NFGenWeb 1935 Census Data

Fortune Bay Region ~ Harbour Breton District

Harbour Breton

Section from Great Harbour Inc. to Jersey Harbour Exc. Dist of Fortune Bay.
Microfilm Reel # M-8049, Vol 7 & 8, Pages 219-240
Age is age at last birthday. Column Headings: Surname, Given Name(s), REL=Relationship to head of household, G=Gender; STA=Maritial status. Where handwriting is difficult to decipher, the word will be in brackets with a question mark to indicate that that's what it looks like. Place of birth, when readable, will be noted only when it is other than Nfld.

Transcribed by RON ST. CROIX, March 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors or errors of translation.

MacKAY Rev. Herbert Head M M 48
MacKAY Dorothy Wife F M 39
MacKAY Joyce E.M. Dau F S 9
MacKAY Walter Son M S 5

LAWRENCE Elizabeth Head F W 48
LAWRENCE Olive Dau F S 20
LAWRENCE Dorothy Dau F S 18
LAWRENCE John Son M S 16
LAWRENCE George Son M S 8
LAWRENCE Augusta Marcel Dau F S 5

COADY Hugh Head M W 78
COADY Vera Dau F S 30
COADY Robert Head M M 37
COADY Gertrude Wife F M 32
COADY Hugh F.J. Son M S 3
LAMBERT Ethel Domestic F S 28

ELLOITT Henry Head M M 59
ELLOITT Frances Wife F M 60
ELLOITT Trixie Dau F S 29
ELLOITT Mabel Dau F S 23
ELLOITT Eudora Dau F S 22
ELLOITT Henry Edmond Son M S 20
ELLOITT Douglas H. Son M S 17

SMITH Alphonsus Head M M 44
SMITH Mary Wife F M 44
SMITH Samuel Son M S 15
SMITH Sheila Dau F S 9
SMITH Geraldine Dau F S 3
SMITH William Son M S 2
SMITH Cecil Brother M S 45

HAYES Rev. Michael Head M S 43

MacDONALD Martha Head F W 83

FARRELL Thomas Head M M 52
FARRELL Clara Wife F M 46
FARRELL John Son M S 22
FARRELL Ralph Son M S 20
FARRELL Michael Son M S 19
FARRELL Mary Son M S 16
FARRELL Lena Dau F S 10

SPENCER Robert H. Head M M 50
SPENCER Ellen Wife F M 43
SPENCER James Son M S 18
SPENCER Gertrude Dau F S 10
SPENCER John Son M S 2

HOLLY James Head M M 36
HOLLY Lillian * Wife F M 35
HOLLY Gladys Dau F S 16
HOLLY Mary E. Dau F S 11
HOLLY Albert Son M S 10
HOLLY Emily Dau F S 2
HOLLY Emily Mother F W 76
* Transcriber's Note: Lillian was born in Canada.

CHAPMAN George Head M M 46
CHAPMAN Tryphena Wife F M 46
CHAPMAN Thomas Son M S 19
CHAPMAN Tryphena * Dau F S 18
CHAPMAN George Ben Son M S 16
CHAPMAN William A. Son M S 13
* Transcriber's Note: The entry for Tryphena had been crossed out and overwritten with "Taken at English Hr. West".

HEARN Patrick Head M M 75
HEARN Alice Wife F M 55
HEARN Elizabeth Dau F S 17
HEARN Charlotte Dau F S 15
HULL Leo Adop Son M S 30
BURKE Carrie Boarder F S 40

TRICKET Graham Head M M 37
TRICKET Stella Wife F M 31

MARTIN Leo Pat Head M M 35
MARTIN Judith Wife F M 35
MARTIN Jessie Adop Dau F S 4

HICKEY Leonard Head M M 26
HICKEY Bridget Wife F M 29
HICKEY Timothy Son M S 5
HICKEY Maud Dau F S 3
HICKEY Thomas Son M S 11mts

MacDONALD Sarah Head F W 91

MacDONALD Thomas Head M W 61
MacDONALD Frank Son M S 34

SODERO William J. Head M M 59
SODERO Mary Tryphena Wife F M 58
SODERO Harold Son M S 24
SODERO Albert Son M S 19

FIANDER John F. Head M W 70
STOODLEY Tryphena HseKpr F M 34
STOODLEY Gordon ** M S 10
** Transcriber's Note: The entry for this space is "Kept by Head".

