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Battle Harbour - Parish Marriage Records

These names do not represent all entries for any given year. It is information which I had obtained for my own family research. The handwriting was often difficult to read and I have put a question mark beside those names which were hard to decipher.

The information was transcribed by LINDA ELKINS-SCHMITT ~ March 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 

(b) = bachelor (s) = spinster (w) = widow(er)

Marriage Date Place of Marriage Groom Bride
Oct 23 1857 Battle Harbour George Dean (b) Caroline Morley (s)
Oct 26 1857 Battle Harbour Isaac Smith (b) Susannah Sheppard (s)
Aug 29 1859 St Francis Hr Joseph Langar (b) Mary Pauls (s)
Sept 20 1859 Seal Island William Henry Green (b) Patience Clarke (s)
Sept 20 1859 Seal Island William Parmiter (b) Ignora? Green (s)
Sept 22 1859 Bolters Rock? Henry Stephens (b) Harriett Clark (s)
Sept 24 1859 Venison Is Richard Stevens (b) Eliza Morgan (s)
Sept 24 1859 Mary's Cove Thomas Croft (b) Mary Warren (s)
Feb 12 1862 Chateau Bay Richard Marshall (b) Ann Clark (s)
Apr 12 1862 Alexis Bay John Mulland (w) Ruth Mountain (s)
July 27 1862 Battle Harbour John Clarke (b) Elizabeth Morley (s)
Sept 15 1862 Seal Islands Frederick Thistle (w) Elizabeth Pike(s)
Sept 24 1862 Battle Harbour John Charles Pye (b) Elizabeth Lacy(s)
Sept 27 1862 Battle Harbour Daniel Publicover (b) Elizabeth Acreman(s)
Sept 27 1862 Battle Harbour John Stevens (b) Mary Ann Taylor (s)
Oct 1 1862 Battle Harbour Isaac Malmer (b) Susannah Allen (s)
Sept 14 1864 Petty Hr Francis Pike Laing (b) Susannah Oates (s)
Sept 17 1864 Battle Hr George Sheppard (b) Susannah Vokey (s)
Sept 17 1864 Battle Hr Abraham Sheppard (b) Teresa Vokey (s)
Oct 8 1864 Battle Hr William Larkham (w) Eliza Taylor (w)
Oct 23 1864 Battle Hr Josiah Penney (w) Mary Snow (w)
Oct 23 1864 Battle Hr William Barnes (b) Mary Morley (s)
Oct 31 1864 Battle Hr John Thoms (b) Betsy Pauls (s)
Nov 9 1864 Battle Hr William Riggs (b) Ann Rumbold (s)
( the following individuals were married by George Hutchinson)
Jul 29 1869 Chimney Tickle Levi Morley(b) Mary Ann Allen(s)
Jul 29 1872 Spotted Is Frederick Messer? (b) Jemimah Drow? (s)
( the following individuals were married by George Bishop)
Apr 5 1872 St Michaels Bay Robert Clarke (b) Christiana Edwards (s)
Apr 7 1872 Gilberts Bay Peter Peckham (w) Mary Jane Bradbury (s)
Apr 8 1872 St Francis Hr George Wakeham (b) Mary Pauls (s)
June 16 1872 Battle Hr Thomas Toms (b) Ann Saunders (s)
July 28 1872 Spotted Is Samuel Christopher Messiah (b) Sarah Circum (s)
July 28 1872 Spotted Is William Messer (b) Mary Warford (s)

ERRORS noted by Bernie Heard
  1. on Marriages, IGNORA Green is correct.
  2. Fredrick Messer is an early (and incorrect) spelling of MESHER. Samuel Christopher Messiah should also be MESHER, as well William Messer should be MESHER. However, you were correct in transcribing the Mesher spellings as that is how they were recorded.
  3. Bolter's Rock is OK. Often also spelled as Boulter's Rock or Bolster's Rock.

1999 Linda Elkins-Schmitt & NL GenWeb

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