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The information was transcribed by Charles Gravel. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors
Hardy, (baby)          
Davis, Fredericka 28-09-1898   25-03-1827 s/o Davis, George & Ann of Halifax, NS.
Davis, Susanna C. 25-04-1907   12-02-1820 w/o Davis, Frederick H deceased at l’anse aux Morts, Labrador
Davis, Chas F. May-12   07-1868    
.?., Elizabeth 10/1/1937 72y   w/o Davis, Charles  
Gooby, Hiram 04-04-1854 71y     who was drowned off Capstan Island while taking seals from the drifting ice 
Davis, George 18-04-1946 81y   h/o Davis, Annie  
Davis, Annie 21-07-1935 68y   w/o Davis, George  
Jameson, Annie Maria 19-08-1879     d/o Joseph & Rebecca & sister of Milley, Thomas  
Davis, Frederick A. 10/8/1963 71y   h/o Davis, Mary Ann  
Davis, Mary Ann 29-09-1984   11-06-1894 w/o Davis, Frederick A.  
Davis, William H. 1976   1895    
Davis, Isabella A. 10/4/1991   1898    
Davis, Elizabeth 18-07-1849     w/o Davis, Mr. George Forteau, Labrador
Yetman, James 1918   1834   birth at Carbonear A.D.
Deceased at Anse au Mourt
Davis, James Campbell 1/6/1915 20y 4m   s/o John & Jessie  
Davis, Hollis Stewart 28-05-1938 19y   s/o Frederic A. & Mary A.  
March, Jessie 2/1/1942 74y   w/o Davis, John  
Davis, John 13-08-1940 81y      
Davis, Flora 5/10/1951 42y 6m   w/o Davis, Charles  
Davis, Charles H. 21-04-1983 78y 5/8/1904    
Davis, Albert Stewart 20-04-1979 46y 5m 22d 29-10-1932 h/o Davis, Dianna  
Davis, Jeffrey 28-01-1986     s/o Barry & Dale  
Elworthy, Emma Eliz. 28-11-1868 2y   d/o Elworthy, Wll & Alice  
Gifford, Annie 23-08-1851   23-08-1851 d/o Gifford, The.rey.. Alser.on & Sarah Anne  
Whitton, W.R. 1922       [A.B]
Lloyd, J.E. 1922       [S.P.O.]
Tyler, R. 1922       [LDG. STO]
Fisher, G. 1922       [STO I.]
Bashford, H. 1922       [STO I.]
Sowden, W.J. 1922       [LDG STO]
Field, S. 1922       [STO I.]
Thornhill, G.M. 1922       [STO I.]
Effard, E.P. 1922       [S.P.O.]
Tripp, S.G. 1922       [LDG. STO]
« who lost their lives in the wreck of H.M.S. Raleigh off the coast of Labrador and were surved here aug.-sept., 1922 »
Elworthy, William R. 28-07-1894 77y     native of Devonshire, England 
Ginman, Erhest 6/12/1907   30-06-1834   Chertsey Surrey, England 
« erected by his friends from the Canadian Marconi Service »
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