MAHAR Patrick Head M M 42
MAHAR Fanny Wife F M 40
MAHAR Edgar Son M S 18
MAHAR Gordon Son M S 13
MAHAR Cyril Son M S 8

JENSEN John B. Head M M 71
JENSEN Edith Wife F M 68

JENSEN Eliza Head F W 72
JENSEN Emma Dau F S 33

JENSEN William Head M W 48
JENSEN Mary Dau F S 20
JENSEN Thos J. Son M S 18
JENSEN Archibald Son M S 16

SKINNER Samuel Head M M 45
SKINNER Ethel Wife F M 37
SKINNER Charlie Son M S 17
SKINNER Cecil Son M S 15
SKINNER Freeman Son M S 13
SKINNER Pearl Dau F S 8

SIBLY Elias Head M M 49
SIBLY Ivy Wife F M 49
SIBLY Albert Son M S 8
SIBLY Beatrice Dau F S ?

REID Edward Head M M 33
REID Marion Wife F M 33
REID Charles Son M S 5
REID Llyod Son M S 3
REID Grace Dau F S 1
REID Blanche Dau F S 1

CHAPMAN Jacob Head M M 59
CHAPMAN Florence Wife F M 49
CHAPMAN Basil Son M S 22
CHAPMAN Henry J. Son M S 29
CHAPMAN May Dau F S 19
CHAPMAN Gladys Dau F S 16
CHAPMAN Blanche Dau F S 13
CHAPMAN Florence J. Dau F S 10
CHAPMAN Adolphus Son M S 9
CHAPMAN Vilma Dau F S 6

PARSONS William E. Head M M 64
PARSONS Margaret M. Wife F M 63
PARSONS Edgar L. Son M S 22
PARSONS Philip Son M S 20
SUTTON Noel Servant M S 19
GILBERT Lydia Servant F S 40

ANSFORD George Head M M 40
ANSFORD Rose Wife F M 39
ANSFORD Chesley George Son M S 8
ANSFORD Jean Elizabeth Dau F S 3
HERRETT Lucy Domestic F S 27
ANSFORD Mary Dau F S 15

PETERS John Head M M 57
PETERS Lillian Wife F M 54
PETERS John Son M S 21
PETERS Frank Son M S 16

HUNT John Head M M 51
HUNT Elizabeth Wife F M 48
HUNT Leo Son M S 24
HUNT Edward Son M S 22
HUNT George Son M S 20
HUNT Lillian Dau F S 18
HUNT Maud Dau F S 14
HUNT Reginald Son M S 8

STEWART William J. Head M M 42
STEWART Mabel F. * Wife F M 27
STEWART Edward Son M S 15
STEWART Mary Dau F S 13
STEWART Sadie Dau F S 11
STEWART Frederick Son M S 1

SIBLEY Emily Head F W 78
SHORT James Gnd Son M S 26
SHORT Harold " M S 22

SIBLEY William Head M M 38
SIBLEY Frances Wife F M 37
SIBLEY Annie Dau F S 12
SIBLEY James Son M S 8
SIBLEY John Son M S 6
SIBLEY Elias Son M S 4
SIBLEY Emily Dau F S 2

ASHFORD Peter Head M M 73
ASHFORD Louisa Wife F M 69
ASHFORD George Son M S 24
PARDY Mildred Dau F W 58

MYALLS Elizabeth Head F W 58
MYALLS Eva Dau F S 23
HERRITT Eva Gnd Dau F S 3

HARDY Frank Head M M 64
HARDY Georgina Maria Wife F M 49
SKINNER Maggie Domestic F S 29

PARDY Thomas Head M M 53
PARDY Eliza Wife F M 54
SHORT Thomas Nephew M S 17

JENSEN William White Head M M 60
JENSEN Elizabeth Wife F M 59
JENSEN Jacob Son M S 26

JENSEN John Cluett Head M M 61
JENSEN Catherine Wife F M 53
JENSEN Maxwell Son M S 31
JENSEN William Son M S 20
JENSEN Oscar Son M S 18
JENSEN Vivien Dau F S 15
JENSEN Evelyn Dau F S 12

