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Year End Review - Marriages    1941

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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD & SUE O'NEILL.  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.






December 31, 1940 Ernest Godwin Bartlett of St. Johnís, and Flora Graham Ford of Hr. Grace, at Hr. Grace.

January 1, 1941 Wallace KING of Perryís Cove, and Jannie EARLE of Carbonear, at Carbonear.
January 4, 1941 Lt. John GOODRUM, of London, England, and Beatrice Beryl WARREN of this city, at Henley Park.
January 7, 1941 Denis NOONAN and Mary MOORE, Bay De Verde.
January 9, 1941 Ira PARSONS and Jennie GARLAND, Carbonear.
January 11, 1941 Herbert William PARSONS and Mabel LeGROW.

Arthur GARDINER and Nina FOOT, Grand Bank.

January 15, 1941 Leading Aircraftman, Frank H. STIRLING and Margaret GUNN, both of St. Johnís, at Montreal.
January 16, 1941 Richard LAMSWOOD, Bell Island, and Marion HOLLETT, Arnoldís Cove. P.B., at Bell Island.
January 23, 1941 Edward BUTLER, Holyrood and Mary KENNEDY, Avondale.
January 24, 1941 George Willey PARSONS and Joyce BRINTON, Carbonear.
January 26, 1941 Samuel COSTIGAN and Margaret HANNON, Harbor Main.
January 29, 1941 George E. KELLY, 57th Regt. (Nfld) R.A. and Eveline Jean AXTON, Norfolk, England.
January 31, 1941 Seaman HOBBS, R.N. and Leah WARREN, New Perlican.

February 4, 1941 George Edward BUTT, Carbonear, and Jessie BUTT, Springdale, N.D.B., at Carbonear.
February 6, 1941 Robert BUTT and Annie BUTT, Carbonear.
February 15, 1941 Lt. Aubery JOSEY, R.C.N.V.R. and Louise STAPLES both of Halifax, at St. Thomasís Church.

George WINSOR, Wesleyville, and Wilhelmina SHEPPARD Cupids.

February 24, 1941 Pte. Clayton F. ANDERSON, Canadian Forces of Colorado Springs, and Hilda DEAKIN of this city.
February 26, 1941 Ronald EARLE and Jessie BUTT, Carbonear.

March 1, 1941 Arthur Raymond MILLER, Somerville U.S.A., and Dorothy Louise WILKINSON, of North Quincy, U.S.A.
March 3, 1941 Sergeant Pilot Gerald Marmaduke WINTER and Phyllis Boyd BAIRD.
March 10, 1941 Freeman R. DOVE, Corner Brook, and Tilda McKINLAY of this city.
March 17, 1941 James J RIDGLEY of this city, and Mollie RYAN, North Hr. St. Maryís.

Patrick Joseph PENDER of Broad Cove Rd. and Margaret Mary MURRIN of Pouch Cove.

Albert E. ANDREWS and Madeline SNOW.

March 20, 1941 Dr. Donald Knight CHRISTIAN, of East Orange, N.J., and Jennette B. MILLER of Neenah, Wis., at East Orange.
March 24, 1941 John OíKEEFE, Harbor Grace and Rita BUTLER, Bristol Hope.

April 1, 1941 Lieut. Paul ANDERSON, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, and Daphne ARNOLD of Glovertown, at Montreal.
April 13, 1941 Charles R GLEASON of this city, and Mary Ellen STONE of Bay Bulls, at Brooklyn, N.Y.
April 16, 1941 Hayward PAYNE and Evelyn OXFORD, Kingís Point.
April 17, 1941 Douglas Gee MYERS, of Petersburg, Virginia and Helen Sutherland MARSHALL of this city.
April 21, 1941 Arthur ASH, of Crockerís Cove, and Elizabeth FRENCH of Bay Roberts, at Carbonear.

Philip PRICE of Brunette and Gladys SMITH of Grand Bank.

April 23, 1941 Sergeant Clifton H. JOHNSTON R.A.F. and Elizabeth Florence WHITTEN.

Sergeant Edward P. MOAKLER, R.A.F. and Joyce Evelyn DOWNS.

April 26, 1941 Patrick WHIFFEN of Fox Island, P.B., and Kathleen WALSH, of Witless Bay at Brooklyn, N.Y.

