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Rev. George Hutchinson Census (1853 - 1867)

The following census was copied from the book, The Anglican Church in Labrador 1848-1998, written by Francis Buckle, Archdeacon of Labrador. The Rev. George Hutchinson, Missionary in the Mission of Battle Harbour from 1853- 1867, made an extended visit to the communities north of his own mission as far as Sandwich Bay, and listed , not only the names of the inhabitants, but the number in each family, as well as the members of the Roman Catholic Church. This book is available by writing: The Archdeaconeary of Labrador, 600 Hudson Drive, Labrador City, Labrador , Canada A2V 1M1

Name Number in Family Religion
James Mitchell (5) Ang
James Edmunds (5) Ang
John French (3) Ang
John Crawford (6) Ang
David Crawford (7) RC
M. Cavanah (8) Ang

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