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Roman Catholic Marriages (1834 - 1900)

Summary of Select Marriages from the Registers at RC churches in Burin & St. Lawrence relating to the area approximating the Grand Bank / Lawn District of the NL GenWeb site. The foregoing listing was transcribed from the RC church records at Burin (1834 - 1846) and St. Lawrence (1849-1900) and is intended for distribution to all who are interested.

Transcribed by RANDY HARNETT, August 2000. Please beware that there were errors in these registers, in the spelling of names and in the ages given. I have noted those that I am aware of. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Corrected or updated since original posting

Marriage Groom Bride Witness Witness Groom
Birth Place
Birth Place
11 Feb 1834Ambrose ChapdelaineSarah RyanCharles EdwardsMary Ryan

15 Jun 1834Patrick ConwayElizabeth LambMichael ????Mary Cusick

28 Mar 1835James HealyElizabeth PittmanJames WalshBridget Healy

28-Mar-1835James CousensAnn LockyerThomas WalshMary Lockyer

15 Oct 1835Benjamin SaintMary Walsh???? SlaneyAnn Quirk

15 Oct 1835John JarvisSarah KirbyWilliam BrewerFrances Kirby

10 Oct 1836James HanrahanRachel SpensorMichael HanrahanMary ?????

26 Sep 1842Patrick FitzpatrickEliza LambMatthew FogartyJane Fogarty

21 Sep 1844Lawrence SlaneyBridget PikeMichael TobinElizabeth Pike

8 Jan 1846Benjamin KirbyMaria WardJohn Ward Susan Hooper

22 Oct 1846William PikeEllen PenneyMichael FitzpatrickMartha Pike

1849Patrick CollinsSusan BurkeJohn BurkeHarriet Riddle

1849Joseph SheppardBetsey MartinBetsey QuinnMargaret Sheppard

1849Thomas QuannElizabeth SheppardJoseph SheppardBetsey Martin

29 Oct 1851Patrick TarrantBetsey KirbyRobert FitzpatrickElizabeth Fitzpatrick

21 Jul 1852John PenneyMary WoolcottDavid WoolcotAnn Woolcot

21 Nov 1852James PenneyMargaret QuirkJohn QuirkSusan Penney

51 May 1853John EdwardsMary FewerRobert EdwardsBetsey Murphy

28 May 1853James HealyMary SheaThomas HealyMary Walsh

27 Oct 1853Thomas HealyCatheine HagertyJames HealyElizabeth Healy

3 Jul 1854James PikeElizabeth SlaneyWilliam SlaneyMartha Pike

12 Oct 1854Edmond ODonnellElizabeth HealyJames HealyLouisa Healy

2 Nov 1854George RoseMargaret SheppardRichard SheppardAnn Clark

28 Nov 1854Patrick LundriganMary A BrewerEdmund LundriganAnn Drake

12 Nov 1854John WalshSarah DelaneyPatrick WalshMary Fleming

12 Nov 1854John HealyCatherine StaceyPatrick HealyMary Stacey

12 Nov 1854Richard TarrantElizabeth FitzgeraldJohn QuirkBetsey Lundrigan

4 Mar 1855John WalshMary WardThomas WalshBetsey Murphy

7 Jul 1855Henry SlaneyBridget SpearnsTom LoaderFrances Slaney

30 Oct 1856Patrick Co?????Rebecca JarvisFrancis Bradshaw Mary A Lake

24 OCt 1857Thomas PenneyBetsey LundriganJoseph Lundrigan???? Quirk

18 Apr 1858Robert PikeBetsey EdwardsJames EdwardsMary Edwards

6 Sep 1858William JohnsonJudith MaddiganEdmund MaddiganMary Harnett
12 Nov 1862John Harnett Ann MolloyMaurice HarnettMary HarnettLord's CoveSt. Lawrence
26 Oct 1865Patrick HealyMary Ann WalshJohn CousinsMargaret WalshLamaline
26 Oct 1865John Ray Ann SheaJohn ????Preuleas WalshPoint au GaulMortier Bay
6 Nov 1868Thomas FlanniganPriscilla SlaneyDavid SlaneyMartha Slaney

6 Nov 1868Samuel WellsBridget FlanniganEdmund FlanniganRebecca Flannigan

23 Jun 1867Patrick CorcoranHonora SmithEdward CorcoranCatherine Smith

15 Jan 1868James HarnettElizabeth HepdtichMaurice HarnettMary HarnettLord's CoveLamaline East
22 Sep 1868Robert MartinMargaret HarnettMaurice HarnettMary HarnettLord's CoveLord's Cove
14 ??? 1868Paul Marie DelarocheBridget HodgeLawrence SlaneyLiddy Hodge
Lord's Cove
19 Sep 1869Richard WalshMary PowerJohn SaintSusan Walsh

