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Bird Ledgers - Settlers on the Labrador Coast 1840

Settlers on the Labrador Coast in 1840, taken from Bird’s Ledgers of 1840. The Bird Ledgers are on microfilm in the National Archives of Canada in Ottawa. The originals I believe are in the PRO in London.

Bird was a merchant in Labrador at Forteau in the 1840s. Actually the records run intermittantly from 1824-44. The reference is: MG40D Chancery 108 (Reels B1459-1461).

The information was transcribed by ELLEN TORNG ~ April 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Griffin John Five Leagues
Goddard John Bonne Esperance
Buckle James Bonne Esperance
Buckle John Belles Amour
Keats John Salmon Bay
Chapman William Salmon Bay
Marsh Samuel Little Fishery
Buckle Richard Bradore
Jones Randall Bradore
Dicker Charles Grand Point/Longue Point
Buckle William Hawkins Point, Forteau
Davis George L’anse Amour
Barber John L’anse au Loup
Gomm Charles L’anse au Loup
Buckle Thomas Capstan Island
Thoms Samuel Great St Modeste
O’Dell Richard Great St Modeste
O’Dell John Great St Modeste
Landergan Philip Carrols Cove
John Bailey Red Bay
Benjamin Coombs Red Bay & Black Bay
Emanuel Gray Red Bay & Whale Cove

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