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Fortune Bay Region ~ St. Bernard District

Pool's Cove Church of England & Methodist Birth Records 1868 - 1911 (Partial)

The records were transcribed by MARILYN BUTT. 
While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

bapt. July 25, 1868Mary Ann WilliamsJob & Bridget
bapt. Sept 17, 1870Frances WilliamsJob & Bridget
Aug. 13, 1874Edith WilliamsJob & Bridget
Oct 31, 1881
Bapt. June 29, 1882
Thomas WilliamsPeter & Mary
Sept 3, 1884Matilda WilliamsPeter and Mary
Jan/July 1885Samuel Bamburyson of late widow Bambury
Feb 1885
Rosena Williams Samuel and Frances
Sept 12, 1886Emily Rose WilliamsPeter & Mary
Nov 23, 1889William George WelshJames and Josephine
May 14, 1887Orlando Marshall 
Feb 7, 1891Alex Marshall 
Sept 2, 1890Mary Ann BamburyJames and Frances
Aug 20 1889Thomas BamburySamuel and Elizabeth
June 10, 1891Roland Williams John and Henrietta
April 18, 1891Isaac WilliamsPeter and Mary
July 12, 1891Selina BamburySamuel and Elizabeth
July 20 1891Lemuel Archibald PerhamLouisa
Sept 9, 1891Samuel James CainesWilliam and Charlotte
Oct 9, 1891Elizabeth Ceilia WelshJames and Josephine
Oct 29 1891William DodgeGeorge and Charlotte
Feb 12, 1891William Miles of adopted by Samuel and Mary Ann
Grand Bank
Jan 14, 1892Selina GilbertJoseph and Charlotte
Oct. 8, 1890,William John Savory,son of widow Elizabeth Savory
May 9, 1890,Richard McCarthy Williams,Charles and Mary Joseph
May 24, 1893Jessie BrownGeorge and Ann Eliza
Aug 12, 1893Simeon CainesWilliam and Charlotte
Oct 15, 1893Winnifred WilliamsPeter and Mary
Nov 13, 1893John BamburySon of Emma Bambury
Nov 26, 1893Edith BrownJoseph and Martha
Feb 4, 1894Selina WelshEdwin and Emma Jane
Nov 24, 1893Melinda Jane WilliamsCharles and Edith
Dec 28, 1893Jemina WilliamsIsaac and Ellen
Mar? Y 4, 1894Mary Ann WelshJames and Josephine
May 12, 1894William James HancockJames and Frances
April 29, 1894Job BamburyJames and Frances
Aug 1, or 17, 1894 Berkley WilliamsEliza
Nov 24, 1895Henrietta BrownGeorge and Eliza Ann
Sept 29, 1898Bertha BrownGeorge and Eliza Ann
1905Eli BrownGeorge and Eliza
July 14, 1927Marion BrownJessie and Sarah
Aug 5, 1929Velma BrownJessie and Sarah
Feb. 1933William Robert BrownJessie and Sarah
1922Myra Marjorie Jessie and Sarah
Dec 26, 1925Baby Brown Jessie and Sarah
Oct 11, 1924Dulcie BrownJessie and Sarah Brown
Oct 1, 1934William Robert Pope Brown Jessie and Sarah Brown
Aug 6, 1921Randell Brown Jessie and Sarah Brown
Sept. 1, 1920Cyril Brown Jessie and Sarah Brown
May 13, 1903Tryphena BrownGeorge and Ann Eliza
Dec. 12, 1908Walter Brown William and Mary
Jan 14, 1911George BrownWilliam and Mary

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