NL GenWeb Headstone Data

Fortune Bay ~ St. Bernard's District

Stone's Cove Cemetery

The following was provided to me, in long hand, by Catherine Beaupre Powers (nee Stewart). Catherine and her husband Larry Powers collected the following headstone information during the summer of 1999 at Stone's Cove, Newfoundland. I have transcribed as written. Catherine indicated that she believes that they collected all the headstone data, however the area is very over grown and they might have missed some headstones that were deep into the brush. Some of the provided headstone data was very difficult to read and I have not verified the data myself, but plan to verify in the summer of 2000.

This file was transcribed by JOHN STARRETT, February 2000. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

1In loving memory of Charles Dominex Died at Sea May 1st 1958 Age 24 years You cannot say that he is dead. He is just away. With a cherry smile and wave of the hand. He has wandered into an unknown land, and left us dreaming. Think of him still as the same, and say he is not Dead. He is just away. Erected by Randell & Harvey
2In loving memory of James Dominaux beloved husband of Dorthy Dominaux. Died April 30th 1958 aged 33 years. Another link is broken in our household Band. But a chain is forming in a better land.
3In loving memory of Sarah Bertha Herridge Beloved wife of Edward Herridge Died Oct 20th 1959 aged 66 years
4In loving memory of George William Pope Beloved husband of Effie Pope Died Sept 5, 1959 age 46 years 9 months A love one from us is gone A voice we loved is still A place is vacant in our home that can never be filled Erected by wife, sons & daughter
5We shall meet again. In loving memory of Edward Pope Bond Died April 9th 1958 Aged 61 years Husband of Elsie May Bond Gone dear Father. Gone to Rest Away from sorry, care and pain May you rest in peace. Dear Father until we meet again
6Erected by Father & Mother in Loving Memory of Chesley John Elms Beloved son of Arthur & Clara Elms who died Dec 2, 1951 aged 26 years 2 months A precious one from us is gone A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home. That never can be filled.
7In loving memory of Lillian R Scott Beloved wife of Leo Scott Died Jan 16, 1954 aged 20 years
7bHer Brother W.M. J Walters Beloved Husband of Marettia Walters Drowned at Sea on Dragger Blue Wave Feb 9 1959 aged 32 years
7cTheir Father Edwin C Walters beloved Husband of Rebecca Walters Drowned at Sea on Schr. Partania April 10 1936. Aged 41 years
8In memory of W.M Thomas Pope Died Sept 2nd 1949 aged 71 years
9Erected by Father, Mother, Brothers and Sisters In loving memory of George Pope Son of R.J. & Bertha Pope and loving husband of Maise Pope. Died Feb 17, 1949 aged 38 years
10In loving memory of Aletha Died Nov 14th 1924 aged 3 years
10bAlso Mary Ann Died Nov 20 1928 Aged 3 weeks. Darling children of Frederick & Sarah Pope
11In loving memory of Florence wife of Leo Pope who Died March 12, 1944 aged 42 years
12In loving memory of Angus Pope beloved Husband of Kathleen and son of William J. and Aletha Pope Died April 24, 1952 aged 26 years
13In loving memory of Mary Ellen Pope beloved wife of George Ambrose Pope died July 11th, 1962 aged 90 years
14George Ambrose Pope beloved Husband of Mary Ellen Pope Died March 3rd, 1936 aged 67 year
15In loving memory of Alice Irene beloved wife of Parmenas Pope died Aug 25th 1954 aged 59 years
16In loving memory of Wilson. Darling child of R.E. & Fred Dodge died Feb 26th 1924 aged 7 months 15 days
17In memory of Mary wife of E Burton died April 25th 1944 aged 21 years 8 months
17balso Jessie died June 18th 1944 aged 8 years 9 months daughters of R.E. & Fred Dodge
18Sheldon Darling child of William J. and Alice Dominaux who died Mar 2nd, 1963 aged 10 months 13 days
19In loving memory of Melvin Darling child of Fred & Ida Dinham Died Dec 20th 1944 aged 4 years 3 months
20In memory of our Father John Hatch Drowned Dec 7th 1922 aged 43 years
20bAlso of mother Eliza hatch Died Aug 4th 1943 aged 71 years
21In memory of Melvin L. loyd Beloved Son of G & M Francis Died Sept 5th 1951 aged 2 yrs. 8 months
22In loving memory of Loyd Victor Darling child of Mabel & Albert Pope Died Jan 16, 1919 aged 1 1/2 months
