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Battle Harbour - Baptism Data (Partial)

These names do not represent all entries for any given year. It is information which I had obtained for my own family research. The handwriting was often difficult to read and I have put a question mark beside those names which were hard to decipher.

The information was transcribed by LINDA ELKINS-SCHMITT ~ March 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

BirthDate Place of Birth Name Child's Parents
( the following individuals were baptised by George Hutchinson in 1855)
March 4 1854 Camp Islands George William and Sarah Hoddinott
May 28 1854 Camp Islands Susan Maria Richard and Rebecca Clark
July 19 1854 Camp Islands William Theodore Thomas and Margaret Pike
July 10 1854 Fox Hr Sally George and Mary Toms
July 14 1846 Fox Hr Nancy Nathaniel and Nancy Pauls
Apr 27 1848 Fox Hr John Nathaniel and Nancy Pauls
Aug 27 1850 Fox hr Mary Ann Nathaniel and Nancy Pauls
June 5 1854 Battle Hr George George and Amanda Morley
Jan 24 1854 Trap Cove John Robert James and Harriett Holloway
May 4 1853 Harbour Grace Lorenzo George and Mary Parsons
Sept 27 1854 Battle Hr Charles Thomas and Ann Rumbold
June 12 1853 Battle Hr George James and Hannah Brown
Oct 5 1854 Battle hr George James and Susannah Rumbold
Sept 28 1854 Matthews Cove John Ann Rumbold
Jan 6 1855 Chateau Bay Sarah Martin and Ann George
Dec 5 1854 Henley Harbour Stella Charles and Eliza Stone
Apr 4 1855 Battle Hr Louisa Charles and Mary Ann Barfoot
Mar 13 1855 Battle Harbour Willis Abraham and Martha Antle
July 2 1855 Shoal Cove Agnes Thomas and Patience Knight
May 20 1855 Cape Charles Robert Robert and Grace Cole
Apr 12 1855 Indian Hr Janet Elizabeth Robert and Diana Burton
July 25 1855 Carbonear William Henry and Jane Snook
June 25 1855 Battle Hr Agnes Jane William and Ann Gale
June 24 1855 Chateau Bay Martha Olivia Stephen and Elizabeth George
Nov 11 1853 Spear Hr James John and Ann Sinnick
Sept 18 1854 Salmon Bight Joseph James and Emma Edmunds
May 10 1855 Seal Bight William John and Mary Chubbs
Aug 13 1855 Square Is John Charles Joseph and Matilda Luther
Aug 16 1855 Seal Is John Henry and Prascilla Alcock
Sept 28 1855 Seal Is Thomas Green James and Matilda Roberts
Jan 20 1855 Salt Pond Ann Jeremiah and Mary Ann Thoms
Oct 22 1854 Boulters Rock Henry John and Mary Kandy
( the following individuals were baptised by George Hutchinson in 1857)
Aug 16 1856 Deep Water Creek Susannah George and Mary Young
Aug 9 1856 Chateau Bay Martin Frederick and Mary Clark
Sept 4 1856 Chateau Bay Lettias John and Mary Penney
July 16 1856 Cape Charles Emily Jasper and Mary Knowlton
June 3 1856 Cape Charles William James and Mary Ann Pye
June 18 1856 Petty Hr George Nicholas and Elizabeth Murray
Aug 23 1856 Occasional Hr Selina James and Ellen Parsons
Mar 6 1854 Gros Water Bay Eliza William and Mary Ann Thuglo?
Sept 8 1856 Hiscouts Is ? Thomas Thomas and Ann Hayes
Aug 29 1856 Salt Pond James Jeremiah and Mary Ann Toms
Oct 21 !856 Battle Hr Samuel George and Amanda Morley
Oct 12 1856 Battle Hr John Robert John and Sarah Smith
Mar 30 1856 Camp Islands Sarah William and Sarah Hoddinott
Mar 17 1857 Williams Hr Henry Jane Kibenock
