RICHARDSON. Jno. J. BREEN. W. B. CULLEN. W. P. KENNETH. Jas. J. GLYNN. Pierce MAHER. W. Leonard NORRIS. Jas. F. BOLAND. R. Jos. SQUIRES. F. J. O’TOOLE. C. Stanley JAMES. Wm. W. KEARNEY. Rd. DOOLEY. E. Chas. BRADBURY. Jas. J. TOBIN. Thos. A. HORAN. Leo Francis DILLON. Ml. J. MURPHY. Jno. J. DOOLEY.

August 29, 1914 VOLUNTEER LIST NUMBERS 395. Volunteers for the First Newfoundland Regiment are coming steadily forward and last night sixty presented themselves, bringing the number to date up to 395. Their names are: Wm. S. ANDERSON, Fred. C. MELLOR, Jas. T. MAHON, Wm. Geo. COISH, Jas. DROVER, Jno. S. CLEARY, Jno. J. MORRISSEY, Walter THOMAS, Ed. C. WYATT, Jno. E. FOX, Jas. P. HOULAHAN, Allan A. SELLARS, Leon J. BARRETT, Chas. P. MARTIN, Fred CURRAN, Jas. REID, Art. TUCKER, Peter BARRON, Robt. U. TAIT, Harold MacPHERSON, Jno. F. CHAPLIN, Chas. CURRAN, Jos. F. MALONEY, Sydney W. EVANS, Jno. THOMPSON, Walter THOMPSON, Jno. CLIFT, Cecil B. CLIFT, Wm. HAPGOOD, Gordon C. BASTOW, Eric McKenzie ROBERTSON, Patk. J. ENGLISH, Jas. SEARS, Wm. V. KNIGHT, Jno. LEWIS, Fred HALLETT, Jas. J. HYNES, Jas. Pittman WATTS, Ashton J. JOLIFFE, Wm. P. EVANS, Peter J. HALLERAN, Albert J. MYER, A. Leo SUMMERS, Jno. ROGERS, Thos. J. SMYTH, Jno. J. KELLY, Jno. J. JOHNSON, P. J. GRACE, Harris C. HILL, Wm. C. SHEPPARD, Hy. DUFFETT, Hubert RANDELL, Leonard EVANS, S. CONSTANTINE, Arch GOOBY, Herb. TAYLOR, Ed. C. SAUNDERS, Ron. CURTIS, Hy. C. NOONAN, Stan J. SQUIRES. The applicants for service are all of splendid physique and the percentage of those rejected is very small.
August 29, 1914 PREPARING FOR ENCAMPMENT. Yesterday morning a squad of twenty Volunteers under Sergt.-Major DICKS, proceeded to Pleasantville and begun the erection of the tents in preparation for the camping of the Regiment. At 9 o’clock this morning, the squad will again meet at the C.L.B. Armoury and march to the grounds to continue the preparations. The Doctors will be present at the Armoury at 3 o’clock this afternoon to examine candidates. It is expected the attestation order will be issued on Monday after which the regiment will immediately go under canvas.
August 29, 1914 POEM, THE WAR: Hark! There was stillness, soft and calm, Over the world and men were sleeping, Time had held forth a healing balm, And eyes had long been done with weeping, Hark! Now tumult and havoc call, Words whirl through dreams and men arise, Quickly to earth from dreams they fall, And through earth’s peace the sound of battle flies. Our country with the throbbings of her heart, Calls to her children and the cause is known, Determined battle for a righteous part, Another victory for an ancient throne, ‘God and your country!’ sons of Britain hear! Vict’ry must crown each glorious battle fought, Vict’ry with ease and manly strength to spare, Or firmly brave, a vict’ry dearly bought. Go! Kiss in faith her noble guiding hand, And call Heaven God’s blessing on her soul, Go! Join our Britain’s loud heroic band, And win in life or death a hero’s goal, Oh! England thou art broidered with brave deeds, And e’en thy foe must pride each firm command, How sprung thy blooms from fruitful infant seeds, Till lo! They blossomed bright on sea and land. God help our King to keep dear England brave! God save our King from peril and from foe, And brethren hasten from o’er land and wave, To save the Union Jack and wear the rose.”
August 29, 1914 TO THE PEOPLE OF NEWFOUNDLAND. FELLOW COUNTRYMEN: The Mother Country has been compelled to go to war to preserve, among other things, the rights and liberties which we all enjoy as citizens of the Empire. Newfoundland, in common with the other Oversea Dominions, has pledged itself to assist the Mother Country with material help in the present extremity. This is to take form of an increase of the Naval Reserve from Six Hundred to One Thousand Men and the training of a Regiment of Five Hundred Men for land service abroad, and the Colony has further undertaken to assume the full cost of this contingent of Five Hundred Men during the course of the war. It is our duty and privilege, as loyal and patriotic citizens of the Empire, to voluntarily assist in supporting this movement, and, to raise a fund for that purpose. This Patriotic Fund will be applied primarily in making provision for the dependent relatives of those who Undertake to fight the battles of the country and the Empire by land and sea and afterwards to such other objects connected therewith as may be deemed desirable. The need is great and in the confident expectation that this appeal will evoke a prompt and generous response, we respectfully, but strongly, urge all who can, to give as liberally as possible towards this most deserving object. The undersigned, on behalf of the Patriotic Committee appointed to undertake the organization and dispatch of this regiment, appeal for subscriptions toward this fund. Contributions may be sent to the nearest Magistrate, to the branches of any Banks doing business in the Colony, or to the Treasurer, J. S. MUNN, Esq., and they will be gratefully acknowledged. W. E. DAVIDSON, Governor. D.P. MORRIS, Prime Minister. J. M. KENT, Leader of the Opposition. E.R. BOWRING, Chairman Finance Committee.

August 31, 1914 POEM AN APPEAL. “Too much of careless heed and unconcern, Of selfish ease, of listless, long delay! Are we asleep, nor cannot, learn, How great the need, how close the fatal day? Now War his blood-red banner has unfurled, And spectre Death has raised his ensign pale; Hell’s legions are let loose upon the world, Even now, perhaps their wicked arms prevail. Our proudest boast was, we are Britain’s sons, Oldest, most loyal, nearest her heart and hand. Let her sword flame or thunder forth her guns, We first would see, first hear, first with her stand. That day is here: let us fulfill the boast! Her sword is drawn, her deep-voiced cannon speak, There where she steadfast fronts the impious host, Whose hands with rapine and with murder reek. On noblest Britain! See her at this hour! Her head erect; her proud eye flashing fire; Her arm upraised in righteous wrath, with power, To crush the braggarts that durst not come nigh her; Her plighted faith well kept; her fame more bright; Her land an armed camp, where greatest shame, Is to be idle – through her blackest night, The war-torch burns, but with a holy flame. But what is this to us? What these alarms? Why should not England? England’s need endure? Oh shameful question! Look but where her arms, Keep sleepless watch and make OUR peace secure. But not for that – are we such selfish stuff, As to count less her loss than our gain? Our mother needs us: is not that enough? Our mother calls us: shall she call in vain? Honour to those whose names are on the roll! Honour to those who lend a helping hand! Honour to all our leaders – heart and soul, Let us work with them, all the whole wide land. Up as one nation! To be idle now, Count it dishonour. There is work for all. Up, and be doing! Ask not why, or how: No service is too mean, no help too small. Ye, who would do the little that ye ought, Be earnest, sober, cheerful; what ye may, Give freely, gladly; stifle selfish though; Make sacrifice; help one another; watch and pray. And you, ye lucky chosen, ye brave few, Destined to tread where your brave sires have trod, Go, and do proudly that ye have to do; Go, strong of heart, and serve, like warriors true, Your country, empire, King; your cause, your faith, your God!” St. John’s, Aug 28th, 1914.
August 31, 1914 OUR VOLUNTEERS The List Growing. The number of volunteers for the Newfoundland Regiment is now 457, sixty-two having offered their services on Saturday night. Saturday’s candidates were: Thos. HUMPHREY, Walt. RADFORD, Jno. J. WALSH, Leo. P. O’DEA, Wm. J. NEVILLE, Ernest St. C. CHURCHILL, Stan. G. GOUDIE, Gerald MARVEY, Reginald HARVEY, Fred. GARF, Stephen KING, Jno. ASPELL, Rd. FLEMING, Gordon GREEN, Wilf. DAWE, Harold LIDSTONE, Edwin H. CORNICK, Ml. Jos. MADIGAN, Chas. P. SPURRELL, Wm. S. COURTNEY, Reg. G. GREEN, Chas. F. GARLAND, Rd. Jos. WOODS, Martin B. BURKE, Jno. F. DONOVAN, Jos. EVANS, Chas. ELLIS, Geo. MARTIN, Wm. J. EATON, Ml. A. FITZGERALD, S. T. LODGE, Donald B. SIMMONDS, Herb. S. HEATER, Saml. DAWE, Wm. T. NEWELL, Wm. F. HARDY, Herbert KNIGHT, Andrew CHAPTER, Duncan J. McLEAN, Thos. COCKERHAM, J. Edgar HENDERSON, Arnold D. FITZGERALD, Ethelbert H. CHURCHILL, Don FILLIAR, A. Jos. MANNING, Thos. C. CARMICHAEL, Ralph W. TULK, Jno. S. CASHIN, Dan. J. CORCORAN, Walt. T. WYATT, Jas. OLIVER, Frank DAVIS, Wm. Jos. DALTON, Constantine A. MAYER, Art. P. HARTLEY, Thos. J. RYAN, Ches. M. PEET, Chas. R. JAMES, Roy A. SMITH, Ron. F. BURTON, Gordon B. SNOW, Albert THISTLE.

