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"Reprinted courtesy of Robinson-Blackmore Printing and Publishing" Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.

The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD and SUE O'NEILL. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Bishop of Renburg, Russia , sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and 5 years exile as punishment for having combated the  anti-God campaign whereby it is planned to suppress all forms of religion.
Gates of the Vatican City closed to all casual visitors.
Week of prayer opened at Gower St. United Church.
G. S. Kemp who accompanied Marconi to Newfoundland on 1901, dead 75.
Officers of St. John's Lodge S.U.F. installed.
Mr. R. Gushue elected President of the Board of Trade.
Mr. James McIntyre appointed Superintendent of the Commercial-Cable Co. in Newfoundland,
Guards hockey team defeated by Bell Island team 8 to 4.
Fire in dry good department of Bowring Bros. Ltd.
Military authorities restored order at Kingston, Jamaica, after rioting by troops in which many were injured and one killed.
Hockey season opened by city league, Post Office defeated Jobs 5 to 4.
A man injured on board banker "Lucky Edwina" when heavy se boarded her as she was lying off La Poile.   Ernest May of Belboram sustained broken leg.
Dail Kirean dissolved.
Hon. J. W Walsh, takes libel action against the Fishermen's Advocate and it editor, J. H. Seanmell.
Spanish women vote for first time.
Egyptian Cabinet under Premier Isnail Sidkey Pasha resigned after holding office since June of 1930.
Ex King Alphonso officially requested to return to Spain to stand trial for high treason.
Guards defeat Bell Island team in 2nd game 3 to 2
President Coolidge died suddenly from heart attack.
Annual meeting Leeming Lodge, No 1282 I.O.A.
Father and daughter day at rotary Club.  Miss Violet Cherrington of Spencer College delivered address.
M.C.L.I. opens 66th session debating "Resolved that co-operation has contributed more to human welfare than has competition".
Professor J. L Paton of Memorial College lectured at McDonald fellowship on Chinese Gordon.
Bowrings and Avalon Telephone Co's teams play to a draw 3 to 3 in city Hockey League game.
Government appoint captains Oldford and Blackmore to go to Europe an study methods of competitors in catching, curing and marketing codfish.
Hon.  Justice Higgins gave New year message to Patricians Association.
C. E. Hunt Esq. addressed Holy Cross L.A.
House at Curling owned by Railway and occupied by section foreman Patrick Barry totally destroyed by fire.
Royal Stores team , champions and winners of tie-cup series in City League last year defeated by Railway 3-2.
Daily News team won from foundry score 9 to2 in city hockey league.
Epidemic of influenza swept London. 400 telephone operators down with disease.
Star of the Sea association annual reunion.
Office and stock room of the Colonial Garage destroyed by fire.
New Governor of Newfoundland Sir David Murray Anderson, given dinner by Overseas Empire Club at London.
Major Rhoda Sainsbury officially retired after 35 years of honorable and distinguished service in the Salvation Army.
Railway hockey team defeated Parker and Monroe's team 2-0.
Wesley Literary Association open debating season.
Dunfield Club annual dinner at Canon Wood hall.
Annual meeting Commercial Travelers' Association.
"Y" House Girls held 7th Annual dinner at Y.M.C.A.
St. Bon's defeated holy Cross 8-2 in opening hockey game series.
Royal Stores defeated Avalon Telephone Co. 7-2 in city league hockey.
Kingsford Smith hopped off from Sydney.  Australia on a 1200 mile flight to New Zealand, this is the first occasion in oceanflying that radio telephony in communication with the land was used.
Annual meeting Newfoundland Board of Optometry.
M.C.L.I. debated "reduction of rate of interest on Newfoundland bonds".
St. Patrick Hall pupils presented entertainment at Aula Maxima.
St. Louis de France Church one of Montreal finest, totally destroyed by fire.
Dwelling house, with contents owned by Joseph Moulton, Loon's Cove , near Burin , destroyed by fire.
Dr. John Kennedy graduated in medicine at University of Dublin.
Capt. Hugh M Elmendorf, crack test pilot of United States killed when machine went into a tail spin at Dayton Ohio.
Earth shook of one minute duration felt in Manitoba.
Mr. J. C. Higgins, K.C. addressed Patrician Association on "Some outstanding men in the world's history and their achievements."
Mr. J. W. Carew spoke to holy Cross, L.A. in the "The comic Muse."
Between three and four hundred thousand men are being mobilized in China to resist the Japanese offensive.
Consul General of America Mr. E. Dow, paid a visit to Memorial College and presented prizes for the Washington Essay Competition and at the same time opened the art collection of art pictures and books which had been recently presented to the College.  The essay prize were presented to Miss Olive Wood, Thomas J. Ryan and James T. F. Howley
Installation investure and appointment of the officers elect Atlantic Lodge No. 1 at Victoria Hall.
Fieldians win from Guards in overtime play, score 6-5.
Memorials and Strollers play to a draw in opening game of intermediate hockey league, 3-2.
Prime Minister, Hon. F. C Alderdice announced that hon. James S Ayre, had tendered his resignation both as Minister of the Crown, and member for the district of Port de Grave.  Two reasons prompted this regrettable action, namely ill health and greatly increased business responsibility.
Heaviest snow fall for the winter occurred at Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Wales.
Mr. L. R. MacGregor Australia Trade Commissioner for Canada, gave address on geography to senior pupils of the city schools at Pitts Memorial Hall.
Wesley Literary Association debate" that Germany demand for equality of armaments constituted a menace to civilization."
Members of Gower Street United Church choir entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Wyatt, Mr George Peters, who had recently retired from the choir after 35 years of faithful service presented with an address and walking stick.
Customs hockey team defeated Foundry in city league hockey 5-4.
Royal Stores defeated Bowrings by score of 3 to nil.
380 Chinese troops were found frozen stiff by the assaulting Japanese on the Korean front.
Mr. L. R. Macgregor, Australia Trade Commissioner, gave very interesting address on his own county to Rotary Club.
Two ships owned by Robert and Charles Hiscock, of Flat Islands, totally destroyed by fire.
M.C.L.I. debated that organized religion is impeding human progress.
St. Bon's defeated Fieldians in Senior league hockey , 12-7.
St. Bon's won second game in intermediate series defeating Guards 4-1.
Soviet Russia has banished to Siberia the entire population of three southern villages as exemplary punishment.
Hockey teams of Job Bros. and Daily News played to a draw in City League Hockey 5-5.
"Y" Hockeyists won first game of section B of the Intermediate League defeating B.I.S. by score of 3 to nil.
London omnibus drivers out on general strike.
Dr. A. C. Hunter of the Memorial University College lectured to holy Cross L:.A.  On "Nationalism and its Aberrations."
Dr. V. P Burke, lectured at Patrician Association on "The last invasion of Newfoundland."
Annual meeting Board of Trade.
Annual meeting Child Welfare Association.
Whiteway Lodge No. 3541, E. C. A. F. and A. M. celebrated 21st anniversary.
Holy Cross defeated Guards 9 to 7.
Fieldian defeat B. I. S. 3 to 0 in intermediate hockey.
United States Government announced readiness to discuses was debt revision with all countries which paid their December 15th installments.
Annual reunion of royal Stores Ltd and associated companies.
His Excellency the Governor, Sir David Murray Anderson K.C.B.  And Lady Anderson arrived by S. S. Newfoundland.
Dramatic contest at Pitts Memorial Hall won by Congregational Church Group.
Anglican Church at St. David's destroyed by fire.
Annual meeting Wesley Church.
Alfred Smith, X-ray pioneer passed away a victim of his own experiments.
John Galsworthy, one of the outstanding Literary figures of his time as novelist and play writer passed away.
Wesley Literary Association debated "That Japan is justified in her Manchurian policy."
Mr. S. J. Foote, K.C. retired as General Agent of the Manufacturing Life Insurance Co., New Branch manager, Mr. A. C. Baldwin.
Railway strike in North Ireland marked by violence.
Gypsy Carnival under auspices of the Y.W.C.A held at Newfoundland Hotel.
Sale of work and concert under auspices of the girls industrial Home Association held at Anchorage, Cook Street.
Debate between senior and Intermediate Chapters of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew at Canon Wood Hall.
M.C.L.I. debated "that Newfoundland Government railway line should be discontinued."
Mr. C. O'N Conroy related famous story of the Tichborne Case to Rotary Club.
Mrs. Dr. Hunter addressed Macdonald Fellowship club on "Holes in the Ground."
Annual hockey and basketball dance at Field College hall.
Sunday School anniversary at Gower Street Church.
Mr. John Lee, Carbonear , gave musical entertainment to Holy Cross Literary Association.
Rev. Br. J. V. Birmingham lectured to Patrician Association on "The Life of Geral Griffin."
Mutiny on Dutch cruiser "Zeiven Provincian" in East India waters reported.
Tenth Anniversary of Pope Pius Tenth.
Rev. Br. M O'Hehir addresses Scouters Club on"Hobbies."
Mass Meeting of National party at Kokio attended by 5,000 persons passed resolution demanding Japan's immediate with drawl from the League Of nation's.
Four new members to the Upper House gazetted, Sir John  R. Bennett, K. B. E. , Walter S Monroe.  John S. Currie and William J Halley.
Old Collegians celebrate Diamond Jubilee by dance in aid of Battle Harbor Mission.
Fieldians defeat Holy Cross 6 to 5, in final game of first round of Senior Hockey League.
Bell island Hockey defeated All-Star Intermediate aggregation from St. John's 5 to 4.
Wesley Literary Association given addresses by four members.
Riots in Guiana result in three killed six fatally wounded and a large number slightly wounded.
Severe earthquake felt throughout the State of Baden, Germany.
Japan offered new conciliation plan for settling the Sino-Japanese dispute to League Secretariat.
Two British Royal Air force flyers brought their monoplane down at Walvis Bay on west Coast of Africa after setting a new world's straight line distance record.  Britain now holds records for height, speed and distance.
Eamon De Valera re-elected president of the Executive Council of the Irish Free State.
Newfoundland Light and Power team won Championship in commercial Bowling League.
Bell Island Hockey team defeated St. John's Intermediates in second game of service 7 to 8.
Highest tide for 40 years accompanied by heavy south west gale with heavy sea experienced at Bonne Bay, many wharves, small stores, boats and dories completely demolished.
Railway station at Corunna Spain destroyed by dynamite explosion.
Residence of John Sturge at Broofield completely destroyed by fire.
M.C.L.I. debates "that the operation of an international police force would be the best practical method of safeguarding world peace."
Big gale of south west winds with very high tide caused considerable damage to fishing stores, houses and barns at Sandy Point, St. George's. Several families had to leave homes on account of tide which rose to a height of two to three feet.
New York experienced coldest snap for winter when temperature dropped to 10 degrees below zero.  More than 130 persons reported to have lost their lives and millions of dollars worth of damage done in farmlands and along wind swept coast.
Bomb from seaplane ended the mutiny on the Dutch warship "de Zeven Provincien" in the East Indies.  18 were killed and 25 wounded, and the remaining mutineers, approximately 100 surrendered.
Preliminary annual meeting of B.I.S.
Holy Cross team defeat St. Bon's 11 to 6.
Second gale did much damage at Highlands where R. C. Church blown out to sea, and the St. Fintan's and Robinsons.  In the city the storm was at its worst between 4.30 and 5 am and some damage was done to houses, garages, etc.
Annual exhibition of the Newfoundland society of Art opened at Y.M.C.A.
30,000 men and women deprived of their livelihood by gasometer explosion which wrecked the city of Neumkirchen, Germany, and took an estimated toll of 170 dead and thousand injured.
St. bon's defeated United College in play off, scores 8-5.
Citizens of Harbor Grace form Cooperative Self Help Association ,
Customs and Daily News play to a draw in city League hockey.
Patrician Association held "Pot Pourri" program.
President Paton of the Memorial College lectured the Holy Cross L.A. on "George Washington."
Mr. David Johnson retired as manager of the Sun Life Assurance Co., in Newfoundland after 34 years of service.  Succeeded by Mr. F. R. Clark.
Further reports of storm states that four wharves were swept away at trinity much damage caused along water front of Bay de Verde also at Ramea.  Worst storm ever experienced at Francoia.
Annual meeting congregation of George Street Church.
Four of the older officials of the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Co., at Grand Falls, recently retired, namely Mr. R. m. H phillip, Mr. G. E. Saunders, Mr. Frew and Mr. H. A Morrissey .  Mr. Baudry Day supt., of the machine room, also severed connection with the Company.
Guards defeated Fieldians 8-5 in senior league hockey.
Attempted assassination of President Roosevelt at Miami Florida, by George Guiseppe Mengado.  Anton Cermark mayor of Chicago, was hit in the back by the first shot.  Two secret service men were wounded in the farce.  Mrs. Joe Gill was hit in the abdomen by a bullet.
Hons. Sir John R. Bennett, W. S. Monroe and J. S Currie sworn in as members of the Legislative Council.
United church College defeat Fieldians 11-3 School Hockey.
530 State and National Banks of Michigan closed for 8 days while State Federal and private agencies attempt drastic reorganization of the state's financial system.
MoUnt Cashel boys give entertainment at Casino Theatre.
Mr. Chesley Crosbie, Managing Director of Crosbie and Co., and Capt. Olaf Olson, Managing Director of the Marine Agencies Ltd. chartered S. S. Ungava to prosecute seal fishery.
Opening of the new organ of St. Bon's college donated by Mr. R. J. Louis Cuddihy, Rev. P. J. Kennedy blessed organ and preached sermon.  Sir Charles Hutton was organist of the ceremony.
Congregational ladies Aid concert and sociable.
St. Margaret's Guild concert and sociable.
Novel "Free-for-all" program held by M.C.L.I.
St. Bon's College Team won from Fieldians 9-2.
Parker and Monroe and Avalon Telephone Co., played to a draw in city League, scoring 4 goals each
Gordon S Cowan, son of Mr. and Mrs Peter Cowan, Topsail Road chosen Rhodes
127th Annual meeting of the Benevolent Irish Society J. C. Pippy , President.
Annual Meeting of the St. John's Masonic Mutual Assurance Co.
Strollers Athletic Club Hockey team victorious over guards in intermediate League 3-1
Austria plunged into great crises by French protest against italian arms shipments to the Hirtenbery Armament Works for repairs.
James Baird Ltd.,  representing group of investing business people, chartered S. S. Beothic for the seal fishery.
St. Bon's School Hockey team defeated United College 6-1.
Mr. J. J. Prowse addressed patricians in "An Drama Caed'1".
Jim Corbett, famous fighter of heavyweight class, passed away.
Rev. J. W. O'Mara addressed Holy Cross L.A. on "A man's philosophy."
St. Mary's Amateur Dramatic Troupe presented "Just Country Folks" at St. Mary's Hall.
Holy Cross hockey team won from Guards in playoff . score 6-4.
British Industries "Fair" opened at Olympia, and the White City in London, and at Castle Browick, Birmingham.
In spite of poor visibility Sir Malcolm Campbell exceeded his own speed record of 254 miles an hour by over 18 miles at Daytona.
King held first investiture of the year at Buckingham palace.
C.M.B.C. held tea and entertainment at Synod Hall.
Following hockey games at rink an informal but enjoyable gathering held at Guards Club rooms when inter-town trophy was presented to the winning Bay Roberts team, members of Bay Roberts , Brigus and Harbor Grace teams also present.
Colombus Ladies' association held enjoyable dance.
Students of St. Bon's College held oratorical contest in Audi Maxima, Edward Meany won first prize, a silver wrist watch , with Charles Delaney second.
Prime Minister announced Royal Commissioners to investigate Newfoundland affairs namely-The Rt. Hon. Lord Amulree, G.B.E., K.C.  Mr. C .A. McGrath LI.D., SIR William Stavert, K.B.E.  And Mr. P. A. Clutterbuck, M.C. Dominion Office, as Secretary.
Bay Roberts Rovers won inter town championship.
St. Thomas's Women's Association held roast beef super and concert at Canon wood Hall.
His Excellency the Governor and Lady Anderson paid special visit to the Land Development Association.
M.C.L.I. debate "Resolved that this House Favors Government by Commission in Newfoundland for a period not exceeding 10 years".
