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Year End Review - Marriages    1941

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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD & SUE O'NEILL.  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.






December 31, 1940 Hing SING and Hong Wah CHING lost their life in a fire, which partly destroyed laundry on Cochrane Street.

January 6, 1941 Amy Mollison JOHNSON, famous aviatrix, drowned in Themes Estuary when she was forced to bail out of her plane.
January 17, 1941 George MATE, Vice-President L.S.P.U., fatally injured when hit by empty coal tub at Harveys & Co. Premises.
January 22, 1941 Two former Newfoundlanders, Thomas MOULTON and Andrew FAYE, both of Gloucester Mass., drowned when schooner “Mary O’Mara” collided with barge.

February 6, 1941 "12 persons including two women, one the wife of flying Officer Carter, serving with Canadian Troops in Newfoundland, killed when Canadian airliner crashed near Armstrong, Ontario.

8 persons killed when U.S. Army Bomber struck mountainside on flight to Denver from Sacramento."

February 13, 1941 "Henry Mengle, colored man, who was wounded with knife in hands of another colored man, Samuel TAYLOR, died at General Hospital.

Dorothy BLAKE, 18, two brothers, Robert 15 and Israel 10, burned to death when residence of their father at Peter’s Arm was destroyed by fire."

February 14, 1941 7 men killed by explosion in Oxygen plant at Duquoine, Ill.
February 16, 1941 Worst hurricane in years raged over Iberian Peninsula, taking heavy toll of life and property in Spain and Portugal.
February 17, 1941 Storm and floods sweep South Europe, hundreds killed. Thousands wounded, while property damage will reach millons.
February 24, 1941 "Plane crashed near Musgrave Harbor, Sir Frederick BANTING M.C, K.B.E., F.R.C.S. well known medical research worker, Surgeon and Painter, and known throughout world for discovery of insulin treatment for diabetes, killed with two members of crew. Chief Pilot, Mackay only survivor.

4 Marystown boys, Wm. J. BRINTON, Patrick B. POWER, Robert NOLAN, James W. MOLLOY, of Royal Navy, reported missing."

February 25, 1941 Eddie QUIGLEY, member of crew of S.S. “Elizabeth Marie”, lost at sea.
February 28, 1941 Pasco MORRIS, 21, of Lower Island Cove, died from exposure when caught in blizzard, while seeking firewood with 4 companions. Others safe.

March 3, 1941 Leading Aircraftman Chesley Albert KELLOWAY, 22, of St. John’s, accidentally killed when his plane crashed near Camp Borden, Ont.
March 5, 1941 5 young boys, including, Raymond, 5, and Robert, 6, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest MARCH, formerly of Green’s Harbor, drowned in Ottawa River near Gatineau Mills, whilst playing on ice.
March 8, 1941 Leonard BROWN, 20, and John FOOTE, 28, both of Newfoundland, lost from banking schooner.
March 15, 1941 Ben GRACE, 42, of Newfoundland strayed from vessel “Tippy Tin” presumed lost.
March 17, 1941 Heavy storm sweeps lake Superior, 20 person believed lost, 50 reported dead in Northwest States.

April 7, 1941 Douglas STOWE, 8, of Clarenville, drowned when he fell in Clarenville River.
April 12, 1941 Samuel HAWKINS, 8 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hawkins of Grand Bank, accidentally drowned.
April 13, 1941 James PEDDLE, 69, married of Franklyn Ave., passed away at Hospital from injuries received when he fell under wheels of moving bus.
April 20, 1941 Private Wm. D. FILLIER, 20, of the Newfoundland Militia, accidentally killed by discharge of rifle whilst inspection before changing guard.
April 23, 1941 George NEARY, of Neary’s Pond, who was found in unconscious condition in carriage on 21st, passed away at Hospital.
April 24, 1941 Charles E. BRAKE of Humbermouth, passed away at Corner Brook Hospital, as result of gunshot wounds which he sustained on the 22nd.

May 10, 1941 Philip CONWAY of Twillingate, 33, lost life while seal hunting.
May 31, 1941 Maud BRAGG, 12 years old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Bragge, of Cuckolds Cove, instantly killed on South Quidi Vidi Road, when hit by car, driven by Earl Gilson of Camp Alexander.

June 3, 1941 Charles VIGUERS, U.S. citizen employed by U.S. Base Contractors at Stephenville, accidentally killed by tractor.
June 5, 1941 Arnold RESTED, an Engineer, accidentally drowned, when he fell over Job Bros., & Co., Ltd. wharf.
June 6, 1941 "Thomas FLEMMING married of Edinburgh St., found by Police lying on ground on New Gower St., died on way to Hospital. M. O’Rourke, Blackhead Rd. placed under arrest.

Richard WALSH, Fog Alarm Assistant at Baccalieu Lighthouse, accidentally drowned.

Capt. Alban CLEARY, formerly of this city, killed by enemy action."

June 16, 1941 Edward LOCKE, 39, of Buchans, died as result of injuries received from fall of rock in mine.
June 18, 1941 Allan MORRIS, 39 of Bell Island, married, and survived by wife and three children, lost his life when he fell over cliff on North side of island.
June 20, 1941 Private Peter BENNETT of Canadian forces, instantly killed when hit by propellor of plane at Inland town.