May 8, 1941 Dr. Thomas L. GRIFFIN, of Roanoke, Virginia, and Harriet Jean REID of this city at Roanoke.
May 10, 1941 John J COADY of Burin and Mollie OíDonavan KELLY, of this city, at Halifax.
May 12, 1941 Garland COLES, Fogo and Blanch PENNY, of Seldom, at Fogo.
May 15, 1941 Ernest Fletcher PIKE and Evelyn Jeannette THOMAS of Auburn, U.S.A.
May 17, 1941 Gunner Augustus Hopkins ROWE, of Heartís Content, and Grace Naismith IRVINE, of Dennistoun, at Glasgow, Scotland.
May 23, 1941 Rex. Elmer ROOD, of Halifax and Ruth RUE, of this city, at Halifax.
May 24, 1941 Gordon H. SMITH, of Hull, England and Flora HAYWARD, of this city.

Clarence Stephen FREEEMAN of this city and Jennie Louise KING of Brigus.

June 4, 1941 Isaac BURNES and Margaret Almina MOSDELL.
June 8, 1941 William EDSTROM and Mary KEARNEY.

Andrew BUTT and Margaret WARD, Carbonear.

June 11, 1941 Maurice G. DEVINE and Katherine GALWAY.

Harold TIZZARD and Jennette Monroe SKIRVING.

June 14, 1941 George F. KEARNEY and Josephine M. CLEARY.

Edmund D. HANRAHAN and Gretrude M OíBRIEN, of Harbor Grace at Holyrood.

Cyril F MARSHALL and Ruth Elaine MAUNDER.

Private James PENNY, Nfld Militia and Elsie Chatfield SHEPPARD, at Cupids.

June 17, 1941 David C THOMAS, of Carbonear and Mary C BRAZIL, of Hr. Grace at Holyrood.

Rev. Prof Elias ANDREWS and Flora SHANNON Green.

June 20, 1941 Hayward FRAIZE and Alma HEDGES, Carbonear.
June 21, 1941 Clayton GOOD, Little Bay, East, and Jessie Johnston BAKER, of Grand Bank, at Grand Bank.

Michael BORDAS of Detroit, Mich., and Vera SMITH of this city.

June 22, 1941 Alfred M. BUTLER (Canadian Army) and Marjorie V. PITCHER.
June 24, 1941 Thomas T. MERRILL of the U.S.A. and Ellen Mary MARSHALL of this city.

Ted THORBURN of St. Johnís and Eileen SHANNAHAN, R.N., of Harbor Grace, at Windsor. Grand Falls.

June 25, 1941 Rev. Roland FARWELL, of Burin and Edwina DINGLE of this city, at Topsail.

Jack KELLY, of this city and Myrtle BRAIN of Grand Falls, at Windsor.

June 26, 1941 Wilfred PARSONS, of Musgravetown and Flora BROWN, of this city.

Chad Noel HUMPHRYS, of St. Andrews, N.B. and Margaret I. ROBERTSON of this city.

Walter MILLY of St. Johnís and Florence Beulah OATES, of Carbonear, at Buchans.

June 28, 1941 Lieut. Donald Murdoch MacLEOD, R.C.E. of Cape Breton and Doris Louise GOOBIE of this city.

Peter E. CASSIDY and Nan COOGAN of New York at Oratory of Our Lady of Mercy, Military Road.

James McGREEVEY, and Catherine HONOHAN of New York at Oratory of Our Lady of Mercy, Military Road.

June 30, 1941 Captain F. Temple ATHINASON, of Toronto, and Evelyn Gertrude GRIMES of this city.

Rifleman Arthur T. BREESE, of Canada and Lillian ADAMS of this city.

Regional A. MILLS and Ada Jean ASH.

Pte. F.G. OICLE, R.C.A.M.C., of Boston, Mass, and Clara CROFF, formerly of Aquaforte.

July 5, 1941 Ray KRIEGER, International Falls, Minn., and Kyra Marie KELLY, of this city.

John SAMMS and Maggie ENGLISH, Grand Bank.

Benjamin WELSH, and Maude DOLLOMOUNT, Grand Bank.

July 6, 1941 Anthony POWER and Mary Frances KEATING.
July 7, 1941 James Gregory CHANNING and Mary Sarah MURPHY.

Gordon MITCHELL, R.N., and Elizabeth SOMERTON, of Portugal Cove.

July 8, 1941 Edward DAVIS and Mabel Violet NOSEWORTHY, Harbor Grace.
July 9, 1941 Basil Augustine HUTTON and Eleanor Mary McNAMARA.

Philip MOORE and Mary POWER.