Rotary Club celebrated 28th anniversary of its founding.
St. Bon's defeated Guards in hockey game 7 - 2.
St. Bon's College team won fourth successive victory for season when they defeated the Bishop Feild College team 6 to nil.
Macdonald Fellowship Club held successful card party at Newfoundland hotel.
Dali News team defeated Bell Island Guards in bowling games.
Royal Stores Hockey team won from Parker and Monroe by score of 4 to 3.
"Dick Whittington" presented at Pitt Memorial Hall.
Advocate apologized to Minister of Agriculture and Mines, Hon. W. J. Walsh.
Largest area of England snowbound and blizzard in south Wales.  Worst experienced for some years.
Annual Meeting G.W.V.A. at Holy Name Hall.
Japanese delegates withdrew from league of Nations.
Annual meeting Cochrane Street United Church.
Holy Cross hockey team defeated Fieldians 4 to 3 Senior League Hockey.
St. Bon's and Memorial college teams of Intermediate league played to a draw securing 3 goals each.
Cup presented to the Commercial bowling league by Mr. R. G. winter won by Newfoundland Light and Power Co.
Flue epidemic raging at Burgeo. All fishing operations suspended and school closed for the last few days.
St. Bon's College won Championship in Inter-Collegiate, series when they defeated United College 5 to 3.
Annual meeting Colombus ladies' association.
Fourth St. John's Troop Boy Scouts entertained Patricians Association.
Japan submitted statement of rebuttal on League finding in Far East question.
Adjournment annual meeting of the B.I.S.
Holy Cross L.A. held musicale.
Bowling series between Y.M.C.A. and Railway employees won by "Y"
Gazette extraordinary proclaimed by-election in Port de Grave district made necessary by the resignation of Hon. J. S. Ayre.
Adjourned annual meeting of G. W. V. A. at Holy Name Hall.
Members of the Beotic Miniature Rifle Club held dinner at Newfoundland Hotel.
Play "Tareisius" presented by pupils of St. Bon's College at Aula Maxina.
Inter club blowing league series officially opened.
Championship cup presented St. Bon's College by inter-College champions.
Wesley Literary association and cathedral Literary Association debated "Resolved that modern youth is falling to live up to its responsibilities" won by Wesley.
Lady Anderson paid visit to the Anchorage...Cook Street.
MARCH 1933
Debate at Y W Club Rooms between Macdonald Fellowship Club and Wesley Literary Association.  Won by Wesley.
Frank Walsh veteran favorite of footlights , honored by Old Favorites troops on occasion of his 88th birthday.
His Excellency the governor Sir David Murray Anderson visited Schilug Fleet.
Tidal wave following earthquake at Tokyo did tremendous damage in northern islands of Japan where 7,000 houses were destroyed and 15,000 small boats swept away and over 1,000 persons swept to death.
City of Dehol just north of the Great Wall of China, surrendered to a little over 100 Japanese soldiers.
President Roosevelt sworn in.
United college defeated Fieldians 9 to 2.
Final details of German elections issued , Hitler received majority with help of his Allies.
Judge Higgins lectured at holy Cross L.A. on the "Common Wealth".
Rev. B. R. Egan addressed Patrician Association on "The 31st Eucharistic Congress.
Rev. John E Brown began three weeks Evangelistic campaign in George Street Church.
Official declaration issued by President Roosevelt declaring moratorium of all banks and credit houses in the United States from March 6th to March 9th.
Anton Cermak died of wound obtained when he received a bullet intended for President Roosevelt at the hands of the Italian anarchist on February 15th.
Greece declared a Dictatorship .
Steamers, Ranger, Ungava, Terra Nova, Imogene, Eagle and beothic sailed for seal fishery.
J. H. Thomas Dominion Secretary moved the house of Commons a supplementary estimate of 166,570 pounds representing the United Kingdom share of the money recently advanced Newfoundland by Great Britain and Canada.
Debate at Pitts Memorial Hall "That this depression will have a beneficial result to mankind" won by affirmative.
Rev. J. W. O'Mara B. A. lectured of K of C on "A Man's Philoposhy"
Wesley Literary Association debated "that centralization of industry constitutes a menace to the world" Affirmative won by narrow margin.
Y.M.C.A. and C.L.B. Bowling tourney officially opened.
Special session of Congress summoned by President Roosevelt to consider financial situation.
Japanese memorandum officially notified the league Secretariat of their imminent withdrawal on account of differences between Japan and the league over Manchurian question.
St. Bon's defeated holy Cross 6-3 in tie-cup series.
Royal Stores defeated Railway 4-3.
President Roosevelt issued proclamation continuing banking holiday until further notice.
M.C.L.I. held mock trial.
Mr. M. A. Shea  M.H.A. was recipient of from employees of Monroe Export Co., on his departure from the firm.
Mr. J. G. Higgins, K.C.  Lectured to Scouters Club.
Fieldians won from guards 3 to 1.
Rotarians Allan Fraser gave interesting talk on paper Currency at weekly luncheon.
Severe earthquake shook Southern California and 500 people reported dead with hundreds injured.  Chief towns affected were Long Beach, Los Angeles, Ventura, Pasadena, Santa Barbara
Local producers and manufacturers re-organize association with hope of energizing industry.
4 year old myrtle King daughter of Mr. and Mar. Herbert King Perry's Cove, B. D. v. suffered severe burns on her face, arms and legs as result of setting fire to her nightdress.
12 New York banks will re-open to-day.
Royal Stores team won championship in city Hockey league.
Strollers defeated Guards 4 to 0.
Codfish exporters met in Board of Trade Rooms to further continue discussion which had been going on for some time re the Salt Codfish Exportation Board Mr. d. J. Davis appointed as chairman.
Nomination for the bye-election in Port de Grave held at court House, Brigus, Mr. Ernest Gear nominated for the government and Mr. Richard Cramm for the Opposition.
Final game of inter-Collegiate hockey series.  St. Bon's defeated Fieldians 10 to 6 and finished season without a loss.
Intermediate Hockey league ended first round, St. Bon's defeated Fieldians 11 to 5.
Annual meeting of the Bible society.
Mr. T. H O'Neill entertained Patrician Association.
Rev. Br. O'Hehir spoke to Holy Cross L.A. on the "Life of Thomas Davis."
Members of Royal commission arrived by S. s. Silvia.
Annual meeting Newfoundland Light and Power Co., employees Association.
St. Bon's defeated Fieldians 5 to 2 in tie-cup series.
Rev. R. J. Greene lectured to Belvedere ladies Association on the "Holy Year."
Hon. H. A. Winter returned from New York where he attended a meeting of the directors of the International Power and Paper Co., (Nfld.) Ltd.
Wesley Literary Association weekly debate.
Maurice Myles postmaster at Jersey Harbor charges with embezzlement of $191.00 funds of the Post Office.
Strollers defeated "Y' 5 to 2 in intermediate Hockey league series.
Holy Cross won from Guards 7 to 4 in exciting game.  Charlie Cahill of Holy Cross team now in hospital with fractured collar bone as result of injuries received in game.
Sir William Allardyee Cup won by W Rodger at Curling rink.
Sixth annual meeting of Railway Employees Welfare Association.
Varrick Frissell Memorial which was cast at the Foundry after being designed by Mr. James Murdock, set in position in the Varrick Frissell memorial Room at the Y. M. C. A.
Royal Commission consisting of Rt. Hon. Lord Amuliree, Sir William Stavert, and Mr. J. A Mcgrath , with Mr. P. A. Clutterbuck , as secretary, held first sitting at Newfoundland Hotel.
Premier Macdonald in passionate appeal of one hour's address pleaded with nations to show good will and confidence in each other.
M.C.L.I. debate . Trade Policy of the British Empire.
Two University Buildings of Mt. Allison, Sackville, N. B. destroyed by fire.
Bell Island bowlers visited city and played Light and Power team who won two out of three frames.
St. Bon's hockey team defeated All-Stars 10-3.
Post Office won from Daily News 3 to 2 in city league hockey series.
"The arrival of Kitty" presented by B.I.S. Dramatic Troupe at Pitts Memorial Hall.
Concert and Sketch at Wesley Lecture Hall.
Old Favorite present "The Shaughranun" at the Casino.
St. Patrick's Day celebrations at Columbus Hall.
"Shamrocks of Broadway" presented at St. Joseph's Hall.
Concert and sketch at Wesley Lecture hall.
Store of W. R. Goobie badly gutted by fire and water.  Crosbie and Co. and Templemans Ltd., also suffer damage.
Dwelling of Theofore Oxdon at railway station, Grand Falls, and occupied by Willis Dawe destroyed by fire.
Benevolent Irish Society fittingly marked St. Patrick's Day , calling on His Excellency the Governor and His Grace The Archbishop, Hon. Mr. Justice Kent honored by Society who visited him.
Enjoyable concert at Presentation convent School room.
City hockeyists marooned at Bell Island on account of storms, team played 3 game and won two.
Officers of Lodger Taker A. F. and A. M. installed.
Concert and Social at Gower Street Lecture Hall.
Grand Concert and entertainment at Canon Wood Hall.
Attorney General informed the Daily news that John Mitchell and his wife of Caplin Cove did not die of starvation as reported but of pneumonia contracted after the fin.
Patrician Association held special St. Patrick's Day Program.
Sir Charles Hutton demonstrated correct methods of speaking, etc., Holy Cross L.A.
Canadian bank of commerce won championship in Bankers Bowling league.
St. Bon's defeated Memorial in semi-finals in Intermediate league championship 6-3.
St. Bon's defeat Guards 3 to 1.thus winning hockey championship for fourth successive year.  Also won tie-cup.
Vessel fishing out of Gloucester with 5 Newfoundland onboard, namely Capt. Con Smith, of Argentia, and with him as crew his brother, two Griffins and a man named sparrow, and one from N.W. Arm P.B reported 10 days overdue, feared lost with all hands.
Annual meeting Masonic Club.
Ernest Gear, government candidate in Port de Grave bye-election, elected by a majority of 357 votes over his opponent Richard Cramm.
Annual meeting Seal Kinners Association.
Over 200 poor children entertained at S. A. citadel, Adelaide St.
St. Bon's defeated Strollers in final game of intermediate series, thereby winning championship for 1933.
Miss Edna Baird , B. A. addressed Rotary on "Dietetics"
Rev. BR. Birmingham lectured to B.I.S members and friends on "the life of Gerald Griffen."
Hudson building on Duckworth Street purchased by society of United fishermen and St. John's Lodge No.5 for $7,000.
Education policy of Newfoundland subject of debate by M.C.L.I.
W. A Reid won G.W.V.A. trophy at Curling Rink.
Royal Stores defeated Parkers in city hockey league 2-1, and Bowring Bros. defeated Nail and foundry 10-2.
Mr. Albert Perlin gave address on "the romance of postage stamps" to Macdonald Fellowship Club.
Professor Fraser M.A. spoke to Holy Cross L.A. on War Debts.
Closing services of Evangelist Rev. J. E. Brown in George St. Church.
Patrician Association weekly meeting.
Annual meeting of parishioners of St. Mary's Church.  The Rector Rev. Canon A. B. S. Stirling voluntarily asked for salary reduction.
Chief Officer James Walter Murphy , of the S. s. Newfoundland, won prize which is offered annually by the Royal Secretary for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.  The essay was a special subject concerning Navigation and Seamanship.
Japanese Government's notice of withdrawal from the League of Nations received at Geneva.
"The Upper Room" presented at Casino Theatre.
St. Bon's and United college divided honors in basketball games, St. Bon's winning the senior games and the United the junior.
Masonic won Club Trophy at Curling rink.
Thirteen Annual banquet Club at Queen's hotel.
Annual meeting of Guards A. A. A. "Newfoundland should be governed by Commission for a period of ten years." subject of debate at Pitts Memorial Hall.
Popular vote for Commission Government.
Swimming meet at Y.M.C.A. pool.
Hon William C Winsor appointed member of the Executive Council in place of hon. James S. Ayre.
Residence of H. D. Archibald, Harbor Grace, badly gutted by fire.
Royal Stores won tie-cup series City League when they defeated Bowring Bros. 3 to 2.
Annual dinner Macdonald Fellow ship Club at Y.W.C.A.
Governor and Lady Anderson visited city Hospitals.
Hon. Justice Higgins , C. H. Hutton, K.S.C. and R. F. Horwood Esq. delivered address at round Table of M.C.L.I.
Mr. H.G.R. News, Secretary of the Board of Trade spoke to Rotary Club on "Co-operation to the Board of Trade
Annual meeting City basketball league at Y.M.C.A.
Third round of College basketball ended St. Bon's winning senior game score 49-22 and Fieldians winning the junior game by score 16 to 13.
APRIL 1933
S. S. Caribou rescued small schooner owned by George Witt of Channel and brought her to Port aux Basques
Mr. E. M. Cahill discussed "Dairies and Diarists" to members of patrician Association.
Jewish boycott in Germany suspended for the time being.
"That war debts should be canceled" subject of debate by Holy Cross L. A.
Mr. Edward A Dow American Consul General at St. John's advised of his appointment as Consul general at Santiago Chile.
Installation officers Whiteway Lodge.
Members of Church of England parishes of St. John's and ex-pupils of the Church of England schools launched drive for funds for C. of E. College.
Championship in senior basketball league won by St. Bon's.
Star Mission and Wesley Literary Association held interesting debate.
American chief delegate Norman Davis arrives at Paris.
D. G. K. Hon. W. J. Browne lectured Knight of Columbus on "the development of Newfoundland under responsible government."
Miss Louise Maud Saunders and Mr. Gordon Warren passed final law examinations, miss Saunders has honor of being the first lady lawyer in Newfoundland.
Concert and sociable at Congregation Hall.
Norway's claim to section of East Greenland allowed by Hauge Board of Abritration.
United College won junior championship in basketball league.
Bell Island bowlers won games from Daily News and Y.M.C.A. but lost out to Light and Power team.  Dinner served at "Y" when members of all teams were present.
French Government upheld on 4 Power Pact by vote of 430 to 107.
Daladier's policy sustained by Chamber.  Premier opposed to treaty revision.
Robert S. Furlong Consul for Germany in Newfoundland speaker at Rotery luncheon on "The Life of Sir Humphrey Gilbert.'
His Excellency the Governor accompanied by his private secretary and A.D.C. paid visit to Newfoundland Clothing Company Factory.
Sacred Concert at St. Mary's Hall.
Annual meeting M.C.L.I. R. Gushue elected president.
Preliminary annual meeting of Newfoundland football league.
Election officers Macdonald Fellowship Club.
Installation of M. B. E high priest and officer bearers of Shannon chapter No. 9 R. A. Masons.
At meeting of ex-service men at C. L. B. Armory, the Army and Navy league was duly formed.
Palm Sunday ceremonies at R. C. Cathedral.
Holy Week Mission opened at St. Thomas's Church by Rev. T. W. Isherwood.
Holy Cross L.A. addressed by three of its members.
Life of Frederic Ozanan, founder of St. Vincent de Paul society, discussed at weekly meeting of Patrician Association.
Mr. George K. Donald appointed to succeed Mr. Edward A Dow as American Consul General in Newfoundland.
Presentation of Trophies won by City league at Crosbie Hotel. Royal Stores presented with three cups, and Post Office one.
Official opening 28th General Assembly Members sworn in by special commissioners Mr. J. A. Winter, member for Burgeo unanimously elected Speaker.
Annual meeting Newfoundland poultry Association.
Lord Amulree Chairman of the Royal Commission now sitting at St. John's guest of Churchman's Society of St. Andrew's to whom he gave talk on his impression of Newfoundland.
Violent anti German outbursts in Poland.  All German goods removed from streets.
Cyril K. Ryan winner of gold medal as outstanding speaker in prize debate at Holy Cross schools.
Trial of 6 British employees of the Metropolitan Vickers Co. accused of belonging to counter revolutionary organization and by engaging in espionage , sabotage and bribery opened in Moscow.
Art exhibition at Memorial College.
Annual meeting Newfoundland Football league.
U. S. patrol ship General Greene rescued 4 men in boat from Battery who were reported to be in difficulties outside the Narrows.