July 1, 1941 36 members of picnic party, feared to have been lost in explosion of motor launch in Casco Bay, Harpswell, Maine.
July 7, 1941 Body of man found in harbor identified as James KELLY, Blackhead Rd. who disappeared October 28th, 19 40.
July 10, 1941 Lawrence RYAN of Camden, N.J., formerly of Brigus North, drowned whilst bathing at New Jersey beach.
July 15, 1941 49 year old woman of Lark Hr., suicides by burning herself.
July 19, 1941 Private BENNETT of the United States Base Command, Camp Alexander, accidentally drowned in Long Pond, when boat in which he was with some companions, sank.
July 23, 1941 "Body of Eliol STONE of Trinity, who disappeared on January 4th brought to surface near dock.

Harold MEADUS, 28 of Mundy Pond, married, lost his life when boat capsized by propeller of ship near Dry Dock."

July 26, 1941 Mary STEELE, 16, died as result of injuries, and Frank Woodfine, of about same age, injured, though not seriously, as result of falling from motor car at Northern Bay. Thomas M. Mulcahy, 38, driver of car, placed under arrest.

August 3, 1941 Fred CONNORS of Little St. Lawrence, Power House Operator, and John BADCOCK of Bay Roberts, Construction Foreman, lost their lives when flood breaks dam at Little St. Lawrence, causing much damage. Bodies not recovered.
August 14, 1941 Trans-Atlantic Ferry Command bomber crashed, carrying 22 persons, 12 of whom were Americans, to their death. Mr. Arthur PURVIS, one of Canadian’s leading industrialists.
August 16, 1941 George UPSHALL of Kingswell P.B., accidentally killed at Argentia when hit by truck driven by Clayton Moulton.
August 24, 1941 Mrs. GUNN of Norris Arm, hit and killed by locomotive outside that place.
August 26, 1941 4 year old Patrick ROSSITER of Cuddihy St. who was hit by motor car on 23rd, on New Gower St., passed away at Hospital.
August 28, 1941 John FURLONG, 49, of 5 Bambrick St., accidentally burned to death when a room at the rear of building caught fire.
August 31, 1941 Stanley BRINSTON, 28, resident of Change Islands, fatally injured when he jumped from a freight train near Howley Station.

September 1, 1941 Raymond ABBOTT, 28 year old native of Newfoundland, accidentally electrocuted at Sydney when he contacted a high tension wire.
September 7, 1941 Walter G. AUSTIN former resident of St. John’s, shot to death by assailant in his home near Tuft’s Cove, outside Halifax.
September 16, 1941 Frank MARTIN, 13 year old son of Frank Martin, Cabot St., accidentally drowned when he fell over A.E. Murray’s wharf.
September 19, 1941 Young man named ROWE, aged 20, of Alder Harbor, washed overboard and drowned from motor boat on way from Tilting Hr.
September 23, 1941 Malburn FOOTS, 31, native of Curling, fatally injured in Halifax shipyard.

October 1, 1941 Leon BARNABLE of Barron Street, passed away at Hospital as result of being hit by truck driven by F. Murphy, Portugal Cove Road.
October 5, 1941 Denis CONWAY, 41, formerly of Colliers, died from injured received when car in which he was riding crashed into pole at Camden, N.J.
October 11, 1941 Body of John BADCOCK, Foreman with United Towns Electric Co., Ltd., at Little St. Lawrence, found 3 months after drowning occurred.
October 19, 1941 Marmaduke George WINTER of this city, employed at U.S. Naval Base, Argentia, accidentally drowned at Placentia.
October 27, 1941 William GUSHUE, 22, of Conception Harbor, employed at Fort Peperrel, passed at Hospital as result of being hit by truck driven by Leo Peddigrew, near Ross Farm.
October 30, 1941 American Airliner with 21 passengers, crashed near St. Thomas Ont., 17 passengers, 3 crew members believed killed.
October 31, 1941 "Albert LOVEYS, 37 of G.P. Office, married with wife and 5 children, instantly killed, when a car in which he was driving was in collision with a Canadian army truck at junction of Pleasant and Springdale Streets. Mr. T. Manning, also employed at G.P.O., and owner of car, badly injured. Mr. Michael Moriarity, who was in the rear seat, slightly injured.

U.S. Soldier Lando MILLER, lost his life when a Base Command transport truck in which he was riding, turned over in field owned by Mr. Tasker Cook, White Hills."

November 4, 1941 Audrey, 3½ year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cluny POTTLE, of Mt. Royal Ave., passed away at Hospital as results of being hit by truck.
November 8, 1941 Stewart MATCHIM, aged 20 of Bonavista Bay, member of crew of vessel Epescopus, lost his life by drowning, when he was knocked overboard by boom while entering Narrows.
November 28, 1941 John J PATTON, native of Port de Grave, killed in Dominion Coal Company’s No. 11 mine, when hit by a runaway coal car.

December 18, 1941 Gerald SHEENAN, 19, Brakesman with Newfoundland Railway, instantly killed when crushed under wheels of dump car at Railway Yard.
December 25, 1941 Eric CORK, member of Merchant Marine, was drowned when he fell from gangplank of ship at Baine Johnson and Co. Ltd. premises.

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