19 Sep 1869William HodgeCaroline IsaacsMike Murray Bridget HodgeLord's CoveLord's Cove
24 Nov 1869Albert HealySusan HodgeRobert FlemingPriscilla HealyLamalineLord's Cove
14 Nov 1869Robert LambFrances PikeJohn TurpinLouise PikeL'anse au BarqueL'anse au Barque
9 Jan 1871Thomas EdwardsHannah SpencerIsaac EdwardsElizabeth EdwardsLawnMortier Bay
29 Nov 1871Willam Joseph TuffLouisa HealyPatrick HealyLouisa HealyLamalineLamaline
29 Nov 1871John Saint Mary Harnett

LamalineLord's Cove
10 Oct 1872Robert HenneburyAnn HodgeMaurice HarnettJulia HodgeFox CoveLord's Cove
5 Oct 1873Robert JarvisRebecca FlanniganRobert TarrantMargaret SpencerJean de BayLawn
10 Nov 1873Anthony TarrantMargaret SpencerRobert TarrantAnn TarrantLawnMortier Bay
24 Nov 1873Pierre SoullardMargaret PikeMichael TurpinCatherine FitzpatrickGranville, FranceSt. Lawrence
3 Nov 1874Victor AudounAnn BonnellThomas FewerFrances FewerSt. PierreLord's Cove
23 May 1875John LundriganBridget LockyerPeter LockyerSusan McCarthyLamalineLamaline
27 Oct 1879Edward HarrietLouise PikeWilliam PikeSusan SlaneySt. PierreL'anse au Barque
18 Jan 1888William HodgeMaria Tobin(nee Wells)David SlaneyFrances FewerLord's Cove
17 Nov 1888Charles LeEspangoleMary HealyJames HealySarah HealySt.PierreLamaline
19 Jan 1889Andrew CollinsErnestine HodgeDavid CollinsBridget HealyLamalineLord's Cove
28 Jan 1889Robert FlemingEllen KeatingKyran WalshBridget FlemingLamalineSt. Lawrence
20 Jul 1889Joseph KirbySusan Fitzpatrick (nee Walsh)James ButlerMary Connors(nee Kirby)Beau BoisLawn
20 Jul 1889George LambMary Connors (nee Kirby)Henry LambEllen KirbyRound About
2 Dec 1889John Loquier
(Note: s/b Lockyer)
Johnanna WalshMartin LockyerMary Harnett

5 Oct 1891John O'ReillyCatherine CoadyJohn CoadyKate CoadyPlacentiaLamaline
29 Apr 1892Thomas ManningEllen KirbyStephen MurphyMary Edwards

22 Nov 1892Thomas Lamb (28)Ann Fitzpatrick (20)Robert LambMary LambRound AboutLord's Cove
1 Dec 1892James Fleming (28)
(Note: s/b Michael)
Elizabeth Cruise (22)(Note: s/b Crews)Andrew FlemingElizabeth CollinsLamaline
21 Dec 1892Alexander Tarrant (30)Elizabeth Lamb (24)Andrew StrangAlice StrangLawnRound About
21 Dec 1892Joseph Walsh (28)Catherine Stacey (18)Peter WalshLizzie WalshI have this as 1891.
30 Dec 1892John Hodge (27)Louisa Healy (34)Augustus HodgeKatie HealyLord's CoveLamaline
12 Jan 1893Henry Lamb (26)Mary Edwards (22)Robert LambMary Louisa EdwardsRound About
17 Jan 1893John Lundrigan (25)Mary Jane Churchill (21)Henry ChurchillE??? Churchill

