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Pool's Cove/ Bay du Nord Births  1876 - 1896 (Partial)

The records were transcribed by Marilyn Butt.While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Date Child's Name Parent's Name
Apr 23/76AdelaideSamuel & Martha Bambury
Oct.2/99AngusSamuel & Martha Bambury
Aug 22,/81Charles Robert James and Caroline Perham
Nov 15/82ThomasThomas & Esther Welsh
Nov 21/82Thomas Minto 
Jun 16/83Thomas Richard (Mose Ambrose)James Margaret Scott
Jun21/88James Hollett 
Nov/84EllenJohn Williams/Susan Clem
Nov 23/84FrederickWilliam & Frances Hollett
Sept 6/87Emily GoodJames & Frances Clement
Sept 30/88William ReevesJames & Frances Bambury
Oct 28/88 George SquiresHenry Thomas & Mary Ann Squires
Oct 25/88PhilipWilliam & Jane Clemo
Oct. 25/88Eliza?
Dec 18/88ThomasMasshew & Elizabeth Brown
Nov 23/89William GeorgeJames & Josephine Welsh
Jan 12/86MarthaJob & Bridgett Williams
Mar 14/83OrlandoWilson & Frances Marshall
Feb 1891Alex Wilson & Frances Marshall
Sept 2/90Mary AnnSamuel & Frances Bambury
July 5/91ThomasSamuel & Elizabeth Bambury
Sept 9/91Samuel JamesWilliam & Charlotte Caines
Oct 13/91Elizabeth CelinaJames & Josephine Welsh
Oct 22/91Esther EmmaBenjamin & Caroline Julie Burfitt
Dec 4/91Amelia HickmanJohn Edwin & Emma Jane Welsh
Oct 8/90William JohnElizabeth Bambury (widow)
Feb 1/93George HenrySamuel & Elizabeth
Feb 1/93MariaHenry & Elizabeth Hillier
Feb 26/93Richard McCarthyCharles & Mary Joseph Williams
May 24/93Jessie BrownGeorge & Eliza Brown
Aug 12/93SimeonWilliam & Charlotte Caines
Oct 1/93WalterGeorge Edgar & Adelaide Monks
Oct 15/93WinnifredPeter & Mary Williams
Nov 13/93JohnEmma Bambury
Nov 26/93EdithJoseph & Martha Brown
Nov 21/93Melinda JaneCharles & Edith Ann Williams
Oct 16/94JessicaRichard & Mary Ann Welsh
Oct 24/94JosephSamuel & Elizabeth Bambury
Feb 21/95LucyGeorge & Charlotte Dodge
May 1/95FrankWilliam Henry & Mary Miles
Apr 28/95PhoebieSamuel & Ruth Mills
May 31/95Elsie MaryCharles & Mary J. Williams
Jun 12/95Martha MaryGeorge & Adelaide Monks
Jun 6/95AlexanderPeter & Louisa Williams
Sept 7/95SelinaJames & Josephine Welsh
Oct 11/95EstherWilliam & Charlotte Caines
Nov 26/95LucyAaron & Sarah Bambury
Mar 24/96SarahHenry & Elizabeth Hillier
Jun 5/96GabrielRichard & Mary Ann Welsh
Aug 13/96CharlesJames & Frances Hancock

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
Adelaide Bambury Daughter of Samuel & Martha. Some of these dates may be baptisms, Adelaide's death record gives birth date of April 19, 1876. She died January 3, 1961 in Vancouver, BC Tammy Hammond

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