Dec 23 1856 St Francis Hr Ellen William and Nancy Russell
Apr 6 1856 Spear Hr - Cleopas and Alice Marshall
( the following individuals were baptised by George Hutchinson 1860)
Dec 28 1858 Deep Water Creek George William William Grafton and Charlotte Curl
Sept 5 1859 Camp Islands Ephraim George and Amanda Morley
Aug 29 1859 Battle Hr Margaret Pope William B. and Louisa Bendell
Oct 12 1859 Battle Hr Lavinia John and Elizabeth Norman
Dec 6 1859 Battle Hr William John and Eliza Taylor
Oct 22 1859 Battle Hr Emma Josiah and Charlotte Pearcey
Jan 12 1860 Matthews Cove Elizabeth James and Hannah Brown
Sept 24 1859 Matthews Cove James William and Rebecca King
May 9 1860 George's Cove Charles Charles and Ann Burden
Mar 24 1860 Square Is John Charles and Mary Thomas
July 6 1860 Square Is Martin George Martin and Hester Clarke
Jan 3 1860 Comfort Bight Mary Amelia Thomas and Elizabeth Stephens
May 22 1860 Seal Is Barton Christopher and Sarah Green
Jan 3 1860 Boulters Rock Moses Ann Neale
Feb 15 1860 Venison Is Thomas Richard William and Eliza Smith
May 11 1860 Battle Hr Isabella Timothy and Harriett Smith
( the following individuals were baptised by George Hutchinson 1862)
Sept 24 1861 Hawks Bay John Samuel and Ann Croucher
Nov 28 1861 Hawks Bay Edward John Mary and Jacob Bryant
Mar 28 1862 Cape Charles John Thomas Edmund and Julia Pye
Apr 20 1862 Chimney Tickle Alfred George and Amanda Morley
June 14 1862 Battle Hr James James and Susannah Barfoot
May 13 1862 Deep Water Creek Eliza Joseph and Mary Peny
May 8 1862 Deep Water Creek Ambrose William and Charlotte Curl
May 18 1862 Battle Hr Frederick William Esau and Jedida Sheppard
June 12 1862 St Francis Hr Janet Henry and Jane Hiscock
Nov 20 1861 Seal Islands Charlotte Ann Christopher and Sarah Green
July 7 1862 Comfort Bight Elizabeth Jane Emma and Simon Spracklin
July 10 1862 Battle Hr William Henry William and Eliza Samson
Mar 27 1862 Fox Hr Emma Edward and Nancy Holly
Apr 25 1862 Battle Hr Moses Bartlett John and Elizabeth Norman
Mar 9 1862 Henley Hr Rosanna George and Mary Ann Stone
Sept 1 1861 Petty Hr James James and Mary Ann Mitchell
( the following individuals were baptised by George Hutchinson 1863)
June 20 1863 Venison Islands David John George and Mary Stevens
July 31 1863 Venison Islands James Richard and Eliza Stevens
July 29 1862 Wild Bight James Anna Pike
Mar 19 1863 Square Is John William and Martha Bourne
Jan 21 1863 Sloop Cove Job Loughman Job and Mary Ann Nottley
Oct 10 1862 Starvation? Cove Ann John and Ruth Mulland?
Nov 3 1862 Georges Cove Charlotte Susannah Charles and Ann Burden
Oct 21 1862 Williams Hr Joseph Joseph and Mary Langar
Mar 8 1863 Ship Hr Mary Charlotte Cave
Jul 25 1863 Boats Cove William Robert Providence Perry
Aug 26 1863 Petty Hr Maria James and Mary Ann Mitchell
Sept 10 1862 Chateau Bay Caroline Ambrose and Mary Jane Pike
July 29 1863 Chateau Bay Albert John and Eliza Ann White
June 29 1863 Chateau Bay Jacob William and Susannah Gillespie
May 20 1863 Chateau Bay John Mills George and Lucy Hunt
June 20 1862 Henley Hr Julia Francis and Julia Moores
( the following individuals were baptised by George Hutchinson 1865)
July 1 1865 Chateau Bay Benjamin George and Lucy Hunt