HYNES Henry Head M M 42
HYNES Nellie Wife F M 36
HYNES Alexander Son M S 18
HYNES Stephen Son M S 15
HYNES Elizabeth Son M S 13
HYNES Dorothy Dau F S 12
HYNES Annie Dau F S 10
HYNES Teresa Dau F S 8
HYNES Mary Dau F S 8
HYNES Henry Joseph Son M S 6
HYNES Ellen Dau F S 6
HYNES Susan Dau F S 3
HYNES Hugh Son M S 21
HYNES (Gertrude ?) Dau F S 25
HYNES Elizabeth Mother F W 79

JOHNSON William Head M M 42
JOHNSON Martha Wife F M 34
JOHNSON Rita Dau F S 18
JOHNSON Elizabeth * Dau F S 17
JOHNSON Felix Son M S 9
JOHNSON Angela Dau F S 3
JOHNSON William Son M S 2
* Transcriber's Note: The entry for Elizabeth was crossed out and overwritten with the entry "Taken at St.Jacques".

HICKEY Dinah Head F W 52
HICKEY John Son M S 20
HICKEY Ellen Dau F S 17

PERRY Emma Head F W 27
PERRY Elizabeth Eliza Dau F S 3

ASHFORD Charles E. Head M M 45
ASHFORD Evlyn B. Wife F M ?

MARTIN Susan Head M W 26
MARTIN Daniel Son M S 5
MARTIN Aloysius Son M S 3

MARTIN Mary Head F W 40
MARTIN Rita Dau F S 17
MARTIN Thomas Son M S 15
MARTIN Mary Dau F S 10
MARTIN Elizabeth Dau F S 4

LAMBERT George Head M M 40
LAMBERT Hannah May Wife F M 35
QUANN Mary Neice F S 18

QUANN Patrick Head M W 4-

MARTIN John Head M M 70
MARTIN Mary Wife F M 62

DOLLIMENT Smithfield Head M M 57
DOLLIMENT Emily Wife F M 54
DOLLIMENT George * Son M S 27
DOLLIMENT John J. Son M S 19
* Transcriber's Note: The entry for George was crossed out and overwritten with the entry "Taken in Sanatorium".

STONE George Head M M 37
STONE Sarah Bridget Wife F M 26
STONE Beatrice Dau F S 10
STONE Noel Son M S 7
STONE George Son M S 7
STONE John Son M S 3

MARTIN Richard Head M M 34
MARTIN Kathleen Wife F M 27
MARTIN John Son M S 4

BENNING Elizabeth Head F W 85

PETERS Alfred Head M M 47
PETERS Elsie Wife F M (47 ?)
PETERS George Son M S 23
PETERS Alfred Son M S 19
PETERS Lilian Dau F S 21
PETERS William Son M S 17
PETERS Patrick Son M S 16
PETERS Gertrude Dau F S 12
PETERS Alice Dau F S 10
PETERS Mary Dau F S 8
PETERS Grace Dau F S 5
Transcriber's Note: The above Peters family appears to have been crossed out and overwritten with the entry "This family transferred to Lourdes."

PARDY Frank Head M W 45

PEARCE Florence Head F W 63
PEARCE Robert Son M S 37
PEARCE Hugh Son M S 23
PEARCE Richard Son M S 21
PEARCE Thomas Gnd Son M S 22
PEARCE Thomas Head M M 28
PEARCE Sarah E. Wife F M 23
PEARCE Dorothy M. * Son* M* S 1
* Transcriber's Note: This is how these entries are in the original.

LOVELESS George Head M M 36
LOVELESS Annie Wife F M 24
LOVELESS Albert Wm. Son M S 15
LOVELESS Josiah Son M S 12
LOVELESS Hannah Jane Dau F S 10
LOVELESS George Murray Son M S 5mts

HUNT John Head M W 53
HUNT John J. Son M S 23

PEARCE Jeffery Head M M 22
PEARCE Frances Wife F M 24
PEARCE Walter G. Son M S 2

SKINNER Richard J. Head M M 47
SKINNER Alice Wife F M 41
SKINNER William Son M S 22
SKINNER Sarah Dau F S 20
SKINNER James Son M S 17
SKINNER Albert Son M S 15
SKINNER David Son M S 9
SKINNER Richard Son M S 12
SKINNER Mary Dau F S 2