September 1, 1914 OUR VOLUNTEERS. Part 1) List Now Totals 597. Though only 500 volunteers were called for, to assist in upholding the Motherland in the present grave crisis, 597 names have been appended to the roll. More may be needed and the enrolment will continue at the C.L.B. Armoury tonight. Of course, all cannot go to the front with the first contingent, but by coming forward they will have an opportunity, if qualified. Moreover, a Home Defence force is needed. Of the above number, 11 hail from St. George’s; 9 from Grand Falls; 1 from Brigus; 3 from Harbor Grace, and 1 from Whitbourne. Twenty-three others will arrive shortly from Bell Island. Those who enrolled last night were: - From the City: R. Grant PATERSON, Wm. CROTTY, Thos. B. McGRATH, Alex. FRASER, Rd. J. SHEPPARD, Wm. J. T. MOORE, Ed. F. GLADNEY, F. WALSH, Ml. VAIL, Jno. TIZZARD, Chas. S. MURPHY, Stan. ABBOTT, Jno. DUNN, F. BENNETT, F. FIELD, Howard C. WINSOR, Hy. F. O’BRIEN, Wm. R. CLEARY, Jno. F. NICHOL,
September 1, 1914 OUR VOLUNTEERS. Part 3) Hubert E. EBSARY, Jno. F. BARNES, J. T. HOWARD, Rd. J. HICKEY, Thos. P. POWER, Thos. S. WALSH, Hy. K. WILSON, Jno. NICHOLLE, W. ANTLE, T. RODGERS, Jno. P. SHEEHAN, Len CARNENN, Wm. EFFORD, Ml. T. WHELAN, Chas. R. SHAWNER, Jas. S. BADCOCK, A. MARTRET, Jas. MASON, Hy. J. TILLEY, H. J. KEATS, F. Scott KNIGHT, Jno. B. YOUNG, Reg. SKIFFINGTON, Robt. J. WILLIAMS, Jno. J. EARLE, Wm. WESTERN, Saml. B. COLE, Ron. J. COLEMAN, Robt. MEADUS, Geo. S. KNIGHT, Geo. J. CHAPTER, Sydney KENDRICK. Grand Falls: Leonard RENDELL, Patk. McDONALD, Art. N. PENNEY, Art. F. JESSEAU, Ml. Jos. NUGENT, Pierce RIDEOUT, Oswald K. BATSTONE, Jas. STARKES, Peter SAMSON. Harbor Grace: Arthur WEBBER, Wm. SNOW, Ernest MERCER. St. George’s: Jno. V. TEMPLE, Jno. A. QUICK, Jno. HYNES, Harold POWER, Albert n. HOOPER, Dominic BENNETT, Ed. WHITE, Eugene CORNECT, Jas. CARTER, Oges TOROO, Terence L. KENNEDY. Brigus: Rupert W. BARTLETT. Whitbourne: S. CLARKE. Wed. Sept. 2, 1914.
September 2, 1914 ANOTHER VOLUNTEER Another son of Terra Nova, Lance KEEPING, son of Mr. Benjamin KEEPING of the Telephone Office, has joined the Canadian Volunteers and is now at Valcartier, and expecting to sail immediately for the front, Major F. S. L. FORD in command. Mr. Joseph TOBIN, brother of detective James TOBIN of the Constabulary, who has been working at New Glasgow, N.S., in one of the foundries, has joined the Canadian Volunteers and is now training at Valcartier. In a letter to his brother, he says many Newfoundlanders are coming forward for enlistment.
September 2, 1914 OUR VOLUNTEERS. Part 1) The list numbers 698. A scene of activity was presented at the C. L. B. Armoury last night when meetings were held by the different Committees connected with the volunteer movement and the enrolment of candidates continued. The work of enlisting will be carried on again tonight. Last night the following, numbering one hundred, presented themselves for service: From the City: Wm. A. REID, Thos. WOODS, Geo. SCEVIOR, Gerald G. BYRNE, Wm. PENTON, L. Geo. HARSANT, Val. LUNDRIGAN, Ron A. TAYLOR, Jos. OLSEN, Jno. PUDDISTER, Thos. G. SEYMOUR, Art. S. LUSH, Fred. J. CAHILL, Geo. J. WINSLOW, Phil. CONSTANTINE, Matt. J. GLYNN, Ed. J. LAHEY, Ern. H. THOMAS, Geo. HISCOCK, Hugh KENNEDY, Jabez VAIL, Newton J. SMITH, Leo A. WALSH, Peter DANIELS, Frank CORNICK, Walt. MURPHY, Wm. P. McGRATH, Nicholas POWER, Wm. J. GREEN, Peter J. CONSTANTINE, Jno. J. ROGERS, Levi NOSEWORTHY, A. J. STACEY, Wm. P. COSTELLO, L. Ed. CLARE, Roger CALLAHAN, Jos. F. BUTLER, Joachim MURPHY, R. C. SHEPPARD, Jno. HIPDITCH, Bert. VEY, Thos. J. HACKETT,
September 2, 1914 OUR VOLUNTEERS. Part 2) "Art. J. WHELAN, Wm. M. DOWDEN, Allan MOYES, Thos. J. GREEN, Jno. KEOGH, Fred. T. NOSEWORTHY, Harold BURT, Max. D. SHEARS, Norman H. ALDERDICE, Herb. A. VAUGHAN, Harold BENNETT, Eugene O’DEA, Thos. L. BRADBURY, Peter PURCELL, Wm. O’KEEFE, Fred. J. HARRIS, Wilf. HARVEY, Ml. SMITH, Geo. Jos. KING, David J. HIPDITCH, Edgar P. MOTTY, Matthew NOSEWORTHY. St. George’s: Stan. G. TULK. Notre Dame Bay: Stan. S. KIRLEY, Silverdale. Kelligrews: Henry Albert BUTLER. Twillingate: Hardy F. SNOW. Trinity Bay: Morris CARBERY, Turk’s Cove. Fortune Bay: Wm. POOL, Corbin. Fogo: Sam BIXBY, Indian Islands. Placentia & St. Mary’s: Placentia: F. Theodore SMYTHE, Thos. B. RYAN. St. Mary’s: Alden J. HOGAN. Salmonier: Don. J. POWER, Jos. J. FOWLER. Bell Island: Leo. C. MURPHY, Robt. KERSHAW, Jno. HICKEY, Joe BURN, Martin J. CAHILL, Ml. J. ROSS, Jno. J. NEVILLE, Jno. D. ANDREWS, Thos. CARROLL, Andrew ROWE, W. J. SOMERTON, Alb. METCALF, Luke ROBERTS, Albert MERCER, Wilf. T. ALLEN, Walt. D. IVANY, Ml. W. MORRISSEY, Ml. F. KENNEDY, Arch. F. POWER, Ed. LAHEY, A. Peter GREENE, Geo. J. SPARKES, Cyril LARNER, Hy. COOMBES. "
September 2, 1914 LEARNING TO SHOOT "VOLUNTEERS GETTING READY. The camps at the Rifle Range for accommodation of the Volunteers during their three days rifle practice there, have all been erected, the work being completed yesterday. The stores have all been taken up and the ammunition will be brought there to-day. The first squad of 64 will proceed to the Range to-morrow night and begin practice at 6 o’clock next morning, continuing on Saturday and Sunday. Until the arrival of the Ross rifles, which have been ordered from Canada, service rifles obtained from the Calypso will be used. In the miniature practice yesterday, and which will be continued each day at the different armouries, the novices after a few shots kept on the target and did splendid shooting, considering they had no previous experience as marksmen. Sergt. Inst. MOORE, who has put in twenty odd years in the Army, says they are the best squad of recruits he has ever come in touch with."
September 3, 1914 OUR VOLUNTEERS NOW TOTAL 743. Forty-five names were added to the roll of the volunteers last night, bringing the number at present to 743. The work of enlisting will be again to-night. The doctors are working afternoon and night examining the candidates, and the number of passes is most satisfactory, only a small percentage of those coming forward being rejected. Following is the list of those who entered their names last night: St. John’s: Clifford F. FORRISTALL, Wm. Geo. AMMISON, Jno. Jos. JAMES, Ed. L. DUNPHY, Ml. McKAY, Wm. SNOW, Wm. MANSTAN, Ed. G. HARDY, Sidney W. PELLEY, Henry REID, Geo. J. BAIRD, Jas. R. FORD, Fred. H. ROLLINGS, Jno. F. EDENS, Jos. P. EARLES, Patrick J. R. DRUKEN, Hy. EVANS, Wm. GLADNEY, Alf. WELLS, Sidney W. PEARCE, Owen W. STEELE, Fred. C. BRIEN, Bernard C. HART, Jos. M. DONOVAN, Thos. P. WALSH, Percy BLERKLEY. Kelligrews: Art. NUGENT. Whitbourne: Martin WALL. Catalina: Fred. A. CLOUTER, T. Avery PERRY, Jno. A. JEANS, Ll. NORMAN. Notre Dame Bay: Loon Bay: Willis MANUEL, Wm. WHITE, E. A. SLADE, Wilf. D. STENLAKE. Holyrood: Luke HOLDEN. Bell Island: Ed. M. NOONAN. Bonavista: Reg. ROWSELL, Jas. MIFFEN, Isaac FIFIELD, Hy. G. STRATHIE, Wm. YETMAN (Brookfield). Bonne Bay: Jas. BEARNES.
September 4, 1914 OUR VOLUNTEERS The number on the roll of the first Newfoundland Regiment continued to increase and last night it reached 774. Although the number at first called for has been exceeded, other applicants will be welcomed and the work of enlisting will be continued again this evening. Last nights applicants for enlistment were: St. John’s: Jno. J. OAKLEY, Jno. C. CHANNING, Wm. LIDSTONE, Jno. DUFFY, Wm. Fred HUTCHINGS, A. W. WAKEFIELD, Don F. McNEIL, Allan G. NOSEWORTHY, Jno. G. HIGGINS, Jas. CRANFORD, Fred. C. WILLS, Wm. T. SIMMONDS, Rd. A. JOY, Jno. LUFF, Francis MILES, Jno. W. BARTLETT, Norman COULTIS, Kenneth MORRIS, Herb COULTIS, Don WILLAR. Grand Falls: Rd. S. REDMOND, Jno. J. LeMEE, Rd. HEALEY. Brigus: Wm. W. BARTLETT, Geo. R. CLARKE. Harbor Grace: Rupert K. WATTS, Robert TETFORD, Herb. T. SPRY. Botwood: Wm. T. MAY, Jacob HANN, Wm. A. SMALL.
September 4, 1914 MORE VOLUNTEERS GO UNDER CANVAS The ninety-four volunteers attested last night, the second squad, paraded at the C. L. B. Armoury. Rt. Hon. Sir E. P. and Lady MORRIS were present and the latter presented each of the men with a badge similar to those received by the first squad. This morning at 9 o’clock sharp, they will parade to Pleasantville to go under canvas.
September 7, 1914 OUR VOLUNTEERS NOW NUMBER 813 Saturday night at the C. L. B. Armoury, the following offered as volunteers for the First Newfoundland Regiment: - St. John’s: Wm. NOSEWORTHY, T. F. COADY, M. J. KEATING, F. J. RICKETTS, Richard CULLEN, John W. YOUDEN, Thomas W. CULLEN, John HARDY, James BARTLETT, Wm. A. JOY, Jas. PUDDISTER, J. F. HARDING, C. B. WADDEN, W. J. PARSONS (Burin), A. T. MILLET (Wesleyville), W. J. HARNETT (Seldom Come By), F. G. ROBERTS (Change Islands), F. W. WATERMAN (Change Islands), The following also arrived in the city a couple of days ago, and are now in camp, their names having been inadvertently ommitted: - H. POWER (Carbonear), J. SQUIBB (Carbonear), H. YOUNG (Carbonear).
September 8, 1914 VOLUNTEER LIST NOW NUMBERS 849 At the recruiting office last night, there was much activity. Over sixty were attested and given their cards of enlistment. Those who offered for service were: - St. John’s: Timothy QUIGLEY, Patrick Michael CLEARY, John Joseph EDWARDS, Harry Walton MARTIN, John Joseph ELLIS, William Patrick CAREW, William Anthony PHELAN, George BUTLER, William Cameron TAYLOR, John BRIEN, James Patrick HANEY, William Bindon PRIDEAUX, Charles Ralph MOORE, George Henry BISHOP, Sidney George WILLAR, William James McKAY, Edward BEWHEY, Francis Leo MEANEY, Charles Patrick NURSE, Frederick CUMMINGS, Adolphe Ernest BERNARD, Arthur RAILEY, Robert HENDERSON, John Alfred IVANY, Francis Joseph VAUGHAN, Allan George MEADUS, Samuel Pine (Fortune Bay), William PARSONS (Burin), Abraham MULLETT, (Wesleyville), Edgar WINSOR (Wesleyville), Stanley Charles GOODYEAR (Grand Falls), Hubert William BLACKALL (Grand Falls), Arthur Frederick COLBOURNE (Bishop’s Falls), Michael Thomas WOODFORD (Woodford’s), Lawrence Amoure HOSKINS (Kelligrews), Alfred Francis BUTLER (Griguet), Henry John JAMES (Trinity), John MARTIN (Bishop’s Cove, Harbor Grace), Arthur Wilfred GILLIAM (Robinson’s Head).