Annual championship bowling series at Y.M.C.A.
Choir Recital at Gower St. United Church.
Hon. W. J. Browne outlined Criminal lay system before Rotary Club.
Daily News carried joint report by Capt. Oldford and Mr. D. J.  Davis on investigations made into Newfoundland salt codfish markets abroad.
S. S . Imogene arrived from seal fishery with record load.
Prime Minister MacDonald accompanied by his daughter Iabel and three experts embarked for United States.
Closing exercises of Mission conducted at St. Thomas's Church by Rev. H. T. Isherwood.
Aviator Fraser made two flights from north to middle Trinity bay and south to La Monche.  He saw about 2,000 seals.
Ester Musicale at Holy Cross L.A
William Vincent aged 81 years of Newtown missing since April 7th.
Professor Hatcher appointed president of Memorial United Church succeeding Mr. J. L. Paton and Dr. Hunter, Vice-president.  Two old Memorialds Miss Sadie Organ and Miss Edna Baird appointed to staff.
Successful dance under auspices of Ladies' Auxilary at St. Mary's Hall.
S. S. Ungava in port with 49,285 seals.
Card party and dance at Spencer College Hall.
"Old Homestead" presented at Casino Theatre.
Golden Jubilee of the women's Missionary Society celebrated at Gower Street lecture Hall.
Ex-Premier Herriot of France and Party embarked for United States to confer with President Roosevelt on various problems including inter-allied debts.
Royal Commission visited Carbonear.
Successful card party under direction of Mrs. Gladys Coyell at Newfoundland Hotel to provide foot ware for destitute of City.
Easter Cantata at Gower St. United Church.
R. T. McGrath delivered lecture on Personal Reminiscences to Knight of Columbus.
Royal Commission arrived at Bonavista and spent day there leaving for Catalina, Port Union and Trinity and will likely go to Port Blandford remaining all night.
America abandoned gold standard.
Annual flipper supper of Railway employees Welfare Association. at Nfld Hotel.  Bowling prizes presented to winners.
Tasker celebration for children held at bishop Field College attended by over 400 children of Masons.
St. Margaret's Guild presented entertainment at Canon Wood Hall.
United Church schools house at Lush's Bight destroyed by fire.
Entertainment under management of Mrs. Herbert Outerbridge in aid of Battle harbor Mission at Canon Wood Hall.
Outport representatives of Sun Life Assurance Co. and members of city office staff made presentation of engraved electric clock to Mr. D. Johnston who in the early partof the year resigned as Newfoundland manager.
Mr. C. J. Fox spoke to Rotary Club on Insurance.
St. Bonaventure's inter-collegiate hockey champion dined at Donovan's.
Premier Macdonald reached New York.
S. S. Belle Isle unable to effect entrance to St. John's owing to ice.
Rifle Club held farewell dinner at Newfoundland Hotel in honor or Darroch MacGillivary.
Adjourned annual meeting of the Newfoundland football League.
Girl guides of Prince of Wales College (3rd St. john's Co.) Held concert at Pitt's memorial Hall.
S.S. Belle Isle, Capt. J.J. DesLauriers, R.C.N.B.  First steamer to come down the St. Lawrence River this season, arrived in port.
President J.L Paton of the Memorial college delivered address on St. George, patron Saint of England , at George St. Church.
Mr. C. J. Fox discussed League of nations to Holy Cross L.A.
Steamer Ranger and Terra Nova arrived from seal fishery.
S. S. Kyle made contact with the beothic who was running short of food and transferred supplies to her.
C. E. I. annual billiard dinner held at Donovan's.
President of disarmament Conference, Henderson, awarded peace Prize of 2,200 pounds sterling.
4th St. John's Troop of Boy Scouts presented entertainment at majestic theatre.
St. George's Dance at Holy Cross Hall.
5 men convicted at Deer Lake for the slaughter of moose.
"Merchant of Venice" at Pitts memorial Hall by pupils of Prince of Wales College.
Husky Boys group of Rotarians gave farewell dinner at Newfoundland Hotel to Derrock MacGillivary
S. S. Humber Arm arrived at Corner Brook from London, took first newprint cargo for season.
C.E.W.A. Social at Synod hall.
Benefit Musicale at Queen's College.
Guards defeated St. bon's in first game of inter club basketball league 20-16.
Annual meeting Wesley Literary Association.
Royal commission at Corner Brook.
Fair at Y.W.C.A. opened by Lady Anderson.
Prime Minister MacDonald left New York on S. S. Berengaria for England.
New Trade agreement between United Kingdom and Denmark .
"And Billy Disappeared" presented by Congregational Dramatic Troupe in Lecture Hall.
Atlantic Lodge No. 1 I.O.O.F. celebrated 114th anniversary of the Order.
Benefit card party for C. L. B. officers mess at Spencer College.
3 act comedy "Rival Ghosts" presented under auspices of 3rd St. John's rover Scouts at Wesley lecture Hall.
C.L.B. defeated Fieldians 41-24, Wanderers defeated St. Bon's 45-18 in senior basketball league.
Semi-annual meeting of Sergeants Mess at Cochrane Hotel.
Homes of Messers Lew White and John Kane, Pleasant Street completely destroyed by fire.   
Annual conference of brotherhood of St. Andrew at St. Mary's Hall.
Inmates of poor Asylum entertained.
Dr. H. M. Mosdell discussed public health problems to members of Rotary Club.
Curling Club held semi-annual meeting and dinner at Newfoundland Hotel.
Group of soldiers found derelict French passenger seaplane recently reported to have crashed in the mountains while on a journey from Marseilles to Beirut, with three occupants alive in the cabin and five dead bodies.
500 Iowan farmers attacked sheriff and deputies with axes and many injured on both sides. Dispute arose in connection with stat measure regarding farm mortgages in Iowa.
Annual meeting of St. John's Amateur Athletic Association at Crosbie hotel.
"Y" defeated Guards and Memorial defeated C.L.B. in senor basketball league.
French paper Echo de Paris stated that French Government is determined to make no more war debt payments to the United States.
Messrs Raymond Cramm and Caleb Tibbo, employees of the firm Ayre & Son Ltd., whose Total years of service number nearly four score and ten are pensioned.
River drivers working in connection with woods work of the International power and paper Co., Corner Brook , on strike.
Mr. J. G. Higgins, K.C.  Addressed Holy Cross, L.A. on "Law" and Lawyers.
MAY 1933
Sir Wilfred Grenfell, accompanied by Lady Grenfell, landed at New York.
Ninth Annual General Meeting of the Playgrounds and Recreation Association.
May Pole Ceremony at Cochrane Street Church.
"Oh What a Night" at Casino Theatre.
Dramatic society of memorial University College presented 3 one act Play at Bishop Feild College.
President of Peru, Luiz Sanches Gerro, shot to death by 3 assassins.
S.S. Skipool, 12 days from Cardiff, arrived in port with cargo of 4.700 tons of coal.  This is the first cargo to be delivered by Gueret, Llewellyn and Merritt under the coal for pitprops contract.
Captain Oldford, who recently returned from a visit to the European fish markets on behalf of the Government, addressed meeting of Board of Trade.
Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. Sports banquet.
Dr. Blackall paid visit to memorial University College to thank in person the pupils for  the address they had presented to him on opening day of the term.
Opening session of Women's Missionary Society.
Germany disband all trades Unions.  Funds of three million marks sequestered by government.
Third and final series of debate sponsored by the Methodist College Literary institute and Llewellyn Club at Pitts memorial Hall.  "That the Capitalist System had Outlived Its usefulness" won by affirmative.
Annual masonic Service on behalf at St. Thomas's Church.
In interview with Daily News correspondent Lady Grenfell expressed opinion that many tourist steamers would visit  Labrador from Montreal this summer and that she and Sir Wilfred Grenfell have arranged for a Grenfell Labrador industrial Stall at the Century of Progress World's Fair in Chicago in June.
S. S. Cape Agulhas arrived Bay Bulls from fishing cruse on the banks.
Prime Minister MacDonald landed at Southampton after he visit to America and said he was pleased with the Washington talks.
Sales of Work and Card party at St. Mary's Hall.
Officials of L. D. A. held meeting with Mr. Trentham Controller of the Treasurer to discuss plans for organization of agricultural societies throughout Newfoundland.
Gymnastic Exhibition by pupils of Bishop Spencer College.
Social and Concert under auspices of Royal Oak Lodge at Victoria Hall.
C.L.A may Dance at Newfoundland Hotel.
Dunfield Club prested play "Kicked Out of College".
Annual Flipper supper Llewelyn Club.
 Prime Minister Hon. F. C. Alderdice discussed some of Newfoundland problems
His Excellency the Governor and Lady Anderson visit Harvey-Brehm, Ltd. factory.
S. S. Beothic arrived in port bringing key to 1933 seal fishery and hailing for 17,634.
Women's missionary Society held election of officers for ensuing year.
Rotarian Albert Hickman gave interesting address in his recent trip to Europe before Rotary Club.
C.L.B. indoor Sports.
Black Hawks rugby team elected officers.
Treaty of Berlin between Germany and soviet Russia renewed for another year.
Stanley Baldwin declared the time for return to party system has not yet arrived in Britain.
First cargo of manufactured seal oil to leave here for Spain ready to go forward by barquet Alemble
Powerful seagoing tug Rhodes Zee left here en route to Canary Islands where she will push disable steamer and tow her to Rotterdam.
Tender and 3 cars of eastbound express derailed at Pynn's Brook.
Schooner Coral Spray which arrived at Grand Bank reported that Stanley Clarke, Simon Clarke, Joseph Bond and Daniel Mahoney went astray from sealing vessel in dense fog.
Canadian police patrol found diary of German Arctic explorer Dr. Kreuger who together with two companions proceeded from Greenland in 1930 and had not been heard of for 2 years.
Presentation of engraved electric clock to Mr. F. G. Dawe on his retirement after 18 years of service
Fred Miller who was attending the inaugurating of the Harbor and wharf was tossed overboard when a gale of wind caused the boat to lurch and the rail gave away.  He was rescued by Lance-corporal Robert Hayward of the C.L.B.
His Excellency the Governor tended opening ceremony C.M.R.C. Harbor Mission.
Polish Parliament re elected Ignacy Moscicki as new President of the Polish Republic.
Uninhabited bungalow of Percy Fearn at Topsail damaged by fire.
Card party at Guard Club Rooms.
Wanderers leading team in basketball series when they defeated Fieldians 22-17.  Also defeated Y.M.C.A. 39-22.
Mr. C Mc Harvey Consul for Italy stated that Italian Armada planned to leave May 24th.
Sir Edgar Bowring Kt. accepted the Newfoundland High Commissionership and consented to with out salary.
Grand dramatic competition at Pitts memorial hall won by comany directed by Mrs. Lovett Janison who presented "Campbell of Kilmhor"
Nation wide strike in Spain.
 All town agog with report that gold had been discovered on the Southside.  Experienced  miners however hinted that "gold ' may be only Pyrites.
Forty-eight hour strike in Barcelona Railways blown up and churches burned; 45 arrest made.
Impressing rally of girls guides at C.L.B. Armoury, Lady Anderson enrolled as commissioner.
Pupils of Bishop Feild College presented scenes from "The Merchant of Venice" informal dance at night.
St. Bon's defeated Fieldians 29-26 and Guards defeated Memorials 48-23 in Basketball series.
Guards Association held Dance at Holy Name Hall.
Capt. Clifford Sears, member of the Labor party, who is seeking re-election to parliament removed a Nazi wreath from the Cenotaph.  He was fined $8.00 and the British foreign office made official apology to German ambassador.
Several Japanese airplanes over Peking intensified panic of Chinese.  A bomb dropped killed 5 people in the United States Hospital.
Semi Annual dance of the Macdonald Fellowship Club.
Mr. Joseph W Boyd of Yarmouth N.S. Grand High priest of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masonic of Nova Scotia arrived in city.
L.S.P.U .held election of officers.
Mr. William White delivered address on "Economic Optimism in relation to the Future of Newfoundland" at rotary luncheon.
Annual meeting of City Football League at Crosbie Hotel.
Forth St. Jon's Troup boys Scouts won championship in intermediated basketball when they defeated Third St. John's Scouts 26-10.
King's Daughter Group of Newfoundland in the appeal of Gower Street United Church held "Community Sharing' at lecture Hall of Church.
Hon. L. E. Merson Minister of Justice sailed for England to represent Government of Newfoundland when the appeal of the Reid Newfoundland Co., Mines and Forests, Ltd. Gander, Valley Power & Paper Co., Ltd. and the Royal Trust Co., before the Privity Council.
Plans now completed for the erection of a cold storage plant at Burin.
Annual meeting of the congregational of St. Thomas's Church.
Two of the men who were reported as missing from the schooner Coral Spray which arrived at Grand bank on May 5th, landed at North Sydney.
Missing schooner Maggie Murphy arrived at Harbor Breton .
C.L.B defeated Y.M.C.A. 27-19 and Fieldians defeated Memorials 24-23 in inter-club basketball series.
Royal Arch Masons honored Priest Joseph E Boyd of Yarmouth at banquet.
Fieldian Athletic Grounds Association annual meeting.
Stanley Clarke and Simon Clarke of Little Bay East who have been missing from the schooner Coral spray for about 2 week reported as being on board the schooner Mackenzie King.
G. P. O. team won bowling game from Bell Island team.

Several churches sent on fire in Madrid by anti-religious elements.
S. S. Yorick and S. S. Gaul arrived in port 6 days from Greenland.  Capt. Conrad seen by Daily news stated that through the action of the fishermen on the Arctic Prince who refused to work fishery on the banks was abandoned and outfitters of the expedition paid off everybody.
His Lordship the Bishop of Newfoundland unveiled Memorial Window dedicated to the late George and Charlotte Davey, at Church of England Cathedral.
Mother Day Service at Gower Street Church.
Severe thunder and lighting storm experienced at Cape Race.
Ninth season of the Newfoundland Conference of the United Church of Canada opened at Gower St. Church.
"Love Trouble" presented by St. Joseph Dramatic Troupe.
Twelve Organizing Delegates from the L.D.A to travel the country and organize community groups, appointed by the organizing committee.
Foreign Secretary Sir John Simon declined to give any estimate on German position on disarmament.
Bungalow owned by Leo Benson on Botwood Road, Grand Falls destroyed by fire.
Heavy electric storm struck Rencontre causing damage to telegraph office.
Entertainment at Pitts memorial hall arranged by Teachers of Parade Street School.
Annual Meeting Boy Scouts Association at Government House.
Wanderers defeated C.L.B. by score of 33-15 and St. Bon's defeated Y.M.C.A. in city basketball league.
Fieldians defeated memorials in opening game of Rugby series 7-0.
Old Collegians Tennis Club annual meeting.
Old Spencerian Association dance at Bishop Association dance at Bishop Spencer College.  Miss Edith Manuel one of the staff of Spencer College, presented with beautiful under-arm bag by Spencer Club prior to her departure for Columbia University.
Chancellor Hitler in a speech before the Reichatag asked world fair play for Germany and protested unfairness for relegation of country second class power.  Hitler declared that Germany wants to live at peace with France and Poland.
Senior pupils of St. Bon's College presented "The Merchant of Venice."
Guards defeated Wanderers in basketball 32-23..  Play-off necessary to decide championship.
"Campbell of Kilmhor" presented at Bishop Field College in aid of "Save the College" fund.
S. S. Seirstadt with 11,950 tons of Wabana ore the first shipment of ore for the season crashed into a submerged ice burg about two miles off Cape St. Francis and sunk. Captain and crew of 30 rescued.
Annual meeting L.S.P.U. Previous year executive re-elected.
Business session at Rotary Club. Election of directors for coming year held. President P. E. Outerbridge of the Playgrounds Association spoke for a few minutes outlining the finical position of the "child of rotary" and asked for support for the coming season's operations.
Rev. G. B. Pickering and Mr. W. H Herder invested as Rover Scout leaders when St. Andrew's rover Scouts held a house warming at Three pond Barrens.
Arthur O'Neill of Harbor Grace taken to General hospital suffering from broken collar bone and other serious injuries sustained when he fell a distance of 70 feet.
