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Fortune Bay Region - Lovell's Directory 1871

Harbour Breton District ~ Sagona

SAGONA (mistakenly called Sagoua in Lovell's) - A small island near the entrance of Fortune Bay, district of Fortune Bay. It is a fishing settlement of some importance. Distant from Harbor Briton (sic) by boat 5 miles. Mail fortnightly. Population 270.

Ashford Charles fisherman
Baker William planter
Bungy Ambrose fisherman
Bungy Charles fisherman
Bungy James fisherman
Bungy John fisherman
Bungy Richard planter
Bungy Robert fisherman
Bungy William planter
Bulley William fisherman
Cremer Morgan planter
Day James fisherman
Drakes Josiah planter
Drakes Thomas fisherman
Queen Thomas planter
Hackett Joseph planter
Jarvis Thomas fisherman
Jynes John planter
Keeping Benjamin planter
Keeping James fisherman
Keeping John planter
Keeping Richard planter
Keeping Thomas planter
Keeping William planter
Knowling William planter
Millar George fisherman
Mullins Jonathan fisherman
Short George fisherman
Skinner Charles fisherman
Skinner James fisherman
Skinner John fisherman
Skinner John fisherman
Skinner John fisherman
Skinner Peter fisherman
Skinner Thomas fisherman
Skinner William planter
Snook Benjamin planter
Snook George planter
Snook Robert planter
Snook Stephen fisherman
Snook Jonathan fisherman
Studley John planter
Tibboc John fisherman

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