September 9, 1914 VOLUNTEER LIST NOW NUMBERS 863 Last night all the recruiting staff were present at the C. L. B. Armoury. There were a large number attested, and the following volunteered: - St. John’s: Jas. RICKETTS, J. A. RYAN, John J. ROBINSON, J. GLADNEY, H. W. COOKE, W. SHEPPARD, W. P. DUGGAN, P. J. MURPHY, F. Leo MILLER, Josiah SQUIBB (Carbonear), Hedley YOUNG (Carbonear), Walter GRENNE (Avondale), Albert Jos. LAWLOR (Horse Cove), Richard PEDDLE (Bell Island).
September 9, 1914 FAREWELLING TO MISSES. MARTIN After the usual routine business of the Women’s Missionary Society at Wesley Church yesterday afternoon, a social hour was spent, and a farewell provided Miss Gertrude MARTIN, who has been home on a furlough for a year. Miss MARTIN returns to Indian work among the girls of the Methodist Church at Kishpiax, and her sister Miss Eva MARTIN goes to Hazelton, about ten miles distant, for to train as a nurse in the very fine hospital, at which Rev. Dr. WRENCH is the medical superintendent. The meeting wished the Misses MARTIN God’s blessing and a safe passage to their distant field of labor. They leave on Monday next.
September 19, 1914 SONG FOR THE REGIMENT Proposed song for “Newfoundland Regiment”. Air: “Tramp, Tramp,Tramp.” “Don’t you hear the war alarms, From ten million men in arms, Don’t you hear the clash of swords and cannons roar, Don’t you hear the Teuton boast, That he’ll smash the allied host, And he’ll drench the European plains in gore? Then up brave boys of Terra Nova, To the highest heaven let your slogan ring, Sons of Britain’s oldest daughter, We come o’er the Western water, And we’ll fight for our Country and our King. When Great Britain sent her call, To her scattered children all, To bravely stand together for the right, And to stop the Foe’s advance into Belgium and France, Terra Nova joined her sisters in the fight. Then up brave boys, etc., etc. In the fight the Lion and Bear, And the Beaver will be there, And the Dog of Newfoundland so true and brave, Firmly in the line he’ll stand, When there’s fighting on the land, And you’ll hear him when his bark is on the wave. Then up brave boys, etc., etc. Now the Empire’s sons assemble, They will make the tyrant tremble, From shore to shore the meteor flag’s unfurled, Fighting in a righteous cause, For God, freedom, and just laws, See the Britons clasping hands around the world. Then up brave boys, etc., etc.” M. A. DEVINE, St. John’s, Newfoundland, September 16, 1914
September 19, 1914 MARRIAGE KEILEY – GROUCHY. At the Methodist Parsonage, Topsail, on the 16th Sept., by Rev. J. NURSE, Martha Jane GROUCHY to Frederick C. KEILEY, both of Topsail.
September 19, 1914 DEATH Yesterday morning, at her residence, Military Road, Mary, widow of the late Robert DICKS. Funeral notice later.
September 19, 1914 DEATH On Sept. 20th, after a long illness, George C. BAMBRICK, youngest son of the late Michael and Elizabeth BAMBRICK, aged 36 years. Funeral to-morrow (Tuesday) at 2:30 o’clock, from his late residence, Convent Square.
September 22, 1914 FIRST NFLD REGIMENT (Part 1) First Newfoundland Regiment. SPEECH BY LT.-COL. SIR WALTER DAVIDSON. REGIMENTAL OFFICERS APPOINTED. At Quidi Vidi Camp, yesterday, His Excellency, Sir Walter DAVIDSON, appointed the officers of the regiment, preceding the announcement with a brief address. He said: - “Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, and men of the First Newfoundland Regiment. I stand before you to-day for the first time as your Lieut.-Colonel. The law requires the appointment of a Lieut.-Colonel; the Selection Committee pressed me to undertake the duties and my Ministers accorded to the proposal their fullest approval. I offered the office to the three best men I knew, but each declined, and asked me to be your first Lieut.-Colonel. I accept the offer with pride, not because I intend to take any active part in the control of the Contingent now in training for the Front, but because it associates me with as fine a body of Officers and men as I ever expect to know. My business is to see that the work of preparation, training and equipment goes smoothly, widely and well. I shall not be in evidence; I shall not even wear uniform; but, (though little seen or heard) I shall be watching and guarding the interests of each one of you, both now and when you are fighting for us, and in your after career. I am only concerned as Lieut.-Colonel with the training of this Contingent; it is for the representatives of the people to decide hereafter whether other men are to be made ready for war.
September 22, 1914 FIRST NFLD REGIMENT (Part 2) The enemy you go to fight are a nation in arms. To every single man, his part has been carefully arranged in advance, and he has been trained for that special duty. Their object is to secure the utter and abject submission of all who oppose them, and to trample down opposition by the terrors of murder, spoliation and destruction. You lads are our vanguard. You represent one in a hundred of the able bodied men of Newfoundland capable of bearing arms. I have little doubt that, when the knowledge of the war and its stupendous results become known, more will offer to join you at the front to fight for our King on behalf of freedom and justice, the maintenance of the British Empire and the honor of Newfoundland.” The Regimental Adjutant then read out the following appointments: - NEWFOUNDLAND REGIMENT. “His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to make the following appointments: - To be Lieut.-Colonel: - Sir W. E. DAVIDSON, K. C. M. G. To be Camp Commandant: - W. H. FRANKLIN, Esq., with the rank of Captain. To be Adjutant: - W. F. RENDELL, Esq., with the rank of Captain.
September 22, 1914 FIRST NFLD REGIMENT (Part 3) To be Captains: - G. T. CARTY, Esq.; Conn ALEXANDER, Esq.; A. E. BERNARD, Esq.; Allan GOODRIDGE, Esq., A. D. C.; J. W. MARCH, Esq.; A. O’BRIEN, Esq. (Captain GOODRIDGE is seconded for duty on the personal staff. The other Captains were posted to their Companies.) To be Paymaster: - R. TIMEWELL, Esq., with the honorary rank of Captain. To be Lieutenant: - A. W. WAKEFIELD, Esq., M.D., and for duty as Surgeon in medical charge of Contingent during transport on the high seas. M. F. SUMMERS, Esq., is transferred to the quartermaster’s Department with the rank of honorary Lieutenant. All the above Commissions to date Sept. 21st, 1914, and to carry rank, for service within the Colony and during the conveyance of troops on the high seas. For the administration of the Training camp at Pleasantville the following appointments are posted: - To the Medical Staff: - Cluny MacPHERSON, Esq., M.D., as P.M.O., with the honorary rank of Captain. L. PATERSON, Esq., M.D., as Surgeon in charge of Camp, with the honorary rank of Captain. To the Quartermaster’s Department: - H. OUTERBRIDGE, Esq., with the honorary rank of Captain; H. LeMESSURIER, Esq., and J. B. URQUHART, Esq., with the honorary rank of Lieutenants.”
September 22, 1914 OFFICERS OF RESERVE "Published by Authority. The following cable dispatch, received by His Excellency the Governor from the Right Honourable the Secretary of State for the Colonies, under date 19th September, is published for the information of those concerned. John R. BENNETT, Colonial Secretary. Dept. of the Colonial Secretary. September 19th, 1914. Army Council anxious that all Officers of reserve of Officers should be recalled, and asks that your Government will publish notice to the effect that they should return to this country forthwith and report themselves at the War Office. Sept. 21 HARCOURT."
January 1, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mary (Joseph) ANGEL, 69.
January 3, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Margaret DILLON, 39.
January 5, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Margaret DOOLEY, Pleasantville.
January 7, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Mary DOOLEY, Pleasantville.
January 8, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. J. FURLONG, 31.
January 14, 1915 NECROLOGY Thomas WALSH, 70. Mrs. Hannah DALTON.
January 16, 1915 NECROLOGY David WILLS, 48.
January 18, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Margaret Parsons HAMLYN, at Medford, Mass.
January 19, 1915 NECROLOGY William LEWIS, Master Point.
January 20, 1915 NECROLOGY Robert BARRETT, 19.
January 22, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Naomi TRENCHARD, 73.
January 24, 1915 NECROLOGY Augustus F. TAYLOR, 80.
January 25, 1915 NECROLOGY James COADY, 21.
January 28, 1915 NECROLOGY J. G. CONROY, K.C., Judge of the District Court, at Montreal, 79. Mrs. Mary TREBBLE at Montreal.
January 29, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Harriet WINTER, Rennie's Mill Road.
January 30, 1915 NECROLOGY James H. CORMACK, H.M.C., 68.
January 31, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. J. F. DOWNEY. Edward HANLON, 50. Francis BUSH, 24