POWER David Head M M 52
POWER Rachael Wife F M 43
POWER John Son M S 18
POWER Mabel Dau F S 16
POWER David Son M S (14 ?)
POWER Marguerite Dau F S 12
POWER Florence Dau F S 10
POWER Clara Dau F S 6
POWER Violet Dau F S 4
POWER Ellen Dau F S 2

ASHFORD Erick Head M M 27
POWER Rose Wife F M 21

SKINNER Richard Head M M 80
SKINNER Sarah Wife F M 64

HILLER Albert Head M M 41
HILLER Elizabeth Wife F M 32
HILLER Thomas Son M S 14
HILLER Arthur Son M S 9
HILLER Annie Dau F S 7
HILLER Mary Dau F S 5
HILLER Frances Dau F S 2
HILLER Elizabeth Dau F S 18

SKINNER Arthur Head M M 57
SKINNER Agnes Wife F M 52
SKINNER Richard A. Son M S 21
SKINNER Joseph Son M S 18

SKINNER Henry Head M M 78
SKINNER Mary Josephine Wife F M 66
SKINNER Annie Dau F S 43

SKINNER Richard H. Head M M 40
SKINNER Rosanne Wife F M 19
SKINNER Lillian Dau F S 16
SKINNER Harold Son M S 13
SKINNER Mary Ellen Dau F S 11
SKINNER John Son M S 7

WHITTLE Edward Head M M 36
WHITTLE Elizabeth Wife F M 33
WHITTLE Thomas Son M S 14
WHITTLE Martha Dau F S 12
WHITTLE John Son M S 9
WHITTLE Peter Son M S 7
WHITTLE David Son M S 3

QUANN Patrick Head M M 45
QUANN Margaret Wife F M 44
QUANN John Son M S 5
QUANN Amelia Dau F S 3

SKINNER Peter Head M M 44
SKINNER Jane Wife F M 37
SKINNER Bridget Dau F S 19
SKINNER James Son M S 17
SKINNER Julia Dau F S 7

HUNT Andrew Head M M 50
HUNT Agnes Wife F M 41
HUNT Walter Son M S 19
HUNT Edgar Son M S 16
HUNT William Son M S 14
HUNT James Son M S 12
HUNT Evelyn Dau F S 10
HUNT Hannah Mother F W 85

SKINNER George Head M M (48 ?)
SKINNER Lucy Wife F M 38
SKINNER James Son M S 19
SKINNER Clayton Son M S 14
SKINNER Mary Dau F S 17
SKINNER Charlotte Dau F S 13
SKINNER Lucy Dau F S 10
SKINNER Annie Dau F S 8
SKINNER Sarah Dau F S 4
SKINNER John Dau F S 1

HUNT Thomas Head M M 37
HUNT Mary Wife F M 34
HUNT James Son M S 8
HUNT Sebina Dau F S 10
HUNT John Fred Son M S 6

HERRITT Clara Head F W 47
HERRITT James Son M S 9
HERRITT Elizabeth Dau F S 16
HERRITT Jacob John Son M S 13
HERRITT Stanley Geo. Son M S 10
HERRITT Pearl Dau F S 9
HERRITT Bertha Dau F S 6

SKINNER Stanley Head M M 27
SKINNER Levina Wife F M 28
SKINNER William Son M S 4
SKINNER Samuel Son M S 3
SKINNER Dorothy Dau F S 1
SKINNER Mary Ann Mother F W 75

HERRITT John Head M M 51
HERRITT Martha Wife F M 49
HERRITT William Head M M 30
HERRITT Mary Wife F M 29
HERRITT Meta Dau F S 9

SKINNER Thomas Head M M 4-
SKINNER Dora Wife F M 30
SKINNER George T. Son M S 6
SKINNER Emma Dau F S 3

STRICKLAND John W. Head M M 62
STRICKLAND Caroline Wife F M 69
STRICKLAND Henry J. Son M S 30

STRICKLAND George Head M M 58
STRICKLAND Annie Wife F M 46
STRICKLAND Chelsey Son M S 26
STRICKLAND Samuel Son M S (14 ?)