Mr. C. J. Fox K.C. spoke to Macdonald fellowship Club on citizenship.
South African General election resulted in overwhelming victory for the Colition parties.
General Smuts secured 54 seats, Hertzog 48, Tilman Roos party snowed under, obtained only 2 seats.
Commercial agreement with Iceland winged at Foreign Office.
"Merchant of Venice" presented by senior pupils of St. Bon's College.
     Two British trawlers, the Malago and San Sebastian, which have been chartered by the Italian government as patrol ships in connection with the forth coming flight of 24 seaplanes from Italy, arrived in port.
Wanderers won championship in basketball league when they defeated Guards 29-18.
C.L.B. won Inter-club bowling championship.
Annual meeting of Terra Nova Tennis and Country Club.
Steam yacht Alice of the Royal Italian Army air force arrived in port from New York.
His Excellency the Governor and Lady Anderson attended special service of C. of E. Cathedral.
C.L.B. held first church parade for the season to St. Mary's Church.
Lord Bishop of Newfoundland accompanied by his chaplain Rev. J. T. Hiscock administered Sacrament of Confirmation, at Topsail.
United States has forsaken former policy of isolation and guarantees that America will aid in preventing was of aggression and will accept British plan.
Two Italian submarines accompanied by two drifters, arrived in port from Halifax.
Two Macpherson Fishery scholarships awarded to John Loverridge, of Twillingate, and Kevin Osmond of Moroton's Harbor.  These scholarships provide for two months training at Fishery Research Bureau at Bay Bulls.
Joint meeting of Atlantic and Colonial Lodges I.O.O.F. held in Victoria Hall to meet Special Deputy Grand Master Brp. Major George B. Hicks and the Grand representative, of the sovereign Grand Encampment, Bro. Lorenzo Moore, both members of Exploits Lodge, Grand Falls.
"Y" Olympic sports at Prince's Rink.
British Ambassador to Washington sir Ronald Lindsay, in official message expressed appreciation to United States in reply to President Roosevelt's recent message
Fieldian Dance at Feild Hall.
Dwelling house and contents of John Smith of Bishop's Cove near Spaniard's bay destroyed by fire.
Preliminary peace has been signed in Far East and Chinese official are leaving Peking in haste.
Annual Holy Cross Schools Sports.
Annual State Convention of Knight of Columbus held at Harbor Grace.
C.L.B. champion in Inter-club bowling league.
Famine in Soviet Russia has reached such a pitch that the Soviet Government has chartered vessels in England and elsewhere to transport foreign grain rapidly to Russia to relieve the distress.
Hearing of appeal of Reid Newfoundland Co., Mines and forests Ltd., Gander Valley Power & paper Co., Ltd., and the Royal Trust Co. opened before Privity Council in London.
Benefit performance of "Kicked out of College" by St. Thomas' Dramatic Troupe in Canon wood Hall .  Lady Anderson made a special appeal on behalf of the Junior Forests Wardens.
Dr. Blackball Superintendent of Church of England's Schools spoke to Rotary Club on conditions on St. John's 40 years ago.
Fieldian Rugger Team defeated Black Hawks by score of 12-nil.
Annual communication of the District Grand Lodge of Scotland A.F. and A. M.  At Masonic Temple.
Mr. Carlos Cardint, of the firm of Eugento Cardint & Co., Italy spoke to Board of Trade on Newfoundland codfish trade.
Famous Goers works at Berlin severely gutted by fire.
Annual sports of the 1st St. john's Boy Scouts and Rover Troupe at C .L. B.  Armoury.
Fred Meadus Captain of the C.L.B. team winner of prize for the best average in the Inter-club bowling league finishing with average of 232.81.
James Fitzpatrick, Vincent Devereaux and Nicholas Devereux all of St. John's, who left port on the 26th made harbor at Petty harbor in exhausted condition after being 40 hours adrift in open dory.
Schooner H. H. MacIntosh owned by Capt. W. H. Collins ran on reef at St. Peter's island near Charlottetown.
Unoccupied house at harbor Grace belonging to a man named Courage. completely destroyed by fire.
S. S Pikepool sailed from Musgravetown B. B. with 5,600 tons of pit props for Cardiff, Wales. the first load to leave Newfoundland under the coal for pit props barter.
George Cooms, Relieving officer at Shoal Cove accidentally discharged his gun while seal hunting, the load entering his hip.
Schooner Dorothy Melita of Grand Bank struck ice burg while pulling along in a fresh breeze about 125 miles south south east of Cape Spare.  Crew remained on board for couple of days and then abandoning her rowed day and night until they reached Cape Spear when a motor boat towed them to port.
Dance at Holy name hall in aid of Belvedere Garden party
Championship bowling tournament begun..
Most daringly successful jail brake in history of United States occurred at Penitentiary at Lansing, Kansas, when 11 desperate convicts made successful escape during progress of penitentiary ball game.
Firm of Ayre and Sons Ltd. issued seal recalling fact that may 24th 1883, Charles R Ayre  landed at St. John's and began work in the employ of Benjamin Bowring.
Allan Driscoll, cief engineer of auxiliary schooner Fort Garry bound for Arctic regions, presented with pair of military brushes by some of his friends at S.U.F. Hall.
Entertainment in aid of Child Welfare in Canon Wood hall.
Presentation of Outerbridge Sheild and protection of brigade at C.L.B. armoury.
K of C won second place in Inter-Club bowling league.
Vacancy of memorial University College for next year for lecturer in Classics, Ancient History and German filled by Mr. Allar G. Gillingham, B. A.
Spencer College pupils presented excellent entertainment.
Many forest fires reported on Avalon Peninsula.
Annual meeting Dunfield Club.
House occupied by Mr. Henry Gear, Lemarchant road, damaged by fire, when a blow lamp that was being used by a painter exploded.
Nova Scotia Technical college now affiliated with Memorial University College.
Wanderers Baseball team champions in city league hen enjoyable re-union at Smithville.
Foreign Minister of Little Entente met at Hague and decided to withdraw their objections to the proposed 4 power pact.
JUNE 1933
During dense fog the Union Castel liner "Guilford Castle" of 8,000 tons and Messrs Hot motorship "Stentor" of 6.600 tons collieded in the night near Cuxhaven River Elbe.  Two deck boys and cook missing and several of the crew injured.
Material law proclaimed at Bismark, N. Dak. following striking farmers riots.
S. S. Georgongheim first steamer to enter Botwood for the season.
Judical Committee of the Privy Council dismissed the appeal of the Reid Newfoundland Co., Ltd. Mines and Forests Ltd. Gander Valley power and paper co., and Royal Trust Co. against a full judgement of the Supreme Court which declared that the appellant had no cause for action in their claim for $10,000,000 damages.
Capt. P.G. Barbour and Mr. S. m. Christian arrived in port from Trinity in eight-ton motor boat bound to Chicago to attend the World Fair.
His majesty King George V 88 years old today.
Rum runner "Thea" in charge of Capt. Bob Pottle and Mr. John Lahey entered port in charge of Customs and police officials.
New salt codfish Bill passed House of Assembly.
Dr. John Grieve spoke to rotary Club on mental Disease.
St. George School closing exercises.
Chesley Grandy member of the crew of the banker Dorothy Melita, which sank on Tuesday May 30th passed away at General hospital as result of being hit on the head by a piece of iron when the main-top broke.

Second Church parade of the year of C.L.B. held at St. Thomas's Church.
168 delegates attended the London Conference including 11 Prime Minister and 68 ministers of state.  The King spoke for exactly 8 minutes into a golden microphone in opening conference while the assemblage all stood.
Annual meeting C of E Orphanage.
Official opening football season C.L.B. defeated Guards 3 to 2.
Rev. J. F. Pippy, P.P. St. Joseph's celebrated silver jubilee of his ordination to the Holy Priesthood.
Serious discord which caused the American delegation to withdraw from the deliberations for the time being, marred the proceeding on the first day of the economic conference general discussion.
Students of the Newfoundland Memorial College tendered farewell dinner to President Paton.
B.I.S. football team defeated Mt. Cashel 1 to nil.
Yacht "Edith Caveil" owned by Frank Strickland of North Bay, La Poile totally ruined when his engine room caught fire and gasoline exploded injuring four men.
North German Lloyd crack liner, Bremen, which arrived at Cherbourg, set new record for Trans Atlantic passage having covered the distance between Ambrose Lightship off New York and Cherbourg in four days, 11 hours, 43 minutes at an average speed of 28.14 knots.
St, Patrick's Sports Day.
Prince of Wales College Annual field day.
Bishop field College athletic sports.
United Church Conference opened.  Rev. Irs F Curtis elected President with Rev. G. L Mercer as Conference Secretary.
Rev. A E. Armstrong spoke to rotary Club on India's problems.
Fieldian football team won from holy Cross score 1 to nil.
Great Britain offer of $10,000,000 on instalment of $80,000,000 war depts due this day accepted by the United States.
Sebert Maxwell, Ray Herbert master of Spaniard's Bay on way to Labrador went ashore at Bay de Verde.  Crew of 14 safely landed.
Mount Cashel football team won from guards by score of 3 to nil.
Presentation of prizes won at "Y" Olympics held in Prince's Rink , May 22nd, took place at "Y".
S. S. Kyle returned from first trip to Labrador and reported very few places on coast short of provisions.
Dalton Council Knight of Columbus, Harbor Grace, election of officers.
'Breaking Up" Service for Bishop field and Spencer College took place at C. of E. Cathedral.  Rev. Canon Peile preacher for the occasion.
Rain fall of two to  three days last week in the watershed of the Exploits produced alarming conditions in the vicinity of Grand Falls.
B. I. S. defeated Holy Cross 3-2 but game protested.
Annual meeting Mount Carmel Cemetery Committee.
City league football series started, team Ayre and sons defeated parker and Monroe team by score of 2-1.
His Grace the Archbishop administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to 712 children.
 B.I.S. defeated Fieldians 1 to 0.
At the Economic conference the Chancellor of the Exchequer Neville Chamberlain declared that banks of the world should reveal their money policy for trade and industry.
Newfoundland Government office of registry opened at Seven Island, Quebec.  Eight miners permits issued for the right to search for minerals on the coast of Labrador.
Staff of Prince of Wales College and Holloway schools made presentation to Miss Bradbury, Miss Dunbar, Miss Hughes and Miss Grace Hue retiring teachers.
Electric plant at Oslo struck by lighting.  Over million dollars damage estimated.
King and Queen attended official opening of South Africa House at Trafalgar Square.
League of Nations will take over control of Letitia.
Mr. W. B. Temple Editor of the Daily News spoke on "Score phrases of the Economic conference" at Rotary luncheon.
Old memorials said farewell to President Paton and made presentation of a replica model  of the schooner Morrissey at first annual meeting.
Annual distribution prizes of Holloway School at Pitts Memorial Hall.
Government announces plans to aid fishermen who had rooms, boat, and gear, but no provisions.
Football game between Royal Stores and Daily News ended in a draw, each team scoring two goals.
4th St. John's Troop Boy Scouts presented with shield won by basketball team in Intermediate series.
Closing exercises of the memorial University College.  Lady Anderson presented diplomas and French Medals    , Dr. Blackall presented with an address and President
 Emeritus Paton presented with a sliver caribou.
Graduation dance at memorial College.
Presentation made to Rev. H Pike by Whiteway Lodge on eve of his departure for England.
Mount Cashel won from Fieldians in football game 1 to nil.
Handsome silver salver and cheque for $100 presented to Dr. Blackall retiring Superintendent of education by C of E teachers.
Labrador gold Mine Co. representative left here by S. S. Rosalind en route to Seven Islands where they will fly to the gold areas.
Prime Minister received message of greetings from President of Newfoundland Association of Toronto
Police who accompained fire trucks to forest fire between Rockey pond and gull pond on Pierre's Brook on the Witless Bay Line, rescued Archibald William of this city and Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Walsh of Kilbride, from a swamped boat in middle of pond.
Ex King Alfonso and his son the prince of Austria completely reconciled.
Wesley Church celebrated 25th anniversary. Rev. Dr. Line pastor of early days special preacher.
Second day in Jubilee celebrations at Wesley Church marked by public meeting.
Funeral of the late Rev. G. J. Bond, panegyric delivered by Mr. J. L. Paton M. A.
Fieldians defeated Guards in senior football 4-1.
Acting mayor Carnell officially opened baseball season.  B.I.S. defeated Cubs 18-13.
Bowrings Bros. defeated Nail and Foundry 4-1 in City football league.
Brethren of  Lodge St. Andrew presented P.M. Li. Colley, leaving for Old Country with token of their esteem in shape of a handsome gold pencil.
B.I.S. and Holy Cross football teams played to a draw. no goal being scored.
25th anniversary festival of the Wesley United Church concluded with banquet and public meeting at which His Excellency the Governor unveiled Memorial.
Schooner Effie Morrissey , Capt. Bob Bartlett arrived at Brigus.
Germany, France , Holland and Switzerland refuse to leave gold standard.
Forget Me Not tag day for G. W. V. A. relief fund.
Kenneth J Thomey, Hr. Grace and Edward Cahill, Carbonear passed examination in pharmacy before Newfoundland Pharmacy Board.
Mr. Claude A Fraser enrolled as solicitor.
Guards defeated Wanderers in baseball game 30-15.
Fieldians defeated C. L. B 2-1 in senior football.
Graduation of 1932-33 clases of S. A. Grace hospital at Pitts memorial Hall.  His Excellency Sir David Murray Anderson presided whilst Lady Anderson presented diplomas.
Meeting of St. John's Rotary Club devoted to the commemoration of those who gave their lives in the Great War.  His Excellency the Governor Sir David Murray Anderson K.C. B. C. M. G. M.V.O. Major J. W march M.C.  De C and Capt. L. c. Murphy were the speakers.
Mr. Michael Anderson son of Mr. and Mrs. Jas Atkinson of this city and member of the S.S. Dominica, in hospital in Halifax suffering from two broken wrists and other bodily injuries.
Installation of the Worshipful Master of Avalon Lodge Presentation of Masonic Jewels to Bro. Chas Archer Ellis, Bro. Edwin LeMessurier and Br, Caleb Tibbo who have for 50 years ot m ore been members of Avalon Lodge.
Dr, Blackall elected Honorary President of the Council of Higher Education for life.
Budget of Alderdice administration presented in House of Assembly.
Holy Cross and Mount Cashel teams scored 5 goal each in senior football.
Ayre and sons and Railway played to a draw in city football league each team scoring 1 goal..
Wanderers defeated B. I. S. 10-8 in baseball league.
JULY 1933
Remembrance day.  Usual care monies at National War Memorial(?)
Army and Navy league Memorial.
Sir Edgar Bowring High Commissioner at London, visited Beaumont Hamel and placed a wreath on Memorial.
Closing exercises at St. Bride's College Littledale.
General Balho's Air Squadron arrived at Londondery from Amsterdam.  One plane wrecked in landing and a pilot downed.
S.S. Marsland, 12 days from Cadiz with cargo of 7,000 tons of salt, ran ashore on Ship rock in narrows.
French cruiser D'Entecester arrived in port.
Installation of officers Atlantic Lodge No. 1.
Parker and Monroe and Daily News play to draw in city football series.
B.I.S. won from guards 2-0 football.
Flanned dance at Holy Name hall.
Schooner Stella Daisy, 15 tons, Capt. Ben parsons, lumber laden to Curling, caught in gale whilst sheltering under Big Island, at entrance of Bay of Islands and dashed to pieces within 5 minutes.  Crew landed safely in dory.
District gand Master, Sir John R. Bennett K.B. E. and D. G. S. , W. J. Edgar, sailed by   S. S. Nova Scotia to participate in Masonic ceremonies in London.
Fieldians defeated Mount Cashel score of 3-1 in senior football league.
Cubs defeated Guards in baseball series 21-17.
Forest fire which broke out on both sides of Oxen pond burned 7 houses and rendered 30 people homeless, beside destroying probably 10,000 cords of standing timber, forest fire at pouch Cove destroyed 3 houses.
Fete at Government House grounds in aid of funds of Nonia and Child Welfare Association.