22balso his adopted Brother Maxwell Pope Died Dec 1st 1919 aged 3 months
23In loving memory of William James Pope Son of Albert & Eva Poe. Beloved Husband of Emma Pope Died Dec 24 1919 aged 24 yrs
24Erected by Alexander Elemes In loving memory of his wife Mary Hannah died Feb 1st 1921 aged 23 1/2 years
25Erected by George Pope In memory of his beloved wife Lucinda. Died June 5th 1918 aged 53 years & 9 months
26In loving memory of George Pope beloved Husband of Lucinda Pope who died May 24 1925 aged 70 yrs
27In loving memory of Mother Charlotte Elms Died March 7th 1923 aged 70 years
28George W. Hatch. Died April 9th 1922 aged 37 years Husband of Charity Hatch
29In loving memory of our Dear Father Joseph Bond Died April 3rd 1943 aged 54 years
29band mother Eva C Bond Died Oct 30th 1961 aged 70 years
30Erected by Amelia Bond In memory of Her Husband Mesech Bond Died Aug 2nd 1926 aged 80 years
31In loving memory of James Beloved Son of Arthur & Elizabeth Elms who Died Oct 4th 1931 aged 24 years
32In loving memory of Aletha Beloved Daughter of Arthur & Elizabeth Elms who Died July 24 1920 aged 7 yrs. 8 months
33In memory of Eva Delia Pope Died April 8th 1946 aged 73 yrs 10 months Beloved wife of Albert Pope
34In memory of John Thomas Husband of Harriet Jane Price Drowned Nov 8 1911 aged 29 yrs & 6 months
35In loving memory of Caroline Beloved Wife of Daniel Walters who Died Nov 27th 1901 aged 36 years & 6 months
36In memory of Charles Samuel Beloved Husband of Eliza Walters Died Jan 28 1903 aged 28 yrs.
37Erected by John Harris. In loving memory of his Wife Eliza Harris who Died Aug 24th 1950 aged 74 years
38In loving memory of George R Pope Beloved Husband of Anne Pope Died Oct 5th 1952 aged 84 years
39Erected by Mary Pope In loving memory of her Husband Wilson Pope who died March 3rd 1946 aged 79 years
40In loving memory of Hannah Beloved Wife of Ambrose Pope who Died April 14th 1902 aged 57 yrs
41In loving memory of Henry Beloved child of William and Sarah Tibbo Died Dec 5 1902 aged 2 yrs 7 months
42In loving memory of Willoughby Beloved son of William & Sara Tibbo Who Died Dec 26 1921 aged 18 years
43Erected by W.M. Thomas Pope in memory of Mamie Tibbo Died Sept 25th 1930 Aged 20 years
44In loving memory of Sarah Emily Bond Wife of Jacob Bond Died Dec 25th 1948 Aged 54 yrs 6 months
45In loving memory of Solomon Pope Beloved Husband of Elizabeth Pope who Died Jan 4th 1935 aged 56 yrs
46In memory of Gordon Pope Died at Sea May 23rd 1942 Aged 31 years
46bHis Brother Harvey Died March 28th 1943 Aged 16 years
47In memory of Gordon Pope Died May 23rd 1942 and Margaret Pope Died Feb 17th 1938
48In memory of Mary Beloved wife of Wilson Pope Died April 19 1948 aged 81 yrs 6 months
49Erected by Freeman Hatch in loving memory of his wife Fay Died March 18th 1945 Aged 19 years 6 months
50In memory of John Matthews Died April
51In loving memory of Sarah Ann Beloved wife of Jeremiah Pope Died Dec 8th 1954 Aged 81 years 5 months
52In loving memory of Jeremiah Pope Died Dec 11th 1957 in his 90th year
53Erected by Fred R Dinham in loving memory of his wife Sarah Died Dec 22 1930 Aged 54 years
54In loving memory of Johnnie Beloved Son of Fred & Sarah Dinham Died Oct 23rd 1912 Aged 1 Month & 17 days
55In loving memory of George Thomas Bond who Died Sept 17, 1917 aged 41 years & 10 months
56. Couldn’t make it out
57Reginald darling child of George & Emma Bond Died May 24th 1908 aged 6 months
58Erected by John R Bond in memory of his Mother Annie Died Dec 15th 1925 aged 76 years
59Erected by John R & Blanche Bond in loving memory of Annie Bond Died May 7 1919 aged 1 yr & 10 months
60Erected by John R & Blanch Bond in loving memory of their darling child George Edward Bond who died May 7th 1915 aged 1 day
61In loving memory of William Miller beloved husband of Edith Miller Died July 1st 1942 aged 67 years
62In loving memory of Martha Thornhill beloved wife of Albert Thornhill Died Oct 14th 1952 aged 65 years 5 months
63In memory of Tho's Benjamin Tibbo who was lost at sea Nov 18th 1905 aged 31 years
63bAlso his wife Rosanna Died Nov 29th 1908 aged 26 years
64In loving memory of Bet_____E Jane beloved wife of James Thornhill Died Oct 28th 1905 aged 28 years

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