Aug 3 1865 Camp Islands Catherine Mahala Jane Pike
July 3 1864 Battle Hr Mary Jane Esau and Jedidah Sheppard
June 9 1865 Battle Hr Emma Joseph and Martha Butt
Feb 5 1865 Battle Hr Mary William and Ann Gale
May 27 1865 Seal Bight Thomas John and Mary Chubb
Aug 31 1865 Tub Hr George William and Patience Simmons
Aug 31 1865 Tub Hr Henry William and Patience Simmons
Apr 23 1865 Venison Is William Henry Esther Stevenson
Sept 7 1864 Comfort Bight Martha Ann Joshua and Jemima Reaves
Nov 9 1864 Comfort Bight Thomas Henry and Harriett Stephens
Aug 17 1865 Seal Islands Mary Richard and Mary Noel
Mar 8 1865 Wild Bight Sarah Jane George and Prescilla Martin
June 22 1865 Venison Is Margaret Jane George and Mary Stevens
Aug 28 1865 Dead Islands Lucretia William and Mary Ann Biss
Apr 25 1865 Williams Hr James Susan Kibenock
( the following individuals were baptised by George Bishop 1874)
June 8 1873 Camp Islands Elizabeth Susan Maria Clark
Dec 8 1872 Camp Islands Catherine Teresa Clark
Jan 1 1874 Lewis Bay William Thomas and Ann Toms
Jan 15 1874 Trap Cove Maria Stephen and Caroline Larkham
July 4 1874 Camp Is William John William and Elizabeth Loder
Jan 23 1874 Cape Charles Margaret Edmund and Julia Pye
July 5 1874 Battle Hr Mary Ann John and Caroline Acreman
June 22 1874 Battle Hr Henry George and Mary Ann Bishop
June 10 1874 Battle Hr Jenie Sheppard Henry and Fanny Hedderson
July 19 1874 Battle Hr Mary Jane William and Julia Gale
June 28 1874 Matthews Cove Mary Sarah John and Susanna King
Apr 25 1874 Trap Cove Noah John and Caroline Rumbold
Nov 11 1873 Trap Cove William Nathaniel and Mary Ann Sutton
July 25 1873 Indian Hr Henry Lorenzo and Eliza Rumbold
July 28 1874 Camp Is Samuel Samuel and Mary Atkinson
Aug 7 1874 Chimney Tickle John Levi and Mary Ann Murling
Aug 11 1874 Alexis Bay William Job and Mary Ann Noltley?
Oct 5 1873 Henley Hr Elizabeth Ann Charles and Elizabeth Stone
Sept 25 1873 Henley Hr Mary Louisa George and Lucy Hunt
May 20 1874 Henley Hr John Edgar William and Patience Stone
Aug 24 1874 Henley Hr William Charles Richard and Martha Hillyar
Dec 2 1873 Henley Hr Eliza Charles and Eliza Stone
Dec 2 1873 Henley Hr Jane Charles and Eliza Stone
Oct 18 1873 Seal Islands Matilda Ann William and Mary Ann Roberts
June 27 1873 Seal Islands Ann Mary William and Sarah Clark
July 22 1874 Seal Islands Elizabeth Ann Barton and Martha Green
Aug 16 1874 Venison Is William Francis and Elizabeth Lanning
July 4 1874 Francis Hr Susannah James and Mary Williams
Aug 20 1874 Georges Cove Elizabeth Charles and Emma Honeywell
Oct 16 1873 Williams Harbour John William and Susan Russell
Sept 28 1874 Port de Grave (Nfld) Charlotte Beatrice Samuel and Margaret Sarah French
Aug 28 1874 Indian Hr Francis Robert and Diana Cumby

ERRORS noted by Bernie Heard
  1. Ref your question marks....on Baptisms: William and Mary Thuglo should read SHUGLO.
  2. Job and Mary Ann Noltley should read NOTLEY.
  3. Your Hiscout's Is. should be Hiscock's Is.
  4. Under Baptisms I found a William, son of Francis and Elizabeth Lanning. That was probably spelled that way in the record but it should be LEARNING.

1999 Linda Elkins-Schmitt & NL GenWeb

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