February 1, 1915 NECROLOGY Otto EMERSON, 49.
February 2, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. W. W. HODDER, 79.
February 8, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Ellen TERRANCE.
February 9, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mary Ann BELLOWS, formerly of Trinity, 96.
February 10, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Mildred A. LINDSAY.
February 12, 1915 NECROLOGY Rev. G. R. GODDEN, M.A., Rector of St. Thomas's, 44.
February 13, 1915 NECROLOGY William HICKEY, whose only son was at Fort George. Mrs. E. WILCOX, formerly of Brigus, at Toronto, 68.
February 14, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Margaret MUHLENBRUCH (nee CANNING), at Hanbinda, Germany.
February 16, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. P. BENNETT.
February 21, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mary BUCKLEY. Mrs. Mary POWER.
February 23, 1915 NECROLOGY Charles PETRIE, 57.
February 25, 1915 NECROLOGY Frank WINSBORROW, 51. John E. MOORE, 74.
February 28, 1915 NECROLOGY Walter McCRUDDEN at General Hospital. James WILLS, 63.

March 1, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mary Ellen SHAW, 76.
March 3, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mary HAYES.
March 4, 1915 NECROLOGY Henry CLINTON, 30. Richard PURCELL, 58.
March 5, 1915 NECROLOGY Michael MURPHY, 53. Annie NOLAN, 11.
March 6, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Harriet PENNOCK, 72. J. W. GRANT, 52. Mrs. Philip WALSH, 52. Mrs. Mary (Samuel) ANGEL, 69.
March 7, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Madge MOAKLER, 17. Mrs. J. T. PHILLIPS, Allandale Road.
March 8, 1915 NECROLOGY Capt. Joseph CLARKE, at Boston, 65. Mrs. Hannah O'Reilly NUGENT, at Philidelphia.
March 10, 1915 NECROLOGY Adam JOHNSTON, Masonic Temple, 76.
March 11, 1915 NECROLOGY James H. NICHOLS, Printer, 48.
March 14, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Sarah A. SPARKES.
March 15, 1915 NECROLOGY Dr. H. H. STEELE, Dentist.
March 17, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Bridget HACKETT, Queen's Road. Mrs. Leonora CLARKE, 32.
March 19, 1915 NECROLOGY John SYME, 72. Richard COADY, 68.
March 20, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mary Ann KELLY, 51.
March 21, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Agnes A. GUZZWELL.
March 22, 1915 NECROLOGY Joseph YETMAN, James Street.
March 23, 1915 NECROLOGY E. H. JACKMAN at Lynn, Mass., 30.
March 24, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Allison LAURIE, Military Road.
March 27, 1915 NECROLOGY Moses BALDWIN, 33. Miss Aileen Mary O'NEIL, 12. John R. FRENCH, 66.

April 1, 1915 NECROLOGY George W. Gaden at Toronto.
April 2, 1915 NECROLOGY Robert WHITE, 83.
April 3, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Elizabeth Whiteway LAMBERT, 41.
April 4, 1915 NECROLOGY Michael Joseph WALSH, 91.
April 6, 1915 NECROLOGY William DOWDEN, 78.
April 9, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Patience NOEL, Colonial St.
April 11, 1915 NECROLOGY William H. GALLIVAN, Bond St., 40.
April 15, 1915 NECROLOGY Frank COADY. Mrs. Anne MARTIN, 88.
April 16, 1915 NECROLOGY James JOHNSON, 15.
April 19, 1915 NECROLOGY Walter LeDREW, 39. Mrs. Margaret Mary Baird FIRTH.
April 20, 1915 NECROLOGY Hon. John B. AYRE, M.L.C.
April 25, 1915 NECROLOGY William Charles VOISEY, 51. Henry COOKE, (former Manager of the now defunct Commercial Bank) at Toronto.
April 27, 1915 NECROLOGY John J. GIBBONS.
April 29, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Sydney Ruth WILLS.

May 3, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Lucy W. HILL, 58.
May 5, 1915 NECROLOGY William Hume LITHGOW, Glasgow, 79.
May 7, 1915 NECROLOGY E. J. MALONE, Tailor. W. J. RYALL, 40. Mrs. Philip MALONE, 52. Rev. Mother LIGOURI, Mercy Convent, 85.
May 11, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Francis VOISEY, 32.
May 14, 1915 NECROLOGY Thomas HARTERY, Haggerty Street.
May 15, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. James BOWMAN, 75.
May 16, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Chrissie McLELLAN, 27.
May 18, 1915 NECROLOGY T. J. NASH, Wheelwright, 48. William SPARKES, formerly of Harbour Grace, at Salem, Mass. William TRAPNELL of Harbour Grace, at Montreal, 31.
May 24, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Ellen BIRMINGHAM, 70.
May 25, 1915 NECROLOGY Francis H. VIGUERS, 68.
May 27, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Ellen HEARN. Mrs. Margaret MERCHANT, at Sydney, C. B.
May 30, 1915 NECROLOGY Hon. James BAIRD, M.L.C., 87.
May 31, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Jane BRADBURY, 75.

June 1, 1915 NECROLOGY Abraham RICHARDS, formerly of Bareneed, 75. Mrs. Margaret RICE, at Augusta, Maine. Mrs. Alexander RODGER, 68. Mrs. Catherine WALSH, 82.
June 2, 1915 NECROLOGY Robert J. POWER, H.M.C. Mrs. Kate HILL, 37.
June 4, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mary ALCOCK, 85.
June 8, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Amelia COYSH, 63.
June 9, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Jean L. LONG, at St. John, N.B., 15.
June 11, 1915 NECROLOGY John HAMLIN, 29. Mrs. Agnes EVANS.
June 13, 1915 NECROLOGY Richard POWER, Cooper. James H. BYRNE. Mrs. Margaret FURLONG.
June 14, 1915 NECROLOGY Arthur W. KNIGHT, K. C., Judge of the District Court, 53.
June 15, 1915 NECROLOGY Edward M. NOONAN, 59.
June 18, 1915 NECROLOGY Joseph FOLEY, 70.
June 20, 1915 NECROLOGY George WESTCOTT, 84.
June 21, 1915 NECROLOGY Isaac HUSSEY, at sea on Job's Alembic.
June 22, 1915 NECROLOGY Capt. William G. CROSS, 58. Mrs. T. H. GADEN. William McDONALD, 43. Rev. William STACEY, Clevedon, near Bristol, England, 75.
June 23, 1915 NECROLOGY Robert Henry WILLS, 83. Birdie RASSMUSSEN, 13.
June 24, 1915 NECROLOGY Rev. Mother M. Emeria Augustine McCORMACK, St. Bride's, Littledale, 57. James HAWCO, 76.
June 25, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Theresa BUCKLEY, 48.
June 26, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Ella May BARTER, 17.
June 27, 1915 NECROLOGY James TREBBLE, at St. Agathe, Montreal, 21.
June 30, 1915 NECROLOGY James PATTERSON, of Perth, Scotland, 49.