DAY Abrham Head M M 65
DAY Eliza Wife F M 56
DAY Norman Son M S 25
DAY Wilson Son M S 16

PEARCE (A...sen ?) Head M M 36
PEARCE Sarah Wife F M 26
PEARCE Martha Dau F S 3
PEARCE Norman Robt. Son M S 1

DAY George James Head M M (38 ?)
DAY Charlotte Wife F M 31

PEARCE George Head M M -2
PEARCE Phoebe Wife F M 4-
PEARCE Thomas Son M S 23
PEARCE Eugene Son M S 16
PEARCE Charles Robt. Son M S 12
ASHFORD Charlotte MIL F M 89

SKINNER John R. Head M M 65
SKINNER Elizabeth Wife F M 54
SKINNER Caroline Dau F S 23
SKINNER Arthur Son M S 21
SKINNER George Son M S 19
SKINNER Peter Son M S 15
SKINNER Emma Dau F S 11

STRICKLAND William Head M M 65
STRICKLAND Simeon Son M S 18
STRICKLAND George T. Son M S 11
STRICKLAND Sarah J. Dau F S 20

PORTER Walter Head M M 73
PORTER Naimo Wife F M 44
PORTER George W. Son M S 36
PORTER Reginald Son M S 27
BUNGAY William Norman SIL M S 16
BUNGAY Evelyn Dau F S (15 ?)

COX Kathleen Head F W 56
COX Teresa Dau F S 21
COX George Son M S 19

TAYLOR Edward Head M M 41
TAYLOR Fanny Wife F M (41 ?)
TAYLOR Mary Dau F S 17
TAYLOR John Edward Son M S (12 ?)
COX Elizabeth MIL F W 74

COX Julien Head M M 56
COX Mary Wife F M 55
COX Michael Son M S 26
COX Emmanuel Son M S 18
COX Reginald Son M S 16
COX William Son M S 15
COX Mary F. Dau F S (17 ?)
COX Margaret Dau F S 7

CHAPMAN Isaac Head M M 53
CHAPMAN Dinah Wife F M 51
CHAPMAN Isaac Son M S 17
CHAPMAN William Son M S 14
CHAPMAN Sarah Dau F S 12
CHAPMAN John Thomas Adopted S. M S 5
CHAPMAN Albert Uncle M S 24

MOLLOY John F. Head M W 67
MOLLOY Clara Dau F S 15
MOLLOY James Son M S (29 ?)

MOLLOY William Head M M 25
MOLLOY Maud Wife F M 28
MOLLOY Kathleen Dau F S 6
MOLLOY James Son M S 4
MOLLOY Clara Dau F S 3mts

JARVIS James Head M M (40 ?)
JARVIS Cecelia Wife F M 32
JARVIS Edward Son M S 13
JARVIS Partick Son M S 9
JARVIS Violet Dau F S 6
JARVIS Martha Mother F W 74

MOLLOY Richard Head M M 39
MOLLOY Sarah B. Wife F M 39
MOLLOY Julia Dau F S 16
MOLLOY James Son M S 14
MOLLOY John Son M S 11

KEEPING James Head M M 46
KEEPING Margaret Wife F M 44
KEEPING Lottie Dau F S 23
KEEPING Emma Dau F S 17
KEEPING Mabel Dau F S 15
KEEPING Addie Dau F S 13
KEEPING Mary Dau F S ?
KEEPING Clarence In Charge M S (15 ?)

BULLEN Theodore Head M M 31
BULLEN Rebecca Wife F S 27
BULLEN George Son M S 9
BULLEN Edna Dau F S 7
BULLEN Theodore Son M S 5

BULLEN John Head M M 63
BULLEN Ester Wife F M 60
BULLEN Hubert Son M S 26
BULLEN Gladys Dau F S 18

STRICKLAND Charity Wife F M 57
TIBBO William Son M S 33

TIBBO Sarah Head F W 39
TIBBO John Tom Son M S 20
TIBBO Myrtle Dau F S 18
TIBBO Henry Son M S 14
TIBBO Herbert Son M S 11
TIBBO Eber Son M S 10

ASHFORD Joseph Head M M 51
ASHFORD Birgedda Wife F M 51
ASHFORD Frances Dau F S 25
ASHFORD Muriel Dau F S (22 ?)
ASHFORD Mary A. Dau F S 20
ASHFORD Thos. G. Son M S 18
ASHFORD Joseph Son M S 15
ASHFORD Barbara Dau F S 12

MAY Mary Ann Head F W 41
MAY William J. Son M S 13
MAY Percival Son M S 9
MAY Sarah J. * Dau F S 4
* Transcriber's Note: Sarah J. was born in the USA.

