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Rigolet Cemetery

The information was transcribed by BERNIE HEARD ~ 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Rigolet is located on the north side of the narrows at the entrance from Gros Water Bay into Lake Melville. It is the site of the first Hudson's Bay Company Post in Labrador, the HBCo having established there in 1836. Prior to that date a number of other Traders were located there, as it was a strategic location for both the fishery and fur trade. While the HBCo is no longer there, Rigolet is still a permanent community, and is the most southerly of the Labrador Inuit Association coastal communities.

Pottle Daniel
9 Jul 1898 1-Aug-81
Blake Peter Cluney
b. 30 Apr 1889 d. 10 Mar 1970
Williams William John husband of Elizabeth S. b. 6 May 1908 d. 30 Sep 1950
Riche William husband of Priscella b. 16 Apr 1906 d. 18 Mar 1970
Decker James E.

d. 18 Oct 1946 age 80
Fraser Mary Margaret daughter of James and Mary
d. 7 Sep 1905 age 12yrs 8mos
Fraser Francis child of James and Mary
d. 15 Jul 1902 age (?)
Blake Catherine daughter of Peter and Elsie b. 29 Jan 1940 d. 10 Jul 1947
Swaffield Leonard child of W. E. and L. Swaffield
d.14 Sep 1911 age 8mos
Blake Lily children of John and Jemima

age 3days
[Blake] Cyril children of John and Jemima

age 13 mos,
Oliver Ann
b. 21 Mar 1891 d. 21 Oct 1982
Oliver John
b. 17 Dec 1912 d. 18 Oct 1973
Oliver Martha
b. 17 Aug 1917 d. 3 Jul 1952
Chaulk Alexander

d. 12 Sep 1911 age 50
McKenzie Mary Ann wife of Thomas
d. 1 Mar 1905 age 29
Pottle Francis

d. 7 May 1983 age 93
Shiwak Millicent Julliet wife of John b. 1 Apr 1919 d. 31 Aug 1972

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