July 5, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. James PENNELL, 35.
July 7, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Thomas BRADLEY, 78. Mrs. James CHAPLIN, 44. Schr. Alembic arrives at Glasgow and reports Isaac HUSSEY died on second day out.
July 15, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. J. E. SCAPLIN.
July 17, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Kenneth G. SPENCE, in Montreal.
July 25, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Elizabeth (Philip J.) MOTTY, 81.
July 27, 1915 NECROLOGY Captain Thomas WHITE of the Lake Simcoe, at Barbados.
July 28, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. George NEAL, 85.
July 30, 1915 NECROLOGY Thomas O'BRIEN, Inspector of Weights and Measures, Bell Island. Mrs. Elizabeth MURPHY, Signal Hill Road, 42.

August 1, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Mary CANNING, 80.
August 4, 1915 NECROLOGY Richard WALSH, 70.
August 11, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mary SHORTALL, Job's St.
August 12, 1915 NECROLOGY Munden BRAY of Harbour Grace, at Sydney, N. S.
August 15, 1915 NECROLOGY Mogue POWER, 74. Mrs. Elizabeth SINNOTT, Rennie's Mill Road.
August 21, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Nora KEATING, 88. Mrs. G. W. MEWS, 82.
August 22, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. D. G. HENDERSON, 87.
August 25, 1915 NECROLOGY William GRUBERT, 88.
August 26, 1915 NECROLOGY John STAPLETON, 80.
August 31, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mary McGrath QUIRK, 78.

September 1, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Margaret Wall McNEIL.
September 2, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Johanna REDMOND.
September 3, 1915 NECROLOGY Nicholas COLLIER, 65.
September 4, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss CARBERRY, S.S. Hesperian, off Ireland, 70.
September 6, 1915 NECROLOGY Daniel Joseph GREEN, formerly of Harbour Grace, at New York.
September 7, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. James BRENNAN (nee MURPHY) at Dorchester, Mass.
September 9, 1915 NECROLOGY Kenneth A. ADAMS, 32.
September 10, 1915 NECROLOGY John CULLETON, 86.
September 11, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. William SHALLOW.
September 14, 1915 NECROLOGY Alfred ROGERS, 69.
September 18, 1915 NECROLOGY Gordon BULLEY, 30.
September 24, 1915 NECROLOGY Thomas NEWHAM, Train Conductor, 82. Mrs. Hilda PELLEY, 31.
September 26, 1915 NECROLOGY Capt. Giles FOOTE, former M. H. A., 82. Mrs. Margaret KEOUGH, Chapel Street.
September 28, 1915 NECROLOGY Thomas MURRAY, Pennywell Road. Miss Bertha MULLINS, 17. John McCoubrey MOTTY, at Chicago.

October 1, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Nathan PUSHIE, 45.
October 2, 1915 NECROLOGY Capt. Edwin WHITE, 69.
October 3, 1915 NECROLOGY Augustus HOLWELL, 70.
October 4, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Ann Preston McGRATH, 73.
October 6, 1915 NECROLOGY John MULLINS, 22.
October 7, 1915 NECROLOGY John ROSCOE, 82.
October 9, 1915 NECROLOGY James WALSH, 89.
October 10, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Elizabeth J. GRAHAM. Mrs. Mary (P. F.) POWER, 30.
October 11, 1915 NECROLOGY James GRIEVE, Craigard, Scotland.
October 13, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Mary Ann BATES.
October 15, 1915 NECROLOGY Robert BREMNER, 85.
October 16, 1915 NECROLOGY Frederick HOLWELL, 75.
October 19, 1915 NECROLOGY William O'ROURKE, 68. Mrs. Jessie T. (Alfred) DAWE. Mrs. Ann (Richard) PYNN, 76.
October 20, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Mary LYNCH, 22.
October 21, 1915 NECROLOGY William WHITE, Jr., at Chelsea, Mass.
October 22, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Mary Lilly DUNN, 24.
October 23, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Gladys Snowden PIKE, 22.
October 25, 1915 NECROLOGY Oswald M. CRTANE, 18.
October 28, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Catherine COTTER, at Smithville.
October 30, 1915 NECROLOGY Patrick FEEHAN.

November 1, 1915 NECROLOGY Maurice DEVINE, J. P., 58. John FITZPATRICK, 80.
November 2, 1915 NECROLOGY William CLANCEY, 80.
November 3, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Ann Tanner DICKS, 87. James WHITE, 67.
November 4, 1915 NECROLOGY Benjamin MILLER, 73.
November 5, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Jordan SPARKES. Peligrine TONETT, 35.
November 8, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Mary McLOUGHLIN, Water St. West.
November 12, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. William PARKER, Garrison Hill.
November 16, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Jane GARLAND, 82. Mrs. Mary (Robt.) CLARKE, 71.
November 17, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Katherine PURCELL, 78.
November 25, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Bridget HUNT.
November 26, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Lucy A. DAVIS, New Gower Street.
November 27, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. A. V. MacKENZIE.
November 28, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Annie SNELGROVE.
November 30, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. James BYRNE, 29. Miss Minnie WHITE, Southside.

December 1, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Henry NOSEWORTHY, 82.
December 3, 1915 NECROLOGY Peter Carmichael FERGUSON, of Crieff, Perthshire, 56.
December 5, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Rebecca G. MARSHALL, 74.
December 6, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Susan WHITTEN, Queen's Rd.
December 7, 1915 NECROLOGY Michael O'KEEFE, 69.
December 8, 1915 NECROLOGY Edward O'NEIL, 55.
December 9, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. John COWAN, Queen's rd. William GREEN, H. M. C.
December 10, 1915 NECROLOGY William B. TAYLOR, formerly of Carbonear, at Winnepeg, 54.
December 11, 1915 NECROLOGY P. A. LINDSTROM, 68.
December 12, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Anastasia BRODERICK, 62.
December 13, 1915 NECROLOGY Thomas LONG, I.S.O., 89.
December 22, 1915 NECROLOGY Captain James GEARY, formerly of Carbonear, at Boston. Arthur C. DUDER, 25.
December 25, 1915 NECROLOGY Johu HENDERSON, of Hearn & Co., 62. Miss Rosie BARRON, 21.
December 26, 1915 NECROLOGY William BEER, Cabman, 54.
December 27, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Hannah HENNEBURY, 67. Michael GRILLS, 72. E. de B. ARNAUD at Bristol, England, 69.
December 30, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Frederick UDIE.
December 23, 1914 NECROLOGY Mrs. W. T. JANES, Jackson's cove, N. D. B., 77.
December 26, 1914 NECROLOGY John GUGGAN, Grate's Cove, 76.
December 27, 1914 NECROLOGY Thomas PILLEY, Harbour Grace,
December 29, 1914 NECROLOGY Herbert ANTLE, formerly of Brigus, at Everett, Mass. 43. (?) Miss Julia KENNEL, Western Bay, 91. Abraham ROSE, Western Bay, 82.

January 4, 1915 NECROLOGY Anthony MOLLOY, St. Shotts, 73.
January 9, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Agnes PATERSON, Harbour Grace, 80. Mrs. James HAMPTON, Bonavista, 83.
January 11, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Robert Lee WHITING, Harbour Grace, 54. Mrs. Susanna MATHEWS, Burgeo, in her 101st year, leaving 208 descendants, including 10 of the 5th generation.
January 12, 1915 NECROLOGY Capt. William STEVENSON, Harbour Grace, 76.
January 13, 1915 NECROLOGY William WALSH, Harbour Grace, 75.
January 14, 1915 NECROLOGY Fred. DAWE, Cupids, 19.
January 15, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. (Rev.) John REAY, Whitbourne, 74.
January 17, 1915 NECROLOGY William James DRISCOLL, New Melbourne, 53.
January 19, 1915 NECROLOGY John Nicholas ASH, Harbour Grace, 72.
January 21, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Ellen KENNEDY, Crocker's Cove, Carbonear.
January 22, 1915 NECROLOGY Norman AVERY, Southport, Trinity Bay, died on Express of heart trouble, 50. Miss Edith BROCKLEHURST, Carbonear. Mrs. Jessie A. LAWRENCE, Bonavista, 46.
January 24, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Mary Maud GUSHUE, Brigus, 22.
January 30, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. John ASH, Harbour Grace, 65.

February 2, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Edward DALY, Harbour Grace, 55.
February 4, 1915 NECROLOGY Albert Edward SQUIRES, St. Philip's, 25.
February 5, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Edgar PENNEY, Carbonear, 80.
February 10, 1915 NECROLOGY Professor D. A. O'FLYNN, Grand Falls.
February 13, 1915 NECROLOGY John RUSSELL, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 65.
February 18, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. George W. PYNN, Harbour Grace, 22.
February 22, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Irene BRYAN, Fermeuse.
February 24, 1915 NECROLOGY Arthur B. PEACH, Station Agent, Carbonear, 59. Peter WINSOR, Aquaforte, 89.
February 26, 1915 NECROLOGY Robert DAWE, Long Pond.

March 1, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mabel PARSONS, Kelligrews.
March 3, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. J. J. CHAFE, Petty Harbour, 66. Mrs. Joseph CRUMMEY, Western Bay.
Mar. 1p (as in newspaper) [Likely March 10. G. White] NECROLOGY Selby TETFORD, Harbour Grace, 22. Mark B. PENNEY, Western Bay, 24.
March 13, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Bridget (Ewen) KENNEDY, Western Bay, 56.
March 15, 1915 NECROLOGY Thomas MILES, Bonavista, 85.
March 16, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Agnes KAREEN, Point Lance, P. B., 17.
March 20, 1915 NECROLOGY William George HATCHER, Harbour Grace, 44.
March 22, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Eva WHITEWAY, Musgrave Harbour, 18.
March 24, 1915 NECROLOGY Silas ROGERS, Long Pond, died on his cart at Irishtown, Brigus.
March 25, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Minnie BARRON, Dunville, 19.
March 30, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mary Ann CLUETT, Belleoram.