16 Apr 1893John Thomas (27)Annie Slaney (22)James Joseph SlaneyMary Olivia SlaneyEnglandSt. Lawrence
25 May 1893Michael Benteau (24)Mary Martha Lake (22)William BenteauAnastasia LakePoint MaySt. Lawrence
8 Jun 1893Peter Stacey (24)Mary Healy (21)William StaceyPhilomena StaceyPoint MayLamaline
13 Oct 1893Alexander DeJardine (40)Sarah Healy (30)Jean(John) FerreMary HealySt. Mallo, FranceLamaline
4 Nov 1893Francis Ferre (33)Harriet Hodge (33)Richard HenneburyElizabeth FitzpatrickSt. Mallo, FranceLord's Cove
18 Nov 1893James Loquier (46)
(Note: s/b Lockyer)
Monica Fitzpatrick (40)Patrick KeatingFrances FitzpatrickLamalineSt. Lawrence
28 Nov 1893Thomas Edwards (29)Sarah Flanigan (26)Patrick EdwardsMary FlaniganLawnLawn
31 Dec 1893George Harnett (23)Mary Bonnell (21)Richard HenneburyBridget HarnettLord's CoveLamaline
20 Jan 1894James Walsh (26)Susan Walsh (25)Moses WalshCatherine WalshLord's CovePoint au Gaul
1 Sep 1894Hugh Coady (37)Elizabeth Healy (33)John CoadyKatie HealyMooring Cove, MortierLamaline
10 Dec 1894James Connors (34)Martha Edwards (23)John EdwardsAlice ConnorsLawnLawn
15 Dec 1894Peter Stacey (27)Elizabeth Spearns (24) (nee Kirby)William StaceyMary B HealyPoint MayPoint May
15 Dec 1894William Benteau (24)Ellen Keating (21)John StaceyTeresa KeatingPoint MayLamaline
15 Dec 1894Jacob Lovel (27)Ellen Stacey (24)Andrew FlemingAlice CousinsPoint CrewePoint May
25 Apr 1895Thomas Jackman (22)Mary Flanigan (20)Joseph JackmanEsther FlaniganRound AboutRound About
13 Jun 1895William Lamb (22)Mary A Tarrant (18)William TarrantMary LambRound AboutLawn
1 Oct 1895Richard Kirby (29)Alice Connors (24)Ernest ConnorsMary TarrantLord's CoveLawn
31 Oct 1895Robert Lamb (25)Mary Louisa Edwards (20)William EdwardsCecilia EdwardsRound AboutLawn
2 Nov 1895William Pike (29)Margaret Corcoran (20)Richard EdwardsJosephine Maillard(both living at St. Pierre)
15 Nov 1895Thomas Flannigan (24)Ellen Cox (18)Patrick EdwardsRoseanna FlaniganRound AboutLawn
15 Nov 1895William Cox (20)Catherine Flanigan(18)Peter PikeEsther FlaniganLawnRound About
31 Oct 1896John Coady (34) Catheine Healy (35)Lawrence CoadyKate CoadyMooring Cove, MortierLamaline
4 Nov 1896Robert Murriage ? (25)Elizabeth Walsh (24)John WalshKatie Walsh

5 Nov 1896Eli Hepditch (33)Annie Cousins (22)William Joseph StaceyMary FlemingLamalinePoint May
29 Apr 1897John Walsh (40)Elizabeth Ray (27)John WalshSusie HodgePoint au GaulPoint au Gaul
28 Jul 1897Jean Marie Bernier (30)Selina Martin (27)Pierre HangaretBridget Maillard(both living at St. Pierre)
12 Nov 1897Martin Loquier (29)
(Note: s/b Lockyer)
Susanna Mary Hodge (20)James LoquierLouisa HodgePoint au GaulLord's Cove
14 Feb 1898John Stacey (26)Mary Pike (22)Joseph StaceyAnnie CousinsPoint MaySt. Mary's, PB NF
3 Sep 1898John Lamb (22)Bridget Fitzpatrick (19)Henry LambEsther FlaniganRound About???
5 Oct 1898Eve Rieu (23)
(Note: s/b Rioux)
Susannah Benteau (18)George ParsonsEllen BenteauSt. PierrePoint May
27 Oct 1898Henry Fleming (24)Catheine Walsh (24)Michael FlemingPhilomena FlemingLamalinePoint au Gaul
7 Nov 1898William Edwards (28)Esther Flanigan (20)Augustine EdwardsRosanna FlaniganLawnRound About
10 Nof 1898Andrew Collins (37)Elizabeth Hooper (26)John CollinsMary HillierLamalineLamaline
1 Jan 1899Henry Lamb (31) Mary Joseph Pike (24)Peter PikeMargaret PikeRound AboutRound About
6 Apr 1899Yves Marie Milon (34)
(Note: he later chg name to Joseph Miller)
Mary Elizabeth Baker (22)Thomas Joseph StaceyEllen MinardFranceHarbour Mille
29 Apr 1899Marcelieu Cusack (36)Mary Spearns (25)Richard SlaneyGenevieve Turpin

16 Nov 1899Thomas Edwards (29)Alice Kirby (27)Alphonse EdwardsMary Connors LawnLawn
24 Nov 1899Thomas Crocker (27)Clarissa Mary Boland (23)Thomas BolandRose Ellen CrockerLamalineLamaline
24 Nov 1899Joseph Coady (31)Mary Hillier (30)Richard CoadyElizabeth CollinsMooring Cove, MortierLamaline
7 Nov 1900Samuel Lamb (24)Rose Churchill (21)Joseph PikeJulianne LambRound AboutCastle Hyde
7 Nov 1900James Healy (27)Mary Drake (23)Thomas HealyMatilda DrakeLamalineLamaline
8 Nov 1900James Lockyer (28)Louisa Hodge (20)Joseph HodgeMary LockyerPoint au GaulLord's Cove
8 Nov 1900Edward Wm Madigan (40)Amelia Lockyer (29)Isaac MadiganPhilomena LockyerLamalineLamaline
28 Nov 1900Augustine Edwards (23) Rosanna Flanigan (21)James EdwardsElizabeth SlaneyLawnRound About

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
John Walsh, John Healy & Richard Tarrant
Marriages corrected to Nov 12 1854 from Nov 12 1855 by original transriber, confirmed by the parish record at St. Thomas Aquinas parish. Bride of Richard Tarrant on that date corrected to Elizabeth Fitzgerald from Fitzpatrick. Randy Harnett

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