Bellanca seaplane landed at Quidi Vida.
Italian air squadron arrived at Iceland.
St. Mary's Sunday School picnic at Mount Peral.
St. Michel's Sunday School picnic at Hafeys Field.
St. Patrick's Garden party at Lester's Field.
Disarmament Conference decided not to adjourn.
Official opening playgrounds at Bennerman park.
Lieut-Col. S. S. Shelmordine chief of staff of British Air Ministry , Lieut. Buchall,         D. S. O.  Representative of the Imperial Airways Ltd. arrived from Liverpool.
Rev. Dr. Line addressed Rotary, taking as his subject "Is the world going right."
Holy Cross won from Guards 5-1 in senior football.
Royal Stores defeated Bowrings 1 to nil in City Football league.
B. I. S. won from Guards 13-6 in baseball series.
Summer school opened with over 200 students registered.
Legislature prorogue.
Three fishermen, Walter Crane, John Mason and Henry Morey missing since 5th picked up by the S. S. Cape Aguthas suffering much from hunger and thirst.
Smoker held at Bishop Feild College by Old Boys in honor of Dr. Blackall.
Sir Eric Drummond late secretary of the League of Nations, appointed British Ambassador at Rome.
Cubs won from Wanderers 12-10 in baseball game.
B.I.S. defeated C. L. B. 1 to nil in senior football game.
Representative of the British Air Ministry, two Canadian Post Office, Imperial Airways and the pan-American Airways discuss plans to make Newfoundland an International airmail and passenger landing plane.
River Theiss overflowed its banks and inundated vast areas in Carpatho and Ruthenea, 59 people drowned and 250 homes destroyed.
Avalonians football team left for South Coast and St. Pierre.
Garden party at government house grounds.
Delegation left St. John's by express for Grand Falls to attend annual meeting of the Grand Orange Lodge and Grand Black Chapter.
H. M. the King opens new free mason's Hospital at hammersmith.
Col. and Mrs. Lindbergh made landing at Bay Bulls Big Pond.
24 planes of the Italian Armade landed at Cartwright.
Annual Garden party at Belvedere .
Royal Oak Lodge Garden party.
Mount Cashel won opening games in junior football league defeating C.L. B. 4-0.
B. I. S. defeated Cubs 7-6 in baseball series.
Fred Guzzwell, Fred Bishop , pat Walsh and fourth named Fowler astray in the woods since the 9th...located by aviator Fraser, 10 miles up LeManch River who reopped food and directions.
1933 Summer school concert at Pitt's memorial Hall.
Annual Meeting St. John's Rotary Club, Dr. V. P Burke chosen president.
Twenty planes of the Italian Air Armada made safe landing at Shedica, New Brunswick.
23rd session of the Provincial Grand Black Chapter of Newfoundland opens in Orange Hall , Grand Falls.
Balbo's Air Squadron reached Montreal.
Col. and Mrs. Lindbergh who took off from Big Pond, bay Bulls arrived at Cartwright.
Guards and Mount Cashel teams played to a draw in opening game of second round of senior football league.
Wanderers defeating Guards in baseball series 17-16.
Italian air Armada arrived at Chicago, flying 750 miles from Montreal in 7 hours.
Hon. J. C Puddester unanimously re-elected Grand master of the Grand Orange Lodge at closing session at Grand Falls.
Britain, Germany, France and Italy signed Four Power Pact.
World flier, Wiley Post, reached Temple Hof airport, Berlin.  After plane refuled he had short rest he took off for mid-Siberia.
Annual Requiem Mass at Mount Carmel Cemetery.
Warmest day for summer, temperature  ranging from 82 to 84.
Religious profession and reception at Littledale.
Round the world airman Wiley Post took off from Moscow.
Over 600 children attended T. A. and B society picnic at Donovan's.
Holy Cross defeated B.I.S. in junior football 6-1.
Lithuanian airmen who left New York on the 15th     , wrecked their plane near village of Kundamm.  Both bodies mutilated beyond recognition.  Flyers were within ace of attaining their goal
British Empire delegates to the World Conference entertained by King and Queen at Buckingham Palace.
New central headquarters of the St. John's Ambulance Association at Lyon's Building, opened by His Excellency the Governor.
Meeting of Newfoundland Historical Society at Memorial University College.
Wanderers defeated B.I.S. in baseball game 11-3.
Holy Cross defeated Fieldians 3-0 in senior league football game.
 King and Queen visited Olympia
Annual Garden Party at Kilbride.
Duke of Connaught , as Grand master of the United Grand Lodge of England, dedicated the Masonic Peace memorial
Annual Sunday School picnic of Cochrane St. Church.
Church of England Orphanage Garden party.
Old Collegians defeated Terra Nova Tennis Club in Tennis Tournament.
Religious reception at Presentation Convent , Cathedral Square.
About 6,000 guests-attended Garden Party given by King and Queen at Buckingham, Palace.
Round the world airman Wiley Post reached Nome Alaska.
Manager of the International Power and paper Co., received notification from headquarters to effect that beginning on August 1st salaries and wages in all departments will be advanced 11 per cent.
H.M.S .Norfolk arrived in port.
Rotarian W. Brtihwhistle described impressions gained during world tour, to members Rotary Club.
C.L.B. and B.I.S. played to a scoreless draw in senior football league.
Worst collapse of the stock exchange since 1929 in New York.
7th Annual Meeting of the Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A.
Annual outing of employees of Ayre and Sons Ltd., at Donovan's.
B.I.S. defeated Guards 21-9 in baseball league
Team from city defeated team from H.M.S. Norfolk, 3-2.
Col and Mrs. Lindbergh landed at Hebron.
James Mollison and his wife Amy Johnson Mollison who left Pendine Sands, England cracked up their machine in landing just out side Bridgeport, Conn.  After safe flight across the Atlantic.  Both received minor injuries.
"Spirit of Newfoundland" arrived at Chicago and will represent Newfoundland at World's Fair.
Marshall's Garage, Water Street West, destroyed by fire.
Wiley Post round the world, landed successfully at Floyd Bennett aviation ground New York , whole trip of 15,629 miles taking 7 days, 18 hours , 49 seconds, thus lowering his own record, established 2years ago by 21 hours, 2 minutes.
Brigade Sunday at C.L.B. camp Topsail
Commissioner hay O.B.E. delivered lecture in the majestic Theatre in connection with the 47th annual Congress of the Salvation Army in Newfoundland.
His Grace the Archbishop paid official visit to St. Teresa's Parish and administered Sacrament of Confirmation to 145 children.
H.M.S. Dundee arrived in port.
Team from Scarborough and team from the city played to a four goal draw.
Wanderers defeated Cubs 13-9 in second round of baseball series.  B.I.S. and Wanderers tied for first place.
Commander-in-chief and ship's company of H.M.S.. Norfolk hosts to number of city's poor children on board.
Football team from H.M.S.  Norfolk defeated team from city 2-1.
Dinner given delegates of B. E. S. L. Conference at London.  Newfoundland representative by Commander A MacDermott and Mr. J. L. Murphy.
Body of William Vincent of Newtown, who went astray on April 7th found 3 miles inside of Wesleyville.
Twenty-three planes of the Italian Air Armada landed at Shoal Harbor en route home.  Official party and wives presented to General Balbo, who declined official banquet.
His majesty the King opens world's largest graving dock at Southampton.
Railways employees' Welfare Association outing at Donovan's.
George Street and Gower Street United Church Sunday School annual picnic.
Annual Garden Party at Mount Cashel.
Annual sports' Day at C.L.B. camp. Topsail.
President Hatcher of the Memorial University College spoke on "Romance" to members of  Rotary Club at Weekly luncheon.
 World Economic Conference adjourned.
Commissioner Hay and Col. Burton of the Salvation Army visited Grand Falls and Corner Brook.
A Bellance plane piloted by Commander George R Pond landed at Lester's field, LeMarchant Road.  Plane had important mail for General Balbo.
Wm. Bouzan of Grand Falls picked up message addressed to the Associated Press, New York which had been dropped by the Lithuanian fliers, Darius and Girenans when they flew over Grand Falls on the 15th on non stop flight from New York to Kovno.  This was last message from these fliers who were killed instantly when they crashed at Kundan, Germany.
Scoutmaster Edward Foran and A.S.M. Walter Payne, returned from annual training camp for Scout Leaders of Maritime Provinces at Sussex N.B.
City team defeated team from H.M.S. Scarborough 1 to nil.
B.I.S. defeated Cubs 11-10 in baseball series.
Ayre and sons and Daily news played to draw in city football League.
Violent Volcano eruption in Island Sumatra.
H.M.S. Scarborough left port with his Excellency the Governor on Board for tour of South Coast.
Forest fire of large proportion burning near Random Sound.
Pilot Douglas Fraser with commander Pond and John Grisi left Quidi Vide and landed General Balbo mail at Shoal Harbor.
Fieldian and guards drew in exciting game in senior football scoring 3 goals each.
Wanderers defeated Guards 16-0 in baseball series.
Fires which originated in pile of lumber in improvised shed owned by Lawrence Bros., Gower Street did much damage to house of Mrs. Crowther and west wall of Empire Hill.
City footballers defeated team from H.M.S. Dundee 3 to nil.
England won Davis Cup for first time in 20 years.
His Grace the Archbishop paid official visit to parish of Mount Carmel.
Representative of Imperial Communications Ltd. investigating possibilities of landing their cables in St. John's instead of Harbor Grace.
Hotel "Europa" at Brounn Czech-Slovakia destroyed by force explosion with 6 dead and 50 badly injured.
New bait freezing plant at Burin officially opened by His Excellency the Governor.
His Excellency the Governor on board H.M.S. Scarborough paid official visit to Trepassey.
Annual Labor Day Sports at Grand Falls.  Baseball team from St. John's defeated team at Grand Falls.
Parker and Monroe defeated Bowrings 1 to nil in city football League.
Guards junior football team defeated Fieldians 2-0.
Marconi Station at Fogo after being in operation for 22 years clos
Annual Requiem Mass at Belvedere Cemetery.
Crew of schooner "John Mullet" taken to Puerto , Mexico by tanker "Sangasper.'
Mount Cashel Junior football team defeated B.I.S. 2-1
His Excellency the Governor paid official visit to Grand Bank.
Regatta postponed owing to adverse weather conditions.
30, 000 Scouts from all parts of the world attended Jamboree at Hungary.
"Beverly House" situated off Molloy's Lane near the Sanatorium destroyed by fire.
S.P.A. Regatta Dance at Newfoundland Hotel.
Dance at Gaiety Hall in aid of Mount Cashel.
Winning crew of United Nail and Foundry Co., in factory race at Regatta honored by Athletic Association at Crobie Hotel.
Mr. Stenhaner manager of the Gas Co., Mr. J. W. Morris and Mr. P. J. Berrigan Secretary of St. George's Coast fields, left by express to make investigation of coal outcrop of Middle Barachois and Robinsons.
Annual Regatta.
General Balbo at Harbor Grace, Col. Langa administrative officer and some 42 officers of the Italian air Armada anchored at Shoal Harbor, arrived by special train and were greeted by prime Minister , and acting Mayor Carnell and councillors.  Official luncheon at Newfoundland Hotel.  General Balbo granted brief interview to representative of the Daily News and at her request consented to give a message of greeting to the people of Newfoundland through the News.
Inculpable damage caused in historic city of Gorinth where hundred of buildings and large stores of goods were burned to the ground.
Gandhi who was released and rearrested agin sentenced to one year in presion for refusing to comply with order restricting his activities.
Ceremony at King's beach in commemoration of the 350th anniversary if the first setting up of Colonial Government in the British Dominions beyond the seas by Sir Humphrey Gilbert.
Dr. V. P. Burke, President of the Newfoundland Historical Society delivered address and mr. W. A. Munn placed commemoration tablet in position.  At conclusion of ceremony Prime Minister Hon. F. C. Alderdice officially opened new Marconi Station at Cabot Tower and General Balbo sent message to illustrious country men who received the first trans-Atlantic signals 32 years ago.
Three houses and their contents on Mullock Street badly damaged by fire.
Lady Anderson visited camp of Junior Forest Wardens at Irvine.
Mr. A. E. Hickman sent gift of codfish consigned to General Balbo at Clarenville and received expression of gradification from him.
Government House grounds opened to public.
Messrs Rossi and Codos, French aviators hopped of from New York.
His Grace the Archbishop visited Torbay and administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to 300 children.
Codos and Rossi French airmen, landed at Rayah Syria after a flight of 54 hours and 45 minutes, beating the distance record established by Squadron Leader Gayford and Flight Lieutenant Nicholetts by 57 1/2 miles.
Annual convention of Newfoundland Medical Association opened at Newfoundland Hotel.
Neil Gregory of Curling missing for two weeks found at Howards in exhausted condition.
St. John's defeated Grand Falls, 10-5 in opening game of inter-town series.
Prizes presented to winning crews of Annual Regatta at T.A. Armoury.
Guards junior football team defeated C. L.B. 4 to 1.
His Excellency the Governor landed from H.M.S. Scarborough at Channel.
Italian squadron reached Azores where tremendous ovation accorded them. Flight from Clarenville completed in about 10 hours.
Two polish flyers Benjamin and Joseph Adamowitz bound for Warsaw cracked up their machine badly landing at Harbor Grace airport.
Forest fires reported on Humber River and at Jackson's Arm White Bay.
His Excellency the Governor paid official visit to St. Georges.
St. John's defeated Grand Falls in second game of inter-town series 11-4.
Holy Cross junior football team defeated Fieldians 2 to nil.
First part of Balbo's air fleet landed at Lisbon.  One flier lost his life while taking off at Azores
annual dinner Newfoundland Medical Association.
Rotarian gave Field Day to inmates of mental Hospital.
Inter-town dance at Newfoundland Hotel.
St. Joseph's Garden pary Regatta.
Party of English public school byos arrived by S. S. nova Scotia entertained at Murray's Pond.
Newfoundland Medical Association held election of officers, Dr. Cluny Macpherson elected president for ensuing year.
Garfield Collins of Carmanville member of crew of vessel Mary and Dorothy got his foot caught in the Anchor chain and was so badly injured it has to be amoutated.
Dwelling house on Torbay road occupied by Mrs. Sheffmand and Mrs. Myers completely destroyed by fire.
Sir Edgar Bowring High Commissioner for Newfoundland, in London, spoke to rotary Club taking as subject "The High Commissioner's Office."
Grand Falls defeated City team 26 -10 in inter-town baseball.
Daily news and Bowrings scored 2 goals each in city football game.
Mount Cashel and B.I.S. played to a scoreless draw in senior league football game.

Dalbo leader of the successful flight to Chicago and back to Italy, given public welcome at Rome.  Mussolini embraced triumphant air man and welcomed every single member of the crew individually.
Dr. Cespedes Y Orez Minister of Education at Cuba declared provisional resident after all parties had agreed upon his election as successor to the deposed Machado.
His Excellency the Governor and Lady Anderson visited Corner Brook.
Farwell smoker in honor of the Grand Falls baseball team and their supporters at Newfoundland Hotel.
Group of British schoolboys who were visiting Newfoundland left for Grand Falls.
Chief inspector of Salt codfish Board Mr. John T. Cheeseman in course of interview to the Daily News declared that the fishermen were greatly interested in improving codfish cure and that the city exporters were co-operating.
Forest fire at Burlington and Middle Arm which have been burning since the 9th, flared up with renewed intensely and one of the most valuable timber stands in Newfoundland partially destroyed.
Announced Guards Athletic association purchased the eastern portion of the Prowse building on LeMarchant Road and will use it for club rooms.
B.I.S. won from Guards 5 to nil in football game.
Dwelling house at Badger owned by Mr. John Paul destroyed by fire.
Felidians defeated C.L.B. in football score 3 to 1.
Presentation of medals and prizes won at St. Joseph's Regatta at St. Joseph's Ha
A catastrophe cloud burst in Jamaica caused the death of more that 70 persons besides inflicting enormous damage.
Long distance record fliers, Codos and Rossi who recently made a non-stop flight from New York to Syria, arrived at Le Bourget airport and enthusiastically greeted by huge crowd.
B.I.S. won baseball game from Wanderers scores 26-17.