April 1, 1915 NECROLOGY George CHRISTIAN, Trinity, 69. Max, THISTLE, Little Bay Island, 16.
April 2, 1915 NECROLOGY Patrick GALTON, St. Kyran's.
April 6, 1915 NECROLOGY Hugh REDDY, Marystown, P. B.
April 8, 1915 NECROLOGY Edward FRENCH, Harbour Grace, 71.
April 9, 1915 NECROLOGY Henry MARCH, Old Perlican, 98.
April 10, 1915 NECROLOGY Aubrey GORDON, Harbour Grace, 22.
April 13, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Ellan PENNEY, Holyrood, 73.
April 15, 1915 NECROLOGY Silas SOOLEY, Heart's Content.
April 19, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. R. J. SMITH, Cupids.
April 21, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Maria FARNHAM, Heart's Content, 77. Retired Constable Geo. FRENCH, Harbour Grace, 82.
April 24, 1915 NECROLOGY Henry HEARN, Petty Harbour, 41. Hedley PARSONS, Grand Bank, 28.
April 27, 1915 NECROLOGY Hector BRAY, Harbour Grace, 64.
April 28, 1915 NECROLOGY Alfred VICKERS, Witless Bay, 17.
April 29, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. John CLARKE, Brigus.

May 1, 1915 NECROLOGY Frank LEWIS, Battle Harbour, 50.
May 8, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Sarah TAYLOR, Middle Bight, 84.
May 9, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. J. F. ROCHE, Branch.
May 19, 1915 NECROLOGY Sergeant Major John MOORE, Boer War veteran.
May 20, 1915 NECROLOGY Rev. Mother John, Harbour Grace, 51.
May 21, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Maria HICKMAN, Grand Bank, 68.
May 22, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Fanny TILLEY, Kelligrews.
May 25, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Susanna BOWDRIDGE, Burgeo, 88.
May 29, 1915 NECROLOGY George MASON, Bonavista.
May 30, 1915 NECROLOGY James HOULIHAN, Argentia, 76.
May 31, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. George PAUL, Bonavista

June 1, 1915 NECROLOGY Titus MANUEL, Twillingate. Frances Victoria BELLOW, St. Phillip's, 17.
June 3, 1915 NECROLOGY Frank MOYES, Topsail, 19. Miss Nellie SAUNDERS, Carbonear.
June 4, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Elizabeth DAVIS, Freshwater, B. D. V.
June 6, 1915 NECROLOGY Charles NEWHOOK, New Harbor, 81.
June 8, 1915 NECROLOGY Samuel Richard HARRIMAN, Millertown, 63.
June 15, 1915 NECROLOGY Gilbert ROWE, Carbonear.
June 17, 1915 NECROLOGY Capt. W. H. TUCKER, Harbour Grace, 64.
June 20, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Martha HUNT, Harbour Grace, 85.
June 23, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Lavinia HOWELL, Carbonear.
June 24, 1915 NECROLOGY Daniel MAHONEY, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 68.
June 27, 1915 NECROLOGY George PIKE, Woodville Rd., Harbour Grace, 72. Mrs. Mary SHANNAHAN, Witless Bay, 69.

July 12, 1915 NECROLOGY Archibald PARSONS, Bear's Cove, Harbour Grace, 75.
July 13, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. John O'NEIL, Bay de Verde.
July 14, 1915 NECROLOGY Samuel LILLY, Harbour Grace, 64.
July 17, 1915 NECROLOGY George BARNES, Champney's, Trinity Bay, 77.
July 20, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. James TILLER, Wesleyville, 73.
July 24, 1915 NECROLOGY John KITCHEN, Harbour Grace, 64.
July 26, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. John SHEPPARD, Harbour Grace, 85.
July 31, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. GRANFIELD, Harbour Grace, 82.

August 4, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Frances GUEST, 82.
August 9, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mary MARTIN, Long Beach, Cape Race, 87.
August 11, 1915 NECROLOGY Ambrose BARRETT, Harbour Grace, 90.
August 20, 1915 NECROLOGY Thomas COFFIN, at Haystack, P.B.
August 25, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Susannah PUDDICOMBE, Harbour Grace, 80.
August 31, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Ellan CAWL, Carbonear, 82.

September 3, 1915 NECROLOGY John C. SNOW, Manuels.
September 9, 1915 NECROLOGY Charles RATCHFORD, Wabana.
September 11, 1915 NECROLOGY James DOYLE, Carbonear, 71.
September 13, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Elizabeth BURDEN, Salvage Bay, B. B., 91.
September 14, 1915 NECROLOGY William KING, Western Bay, 66.
September 15, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Lina FOOTE, Carbonear, 24.
September 18, 1915 NECROLOGY Dr. Ebenezer THOMPSON, Hermitage, 82.
September 19, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. C. D. GARLAND, Harbour Grace.
September 20, 1915 NECROLOGY Widow Laurence HAYES, Harbour Grace, 72.
September 24, 1915 NECROLOGY George A. MOULAND, Doting Cove, Fogo. Mrs. William SELLARS, Harbour Grace, 83.
September 25, 1915 NECROLOGY Miss Emily GUY, Carbonear.

October 4, 1915 NECROLOGY James BURKE, Brigus, 74.
October 11, 1915 NECROLOGY Laurence BIRD, Dunville, 24.
October 14, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. William TOBIN, Harbour Grace, 72. Mrs. John TITFORD, Laurencetown, Notre Dame Bay.
October 18, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mary O'BRIEN, Harbour Grace, 90.
October 25, 1915 NECROLOGY George H. BISHOP of Petty Harbour, at Green's Harbour. John HOWELL, Western Bay.
October 29, 1915 NECROLOGY Benjamin BENNETT, Molliers, near Grand Bank.
October 31, 1915 NECROLOGY Abel BROWN, of Bonavista, and Elliston.

November 1, 1915 NECROLOGY Widow Michael TOBIN, Harbour Grace, 53.
November 4, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Patience TARRANT, Harbour Grace, 75.
November 14, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. G. J. BROCKLEHURST, Carbonear.
November 22, 1915 NECROLOGY Edward KENNEDY, Avondale. Stewart PILGRIM, Carbonear.
November 24, 1915 NECROLOGY William NEWMAN, Harbour Grace, 80.
November 25, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Elizabeth SMITH, Brigus, 67.
November 30, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Elizabeth HOPKINS, Heart's Content, 81.

December 2, 1915 NECROLOGY Rev. James J. WHITE, Champneys.
December 5, 1915 NECROLOGY Patrick ENNIS, Merasheen, P. B., 44.
December 7, 1915 NECROLOGY Jonathan MARSHALL, Carbonear.
December 10, 1915 NECROLOGY James O'NEILL, Petty Harbour, 88.
December 12, 1915 NECROLOGY Charles EDMONDS, Harbour Grace, 78.
December 13, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. Mary SNOW, Harbour Grace, 88.
December 19, 1915 NECROLOGY James COURAGE, harbour Grace, 68.
December 21, 1915 NECROLOGY William T. IRELAND, Grand Falls, 22.
December 22, 1915 NECROLOGY James H. BILES, St. Anthony.
December 26, 1915 NECROLOGY Mrs. (Rev.) John Goodacre CRAGG, Whitbourne.
December 27, 1915 NECROLOGY Rev. Sister Mary Magdalen BROWNE, Presentation Convent, Carbonear, 69. Mrs. Agnes TUCKER, Harbour Grace, 70.
[Although the Year is not given, I am assuming the following to be from 1915. G. White.]
January 7 FATALITIES John DAWSON of Bay Roberts drowned whilst bird-shooting. Leaves widow and 6 children.
January 9 FATALITIES Abijah MERCER, of Blaketown, accidentally killed at Grand falls, 14.
January 16 FATALITIES Edward LILLY killed while felling trees at Curling.

February 4 FATALITIES Frederick COLE drowned in St. John's Harbour, 30.
February 7 FATALITIES Residence of Matthew SLANEY, Ferryland, destroyed by fire. Two sons, aged 18 years, and 6 months respectively, burned to death.
February 9 FATALITIES The Gay Gordon arrives at Oporto and reports death of Captain MARSHALL through drowning.
February 10 FATALITIES House at Colliers burnt to the ground. One child cremated.
February 11 FATALITIES Tragic death of Mrs. TUCK, Hant's harbour.
February 26 FATALITIES Edward JESSEAU, Shearer's Cove, Port au Port, accidentally shoots himself. Widow and eight children survive.
February 30 FATALITIES Elias DEAN, Trepassey, drowned. The Antoinette of Harbour Grace lost with all hands: George WEBBER, Captain, Harbour Grace. Ralph NEIL, Spaniard's Bay. Edward HISCOCK, Carbonear. Wm. HODNOTT, Harbour Grace. Stephen SHUTE, (of John), Harbour Grace. Arthur ALFSEN of Norway.

March 17 FATALITIES Tragic death of Mrs. Ellen HICKEY, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 45.

April 12 FATALITIES Edward HODGE and Miss HOPKINS of Heart's Content, drowned at Fogo.
April 24 FATALITIES J. A. LINDAHL of Bishop's Falls, meets fatal accident. Caught in machinery.
April 28 FATALITIES Four-year-old daughter of Silas ASH of Curling, burnt to death.

May 19 FATALITIES Edward SPEARNES accidentally shot at Highlanders' Armoury. Dies subsequently in Hospital.
May 23 FATALITIES James Browning SOPER, drowned in Adams Pond, 37.
May 26 FATALITIES Thomas CORRIGAN, formerly of Trepassey, killed on S.S. "Morwena" on way to Sydney from other side.
May 30 FATALITIES Thomas ROGERS, a young lad, accidentally shot himself on the South Side, Died in Hospital. Monica BALLARD, Sound Island, accidentally shot and killed by her brother, Celestine, 16.