July 10, 1941 Neil H MacNEIL, of Sydney, N.S., and Marie COADY of this city.
July 12, 1941 William DOWNEY and Mary MAHONEY.

Fred PENNELL of Ochre Pit Cove and Annie Maude WHELAN, Western Bay.

July 14, 1941 William Evan WHITEWAY and Mildred Helen WOOD.
July 15, 1941 Ernest J MULCAHY and Margaret A WALSH.

Peter POWER and Nellie MacLEAN, Bell Island.

Gus BISHOP and Blanche SNOW, Grand Falls.

July 17, 1941 Gerald HYNES and Mary Louise CROSS.
July 21, 1941 Robert MILLEY and Rene MacPHERSON, both of Grand Falls, at Cochrane St. U. Church.
July 23, 1941 George WALBOURNE, Fogo, and Effie Florence PEACH, Arnoldís Cove, at Kingwell, P.B.
July 24, 1941 Rev. Guy FOWLOW, of Trinity East and Muriel BISHOP, of Petty Hr., at Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.
July 25, 1941 Walter Lamont Stuart PRITCHARD of Bay Roberts, and Zelma Sanforetta LYBADLE, of Winnipeg, at Hamilton, Ont.

William Thomas MOORE of Carbonear and Vera Alice BROWN, of Fleggburgh, at Gt. Yarmouth.

July 28, 1941 Matthew DOWNEY and Agnes KENNEDY.
July 29, 1941 Cyril ABBOTT and Marcella STEVENS, Clarkeís beach, at Gower St. Manse.
July 30, 1941 James L. OíKEEFE and Catherine Mary KENNEDY.

Cyril Boyd LeGROW, of Broad Cove, B.D.V. and Emma Wilhelmina CAMERON of Carbonear at Carbonear.

Isaac DAVIS and Pearl BLACKWOOD.

Patrick J HUNT, of Argentia and Bride GRILLS, of this city.

July 31, 1941 Ignatius RUMBOLDT and Dorothy MORRISSEY.

August 1, 1941 Nicholas ALCOCK of Hr. Grace and Elvina Butler SEARLS of Bell Island at Bell Island.
August 2, 1941 Lauder W. FONTAINE of Toronto and Stella Louise HALL, of St. Johnís at Toronto.
August 5, 1941 Roy A YETMAN and Helen Blanche POTTLE, both formerly of Hr. Grace.
August 6, 1941 Lt. Charles R. DUNCAN, U.S.A., of Lexington, Kentucky and Sheila TAYLOR, of Halifax.
August 8, 1941 Mark B. DAVIS and Lillian J OSMOND.
August 9, 1941 Cyril PRESS and Marion B. PUDDESTER.

Lieut. Arthur Holdsworth PEAKE, of Charlottetown and Jean Ruggles GILLIANTT of Wabana, at Brockville, Ont.

Patrick NEARY and Agnes KAVANAGH, Bell Island.

August 10, 1941 John WALSH and ALMENA Walsh.

Clifford MURRAY of Adams Cove and Abigail FOLLET, Western Bay.

August 12, 1941 Douglas BEER and Mollie LYNCH.

James MYLES formerly of Bay LíArgent and Sarah FORSEY, of Grand Bank, at Halifax.

August 14, 1941 Elie STOODLEY, Grand Bank and Sadie FRAMPTON of Fortune at Fortune.

Lew B. BIRD of Amherst and Thurza TIZZARD, Toronto.

August 15, 1941 Robert C RISK of Sandusky, Ohio, and Reta Margaret BRAGG of Port aux Basques, at Topsail.

Nicholas ALCOCK of Harbor Grace and Alvena BUTLER Searle of Bell Island, at Bell Island.

August 16, 1941 Carl JOHNSON, of Lynn Mass, and Jean BAIRD of this city.

Sergt. Leonard KING, Canadian Forces and Catherine MURPHY, of Torbay.

Orlindo DEWLING, and Leah HISCOCK, both of Trinity.

August 18, 1941 Capt. Frederick Gibbon WRAY, 1st. Battalion Victoria Rifles of Canada, of Ste Rose Quebec and Louise McNAMARA of this city.

Celestine J GLOVANINNI and Olivia MURRAY, both of St. Lawrence, at Littledale.

Douglas RECORD and Virlie DAWE Fogo.

August 20, 1941 Dr. Robert John SIMMS and Joan Marie HOWLETT.

Valentine WEBBER and Hazel SHEPPARD, Harbor Grace.

Duncan CAMERON of Carbonear and Isabelle KIRBY of Pouch Cove, at Topsail.