Three games played by Junior Football League, holy cross defeated Mount Cashel 1 goal to nil.  C.L.B. and Fieldians tied scoring 2 goals each and guards defeated B.I.S. score 2 to nil.
Portugal Cove garden party held at Kent's Pond.
Gandhi who is serving 1 year sentence at Poona Prison made another attempt to death fast, abandoning his fast after authorities gave him permission to continue his labors on behalf of the "Untouchables".
An American citizen Charles Manger sentenced to 3 months imprisonment for manslaughter of his friend Heye aboard the North German Lloyd Liner Brenmen.
Hon. W. J. Walsh Minister of agriculture and Mines accompanied by Mr. F. W. Foote mining engineer and Dr. A. K. Suelgreve, geologist, returned by S. S. Nerissa from gold concession at Lake Wabush Katsno Newfoundland Labrador.
Rotarian "James" Fiddes of the Aberdeen Club gave interesting talk at Rotary luncheon on his impressions of Newfoundland.
Holy Cross football team defeated Mont Cashel score 2-0.
Total export of fresh chilled and frozen salmon from Newfoundland this season approximated nearly three million pounds as far as figures are available.
C. L.B. football team defeated Guards score 6-1.
Miss Mary Mullowney Littledale winner of Junior Jubilee Scholarship for 1933.Motor car owned and driven by Thomas Kearney and having his passenger Mr. L Kavanagh ran backward over Henry Street from the Star Hall and went through railing at the head of Beck's Cove. falling a distance of 12 feet.  Both occupants miraculously escaped with only minor head injuries.
Home of D. J. Galway Blackmarsh road , destroyed by fire.
Polish village of Rabyre burnt completely to the ground.
Tiny republic of Anderns in the Pyranees seething with revolt.  People are antagonized at French interference.
Dispute developed at Conception Harbor whilst Blue Peter was loading blueberries,
Delegation from the Order of Railroad Telegraphers and the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen arrived in the city to discuss continnation of agreement made last summer.
St. Pierre football team defeated picked city team 3 to 2.
First sod trurned oof half mile track at Bella Vesta Farm Torbay Road.
Harrington Government defeated in Nova Scotia election 22-8.
B.I.S. team champions in baseball for 1933.
Whilst painting from a scaffold about 20 feet high at Duffs Theatre.  Thomas Spurrel of Brien Street fell to the ground and sustained severe injuries.
Ruth Litzig, aged 19 attempting non-stop swim record of 100 hours.  Collapsed and died shortly after.
Inter-town tennis tourament at Old Collegian tennis Course. 
City team defeated St. Pierre 7-2   
His Excellency the Governor and Lady Anderson paid official visit to Grand Falls.
Regulations recommended by the Salt codfish Exportation Board published.
Holy Cross defeated B.I.S. 3 goals to nil.
His Excellency the Governor arrived from tour of southern and western portion of the island, having visited in turn, Trapassey, Burin, Grand Bank, Fortune, Belleoram, Pool's Cove, St. Albans, Burgeo, Port aux Basques, Channel, St. George, Sandy Point and Corner Brook.
Playground Association held first Tag Day and parade.
Mount Cashel and Felidans football team played to a draw scoring 1 goal each.
C.L.B. paraded to Shannon Munn Memorial grounds and held drumhead service.
Body of Swiss flyer Kral Nauer, who took off from Capetown August 5th in an attempt to set new record for flight from Capetown to England recovered from the estuary of the Congo.
City team defeated Bell Island 3 to 1 in first game of inter-town series.
Joint picnic of the Bannerman and Victoria park Children at Bowring park.
Miss Lory swam English Channel in 15 hours.  This is first successful attempt since 1930.

Holy Cross team completed and unbroken series of victories in the second round when they defeated guards by score of 2 to 1.
Hon. W. J. Walsh, Minister of agriculture and Mines released for publication a synopsis of the Labrador report of the geologists, Dr. A K Snelgrove and Mr. F. W. Foote submitted to the government which declared that "economic occurrences of gold not yet found and stated that concessions were financed on basis of misfortune.
Three commercial banks in Connecticut with combined deposit of $6,5000,000 closed their doors.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Guy Deanery Avenue celebrated silver wedding anniversary.
Lad named Hann of Hare Bay, aged 6 years accidentally broke his thigh while see-sawing on the foundation of an old house with several other boys.
Members of St. Andrew's society gathered at Crosbie Hotel to bid farewell and make presentation to Mr. J. A. Young.
Fishery Board at special meeting decided to extend the lobster fishery for two months,
Mrs. Kuth Tower won Canadian National Exhibition's  $3'000 swimming championship defeating 36 of the world's best swimmers.
C.L.B. won from Mount Cashel 3 goals to nil.
Rotary Club bade farewell to Mr. J. A. young who for a number of years has been treasurer for the club.
Population of Havana  panic-stricken as Carribean hurricane swept over coast.  Many outlying settlements devastated and heavy damage done by tidal wave.
Fifteen women and children were drowned in Mexico while women were washing their clothes on the bank of the river the whole party being suddenly overwhelmed by sudden torrents.
Chile labor abolished in United States industries.
B.I.S. won championship in football league when they defeated Fieldians 2 to 1.
Eight killed, 400 injured while 300 houses were destroyed in the township of Sagua La Grande in recent Bahama hurricane.
Treaty of friendship and nonaggression and neutrality signed by Mussolini and the Russian ambassador Potemkline.
House and contents of Josiah Siddle, Salmon Cove destroyed by fire.
Miss Britain III lost first heat in the race for the Harmsworth trophy at Detroit.
Annual Regatta at Mundy's Pond.
Marquis De Pinedo, who flew the Atlantic from Trepassey in May, 1927 lost his life in flames which destroyed the plane in which he was attempting to take off from Floyd Bennett field to Bagdad.
House on Southside road owned by Arthur Stevenson and occupied by Francis Linegar, badly gutted by fire.
Fire partly gutted house occupied by Cyril McComack, Grand Falls.
Grant Russell won ten mile walking race defeating Bill Garland by only 8 seconds.
Mount Cashel and C.L.B. played to a draw in opening game of tie-cup series.
Second heath of Harmsworth trophy race on St. Claire River near Detroit won by Gar Wood by about a quarter of a mile.
New revolution broke out in Cuba.
Miss Mildred Hudson, who is training to be a medical missionary in the fields gave interesting address on the nature of her studies on behalf of the Mission Societies of Wesley Church.
L.S.P.U. held enjoyable dinner at Donovan'S in honor of labor day.
First Annual garden party held at Blackhead Road.
Three games played Junior League.  Holy Cross defeated Guards 1-0, Mount Cashel defeated Feildeans 5-0, B.I.S. defeated C.L.B. 4-1.
B.I.S. team champions of the baseball league, defeated teams selected from other 3 clubs.
Nfld. workers Assoc. held annual garden party.
Holy Cross defeated B. I. s. in Tie-Cup series 3-1.
Ayre & Sons won Championship in city league when they defeated Royal Stores 7-3.
Rotarian Robert Watson spoke to Rotary Club on "The history of Dynamite."
New United Ireland party formed consisting of Cosgravstes Centreites and National guard.
Andorra Government protested to the League of nations against occupation of Andorra by French forces.
Japanese town of Napoo almost completely destroyed by earthquake.  70 lives lost and 180 houses wrecked.
King Feisal of Iraq died suddenly in Switzerland Emiz Gahal, 21 year old son of the late King proclaimed his successor.
Pat Kelly won 10 mile road race in 56 min. 23 4/5 secs.  Hector Meadus second Jake Ralph third, Jack Simms and Harry Gover finisher in order mentioned.
  Fieldians eliminated Guards from tie-Cup series, defeating them 3-1.
Queen Wilhelmina of Denmark celebrated the 35th anniversary of her accession to the throne.
Dr. Gran San Marin elected President of Cuba.
Italy's famous racing motorists Canpari and Borzachinni and the well known racing motorist Chalkowaki killed in the race for the Grand prize of Monza at Milan.
Three members of the staff of the Britain legation at Kabul shot by a Afghan.
Annual Member Service C. of E.  Cemetery.
B.I.S. Junior A.A. made presentation to Mr. Michael Connolly, leaving to take up ecclesiastical studies.
Railway defeated Daily news 1 to nil, in city football league.
C.L.B. eliminated Mount Cashel from tie-Cup series 1 to nil.
New Cuban Government with professor Ramon San Martin as President, formed.
King and Prince of Wales, the prime Minister, and Mr. Baldwin, represented at the memorial Service for Viscount Grey of Fallodom, at Westminister Abbey.
Message from Bragg's Island stated that the hardest downpour of rain ever experienced accompanied by what was though to be a electric storm spread over settlement.  The operator was struck and rendered unconscious.
Loggers strike at Corner Brook
Dr. Johnston left by express for sound Island P.B. to investigate on behalf of the department of Public health a disease not yet determined which broke out recently.  Sixteen people were affected and two have died.
Mr. L. J. Kavanagh and Mr. "Key" Kennedy the manager and coxswain respectively of the Foundry crew winnig at the Regatta, honored by presentation.
Mount Cashel juniors defeated Guards 2-0
Re opening exercises Prince of Wales College,
Holy Cross won first game in play-off for Tio-cup series, defeating C.L. B.  1to nil.
Harold Alderdice won golf Championship for the year, defeating Harry Dickson , who had been champion for some years.  Miss Edith Alderdice winner of ladies' championship
Earl of Kerry, 19 year old heir of the Marquess of Lansdowne fell under a train at Regent's park, London and was killed.
Upwards of 15,000 Arabs assembled for the memorial rites of late King Feisal which were held before the coffin was taken aboad an airplane to be conveyed to Baghdad.
Rt. Hon. Lord Amuiree G.B.E., K.C., Mr. C. A. Magrath, LL.D ., and Sir Wm. Stavert. K.B.E.  Members of the Royal commission appointed to examine and report on the financial condition of Newfoundland returned to St. John's from Liverpool.
Exhibition of paintings and drawings by Miss Mary Smith Allen, daughter of the late Sir Harry Brookes Allen, of Australia, opened at Y.W.C.A. by Lady Anderson.
11th Annual meeting of commercial Bowling League.
B.I.S. won from Fieldians in Junior league football.
S. S. Sebastapol Capt. Ken Barbour , which left on the 14th for Conception Harbor struck the "brandies" off Cape St. Francis and sank within five minutes.  Captain and crew managed to escape.
Lady Clayton, who was an accomplished armature pilot died from injuries received at Brookland Aerodrome when she fell off moving plane. 
Fieldians won from C.L.B. in Tie-Cup series 1 to nil.
Royal Arch Masons of Shannon Chapter received official visit from their Grand High Priest, M.E. Comp. Henry Starr Theaketon of Halifax.
Thirty-two persons reported killed, hundreds injured and thousands homeless as result of another hurricane which swept the Mexican coast.  Greatest damage caused in the region of Tampico.
Michael Bowdridge, 10, of Larkins Square, severely injured when bicycle he was riding collided with a motor car.
C.L.B. paraded to St. Thomas' Church for Divine Service.
Special ceremonies marked celebration of dedication of R. C. Cathedral.
Schooner Guide, Capt. John Lodge, bound to Port Union from Labrador with cargo of
codfish, foundered when north east of Grey Islands, crw landed safely.
His Excellency the Governor opened G.W.V.A. Conference at Newfoundland Hotel.
Schooner Armenia with full load of provisions on board, went ashore at Perry's Cove B. D. V.
Annual Meeting Newfoundland Hiking Club.
United Church building at Trout River destroyed by fire.
Formal opening of Fall term of Newfoundland Memorial University College .
Holy Cross won tie-cup finals defeating Fieldians 1 to nil.  Reunion held at home of Mr. Mikle Maddigan.
Medals won at Blackhead Garden Party presented to L.S. P. U Tug of war team.
Annual Arbor Day Festival at United Church Orphanage.
Centenary of the coming of the Presentation Order of Nuns to Newfoundland.
Rev. Craig Strang ordained to Holy Priesthood at R. C. Cathedral by His Grace Archbishop.
G.W.V.A. conference closed at Newfoundland Hotel.
Mrs. Annie Besant, founder and President of the Theosophical Society, passed away at Adjar, India, 86.
Medal for most valuable football player of the league presented to Jim Powder, B.I.S. goalkeeper.
City defeated Bell Island football team 3 to nil.
Japanese military authorities seeking sanction for re establishment of 4 army division scrapped in 1925.
Dutchman named Van der Lubbe on trial at Leipsig for Reichstag fire.
Annual meeting and re union of Sergeants Mess.
Dr. A. K. Snelgrove lectured to Rotary Club on "A Century of progress in Newfoundland Geology."
Championship in Junior Football League won by Holy Cross when they defeated the C.L.B. 11 to nil.  Members of team entertained at Holy Cross auditorium.
Dr. A. K. Snelgrove lectured at memorial University college on "Princeton in Blow-me-down".
Schooner Charles and Eric, with 850 quintals of codfish on board lost at cape harrison.  Crew landed safely.
Roman Catholic cathedral and Convent at Valleyfield, Que. burned to ground.  Damage estimated at half million dollars.
Entertainment at Mount Cashel.
Welcome extended to Mr. R. F. Louis Cuddihy of Montreal.
At regular meeting of Whiteway Lodge No. 354. A. F. and A. M. the R. w. Hon. Sir J. r. Bennett, K.B.E. , D.G.M. and W. J. Edgar D. G. Secretary, gave description of recent attendance at the dedication of the Masonic Peace Temple at London.

Schooner Morrissey , Bob Bartlett, which had been in Greenland waters on scientific expedition arrived at Brigus.
Rt. Rev. A Turquell, O.M. T. Vicar Apostolic of Hudson's Bay arrived by S. S. Nascopie
1933 Eastern Arctic Expedition of the Canadian government returned to St. John's on board S. S. Nascopie after an absence of 81 days.  They reported finding a message from the lost explorer Kruger on Axel Hefberg Island in the arctic. Army and navy league held first Regatta at Quidi Vidi Lake.
A.A.A. Sports 7 new records.
Guards A.A. won Daily News Cup.
Installation officers Corner brook Masonic Lodge.
 B.I.S. Baseball Team held reunion at Octagon Pavilion.
Inmates of Poor Asylum given semi-annual treat by poor Asylum Committee of Wesley Church.
Little yacht "Spirt of Newfoundland" in charge of Capt. Barbour, which sailed for the  Chicago World's Fair from Trinity returned to the home port.
Mr. Ernest Keyes of the Marren Construction Company spoke to rotary Club on "Road construction".
Guards Athletic association celebrated opening of new club rooms.
Beothic Rifle Club held annual meeting at Sterling Restaurant.
Schooner rose L of Fortune, Jacob Piercey, master, abandoned in sinking condition near Shoal point.  She was returning from Labrador with 750 quintals of codfish.  Crew landed safely.
Safe at Parker and Monroe burgled, $1500 stolen.
Sir Graeme Thomson, governor of Cyleon, who was on his way to England, died at Aden.
Earthquake of considerable strength felt at Sulmona, Italy.
Schooner silver oak, owned by Henry McFtridge, of St. George's, total wreck at Seal Cove.
B.P.I. Elks acquired Club Rooms recently vacated by guards A. A. .
Dr. A .E. Zimmern began series of lectures on international questions at Memorial University College.
Macduff Copeland and Kennety Duff, Scotch entertainers presented Concert at Bishop Field College Hall.
Ten thousand people attended dedication ceremony of the Anglo-French Memorial of the victims of the wreck of the British airship R101 three years ago.
Schooner St, Henia, Otavius Taylor, master bound to Nonn Bay with part cargo of codfish struck Brown's rock, St. John's Island, and had to be abandoned.
Bottle thrown from S. S. Prospero by Mr. W. J. Elliott of the Royal Stores, on July 9th 1933, returned to him from the Isle of Islay, Argyle ,Scotland, where it was picked up on September 3rd..
Harvest Festival at St. Thomas' Church.
Rally Day Service at Wesley Church
Various U. C. and Presbyterian troops of Boy Scouts held church parade to cochrane St. Union Church.