ASHFORD Sarah Head F W 63
ASHFORD Bertha Adopted D. F S (11 ?)

NEIL Hannah Head F W 62
NEIL John Son M S 21

PERRY Stanley Head M M 31
PERRY Frances Wife F M 29
PERRY Harold Son M S 11
PERRY Mary Dau F S 9
PERRY James Son M S 7
PERRY John Son M S 5

PERRY James Head M M 61
PERRY Elizabeth Wife F M 60
PERRY Charlie Son M S 19
(LEGG ?) Tryphena Charge F S (36 ?)

PERRY William Head M M 52
PERRY Sarah Wife F M 47
PERRY Isabelle Dau F S 7
PERRY Fred Son M S 17
ROSE Gladys DIL F S 21
ROSE Marjorie * DIL M * S 10
* Transcriber's Note: This is how these entries appear in the original.

MAY Charles Head M M 48
MAY Isabella Wife F M 43
MAY Henry Son M S 20
MAY Mary Dau F S 18

BULLEN Frederick Head M M 42
BULLEN Margaret Wife F M 38
BULLEN Josiah Norman Son M S 16
BULLEN Martha Ann Dau F S 14
MAY Maize Eliza Dau F S 11
BULLEN Margaret F. Dau F S 7

STEWART William Head M M 54
STEWART Eliza Jane Wife F M 50
STEWART Fanny May Dau F S 25
STEWART William Son M S 24
STEWART Gladys Ernestine Dau F S 20
STEWART John Boyce Son M S 19

FRAMP William Head M M 66
FRAMP Hannah Wife F M 67

PEARCE Jane Head F W 53
HUNT John Son M S 22

ROSE George Head M M 55
ROSE Elizabeth Wife F M 55
ROSE Clayton Son M S 22
ROSE Clyde Son M S 21
ROSE Amy Dau F S 14
ROSE Alexander Son M S 12
ROSE Bessie Niece F S 25

BULLEN Dinah Head F M * 56
STONE John J. Son M S 35
* Transcriber's Note: The enumerator had entered the word "Seperated" in the margin of this entry.

STEWART Arthur Head M M 29
STEWART Mary Ellen Wife F M 29
STEWART William Son M S 10
STEWART George Son M S 8
STEWART Donald Son M S 7
STEWART Bernard A. Son M S 4
STEWART Lawrence F. Son M S 3

ROSE John Joseph Head M M 67
ROSE Mary Ann Wife F M 69

STONE Philip
M M 53
STONE Mary Grace
F M 52
STONE Philip
M S 21
STONE Onslow
M S 17
F S 12

STONE Joseph
M M 60
F M 61

DAY Henry
M M 60
DAY Lydia
F M 56
DAY John Fred
M S 26
DAY Julia
F S 18
DAY Alfreda
F S 14

DAY Henry
M M 24
DAY Edith
F M 21

M M 43
F M 44
F S 15
M S 13
M S 10
F S 8
M S 5
M S 2

DAY Emma
F W 56
DAY Mabel
F S 18
DAY Gertrude
F S 15
DAY Joseph
M S 8

PERRY Julia * F W 79
* Transcriber's Note: The entry for this space is "Head - but living at present with family # 122". Family # 122 is that of Henry & Lydia DAY above.

AUGOT Michael Head M M 45
AUGOT Elizabeth Wife F M 46
AUGOT Mary Dau F S 20
AUGOT Pius Son M S 19
AUGOT Fred Son M S 17
AUGOT Frances Dau F S 12
AUGOT Reginald Son M S 11
AUGOT Ellen Dau F S 9
AUGOT Dorothy Son M S 5

ASHFORD Charles R. Head M M 63
ASHFORD Caroline Wife F M 53
ASHFORD John Son M S 18

MORRIS Clayton Head M M 30
MORRIS Effie Wife F M 22

MAHONEY Joseph Head M M 53
MAHONEY Rose Wife F M (45 ?)
MAHONEY Daniel Son M S 24
MAHONEY Margaret Dau F S 22
MAHONEY Ellen Dau F S 18
MAHONEY Mary Dau F S 16
MAHONEY Annie Dau F S 13
MAHONEY Frances Dau F S 7