August 24, 1941 Michael Raymond MORIARTY and Margaret Pauline BAIRD.
August 26, 1941 Herbert M DELANEY of Broad Cove and Lizzie May FLIGHT, of Lower Small Point.
August 27, 1941 Thomas DONAVAN of this city and Irene HARTLEY of Dunville P. B.
August 29, 1941 Chesley OATES of Carbonear and Dorothy SPURRELL of Hr. Grace.
August 31, 1941 Donald H. E. HOVER of Sayne, Penn., and Ethel Grace KNIGHT of this city at Brooklyn , N.Y.

September 1, 1941 Walter P. MILLER, Flat Islands, P.B. and Mildred THISTLE, of Broad Cove, at Broad Cove.

Terence KENNEDY and Nance NEVILLE.

September 3, 1941 Frederick George WYLIE and Mary Elsinore TAIT.
September 4, 1941 Gerard Richard HARLEY and Elizabeth Ann McGUIRE.

William PENNEY of Carbonear and Jessie Louise REGULAR of Hr. Grace, at Spaniardís Bay.

September 6, 1941 Lieutenant William Bernard POHLMAN and Morion PATTERSON.

Caleb WINSOR, of Wesleyville, and Elizabeth GRANDY, of Garnish at St. Thomasís Church.

Walter P. FORSEY and Eleanor STOODLEY of Grand Bank, at Toronto.

September 8, 1941 Lewis BURSEY and Leah NICOL.
September 10, 1941 Douglas WORNELL and Helen WHITE.

Llewllyn Ernest JONES and Anne Enid Louise HALEY, at Topsail.

Michael F. MURPHY and Alica POWER of Dunville, at Placentia.

September 13, 1941 Kelvin FRENCH and Susie SALLARS, Harbor Grace.

Robert Vernon MOORES of Blackhead, B.D.V., and Marjorie May HUDSON of this city, at Dartmouth, N.S.

September 15, 1941 Second Lieutenant A. Bruce STIRLING, R.C.A. of this city and Marjorie TOTTERDELL of Lancashire, England, at Halifax.

Gunner Peter Joseph FURLONG of this city and Kathleen Ann WOOLSTON, of East House, California Great Ormsley, at Yarmouth, England.

September 17, 1941 Gnr. W. FRANCIS of Plymouth, N.S. and Eunice KEAY of Lourdes, N.S. at Kilbride.

Rev. Wilfred Francis Ralph, Incumbent of White Bay, and Emma Francis HOWSE of Glovertown, at C. of E. Cathedral.

George HILLIER of Campbellton and Lena IVANY of Shoal Hr. at Shoal Hr.

September 21, 1941 John Gilliam SPENCER of Port aux Basques, and Mary Elizabeth BENNETT of Sydney, N.S. at Corner Brook.
September 22, 1941 James Joseph WILLIAMS and Loretta Mary WHELAN, Corner Brook.
September 25, 1941 Francis CANTWELLl of Cape Spear, and Margaret HEFFERMAN of Maddox Cove, at Petty Harbor.

Felix J McCARTHY of Carbonear and Ann M CARROLL of this city.

George ASH, Crockerís Cove and Hattie WHITE, Southside, Carbonear.

September 28, 1941 George SKIFFINGTON of Musgravetown and Hattie JOHNSON of Jamestown, at Millertown.
September 29, 1941 Edward GREEN of Placentia and Mary Ursula DELANEY of this city.

John Robert GREEN and Cecilia COSTELLE, Avondale.

October 3, 1941 George BURT of Elliston, and Edna FRENCH of Birchy Bay, at Birchy Bay.
October 6, 1941 Charles Pierson CHRISTIAN and Charlotte Isabelle LAWSON of Toronto, at St. Thomasís Church.
October 8, 1941 Thomas HOLDON, Topsail Rd. and Mary PENNEY of Holyrood at Kilbride.
October 9, 1941 Sgmm. Robert Edwards HOLMES, of Blissfield, N.B. and Marjorie ADAMS of Milton at Grand Falls.
October 14, 1941 Joseph B LeDREW and Marian FOWLER, Kelligrews.

Oswald MILLER of this city and Elsie SEYMOUR of Spaniardís Bay.

October 15, 1941 William Hebert CRANE and Ruby May Cartwright ROBERTS, at Topsail.
October 16, 1941 Robert Ledingham TEMPLETON and Kate Douglas WINTER.
October 17, 1941 John Macintosh HUNTER, of this city, and Bertha May HUMBER, of Grand Falls.
October 18, 1941 M. Sergt. Wilfred HOWARD, U.S. Army, Souris, N. Dak., and Muriel House MELVIN.

