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Rev. George Hutchinson Census (1853 - 1867)

Labrador ~ South Coast ~ Hawke's Harbour

The following census was copied from the book, The Anglican Church in Labrador 1848-1998, written by Francis Buckle, Archdeacon of Labrador. The Rev. George Hutchinson, Missionary in the Mission of Battle Harbour from 1853- 1867, made an extended visit to the communities north of his own mission as far as Sandwich Bay, and listed , not only the names of the inhabitants, but the number in each family, as well as the members of the Roman Catholic Church. This book is available by writing: The Archdeaconeary of Labrador, 600 Hudson Drive, Labrador City, Labrador , Canada A2V 1M1

Name Number in Family Religion
Richard Stevens 8 Ang
John Pike 11 Ang
William Spencer 7 Ang
Richard Spencer 2 Ang
Samuel Croucher 3 Ang
Joshua Reanes 5 Ang
John White 3 Ang
Thomas Croft 6 Ang
Jacob Bryant 8 Ang
George Stevens 6 Ang
Hubert Battrick 3 Ang
Nicholas Le Saur 3 Ang
William Collins 8 Ang

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South Coast District