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Will of William Johnson from Newfoundland will books volume 10 pages 543-544 probate year 1917

 In re     William Johnson     deceased.     Jacque Fountain Fortune Bay July 18th, 1900     I William Johnson am dying and do make my last will and testament.
(1) This house in which I now live and which was built by my Father and me I bequeath to my youngest son Aaron and my wife Anne (as long as she remains a widow), but should she again marry she loses all claim to it and the whole share then belong to Aaron, but all my other sons can live in the house all the time as long as they want to (They are to live here peaceably)
2. All my fishing gear I will to Aaron, but it is to be used by my other sons too when they are home and want to use it (I mean for them all to work together.
(3) I bequeath for my store house to be used among all my sons as long as they want the use of it.
(4) My gun I leave to my third son Joseph.
(5) I own 4 pieces of meadow land by the side of the road between Jacque Fountain and Fox Cove one piece of which I will to each of my four sons, viz:     The piece nearest to Jacque Fountain and on the right hand side of the road going to Fox Cove I leave to my third son Joseph. The next piece on the same side of the road (the piece nearest to Joseph’s and on the same side of the road as his) to my 2nd son John. The piece nearest to Fox Cove and on the same side of the road as Joseph’s and John’s I leave to my oldest son Philip and the piece on the other side of the road I leave to Aaron     I would like for them to work these pieces of land together as long as they remain one family. Signed this 18th day of July in the year of our Lord 1900 in the presence of Mr. N. S. Facey and Mr. T. Hibditch - William his X mark Johnson. Witnesses: - Nicholas S. Facey.     Thomas Hibditch

Charles H. Emerson
Registrar of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland

(Listed in the margin of this will)
June 5/17
Kent J.
Adm c.t.a.
granted to
the 12th day of
June 1917.
Thos. Fitzpatrick
Geo. Harris
Estate sworn
at $800.00

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