Denmark,  Argentine and Australia elected to non-permanent seats on the Council of the League of Nations.
Mrs. Zimmern gave address on the Value of Education at memorial University College.
A Sqyarey, Magistrate at Channel, appointed Magistrate at Grand Falls, and N. Short Magistrate at Fogo appointed to Trinity.
Minister of Labor Hon. K. M. Brown, notified by International Power & paper Co., that strike of the loggers is now over.
Official Opening of commercial Bowling league series.

Austrian Chancellor Dr. Dollfuss, had remarkable escape from assassination when a young man suddenly drew a revolver and fired two shots at close range, one hit Dollfuss in the upper right arm and other grazed his chest.
Truckmen's Union elected Official for coming year.
C. L. B. decided to form Naval division.
When the car he was starting backfired and burst into flames, the garage and barn of Frank Viguers, Bay Bulls Road was burned with all its contents.
Installation officers of Empire Lodge No. 270 S.O.E.B.S.
Blue Puttees held reunion at Robinson's hostelry, Torbay, to celebrate 19th anniversary of the sailing for England on board S. S. Florizel.
Annual Spencer Club Sale.
John B Ashley of this city winner of "Entrance classic" Scholarship of $600 at Dalhousie university.
Spanish Cabinet crisis.
Miss Brenda Marshall assisted by Miss Kathleen Ryall violinist, with Miss Elsie Tait, accompanist gave delightful recital at Pitts memorial Hall.
Mr. H G Gurney , British Trade Commissioner to Newfoundland addressed Rotary Club on "some Other Islands."
Dr. Wm Fowler, pioneer in Radiology, died at Edinburgh, aged 57..
Martial law declared in Spain.
Thirteen wild geese that were in the Octagon Pond Sanctuary, the property of Fish and Game Protection Association shot near Goulds.
C.L.B. held parade to Church of England cathedral.
Mr. C. A. Ruchardson, one of His majesty's Inspectors of Schools in the district of London arrived to examine the present public school curriculum of Newfoundland and report thereon.
Portugal elected by the League Assembly to fill the newly created 15th seat on the League Council.
Annual Diner Truckman's Union.
Heaviest rain storm for years reported from various parts of the country.
S. S. Marsland which went ashore at Fort Amherst on July 2nd slid off rocks and sank in northeast gale.
T. A. & B. society celebrated 75th anniversary of the foundation also anniversary of Father Matthew.
Mussolini received the British and French Ambassadors in conference.
Members of young Ladies' Bible class of Gower Street United Church held enjoyable sociable.
Schooner Nora M. R. total loss at Regina, St. Mary's Bay.
Geneva Conference deadlocked when Britain ,.France and United States united in refusing claims of Germany for remaining during trial period.
Spanish Government decoded to recognize Cuban Government.
Kingsford Smith's feat in flying from England to Australia in little over week without missing a night sleep has set ideal for future air service.
Cochrane St. Women's Association held sale of work, Tea and Concert.
Opening Dance of fall and winter season at "Y"   
Entertainment at Casino to mark finale of 75th anniversary celebrations of T. A. and B. Society.
Machine gun Kelly and His wife sentenced to life imprisonment in connection with the kidnaping of the oil millionaire Urschell.  These sentences marked another triumph in the Lindbergh law band.
Memorial Service for late Sir Joseph Outerbridge at church of England Cathedral.
Terra Nove Council, Knight of Columbus fittingly marked Columbus Day.  His Grace the Archbishop delivered address.
Three bills covering oath of allegiance and other ties with Britain passed without division in Irish Dail.
District Governor "Charlie" Hunt paid official visit to Rotary Club.
Complete deadlock at Geneva.
Opening dance under auspices Fieldian Association
Pupils of Holloway School gave repeat performance of Entertainment at School closing last June.
City wide rally of Newfoundland Girl's in Training Groups of St. John's held in Memorial Hall Gower Street United Church .
Annual Meeting Cowan Mission Association.
Germany withdraws from the League of Nations and the Arms Conference.
Opening game Inter-Collegiate football.  United Church College defeated Fieldians 1 to nil.
House and contents of Arch Lundrigan of Corner Brook destroyed by fire.
Second Annual Agricultural and Industrial fair  opened by His Excellency the Governor at c. L. B. Armoury.
Rt. hon. Lord Amulree and Mr. Clutterbuck left for England by S. S. Nova Scotia.
Organization to be known as "The General City Clothing Relief" formed by L.S.P.U.
St. Bon's defeated United College football 2 to nil.
Commission appointed to study the curriculum of the public schools in Newfoundland.
Bowling series between Y.M.C.A. and Daily news team opened at "Y" Daily News scouring 7 points and "Y" 5.
Heart's content Fair opened at 3 p.m. by the Prime Minister, Hon. F. C. alderdice.
Annual meeting Scouters Club.
Residence of Walter Blackmore, Pinchard's Island destroyed by fire.
Post Mortem examination held at morgue on the body of Mrs. Hawco, of Chapple's Cove, Harbor Main district.  Husband of deceased held in custody.
St. Bon's defeated Fieldians 4 to 1 in inter-collegiate football.
Card party held at Y.W.C.A. under auspices Macdonald Fellow Club.
Spencer Club held successful Card Party.
His Excellency the governor visited fair at Heart's content. over 1200 visitors see fair.
Charles Ulm flying an Avro 10, high wing, monoplane reached Derby Western Australia having completed the journey from England in 6 days 17 hours 45 minutes, beating Kingafords Smith's record by 11 hours.
Two hundred children from the three city Orphanages visited fair at C.L.B.  Armonry.
Robert Templeman of the 1st St. Andrew's Troop boy Scouts who recently returned from the Fourth World Jamboree held in Hungry, was only representative of the Oldest Colony among 20,000 Boy Scouts.
Governor's Prize for best City allotment awarded to Michael O'Rorke of Lime Street.

St. John's Trade and Exhibition closed at C. L. B. Armoury. Prizes presented by Hon. L.E Emerson.
United college won from Fieldians in first game of second round of Inter-collegiate football.
Annual Meeting Belvedere Ladies' association.
Col. and Mrs. Lindberg flew from Southampton to Ireland to study possibilities of landing place for Trans-Atlantic service.
French government defeated in a vote of want of confidence and Premier Daladier resigned.
Group of landowners aat the Goulds signed mutual agreement in due legal form under which they undertook not to shoot, kill or destroy any game, birds, fur-bearing animals or game of any kind on their land which comprises about 600 acres.
St. bon's won third game in College series defeating United College by 4 to nil.
Installation of Officers of Lodge Dudley No. 227 S.O.E.B.S.
Mount Cashel Boys Choir and Band presented opera "The Vagabonds" at Casino Theatre
Disarmament Conference bureau agreed to Henderson's proposal that the general commission adjourned until December 4th.
Rev. Canon Pedle delivered lecture at Synod Hall entitles "Broken Letters and Chains."
Wesley Ladies' Aid annual sale of work.
Rev. Canon Howitt, B. a. lectured at Rotary luncheon taking as his subject "The wandering Jews come home at Last."
Kernel Satraut new Premier of France.
Rioting occurred on Jaffa, Palestine, one policeman and several rioters were killed.
Commissar Litvinoff left Moscow for Washington to discuss Soviet and American commercial relations with President Roosevelt.
F.C. Berteau Esq., I.S. O , J.P. presented with address of congratulation by staff of Auditor General's Department on occasion of golden jubilee of his wedding.  Mr. and Mrs. Berteau held reception at Sunny Bank, Torbay road, which was attended by over 100 friends.
Hallowe'en Dance at holy Name Hall.
Inter-Collegiate dance at Spencer College.
United College defeated Fieldians in first game of final round of inter-collegiate football series 3 to 1.
King of Italy participated for the fist time in the celebration of the 11th anniversary of the Fascist march on Roam when 16,000 war veterans and blackshirts marched along the route where on the victorious Roman legions marched 2,000 year ago.
Hurricane struck Jamaica killing ten and rendering hundreds homeless.
Annual meeting Newfoundland Fishermen's Star of the Sea Association.  Mr. P. J. Cashin re-elected President.
Conception Harbor Fair officially opened by Hon. W. J. Walsh, Minister of Agriculture and Mines.
Columbus Ladies' Association Hallowe'en dance at Newfoundland Hotel.
Members of Strollers Athletic Club and lady friends held enjoyable reunion at Cochrane Hotel.
Annual meeting Girl Guides Association.
St. bon's won championship in College football when they defeated United College by score of 3-2.
Formal opening ceremony of the new harbor at Haifa, Jerusalem.
Hallowe'en Sociable Presbyterian hall.
Inter-Collegiate football series concluded.  St. Bon's defeated Fieldians, 3 to nil.
Hallowe'en dance at 'Y'
Annual sale George Street Mission circle.
Hon. W. S. Monroe elected Chairman of the Board of Canadian National institute for the blind.  Mr. Lesile Hookey appointed new factory manager.
Annual Meeting of Archbishop Howley General Assembly of the Knights of Columbus.
Bowling series between Y.M.C.A. and Strollers officially opened.
"Amusement Park" held at Gower St. Memorial Hall.
MacDonald Fellowship Club held semi-annual dance at "Y"
Annual meeting of the Nfld. Outport Nursing and Industrial Association.
Hallowe'en party for boys at the "Y".
Sir Knight J. J. Lacey appointed Master for Newfoundland of Knight of Columbus succeeding Sir Knight Chas. J Ellis who recently retired.
Lord Bishop of Newfoundland accompanied by Rev. J. T. Hiscock visited parish of Portugal Cove and held Confirmation.
St. John's experienced first touch of winter when a miniature blizzard which started in the afternoon continued through the night.
Dr. S. P. Whiteway addressed members of the Young Men's bible Class of Cochrane ST. Centennial Church on "Social Efficiency".
Mussolini assumed supreme control of Italian Air Force and Marine.  General Balbo retired.
Associated industries Fair opened at C.L.B. armoury .
The China shop presented at Pitts Memorial Hall.
Motor schooner Fogota owned by Earle sons & Co., Fogo aground at eastern entrance to Dildo run.
Presentation Convent Association Sale of work.
F. h. LaGuardia, Fuslan candidate elected mayor of New York.
Chancellor of the exchequer announced that war debt talks in Washington had finished and President Roosevelt agreed to accept 7 1/2 million United States dollars as British war debt instalment on December 15.
Miss Gladys Whitten chosen "Miss St. john's" in Beauty Contest at the Fair awarded first prize of $20 in gold and silver cup.  Miss Jean Moore won second prize a permanent wave.
Annual meeting Spencer Club.
Charles Mackenzie Harvey, Royal Consular agent for Italy expressed thanks to Knight of Columbus on behalf of the Italian Government for attention shown to remain of Italian sailor who died at the General Hospital.
John T Power, Holyrood left to tend Rabbit snares missing.
Revolution broke out afresh in Cuba, Banks and stock exchange at Havana closed.
Gordon Richard, champion jockey rode his 247th winner at Liverpool and thus established a new turf record.
King of Afghanistan assassinated.
Wesley Mission Circle presented entertainment at Lecture hall .
Sale of Work and concert at Congregational hall.
His Excellency the Governor and W. R. Dawe, Secretary of the Relief Committee of the G.W.V.A. broadcast appeal for Poppy Day fund over station VONF.
His Excellency the governor accompanied by Capt. Robinson visited Newfoundland Butter company plant.
Large assembly at the meeting at Majestic Theatre to hear lady Anderson proposal for the inauguration of the women's Service league of Newfoundland.
Annual meeting Children playground and Recreation association.
Rev. Dr. Paulin gave address on "Armistice Day and its significance" to Rotary Club.
Fire in the shop of Freeman, the Tailor at Harbor Grace completed destroyed the stock.
New Cuba revolt ended when rebels surrendered.  Casualties heavy.
Postmaster' night at Leeming Lodge.
Elks Armistice Dance.
Armistice Day ceremonies brief but carried out with due solemnity.  Two minutes silence observed.  Wreaths places by His Excellency the Governor, Prime Minister and G.W.V.A.
Newfoundland Associated industries Fair closed.
Royal commission on Canadian Banking in its report advised establishment of central bank to control note issues and supervise federal loans.
United Church College Armistice Service at Pitts Memorial Hall.
German election.  No oppositionists returned.
Forty-first anniversary of the establishment of the C.L. B. in Newfoundland.  Brigade over 800 strong attended service at the Cathedral.
Plebiscite in Germany overwhelmingly approved Hitler policy withdrawing from League.    Mr. J. A. Cochrane B. Sc. delivered address on Loyalty to Bible Classes of Gower St. 
United Church
Schooner Mankato, Capt Byre went ashore at Bonavista and is total wreck.
Schooner Topid, Christopher master, of Coley's Point ran ashore near Matins point, Canada bay, total wreck.
Annual Sale of Work St. Joseph's convent.
S.U.F. Grand Lodge tendered Jubilee.
Diamond Jubilee anniversary celebration of the Society of united fishermen at Sterling Restaurant.
S.U.F. grand Lodge tendered banquet by St. John's lodge.

S. S. Saxiby with 6,000 tons of ore from Bell Island for coal barter abandoned by creew of 27 and foundered.  Rescued ships fail to find crew, George Tilley formerly of St. john's among crew.
Supper and concert at George Street Hall.
Three masted schooner Lantho, Capt. Snelgrove owned by A. H. Murray & co., with 4,000 qths of fish went ashore in Stag hr. run near Fogo Islands.
Member of guard band held successful re-union at Lesterville.
Miss law, Field Secretary of the Y.W.C.A. discussed "social to members " of the Rotary Club at the weekly luncheon.
Mrs.Wm. Phillips, Millertown won first prize in Windsor Bread Baking contest at Grand Falls with Mrs. J E Forsey Pleasant St. City 2nd and Miss Ann parsons Grand Falls 3rd.
After a 16 year breach the United States and Russia resumed relations.
Under instructions from the Dept. of Justice Pilot Douglas Fraser took off in his plane from Quidi Vidi in search of John Thomas power, of Holyrood, missing since the 7th. but found no trace of missing man.
Lady Anderson women's Service League fully organized and in working order.  Depot to be opened in Newfoundland Hotel.
Board of Trade submitted recommendation on school at weekly meeting
Annual meeting Law students Club.
His Excellency the Governor and accompanied by Lady Anderson opened Exhibition of
the Newfoundland society of Art at Newfoundland Hotel.
Violent Collision occurred at Madrid on occasion of election.  A Fascist was killed in a farces and many were wounded.
Thanksgiving Service at Gower St. United Church.
Mr. Gordon Christian L.R.A.M. assisted by Misses Micholle and Marshall, Messrs F. R. Emerson, J. C. Roomer, G. Johnson and Mr. A. W. Mews, gave musical recital at Queen's Road Congregational Church.
Rev. J. S. Thomason, M.A. of Pin Hill Divinity Hall Halifax, preacher at George St. United Church.  Thanksgiving Service.
Lord Bishop of Newfoundland assisted by Rev. J. T. Hiscock as Chaplin held Confirmation at Torbay and Pouch Cove.
Miss Laws of the National Council of the Y.W.C.A. addressed large group of girls and women at Gower St. Church.
Rev. Fr. J. D. Savin spoke to Holy Cross, L.A. on "Omens and Accidents."
Annual Christmas Tree of Academy of Our Lady of Mercer.
 Presentation of football trophies at Crosbie hotel.
Report of Royal Commission investigating into our affairs released.  Cabinet met at 10 a.m. when Report and United Kingdom Government proposals discussed..
Drastic proposal for rectifying the present difficulties of Newfoundland based on the findings of the Royal Commission under the chairmanship of Lord Amnlee, made know in white paper containing telegrams exchanged between Dominion Secretary J. H. Thomas and the Prime Minister of Nfld. Mr. F. C. Alderdice.
Excited member of the labor Party John McGovern attempted to shout down the speech from the throne at opening new session of British Parliament.
Spanish elections Right Party leads.
Bureau of the Disarmament Conference met at Geneva and unanimously agreed that the work of the General commission should be postpone until some time in January.
Annaul sale of work Fieldian Ladies' Association.
Jumble Sale under auspices of VOWR Radio association in Wesley Lecture Hall.
