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Fortune Bay ~ 1898 McAlpines Directory of NF

Harbour Breton District - Harbour Breton

Pop. of District, 7671. Chief Town, Harbor Briton; Pop 748.
Photocopies from the A.C. Hunter Library, St. John's provided by BONNIE HICKEY and transcribed by JOHN STARRETT, April 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Ashford Thos fisherman
Ashford Chas R do
Ashford Thos W do
Ashford Geo do
Angot Julien do
Angot Joseph do
Boyce John do
Bullen John do
Buglar Jas shipwright
Brushett Wilson laborer
Bartlett Geo policeman
Burkett mrs, wid Thos postmistress
Chapman Henry fisherman
Chapman Jacob do
Chapman Benj genl dealer
Cotter Jacob do
Chapman John fisherman
Chapman Geo do
Cox Edw do
Cox Abram fisherman
Coady Hugh shopkeeper
Cox Geo fisherman
Cox Wm (Thos do
Cox John do
Cox Joseph do
Cox mrs, wid Thos
Chapman Wm do
Chapman mrs, wid John
Crant Robt do
Dolimont Henry do
Dollard Richd laborer
Day Jas fisherman
Day John do
Day Jas Wm do
Day Abram do
Doyle John telegraph repairer
Dolimont Bernard fisherman
Dolimont mrs, wid Geo do
Foote Emanuel master voyage
Foote Arthur laborer
Fitzgerald Conrad physician
Fudge Nathaniel fisherman
Gauge John laborer
Gallop Ed C agent Newman & Co
Greenham Rev E G Episcop'n
Hubert Philip land surveyor
Hardy Jas storekeeper
Holley Peter fisherman
Hardy Henry cooper
Hardy Richd do
Herrett John fisherman
Hansford Wm laborer
Hunt Chas fisherman
Hearne Patk boat master
Hunt Jas fisherman
Hearne Richd seaman
Hearne mrs, wid John
Holley John boat master
Haggett Geo Thos laborer
Hunt Jas jr fisherman
Hunt mrs, wid Henry
Hutchings mrs, wid Daniel
Jensen Isaac general dealer
Jensen Albert light house kpr
Jensen Thomas kpr pub wharf
Jensen Jacob fisherman
Jensen Geo do
Jensen John do
Jensen John C do
Jensen Wm do
Jensen mrs, wid Aaron
Jensen mrs, wid Jens
Keepin John (John do
Keepin John (Jas fisherman
Legge Thos do
LeGresley A clerk
Loveless Josiah fisherman
Laughlan mrs, wid Chas
Maloy John laborer
Maloy Richd fisherman
Maloy Thomas do
Marsh Edw laborer
McDonald Thos mariner
McDonald Wm sea captain
McDonald Michl do
Newman & Co
genl dealers
Neill Peter fisherman
Pettis Chas sailor
Perry Henry laborer
Perry Saml fisherman
Pierce Thos lobster packer
Pierce Thos sailmaker
Rose Eli fisherman
Renouf Rev H T Roman Cath
Ridout Robt fisherman
Sodero Wm telegraph operator
Sodero Joseph W do
Skinner Wm (Matthew fish'man
Smith John freighter & shopkpr
Sibly Jas blacksmith
Skinner Corenelius fisherman
Stone John do
Stone Joseph do
Squarey R T stipendiary magistrate & sub-collector customs
Stone Jas fisherman
Stone mrs, wid Geo do
Skinner Henry do
Skinner John (John do
Skinner John (Wm do
Skinner mrs Jan, wid
Skinner mrs, wid Mat
Stickland Wm (John fisherman
Stickland Saml do
Stickland Wm J do
Skinner Wm (Abraham do
Simms Jacob steamer captain
Simms Robt sailmaker
Snook Geo teacher
Simms John sailmaker
Stickland Henry schr master
Stickland John messenger
Spencer Robt fisherman
Stewart John do
Sexton Wm cooper
Sexton mrs, wid Wm
Thompson Wm (Richd schr mstr
Thompson Wm (Edw fisherman
Thompson Edw ferryman
Tibbo Wm mstr packet steamer
Tibbo Peter fisherman
White W A clerk

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