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Fortune Bay ~ 1898 McAlpines Directory of NF

Harbour Breton District - Belleoram

Pop. of District, 7671. Chief Town, Harbor Briton; Pop 748.
Photocopies from the A.C. Hunter Library, St. John's provided by BONNIE HICKEY and transcribed by JOHN STARRETT, April 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Baker Wm fisherman
Brinton Chas do
Brinton Jas do
Buffett Edwin Ambrose do
Buffett Jeremiah do
Buffett mrs, wid
Bearns Albert do
Burdock Joseph do
Burdock Benjamin W do
Burdock Aaron W do
Baker Jas do
Cluett Philip do
Cluett Thos (Thos do
Cluett Simeon Geo, lobster packer
Cluett Saml (Wm fisherman
Cluett John Thos do
Cluett Wm Geo do
Cluett John (Thos do
Cluett Albert Geo do
Cluett Wm (Thos do
Cluett John (Wm do
Cluett Saml (Saml do
Cluett Wm John do
Cluett Thos (Thos do
Cluett Alfred (Thos do
Cluett Allen keeper pub wharf
Cluett Abram fisherman
Cluett John (Geo do
Cluett Geo do
Cluett John sr (John do
Cluett Walter do
Cluett Owen do
Cluett Jeremiah do
Cluett Albert W do
Cluett AL & Co, genl dealers and lobster packers
Cluett Arthur M, of A L Cluett & Co
Cluett Levi, of A L Cluett & Co
Cluett Edw fisherman
Cluett Aaron shopkeeper
Cluett Jas fisherman
Cluett mrs, wid postmistress
Cluett mrs, wid Jacob
Critchell Matthew fisherman
Critchell Richd do
Critchell Albert Geo do
Chant Geo teacher, Ch of Eng
Cunningham Arth C, prev officer
Carter Henry fisherman
Dicks Wm (Geo do
Dicks Henry do
Dicks Geo do
Dicks Abram John do
Dicks Wm (Wm do
Dicks Philip do
Dicks Wm Henry do
Dicks John Benjamin do
Drakes Thos do
Drakes Levi do
Fudge John do
Fudge Silas do
Fudge Aaron do
Fudge Rendell do
Fudge mrs, wid Robt
Fiander Thos do
Foote John sr (Hy do
Foote John (John do
Gould Geo fisherman
Gould Philip John do
Grandy John do
Grandy Thos do
Grandy Philip genl dealer
Grandy Wm fisherman
Grandy Thos Geo do
Gilbert Jas do
Haynes Rev W A episcopalian
Hodder Albert fisherman
Hanham Chas do
Hardy Philip do
Jensen Robt light-house keeper
Jensen Abram fisherman
Kearley Geo do
Kearley Jas genl dealer
Keepin Benjamin fisherman
Kinsella Owen do
Kinsella Daniel do
Kinsella John do
Kinsella Martin do
Kinsella Thos do
Kinsella Patk do
Lee John do
Lee Saml do
McCuish Levi A, of A L Cluett & Co
Moulton Geo Thos fisherman
Moulton Edw do
Moulton John do
Mallard Richard do
May Wm Geo do
May Abraham do
May Philip do
Noseworthy John shoe maker
Osmand Geo fisherman
Pike Philip do
Pike Noah blacksmith
Poole John carpenter
Poole Aaron fisherman
Poole Geo do
Poole Mrs, wid Wm
Rose Josiah lobster packer
Rose Alander do
Rose Wm Jas fisherman
Rose Mrs, wid John
Rose Wm lobster packer
Rose Philip fisherman
Rose Thos P do
Rose Wm J (Geo do
Rose Wm J (Robt do
Romkey John sr gentleman
Romkey John jr fisherman
Savery Mrs, wid
Savery Thos fisherman
Strowbridge Samuel (Chas do
Strowbridge Samuel shoemaker
Stone Thos fisherman
Savery Abram do
Taylor Richard do
Taylor Wm do
Tulk Mrs, wid Wm
Whately John do
Whately Uriah trader
Yarn Henry fisherman

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