President Emertian of the Newfoundland Memorial College Mr. J. L .Paton spoke from the B. B. C. broadcasting station on Topic of Newfoundland
 "Safety First" presented at Canon Wood Hall by members of the dramatic troupe of the MacDonald Fellowship Club.
B.I.S championship athletic teams rendered dinner at Nfld. Hotel.
At a meeting of the Government party which was held to discus the Report of the Royal commission and the proposals submitted by the British Government, at which every member was present, it was decided to endorse the report unanimously.
French Government of Premier Sarraut defeated on vote of want of conference in connection with the budget issues.
Annual Indoor Sports C. L. B.
General meeting of the Board of Trade endorses Commission Report.
Prof Thomson, M. a. of Pine Hill College Halifax, delivered lecture "The 20th century of the light of the first" in the auditorium of the Cochrane Street Unite Church.
"Sweetheart Revue" presented at Congregational lecture Hall.
Residence of Station Agent J. W. Maddock together with railway station at Clarke beach, and all contents of both completely destroyed by fire.
Memorial Service of K. of C. Hall.
Mr. T. P. Galley gave program of operatic music to members of Holy Cross L.A.
Patrician Association opened 1933-34 session Address by Rev. Br. O'Hehir on "Worth"
Thanksgiving Service at Cochrane St. Church.
Chantemp new French Prime Minister.
What may be the last session of the Legislature for some time opened by His Excellency the Governor with unusually large attendance.
Opera "Geisha" presented at Casino Theatre under auspices of Columbus Ladies' Association.
G.W.V.A. of Newfoundland endorsed Report of the Royal commission.
Rev. Wyile Clark, D. D. tendered his resignation as pastor of Gower Street United Church to take effective in June next.
Members of poultry Association held reunion at Sterling Restaurant.
House Assembly adopted Resolution in an Address to His majesty the King asking for the suspension of the present form of Government and the appointment of a Commission Government.
Firm of B. D. parsons sold $200,000 worth of city bonds.
Trophies presented to winning teams in City Football league at smoker at Crosbie Hotel. Alderdice trophy presented to Ayre & sons and medals to players and team, Parker and Monroe won second place cup.   
Daily News team defeated "Y" players in special tourney at Y.M.C.A.
Owen Kelly and William Stone of Bell Island, injured when trolley skip jumped the track and turn over .  Stone had to have his foot amputated and Kelly has an arm and ribs broken.
Legislative Council adopted petition to King asking for suspension of Constitution.
Charles Greening, 10, suffered fractured right hip when hit by car.
Dunfield Club held enjoyable function at Canon Wood Hall when prizes were presented to the winners in recent billiard tournament.
Eastern Trust Company purchased balance of City Bonds.
Leonard hwco elected Rhodes Scholar for Newfoundland.
Enjoyable dance at "Y".
Feildans hockey and basketball teams elect officers for coming season.
News team defeated Strollers in special bowling series at "Y"
Landslide on slops of Via Chiatamone, Naples, caused collapse of a number of dwellings whereby three people lost their lives and fifteen seriously injured.
MacDonald Fellowship Club held Musicals.
General Sir Arthur Currie, aged 88, who commanded the Canadian Expeditionary Forces during the Great War, did at Montreal.
W.M.C.A. bowlers defeated Strollers in special series at "Y".
Col and Mrs Lindbergh reached Bathgurst, British Guines.
Michael Crotty, aged 44 years, of Signal Hill Road wounded by gun fire by his son William, aged 20.
Mrs. Annie Pinsent spoke to Rotary on "Japan"
Serious disturbance in Spain. Catholic members shot down by Communists.
Smokers and presentation of bowling trophies at Holy Name
Announced new arrangement to cover the export of pit props for coal has been negotiated with Guerin Llewellyn and Merritt.
Closing ceremonies of the Legislature.  His excellency the Governor delivered Speech
from the Throne and prorogued Legislature.
Danish schooner "marine" picked up the crew of nine men from the schooner "Edward VII" which left St. john's, November 25th, for Long Beach, sout West Arm, and for which the S. S. Cape Agulhas has been searching for a week.
Annual meeting Juvenile T. A. and B Society.
Mr. Jack Farrell who was skating on Quidi Vidi and fell through a hole in the ice, was saved from death through the heroism of Miss K Eagan.
Serious Revolutionary outbreak in Spain.
Annual meeting of St. John's Curling Club.
Nomination Day, Municipal election.
Mr. Andrew Carnell elected Mayor with opposition.  15 nominated for councillorship.
Railway received request from Anglo-Newfoundland Dev. Co., for the service of the S. S. Kyle to keep the port of Botwood open until the close on navigation in the Bay of Exploits.  This is the harbors of Note Dame bay earliest date since 1915 that the have been frozen.
Mr. And Mrs. William A. Thomson celebrated golden anniversary of wedding day.
Storms and frost swept over Europe.  Upwards of over 100 sailors and fishermen are said to have lost their lives in the worst storm within living memory which swept the Black Sea.
Officers of Lodge St. Andrew installed.
"Santa Clause" day at Spencer College.
Fire in house occupied by Mrs. Bragg and owned by A. F. Moore on Waldegrave St.
Lady Anderson opened Christmas Sale under auspices of St. Mary's Hall.
Annual Sale of work Ladies' College Aid Society and Girls' Guild by Rev. Dr. Clark.
Col. and Mrs. Lindbergh completed South Atlantic flight with out incident, landing at Port Natal.
Old worship Lobelia sung at harbor Grace.
Meeting of St. bon's Hockey team.
Resolutions on the British proposal concerning Newfoundland passed the first stage in the House of Commons by vote of 227 to 38.
Annual meeting and election of officers of Leeming Lodge No. 1283 L.O.A.
Italy demand revision of League of Nations and threatened to leave unless this is accomplished.
Wyatt Coal and Salt Company Limited incorporated with capital of $100,000.
Members of St. Joseph's Parish extended enthusiastic reception to Rev. Fr. pippy onhis return from Rome where he had been on a health trip.
Canonization of Blesses Bernadette Soubirous at Rome in presence of 15,000 pilgrims.
United States declined Fascist urge to join League of Nations.
F. W. Foote mining engineer, left by S. S. Home for some point in Bonavista bay under instructions from the government to investigate  reputed gold discovery.
Lindberghs arrived at Paris. Brazil after crossing southern Atlantic.
Hon. Harold Mitchell visited Winterton and held public meetings in connection with matters pertaining to the erection of bait depots.
Adjourned annual meeting St. John's Curling Club officers elected for coming year.
Violent scenes in many Spanish cities several guards shot and families seized.  Much bloodshed and damage to property, churches and convents burned and over 150 lives lost through fighting between Reds and opposing forces.
Successful cultivation of the typhus germ after experiments lasting for 35 years, reported by the Metchnikov Institute, Moscow.
Understood that Germany will demand during Disarmament Conference with France as army of 300,000.
De Valera government struck telling blow at General O'Duffy when cabinet took its long-expected decision to dissolve the troublesome blue shirts organization.
Splendid work performed by the City Clothing Relief Committee.  Announced about 1500 people provided with clothing.
S. S. Fernmore total wreck at Cape Anguuille.  Crew taken off by the wrecking tug Foundation Franklin.
Lord Bishop of Newfoundland administered the Sacrament of confirmation to 25 boys and 39 girls at C. of E. Cathedral.
Annual meeting T. A. & B. Society.
George Lansbury, 764 year old leader of the Opposition in the British House of Commons fractured his thigh when he fell on his way to address a meeting.
The Khaki Guild made a donation of $400 to the G. W.V.A. relief fund in memory of the late Miss Margaret Furlong, O.B.E.
John J Prowse addressed Holy Cross L. A.  On "Local poets and town Celebrities."
Rev. J. D. Savin addressed Patrician Association taking as his subject "superstition".
After a holy contested fight lasting 16 hours, French Premier Chautemps achieved his final victory when the budget was passed by 220 to 175.
General O"duffy, in forbudden blue shirt addressed public meeting.  When the hall was surrounded O'Duffy succeeded in effecting his escape to the North of Ireland.
Annual meeting of the Newfoundland Light and Power Co., Ltd., Employees Association
and Sick benefit Scheme.
Intense cold snap prevailing in Europe and America.
Wind storm caused considerable damage to Postal Telegraph lines between Come-by-Chance and Whitebourne.
Second reading of Newfoundland Bill met opposition.  Laborites sought to amend bill objecting to burden on British taxpayers and ack of provision for a substitute in "Inefficient and vicious system of competitive capitalism and truck exploitation."
Charity Ball at Newfoundland Hotel under auspices of Service League of Newfoundland attended by 600 people
S. P. A. Christmas Sale at Newfoundland Hotel.
Christmas Tree presentation at Sula Maxima.
Announced in British House of Commons that Cunard and White Star lines will amalgamate.
Newfoundland Bill passed second reading in House of Commons by 250-42.
Cathedral Girls Club held sale of work at Synod Hall.
Installation of officers of Terra Nova Council Knight of Columbus.
Garage and two trucks owned by William summers, Quidi vidi Road, destroyed by fire.
Bank of Montreal prize distribution at Casino Theatre.
Schooner M. A. driven ashore at Trepassey.
Municipal Elections, Mr. Andrew Carnell elected Mayor without opposition, Messrs, Chalker, Outerbridge, Ryan, Kelly, Caul and Spratt City Councillors.
Dr. C. E. Parsons, of Twillingate Memorial hospital spoke to Rotary Club on "Beri-Beri."
O'Duffy made skillful political move by dissolving Blueshites.
Annual Prisz day Holy Cross School.
Annual prize giving of Springdale St. School at St. Mary's hall.
Sub-zero weather at Cartwright and Battle Harbor.
British House of Commons rose after sitting continuously for nearly 23 hours, most of the time was spent debating the financial solution of Newfoundland Bill which was vigiriusly opposed by the Labor opposition.
Last Hungarian Perier Count Hadil, died at Budapest, aged 70.
 Prince of Wales made three day tour of unemployed clubs of Yorkshire.
Roy Covey, of Sydney, N.S. member of the crew of the S. S. Watuka at General Hospital     suffering from injuries received when he fell in the hold of the ship.
St. Bonaventure's ladies Association Card party at Holy Name Hall.
Lindburgh landed at San Pedro.
Annual meeting hockey league. John M Tobin begins 25th year as Secretary of Newfoundland Hockey Association.
Robert W. Chamber well known American novelist and playwright dead.
Fire department called out three times.  Much damage done to house on Duckworth Street, occupied by Mr. Davis downstairs and Mrs. Lush upstairs.
Memorial University College Annual Dinner at Newfoundland Hotel.
Schooner Madonna, Curtis, master arrived at Trapassey with full load of supplies and was caught by ice which was moving off which cut the vessel right through.  Crew had just time enough to beach her when she filled with water.
Rev. P. J Kennedy addressed patrician Association on "St. Bernadette, The Saint of Miracles."
Holy Cross L.A. debated "that the N. R. A. is a sound business Policy" won by the affirmative.
White gift Service at Gower St. United Church.
Remarkable scenes witnessed at Westport, Country Mayo, as O'Duffy was taken into custody by Free State police when he appeared at a political meeting wearing a regulation blueshirt of the league of Youth.  O'Duffy offered no resistance.
Italian paper Popolo D'Italia made vigorous protests against intrigues of Little Entonte against reform of the League of Nations as proposed by Italy.
Carol service at Y.M.C.A.
Newfoundland bill given thrid reading in House of Commons and passed by majority of 253-52.
Unofficially reported that peace has been signed between Boliva and Paraguay.
Bishop Field College Speech Day at College Hall.
Lady Anderson accompanied by His Excellency the Governor paid official visit to the Civic Relief clothing committee headquarters at L.S.P.U. Hall.
Mrs. Stanley Hussey won $25 prize in Purity Factory Straw vote contest.
Private bill introduced in House of Lords for reform of the Chamber by reducing the members and strengthening its powers to impose delay on legislation.
Speech Day at bishop Spencer college.
Three new outport magistrate named: Leonard Ash, J. P. to be judge of the Harbor Grace District Court, Mr. Fred M. Wells, J.P. to be stipendiary Magistrate at Fogo and Mr. Leonard P Burke, J.P. to be Stipendiary Magistrate at St. George's.
Col. and Mrs Lindbergh arrived at Long Island N. Y. at conclusion of Trans-Atlantic and continental Flight.
Hugh squid weighting 570 pounds caught by fishermen of Dildo.
Snow storm of such violence has been raging round the Morrican town of Fez that the food supply is cut off and aeroplanes had to be used to drop food to starving villagers.
British museum trustees with approval of the government purchased from the Soviet Government the 4th Century manuscript of the Bible which was formerly yhe property of the Czar of Russia.
Speech Day Prince of Wales College .  Lady Anderson presented prizes.  Mr. John Lenmon who had retired from the Board of Governors of the College after 19 years of service, presented with walking stick.
Auxiliary schooner Humerist belonging to the Monroe Export Co. Ltd., ran ashore at Point Roache, Argentia, and became total wreck.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Brabury Patrick Street celebrated golden anniversary of their wedding.
Memorial University college Christmas examination results published.
Newfoundland Bill received Royal assent.
Prime Minister, Hon. F. C. Alderdice tendered complimentary dinner at Newfoundland Hotel by members of the government party.  Dinner marked by presentation of address and handsome chime clock and silver candle sticks to Prime Minister.
Mr. P. K. Divine spoke to rotary Club on "Some Christmas Memories."
Annual prize giving and closing exercises of East End School.
Col. Lindbergh donated his plane to New york Museum of National History.
Famous female spy, Mario-Louise, who was mixed up recently in the sensational Baillie Stewart case at London said to be among the persons arrested at Paris in connection with new espionage affair which is considered to be the biggest of it kind since the war.
Owing to German inability to accept the French proposal the France-German trade negotiations broke down.
Sir John Simon concurred with Boncour on several points of French foreign policy.
600 representatives from China, Japan, India, Persia, Afghanistan, Siam and Egypt among nations represented at congress of Aslatic students inaugurated in the presence of Mussolini who welcome them.
New heir to Japanese throne born and he will be the 125th Mikado.
Members of staff of Department of Agriculture and Mines made [presentation of case of silver and cutlery to Hon. W. J. Walsh Minister of Agriculture and Mines.
Salvation Army distributed 359 Christmas dinners to the poor of the city.
Boy Scouts delivered parcels from their toy shop to poor families throughout the city.
Christmas Musicale of Holy Cross L.A.
Patrician association held Christmas Musiciale.
Messre Furness Withy & Co., had message from S. S. Rydooham bound from Valtic port to the United States with cargo of pulpwood and general cargo that she was on fire and would put into this port.
President Macia, of Catalan died following operation of appendices
worlds oldest biblical manuscript the Codex Sinaiticus which was purchased by the British Museum from Russia brought to London by air and handed over to the Museum.
Midnight mass celebrated at R. C. Churches throughout the city.
Prince's rink opened for first time this season.
His Excellency the governor accompanied by Lady Anderson and Capt. Robinson paid official visit to General hospital.
Fire which broke out in L. S. P. U. hall did much damage.
Stephen's Night Dance at B. I. S. club rooms.
Strollers Athletic Association dance at Holy Name Hall.
New world record altitude for one-seater plane weighting under 450 kilograms established by French flight engineer, Furio Niclot, who attained a height of 32,500 feet.
S. S .Prospero at St. Anthony reported thermometer registering 25 degrees below aero.  Dogs tackled to slides awaiting freight frozen by the side of the ship.
Installation officers St. John's Lodge A.F. & A.M.
Guardians T. A. Juvenile branch election of officers.  Mr. J. O'Toole retired from board after twenty-seven years of service.
Schooner Marjorie Wareham owned by A Wareham and sons, Spencer's cove , P. b. totally wrecked at Bar Haven.
In Broadcast speech president Roosevelt declared United States was opposed to armed intervention and would co-operate with League of Nations.
Secretary of State Hon. J. C. Puddester, addressed rotary on "Newfoundland Situation."
Christmas Tree United Church Orphanage.
Bay Roberts defeated fieldians 5-3 inter-town hockey at Bay Roberts.

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