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Fortune Bay Region ~ Harbour Breton District

Great Harbour

Section from Great Harbour Inc. to Jersey Harbour Exc. Dist of Fortune Bay.
Microfilm Reel # M-8049, Vol 7 & 8, Pages 254-258
Age is age at last birthday. Column Headings: Surname, Given Name(s), REL=Relationship to head of household, G=Gender; STA=Maritial status. Where handwriting is difficult to decipher, the word will be in brackets with a question mark to indicate that that's what it looks like. Place of birth, when readable, will be noted only when it is other than Nfld.

Transcribed by RON ST. CROIX, March 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors or errors of translation. 

ROSE Ezekiel Head M M 45
ROSE Phoebe Wife F M 42
ROSE Edgar Son M S 15
ROSE Chesley Son M S 11

ROSE John M. Head M M 42
ROSE Frances Wife F M 40
ROSE Clara Dau F S 16
ROSE Daisy Dau F S 11
ROSE Cora Dau F S 3
ROSE Sarah Mother F W 68

ROSE George Wm Head M W 53
ROSE Mollie Dau F S 20
ROSE James Father M W 86
ROSE Garfield SIL M W 29

ROSE Andrew Head M M 52
ROSE Rosanna Wife F M 44
ROSE Harold Son M S 20
ROSE Dorothy Dau F S 12
ROSE Mary Dau F S 10
ROSE Rheuben Son M S 8
ROSE Sadie M. Dau F S 5
ROSE Mary Ann Mother F W 74

ROSE Frank Head M M 47
ROSE Sarah Wife F M 37
ROSE Alma * Dau F S 19
ROSE Gertrude Dau F S 17
ROSE Emily Dau F S 11
ROSE of Jerry James Brother M S 55
* Transcriber's Note: The entry for Alma was crossed out and a question mark inserted before and after the name.

ROSE of Richard John Head M W 54
ROSE Alexander Son M S 12
BANFIELD Susan Hse Kpr F W 50
BANFIELD Jacob Son M S 16

ROSE Richard Head M M 31
ROSE Mary Wife F M 28
ROSE Stella Dau F S ?

ROSE John Wm Head M M 63
ROSE Sarah Wife F M 58
JENSEN Herman Adopted M S 23

ROSE Leo Martin Head M M 33
ROSE Violet Wife F M 25

ROSE Theodore Head M M 38
ROSE Dinah Wife F M 38
ROSE Marion Dau F S 15
ROSE Albert Son M S 12
ROSE Phoebe Dau F S 9

ROSE John R. Head M M 59
ROSE Mariam Wife F M 53
ROSE Mary Dau F S 25
ROSE Gladys Dau F S 19
ROSE Annie Dau F S 13
ROSE Isaac Son M S 16

ROSE Frederick Head M M 63
ROSE Myriah Jane Wife F M 62
ROSE Maxwell Son M S 28
ROSE Gordon Son M S 26
ROSE Randell Son M S 24

ROSE James Head M W 55
ROSE George Son M S 30
ROSE Norman Son M S 21

FRAMP James Head M M 56
FRAMP Ellen Wife F M 55
FRAMP Curtis Son M S 32
FRAMP Cecil Son M S 28
FRAMP Mary Victoria Dau F S 24
FRAMP Rosanna Dau F S 19

ROSE Robert Head M M 65
ROSE Miram Wife F M 58
ROSE John Wm Son M S 22

ROSE Edwin J. Head M M 35
ROSE Elizabeth Wife F M 32

FRAMP Richard Head M M 60
FRAMP Mary Wife F M 54
BENNETT John Adopted S. M S 21
BOND Ida Dau F S 27
BOND Eric Grandson M S 3
BOND Archibald " M S 1
ROSE Ettie Granddau F S 7

BOND Thomas Head M M 34
BOND Mary Wife F M 32
ROSE (Ebar ?) T. Adopted S. M S 10
ROSE Wesley Head M M 35
ROSE Grace Wife F M 31
ROSE Ralph Dau * M S 10
ROSE Florence Dau F S 9
ROSE Gordon Son M S 7
ROSE Charles Son M S 4
ROSE Gladys Dau F S 1
* Transcriber's Note: This is how it appeared in the original.

ROSE William E. Head M M 35
ROSE Charlotte Jane Wife F M 31
ROSE Bertha F. Dau F S 10
ROSE Joyce Dau F S 4
BOND Albert Adopted S. M S 9

HARRIS John P. Head M M 68
HARRIS (Debora ?) Wife F M 60
HARRIS Maud Grand Dau F S 12

HARRIS George Head M M 71
HARRIS Helen Wife F M 58
HARRIS Mary Dau F S 26
HARRIS Abraham Son M S 23
HARRIS Hilda Dau F S 18

HARRIS Andrew J. Head M M 60
HARRIS Mary Jane Wife F M 46
BENNETT Philip Arch. Adop Son M S 20

HARRIS George W. Head M M 50
HARRIS Charlotte Wife F M 4-
HARRIS Maud Dau F S 15
HARRIS Olive Dau F S 11
HARRIS Beatrice Dau F S 10
HARRIS Robert Son M S 2
HARRIS Charlie Son M S 1-
HARRIS Stanley Son M S 17
HARRIS Edward Son M S 16
HARRIS John Son M S 8

BOND Annie Head F W 50
BOND Freeman Son M S 19
BOND Emma Dau F S 12
BOND Joseph Son M S 10
BOND Harriett Head F W 64
BOND Ethel Dau F S 31

BUNGAY John Head M M 78
BUNGAY Mary Jane Wife F M 60
BUNGAY Charles Son M S 24
BUNGAY Thomas Son M S 23

HARRIS Peter Head M W 77

HARRIS Thomas Head M M 35
HARRIS Elizabeth Wife F M 31
HARRIS Flora Dau F S 9
HARRIS Annie Dau F S 7
HARRIS Levi Son M S 6
HARRIS Mary Dau F S 1

ROSE Levi Head M M 34
ROSE Helen Wife F M 31
ROSE Hubert Son M S 11
ROSE Bride Domestic F S 13

COOK Garnet Head M M 49
COOK Elizabeth M. Wife F M 41
COOK Mildred Dau F S 18
COOK John Son M S 11
COOK Allister Son M S 9
COOK Garnet C. Son M S 3
ROSE Mollie Domestic F S 21

HARRIS Harriet Head F W 47
HARRIS George Son M S 23

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