MULLINS Laura Head F W 49
MULLINS Ralph Son M S 18
MULLINS Jessie Bella Dau F S 15
MULLINS Violet Dau F S 7

BUGLAR George Head M M 40
BUGLAR Sarah Wife F M 35
BUGLAR Clara Charlotte Dau F S 9
BUGLAR Clayton Son M S ?
BUGLAR Isaac Son M S 1

ASHFORD George Head M S 24

ASHFORD William Head M M 31
ASHFORD Bessie Wife F M 30
ASHFORD Tryphena Dau F S 13
ASHFORD Bridget Melita Dau F S 7
ASHFORD John Wm. Son M S 5

BUGLAR Jessie Head F W 40
BUGLAR Victor Son M S 21
BUGLAR Llyod Son M S 18
BUGLAR Ernest Son M S 15
BUGLAR John Sam Son M S 10

DAY Garfield Head M M 30
DAY Florence Wife F M 30
DAY Leo Son M S 6
DAY Onslo Son M S 4
AUGO Philip Adopted M S 8

TIBBO Philip Head M M (39 ?)
TIBBO Elsie Wife F M (35 ?)
TIBBO William Son M S 7
TIBBO Wilson Son M S 5
TIBBO Thomas Son M S 2
TIBBO Jane Sister F S 55
TIBBO Lydia Dau F S 13

JENSEN Sarah Head F W 50
JENSEN Allan Son M S 18
JENSEN Harry Son M S 20
SHEPPARD Charlie Head M M 27
SHEPPARD Julia Wife F M 25
SHEPPARD Earl Son M S 10mts

JENSEN Mack J. Head M W 46
JENSEN Robert Son M S 12
JENSEN Bergedda Dau F S 7

ROSE Mary Head F W (60 ?)
ROSE Chesley Son M S 24
ROSE Russel Son M S 23

BARNES George W. Head M M 31
BARNES Hilda M. Wife F M 28

KEEPING John Jr. Head M M 40
KEEPING Edna Wife F M 40
KEEPING John Abraham Son M S 9
KEEPING Abrose Howard Son M S 5

KEEPING John Sr. Head M M 73
KEEPING Charlotte Wife F M 70

KEEPING Louis Head M M 24
KEEPING Emma Wife F M 20
KEEPING Edward Son M S 2

HYNES Susan Head F W 44

HICKEY Augustine Head M M 24
HICKEY Annie Wife F M 23

HEARN Richard Head M M 64
HEARN Genevieve Wife F M 63

HEARN William Head M M 36
HEARN Charlotte Wife F M 28
HEARN John Francis Son M S 2
HEARN Andrew Son M S 6mts

COX Joseph Head M W 50
COX Agnes Dau F S 21
COX Aloysius Son M S 18
COX James Son M S 15

ELLIOTT William C. Head M M 31
ELLIOTT Helen Lenora Wife F M 32
ELLIOTT Eudora Dau F S 3

KING David Head M M 28
KING Mildred Wife F M 26

LINEGAR William J. * M S (29 ?)
* Transcriber's Note: The entry for this space is "Boarder with Family # 2 - Book 1." Family # 2 would be that of Elizabeth LAWRENCE - the second family on this page.

JENSEN Thomas Head M S 27
JENSEN Edith * Mother F W 45
JENSEN Gladys * Sister F S 20
JENSEN Loraine * Sister F S 18
* Transcriber's Note: These entries were crossed out and the following entry made: "Listed as Residents of St.George's".

HARDY Mary Ann
F M 79

MacDERMOT Gertrude Head F M 54

M S 18

Name in Census Description of Error My Name
SKINNER In this listing, Phoebe and Charles Skinner have 6 children. Winnie is my Grandmother, she married Earl Mullins from Rencontre, they lived in Hr. Breton and then moved to Mose Ambrose in Fortune Bay. I want to know if anyone knows who Winnie's or Charles parents are and where they came from. Phoebe's maiden name was Ashford. Carolyn (Dominix) Jacobs
HERRITT Under the heading for Herritt with William Herritt for the head, the name of his wife is Minnie, not Mary as stated, (for further explanation their daughters name is Meta). Anisa Hasan

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