June 8 FATALITIES Andrew HICKEY, Belleoram, drowned from schooner Gossip.
June 11 FATALITIES John GARLAND, Pushthrough, fisherman, drowned.
June 19 FATALITIES Two little girls, PARSONS, cousins, aged about 13, killed at Freshwater, Bell Island, through falling over a cliff.
June 20 FATALITIES Bernard CURTIS of St. Joseph's drowned from the U.S. fishing schooner Frances S. Gruchy, 33.
June 23 FATALITIES Schooner Samoa, struck a pan of ice and sunk near Fortune Harbour, Nathaniel MASON, drowned.
June 29 FATALITIES Esau Shely of Carmanville, drowned off Brimston Head, near Fogo. Banking schooner Marion, of Forune Bay, lost with all hands. (17) viz: - Wm. PITTMAN, Doctor's Harbour, F.B. Jno. Geo. CHILDS, English Harbour W., or Boxey. Samuel VALLIS, Coombs Cove. Morgan MILES, Boxey. Frank CLEMS, Boxey. Isaac SKINNER, Boxey. Arthur MILES, Boxey. Thos. PENNEY, English Harbour W. Sam. STROWBRIDGE, English Harbour W. Thos. R. CHILDS, English Harbour W. Angus VALLIS, Coombs Cove. Wm. Chas. SKINNER, Boxey. Cecil V. FLANDER, English Harbour W. Jos. QUINN. Wilson SKINNER. Thomas HARDY. Isaac MILES.

July 3 FATALITIES John ALLEN, drowned at South Bar, Sydney, 20.
July 4 FATALITIES Mrs. Elizabeth SMITH of Flower's Cove, found drowned.
July 25 FATALITIES James ROUEL, Lance au Barque, Burin District, drowned, 20.
July 31 FATALITIES Augustus, son of Frederick LeDREW, Grand Falls, drowned in the river there, 6.

August 3 FATALITIES Tragic death of ---HEALEY, at Fox Harbour.
August 7 FATALITIES Clement GRIFFIN, 13, and sister, Nellie, drowned at Placentia.
August 17 FATALITIES Mary Ellen PENNEY, 13, Harbour Main, killed by a lightning flash.
August 27 FATALITIES James MUGFORD, Clarke's Beach, found dead, near railway track.
August 29 FATALITIES Moses BRIGHT, schooner Lilly Young, drowned near Cape Charles.

September 1 FATALITIES Stoker James MONAHAN, S.S. Sagona, drowned, 36.
September 6 FATALITIES Banker Gossip reaches Souris, P.E.I., and announces death by drowning of Randell FUDGE, Harbour Breton.
September 8 FATALITIES John MADDEN accidentally killed at the Dry Dock, 45.
September 10 FATALITIES Schooner Hiawatha, gasoline laden, burnt after explosion at Halifax. Captain CLARKE of Burin, James SAUNDERS of Burin, and William HOOPER of Lamaline, killed. Tragic death of William WISEMAN, 70. William ADAMS, schooner F. P. Morris, drowned near Catalina.
September 12 FATALITIES Timothy SULLIVAN drowned from schooner Mildred, 44.
September 18 FATALITIES Heber KNIGHT, Garnish, drowned from schooner Nita M. Conrad.
September 27 FATALITIES William McCARTHY, native of Newfoundland, but resident of Gloucester, washed overboard near La Have.
September 27 FATALITIES (Transcriber’s Note:There may be a mistake with this next date, transcribed as published) Sept. 27 Benjamin TIPPETT, Peter PIERCEY and Wm. PIERCEY of Little Catalina, drowned off Western Head, St. Barbe, when returning from fishing grounds.

October 1 FATALITIES George STICKLAND, Harbour Breton, drowned from his dory near Lunenburg.
October 5 FATALITIES Louis BREON, naturalized Frenchman, drowned at Isle aux Morts.
October 9 FATALITIES John William BUNGAY of Boxey, Fortune Bay, accidentally shot, 13.
October 14 FATALITIES S.S. Erik brings report of sad tragedy on Labrador. Miss FREQUET and two of her brother's children, aged 8 and 6, found dead from exposure. James CURRAN, 23, drowned at Ramsgate, England.
October 15 FATALITIES John SKINNER, fisherman of Sagona, dies in his boat near Harbour Breton.
October 20 FATALITIES Jonas Bob BETTA accidentally killed at Morrisville, Conn River, through pile of planks foundering, 9.
October 24 FATALITIES Frederick Williams, 10, instantly killed at Oderin, through falling over a cliff. John RYAN of Birchy Cove, South Shore, drowned off Bonavista.
October 25 FATALITIES Patrick BROADERS, St. John's, married, drowned at Groais Island.
October 30 FATALITIES Schooner Linda Tibbo arrives at Cardigan, P.E.I., and reports Alexander FOX, of Grand Bank, drowned.

November 1 FATALITIES Schooner Madonna of Placentia, strikes on Jude Island, near Oderin, James DORMODY and Robert SPARROW die from exposure.
November 3 FATALITIES Alfred LANE, Gambo, accidentally shot in the woods, 48. Thomas GRIFFIN, 33, found drowned at Upper Island Cove.
November 4 FATALITIES Walter HOLMES, Seldom Come Bye, drowned off Fogo Head, 28.
November 6 FATALITIES Ten-year-old child of James and Mrs. WILCOX died of burns received.
November 10 FATALITIES Edward BROOKINGS accidentally killed at Harvey and Co.'s butterine factory.
November 10 FATALITIES (There may be a mistake with this next date, transcribed as published) Nov. 10 Francis LUCCA, and Placide LUCCA, Stephenville Crossing, Upper Birchy Lake on hunting and fishing trip - canoe found bottom up.
November 15 FATALITIES Isaac LeDREW of Broad Cove, Bay de Verde, dies suddenly in St. John's harbour, while hoisting a sail.
November 30 FATALITIES Bennett KNICKLE, seaman of Lunenburg, N.S., drowned in harbour from schooner Amy D. Young, 19.

December 12 FATALITIES Mark BURKE, section man, killed at Clarenville while discharging coal.
December 27 FATALITIES John EDWARDS, of County Wexford, Ireland, drowned in harbour by falling from deck of the S.S. Autillian, 34.
December 30 FATALITIES William HYDE, of New Bonaventure, drowned in Pond.
December 5, 1914 MARRIAGE Charles E. A. JEFFERY, of Montreal, and Miss Grace FEARN, at Sutton, Surrey, England.
December 18, 1914 MARRIAGE Silas LODER and Miss Lizzie KING, at Deer Harbour.
December 30, 1914 MARRIAGE Joseph BUTT of Crocker's Cove, and Miss Fannie PIKE of Harbour Grace.

January 7, 1915 MARRIAGE Matthew J. MURPHY and Miss DILLON, Placentia.
January 7, 1915 MARRIAGE Joseph NASH and Miss Emma ROCHE, Branch.
January 7, 1915 MARRIAGE Lewis B. DAWE of Bay Roberts, and Miss Laura G. TAYLOR, South Side, St. John's.
January 8, 1915 MARRIAGE Bernard BUTT, Flat Rock, and Miss DELANEY, Gull Island, at Carbonear.
January 11, 1915 MARRIAGE Joseph L. PUMPHREY and Miss Agnes MARTIN, at Harbour Grace.
January 12, 1915 MARRIAGE Martin FOLEY and Miss Mary POWER, at Bell Island.
January 12, 1915 MARRIAGE Walter PIKE and Miss SIMMONS, of Bristol's Hope, at Carbonear.
January 14, 1915 MARRIAGE Duncan HERALD of Bristol's Hope and Miss Belle ASH, of Harbour Grace.
January 14, 1915 MARRIAGE Edwin John SANSOM, J. P., of Winterton, and Miss Agnes HARVEY of Carbonear.
January 14, 1915 MARRIAGE T. SCOTT of New Perlican, and Miss LAHEY of Carbonear.
January 18, 1915 MARRIAGE Capt. FAULK, S.S. Beothic, and Miss Fanny AXFORD.
January 19, 1915 MARRIAGE C. B. ARCHIBALD, C. E., Bell Island, and Miss Ruth ARCHIBALD, at St. John's.
January 21, 1915 MARRIAGE Eugene McCARTHY and Miss Elsie POWER, at Carbonear.
January 26, 1915 MARRIAGE Dr. Sydney NIX to Miss Ethel BOONE, at Knappell, Surrey, England.
January 27, 1915 MARRIAGE Edward J. RING and Miss Patricia O'DONNEL.
January 28, 1915 MARRIAGE M. B. TIBBO, Grand Bank, and Miss Triffie TUCKER, Carbonear.

February 14, 1915 MARRIAGE Dan McGUIRE and Miss Maggie FOLEY, at Gallows Cove, Ferryland.
February 14, 1915 MARRIAGE Patrick STAPLETON and Miss Mary C. WHALEN, at Riverhead, Harbour Grace.
February 15, 1915 MARRIAGE Rev. George HALL, M. A., and Miss Sarah Elizabeth FACEY, at Brigus.
February 25, 1915 MARRIAGE Allan PIKE and Miss Effie BRAY, at Harbour Grace.
February 27, 1915 MARRIAGE Hiram C. MITCHELL and Miss Mabel Bertha KEAN.

March 3, 1915 MARRIAGE Archibald JANES to Miss Helen Isabel BURTON, Glovertown, B.B.
March 17, 1915 MARRIAGE E. GOSSE and Miss Mary GOSSE, Spaniard's Bay.
March 24, 1915 MARRIAGE J. W. BARTLETT and Miss Ethel Blanche LYON.