Roy OLDFORD and Hilda Irene LESLIE.

Everett LANG, of Rhode Island and Catherine (Kay) CUDDIGAN, of Providence R.I. at R.C. Cathedral, this city.

Dr. Ralph LeGROW of Broad Cove, and Annie Marion LeDREW of Guelph. Ont., at Toronto.

October 20, 1941 Raymond WALBOURNE and Margaret FAREWELL, Fogo.

Joseph CHUBBS of Carbonear and Julia VATERS of Victoria, at Carbonear.

October 21, 1941 Lionel BURSEY, New Mebourne and Jennie MILLS, Old Perlican at Old Perlican.
October 22, 1941 G. B. HEFFERTON, of St. Johnís and Gertie DAY, Garnish at Garnish.
October 25, 1941 Gunner Cecil H. WILLIAMS of this city and Helen MARSH, at London, England.
October 26, 1941 Luke Joseph CHAFE and Teresa Dolorbisa HENLEY, Petty Harbor.
October 29, 1941 John Young Temple COMBS, Somerset, England, and Edna PIERCEY of New Perlican, at St. Thomasís Church.

November 1, 1941 Andrew KAANZ of New York and Mary TURNER of this city, at Manuels.

H.N. BURT and Edith A. MILLEY at Breadalbane, P.E.I.

November 2, 1941 John GEORGE of Curling and Mary Eliza McCARTHY of Crockerís Cove, at Carbonear.
November 5, 1941 Cyril Chancey DULEY and Marjorie PITCHER at Topsail.
November 8, 1941 Lawrence MacDONALD of Sydney Mines, C.B., and Madeline Mary KENNEDY of this city, at Littledale.

George BUTT and Violet EDWARDS, Carbonear.

November 9, 1941 William J DOYLE, of Petty Hr. and Mary St. GEORGE of Carbonear, at Petty Hr.
November 10, 1941 James LeGROW and Bertha KING, Bauline.
November 11, 1941 Thomas HOLLIHAN and Sadie MALLARD.

Patrick WAWD and Marie TRAHEY, Conception Hr.

November 12, 1941 Donald BAKER of Grand Bank and Sarah MOORE of Jersey Harbor, at Grand Bank.

Walter MELTON Driscoll and Robena WATSON, Mansfield, Melbourne.

John CROKE and Margaret GLAVINE, Fortune Harbor.

November 15, 1941 Surgeon-Lieut. William P. COLLINGWOOD of this city, and Joyce Mary BARTON, of Toneham, Rothley, Leicester, in England.

Frank BUTT and Florence PELLEY, Carbonear.

Regional KNIGHT of St. Johnís and Margaret FRASER of Bay Roberts, at Bay Roberts.

November 17, 1941 Corp. Ronald Carlton ESCH of Strawberry Point, Iowa, and Phyllis Jean TILLEY of this city

William OTTESON of Dalton, Minnesota, and Margaret MOORE of this city.

November 18, 1941 John DOUGLAS of Grand Bank and Blanche PARDY of Hr. Mill at Grand Bank.

Edwin Neyle MURRAY, L-Bdr. of this city and Susan Gay SIMPSON, at Dovercourt, Essex, England.

November 20, 1941 Carlton DeWitt ROE of Baltimore, Md., and Elizabeth Francis Reynette MEWS, of this city at Boston.
November 21, 1941 Edward PROWSE and Mary QUIGLEY.

Theodore WOODLAND of New Melbourne, and Theresa Irene GREEN of Winterton at Winterton.

November 22, 1941 Albert Norman WRIGHT, of Montreal, and Mary DURDLE of this city.
November 26, 1941 Samuel Edward MORRISSEY, of Carbonear and Dorothy Mary BRYNILSEN of this city.

Samuel PARDY and Elizabeth POOLE, Grand Bank.

December 3, 1941 Chesley F. ROGERS and Marjorie R. MORGAN.

Weldon White CLOUSTON of this city and Muriel Jean WAKLEY of Halifax, N.S.

December 6, 1941 Joseph A DZWORKIWSKI of Ohio, U.S.A., and Daphne BARTLETT of this city.

Rifleman James Rogerson MCNEILY, of this city and Elizabeth Mary PROCTOR of Baysville, Ontario, at Toronto.

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