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Point May - Roman Catholic Burials (1928 - 2000)

NOTE: These burial records were copied from the RC church records at Allan's Island. The record book is preprinted in Latin and the possibility of error is greater because of the translation and the fact that early entries were already copies off original entries from St. Lawrence.

The "general body of work" I did on burials was completed last year at Lamaline and therefore encompassed the years 1928 to 2000. Lamaline records start at 1928. However the form in which the data is presented here was generated from Family Origins software and the search included all burials for each location. This included some burials from my family which were collected in earlier searches at St. Lawrence and Burin, where the records were maintained prior to 1928. The title should read RC Burials from Point May for 1928 to 2000 with selected burials from the Harnett family tree for dates prior to 1928.

Transcribed by RANDY HARNETT, August 2001. Please beware that there were errors in these registers, in the spelling of names and in the ages given. I have noted those that I am aware of. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

BurialDate BurialPlace Surname GivenNames Spouse'sName DeathDate
14 Feb 1976Point May, NFBENTEAUAustinRose CUZA11 Feb 1976
31 Oct 1989Point May, NFBENTEAUDavidHarriett Ann CROCKER29 Oct 1989
27 Dec 1931Point May, NFBENTEAUDorothy
25 Dec 1931
16 May 1961Point May, NFBENTEAUEllenGeorge Robert PARSONS13 May 1961
15 Apr 1990Point May, NFBENTEAUGregory JosephDarlene Theresa STACEY13 Apr 1990
30 Jul 1953Point May, NFBENTEAUMarion
29 Jul 1953
26 Aug 1972Point May, NFBENTEAUMaude
23 Aug 1972
24 Jun 1952Point May, NFBENTEAUReginaldLucy HENNEBURY22 Jun 1952
5 Aug 1952Point May, NFBENTEAUSimonAnastasia LAKE4 Aug 1952
24 Dec 1950Point May, NFBONNELLBenjamin J.Frances UNKNOWN23 Dec 1950
15 Nov 1980Point May, NFBONNELLErnest
13 Nov 1980
18 Feb 1950Point May, NFBONNELLRobert
16 Feb 1950
16 Apr 1987Point May, NFCOUSINSBernard VSarah STACEY14 Apr 1987
8 Apr 1967Point May, NFCOUSINSJamesElsie FITZPATRICK6 Apr 1967
7 Nov 1967Point May, NFCOUSINSSusannaBenjamin KIRBY5 Nov 1967
26 Jan 1968Point May, NFCOUSINSTeresaPierce Joseph HENNEBURY24 Jan 1968
2 Feb 1975Point May, NFCUZALouisGabrielle RENOU31 Jan 1975
26 Aug 1972Point May, NFFITZPATRICKElsieJames COUSINS24 Aug 1972
4 Feb 1931Point May, NFFLEMINGVeraThomas Joseph HENNEBURY2 Feb 1931
25 Jan 1985Point May, NFHALEYThomas PittmanRuby PARSONS23 Jan 1985
21 Nov 1986Point May, NFHENNEBURYCatherineHenry A STRICKLAND18 Nov 1986
10 Jun 1989Point May, NFHENNEBURYChristina MaryHerbert James STACEY7 Jun 1989
11 Feb 1929Point May, NFHENNEBURYLeoTeresa Mary FLEMING9 Feb 1929
6 Feb 1980Point May, NFHENNEBURYMargaretAlbert LAKE4 Feb 1980
Jun 1935Point May, NFHENNEBURYPatrickMary Veronica BENTEAU4 Jun 1935
14 Jul 1952Point May, NFHENNEBURYPatrick Joseph
11 Jul 1952
9 Jan 1954Point May, NFHENNEBURYRichardMary STACEY7 Jan 1954
10 Dec 1988Point May, NFHENNEBURYRichard JosephAlfreda COLLINS8 Dec 1988
21 Aug 1971Point May, NFHENNEBURYSusanna
19 Aug 1971
6 Aug 1972Point May, NFHENNEBURYThomas JosephVera FLEMING4 Aug 1972
3 Sep 1973Point May, NFHILLIERAdelaideFrederick STACEY1 Sep 1973
29 Jan 1930Point May, NFHODGEElizabethThomas COUSINS27 Jan 1930
18 Jun 1983Point May, NFLOCKYERWinnifredJohn Batiste STACEY17 Jun 1983
17 Nov 1984Point May, NFRENOUGabrielleClement BENTEAU15 Nov 1984
11 Mar 1983Point May, NFSHEALeoAnne HEWITT9 Mar 1983
22 May 1993Point May, NFSLANEYRobertaLouis John FITZPATRICK20 May 1993
20 Jul 1981Point May, NFSTACEYAlfred (Jr)
17 Jul 1981
1 Jan 1987Point May, NFSTACEYClementFrances JOHNSON30 Dec 1986
5 Feb 1970Point May, NFSTACEYElizabethRobert BONNELL3 Feb 1970
23 Oct 1949Point May, NFSTACEYFrederickAdelaide HILLIER21 Oct 1949
abt 5 Mar 1969Point May, NFSTACEYFrederick JohnHellen Mary HENNEBURY3 Mar 1969
7 Jul 1971Point May, NFSTACEYJohn WilliamBridget MCCARTHY5 Jul 1971
4 Nov 1988Point May, NFSTACEYJoseph PeterMadeline HENNEBURY2 Nov 1988
12 Aug 1986Point May, NFSTACEYLouis JosephOlive Madeline HILLIER9 Aug 1986
26 Dec 1976Point May, NFSTACEYMargaretPatrick COUSINS23 Dec 1976
23 Jul 1965Point May, NFSTACEYMargaretRobert Joseph BONNELL21 Jul 1965
abt 8 Apr 1940Point May, NFSTACEYMaryRichard HENNEBURY6 Apr 1940
29 Oct 1980Point May, NFSTACEYPatrick JosephTheresa HENNEBURY27 Oct 1980
11 Mar 1951Point May, NFSTACEYPeter JosephElizabeth KIRBY9 Mar 1951
14 Sep 1971Point May, NFSTACEYRaphael
12 Sep 1971
27 Jun 1980Point May, NFSTACEYStanley
25 Jun 1980
abt 27 May 1957Point May, NFSTACEYTheresaMichael SLANEY25 Apr 1957
5 Nov 1991Point May, NFSTACEYVeraBernard J HARNETT3 Nov 1991
30 Jun 1959Point May, NFSTACEYYvonne
29 Jun 1959

Name in RecordDescription of ErrorMy Name
HENNEBURY Richard Joseph Hennebury who died on Dec.8 1988 and was buried on Dec 10 1988 was my grandfather. His last name is spelled Henebury not Hennebury. It has only one N. Nicole (Henebury) Strickland


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