April 7, 1915 MARRIAGE Edward BROWN, Tilton, and Miss Katie CHIPMAN, Spaniard's Bay.
April 13, 1915 MARRIAGE J. M. HARNETT, H.M.C., Lamaline, and Miss Laura M. O'REILLY, Argentia, at St. Lawrence.
April 15, 1915 MARRIAGE Dr. Ogilvy A. ARTON of Hamilton, Bermuda, and Miss Lilian Isabel RENDELL.
April 15, 1915 MARRIAGE James ALCOCK and Miss Emme UNDERHAY.
April 20, 1915 MARRIAGE Frank BARRON and Miss Helen BRODERICK.
April 20, 1915 MARRIAGE John GRILLS and Miss M. HEALEY at North Sydney.
April 28, 1915 MARRIAGE Richard DIDHAM, Colinet, and Miss Gertie EMBERLEY od South Dildo.

May 13, 1915 MARRIAGE Arch. TAYLOR and Miss Effie NOEL, South Side, Harbour Grace.
May 19, 1915 MARRIAGE Joseph ASHLEY and Miss May WOODS.
May 25, 1915 MARRIAGE Jesse HARVEY, Freshwater, and Miss Janie GOSSE, Spaniard's Bay.
May 26, 1915 MARRIAGE Llewellyn COLLINS, Spaniard's Bay, and Miss Louisa MARKS, Carbonear.

June 2, 1915 MARRIAGE John HARVEY, St. Mary's, and Miss Mary MURPHY, Little Harbour.
June 2, 1915 MARRIAGE J. Allan ROWE, Heart's Content, and Miss Jean TAYLOR, Carbonear.
June 3, 1915 MARRIAGE Rev. E. Munden BISHOP, Arcola,Saskatchewan, and Miss Edith SHEPPARD, Harbour Grace.
June 14, 1915 MARRIAGE Patrick J. KENT, St. John's, and Miss Dot BRIEN, Brigus, at Holyrood.
June 15, 1915 MARRIAGE Edgar TEMPLETON and Miss Ethel NOSEWORTHY, Clarke's Beach.
June 16, 1915 MARRIAGE John C. GEORGE, Heart's Content, and Miss May Blanche MOORE of St. John's.
June 16, 1915 MARRIAGE Rev. W. P. WORNELL, B. A., and Miss Irene Rosalie Le DAIN, at Montreal.
June 17, 1915 MARRIAGE W. PORTER and Miss Julia SHEPPARD, Spaniard's Bay.
June 17, 1915 MARRIAGE Dr. H. A. GIOVENETTI, Bell Island, and Dr. Katheryn DRISCOLL, at West Medford, U.S.A.
June 19, 1915 MARRIAGE Capt. Eric S. AYRE and Miss Janet Morison MILLER, at St. Giles' Cathedral, Edinburg.
June 22, 1915 MARRIAGE W. G. MONTGOMERIE and Miss Gertrude M. STRANG.
June 23, 1915 MARRIAGE James T. FOLEY and Miss Nan McGUIRE.
June 24, 1915 MARRIAGE Robert MORISON and Miss Pearl BOWDEN, at Wesleyville.
June 27, 1915 MARRIAGE Walter WALSH and Miss Katherine CALLAHAN, Harbour Grace, at St. John's.
June 29, 1915 MARRIAGE Harry CRAWFORD and Miss W. B. PAYN.
June 30, 1915 MARRIAGE Geo. KENNEDY, M.H.A., Avondale, and Miss Helen POWERS, at Philadelphia.

July 1, 1915 MARRIAGE Rev. G. L. MERCER, Channel, and Miss Gertie TRAPNELL, Harbour Grace.
July 14, 1915 MARRIAGE Rev. A. E. E. LEGGE, Rector of Portugal Cove, and Miss Margaret MOULTON, Burgeo.
July 14, 1915 MARRIAGE Augustus P. TILLEY and Miss Anabel GARDNER, at Nipper's Harbour.
July 15, 1915 MARRIAGE J. Alex. WINTER and Miss Evangeline ARNAUD.
July 15, 1915 MARRIAGE Donald NICHOLSON and Miss Florence Marjorie MacKENZIE.
July 21, 1915 MARRIAGE Walter GODDEN and Miss Ethel SHAMBLER.
July 18, 1915 MARRIAGE (This next one seems out of order. Transcribed as published) July 18, J. A. W. W. McNEILY and Miss POTTS of Toronto, at City Road, London.
July 28, 1915 MARRIAGE P. J. CARTER and Miss Mary SHORTIS.
July 28, 1915 MARRIAGE Joseph Henry COOKE and Miss Madeline NORBERG.

August 4, 1915 MARRIAGE James ARMSTRONG and Miss Agnes DUNN.
August 4, 1915 MARRIAGE W. H. E. EBSARY and Miss Pearl PIPPY.
August 10, 1915 MARRIAGE J. S. BAGGS and Miss Margaret THOMPSON.
August 13, 1915 MARRIAGE Burnham L. MITCHELL and Miss Eileen BAIRD, at Montreal.
August 23, 1915 MARRIAGE Archibald LeMESSURIER and Miss Isabella HERALD.
August 24, 1915 MARRIAGE Alfred WHEELER, Twillingate, and Miss Bridget SPEARNS, Battle Harbour.
August 25, 1915 MARRIAGE John FRAZER, Wabana, and Miss Lizzie KENNEDY, Holyrood.
August 25, 1915 MARRIAGE William CAHILL, Bell Island, and Miss Norah DOLLYMORE, at Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
August 25, 1915 MARRIAGE W. E. STERLING and Miss Ethel UPHILL, at Truro.
August 28, 1915 MARRIAGE Fred. ORUM and Miss Nan BRACE, at Swindon, England.
August 31, 1915 MARRIAGE Robert KENDALL and Miss Lulu VAIL at Sydney.

September 7, 1915 MARRIAGE Allan VATCHER, Freshwater, and Miss Eloise Blanche HOLMES, Harbour Grace.
September 8, 1915 MARRIAGE Lieut. Martin SMITH, R.N.R., and Miss Grace Winnifred COLTON, at Hull England.
September 9, 1915 MARRIAGE Frank PENNEY and Miss Mabel Louise TAYLOR.
September 15, 1915 MARRIAGE Harry B. THOMSON and Miss Winnifred Pearl COLBOURNE, at Bell Island.
September 15, 1915 MARRIAGE Harry LAKE, Fortune, and Miss Jennie PATTEN, Grand Bank.
September 16, 1915 MARRIAGE Stanley BLACKMORE and Miss Louisa REES.
September 18, 1915 MARRIAGE John MAHER and Miss Annie BURKE, Flat Rock.
September 22, 1915 MARRIAGE George PHILLIPS and Miss Mary Helen GABRIEL.
September 28, 1915 MARRIAGE Jas. N. DELANEY, formerly of Western Bay, and Miss Violet RIPPON, at Toronto.

October 6, 1915 MARRIAGE Leander SNELGROVE and Miss Eva HISCOCK, at Grand Falls.
October 12, 1915 MARRIAGE Robert HARPUR and Miss Elsie Isabelle SMITH.
October 19, 1915 MARRIAGE Lieut. Commander McDERMOTT, R.N., and Miss Eva GOODRIDGE, at Ferryland.
October 20, 1915 MARRIAGE John BONIA and Miss Lizzie WHELAN, at St. Mary's.
October 23, 1915 MARRIAGE H. E. GREAVES and Miss Lydia T. WHITTEN.
October 27, 1915 MARRIAGE Charles E. FORD and Miss Marion Belcher WINTER.
October 27, 1915 MARRIAGE George HOPKINS and Miss Gladys Belle MARCH, Old Perlican.
October 27, 1915 MARRIAGE P. J. KENT and Miss Agnes QUIGLEY, Bell Island.

November 1, 1915 MARRIAGE John MITCHELL and Miss Mary CHURCHILL, Portugal Cove.
November 2, 1915 MARRIAGE Walter SCEVIOUR and Miss Susie LAHEY.
November 7, 1915 MARRIAGE James WALSH and Miss Fannie POWER, Harbour Grace.
November 10, 1915 MARRIAGE T. Gordon WILCOX and Miss Muriel Emily MARTIN, Heart's Content.
November 22, 1915 MARRIAGE George EMBERLEY and Miss Mary MERCER, Little Bay.
November 22, 1915 MARRIAGE Lieut. H. OWEN, R.N., H.M.S. Sirius, and Miss Grace GOODRIDGE, at Westminster.
November 23, 1915 MARRIAGE Rev. Wilbert B. BUDGEN and Miss Isabelle SNELGROVE, Catalina.
November 23, 1915 MARRIAGE Jeremiah QUINLAN and Miss Lizzie HOGAN, Red Head Cove, Bay de Verde.
November 23, 1915 MARRIAGE James MERCER and Miss Mary BOUZAN, Little Bay.
November 24, 1915 MARRIAGE Augustus LESLIE and Miss Violet GREEN.
November 28, 1915 MARRIAGE Private Stephen CLARKE of Marystown and Miss gertie PARSONS of Burin.
November 30, 1915 MARRIAGE John McDONALD of Glasgow and Miss Gwyneth Muriel FREEMAN of Exploits.

December 8, 1915 MARRIAGE Jethro WHALEN, Western Bay, and Miss Theresa REVEL, Great Burin.
December 9, 1915 MARRIAGE Llewellyn TOOPE and Miss Louise COOPER, Ireland's Eye.
December 21, 1915 MARRIAGE Robert W. RITCEY and Miss Muriel HARVEY.

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